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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  March 29, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> isn't it so nice to say friday. >> every week it rolls around and every week it feels good, mike. >> yes, it does. i'm going to try to make it feel better today. you know why? addition by subtraction. no storm impact scale. even though we have a slight shower in occidental bodega bay. this is an area that could have a shower later on today. that's it. the rest of us, head farther south, a lot of thick fog and towards stockton, we have a lot of thick fog. here's a look at the roof camera. stars and a few clouds out there. dress warmer this morning. we are 43 to 46 but at least we're dry everywhere. noon, mid to upper 50s. there's a chance that showers regenerate. very isolated and light. most of us don't have to worry about it. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. the 50s by 10:00. a warm weekend. first here's alexis. >> good morning, mike. i was double-checking the time of this collision causing a
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sig-alert on northbound 238 at 580 split. 3:47 this morning. it's been here a long time. they've not been able to clear him mostly due to a fuel spill. we had a tanker truck and sedan get tangled up. it was partially jack-knifed and leaking hydraulic fluid. the two right lanes are blocked and the far left lane is getting by. that's causing about a three-mile backup. one more problem in san francisco reported as westbound. but i'm seeing the backup form eastbound. i think that's what it is before 7th street. we've got a vehicle that hit the right barrier, bounced off and now it is facing sideways blocking one lane. i'll work on more details. another update in ten minutes. breaking news coming in. pope francis has issued sweeping new legislation requiring vatican official toss report sex abuse. the new rule says personnel and holy diplomats must immediately
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report allegations to vatican city authorities. the rules could become a model for the catholic church worldwide. this is the first time it's been made a requirement. lyft is going public today. the ride hailing company's initial public offering is priced at $72 a share. that would value the company at more than $20 billion. shares will start trading on the nasdaq under the ticker symbol lyft. how about that. pretty simple. lyft's co-founders will be at the nasdaq in times square ri e ringing the opening bell. rival uber expected to go public next month. neither one of the companies has turned a profit. here we are. >> here we are. lyft's ipo good for those employees. question bli not so good for the bay area as far as the housing market is concerned. >> it depends on which side of the equation you are on. a buyer or seller.
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>> it looks like jobina fortson has more on that. >> reporter: good morning. we know that the bay area is a highly coveted area, especially san francisco. i want to point out all the activity. look at all of these people behind me. everyone is flowing into the lyft office right now ready for this ipo. as you all mentioned. other tech companies, like uber, airbnb and pinterest coming in the next year, housing prices, especially near the offices like this one here are expected to rise significantly. one expert abc 7 consulted earlier this month says we can expect a 50 to 100% increase in the next five to ten years. specifically in san francisco for single family homes. some sellers are pulling their homes off the market now intending to wait for the ipos to materialize. >> allegedly, we're going to have a bunch of newly minted millionaires overnight. remains to be seen.
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you can't -- no one can tell me that won't affect the housing market. certainly will. >> reporter: in the next year, these major tech companies like airbnb, uber, lyft and others are expected to go public with a total market capitalization of around $200 billion. most of the employees have a stake in the company. for now, reporting live from lyft headquarters, jobina fortson, abc 7 news. going to be a good day for the employees there and their pups they're taking along to work. >> they're going to get an extra treat today, i'm sure. in the south bay, school districts right now feverishly disinfecting classrooms, wiping down all the surfaces. >> this is in response to a widespread flu outbreak at simons elementary. it's centered on a fourth grade class where 50% of the kids are out with flu-like illnesses. six confirmed cases of influenza a. 33 students were out yesterday.
