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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  March 29, 2019 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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infants who are under 12 months of age that were at the restaurant, people with compromised immune systems. >> reporter: saucedish uds this statement saying we have contacted all of our staff and there's currently no risk at our restaurant. we don't want to hurt sauced business. we want to make people aware if you were here saturday night, you need to pay attention to this story. health officials say the measles is very contagious. that's why the warning was put out. they want to can contain. they don't want it to spread. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. thank you for the warning, amy. the case in alameda county is one of several reported in the bay area. international tourists with measles visited more than a half a dozen cities in the south bay. a person ate at several restaurants and went into several stores between march 16th and march 22nd. to find out more information about measles symptoms,
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treatment and vaccine, go our website, it's 4:30 on your friday morning. let get an update on your weather and traffic. hi, mike. >> jessica, reggie, hi eerybody. remember that area of low pressure spinning off the coast? really don't see it. it's kind of opened up, slowed down and moved to the north. we're just about out of its grip except for the north bay. that's why you still have the slight chance of a random shower today. there's a look from the roof camera. we definitely have clean air today. one of the great days for sight seeing. temperatures cooler this morning, dress for mid to upper 40s at 7:00. around the mid to upper 50s at noon. the breezes will pick up a little bit in the afternoon hours. 57 to 63 at 4:00 with the chance of a random shower in the north bay. most of us seeing the sunset at 7:29. dress for temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. let's get back to alexis and talk about friday light,
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hopefully. >> swroefr all, friday light. here's a live look at golden gate. if you remember, yesterday we had several lanes closed on 101 for barrier installation. looks like that's not the case today. no delays northbound or southbound 101 from marin county into san francisco. these drive times looking great, too. westbound 580, tracy into dublin, picking up to 28 minutes. that is friday light in the green. westbound 4 antioch to concord in the green as well at 14 minutes. southbound 101, san rafael to san francisco should take you about 16 minutes. >> thank you, alexis. happening today, day area residents implicated in the college admissions cheating scandal cue in court. >> six defendants will be in boston in court. they're among dozens charged in an illegal scheme to get their unqualified children into some of the nation's top colleges. among those scheduled to appear today, mill valley executive william mcglashin. prosecutors say he paid $50,000
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to bribe a proctor to improve his son's answers on the a.c.t. state lawmakers unveiled a sleeping package of bills aimed to close loopholes allowed the cheating to happen in the first place. it includes banning preferential admissions for donors and phasing out the s.a.t. and a.c.t. and forcing college admission consultants to register with the state. one measure would require any special admission students to be approved by at least three staff members. san francisco 105 says -- >> we want to put faith back into the admissions policy. if you work hard, you have a fair shot. because right now, you don't. >> and lawmakers admit it won't solve all the problems but they believe it's a good first step. abc 7 news i-team reporter melanie woodrow is in boston to cover the hearings for some of the parents charged in the
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varsity blues scandal. the contract is blamed for cracked steel beams at the salesforce transit center are challenging accusations they botched inspections. quality control inspectors working for the steel contractor and fabricator company failed to discover a critical construction flaw. but the chronicle reports, both companies say they've been denied requests to present their side of the story. transit hub has been closed since september. repairs are expected to be completed by mid-june. last month when he visited san francisco, he did so with little fanfare. a lot has changed in a month. the first openly gay man to run for president is suddenly a hot ticket for the democrats. if you don't know how to pronounce pete >> while speaking in san francisco thursday night, he
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used the quote to explain why he rushed to a hospital in south bend, and indiana where he's mayor. he also says it's his motivation for being a public servant. >> you can really in a lifetime or a political lifetime bring about profound changes. i wanted to play a longer game than being a journalist, but i'm not patient enough to be intellectual. being in politics seemed like a happy medium. >> the openly gay mayor is a road scholar and veteran of the war in afghanistan. polls put him in third and fifth place in a crowded democratic primary field. >> are you surprised by your surge in popularity. >> little surprised by the pace of it. >> then the question about pronouncing his last name. his husband chas continue a school teacher gave me a lesson. >> buddha judge. boot edge edge. >> they love him. >> he lives in san mateo county but he grew up in south bend and
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still with a lot of family in the city where buttigieg has been a household name since 2012. >> he connects very effectively with the community. >> his top priority is reforming our democracy. he'd like, for example to get rid of the electoral college. after that, his top issue is climate change. he is climbing the ranks of at least 15 democrats running for president in 2020. joe biden, lyft is going public. the ride on demand company initial public offering is priced at $72 a share. that would value the company at more than $20 billion. shares will trade on the nasdaq under the ticker symbol lyft. uber is expected to go public next month. let's run back the live
