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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  March 28, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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newsom writes i am troubled to learn that pg&e is primed to reconstitute its board with out of state executives and others with little or no experience in california and inadequate expertise in regulations and safety. newsom adds with this move pg&e would send a clear message that it's prioritizing quick profits for wall street over public safety and affordable and reliable energy system. >> i think the governor did the right thing in calling pg&e out. >> reporter: he told the i-team who he would like to see. >> engine fwheers know how to operate a utility. safety experts who know how to run it safely. people who have a commitment to affordable, reliable service so that the prices don't skyrocket. >> pg&e declared bankruptcy in january, citing more than $30 billion in wildfire losses. today governor newsom goes on to say time and again pg&e has broken the public trust and has
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responsibilities to rate payer, wildfire victims and employees. this board appears to be more of the same. in response, pg&e e-mailed me, "we understand and recognize the serious concerns expressed by the governor and share the governor's urgency for action. we recognize the importance of adding perspectives to the board that will bring about the right changes in safety, as well as help address the serious operational and financial challenges the business faces now and in the future. i asked a follow-up, but pg&e wouldn't tell me whether that statement means they will consider changing their slate of directors in response to the governor's letter. the company's shareholders will take up the issue, voting on shareholders at the annual meeting on may 21st. >> then we will know the names that are being considered. >> right. it's a strange thing to keep it all quiet but complain about the slate of directors. >> thank you, dan. big changes at another bay area company with big problems. wells fargo ceo tim sloan has stepped down as the san francisco-based bank deals with multiple scandals. sloan was made ceo in 2016, the
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same year the company faced national backlash for creating millions of accounts without customers' permission. democratic presidential candidate elizabeth warren has long been critical of sloan. tonight she said sloan should not receive financial compensation for his termination, and the fec should investigate him. let's check out live doppler 7 right now, which has been keeping track of a light storm today that ranks 1 on the abc 7 news storm impact scale. about an hour ago, a burst of heavy rain moved through san francisco. that was right outside our abc 7 news studios. along the peninsula, this is what it looked like in san mateo this afternoon. well you can't really see what san mateo looked like because a lot of rain on the windshield there. i that was on delaware street. in the east bay rain fell in oakland, but it came after the a's home opener which oakland won 4-0. this is in the north bay.
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an abc 7 news viewer sent us this void owe from santa rosa when a hailstorm hit. spencer christian tracking what is left of today's storms. >> there is quite a bit left, larry, right now we've got a line of downpours as you can see sweeping through the area on live doppler 7. let's go to the east bay where from rio vista to antioch to concord, all oy aye long highway 4 and up and down 680 and 580, there are downpours. and a narrower line from hayward through fremont, mountain view and across the santa cruz mountains. and as you can see, we've got this spiraling upper-level low offshore that is kicking wave after wave of showers in our direction. it's not over yet. but it is a light storm generally, ranking 1 on the storm impact scale. through tonight we can expect showers, briefly heavy downpours. a chance of thunder and hail still with us. and it will be breezy to gusty. here is forecast animation take us into the nighttime. notice the showers will become
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more widely scattered as we get into the late night and overnight hours there could be pockets left for the morning commute. i'll give you a look at that in a few minutes. >> thank you so much, spencer. new at 6:00, police say a man broke into a. with a's house this morning in the willow glen neighborhood and tried to rain her. 25-year-old richard hernandez was arrested before dawn, allegedly inside a woman's home on ironwood drive. she told police he was sexually assaulting her in her bedroom. she doesn't know him. he is a stranger to her. police want people to contact them if they have any information about this suspect. new at 6:00, a 2-year-old richmond girl is reported missing this evening from the hercules area. roselyn artiga was last seen with her mother, 30-year-old jessica tucker. this according to the california highway patrol. they're in a 2005 black honda crv with a california license plate that reads 5max512. the chp says the mother suffers from medical conditions that could put the child at risk.
