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tv   World News Now  ABC  March 29, 2019 2:42am-4:01am PDT

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and you'll also get this free beneficiary planner. and it's yours just for calling. so call now. we're back, and that's a bar near st. louis being slammed into by an alleged drunk driver. three people were injured and the driver took off but was eventually caught by police and arrested. olympic gold medalist, simone biles, is opening up how she coped with sexual abuse
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suffered at the hands of a former gymnastics team doctor. in an interview, she said when she was a child, she asked a friend to describe sexual abuse. she decided what the friend described is what larry nassar did to her. but she brushed it off. >> i denied it. i buried it. i was very depressed. i never left my room. i was sleeping all the time. i told one of my lawyers, i said, i sleep all the time because it's the closest thing to death. >> she didn't fully appreciate what happened until other gymnasts came forward. she said she is still in therapy to this day. awful story but glad she is still getting help she needs. two videos have been made public in federal court in newark, new jersey, showing a police officer brutally beating a man, confined to a hospital
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bed. >> his fellow officer recorded the whole thing and now both officers are facing jail time. here's abc's erielle reshef. we must warn you the video is tough to watch. >> do it! >> reporter: former patterson, new jersey police officer is going to jail for more than five years after brutally assaulting a suicidal patient inside a hospital, twice. in the first incident, he is seen pushing and then punching the man who is in a wheelchair in a waiting room full of people. >> you see my check -- >> reporter: in the second, a man in a hospital bed, when he puts on protective gloves. >> do it. >> reporter: he slaps him twice hard enough to draw blood. a second officer identified as roger, recording the video, showing his face, pleading guilty in the assault and falsifying police reports. he was also convicted of stealing drugs and selling them sometimes from his patrol car. when the judge asked the officer why he assaulted a total
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stranger, he answered i lost my temper at the time. erielle reshef, abc news, new york. >> incredible to see there. milwaukee police are looking for an arson suspect that set fire to a bar after being refused service because he is too young. >> this is surveillance video of the man inside the bar saturday night. he and a few other people are turned away because they are underage. police say he came back a short time later and threw liquid on the door and lit it while people were inside. the bar's owner was able to put out the fire and no one was hurt. coming up, the queen of soul like we have never seen her before. >> the rare footage of a 29-year-old aretha franklin in the making of her greatest album. you are watching "world news now." ♪ try new clean freak! it has three times the cleaning power of the leading spray
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john f. kennedy: the torch has been passed to a new generation of americans. barbara jordan: the american dream need not forever be deferred. lyndon johnson: this is the richest and the most powerful country... ♪ you got a friend in jesus ♪ you got a friend ♪ you got a friend, you got a
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friend in jesus ♪ ♪ yes you do >> there's aretha for you on friday morning. that's a track from her best-selling album as well as the best-selling gospel album of all-time. her live recording of "amazing grace." >> the queen of soul would have been 77 years old this week, but this morning we are getting a rare glimpse of her in a documentary about the recording of that album back in january of 1972. she's about to take us to church. here's abc's juju chang. ♪ what you want ♪ baby i got it >> reporter: she earned our respect as the queen of soul. ♪ all i'm asking is for a little respect ♪ >> reporter: and she made us think. ♪ think about what you are trying to do to me ♪ ♪ think, think >> reporter: her soulful voice, transcending the times, even bringing problem -- president obama to tears at the kennedy
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center honors. ♪ you make me feel like a natural woman ♪ >> reporter: but it all started with gospel, and her father, the renowned reverend, c.l. franklin. >> if you want to know the truth she never left the church. >> reporter: now in a new documentary, we see aretha like never before. a film nearly 50 years in the making, capturing aretha recording her iconic album, "amazing grace." >> sing it! ♪ like me >> reporter: in an l.a. church. >> she's also making a recording, which is, you know, these are the two things that are the holies of holy to her. ♪ we should believe in each
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other ♪ >> reporter: the musical masterpiece finally realized and we sat down with those closest to the queen. the choir reacts. the pastor sobs. mick jaggar is swaying in the background. not once during this performance did i feel like she was playing to the cameras. it's almost like she was oblivious to them. >> yeah, she was there to sing and perform and in this particular instance, it was not about the cameras, it was more about the music and offering herself to the congregation. >> reporter: america lost a legend and you lost a mother and you lost an aunt. what was it like watching this performance? >> i actually welled up. i'm not going to lie. the spirit ushered into the room i was in while watching it. >> what kind of mom was she? >> very loving, caring, looking out for my best interest and always had my back no matter if i was right or wrong.
