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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 29, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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it is friday, march 29th. just going to be us. >> it's friday. everything is good. we have made it. >> that's good. >> never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> good news over here also if you're tired of rain. a little bit up in the north bay. live doppler 7 on mt. saint helena. sprinkles and showers moving through along the coast. heading towards 101. don't be surprised if you run into a shower. i wanted to show you santa cruz. yeah. i have ulterior motives to show you that. there's a certain movie out right now. also, this is a great place to be this weekend. mid-60s with sunshine. even the upper 60s. in the mid to upper 50s at noon.
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a slight chance of a shower regenerating this afternoon in the north bay. the rest of us will be partly cloudy needing the sunglasses and temperatures 57 to 63. if you're heading out this evening, temperatures start in the 50s by 7:00. be in the 40s by the time we get to 11:00. alexis? >> taking a look at our traffic alert. unfortunately, we have one already this morning. this is in the castro valley area. northbound 238, right around that 580 split, we've got the two right lanes blocked due to a collision involving a semi and sedan. the main issue with this is that the semi is leaking quite a bit of diesel fuel and hydraulic fluid. only the far left lane is getting by. sounds like the fire department is getting it cleaned up. they have to check the surrounding areas to make sure no leaks were impacting any animals or fish in the area. 10 miles an hour. 6 miles an hour. use ace to get around or castro
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valley as well. the drive times in the green all the way around. each getting out of the central valley. >> thank you, alexis. speaking of the commute, developing news in the east bay, b.a.r.t. trains rolling once again this morning after police activity shut down the west oakland b.a.r.t. station overnight. officials say there was a shooting outside the station around 10:45 last night. no word yet on who was hurt or their condition. according to b.a.r.t. police, the station was closed as a precaution for about 30 minutes before it reopened just before 11:20 last night. happening today, lyft is going public. it's just the beginning of what's expected to be a tidal wave with several bay area tech companies going public in the near future. >> experts say employees of the companies will have a lot of new cash ready o spend on homes. jobina fortson live at loiyft headquarters with more. >> reporter: thousands of young people in san francisco will become instant millionaires
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essentially when lyft's ipo is said and done today. there are several high-profile companies like uber and airbnb set to go public in the next year or so. they'll have a lot of cash and want to spend it on homes in the area. some experts say some people are waiting to put their home on the market until they see how these ipos shake out. the san francisco chronicle interviewed a man who bought a new condo ten years ago and it's tripled in price. no telling what it could go for if or when uber goes public. earlier this month, abc 7 news talked with an expert who specializes in data analytics. he crunched the numbers of what he thinks might happen when the millionaires start buying single family homes. >> we probably expect a 50% to 100% increase in prices over the next five to ten years. specifically for single family homes. >> in san francisco. >> in san francisco.
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>> that's a hard number to wrap our head around that prices could go up 50%. >> yeah. unfortunately. >> reporter: real estate experts abc 7 consulted say average home buyers won't be competing initially with the. po buyers because those people will be looking for luxury homes and condos in the city. for now, reporting live from lyft headquarters, jobina fortson, abc 7 news. >> jobina, thank you. developing news. alameda county public health issued a warning after finding out a patron with measles died at a popular east bay restaurant. the possible exposure happened last saturday at sauced restaurant in downtown livermore. the source tells abc 7 news the customer was a man passing through and stopped for dinner at sauced. he does not live in the county. sauced issued a statement saying, quote, we have contacted all of our staff and there's currently no risk in our restaurant. in the south bay, school
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districts are feverishly disinfecting everything they can. all the classrooms, wiping down every surface. >> this is in response to a widespread flu outbreak. in south san jose, the current outbreak is centered on a fourth grade class where 50% of the kids are out sick with flu-like illnesses. there have been six confirmed cases of influenza a. 33 students were out sick yesterday. district officials are urging parents to keep sick children at home to stem the outbreak. >> what we're seeing is a higher than expected number of kids that have influenza-like symptoms. fever, cough, sore throats. >> so my bad. it is simons elementary. according to the state department of public health california is in the red with elevated flu activity. a strain of influenza viruses is not well-matched in the flu vaccine. governor gavin newsom
