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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  March 28, 2019 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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a serious health alert as
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a public health ark letter after a patron with measles stopped here for dip or saturday night. >> tougher punishmt for fores t pirates. >> abc 7 news starts right now. >> live where you live, this is abc 7 news. an urgent health alert as a patron in a restaurant has come down with measles. the second warning in less than a week. >> the latest possible exposure was at sauced restaurant. lis is there live with the details.
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>> reporter: anyone that was here on saturday that was unvaccinated or had symptoms has six days to get the proper medication. that window closes tomorrow. >> measles is very contagious. >> the public health issued this warning after finding out a patron with measles was in livermore and the patron was a man and stopped for dinner and doesn't live in this county. >> we walked right by him. what if he walked by me at the stoplight. i don't know. just saying. >> it's worrisome? >> i'm concerned now, yeah. >> measles is an airborne virus that can be spread just by talking. here are the ones who should be worried. >> pregnant women, families with infants who are under 12 months of age that were at the restaurant. people with compromised immune
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systems. >> for lingered in the air for an hour after the person sauced. they said we contacted all of our staff and there is no risk in our restaurant. some customers are shaking their heads. >> it's a little concerning nowadays, people don't want to get vaccinated and we have the technology and the resources to prevent stuff from spreading. >> i hope that no one contracts it and i hope he is good in the long run. >> the symptoms are similar to allergies. coughing and sneezing and a runny nose, but the tell tale signs are a rash and fever. abc 7 news. >> a case in alameda county is one of several reported in the bay area. an international tourist with measles visited more than half a dozen cities in the south bay, eating in central restaurants and several stores between march
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16th and 22nd. the public health officials are warning people in the area to watch out for symptoms. >> to find out more information about measles symptoms and the treatment and vaccine, go to our website. >> we have been keeping track of a light level one storm. >> earlier heavy rain moved through san francisco outside our news studio. along the peninsula, this is what it looked like on delaware street. >> in the east bay, rain fell and came after the a's home opener. the a's won, 4-0. >> in the north bay, the viewer sent us this video this morning when a hailstorm. live doppler 7. >> let's take a look because we have the showers redeveloping in the north bay. the street level radar, it's light stuff. we are seeing moderate pockets
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on the peninsula. as you notice, there is another pocket right here. let's track this for you as it will head towards the mountain view area at 11:40. the thunderstorms that developed in the north bay dropped the hail and the downpours. that will be moving out and the weekend will feature big changes. i will be back with a closer look, coming up. >> like sunshine? >> you got it. >> storms are unpredictable in the spring, especially lately. use the app to track the weather and lets you customize the forecast and gives you access to live doppler 7 any time on your smart phone. >> the mayor is in san francisco tonight. the 37-year-old is running for president and surging in popularity. kate larson was at the event and had a lesson on how to pronounce
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his name. >> you will hear them pronounce the name in a minute. he announced his exploratory committee two months ago and he has seen a boom in popularity. >> i believe in making yourself useful. >> while speaking to a sold out crowd. >> he explained why he rushed to a hospital in indiana where he is mayor. it's his motivation for being a public servant. >> you can really in a lifetime bring about profound changes. i wanted to play a longer game, but i'm not patient enough to be intellectual. being in politics seemed like a happy medium. >> the openly gay mayor put him in third and fifth place in a crowded democratic primary field. you surprised by your surge in popularity? >> i'm surprised by the pace of
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it. >> then his last name. that's burns hot. his husband is a school teacher and gave me me a lesson. >> sorry your family like mayor pete? >> he lives in san mateo and grew up in south bend and he has been a household name since 2012. he believes mayor pete's small town skills will translate on a national level. >> here really connects very effectively with the community. >> he said his top priority is reforming our democracy and he would like to get rid of the electoral college and the top issue is climate change. he is climbing the ranks of 15 democrats running for president in 2020. >> buddha judge.
