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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 29, 2019 1:42am-2:13am PDT

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>> this slippery moment, flip leads to flop. >> oh! very rarely have we seen a remote control car and pov googles used in this manner. these guys are regging their remor rigging their remote controlled car, and they throw it down into a drain. these guys partnered with hopes for paws to perfect a rescue. they learned millie, a bird, had been down there for 24 hours. what is it doing down there? >> it's a pet of some sort. >> exactly correct. >> the owner said it flew, it went right into that drain. they did resort to the help of bird experts. they use that equipment to get down there and try to spot the bird. eventually you see right here, the moment they see it. >> it's been more than 12 hours. >> they'll have to do something
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that will not look so great for viewers, don't you worry, they did this, and it was safe. their intention was to fill that drain with water to clear out all the debris from inside that area. look at this. the birth d is right there in t little crevice where it was unfazed. the owner of the bird is talking to her, trying to calm her down, to move. unfortunately that doesn't help. >> come on, millie. >> eventually they use that remote control car trying to get her to move. her owner goes head first into that drain and starts talking to her. >> millie. >> that actually worked. they're able to finally rescue the bird. she was about 250 feet away from them. after three days, they finally were able to rescue this poor little bird.
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we've heard the term turf war many times in our lives. at least for me i have a vision of what a turf war looks like or who might be involved. this is not it. we're in the uk. you see this guy with a helmet on and a black jacket walk up and toss a lit match at this scooter. second time -- >> oh! >> the whole thing goes up in flames. people go scattering and running. the person with the camera runs back inside this restaurant. >> you have a younger kid there with a bike, a thing on the back, it had an "l" plate, and in the uk kids tear around on the city on these things making their money. >> some people say this is a turf war between the woman with the camera and the other rider who may be in the country illegally. that seems to have sparked this confrontation. >> things escalated.
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now they're out of control. >> it's also interesting that that bike immediately went up in flames. >> must have been an accelerant. >> police also say this has not been reported to them. so food delivery people in the uk fighting over turf. some people seem to have no sense. this is from a dash cam in australia. a motorcyclist is coming out of that traffic to be front of the line. but the person at the head of the line, doesn't like that and moves up and gives the rider a bump. >> don't do that. >> the driver behind that wheel doesn't seem to care about safety, because the biker looks back and says bro, what are you doing? the light turns green. the motorcyclist goes, but then stops. >> come on. even if you don't agree with the way the motor cyclist is handling the situation, you don't use your car as a weapon. >> this is road rage that doesn't need to happen.
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in the words of mark jackson, mama. >> oh, he's mad. he's mad! >> whoa! >> that's 7-year-old dujaun johnson. >> he's breaking ankles right and left. >> right up the middle. boink. he gets right back to it. >> how did he get the ball between the legs? >> this video was taken by his mom. as if this couldn't get better, this is his first year playing ball. it's only up from here. >> oh! over to some fellas that we're familiar with. dude perfect. here's their bloopers. >> about time. >> i knew it! >> not so perfect after all these years! >> still working on the hat?
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>> this is crazy. the hundreds of time they go for that move. >> it really takes 100 takes. >> i'd be terrible at this job. three tries -- >> if that's your job, is it really that bad? >> it's their job to break things, wreck things, and -- >> oh. >> create things. >> do they do their own cleaning? are they their own crew as well? >> have you ever thought about interning for dude perfect? >> never. >> why were you not holding it? >> dude perfect, not so perfect. but they practice. >> a whole lot. >> and practice makes perfect. . there is no simple joy like going to google, looking something up, and it's letting you know other people have asked that same question, too. colin ferrell and danny divito sad down with wired magazine and
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conde nast -- >> we're doing the wired what -- >> both of these men are starring in "dumbo" which opens march 29th. >> can danny divito ever shut up? >> yes, he can. >> no. >> i would watch danny divito in anything. i love this guy. >> here's another question that oli probably gets a lot. >> is that british? >> because people don't know the difference between ireland, united kingdom. >> and australia. >> wolverine? >> what? >> the character in the "x-men" -- hugh jackman. >> were you supposed to be hugh jackman? >> it was like a toss up because of the abs. >> did danny divito produce pulp
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fiction? >> yes, he did. >> i think there's an explanation for this question, even though they joke around about this. >> how tall is colin ferrell? >> how tall is colin ferrell in heels? >> in flats. >> you got it. a fire station fam has gone all out for a big announcement. >> that's what i'm talking about. >> see what makes this reveal such a plasblast. and this bride is having a beach day. >> mom watching the kids. going into the water. >> the whole gang splashing around coming up. >> that looks so amazingly peaceful.