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it may be spring break time, but a reminder it's still very much flu season in the south bay. one elementary school symmonds is grappling with an outbreak and they heard other school districts reporting more kids out than usual. leslie brinkley has more. >> here at simond's elementary school more than 50% are out with flu-lime cases there arer mo than 50 confirmed cases with influenza a. >> what we're seeing at the school is a higher than expected number of kids that have influenza-like symptoms. so fever, cough, sore throat. >> in fact, the entire state of california is in the red, according to the state department of public health. flu activity is elevated, and as you can see on the scale, it's widespread. their surveillance program notes that influenza ah-3 viruses are
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being increased and that shows that many belong to a new branch of the virus that is perhaps not well matched to the component in this season's flu vaccine. parents reacted. >> my kid, he actually had a flu a couple of weeks ago. just over the weekend, but he was fine. >> my kids were vaccinated. so i'm not too concerned about. >> the school district launched an intense cleaning campaign, wipe do you think door knobs and light switches that they say is paying off. >> you have to remember there is still flu out there. i met with other nurse, and we're hearing it throughout the south bay. we are seeing more students with influenza. it hasn't gone away. some years it goes away by now, but this year it hasn't. >> so if your kid is sick, keep them home. it's a reminder for all of us to wash our hands. we literally don't want to come down with that kind of spring fever. in the south bay, i'm leslie brinkley, abcnews. an alameda county health
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officials are alerting residents of a popular measles exposure at sauced barbecue. people who were at sauced on saturday march 23rd from 8:00 to 11:00 p.m. may have been exposed to measles. pregnant women, people with waengd immune systems or those unvaccinated against the measles are advised to seek preventative care. a third trial against monsanto today in oakland. alva and alberto claimed exposure gave both of them non-hodgkins limb foam map. yesterday a federal jury found they were responsible for edwin, awarding him $80 million in damages. last year they ruled monsanto caused wayne johnson of vallejo to develop terminal cancer. monsanto is appealing that case, and hundreds of other lawsuits are pending. grinder is up for sale amid
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u.s. national security concerns. grinder is owned by a chinese company, and the u.s. is worried that data found on the app might be share order used to black male individuals. abc 7 news lyanne melendez is here to explain. >> this is a chinese company, but it's based in west hollywood. so the u.s. government has something to say about their data collection, which includes a person's sexual orientation, where they're located, and their hiv status. and what if it gets in the hands of a foreign government that is not as tolerant as we are in san francisco? the chinese government has fully owned the gay dating an grindr since 2014. when a foreign company wants to buy a company like grindr it can go through a committee on foreign investment. but kunlun bypassed that process. now that committee within the
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treasury department says grindr is a national security risk and a risk to the u.s. military or intelligence personnel. >> data is the new frontier at the moment. in espionage, in blackmailing, in spying, and also in exploitation of weaknesses. >> we asked grindr users how they think their information could be used if it fell in the hands of a foreign government. >> you can be fired just for being gay. so that's another consequence that people need to think about. >> roy steen does not use grindr, but has friends who do. >> being gay over there is -- you might as well walk into a prison cell, basically. >> a person can also voluntarily submit their hiv status on grindr to let others know if they're positive or negative, or if they're using prep. >> any type of health data, it's very sensitive information, and i think it's a patient's right to maintain that and keep it contained to themselves and to their doctor or their family.
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>> last year, it was revealed that grindr shared its user hiv status data with third parties. out of favor with the u.s., kunlun, who wanted to take grindr public, is now being forced to find a buyer. and that's going to be very hard for them because they paid a lot of money. $93 million in 2016, and another $152 million in 2018. they paid people say too much for it, and it's unlikely that any other company is going to pay that much for grindr. in the newsroom, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> all right, thank you so much, lyanne. a new state audit of the dmv. negligence, inaccuracies and even lying. that's just a hint. the full report is coming up at 6:30. a one-bedroom unit near public transit, renting for $740 a month? really? it's under construction in san mateo. an example of building a better
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abc 7 news has made a commitment to building a better bay area, which means we're looking for solutions and improvements to the issues that make it difficult to live here, like the high cost of housing. >> it's rare to see all affordable housing project get built here, but one actually breck ground at a sight that long-time residents know well. >> and there they go! >> the meadows in san mateo was home to horse races for 75 years. seabiscuit even ran here. >> but with more online gamblers, the racetrack closed in 2008, and now it's been
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turned into one of the largest redevelopment sights in the bay area. >> it's a great location, almost next door to the hilldale caltrain station. 83 acres of space is land most other cities don't have, giving san mateo a unique opportunity to create its first all affordable housing project. >> abc 7 news reporter david louie joining us live now to explain who will get the opportunity to move in. david? >> well, layer and ama, homelessness affects so many kinds of people, from families to single parents to youth in transition to people who have disabilities. while most of the 68 units to be built here at the former bay meadows sight will go to homeless veterans and to people with disabilities. as seen from sky 7, the former bay meadow site is prime real estate. a new caltrain station is being built. a new rail overpass at 25th avenue will make it easier to walk the neighborhood shopping and the mall. a true transit-oriented location. and this one-acre site is going
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to be the area's first all affordable housing development. >> it's rare we have such a large swath of vacant land and are really able to design a vacant neighborhood from scratch. i think this is an incredible example of what good infield development looks like. >> san mateo continues to debate and discuss where and how to build more affordable housing. but this project came together because the city and the county both kicked in millions of dollars. the city provided the land. >> it's pretty much recognized we need housing, right. some people just have real strong differences with how and where, what, so forth. a lot of people recognize we really do need the housing. >> the majority of the 68 units will be designated for people with special needs and the homeless, including veterans who have been homeless for at least some point in the past year. what's affordable? with a typical one-bedroom apartment in san mateo renting for $3400, the rent leer be for 700. here it will present for just over $1200.