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establishing a new saying it would be prioritizing quick profits over -- he is urging the san francisco-based company to change course. newsom says pg&e plans to remake its board of directors with hedge fund financiers and people with little experience in utility operations and safety. the utility company is in the midst of a chapter 11 bankruptcy proceeding. after it said it would not afford pls of dollars in like the related to deadly california wildfires in the years 2017 and 2018. at a rally in michigan last night, president trump took a victory lap celebrating the attorney general's summary of the special counsel's investigation. the president slammed democrats and aired his grievances at media coverage in an 82-minute speech. >> total exoneration. complete vindication. it's interesting. robert mueller who is a god to the democrats, who is a god to
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them until he said there was no collusion. they don't like him so much right now. >> th president spoke before a boisterous crowd in grand rapids and was his first political event since the summary was released. the democrats meanwhile, are demanding the release of the full investigation. speaker nancy pelosi called attorney general barr's summary arrogant and con descendindesce the president tells reporters, he's overridden the department's move to cut the funding. it would have eliminated the $17 million in flederal funding. the proposed cuts drew fire from both democrats and republicans. a major construction project is in full swing in berkeley this morning. abc 7 first told you about the shattuck traffic project as part of our commitment to building a better bay area. that includes informing you issues that impact quality of
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lifelike traffic. they will improve safety for drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists. the two-year project will transform shattuck avenue between austin way and university into a two-way street. it will re34r5is old water mains and new light poles. we invite you to share your ideas in building a better bay area and see what your neighbors think by joining our facebook group. take a look at the north bay. you can see from jenner, mont rio, the russian watershed towards occidental, river road, there could be a few sprinkles to a light shower. in san francisco, temperatures around 48 to 50 degrees. so a little bit cooler than yesterday morning as all of us are in the mid 40s. daly city and union city, 48 degrees. sfo, partly cloudy. fingers crossed. no delays. not expecting any today.
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not expecting a low ceiling or rain or anything. if you are out and about at our beaches, it will be chilly with the breezes and temperatures in the 50s. exercise and watch out for the pollen. don't have to worry about getting wet. on the bay, breezy at times. >> the peninsula, 48 at 7:00. mix of sun and clouds near 60 from 3:00 to 5:00. how about in the east bay valleys. 45 at 7:00. 50s to 11:00 and low to mid-60s from noon to 7:00. our last stop will be down in the south bay. we start off at 45. we're near 55 at 11:00. we'll hover near 60 to the low 60s heading into the afternoon hours with a little more cloudiness than this morning. let's get a check of the dmut. alexis? >> the traffic alert in the east bay. unfortunately, starting off with a problem on northbound 238 at the 580 split. two-vehicle collision, a semi and car. the car made it off to the shoulder. the semi is still blocking the
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two right lanes. mostly due to a fuel spill. you have the fire department there along with cal trans trying to get it cleaned up and they're investigating to see how much of that spilled. eastbound 580 between greenville road and 205, various lanes closed throughout the morning for roadwork. that's adding ten minutes to your commute. typical delays on the westbound side. thanks, alexis. the seven things to know as you start your day. the tiger mauling that ended the act for significaegfried & . >>. sting is bringing his music to the bay
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heading out the door, the seven things to know before you go. number one, san francisco-based lyft goes public today much it's creating a surge of instant millionaires. the ipo price is set at $72 a share. valuing the company at about $24 billion. number 2, bay area residents implicated in the college admissions cheating scandal are due in court. six defendants from five bay area families will appear before a judge in bostoboston. we'll have a live report in a few minutes. alameda public health officials issued a warning after learning a customer with measles ate dinner at sauced a popular
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restaurant in downtown livermore. the possible exposure happened last saturday. number 4, automatic anti-stall safety feature has been activated on the ethiopian boeing 737 max jet that crashed earlier this month. that's a preliminary conclusion reached by investigators. the safety feature is also blamed on the crash of an indonesian 737 max jet last year. number 5, we'll switch to weather. we'll talk about warmer temperatures. it's a spring weekend hitting the upper 60s to mid-70s by sunday. number 6, straight route 238 at the 580 split. the two right lanes are blocked due to a crash involving a fuel spill. the backup, a little over three miles. number 7, ford go bike is about to hit a milestone in the bay area. it's 3 millionth ride. to celebrate, the 3 millionth rider gets free ride for the next three years.