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>> reporter: aretha's legacy going well beyond music. "respect" became an anthem for women. >> yes, exactly. >> she was not just a diva, she was a feminist. >> yeah, before women's right came along she was very empowered, and all the music she put out to project how strong she was as a woman and to give other women the sense they can be strong as well. they should be. they should demand respect. ♪ >> in life and in death, aretha could take you there, that spiritual connection there. >> it was her funeral that went on all day, it was a whole event. >> it may have just ended last week. it was a great tribute. >> and it was fitting for a queen. >> yeah, it's great to see the tributes still happening and we miss her. coming up, "dumbo" flies
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into theaters nationwide. >> why one critic said it will make you feel like a kid again. insomniac theater is up next on "world news now." said it will make you feel like a kid again. insomniac theater is up next on "world news now."
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♪ time for the -- time for our insomniac theater now previewing two movies opening at the box office. >> this weekend "dumbo" finally takes flight, our parent company, disney's live action of the 1941 cartoon has director tim burton putting his own other worldly spin on the children's classic set in 1919, a baby circus elephant discovers his ears enable him to fly. >> let me have a turn.
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>> you have magic. >> come with me. together we can soar on an elephant's wings. >> "dumbo" stars colin farrell, danny devito and michael keaton. critics are citing a complicated plot. and ty burr rights, "dumbo" flies but the movie sadly never soars. >> ouch. >> but michael o'sullivan says "dumbo" will make you a child again. >> that's what we want, right? >> yeah. >> it's for kids as well as the parents to enjoy something. it's nice when the parents can also enjoy the movie. >> or at least not dread it. >> that's true. next, to something that is
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completely different, a comedy starring matthew mcconaughey. the "beach bum" follows a guy who is facing a surprise deadline to finish his book of poetry. >> i am trying to uncover my connection with the world. >> just follow me, my friend. >> let's go, man. >> is he a good pilot? >> he got glaucoma in both his eyes. >> perfect! >> also starring snoop dogg, zac efron and jonah hill. "the beach bum" is getting a 52% splat on rotten tomatoes. the description says, all you need to know, drugs, alcohol, nudity and sex. and another calls it pure tedium. >> dang. >> seems interesting. >> when it has sex, nudity and alcohol -- >> what, you think it's bound to be good?
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>> how can you go wrong? >> we saw "us" last weekend. so -- >> yeah, it was a good one. i liked it. >> we'll go see that thi
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this morning on "world news now," the president takes a victory lap. >> he appeared to celebrate the end of a mueller probe at a campaign rally hours ago launching into new attacks on democrats. it's the 2020 campaign now under way. also this morning, vigils in growing outrage after a 10-year-old girl died following a fight in a fifth grade classroom. parents are demanding to know what happened and why the fight wasn't stopped. plus the lighter moment on capitol hill. a confirmation hearing invaded by a swamp thing? we'll explain in "the mix." take me out to the ball game, but forget the peanuts and crackerjacks, this year
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mlb stadium menus knock it out of the park from a chicken tender to a doughnut burger. it's friday, march 29th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks, i don't care if janai ever comes back. welcome back, janai? >> that was clever. >> i just thought of that just now. >> that was good. >> thank you. >> i keep disappearing and coming back so he has to welcome me back. >> we are not slow clapping at all because you don't deserve that. >> oh, my gosh. i heard somebody on twitter saying she can't show up for her own show. >> but you are here on friday. >> friday. i was home sick yesterday, you guys. send your well wishes. >> how are you feeling? >> i am feeling mostly better. >> mostly. you look great. >> thank you. i will stick it out for you insomniacs. happy friday. >> i thought you won the lottery or at opening day of mlb. >> that's what i wanted everybody to think, that i won
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the lottery, but nope, here i am, broke. we begin this half hour with the president. president trump taking another victory lap since the robert mueller probe. >> the president addressed a boisterous crowd of supporters in grand rapids, michigan. he slammed the investigation as a historic hoax. the quote, the collusion delusion is over. we still don't know all that is in mueller's report, but we know how long it is. abc's terry moran has more from grand rapids. >> reporter: before a throng of supporters in michigan, president trump sounded triumphant declaring he has been fully vindicated by robert mueller. >> after three years of lies, smears and slander, the russia hoax is finally dead. >> no one outside the justice department has seen the special counsel's report but we learned it's long, more than 300 pages long and all we have seen of it