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doppler 7 in the north bay. you can see some of those light showers, some sprinkles bearing down from the coast to 101 from novato up to cloverdale. sorry, you guys may have a wetter commute than everybody else. temperatures in the mid to upper 40s in the east bay valleys. some of the coolest temperatures there. the same thing in the north bay. vallejo fairfield, cooler too. upper 40s to near 50 degrees. here's a look from south beach looking back to the east across the western span. it's pretty quiet weatherwise. mass transit should all be good outside of the north bay this morning. cooler this morning. but it will be nice and mild this afternoon. in fact, look at the jump in temperatures in the north bay where we've got 44 at 7:00. still 48 at 9:00. then near 60 as we head through the afternoon hours. here's a look at what happens in the east bay today. you can see a mix of sun and clouds with temperatures climbing from 50 at 7:00 to low to mid-60s this afternoon.
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we'll round it out by coming back to san francisco where a mixture of sun and clouds today. temperatures reaching the upper 50s during the afternoon hours of the we'll look at the warmer weekend forecast coming up. it's worth sticking around for. let's talk to alexis right now. find out about the commute. >> one main trouble spot this morning. it is in the east bay. back to castro valley area. just past the 580 merge. a collision involving a big rig and a sedan. sounds like the sedan made it off to the shoulder. but the big rig is still blocking. two right lanes are blocked right now. we've got about 35 gallons of diesel fluid and hydraulic fluid leaking on to te roadway. they're calling for the fire department to come on with absorbent to help clean up the mess. they're talking about a sig-alert. that will be there for 30 minutes. don't be surprised if they issue that. they have not yet. here's a quick look outside. san mateo bridge, westbound 92 slowly filling in.
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but no major delays eastbound or westbound. thank you, alexis. cracking down on package thieves. a south bay lawmaker proposing serious new penalties for porch pirates. a one-bedroom apartment near public transit renting for $740 a month? really? it's happening on the peninsula. an example of building a better bay area. plus, go bikes is about to hit a major milestone in oh! oh! oh! ♪ ozempic®! ♪ (announcer) people with type 2 diabetes
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look at petaluma and napa, visibility less than a quarter of a mile. you have to be careful traveling there. that will be all during the morning. the showers are possible from the north bay northward today. that's it. we've got increasing sunshine and warmth. 69 in fresno. 72 in l.a. 83 in palm springs. if you're heading up to tahoe, it may be slippery today from snow melting and moving across the roads there. dry saturday. mild sunday and then rain coming monday. let me show it to you on my seven-day forecast i put together for tahoe. we'll be 54 on sunday. 54 with rain on monday. rain tuesday. rain changing to snow thursday. >> thank you, mike. thieves stealing packages from right outside other people's homes. a new bilk proposed by a south
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bay lawmaker would crackdown on the porch pirates. abc 7 news reporter amanda del castillo explains the proposed penalties. >> etch lowe with wants to put a spotlight on porch pirates to match changing times. when so many are shopping onl e online, getting deliveries to our steps. >> a criminal could steal up to ten packages from ten homes on the same day and so long as those items are worth less than $950, they could only be charged with a misdemeanor. >> criminal penalties would no longer be tied to the value of what's stolen. but the actions of the serial offender. this could mean jail time. it would prosecute theft as burglaries, expanding the section of the state penal code to include all areas attached to a home. areas where deliveries can be lecht and lifted. >> they're sitting on the front porch just waiting for the owner to get home hopefully. but sometimes that doesn't happen. >> a 2018 packaging study found
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six california cities made the top 20 cities of the most stolen packages. san francisco ranked number one in the nation. oakland and san jose also made that list. while the bill would focus on shipped packages, many are worried about other valuables snatched from their property. this woman showed a man ignoring the cameras coming straight for lynn's bike. >> the cable, to the back away. >> lowe says this is something to consider although not part of the current proposal. the public safety committee will hear the bill in april. in san jose, i'm amanda del castillo, abc 7 news. the housing crisis is being felt hard throughout the bay area. one peninsula city is aim to go build a better bay area with its first all affordable housing project. san mateo is building 68 below market rate housing units on the site of the old bay meadows racetrack. the project came together
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because the city and the county both kicked in mlgs of dollars. the city provided the land. the majority of the units will be designated for people with special needs and the homeless. 100 people already called inquiring about moving in. >> it's rare that we have such a large swath of vacant land and are able to design a neighborhood from scratch. i think this is an incredible example of what good infill development looks like. >> so what is affordable? well, with one typical, one-bedroom apartment renting for $3400 a month. the rent here will be $740. a three-bedroom rents for just over $1200. finding solutions to the bay area's issues can come in many forms. we invite you to share your ideas and see what your neighbors think by joining our better bay area facebook group. ford go bike predicts it reaches a milestone today with the 3 millionth all-time trip.