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back to the college admissions cheating scandal. >> six bay area residents implicated in the scandal are due in court today in boston. abc news reporter whit johnson is in boston where the court hearings about get under way in a few hours. good morning, whit. >> reporter: that's right. jessica and reggie. good morning to you. we're expecting a parade of parents here. more than a dozen descending on the boston courthouse for this nationwide college admissions scandal. all week it's been a week long revolving door of the defendants coming here in a crush of media facing a judge for the first time. yesterday we saw the former yale women's soccer coach, rudy meredith pleading guilty to two counts of wire fraud. authorities say he was a key player, central player in this investigation. also leading to the alleged master mind of all this. today it's all about the parents. six of them have ties to the bay area. one that we just wanted to point out here, a vineyard owner,
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augustine yu knee us jr. he'll be here and he's allegedly accused of conspiring to cheat on his daughter's college entrance exam, also submitted a photograph of a girl playing water polo that ultimately wasn't his daughter. you get an idea of all the different things that some of these parents were doing allegedly, to try to get their kids in the high ranking universities. these parents, of course, accused of paying this money, funneling this through the alleged mastermind, rick singer, who authorities say raked in $25 million over several years. he ultimately flipped and started working with authorities to put all of this together. earlier this week, 12 defendants pleaded not guilty. next week we'll see another group of parents coming to boston. including felicity huffman and lori loughlin. >> whit, here's the thing i'm
5:17 am
interested in. what these parent are going to say when it comes to their defense. what excuse are they giving for this behavior? >> reporter: well, reggie, we're starting to get a sense of the defenses that some of the parents are planning to use here. there are so many of them. 33. one specifically from your area, william mcglashan was fired from his job at a private equity firm over all of this facing a number of allegations including cheating on an entrance exam and recruiting his son as an athlete. his attorney is saying there was no cheating involved. that his son has a legitimate learning disability and required that extra time ton on the test. that's one of the things we're hearing. a lot of parents are simply suggesting that they didn't understand what singer was doing. we've seen a lot of not guilty pleas so far. it will be interesting to see what happens today. then again next week when more
5:18 am
parents come to boston. >> whit johnson, live in boston for us. whit, thank you. rock 'n roll legend sting is in san francisco previewing his broadway musical, the last ship. >> it's coming to the shn golden gate theater. i had a chance to spend some time with him yesterday. >> ♪ >> my name is jackie white ♪ you don't mess with jackie on -- >> the show is called the last ship. it tells the story of a community in northeast england struggling with the demise of a shipbuilding industry after the closure of a shipyard. it's about sting's hometown. in many ways, about his family and his life growing up. sting says that while the events of the story take place in the late '80s. they have a lot of relevance today. >> how do we repair the social contract because it's certainly broken. how do we repair politics? i don't know the answer to that. but the question has to be asked.
5:19 am
it should be asked in art. >> you can see the golden gate theater's full schedule of musicals on our website. >> he seems really nice to talk to. >> he's really interesting. the most interesting thing about him is how he is able to hide in plain sight. he was standing next to me while everyone was waiting for him to appear on stage. no one had any idea that he was standing there, except for me and one off our producer. >> he doesn't travel with an entourage or walk around with bodyguard. >> he's living in san francisco for a year. february to march next year, he plans on going along the embarcadero, going to our local pubs and bars by himself. he doesn't mind people coming up and saying i'm a big fan. nice to see you. he is not going to take a selfie with you. >> you've been warned. >> he does not invite that kind of chaos. as long as you're cool. sting is cool. >> so no selfies. >> sounds like he has no ego.