3:03 am
is a four-page summary by attorney general bill barr, and he said mueller cleared the president on collusion with russia, but could not determine whether trump obstructed justice, so barr declared there was not enough evidence to charge trump with a crime. >> show us the report and we can draw our own conclusions. we don't need you interpreting for us. it was condescending and arrogant and not the right thing to do. >> reporter: here in grand rapids, where the mood is celebrating, supporters we spoke with, they want to see the full report, too. the democrats are saying they should release this report. what do you think? >> whatever they can legally release they should. >> they should? >> whatever they can legally release. >> reporter: you say this is a trump supporter, make america great again? >> oh, absolutely. >> would you be concerned that maybe there is stuff in there? >> if there is, let's get it out and deal with it. >> reporter: it's a triumphant
3:04 am
moment for president trump, no doubt about it. he has the confidence of this crowd and we get the sense if they saw the full report, it really wouldn't make that much of a difference. terry moran, abc news, with the president in grand rapids, michigan. >> our thanks to terry there. at that rally president trump also called out house intelligence chairman, adam schiff. trump has demanded the democrats resignation, accusing him of lying for two years. republicans on schiff's committee say they have no faith in him and submitted a letter urging him to step down for saying there was significant evidence the president and his associates colluded with russia, but schiff is refusing to back down. >> my colleagues may think it's okay that the russians offered dirt on a democratic candidate for president as part of what was described as the russian's effort to help the trump campaign. you might think it's okay. i don't think it's okay. i think it's immoral and
3:05 am
unethical, unpatriotic and, yes, i think it's corrupt and evidence of collusion. but, i do not think that conduct, criminal or not, is okay. the day we do think that's okay is the day we will look back and say that is the day america lost its way. mr. ambassador -- >> you will be recognized for your opening statement. >> i will not yield. >> i will not yield. >> i will not -- >> we think you ought to allow us to speak of what we think. >> you can use your five minutes to speak. you attacked me in your opening statement. >> i have not had the no one over here thinks that. >> emotional fireworks there. house speaker nancy pelosi is standing by schiff, she said she is proud of him and calling him a patriotic leader. she suggested republican leaders are afraid of schiff, afraid of
3:06 am
the truth and she mocked them as scaredy cats. before leaving for a trip to michigan the president said he overridden a budget proposal that called for the elimination of nearly $18 million for funding for the sports organization. that followed days of defending the proposal on capitol hill by education secretary, betsy devos. last night, devos issued a statement saying she and the president see eye to eye on the issue. residents in south carolina gathered to remember a young girl that died in a school fight. two vigils were held last night in memory of her. the 10-year-old passed away after an incident that authorities are investigating. her body is scheduled for an autopsy today. there's growing anger over a lack of answers about her death. abc's, steve osunsami reports. >> reporter: at an emergency school board meetings, families that came to hear answers did not get them and were furious. >> due to the ongoing
3:07 am
investigation and the student privacy laws, we cannot share specific details at this time. >> reporter: the school district an hour west of charleston, did have thoughts and prayers for the 10-year-old that died after a fight with another fifth grader. >> it's awful because they don't speculate and start rumors but they are not telling us anything. >> reporter: the family is planning a funeral. police say the fight on monday did not involve any weapon, but still left the girl unresponsive. on wednesday her mother marked the moment she died on facebook. as of 9:39, my baby girl has gained her wings. parents tell us teachers are discouraged about breaking up fights because the school is in fear of being sued if they hurt a student. >> a system put in place there. they break up a fight. that should be high school. you have little kids. >> reporter: an autopsy is scheduled for friday. in the coming days, the medical examiner is scheduled to release a report that could explain why this girl died. the other student has been suspended.
3:08 am
steve osunsami, abc news, walterborough, south carolina. if you have been thinking about buying a home or refinancing the one you have, now might be a great time to make a move. the average 30-year fixed rate mortgage fell nearly a quarter of a point this week to 4.06%, that's the steepest weekly drop in a decade, and mostly due to the federal reserve's decision not to raise interest rates at least for now. new york is poised to join california in banning plastic bags statewide. a proposal to ban plastic bags for retail sales is included in a $175 billion state budget plan that is due on sunday. lawmakers are also considering giving local governments the option to charge a five cent fee on paper bags. new yorkers use an estimated 23 billion plastic bags each year. big changes are coming to disney parks in florida and california.