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100 inquiries have already come in with news of the groundbreaking, but applications aren't being taken yet. the unnamed development won't be ready for residents until late next year. >> the housing crisis, the homelessness crisis, this is not normal. this should never be normal. let's keep fighting. >> with this project now shovel ready, councilmember bonilla tells me the council is now focusing their plan to identify where to build the next affordable housing project, a project they know will involve a lot of debate and perhaps a few hurdles along the way. david louie, abc 7 news. >> thank you. finding solutions to the bay area's issues can come in many forms, and we invite you to share your ideas and see what your neighbors think by joining our better bay area facebook group. gas prices are rising quickly. the statewide average is $3.56 a gallon. that's up 17 cents from last week, and nearly 30 cents from last month. the reason is right in our backyard. eric thomas joins us from walnut
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creek to explain. eric? >> and am marks you know what goes together now? gas pumps and frowns. a lot of people frowning because they've been watching gas prices go up 30 cents in the past 30 days. 17 cents in just the past week. and the reasons? well, some of them are economic from across the pond. but some of them are right here in our backyard. >> $85 even. >> if we couldn't laugh at how much it costs to fill up our cars and trucks today, we would probably cry. >> i think it's a bit outrageous. >> tenicia love of berkeley is flling up in a 76 station in emeryville for $3.79 a gallon. >> currently i spend a lot per week, everyday commute taking him back and forth to school, work. probably about $80 a week. >> even buying a hybrid like this prius may not save as much money as you hoped. >> i bought it because it's a
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gas saver, and i've noticed that i'm paying way more than what i was a year ago when i bought this. >> so over the past few days, over the last week we've seen about a 17-cent jump in gas prices. a pretty quick spike. >> it's a problem of supply and demand. >> that happens because california has very few producers, and we generally run a very tight supply/demand d balance. >> that is further disrupted when a refinery down. in this case benicia's refinery is down while they fix a problem that released a by-product that could affect people's health. couple that with higher prices from oil producing countries and california's special gas formulation, and that spells pain for your wallet. >> california has a formulation that is not used anywhere else in the world. it's cleaner burning than anybody else's gasoline, and it does help keep our air clean, but it means we pay more.
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>> there is also a southern california refinery that is down, and that's causing a problem as well. now as for the future, what aaa is telling me, they expect to see fluctuations, but towards the summer, we will get that summer blend of fuel. and you know what that means. prices will be heading up some more. in walnut creek, eric thomas, abc 7 news. >> that's no fun. thanks, eric. all right. let's get to the weather and spencer christian is here with the forecast. the weather word of the day, spencer, is it unsettled or wacky or what? >> both. >> it's unsettled and wacky, and at times it's been wild. here is live doppler 7. we still have light rain in parts of the east bay right now. there were downpours a few minutes ago. this is easing up a bit now as the light showers drift towards antioch, bethel island and rio vista. we still have steadier downpours towards milpitas and in between sunnyvale and san jose. looks like that area of storminess is weak ink. we are left with beautiful sky views.