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>> he's just a real regular dude. >> cool. >> yeah. >> just a handshake and a -- >> 17 grammys. >> oh. he has them sitting around him at the bar. he doesn't do that. here's a look at what's going on outside. 5:20 on the dot. sfo thinking about leaving us. why? we've got one of the best weekends in a while. sunshine and warm weather. today is partly cloudy with just a random shower across the north bay. it will be cooler tonight with patchy fog in the north bay like this morning. the chances of rain return as soon as monday hits the calendar. here's a look at the thicker fog in napa. you can see the street levels here. american canyon road. possibly a little bit of fog there. as we move over towards lakeville highway and bodega avenue, some of the street levels dealing with reduced visibility along 101 also. we've got 58 lakeport. notice green dots up here. those are the stray showers we talked about yesterday. still in the forecast for this afternoon. while the rest of us, you can see the broken chouds and sunshine. temperatures mainly in the low
5:21 am
to mid-60s. for tonight, how about upper 30s lakeport. low to mid-40s elsewhere. it's going to be a chilly one tomorrow. a big transition tomorrow. we'll hit the upper 60s. low 70s away from the coast. by sunday, we'll have high clouds and sunshine. it will finally feel like spring with 72 to 76. about 64 at the coast. you can see monday night, tuesday, wednesday and thursday, 1, light on the storm impact scale and cooler. alexis? >> good morning, mike. yep, we still have our traffic alert. no change. haven't gotten a lot of new information on the situation in castro valley. on the 580 split on 238, the sig-alert in place. the two right lanes are blocked. only the far left lane is getting bit. this is due to issue involving a semi. it's leaking about 35 gallons of diesel fuel and hydraulic fluid. both the fire department and cal trans are needed to get it cleaned up. they have not given us an
5:22 am
estimate within on when they'll reopen the lanes. it's getting congested there. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza here. we don't have any official word about metering lights yet. that's filling in. a minor collision on the left shoulder. when you get through the metering lights and drive times looking good. just a slight delay westbound. across the bay bridge at 12 minutes. thanks, alexis. today's gma first look, new details in the tiger attack that tragically ended the act for siegfried & roy. >> their former handler is breaking his silence and claims one of the performers is to blame nor the mauling. here's janai norman. >> the man behind the tiger is speaking out accusing two of the most famous performers in vegas history of a cover-up. in a new interview with the hollywood reporter, animal trainer, chris lawrence, recounts the night in 2003 when a tiger pounced on roy horn
5:23 am
biting his neck and ending his career. the legendary magicians told investigators and the public that roy suffered a stroke on stage compelling the tiger to lunge. now lawrence says roy himself is to blame. >> there were a series of missteps by roy on stage. >> siegfried & roy not responding to lawrence's allegations in the hollywood reporter or providing abc news with comment. coming up at 7:00 a.m., more on what lawrence says actually happened the night of the attack. with your
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5:26 am
hennessey will not seek reelection in november. she cites her health and family priorities as the reason. hennessey recently had knee surgery and she joined the department in 1975. her first day she reported to the women's jail and put to work immediately without any training. >> never in a million years did i think i'd still be here 40 years later. much less i never intended to run for office. i had a very successful career in the sheriff's department as somebody who came up through the ranks. >> hennessey became the first elected female sheriff in 2015. i really love this next story. >> i know. >> i was showing you this yesterday in the newsroom. a daughter's request to hear her father sing is going viral. >> it's really beautiful. you'll understand why in the first few seconds. >> ♪ ♪
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that is justin, staying at disney's grand floridian resort in orlando. his daughter asked the pianist if her dad could sing along. they decided on ave maria. everyone was amazed. including his daughter. i hear the two of you. you think it's a seahawks jersey? >> i think it's a richard sherman. > maybe they're from the seattle area. either way, he's got the pipes. >> as you point out the jersey, he looks unassuming in that jersey. he shows up and has an amazing epic voice. >> it's amazing. >> i love that she's looking up at her dad the entire time. it's a sweet video. >> it is. still ahead, the contractor for the transbay transit center is fighting back against accusations that it is responsible for cracks in two steel beams.
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it all started that one family night in dumfries, virginia. family night is for everybody, it's a time for families to do crafts together. the kids just love going to chick-fil-a for dinner. being a single mom and getting everybody ready - it was tough. we would get there a little bit late, like on the tail end of it. helen saw that i was having trouble getting them to chick-fil-a for the family night on time and actually got it extended another hour. noticing things like that, i never really told her how much she affected me but she did. love you. [all] moo!