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officials are urging parents to keep their sick kids at home to stem the outbreak. >> what we're seeing is a higher number of expected kids that have influenza-like symptoms. so fever, cough, sore throats. >> according to the state department of public health, california is in the red with elevated flu activity. officials suspect a strain of the influenza virus is not well-matched to a component in this season's flu vaccine. new overnight, abc news reports an automatic anti-stall safety feature was activated on the ethiopian boeing 737 max jet that crashed earlier this month. that's a preliminary consensus reached by investigators. it's blamed on the crash of an indonesian 737 max jet last year. the civil aviation administration is expected to release a preliminary report on this month's crash within just a few days. governor gavin newsom is criticizing pg&e's plan to
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establish a new board saying it would be prioritizing quick profits over public safety. he is urging the san francisco-based company to change its course. newsom says pg&e plans to remake its board of directors with hedge fund finances financiers and people background. it said it could not afford billions of dollars in liability after the wildfires in 2017 and 2018. coming up, traffic changes. a major project under way in one downtown area. what it means for you. also, the warning going out about the chocolate bars and why some people should not eat them. let's check out what's going to happen today. the transition from the cool wet weather to a warm, dry weekend. look at those. temperatures almost everybody in the 70s by sunday. but then we'll need the
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here's a look at the temperatures for our neighborhoods along the east bay shore and heading into castro valley and orinda. 33 to 49 is the spread there. we have 42 in livermore. fairfield and novato at 41 for the cool spots. everyone else in the mid to upper 40s. san francisco, the lone 50 out there. you want to head to the boardwalk this weekend? absolutely gorgeous weather. going to be there. chilly today at our beaches,
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exercising the pollen. there's no small craft advisory. 40s in the peninsula through 7:00. 50s until 1:00. low 60s this afternoon. as far as the east bay valleys, we'll have a lot of sunshine much a few clouds. 40s at 7:00. 50s through 11:00. low to mid-60s this afternoon. for san jose, 40s at 7:00 with sunshine. mix in clouds this afternoon. and we'll hit the low 60s after lunch through 5:00. have a good day. here's alexis. a look at the sig-alert. no change in castro valley unfortunately. we heard from chp in hayward who are working this collision and fuel spill. they're saying this semi, the tanker truck that you can see, it's partially jack-knifed. still blocking the two right lanes. only the left lane is getting by. this fuel leak is considered a haz-mat situation. chp cal trans and the fire department work to go get it cleaned up and get the lanes reopened as soon as possiblement big rigs permitted to use 580 to avoid the spot. you still have to sit in a
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backup before the split. b.a.r.t. transit service, no delays. normal service, fo no dae lace for capitol corridor. a construction project in full swing. we told you about the shattuck traffic project. informing you about issues that impact your quality of life. like traffic. city officials say the changes will improve safety for drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists. it is going to take a while. two years to transform shattuck avenue between alston way and university into a two-way street. the work includes wider sidewalks, replacing old water mains and new light -- join join better bay area facebook group. new this morning, chocolate is recalling the dark chocolate bars because of a labeling problem. the company says there is butter in them. but milk wasn't listed. the bars have a best by date of
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january 2020. anyone allergic or sensitive to milk should throw the chocolate bars away or give it to a friend. >> you don't want to get rid of chocolate. >> i'll take it. rock 'n roll legend sting visits san francisco. the new project coming here. plus, ♪ ♪ fitting in good doesn't have to be hard. however you fit in good, is good with u with twelve grams of protein and eighty calories in lightnd fit greek non-fat yogurt, it's easy to fit in good. sun care is self care. i used to not love wearing an spf just because i felt like it was so oily and greasy. but with olay regenerist whip spf 25, it's so lightweight. i love it.