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looking westward, a lot of dark clouds and a burst of the soon to be setting sun. 56 degrees right now a santa rosa -- san francisco, rather. and oakland, 5 at mountain view. upper 50s at san jose and morgan hill, and 56 at half moon bay. and here is the view of clouds over the bay from our rooftop camera at abc 7. santa rosa and napa at 52. 53 at petaluma and vacaville. livermore 57 and the view from atop mount tam, trees blowing in the breeze. not much else happening in way of weather. scattered showers will continue to move through the bay area overnight. it will be sunnier and dryer by tomorrow afternoon, and the weather will be turning warmer this weekend. meanwhile, our current storm still ranks 1 on the storm impact scale. through tonight look for a chance of more showers. perhaps more widely scattered. they could be briefly heavy. there is a chance of an isolated thunderstorm and a little bit of hail. forecast animation taking us into the late night hours shows how widely scattered we expect the showers to be. but even in the early morning
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hours, as the commute gets under way, we'll see another wave of spotty showers moving through before we begin to dry out around mid morning to midday tomorrow. lows will be mainly in the mid- to upper 40s, and highs tomorrow afternoon will under partly to mostly cloudy skies will be generally in the low to mid-60s near the bay, and mid 60s in our inland areas. upper 50s on the coast. far north, up around lakeport, cloverdale, even ukiah, we still may see lingering showers tomorrow. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. the weekend will bring us sunny skies, mainly, and much warmer weather. saturday and sunday, we expect high temperatures around the bay shoreline and inland to reach into the low to mid-70s. on the coast we'll see mid-60s. and next week look for another round of unsettled weather to move into the area as we'll get showers just about every day next week. >> thanks, spencer. >> we have winners, just not us. which is why we're still here. they may not have matched all the powerball numbers, but their
6:22 pm
dreams are still coming true
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norwegian airlines is honoring gay activist harvey milk. his image is gracing the tail fin of its new the goal is to draw awareness to
6:25 pm
milk's life and legacy. starting sunday, norwegian will shift its london nights from oakland to san francisco. >> congratulations are in order. two tickets in the bay area matched five of the six wing powerball numbers, and those tickets are each worth $1 million. one was bought at gateway food and liquor on north bascom avenue in san jose. the other was sold at centerwood lickers in san mateo. abc 7 news was there as the owner opened the doors of his now extra lucky store this morning. tina patel moved to the united states in the 1980s. they started their store in san mateo 25 years ago. they said all they wanted is a million dollar banner for the storefront. >> i'm happy because we need that banner. so we're going to have that banner finally. >> we saw the man who bought the lucky ticket in san mateo. he didn't want to go on camera, because he doesn't need a whole bunch of new friends. but he told us he is going to use the money to pay off his
6:26 pm
kids' mortgages. >> that is nice. >> that is awesome. well, the college admission scandal has brought people to court, and it's inspiring new laws in california. >> next, we'll hear from the bay area politician who wants to prevent something like this from happening again. and a pro athlete was found near a san jose creek in a coma with multiple broken bones. clues th
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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> today, another guilty plea in what prosecutors are calling the largest college admissions scam ever. the former women's soccer coach at yale university, rudy meredith is pleading guilty and cooperating saying he has been crucial to unraveling this nationwide scheme and leading to its accused mastermind, rick singer. >> following the scandal, california state assembly members introduced new proposals to prevent some of the past abuses. >> abc 7 news reporter anser hassan spoke to the bill's author, bay area assemblyman phil tang. >> state lawmakers want the process to be fair. >> we want to put faith back into the admissions policy, that
6:30 pm
if you work hard, you have a fair shot. because right now you don't. >> several state assembly members today unveiled a legislative package aimed at what they call reforming the system and curtailing abuse. >> for every student admitted through bribery, there was an honest and talented student that was denied an opportunity to good to college. >> among the top proposals, banning preferential admission related to donors and alumni, or risk exclusion from the cal grant program. phasing out the use of standardized tests like the s.a.t. and a.c.t. have them register with the state. ting admits it won't solve all the problems, but it's a first step. >> how many cal grant low income students were taken. but we don't know how many donor kids or alumni kids are taken. we want an even playing field. >> at san francisco state university, student emily carrell likes the idea, but is skeptical. >> i mean, you can try.