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better get used to that. >> the former women's soccer coach at yale university pleaded guilty today to taking bribes. investigators said he has been crucial to unraveling the national wide scheme and leading to the accused mastermind of rick singer. legislators unveiled new measures and includes banning preferential admissions and phasing out the use of the standardized tests like the sat and act. they have thej register with the state and require special admissions students to be approved by at least three staff members. >> we want to put faith back into the admissions policies. you work hard, you have a fair shot. right now you don't. >> lawmakers proposed legislation and won't solve all the problems, but they believe it is a good first step.
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melanie woodrow is traveling to boston to cover the hearings for some of the parents accused in operation varsity blues. our live coverage begins here on abc 7 news. >> major construction is in effect. we told you about the project about two months ago as part of our commitment to building a better bay area including issues that impact your quality of life. these changes will approve transform the street into a two-way street and include wider sidewalks and replacing cold water mains and new light poles. as one project begins, another may be delayed. the opening of $1.6 billion subway may be pushed back from 2019 to 2020. they found a dispute with theee contractor and threatened the
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contract's schedule and budget. >> finding solutions to the issues can come in many forms. we invite you to share your ideas. >> lyft is going public tomorrow. the ride share giant's initial public offering is $72 a share, the top of the expected range. that values the company at more than $20 billion. shares will trade under the ticker symbol, lyft. uber is expected to follow suit next month. >> porch pi rasy is a real problem. that story from the south bay next. >> on the men, why this owl on the peninsula needed tlc. reggie was chatting one on one with sting. >> first here's a look at what's coming up tonight on jimmy kimmel live. >> thanks.
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the fallen victim of stealing packages from people's homes. a new building proposed by a south bay lawmaker would crack down on the so-called porch pirates. we explain the penalties. >> evan lowe wants to put a spotlight on porch piracy to update california's current laws to match changing times when so many of us are shopping online, getting deliveries to our
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doorstep. >> a criminalould steal up to 10 packages on the same day and so long as the womans are worth less than $950, they could only be charged with a misdemeanor. >> crim 23458 penalties will longer be tied to what's stolen. the thefts is burglaries, expanding the section of the state penal code to include all areas attached to a home. they can be left and lifted. >> they are sitting out here on the front porch waiting for the owner to get home. hopefully that doesn't happen. >> the packaging study found six california cities made the top with the most stolen packages. san francisco was number one. oakland and san jose also made the list. they were focussed on shipped packages, many worry about other valuables. they showed a man ignoring his
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cameras, coming straight for the bike. >> lowe said this is something to consider though not part of the proposal. they will hear the bill in april. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> rock 'n' roll legend, sting is in san francisco. the preview is broadway musical to the golden gate theater next month. ♪ >> the last ship in northeast england struggling from the demise of the ship building industry after the closure of a ship yard. we sat down with sting and he said all the events took place in the late 80s. m . >> how do we repair the social
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contract and repair politics. you should be asked in art. >> you can see the full schedule on our website at >> take a look at this little guy. the animal control officer revived this rowel by waowl by up with a blow drier. he was sent to the wildlife center where he's now resting. furry. fuzzy. all that. and even that guy started. >> he enough. >> larry and ama, sunshine is long overdue. i will show you live doppler 7. we have showers to get you down to street level on the peninsula from stage road and the
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coastline and la honda area. it will be over stanford at 11:28. 11:31 in los altos. don't be surprised if you hear raindrops. across highway 101, light to moderate showers and in the sierra nevada, we continue to see the snow just accumulating. the snowpack is healthy and going to be fine for to you get out of town tomorrow. we will say farewell to the storm and farewell to one of our dear colleagues. this sunset is for you. for over 30 years, rick has been providing us with views like this from transmission. absolutely stunning. tomorrow he will be ending his career of over four decades total. we will be missing him. so thank you for the beautiful views. temperatures right now in the 40s and 50s. a look at a live picture at the shark tank. we have plenty of clouds and isolated showers.