3:09 am
they will soon be smoke free. they will be able to light up outside the gates. also the parks are putting restrictions on larger strollers and wagons, a change in design to ease congestion. disneyland and hollywood studios are expecting more visitors when "star wars" land opens. disney is the parent company of abc news. the vatican is shining light on the papal ring kissing quandary. >> okay, so, remember this video? it was the last time janai was here this week. >> it was. >> it shows pope francis pulling his hand away from worshippers looking to kiss his ring to show respect at a service in italy on monday. at first a papal aide said sometimes he likes it, sometimes he does not. the vatican now says the pope was worried about hygiene. he, apparently, didn't want the faithful spreading any illnesses to each other. >> that's very thoughtful. i think that makes a lot of sense. >> can we get back to the plastic bags for a second? >> okay.
3:10 am
>> i know in every mama's house, behind every kitchen door, under every sink -- >> there's a plastic bag in plastic bags. >> yeah, right? they better take note of what california and new york is doing. >> yeah, that is hilarious. every mama's house. yes, you are right. coming up, the incredible new menu items at a ballpark near you. later in "the mix," an answer finally to why garfield phones have been washing up on beaches in france. first a guilty plea days before celebrity defendants are due in court. you are watching "world news now." tching "world news now." before celebrity defendants are due in court. you are watching "world news now."
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so this is unbelievable video. it's a windy day there -- >> whoa. >> yeah, an outside eating area, so these guys step on the weighted umbrella to try and keep it down and you see they get lifted up right with it. >> up, up and away. >> look, that guy is on it. yes, that's how strong the wind was. this was in turkey. they got lifted about 10 feet in the air. incredible. >> that's like when the wizard of oz left without dorothy. wait, wait, wait. >> yeah, so be careful out there when it's windy. turning to the development in that expanding nationwide college admission scandal. >> a former soccer coach plead guilty to taking bribes. he was targeted in the sting before leading prosecutors to the alleged mastermind. here is whit johnson. >> do you have a message for your players? chaos outside the boston courthouse.
3:15 am
hall of fame coach, meredith, silent after pleading guilty to two counts of wire fraud. >> can you believe it? >> reporter: the former yale women's soccer coach turned federal informant emerging as a key figure that led investigators to the accused master mind to the college admission scandal. court documents alleged rick singer paid meredith $400,000 in bribe money to recruit a student who he falsely described as the co-captain of a prominent soccer team in southern california despite knowing the applicant did not play competitive soccer. yale is rescinding that student's admission. prosecutors say the scheme unraveled a year ago, when meredith solicited a $450,000 bribe from a father to get his daughter into yale. friday, we are expecting 13 parents from all over the country to come to boston to face charges. next week another group of parents, including actresses
3:16 am
felicity huffman and lori loughlin. meredith is facing the possibility of years in prison. whit johnson, abc news, boston. >> our thanks to whit. a continuing developing story there. >> it's crazy you were starting to see these class action lawsuits where the students that didn't get in say, look, i had great grades, and i had obviously a great application and other things -- >> i was involved on this particular sports team -- >> with athletics. >> yeah. >> i didn't get in. so, we'll see where it all goes. >> yep. most kids would be mortified if their father started singing in public, but most kids don't have a dad that can do this. ♪ >> that is justin standing next to his daughter at a disney world hotel in orlando. the connecticut dad belted out a
3:17 am
song right there in the lobby, and his proud daughter there. there are a lot of talented folks at disney, but the guests also have talent. >> i thought you were going to say in orlando. >> in orlando as well. coming up in our next half hour, march madness. the man with the only perfect bracket left. see if his streak lives on. first, forget the cold peanuts and warm beer, how about kabasi -- >> i think you pronounced that wrong. >> oh, all these things. we will show you the crazy food coming up. coming up. coming up.