6:31 pm
i always feel there is loopholes around political aspects. >> high school senior and junior kyle gross is from new york. he is touring the campus with his family. >> i don't know the extent to which it will make things better. it can't do any harm. i think it's a good idea. >> the bill will be scheduled to appear in court tomorrow in washington, william mcglashan filed papers today asking the court to return his passport so he can take a long planned trip with his family. prosecutor says he paid rick singer $50,000 to bribe a proctor to improve his son's answers on the act. mcglashan worked as a senior executive of private equity giant tpg. and abc 7 i team reporter melanie woodrow is traveling to boston to cover the hearing for some of the parents involved in
6:32 pm
the operation. and audit shows the dmv has utterly failed in its mission to provide accurate and timely services to the people of california. eight-hour weight times became common last year as millions of californians applied for federal real id cards. the audit shows the dmv was negligent for preparing for the onslaught and then lied. and one legislator says it is still not ready for the volume of business that is coming. >> 20 million californians still have to get their real id. the clock is ticking, and the dmv has to be ready for another onslaught of a lot of people coming through. they're not ready for that yet. >> auditors found 30% of the windows at dmv field offices statewide have nobody behind them to help customers. the new real id cards, they're
6:33 pm
really confusing, and we've covered the problems and the issues extensively here on abc 7. you can learn from the ordeals that others have gone through. look for real id stories on san francisco sheriff vicky hennessey announced she won't be running for reelection this year. the city's first female sheriff, hennessey is a san francisco native and graduate of lowell high school. she started working at the department in 1975 and rose through the ranks in her nearly 45 years of service. hennessey came out of retirement in 2012 to serve as the interim sheriff while the sheriff was suspended for six months because of domestic violence charges. hennessey says upcoming knee surgeries and time with her family are pushing her to retire, but she still has work to do. >> i have a lot i still want to accomplish in this department, and i'm hoping to do that in the next nine months. >> she has not yet endorsed her replacement, but she expects to make that decision soon. a local mma fighter is recovering tonight in intensive care. he was found close to death in
6:34 pm
san jose. sam romero was discovered partially submerged in the guadalupe river. abc 7 news reporter chris nguyen spoke to his friends and family. >> many are calling it a miracle. local mma fighter sam romero is recovering after being found alive in the guadalupe river under the highway 87 overpass. >> and being in the guadalupe river overnight and being a i believe to survive that is a testament to his fighting, his fighting spirit. >> the discovery made by a jogger monday morning, just days after he lost a professional mma bout over the weekend. in addition to hypothermia, romero was found with multiple fractures, a collapsed lung, broken vertebrae and swelling in his brain. he is now out of a coma, but has undergone multiple surgeries. police believe he fell dozens of feet from highway 87. how he got there in the first place is now under investigation by the california highway patrol. as a beloved children's instructor at claudio franza
6:35 pm
brazilian jujitsu in san jose, they're planning a number of fundraisers on his behalf. >> shock and disbelief. people keep walking in. is this really happening? i hope this is a different sam romero. it's our sam. >> a family friend has also set up a gofundme account to help with medical expense. romero is expected to be out of work for the next several months. >> with him, it's fighting. it's a sport. and you get him on his environment on the cage and around the ring, it's dang. this guy is really motivated. >> doctors are optimistic he'll be able the walk again. >> sam wants everybody to know he appreciates the love. just right now he wants to rest, man. he is in some pain. but god willing he is going to get through it. >> romero's circle of supporters believing his strength and positive outlook will make all the difference. in san jose, chris nguyen, abc 7 news. you could call it a victory lap of sorts. president trump's first rally since the completion of the mueller report happened just hours ago in front of a huge crowd of supporters. the president's message, next.
6:36 pm
changes are coming to another crowd magnet, disneyland. new rules for resignation, strollers, and smokers. even if no one in your home smokes, secondhand smoke can be closer than you think. secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter your home through air vents, through light fixtures and even through cracks in the walls and the floors. secondhand smoke is toxic. especially to children. protect your family. visit
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president trump is in michigan at his first rally since the special counsel's
6:39 pm
russia investigation was completed. the report hasn't been released publicly, but the attorney general says it declares investigators didn't establish the president was involved in any crime related to russian interference of the 2016 election. the president says he's been exonerated. >> after three years of lies and smears and slander, the russia hoax is finally dead. the collusion delusion is over. >> the president also slammed democrats and investigations against him. in 2016, trump won michigan, the first republican to do so in almost 30 years. >> president trump and congressional republicans are demanding california congressman adam schiff resign as chairman of the house intelligence committee because he repeatedly said there was evidence that mr. trump colluded with russia. schiff typically soft-spoken,
6:40 pm
got a little heated, and there was a trend as he listed a litany of known interactions between the trump campaign and russia. we edited the whole thing together for you. >> my colleagues may think it's okay that the russians offered dirt on the democratic candidate for president as part of what was described as the russian government's effort to help the trump campaign. you might think that's okay. my colleagues might think it's okay. you might think it's okay. you might think it's okay. you might think it's okay. you might think it's okay -- you might think it's okay. you might think that's okay. you might think it's okay. you might think it's okay. you might think that's okay. i don't. you might think it's okay. dow you've might think that's okay. i don't. you might think it's okay. you might think it's okay, you might think it's okay, you might think that it's okay. you might think it's okay. you might think that it's okay. you might think that it's okay, and you might think it's okay. you might say that's all okay. you might say that's just what you need to do to win.