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it's lyft's big day. leading the charge, going public. pete buttigieg comes to the bay area. his husband gives us a lesson in pronouncing his last name. a live look outside. it's beautiful this morning on your friday. say good-bye to the rain and hello to the sunshinement we're excited for it. we've been talking about it all day. good morning, friday, march 29th. >> it's 5:30 and you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. here's meteorologist mike nicco. >> i have to start with a little chance of rain. >> oh, come on, mike. for the most part, it's going to be sunny, right? >> don't be mad at the mass j messenger. i'm trying to help you out. we said there would be a slight
5:31 am
chance of random showers across the north bay. that's what we're seeing now. they're falling apart as he head east. don't be surprised if you need the wipers on 101. here's a look at the exploratorium. a mixture of clouds and stars. by 7:00, it will be 43 to 48. noon, mid to upper 50s. then we have upper 50s to mid-60s at 4:00. that's when we'll have another chance. the showers will fall apart in the next couple of hours. another chance in the afternoon hours. by the evening, everything is quiet. alexis. >> all right x mike. i want to take you to a live picture of our situation in castro valley. looking at the cal trans camera. this is northbound 238 at the 580 split. they're zooming out for us. that was a tanker truck. it looks like the cab is turned sideways there. that's blocking the two right lanes. that left lane is getting by. the major problem here is a fuel spill. so we've got about 35 gallons of diesel and hydraulic fluid that spilled on to the roadway.
5:32 am
we've got the fire department trying to clean it up. they're saying they need help from cal trans as well. we'll flip over and look at this on the traffic maps. you're looking at, at least a four-mile backup at this point. chp is saying big rigs can use 580 for an alternate. although, once you make it to the split, you're almost past the scene. i'm not sure how much time that saves you. eastbound 580 between greenville road and 205, various lanes are closed. that's adding ten, 15 minutes to your commute. concern over measles is spreading. >> the alameda county health department is warning people who vits visit add barbecue restaurant that they may have been exposed. amy hollyfield is live with more. >> reporter: here is that restaurant. sauced in livermore. this restaurant is fine. it's safe to come here. the virus can only linger for about an hour. because a customer here on saturday night had the measles, the health department wants to
5:33 am
make people aware. measles is an airborne virus that can be spread by talking. pregnant women, families with n infants under 12 months at the restaurant, people with compromised immune systems. people not vaccinated are at risk. some tell us they're frustrated this is an issue. >> it's a little concerning. nowadays people don't want to get vaccinated. you know, we have the technology and the resources to prevent stuff from spreading. >> reporter: now, today is important. if you were here saturday night and you were possibly exposed and you aren't vaccinated, you need medication today. there's a six-day window after the exposure and today is that sixth day. measles is very contagious. so that's why the health department wants to get the word out and keep this from spreading. reporting live in livermore, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. amy, thank you. that case in alameda county is just one of several reported in
5:34 am
the bay area recently. earlier this week an international tourist with measles visited more than half a dozen cities in the south bay. the person ate at several restaurants and went into stores between march 16th and march 22nd. to find out more information about measles symptoms, treatments and vaccines, go to our website, happening today, bay area residents implicated in the college admissions cheating scandal are due in court. >> six defendants from five bay area families will appear before a judge in boston. they're among dozens charged in an illegal scheme to get their children into the nation's top colleges. among those scheduled to appear today, mill valley executive william mcglashan. he paid $50,000 to bribe a proctor to improve his son's answers on the a.c.t. state lawmakers unveiled a sweeping package of bills that allowed the cheating to happen. it includes banning preferential
5:35 am
admissions for alumni and donors. phasing out the sat and act. one measure would require special admission students to be approved by at least three staff members. >> we want to put faith back into the admissions policy. that if you work hard, you have a fair shot. because right now, you don't. >> lawmakers admit it won't solve all the problems. but they believe it is a good first step. abc 7 news i-team reporter melanie woodrow is in boston to cover the story. look for her live reports later today right here on abc 7 news. the contractors blamed for a cracked steel beam at the salesforce transit center are challenging accusations that they botched inspections. transbay joint powers authority officials say quality control inspectors working for the steel contractor and fabricator companies fail to discover a critical construction flaw.