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here is one view of baseball's opening day. nasa releasing images of baltimore's camden yards, fenway park and wrigley field in chicago. that's a look from 250 miles up, the ultimate bleacher seats there. speaking of boston, the red sox began defending another championship. the sox open in seattle and the
3:20 am
season didn't start well for their $145 million man. chris sale gave up seven runs. boston lost, 12-4. >> the game's highest paid player gave his team a big scare. $430 million man, yikes, mike trout of the angels took home a big bloody bruise on his right shin from a loss in oakland. >> wow. and the defending league champions, the dodgers, set an opening day record by bashing eight home runs and a 12-5 win over arizona. >> stats and scores are great, but there's another reason fans head to the ballpark. >> the food, the shakes, all the goodness. our own baseball superfan, will ganss is here with more. what is up, will? >> what is up, you guys? good morning to you. if you are headed to an mlb game this season, wear your seventh inning stretchy pants because the stadiums are a grand slam of calories.
3:21 am
when you think baseball, off the bat you think stadium food. while cotton candy is a home run for some fans, this home field food selections really knock it out of the park. >> out to center field and well hit. bradley can only watch. it's gone! >> at the rangers stadium in arlington, texas, everything really is bigger. the foul pole is a 2-pound chicken tender, served with a variety of dipping sauces and waffle fries, which feeds a family of four or a very hungry family of one. pirates fans can score a pittsburgh cone, kielbasa served in a waffle cone. pitching something sweet to their fans. 15 bucks, these new milk shakes bring all the fans to the yard. on the other coasts, dodgers fans in l.a. can catch a 16.5 cheddar and jalapeno sausage or a mini batting helmet served with food in it.
3:22 am
>> the dodgers unloading. >> meanwhile, fans of the twins can pay ten pucks for a peanut butter and jelly bacon sandwich. happy opening day. >> yeah, go baseball. jelly bacon sandwich. happy opening day. >> yeah, go baseball.
3:23 am
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it's time for "the mix" on this friday. we are starting with a swamp creature in washington. does that surprise you? so there's a swamp creature that appeared on capitol hill yesterday as a way to sort of protest the fact that they feel the president is not, in fact, draining the swamp. you see they put on that stretcher hat in the back. oh, my gosh. that is hilarious. this is protesting the appointment of the secretary of interior nominee, and they donned this creature of the black lagoon mask during a
3:26 am
confirmation hearing. >> it's not the strangest thing we have seen in d.c. >> it's not, but it is hilarious. >> and you know what else was hilarious. garfield phones are washing up for 30 years on a beach in france. apparently it's all been solved. they came from a shipping container that was part of a storm in the 1980s and a local man led the activist to a sea cave and they found the shipping container with those garfield phones. >> do you call garfield with those? >> a new polka. ♪ ♪
3:27 am
♪ >> any requests? ♪ ♪ ♪
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," the reversal in the battle over the funding of special olympics. president trump overriding his people as he put it, saying the program will get its millions after outrage from both sides. and the president claiming total vindication at a rally with supporters in michigan. he slammed the russia investigation as a historic hoax, declaring, quote, the collusion delusion is over. new this half hour, cannabis based products coming to a walgreen's near you. >> the drugstore chain will start selling cbd creams in nine states, following in the footsteps of competitors. in march madness action, the man with the last remaining perfect bracket on earth, why
3:31 am
just making it to the sweet 16 with a perfect bracket is literally a million times harder than winning the powerball jackpot. it's friday, march 29th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> here we go. here we go. >> are you ready? >> you never touched a basketball before, you have? look, you are all like, oh, my mike dropped. >> yeah, i always drop the mike. my mike is still on. >> you got a couple dribbles in back there. >> i did. how was that? i am winded -- >> i see. i see. >> i'm like -- how do they do it? >> you are so sporty, just a regular sporty spice, kenneth. >> yes. there were some good games on last night. we got some games this weekend. your bracket is busted like you.