6:41 pm
but i don't think it's okay. >> we heard schiff using a variation of that term 24 times in about three and a half minutes. this is a part of a larger effort by republicans to hold democrats and the media responsible for trying to spin what they call a demonstrably false narrative that the trumps colluded with russia. sun and storms. ooh, but that is a great shot. we have had a mix of both this
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ed gets copays as lowlily go to as zero dollars on medicare part d prescriptions. ed gets labels clear as day. and, lily.... lily gets anything she wants. ed knows he could just have us deliver his prescriptions. but what's the fun in that? switch to cvs pharmacy. the company that owns great america is buying the land the amusement park sits on. this is a $150 million deal. cedar fair has leased the 120
6:44 pm
acre land from the city of santa clara since it opened. great america just opened for the season. parts of the park have new coats of paint. some of the attractions have been touched up as well. things are going to be different at disneyland. the famous theme park is making changing. >> disney is the parent company of abc 7. our sister station in l.a. explains what to expect. >> it is already the happiest place on earth, and today new information being released by disneyland as it prepares for the opening of star wars galaxy's edge. if you haven't heard, you'll need a reservation to visit when it opens, but after june 23rd, guests will be entered, telling you when your group can enter. this is the next phase of significant growth at the park. we spoke to disney expert david koenig. >> everything disney has done over the last two to three years has been in anticipation of this moment that's coming in just a
6:45 pm
couple of short months. the crowds that disney gets at christmas time, it will be getting on a daily basis. >> with more people expected, we are learning new details about the parking situation. the new parking structure near mickey and friends will be named pixar pals. it should open by tend of july, possibly earlier with more than 5,000 new parking space, and parents, listen up. disneyland also announcing larger strollers will no longer be allowed inside the park. it pretty much rules out those double wide strollers. beginning may 1, the new size allowed in can measure no more than 31 by 52. they will also start enforcing a no wagons policy inside the parks. >> it's going to get pretty busy with "star wars." but you got to have the kids on there. but the double wided, i think it's a little too much. >> it's pretty crowded. you bump into strollers. you see a lot of frustration with parents with the wider strollers. they get cut off and stuff like that. >> also starting may 1,
6:46 pm
disneyland will become a smoke-free resort. at the time being there is a designated smoking area in disneyland and california adventure. both are being eliminated. abc 7 news. >> i would look forward to some happiest weather on earth. >> me too. >> this weekend may bring you happier weather. make you happier with the weather. here is a look at live doppler 7. it looks like the heaviest of rain from the current storm is moving into the central valley. however, we had this little line of showers. some of them pretty heavy, reaching from up in the area between hayward and fremont, southward through san jose and into los gatos and out into the santa cruz mountains. so let's talk about this storm. it ranks 1 on the storm impact scale. a storm of light intensity with brief periods of heavier intensity. through tonight, we can expect showers which will be briefly heavy. a chance of isolated thunder and hail. it will be breezy and gusty at times. overnight lows in the mid- to upper 40s.
6:47 pm
highs tomorrow afternoon as we start drying out will be generally in the low to mid-60s, and the accuweather seven-day forecast brings a happy weekend for larry. the sunny skies and high temperatures in the low to mid-70s. but then the happiness turns to umbrella time on monday. each day next week we're expecting some periods of rain. >> wow. all right. thank you, spencer. >> all right. i'm in for dan. opening day! >> it's one of the happiest days in baseball because everyone has hope that can be ash dashed in nine inning. just ahead, the giants waste a solid opening day effort on the mound from mad bum, and the
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now sports from abc 7 news. >> the boys of summer are back. it's opening day in baseball, except for the a's and mariners. they officially opened the season a week and a half ago in japan. but there is still plenty of excitement at the coliseum for the home opener. angels starting trevor cahill. third inning, oakland adding to the lead. robbie grossman races home and just like that, oakland has a 2-0 lead. fourth inning, marcus semien tees off. he roped this the deepest part of the yard. 3-0 a's. mike fiers made up for his first outing in japan. this is why chapman is a gold glover. starts the double play. tosses six shut-out innings. khris davis caps off the day with his second home run of the season. this one in the sixth.