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at a rally in michigan, president trump took a victory lap celebrating the attorney general's summary of the special counsel's investigation. the president slammed democrats and aired his grievances at media coverage in the speech. >> total exoneration. complete vindication. you know, it's interesting, robert mueller was a god to the democrats, was a god to them until he said there was no collusion. they don't like him so much right now. >> the president spoke before a boisterous crowd in grand rapids and was -- this was his first political event since the summary was released. democrats, meanwhile, are demanding the release of the full investigation. speaker nancy pelosi called attorney general barr's summary air gapt and condescending. sheriff vicky hennessey will not seek reelection in november. >> she's citing her health and
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family priorities as the reason. hennessey recently had knee surgery. she joined the department in 1975. >> never in a million years it i think i'd still be here 40 years later, much less i never intended to run for office. i had a very successful career in the sheriff's department as somebody who came up through the ranks. >> hennessey was the first elected female sheriff in 2015. rock 'n roll legend sting is in san francisco previewing his broadway musical, the last ship. >> that's right. it's coming to the theater next year. right now, we'll see him talking to me. i couldn't believe i got to meet him. ♪ my name is jackie white snoet sno ♪ ♪ i'm the foreman of the yard >> he gave a private concert for us yesterday. it was very cool. the last ship tells the story of
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a community in northeast england struggling with the demise of the shipbuilding industry after the closure of a shipyard. while the events take place in the late '80s in his homehometo they have relevance to us today. >> how do repair the social contract, it's broken. how do we repair politics? i don't know the answer to that. but the question has to be asked and it should be asked in art. >> you can see the golden gate theater's full schedule of musicals on our website at what was the most surprising thing you learned about him yesterday? >> the most surprising thing is that he says than performing in a musical environment is much more difficult than performing as a rock star. >> really? >> as a rock star, it's just him, his own show, do what he wants. in this show, it's a collaborative experience, other actors, an audience that's reacting and engaging and every niem is different.
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>> it's newer for him, of course. >> it's a new muscle that he's flexing. of course, he has a lot of muscles to flex. he's an avid yoga fan. >> i was going to say. all that yoga. man, i need to start doing that more. >> he's 67 or 68. but he's doing great. >> yeah. he looks great. very cool you got to meet him yesterday. i'm jealous. we're looking at our traffic maps. not so great here. we still have our sig-alert. no change. chp and hayward just tweeted a couple pictures out. i retweeted them. alexis at abc 7 if you want to see them. there's a ground view because they're at the scene obviously. this is a big rig crash -- excuse me. a semi and a sedan tangled up early this morning at 3:45. they're still trying to clear this. there's a fuel leak. checking out the speeds, 9 miles per hour, 5 miles per hour. big rigs are permitted to use 580 to avoid the 238 crash. bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights on early this
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morning. 5:27 the official time. we do still have a crash up on the shoulder once we get through the metering lights. i'll be back with the toyota tahoe report. let's get a look at the forecast with mike nicco. >> thank you, alexis. here's a look at what will be a sunny san jose. 280 and 17. it's about 44 degrees. it's a chilly start to a partly cloudy day. a random shower across the north bay. cooler tonight. patchy fog in the north bay again like this morning. chances of rain return next week. here's a look at the fog. you can see from napa over towards sonoma, you just keep going over to the west. towards petaluma on 101, 116, 12, 29 all those areas you saw there at street level. 58 lakeport and half moon bay. the difference is lakeport has a chance of rain today. half-moon day does not. 60 to 65 for the rest of us. low to mid-40s just about everywhere else.