3:32 am
>> it is too early for that. i forgot that you were back. >> you did? >> your bracket is busted. oh, god. all right. all right. all right. let's move on let's start the half hour with the reverl from the trump administration on the funding for the special olympics. >> as he left the white house for a trip to michigan, the president tried to end the controversy over what was a relatively small budget proposal. it would have stripped nearly $18 million from the sports organization. >> education secretary, betsy devos defended the proposal but days on capitol hill, then the president changed course. abc's mary bruce with details. >> reporter: facing growing outrage over the move to slash funding for the special olympics president trump with an abrupt about-face. >> i have been to the special olympics and i think it's incredible. >> reporter: the administration called for cutting all federal
3:33 am
money for the special olympics, $17.6 million, a tiny fraction of the president's $4.75 trillion budget, but a significant chunk of funding for the games giving them a chance to compete on the global stage. during two days of hearings on capitol hill, trump's education secretary, betsy devos has been skeward. >> i still can't understand why you go after disabled children in your budget. you zero that out. it's appalling. >> do you personally approve the i think a simple yes or no will do, the $18 million cut for the special olympics? >> no, i didn't get personally involved with that. >> i want to tell you, whoever came up with that idea at omb gets a special olympic gold medal for insensitivity. >> reporter: amid the outcry, democrats and republicans vowed not to authorize the cuts. >> no, i support the special olympics. >> the president claims it was all news to him and reversed course. >> i heard about it this morning and i have overridden my people
3:34 am
and we are funding the special olympics. >> reporter: lawmakers made clear they were never going to give in to this request and betsy devos spent two days on capitol hill making way for this case. she too has made an about-face. she said this is funding i have fought for behind the scenes for the last several years. mary bruce, abc news, washington. staying in washington, president trump again claimed total vindication as he rallied thousands of supporters for the first time since special counsel robert mueller submitted his record. the president told a crowd in grand rapids, michigan, the investigation was the greatest hoax in the country's history and he warned those behind it would be held accountable. he called the probe a sinister effort to undermine his victory and sabotage the will of the american people. >> after three years of lies and smears and slander, the russia hoax is finally dead.
3:35 am
the collusion delusion is over. robert mueller was a god to the democrats, was a god to them until he said there was no collusion. they don't like him so much right now. >> democrats are escalating calls for the release of mueller's full report after learning that it's more than 300 pages long. house speaker nancy pelosi blasted the summary of the report by attorney general william barr as condescending, saying they can come to their own conclusions once they see the report. speaker pelosi is also defending adam schiff as republicans call for him to resign as the chairman of the house intelligence committee. the gop lawmakers on the intel panel read a letter out loud saying they have no faith in schiff because of his comments about collusion between the trump campaign and russia, but schiff insists mueller's failure to find a criminal conspiracy does not absolve the trump campaign.
3:36 am
chicago officials are looking for pay back from jussie smollett. they say he owes the city $130,000 for the time and energy put into investigating that alleged bias attack that police say was a hoax. here's abc's alex perez. >> reporter: there's a growing backlash over the prosecutor's decision to dismiss the charges against "empire" actor, jussie smollett. the mayor of chicago, rahm emanuel and his team of attorneys are sending smollett's team a bill for more than $130,000 to cover the costs of the investigation into this case that lasted for several weeks and had more than a dozen detectives working this case at some points around the clock. smollett's team has not responded to that letter just yet. smollett has left chicago and is now in los angeles where he is nominated for an naacp image award.
3:37 am
that ceremony is on saturday. he was nominated after this entire ordeal began. his team says it's still unclear if he plans to attend the ceremony. alex perez, abc news, chicago. >> our thanks to alex who has been covering every development there. we are hearing from passengers whose airline shut down leaving people stranded across two continents. the iceland-based wow air was struggling financially for months. when negotiations to keep it going collapsed, wow immediately canceled all flights. that was news to passengers who showed up at u.s. and european airports with no way to get where they needed to go. >> i get a message saying the flight canceled. i am trying to figure out what is going on and some lady tells me, they just went bankrupt. >> nobody was there to give me advice. no. we were just left. once we found it was bankrupt, we were, like, are they going to refund us for that?
3:38 am
>> no word on if they will be offer refunds for the unused tickets. customers may be able to get help from their credit card companies. the body of a tourist that fell to his death at the grand canyon has been recovered. >> the man was from hong kong and he was taking pictures when he stumbled over the edge and plunged 1,000 feet. it happened near a remote site near the skywalk. a glass bridge of jets out over the canyon. the rim has no barriers and there are signs warning people not to get too close to the edge. facebook says it is surprised about a government lawsuit which charges the company with high-tech housing discrimination. the department of housing and urban development is claiming facebook allows landlords and real estate agents to exclude minority groups from seeing ads for housing. the charges could cost facebook millions of dollars in penalties. facebook claims it has been working with the government to address its concerns.