5:36 am
but the chronicle says both companies say they've been denied requests to present their side of the story. the transit hub has been closed since september. it was barely open. repairs are expected to be completed by mid-june. >> the first openly gay man to run for president is back in the bay area. last night, pete buttigieg spoke to a sold-out crowd in san francisco telling them he believes, quote, in making yourself useful whenever you can. buttigieg explained that's why he rushed to a hospital in south bend, indiana to help translate for a sudanese family and he also says it's his motivation for being a public servant. >> you can really in a lifetime or a political lifetime bring about profound changes. i wanted to play a longer game but i'm not patient enough to be an intellectual. being in politics seemed like a happy medium. >> there's a lot of questions people wonder. how do you pronounce his last name. his husband, who is a school
5:37 am
teacher, gave us a lesson. buddha judge. boot edge edge. >> now you can't forget it. >> there are two ways to say it. the 37-year-old is a road sko lar and veteran of the war in afghanistan. polls put him in third place and fifth place in a crowded democratic primary field. the first democratic debates have been announced. they will be june 26th and june 27th in florida. here's a look at live doppler 7. cloverdale, geyserville, 101, light shower right now. it's going to be there for another 15, 20 minutes or so. everybody else, partly cloudy conditions and much cooler weather. everybody in the mid to upper 40s on the peninsula. until menlo park at 42. palo alto, the same thing. we've got mid to upper 40s pretty much everywhere else also until you get to san francisco at 50. los gatos at about 42 degrees right now. let's go back to the south bay. here's a look at 80.
5:38 am
san jose and 87. mass transit, cool conditions this morning. it will be mild this afternoon. drier roads. man, it was a nice commute. i ran into a shower briefly. but everything else was dry. that was so relaxing compared to driving in the rain. the ferry ride, a little breezy this afternoon. no small craft advisory. in the north bay, we'll be stuck in the 40s. the fog around through at least 9:00. into the 50s by 1:00 and 60s this afternoon. in the east bay, start off with sunshine. we'll have clouds mix in throughout the afternoon hours. low to mid-60s this afternoon. for san francisco, we start off with cloud cover. we mix in sunshine for the rest of the day. once we get past 7:00. once we get past 7:00, out of the 40s and into the mid to upper 50s for the rest of the day. it's going to be a nice, quiet day weatherwise except for the slight chance of a shower in the north bay. great weather for the weekend coming up. how about the morning commute. let's bring in alexis. >> pretty good. one exception this morning.
5:39 am
we have our traffic alert. sig-alert here in the tri-valley east bay area. northbound 238 at the 580 split. you can see a lot of flashing light on this camera. the two right lanes are blocked. this is a stretch where there's three lanes. the far left lane is getting by slowly. what you're seeing in the middle of your screen is a tanker truck. the cab sort of turns perpendicular there to the rest of the vehicle. it is leaking fuel and high dral you can fluid. fire department and cal trans crews are trying to get it cleepd up. it was quite a bit. that is the main problem. definitely plan on delays there. quick check of the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights on officially at 5:27. early for a friday. unfortunately. carpool lanes are cruising through. drive times looking good. westbound 580 trace toy dublin. in the yellow. not terrible. 36 minutes. southbound 680, dublin to mission boulevard in the green at 16. no delays on northbound 85 from
5:40 am
101 to cupertino. just 15 minutes. thank you, alexis. cracking down on package thieves. a south bay lawmaker proposing new series penalties for porch pirates. a one-bedroom apartment renting for $740 a month? it is happening on peninsula. an example of building a better bay area. it's 5:40 on your friday morning. a live look at the
5:41 am
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we are the bobcat belles. we are a drill team from hallsville, texas. i'm the marketing director at the chick-fil-a in longview, texas. every year we do a novelty routine last year we were inflatable cows. some lady posted it online - got so many views. that made the video, the cow suits. the morning we were leaving for our nationals competition we surprised them and sent them off with a chick-fil-a cow. we were star-struck. we just wanted to let them know we love them. we knew we had to make this cow proud. yes! (laughs)
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some kids going to school today. a little bit of fog. make sure you slow down around the bus stops in the north bay. they'll need a light jacket if they're lucky enough to have recess at 1:00. at 3:00, in the low to mid-60s. showers points northward towards eureka and chico. fresno at 69. 72 at l.a. 83 in palm springs. thinking about traveling? the melting snow will make it wet in the sierra. dry saturday and mild sunday with 50s and then rain for monday. let me show you on my accuweather seven-day forecast. i put this together for tahoe. rain again on tuesday and rain changing to snow on thursday. definitely looking more like spring in the sierra. thanks, mike. a porch pirate crackdown is what a lawmaker is proposing.