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the lucky 3 million rider will win a membership for the next three years. you can save 30 bikes when purchasing an annual membership with the code save 30 online or in the app. there are now more than 1500 e-bikes spread across 321 stations in the bay area. that are all the members i have for you. >> that's a pretty good prize especially those who use go bikes on a regular basis. >> for life? >> don't get greedy. three years. >> we'll be flying on bikes. three years, that will -- that's pretty good. >> still relevant. >> a lot of them use it to commute. >> saturdays in my neighborhoods and around where i live, bikes become a lot of more prevalent on the roads this time of the year. tomorrow is going to be probably one of those days where you see everybody come out because we're so tired of dealing with the rain. something to think about tomorrow morning. maybe sunday morning each more
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so. here's a look at the exploratorium. you can see that it is pretty clear over san francisco. skyline there. it's going to be partly cloudy today. you'll need the sunglasses. a stray shower in the north bay. keep our app handy. if you see a dark cloud coming your way, pop on the app and -- unsettled and cooler next week. let's focus in on the fog. 12, 116, 37, 29, 101, all of the major arteries through the north bay. please slow down and use the low beams. 58 in lakeport and half moon bay. everybody else 60 to 65 today. it's going to be cooler tonight. some 30s in the deepest east bay and north bay valleys. most of us in the low to mid-40s. let's go through the seven-day forecast day by day. you'll see today one of the cooler days moving forward. saturday we've got near 70-degree temperatures near the coast. we'll reach them everywhere sunday. monday for the most part will be pretty dry until night. that's when the storm door opens
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once again with light storms tuesday, wednesday and thursday. alexis? >> all right, mike. unfortunately, we don't have a sig-alert in the castro valley area as we assume probably would happen. northbound 238 around the 580 merge. started off as a collision between a sedan and semi. i don't think the collision is a big deal as the semi is now leaking fuel and some other fluids. so sounds like quite a bit. the fire department is there. they are working on using some absorbent to get it cleaned up. the two right lanes are blocked. they issued that sig-alert in the last few minutes. they're not sure how long it will be there. b.a.r.t. trains get running at 5:00 a.m. today. that's a good option. it's not a huge delay yet. about ten minutes to get through that stretch. it will definitely be an issue this morning. southbound 680, walnut creek to dublin, 14 minutes. 50 minutes santa rosa to san francisco. northbound 17, highway 1 to lows dpat owes, 23 minutes. thank you, alexis.
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a new report is revealing how much we're spending on apps. >> twitter goes lights out. here's techbytes. >> in today's techbytes, wait until you hear how much we'll be spending on mobile apps over the next few years. >> a forecasting firm estimates that by 2023, spending at google play and apple's app store will grow to $156 billion. an increase of 120%. twitter has delivered on a new version of its dark mode. >> lights out option makes the power saving mode look more like pitch black than a blush shade. it was sparked by a customer who called dark mode a weird blue. he's not ready to spring for an iphone. warren buffett still uses a $20 flip phone and it happens to be a samsung. he joked that alexander graham bell loaned it to him and he forgot to return it. >> good one. >> those are your techbytes.