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san mateo. think about heading to the sierra, no more snow for a while. today, it's foggy there this morning. it will turn into a partly cloudy afternoon. mostly sunny saturday and an average day for sunday. temperatures around 53 degrees for a high. let's look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. 70s inland. they spread to the bay on sunday. mid-60s at the coast. it will be warm monday with increasing clouds. then there's a chance of rain tuesday. a lesser chance wednesday and another chance on thursday. those temperatures drop back below average next week with those 1s on the storm impact scale. let's talk about snow. here's alexis. >> good morning, mike. you mentioned no more snow for the sierra area for a while. it's still a little tough to get there on some routes. the chain requirement, a full closure in some portions of state route 89. not impacting get to go squaw alpine where you have a 90 to
6:21 am
228-inch base. that will take you 3 1/2 hours leaving at this early hour. this drive time will get much longer. still a chain requirement for interstate 80 and 50 actually. they removed that chain requirement. so they were able to clear enough snow there. flipping over and checking out a few other resorts here. sugar bowl, sierra at tahoe, kirkwood, we have a chain requirement. the drive times looking good. the base totals are healthy. thank you, alexis. "good morning america" coming up at 7:00 on abc 7. >> look who it is. paula faris live in new york city with preview. >> look who, where? >> we're back? >> we're back. >> reggie and jessica, i feel like we did this same thing yesterday at the same time. did we in. >> yeah, but today is better because it's friday. >> yea tgif. you guys. happy friday. happy weekend to you. except for all the weekend warriors of course who have to work on the weekend as well. coming up on gma, live in grand
6:22 am
rapid michigan where president trump unleashed in his first rally since the mueller report came out. he's lashing out at democrats and using profanity as they demand the full 300-plus page report to be released. talking about the collusion delusion. also this morning, there is another twist. just when you think it couldn't get twistier. the jussie smollett case, chicago now demanding a $130,000 refund for their investigation and also could the "empire" actor be planning a major public appearance this weekend? we're going to answer that question. plus, i don't know if you've heard about cbd. of course you have. it's coming to more than a thousand walgreens stores. we'll put it to the test. how effective is it? dr. ashton is here with the answers. we also have radio host and "dancing with the stars" champ bobby bones here live. it's coming up on gma. the best news of day, tgif.
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>> very much so. >> to the i to the f. >> bring it on, paula. we'll see you soon. >> have a good weekend. coming up, a recall alert. the baby's socks tha
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tto harrison, the wine tcollection.. grace, you get the beach house, just don't leave the lights on, okay? to mateo, my favorite chair. to chris, the family recipes. to craig, this rock.
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to jamie, well, let's just say, enjoy the ride. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. the almonds to walter. the beaches to the bums. and the fog to, who else, karl. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california. here's a look at our temperatures today.
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still cooler than average. at least most of us won't need an umbrella. definitely need sunglasses. low to mid-60s today. 70s this weekend. thank you, mike. a daughter's request to hear her father sing. >> you'll understand why this is great. >> ave. maria ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i could listen to this for the rest of the morning. keep this up. >> just play this. >> he was staying at disney world's grand floridian resort with his family. his daughter is lovingly looking up at him. she asked the pianist if her dad could sing-along. they decided to sing ave maria. look at her. she's so excited to hear her daddy sing.
6:27 am
>> she's smiling at him the whole team. >> there are some people in the background that have stopped. i did see a gentleman walk right on by like this wasn't happening. where did he need to go? epcot? >> maybe he didn't look over and see that it was someone -- >> that it was a recording. >> a cameo. >> he must have had a fast pass to splash mountain or something. a big day for san francisco-based lyft
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♪ [ crying ] ♪ you protect them at home. we help protect them online. this is beyond wifi. this is xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome.
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and there it is. now at 6:30, san francisco-based lyft going public. you hear that opening bell right now. they're on the nasdaq. the co-founders ringing the opening bell as the morning gets going on wall street. lyft set the price for its stock at $72 per share. that is a market value of $24 billion. confetti raining down on employees. >> that's a gorgeous shot. if you're doing an opening bell, do it that way. we should mention that lyft and uber still haven't turned a
6:31 am
profit. they've been hemorrhaging money. $911 million lyft lost in the past year. look at the co-founders. they're 35 and 34 years old. >> oh, man. >> very young. >> need an incompetent viet to th -- invite to that ipo party. >> our years are behind us. >> unless beating uber to an ipo. uber expected to do it sometime in the next two months. pan ipo tidal wave for the tech companies here in the bay area. could really mean a shift for a lot of folks. really affecting the entire bay area. we'll talk about that later this morning. it's friday, march 29th. thanks for being here. >> let's talk about that weather. right? that's on the upswing. something to look forward to, mike. >> absolutely. i love this weekend forecast. get to get outside, get sunshine, vitamin d. warmer weather. here's a slight chance of sprinkles along the coast right now. otherwise, we're watching the
6:32 am
fog in the north bay trying to spill southward into the bay as we look to the east from south beach. temperatures much cooler this morning. as we head to 7:00, 56 to 59 at noon. slight chance of a random shower, otherwise the rest of us need the sunglasses. temperatures 57 to 63 at 4:00. out this evening, grab a coat. mid to upper 50s. alexis. >> good morning, mike. we've had the same issue all morning. since we went on the air. the crash happened at quarter to 4:00. it involves a tanker truck that you're seeing here and a sedan. the tanker truck partially jack-knifed there. it is leaking fuel. this has been an issue for us since we started today. as i mentioned, about 35 gallons of diesel and hydraulic fluid spilled on the roadways. we've got the fire crews and cal trans and chp all trying to get the two lanes open. just the far left lane is getting by. we can quickly check this on the traffic maps. it's still causing closer to a four-mile backup at this point.