6:51 pm
check it out. crushed it, second deck. the a's win in a shut-out, 4-0. they improve to 1-2 on the season. hey, do you remember this from last season? before a game, khris davis met anthony slocumb. he is from make a wish. the young man asked for an autograph, and davis said hey, i want yours. so with a newly signed jersey, davis went out and hit a home run. young anthony was back at the ballpark today, wearing that jersey, and davis gave him a bat and even got an autograph from rickey henderson. so the kid is good luck. davis hit another home run today. so someone needs to give that kid season tickets. down in san diego, giants and padres. manny machado worth $300 million making his padres debut. yeah, this game two hours and 18 minutes. machado making about 241 grand in that time. 0 for 2. mad bum pitched 7 innings and struck out 9, but one man got the better of him. this one wil myers. it was 2 for 2 with a pair of
6:52 pm
rbi. third inning, that's a solo shot. the giants giving their ace zero support. they came close in the sixth with two outs. evan longoria. myers will throw him out at second. adding some insurance in the fifth. base hit off bum gardner. the giants drop their opener. they lose. the final 2-0. the raiders now have five running backs on their roster after signing isaiah crowell. it's a one-year deal worth $2.5 million. last season he rushed for nearly 700 yards and six touchdowns with the jets. adding crowell likely means doug martin's run with the silver and black is over. he is a free agent. so is marshawn lynch. jon gruden recently said the dor is open for him to return. the raider signed brandon marshall, a one-yeerone-year. he joined after one season with jacksonville. he played 11 games last season, but only had 42 tackles and did
6:53 pm
not have a sack or an interception. world golf classic day two. texans star j.j. watt on hand for the action. this is match play. so it's player versus player. check out tiger woods against brandt snedeker on his knees. hits it close enough to save par and have hole. tiger must beat patrick cantlay tomorrow to have any chance of playing on the weekend. sweet san francisco action. the zags beat florida state. tennessee goes into overtime in a wild finish. we will check out those highlights tonight on the news at 9:00 and 11. also oregon in action. if there is one team you would consider a cinderella, it's oregon. but they're from a conference. >> wouldn't it be amazing to be khris davis for one at-bat, just to drive the ball into the second deck? >> the map's got power like very
6:54 pm
few. >> the bat speed is amazing. a woman got mad at me at 4:00 because i mocked the giants' offense. would you like to rebut? >> well, all i can say is they scored the fewest runs during spring training, and so far it's followed them into the regular season. maybe they'll get the bats going. >> i'm sorry for telling the truth. thank you, anthony. let's have hope, larry. >> yes, i know. >> be sure to join us tonight at 9:00 on kofy tv channel cable 7/13. we'll have new details on the search for this mother and daughter we told you about earlier in the newscast. why police and family are so concerned. that's at 9:00. cracking down on package thieves. a south bay lawmaker proposing serious new penalties for the porch pirates. and coming up tonight on abc 7 at 8:00, it is "grey's anatomy." then at 9:00 be sure to catch "station 19." that is followed by "for the people" at 10:00. and stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. >> at 11:35, it is jimmy kimmel live. tonight's guest colin farrell
6:55 pm
and marsai martin from "backlash." thank you so much for joining us this evening.
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♪ this is "jeopardy!" today's contestants are a biomedical engineer from ann arbor, michigan... a librarian from troy, michigan... and our returning champion, a sports industry consultant from atlanta, georgia... whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"-- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen.
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steven certainly made the grade yesterday on our program. pardon the pun. but he had the game, turned into a runaway. so sarah and kenji, you're gonna have to be at your best today. but good luck. let's go to work and see how things work out. here are the categories... hmm. followed by... we'll deal with... and finally we want you to... r-i-n-g coming up in each correct response. steven, go. i'll take film directors for $200. steven. - what is "the searchers"? - that's it. directors, $400. perhaps tired of his old office job, in 2018, he branched out as the director of "a quiet place."


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