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overnight drying out starting tomorrow and sunnier and warmer weather is ahead for the weekend. a level one system. scattered showers and maybe briefly heavy. breezy to gusty over the higher elevations. we will see a few more drops. 4:30 in the morning. first thing tomorrow morning, temperatures from the 30s to the 50s and you will need a jacket. have your shades because you will see sunshine. temperatures in the 50s and 60s for your friday afternoon and if it has not felt like spring, it sure will feel like it on saturday. signs of spring in the air, 70s inland and 60s on the coast. on sunday, look at the mild to warm mid 70s and 60s along the coast. you can download the app and track the temperatures any time you want. clouds and sunshine for your friday. brighter and milder and warming
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up in the second half of your weekend. take advantage of the dry conditions over the weekend. by monday night, we are tracking another opportunity for seeing wet weather. certainly still mild for your monday afternoon and we will turn it cooler again for april. we will see the showers monday night. level one system tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. definitely hang on to the umbrellas. you have sunshine to look forward to. >> thank you, sandy. >> heads up parents if you are heading to disneyland. the happiest place on earth is making changes. >> the country music duo lo cash is live with feels like a party.
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starting may 1st, all disney parks will be smoke-free. the park is also banning dry ice in coolers and limiting stroller sizes and stroller wagons. >> handling sports, the giants are in trouble. >> they are already tinkering after game one. >> what am i going to do tomorrow. what the giants did on opening day that has bruce bochy thinking about changing the lineup for tomorrow. the a's get good defense and a crushing performance at the
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the turns out the a's needed home cooking after a pair of losses to start the season n. japan, the a's shut down the angels in the home opener. plenty of excitement in the fourth inning. marcus simeon tees off in the outfield to the deepest part. 3-0, oakland. mike fires made up for a rough outing in japan. he is a gold glover and starts the double play. they six shutout innings. how about chris davis? a second home run of the season with the 6th. the second deck, the a's waited 4-0. they improve to 1-2 on the season. hitting seven and struck out nine. he had his number and goes 2-2
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with a pair of rbis. that's a solo shot and made it 1-0. he gives zero run support. the closest they came with two outs. evan longoria throws him out in the eighth. 2-0 the final. bruce bochy said there is going to be lineup changes for tomorrow's game. the sharks are trying to find their bite after winning six straight and now lost a season high in a row. san jose taking the ice for the black hawks and for the hockey players, nyquist hits his face on the ice and would score a few minutes later. the hawks led it 3-2. san jose down 3-0 and under four minutes left in the second, they tie it. the goal and it's 4-4. chicago answers two minutes later. the redirect from the pass and
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the hawks beat the sharks, the,e longest losing streak in three years. john stockton and taking on florida state. with the one. how about brandon, the from san jose state. the zags win it, 72-58. purdue taking on tennessee. nodded at 80 off the miss. grant williams is there for the big follow-up put back. two seconds left. carson edwards is foul and made two of three and sending the game into bonus ball and the extra frame rocking the rim. purdue wins it, 99-94. this sports report sponsored by river rock casino. in virginia, they were a 12-seed and there is no more cinderella
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left. all the big name teams. >> tennessee and florida state. >> looking good. you can rip it up. >> everything is riding on north carolina. >> i have duke. even though they can't shoot. >> i did not feel like dragging. >> obviously. we didn't do it. >> you didn't invite us. >> next year. >> abc 7 news continues online and twitter and facebook and all your mobile devices with your news app. >> our next newscast is 4:30 tomorrow
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>> thanks for watching, everybody. >> thanks for being here on jimm . from hollywood, it as jimmy kimmel live. tonight, collin from "little", marsai martin, matthew mcconaughey, this week in unnecessary censorship, and music from billie eilish. and now, as a matter of fact, jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: well come i'm jimmy. i'm the host. thank you for coming. thank you for joining us. a special day in


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