6:33 am
quickly want to touch on the crash in san francisco. it's northbound 101 at the 80 split. four to five vehicles involved. that one is blocking the left lane. >> thanks, alexis. developing news in the east bay. the victim of a shooting outside the west oakland b.a.r.t. station has died. according to b.a.r.t. police, this happened in a parking lot on the 7th street side of the station at about 10:30 last night. she was transported to highland hospital where she passed away. b.a.r.t. police closed the station for about 30 minutes before it reopened before 11:20 last night. a search still under way for the suspects. in developing news, a health alert in the east bay. >> a restaurant customer may have exposed others to measles. that person visited the sauced restaurant in downtown livermore saturday night. reporter amy hollyfield is live in livermore with more. amy? >> reporter: jessica, today is important. because it's the last day you can get medication. if you were here at this
6:34 am
restaurant, this is sauced in livermore on saturday night and you think you were exposed and you're not vaccinated, you have six days to get medication. today is that sixth day. according to public health physicians, measles is an airborne virus and can be spread just by talking. there are certain people who are at risk who need to be aware. >> pregnant women. families with infants who are under 12 months of age that were at the restaurant. people with compromised immune systems. >> reporter: sauced issued this statement. "we have contacted all of our staff. there is currently no risk in our restaurant." there's no reason not to come to caused. the virus is only active for about an hour. this was last saturday night. the health department just wants to get the word out to people who were here on saturday because the measles is very contagious. they want to get it as contained
6:35 am
as they can. reporting live in livermore, abc 7 news. amy hollyfield. the case in alameda county is one of several reported in the bay area recently. earlier this week an international tourist with measles visited more than half a dozen cities in the south bay. the person ate at several restaurants, went to several stores. sclo santa clara public health officials are warning people to watch for symptoms. to find out more, go to also in south bay, 16 residents of san jose sanctioned homeless camp hope village are moving into motels. the encampment is being dismantled this weekend. organizers are trying to find a new location for the camp. neither san jose for santa clara county has been able to secure labor day to relocate it. the county has given motel vouchers that last 30 days. the contractors blamed for
6:36 am
cracked steel beams at the salesforce transit center are challenging accusations that they botched inspections. transbay joint powers authority officials say quality control inspectors working for the steel contractor and fabricator companies failed to discover a critical construction flaw. the chronicle reports that both companies say they've been denied requests to present their sides of the story. the transit hub has been closed since last september when workers spotted a crack in two support beams. repairs expected to be completed by sometime in mid-june. happening today, six bay area residents implicate north dakota the college admissions scandal are scheduled to appear in federal court. >> they're among dozens charged in a bribery and cheating scheme to get their children into the nation's top colleges and universities. abc news reporter whit johnson is in boston where the court hearings get under way in a few hours. >> reporter: we're expecting a parade of parents, more than a dozen from across the country
6:37 am
descending on the boston courthouse, all part of that nationwide college admissions scandal. it's been a chaotic week-long revolving door of defendants and a crush of media. we saw the former yale women's soccer coach plead guilty to two counts of wire fraud. today, we'll see some of the wealthy parents, including six from the bay area. one of them is a vineyard owner allegedly conspired to cheat on his daughter's college entrance exam and submitted a photo of a woman other than his daughter playing water polo. all of the parents accused of paying rick singer, the alleged mastermind of the scam, who raked in more than $25 million over several years eventually cooperating with authorities. >> earlier this week, 12 defendants pleaded not guilty. next week we'll see another group of parents coming here to boston, including actresses felicity huffman and lori loughlin. in boston, i'm whit johnson.