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hunting is a common thing for fathers and sons, even daughters to go out and spend time together. in this case, this father and son are out, searching, looking, hunting through the bush here. thick, thick trees. >> are you bringing us the bigfoot video? >> no. >> no, they're not hunting big foot. they're not hunting deer. they're not really hunting anything other than history. >> welcome. welcome to our small adventures. >> this is from the ww2 history hunter youtube channel. >> that is fascinating. i would like to tag along on something like this. >> i remember driving to school in the uk, you would go past these pill boxes and bunkers in the event that germany invaded. they're literally all over the place. >> there's one here, too. now that they got extra close, they finally see something that doesn't look quite right.
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>> this thing here is definitely not rock. >> what's underneath that gap -- bingo. >> wow. >> that's a bunker. >> interesting spot. oh, my god. look at that big spider hanging. >> that's enough to keep them out of that room. let's go deeper. this particular bunker wasn't very big. it's only one small room. there were a number of entrances and trenches that branched off. >> this is incredible. >> it is fascinating to see. what a fun thing to share with your little guy as well. they go inside the bunker. looks like there's an old stove still left over inside. not much else other than that. the steel door is still there. then back outside to explore a few more of the trenches that once again just work perfectly with natural surroundings. this one would have been hard to find back in the day. by the time this video is over, you'll want to be gone with the wind.
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that's the name of their youtube channel. jason and nicki are traveling the world by boat. right now they're in french polynesia, right there in the middle of the pacific ocean. >> like a classic vlife. what a way to spend your life. >> nicki saw that movie "whale rider" she knows she can't ride with whales, but in french polynesia you are allowed to swim with them. they checked all the rules. the locals say if you go over there and swim in this particular area, they swim up to you. they're curious. they got some amazing video. >> dang. that is so beautiful. >> yes. she says that whale just came up to her and was looking at her. checking her out. saying you guys are fascinating. you can see one of the mama humpback whales with the baby. look at that. what an experience they had. >> so cool. >> just hanging out with whales. >> epic.
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>> so cool. >> the most amazing, like, animal experience we've ever had. >> this next video reminds me of the pedigrees on vacation. you have mom watching the kids going into the water. there is dad, off on his own looking majestic with that mane. this pride is known for laying in shallow water. >> that looks so amazingly peaceful. >> it is a bit like they are on vacation right now. just chilling out. >> i bet you we could go on youtube and find family videos from spring break just like this one. arm moving here. >> this, my friends, is an ultrasound. >> we can tell that. >> it's a potato. that's what it looks like. >> the parents are whitney and daryl. daryl happens to be a firefighter with the south montgomery county fire
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department, station four. >> is he going to slide down a pole into a pool of pink or blue? >> maybe next time. they'll do something somewhat similar. someone has rigged the fire truck and the fire hose when they open it up will shoot water that will eventually turn pink or blue water. >> there we go. i think it's a boy. >> using that all day putting out fires. by the way, it's a boy. >> this is a cute idea seeing how this is his occupation. >> yeah. >> those guys, they're like family. these firefighters, they spend so much time there. everybody was a part of it. tom celebratinghis big day in a big way because -- >> it's his birthday. >> find out how he scores an epic feast, all for free. >> whose birthday is next. >> and gill carder is weaving through bustling streaks.
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don't forget to dvr "right this minute" and never miss another video. >> don't panic, it's almost april, which means it's almost my birthday in a couple days, and it also means i can go and clean out. you can see how many free food you can get around town. it starts off with -- >> one, jell-o, enchiladas and coleslaw. >> breakfast of champions. >> that was the first of five plates that he had at this particular buffet. >> we need to work on your strategy. >> it's a weird one. he gets all the food groups in one go. >> coleslaw, alfredo, chicken and -- >> make some room for krispy
2:02 am
kreme. >> there's an entire day of this. this next one, he gets a free birthday pastry topped off with a birthday grand >> she have stahe should have s there. >> breakfast lunch, breakfast lunch. >> free soda. >> ice cream. >> these are really good. >> whose birthday is next? >> mine. >> we're going. >> they do a gluten-free one. he keeps on rolling. he gets a chicken burrito. didn't he have one for breakfast? that was an enchilada. >> this would make me sick. >> it would make most people sick. >> finish it off with a nice dessert of fries. >> that's how you get a bunch of free food on his birthday. >> he didn't in any way vomit many, many times in that video. not at all. i promise.
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if your friend is going to call you from overseas in the middle of the night, it better be a good message. >> we're in the middle of the streets of tokyo driving with traffic. it is so dangerous and so fun. i cannot believe this. >> my friend diane went to visit aaron who just moved to japan. aaron said let's go go c.a.r.t. racing. diane thought it was at a track. she didn't realize it was on the streets in tokyo with regular traffic. >> i cannot believe we're doing this. it is the most incredible time of my life. amazing. >> my friends do this. >> i'm dressed in a tiger outfit. i cannot believe it. >> you get in these go carts, you dress up and you drive around the city. >> these are safe? >> it's about the size of most cars. >> they're also not going very fast. they're kind of gridlocked. >> for her they were going fast enough. this is an example of some of the turns they had to make.