5:44 am
evan low's legislation would expand a section of the penal code to include all areas attached to your house, not just inside. stiffer penalties for items stolen off your pourcporch. it would link penalties to the offender. >> a criminal could steal ten packages from ten homes on the same day and so long as the items are worth less than $950, they could only be charged with a misdemeanor. >> the state assembly's public safety committee is going to hear that bill in april. the housing crisis is being felt hard throughout the bay area. one city is building a better bay area with the first all affordable housing project. san mateo is building 68 below market rate housing units on the site of an old bay meadows racetrack. this project came together. the city and the county both kicked in millions of dollars. the city provided the land. the majority of the units will
5:45 am
be designated for people with special needs and the homeless. 100 people called in inquiring about the units. >> it's rare that we have such a large swath of vacant land and are able to design a neighborhood from scratch. i think this is an incredible example of what good infill development looks like. >> what is affordable? the typical one-bedroom apartment in san mateo goes for about $3400 a month. and the rent here will be $740. a three-bedroom rents for just over $1200. finding solutions to the bay area's issues can come in many forms. we invite you to share your ideas and see what your neighbors think by joining our better bay area facebook group. ford go bike predicts it will reach a major milestone today with the 3 millionth trip. the rider lucky number 3 million will win a free go bike membership for the next three years. today through monday, bay area residents can save 30 bucks when purchasing a new go bike annual
5:46 am
membership. you use the code save 30 online or on the app. there are more than 1500 e-bikes spread across 321 stations in the bay area. >> most warriors fans know that stefen curry loves to eat his popcorn. >> he's telling his favorite arenas for popcorn and his least dpafrt. >> the best right now is in brooklyn. miami, dallas, at the bottom is l.a. i don't know what happened in l.a. but they have -- sorry, they have the worst popcorn in the league. >> i want that kind of lighting. steph gives the details in his youtube video five minutes from home. he rides along with stanford swimming star katiely de lie dei and the young girl who didn't
5:47 am
sell girls shoes. under armour has changed that and she's become big deal >> i bet she was wearing the sneakers. >> i was looking at katie going, i know her from somewhere. her hair is not wet. usually see her with no makeup and her hair wet from the olympics. that was neat. my car should have that kind of lighting. >> i know the story is about popcorn. >> they looked great. >> great production value. absolutely. let's talk about what mother nature is producing for you. pretty nice light also in the form of sunlight and drier air. walnut creek, 41 degrees. so it is a little chilly this morning. grab the sunglasses. we got partly cloudy conditions. keep the umbrella handy in the north bay. you have a stray shower. the rest of us let the umbrella rest as we head from today through the weekend. but then don't let it get too far away. we have unsettled and cooler weather next week.
5:48 am
remember the area of low pressure easy on the map. kind of hard to see now. it's up to the north and moving away. it's weakening and opening up. when it does, it slows the spin down and it's weaker and moving away from us. you can see still, trying to touch the north bay with a shower or two again this afternoon. while the rest of us will be partly cloudy with low to mid-60s. half moon bay at 58 degrees. tonight, another chilly one. lakeport, ukiah, some neighborhoods in the san ramon valley in the upper 30s. the rest of us in the low to mid-40s. the accuweather seven-day forecast, let's go day by day. brighter and milder. no more chances of rain tomorrow and sunday where we hit the low to mid-70s. a great day to be outside. mid-60s at the coast. the pollen going to be mild. increasing clouds and monday night the storm door opens again for light storms on the storm impact scale. tuesday, wednesday, thursday. >> good morning, mike. we have our sig-alert in castro valley.
5:49 am
northbound 238 at the 580 split. we've got two of the three lanes blocked due to the crash involving a semi. it is a tanker truck leaking fuel. they're working to get it cleaned up. no end in sight honestly. emergency crews are there and they haven't given an estimate. up to a three-mile backup now. big rigs can use 580 to avoid 238. however, it's right at the split. if you make it that far to take 580 for an alternate. you're almost past the scene. if 238 is more convenient, stick to that. you have a tiny bit further to go before you're clear of it. a significant backup between greenville road and 205. the counter commute into the tracy area, it's scheduled to go through most of the morning today, the roadwork. until 9:00 a.m. typical delays westbound. not so typical eastbound. thank you, alexis.