6:38 am
abc 7 news. i-team reporter melanie woodrow is also in boston to cover the hearings for some of the parents accused in operation varsity plus. look for her live reports later today on abc 7 news. the first democratic debates are sets for june 26th and june 27th in florida. one of the candidates, pete buttigieg spoke to sold-out crowd in san francisco last night. the 37-year-old is the first openly gay man to run for president. polls out this week put him in third and fifth place in a crowded democratic primary field. the burning question a lot of people have when they see his name is how do you say it? his husband gave us a lesson. >> buddha judge and boot edge edge. >> there you go. two ways to help you remember how to say it. buttigieg is the mayor of south bend, indiana. there he goes by mayor pete.
6:39 am
>> they're a t-shirt being sold. the pronounser, boot-edge-edge. clever marketing. hello mike nicco. >> hi guys. let's look at the temperatures. we've got mid-40s through most of the south bay. morgan hill at 40. 50 in alameda and stran the warm spot. look at danville, 37. novato 39. the rest of us in the 40s. grab the heavier coat this morning. a look at the san mateo bridge. fog is trying to creep across the bridges. notice how it is dry. that's going to be the case. mass transit cool but mild this afternoon. drier roads. so much more relaxing when you can drive on dry pavement. ferry ride, breezy. no small craft advisories this afternoon. north bay, stuck in the 40s. the fog and the cloud cover at 9:00. 50s at 1:00. a few 60s in the latter part of the afternoon hours. east bay, in the 40s. 50s through 9:00.
6:40 am
look at the low 60s. 11:00 to mid-60s this afternoon. notice a mixture of sun and clouds also during the afternoon hours. in san francisco, mix of sun and clouds, just about all day today. 48 at 7:00. mid-50s up until 11:00. near 60 during the afternoon hours. this is just the beginning of a warming trend. i'll have that coming up. want to talk about the friday commute with alexis. >> not friday light at this point unfortunately. several issues including this one. northbound 238 at the 580 split in castro valley. no change. emergency crews on the scene to that tanker truck that's partially jack-knifed. two right lanes are blocked. only the left lane is getting by. you can check this out on the maps quickly. that is still causing a three to four-mile backup. not a lot of great alternates. castro valley boulevard or of course, b.a.r.t. southbound 880 before tennyson road. several vehicles involved in a
6:41 am
crash. maybe as many as five. one lane blocked but they pushed that off to the shoulder. taking you up to highway 4. westbound side before willow pass road. that's blocking the two left lanes. you're backing up quickly into pittsburg. another collision in san francisco. we'll check that out next. coming up. a crackdown on porch pirates. what one south bay lawmaker is pitching in an effort to protect you. a major
6:42 am
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for the kids, there's a little bit of fog up in the north bay. watch out near the bus stops. visibility is going to be pretty low. if they get to go out to recess, the light jacket at 11:00. by 3:00, we're 61 to 64 but still 50s along coast. 60 in monterey. mid to upper 60s in the valley. 83 in palm springs. any showers in the north bay up towards eureka and chico. if you're traveling, if you missed the toyota tahoe report, it's still slippery today. saturday and sunday is going to be dry and mild. here's a look at my seven day forecast. look at the snow waiting for you. unfortunately, we have a chance of rain monday, tuesday and again thursday next week. >> mike thank you. happening now, lyft has just gone public creating a lot of instant millionaires in the bay area. we want to show you a look at the co-founders of the rising
6:45 am
company ringing the nasdaq opening bell a few minutes ago. we were commenting earlier how beautiful it looked there. this is actually their lyft center in los angeles. they rang the bell remotely a short time ago. >> lyft set the price for its stock at $72 per share. that makes its market value $24 billion. lyft beating uber to an ipo. uber expected to do the same sometime later this year. >> listed on nasdaq as lyft. easy to remember. >> they got aood one. they're good to their employees. many are gathering in san francisco at the headquarters. >> that's where jobina fortson is live for us this morning. hi, jobina. >> reporter: good morning. yes. we just learned from someone who stepped out of building that the coffee bagels and mimosas are flowing inside. there's a big party going on. lots of fun for lyft employees. maybe not so fun for future home