3:39 am
walgreen's has confirmed it will begin selling cannabis based products in 1500 stores a week after cvs made a similar announcement. the so-called cbd creams, patches and sprays are made from a non-psycho active ingredient in cannabis, unlike the compounds in marijuana that causes the user to get high. the old proverb says cats have nine lives, but two others may be equally resilient. >> a puppy was choking on a piece of sausage when it passed out, so this man cleared -- oh, my gosh, he cleared his throat and started cpr and administered mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and amazingly, it worked. jack. that guy is good to go. that is -- >> wow. >> that video -- oh, look at that puppy. he's just, like -- oh, my gosh. look, he's like still coming to.
3:40 am
>> he's fine now and is okay. also with the warning, please don't try this at home and experienced animal control officer revived what seemed to be a dead baby owl with gentle heat from a hair drier. within minutes that owlette came back to life and is now at a wildlife center. it's exactly what i have to do to janai because it gets so cold in here. i have to put a hair dryer, and it revives her. she comes alive. >> wait, jack, why were you just snickering at that video of the puppy? >> anytime there's a mention of mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and a dog, i think that deserves a chuckle. >> you think so? >> i think the viewing public will agree with me on that. >> shameful. shameful. >> you are talking about mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on a dog. >> he's right. coming up, the college
3:41 am
basketball super fan with the best bracket in the history of march madness, but is it perfect after the last four games? later, john legend may be the latest egot, but somebody just cracked into an even more exclusive club. what he got. we'll explain in "the skinny." you are watching "world news now." exclusive club. what he got. we'll explain in "the skinny." you are watching "world news now." we're halfway through the what are the three p's? the three p's of life insurance on a fixed budget are price, price, and price. a price you can afford, a price that can't increase, and a price that fits your budget. i'm 54. alex, what's my price? you can get coverage for $9.95 a month. i'm 65 and take medications. what's my price? also $9.95 a month.
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to mouth resuscitation on a dog. we'll explain in "the skinny." still fresh... ♪ unstopables in-wash scent booster ♪ downy unstopables
3:44 am
we're halfway through the sweet 16. there were four games last night. look at this ball star. >> i'm a baller. >> texas tech rolled over michigan by 19 in the only real blow out. >> the best game was purdue and tennessee. purdue was down two in the final seconds and edwards was fouled shooting a three. he hit two free throws to send it into ot. the boilermakers took over and went on to a 99-94 win. >> oregon, the only double digit seed left taking on top seed virginia in the south. the game was tied late. virginia's jerome hits the three
3:45 am
and uva goes on to win 53-49. >> the other number one in action last night, gonzaga, up four late on florida state. norville hits the three. gonzaga pulls away, 72-58, the final. >> going into last night's games, one bracket one out of millions was perfect. >> is it still going strong? will, do you know? do you know? >> it was my bracket, you guys. it wasn't my bracket. i wish it was, though. how amazing would that be? the odds of him making it to the sweet 16 with a perfect bracket are 1 in 281 trillion, with a "t" trillion. he did it, y'all. he was the first person ever to do it. the 40-year-old neuro psychologist from columbus, ohio correctly predicted 49 of the 68 games. his previous record was ten games less than that. that's how far ahead he was. his journey to perfection ended last night when purdue beat
3:46 am
tennessee in overtime. his bracket will go down in history. here's his advice to the rest of us when we are filling out next year's. >> coaching advice? that's tough. i mean, you know, they are going to know there are teams that they watch in their conference, but you can't watch every college game so you got to watch bracketology and go with the teams you like. i guess you go with the ones you like the best. that's what i did. >> not very scientific for a neuro psychologist, and even though his bracket was busted last night, he did not go home empty-handed, buick flew him and his son from vermont to anaheim to watch last night's game. >> that's pretty cool. >> yeah. >> that's not bad. how is your bracket doing? >> out of 200, i am 201. >> what does that even mean? >> i am pretty busted with the bracket. >> that's all right. >> thanks, will, you are mvp. >> yes. >> thank you, i'll take it.
3:47 am
>> mvp. when we come back, forget the egot, we're talking pgot. and the near impossible shot tiger woods just made not playing basketball. "the skinny" is next. "the skinny" is next. basketball. "the skinny" is next.
3:48 am
3:49 am
♪ it's time for "the skinny," starting with one of america's most beloved national treasures. >> rita moreno won an oscar for west side story and toefr course of her career, become one of just 23 people who achieved what is called the triple crown of acting as even the more elite club, egot winning emmy, grammy and oscar and tony awards. now, she is one of three people who are pgots. she added a peabody award achievement joining barbra streisand and mike nickels.