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>> this is great. i really, really want to do this. >> that does look like fun. >> i rented a scooter in italy, i guess this is the same type of thing. do as the roam s do. >> jam these. >> she didn't have any accidents until the end. >> i hit a curb. >> as far as accidents go, that was a minor one. >> it was minor, she made it okay to the end. >> so fun. dude is tearing down a trail, but he's been on this trail numerous times. see why it sometimes leads to a major slip
2:05 am
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to women and what their desires are >> comfort? >> yes. good news for all our mountain bike fans out there. there's a new streaming service. >> oh! >> didn't have the right bandwidth. >> david said he's been on this trail numerous times.
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he has been down this trail countless times. this day he came across some hikers. would you mind getting video? leans back. you can see him lean back on the pedals, trying to lighten the front end. he said he's been through this stream a number of times. maybe on this day there was more flow, it was deeper. so it just grabbed his front wheel. nope. >> can you tell us if he's okay? >> he's fine. the next video is of a guy and a girl out golfing. he has some flip-flops on. there's a grassy hill. how could you not want to slide down the hill in your flip-flops? there you go. there you go. oh. run away. >> stop. stop. stop. stop. oh. oh. >> oh! >> oh. >> it is very charity. >> pull up your pants, man.
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>> that laugh. >> he is covered in grass stains, mud. >> terrible people. terrible human beings. >> our audience is split, they're like you, and sitting there -- >> all the good people who have composure. >> most of you are loving this. that's our show. we'll see you next time on a brand-new "rtm." >> hey, everybody, it's celebrity judge week. today we are thrilled to be playing with her honor judge karen mills-francis, the star of "supreme justice with judge karen," who will be donating all of her winnings to her favorite charity, so let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody, welcome to the show.
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you ready to play "millionaire"? [cheers and applause] it's celebrity judge week here, so let's welcome judge karen mills-francis. [cheers and applause] welcome. >> hello. >> welcome. celebrity judge week--thank you for being a part of this. >> thank you for having me here. >> thanks for being here. we are doing this for a good cause. everybody's been playing for their charities. who are you supporting? >> i'm supporting the beautiful gate outreach center. they're an organization that works to improve the lives of people who have hiv/aids in wilmington, delaware. they're doing great work, and i want to help them win some money. >> is that where you're from? >> i'm from miami, florida. >> okay. why up there? >> you know, i was asked to speak to a group of girls there last year and i was just so impressed... >> just touched your heart. >> with what they'd been doing and how they've been helping the community. there are a lot of people disproportionately affected with hiv-aids in wilmington, delaware. >> well, i love that you're
2:10 am
a part of it and hopefully we'll do some good today. a million dollars on the line for that organization. 14 questions between you and the million. the three lifelines are there if you need them along the way. let's have some fun. >> okay. >> let's make some money for a good cause. and let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic musical flourish] all right, here we go. a $500 question starts us off. good luck. >> thank you. >> the 22nd amendment to the u.s. constitution specifies that no person shall be elected to what position more than twice? >> this is a tough one. [laughter] >> it shouldn't be. >> i think i'm gonna go with a, president of the united states. >> final? >> final answer. >> of course, that's right for $500! [applause] good start. >> $500! >> [chuckles] let's double it. let's go for 1,000. >> okay. >> the trademarked term "march
2:11 am
madness" specifically refers to what? >> another tough one. but i think i'm gonna go with d. >> final? >> final answer. >> it's all about hoops. march madness, of course! >> yes, that $1,000. [applause] >> that brings us to our third question, worth $2,000. which of these occupations does not typically involve the donning of a robe? >> i'm gonna go with b, forest ranger, final answer. >> 'cause they would just look weird, of course. that's right! that's 2,000. [applause] moving on up. $3,000 question already. >> okay. >> named after a legendary game show host, what mathematical
2:12 am
paradox involves deciding whether or not to trade for what's behind one of three doors? >> oh, wow. bob eubanks dilemma... bob eubanks--don't remember who that is. alex trebek... "jeopardy." chris harrison... >> never heard of him. >> never heard of him. >> has-been. >> bob eubanks--i don't remember who bob eubanks is. ♪ >> all three lifelines are there. >> all three lifelines. >> yep. >> i could lose this early in the game? >> no, you can't, because you have those three lifelines! you got the audience that'll help you out, "50/50," and the "plus one." >> right, right. >> you know, this audience seems like they know game shows. >> whoo! >> and i heard somebody say before the show they got two t-shirts from other game shows. >> right? this might be the perfect time.
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