5:50 am
happening now, officially under way. this is the one supposed to be featuring the first all-female crew. that had to change because there was a suit sizing issue. nasa did not have medium spacesuits for both women. it's gotten a lot of attention this morning. astronauts christina cox and nick hague are geared up for this revised spacewalk. it's a male and a female duo. here's a live look. they are upgrading the international space station's power storage capacity. the spacewalk expected to last about sear7 hours. >> nasa needs to upgrade some of the suits it sounds like. twitter rolling out a battery saving feature on the app in response to popular demand. it's called lights out. there you go. a new dark mode with a black background. it's supposed to extend battery life. it only lights up the pixels that aren't black. that's a lot of energy saved apparently. it can reduce eye strain also. the feature only available for
5:51 am
apple. android users have to wait for theirs to debut. angelina jolie may be suiting up for the marvel universe. the oscar winning actress is in talks to join the eternals. jake it's about a super human race created. they're create today protect earth from a dark group called the deviants. no word yet which character she would play. disn disney. owe. a mixup or a theft? the search is on for this woman after she took a violin off the
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
all right. a little home cooking. did the a's some good yesterday. the a's with a win. we start at 7:07. first pitch. 58 dropping down to 54 degrees. no threat of rain today. good to hear. thanks, mike. the san francisco police department looking for this woman. they need your help. she got off a muni bus on february 20th carrying a violin case. here's the problem. it doesn't belong to her. the man the case actually belongs to say it contained a violin valued at 1200 bucks. he left it under his seat when he got off the bus. the woman grabbed it. no one has returned it to police or muni. norwegian airlines is honoring former san francisco supervisor, and gay rights
5:55 am
activist harvey milk. it's on the tail of the 787 dreamliner. it's the latest in tail fin heroes in the fleet. it's one of the many ways he's been honored. plans in the castro are scheduled to be completed in 2020. a u.s. navy ship was named after him in 2016. and terminal 1 at sfo was renamed for him last year in 2018. alexis? >> all right. checking out the roads. no change, unfortunately. we're taking a live look at our problem in castro valley. northbound 238 right at the 580 split. we still have a tanker truck that was involved in the collision early this morning with a sedan. a big problem with a fuel leak on tanker truck. i don't think anything is leaking. i think it's actually the own truck's fuel to move on the roadway. about 35 gallons diesel and hydraulic fluid. that fire crews and cal trans crews -- two out of the three lanes are blocked.
5:56 am
that's causing a three-mile backup. highway 4 to the maze. in the green at 19 minutes. bay bridge, metering lights are on. 5:27 this morning. 14 minutes into san francisco. southbound 101. san francisco to sfo. in the green at ten minutes. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco. >> i want to focus on the north bay. the showers from this morning, kind of taper, go way a little bit. we get heating of the day. it looks like another shower or two is possible through about 5:00 and then you can see as we head into the evening hours, once the sunsets, the chance of a shower is over for you. like the rest of us. want to talk about pollen real quick. uv index is going to be high. the tree pollen will climb a little bit as we head through this warm weekend. >> thank you, mike. take a look at this little guy. palo alto animal control officer revived a nesting screech owl by
5:57 am
warming him up with a hair dryer. a homeowner discovered him yesterday in their yard. after getting warmed back up, he was placed it an incubator and sent to a sanctuary. >> who knew a hair dryer could be so life-saving? >> has me looking at baby owls on my computer. >> fwhou we'we're in a youtube outbreak at a south bay school. the district's message to parents. what lyft. po means for home buyers. >> new mandates from the pope. it could become a model for the catholic church worldwide. analyzing the black box data. what inv
5:58 am
5:59 am
yes. good morning on this friday march 29th.
6:00 am
>> isn't it so nice to say friday. >> every week it rolls around and every week it feels good, mike. >> yes, it does. i'm going to try to make it feel better today. you know why? addition by subtraction. no storm impact scale. even though we have a slight shower in occidental bodega bay. this is an area that could have a shower later on today. that's it. the rest of us, head farther south, a lot of thick fog and towards stockton, we have a lot of thick fog. here's a look at the roof camera. stars and a few clouds out there. dress warmer this morning. we are 43 to 46 but at least we're dry everywhere. noon, mid to upper 50s. there's a chance that showers regenerate. very isolated and light. most of us don't have to worry about it. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. the 50s by 10:00. a warm weekend. first here's alexis. >> good morning, mike. i was double-checking the time of this collision causing


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