3:50 am
>> that's pretty cool. this, of course, further raises the bar for the latest egot, john legend who hopes to become a egotsma. emmy, grammy, tony, oscar and sexiest man alive. it's also including the "people" magazine sexiest man. next stop for legend will be the pgotsma. we just keep going. >> we do. i know people really appreciated our chat when we said if somebody like blake shelton could get it, anybody else could get it. next to a cringe worthy video from the world of local news. >> yeah, local anchors on wtol in toledo, ohio, made a video for the city's public schools to encourage students to show up and take their standardized tests. >> check it out. >> yes, toledo weather going to be lit during testing week. 100 p chance of success. you've got this kids. steve, how about that traffic? >> we are looking at -- >> better.
3:51 am
we are talking -- >> so i saw this video and at first i was, like, this is so corny, and then when they hit me with the cardi b, i watched it 25 more times. >> then he texted it to me. >> and i texted it to janai, and i thought if they are trying to inspire those in that public school system to go to their standardized tests, make sure the kids are taking that standardized test, know that turnt is not on the standardized test. >> yeah, i was not really amused by it, but i like that everybody else was. next, an amazing feat by tiger woods. >> the place, austin, texas, 10th hole during his match. who is that guy. what is it? >> snedeker. >> thank you for the heads up. when he sailed his approach at the par 4 into a bush behind the green.
3:52 am
>> like a boss woods played the move on his knees, left-handed, in a bush, the upside down chip -- he got it in >> yeah, he got it in. >> yeah. >> yeah, right into the hole. eah. >> yeah, right into the hole. >> yeah. >> yeah, right into the hole.
3:53 am
3:54 am
3:55 am
♪ it was 33 years ago this week that falco skyrocketed on the billboard with "rock me amadeus." >> there were quite a few events rocking the headlines this week. here is our weekly friday rewind. >> the version of robert mueller's report will be released in weeks, not months. >> while the mueller report was great, it could not have been better, it said no obstruction and no collusion. >> that's half true. the special counsel did not find collusion between the trump
3:56 am
campaign and russia, but he made no determination on obstruction of justice, writing quote, while this report does not conclude the president committed a crime, it does not exonerate him. >> michael avenatti, stormy daniel's former lawyer facing multiple charges. >> avenatti was arrested 15 minutes after this tweet threatening to disclose a basketball scandal perpetrated by nike. >> this was an old-fashioned shakedown. >> federal prosecutors accusing the lawyer of trying to extort up to $25 million from nike. >> after a terrifying ordeal on passengers on this cruise ship, an investigation is under way as to why it set sail at all and despite warnings of dangerous weather. the ship's engines failed in rough seas. passengers recording furniture flying, parts of the ceiling collapsing. rescuers repelling from choppers airlifting hundreds one by one.
3:57 am
gronk is retiring before turning 30. the new england patriots tight end announcing his decision and said in an interview last year, he hasn't spent any nfl contract money, instead living off endorsements. tom brady among those commenting that his fun-loving personality was contagious on and off the field. a st. louis native tweeting this photo with the caption, today, i introduced my co-workers to the st. louis secret of ordering bagels bread sliced. it was a hit. the online reaction was swift. this man ready for summer with his st. louis style hot dog, and chip ahoy sharing a gif of their cookies served st. louis style. >> is this a bagel chip? >> it's to throw at people. >> people are getting really passionate about this apparently. >> mark is holding his hand to count us down. i thought he wanted bagels. see ya. >> mark, how was that bagel. did you get any?
3:58 am
>> what? >> i threw it at him. >> it was so fun for elizabeth hur to be here yesterday. she did fabulous on her first time. >> she reclaimed her t
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, president trump on the attack. >> the collusion delusion is over. >> taking a victory lap claiming democrats have defrauded the country, even mocking one top democrat as a, quote, pencil neck. this morning, what we're learning about special counsel robert mueller's report. plus, breaking overnight, a judge issues a key ruling in the health care debate. also new this morning, why did prosecutors drop the charges against actor jussie smollett? the original explanation now in doubt. what a court document has now revealed as the actor gets a bill from the city of chicago. the secrets of siegfried & roy.


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