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>> he's obviously doing something right saving that money. >> i guess so. i love it when rich people do cheap things. >> if the phone works, why not? sdpliefrmgts g . gay rights activist harvey milk is riding high today. the search for this woman and the violin she took off a bus. on the has been making folks feel right at home, with meals like homestyle country fried steak, grandma's sampler,
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the a's needed to play a game in the united states. they won last night. stopping a two-game losing streak to start the year. today, no threat of rain. it's an evening game that starts at 7:07. 58, dropping down to 54. you don't need an umbrella, but you definitely need a jacket. >> thanks, mike. the san francisco police department is looking for your help identifying this woman. she got off a muni bus caring a violin case that didn't belong to her. the man says it contained a violin valued at 1200 bucks. he left it under his seat. when he got off the bus, the woman grabbed it and got off the bus minutes later. so far, it's not been turned into police or mun you lost and found. norwegian airlines is honoring former san francisco supervisor harvey milk. his image gracing the tail fin of the newest dreamliner on the boeing. it's the latest of tail fin heroes on the carrier's fleet. this is one of many ways milk
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has been honored. plans in the castro are scheduled to be completed by 2020. a u.s. navy ship was named after him in 2016 and terminal 1 at sfo was renamed for him in 2018. look at this guy. animal control officer revived a nesting screech owl by warming him up with a hair drier. they discovered the animal in their backyard. after warmed back up, he was september to wildlife center where he's resting comfortably. >> do you know owls are one of my favorite animals. >> who! >> nice. >> let's talk about what's going on in the east bay hills back tords san francisco. it's pretty cool out there. the air will be full of tree pollen. the uv index will be high today. as we head through this warm weekend, the pollen will climb. it's already high. it's going to get a little higher through monday. then the rain comes in next week
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to tamp it down a little bit. drier today. still cooler than average. we don't say that tomorrow. today is the transition day from the wet weather earlier in the week to the warm weather tomorrow. today it's going to be dry. it will still be comfortable. temperatures in the low to mid-60s. just not the upper 60s where we should be. let check the commute and say hello to alexis. >> back to the sig-alert. we have a problem in the castro valley area. northbound 238 past the 580 split. started out as a collision between a sedan and big rig. the big rig is leaking some diesel fuel and some hydraulic fluid. about 35 gallons worth into the roadway. they are working on cleaning that up. two right lanes are blocked. b.a.r.t., of course an option. you can use castro valley boulevard to get around the backup and get through the scene. >> a quick check of the bay bridge toll plaza. a stackup in the cash lanes. fastrak to issues and no
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metering lights yet. thanks, alexis. amazing video from turkey shows a man lifted up in the air by an umbrella. the wind picked up and oh, my gosh. they were trying to keep the umbrella from getting away. instead he got away. he lifted a dozen feet in the air. this is crazy. >> yeah. >> the man jumped off and he's fine. >> real-life mr. never seen anything like that sdpliefrmt the company that owns greet america is buying the land the amusement park sits on. cedar fair has leased the land since 1976 when the park opened. great america just opened for the season last weekend. parts of the park have new coats of paint and some of the attractions have also been touched up. oakland a's slugger chris davis spent time with a special friend ahead of the team's home opener.
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anthony slocum met his favorite player last year. he's in remission from a rare form of cancer. he made a tremendous impression on davis. slocum wore the autographed jersey to the game. davis hit a home run in the a's win. davis hit a home run when slocum visited him last year. this is officially a good luck charm. >> absolutely. invite him to all the games. president trump taking a victory lap this morning in the wake of the mueller report. next at 5:00 a.m., the favorite targets that he's bashing once again in public. think flu season is over? the outbreak hitting one place in the bay area hard. a major traffic project is under way in the east bay. the big change drivers will eventually see. a live look outside at 4:57 of the embarcadero this morning. i don't see a traffic headache there this
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it is friday, march 29th. just going to be us. >> it's friday. everything is good. we have made it. >> that's good. >> never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> good news over here also if you're tired of rain. a little bit up in the north bay. live doppler 7 on mt. saint helena. sprinkles and showers moving through along the coast. heading towards 101. don't be surprised if you run into a shower. i wanted to show you santa cruz. yeah. i have ulterior motives to show you that. there's a certain movie out right now. also, this is a great place to be this weekend. mid-60s with sunshine. even the upper 60s.


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