6:46 am
buyers wooerg learning fre're l experts. you mentioned uber, abe, pinterest. airbnb. the housing costs expected to rise significantly especially in the san francisco-based area. lyft ipo created essentially thousands of millionaires. employees racing into the building this morning with the extra cash. many may become potential home buyers later this month. we spoke with an expert who crunched the numbers and told us what he thinks will follow the so-called ipo tidal wave. >> we probably expect 50% to 100% increase in prices over the next five to ten years, specifically for single family homes. >> in san francisco? >> in san francisco. >> that's -- i mean, a hard number even to wrap our head around that prices could go up 50%? >> yeah.
6:47 am
unfortunately. >> reporter: it's not just san francisco, of course. the increase in values will ripple out into the east and south bay. we'll remember also that you're not an instant millionaire until the ipo goes through. reporting live from lyft headquarters, jobina fortson, abc news. >> i thought the mimosas were inside. now they're all taking off? >> reporter: a lot of them giving thumbs up to our cameras this morning. >> thaeey're going to party. i don't blame them. >> thanks, jobina. these baby rattle socks are adorable. but experts say they could be a choking hazard. midwest cbk is recalling them because the small ornament on the toes could come off. more than 20,000 pairs were sold in boutique gift shops through december of last year. if you have some, you can return them for a refund. twitter is rolling out a new
6:48 am
battery saving feature in response to popular demand. it's called lights out. watch it go. it's a dark mode with a black background supposed to extend battery life. dark mode lights up the pixels on the screens that aren't black. that's a lot of energy saved there. it can reduce eye stain using the app in dark environments. it's only available for apple eye ios users. the city of chicago is demanding more than $130,000 from jussie smollett. >> attorneys say that's the estimated cost of the investigation into miss false claims that two men attacked him. the city sent smollett's attorney demanding it be paid by money order or cashiers check within seven days. if the city doesn't get its money, it may prosecute smollett. >> given the heat doesn't feel contrition and remorse, my recommendations when he writes a check in the memo section, he can put the word i'm accountable for the hoax.
6:49 am
>> smollett's lawyer says the mayor and the police chief should apologize for dragging his name through the mud. they say he's quote, paid enough. there's no word on whether smollett plans to attend the naacp's image awards tomorrow. he's nominated for outstanding supporting actor in a drama series. >> talk about drama. ford go bike predicts it will reach a major milestone with the 3 millionth all-time trip. the rider lucky number 3 million will win a three-year membership. bay area residents can save 30 bucks when purchasing an annual membership with the code save 30 online or in the app. there are more than 1500 e-bikes across 321 stations in the bay area. going to be a nice day for a bike ride, right? >> watch out for them the next couple of mornings. they'll be out in masses. any time they can get dry weather. let's talk about what's going on. here's a look at live doppler 7.
6:50 am
i'm talking -- less than a quarter of a mile. napa will be around for the rest of the morning commute. in fact, you can see it here as we look north from the golden gate bridge towards that fog. eventually, it will become partly cloudy with a random shower across the area. it will be cooler tonight with fog forming. we get a break of rain. the chances return next week. look at your high temperatures today. lakeport 58 with a chance of showers. you can see the green dots across the north bay. 58 in half moon bay. partly cloudy. 60 in san francisco to 65 in san jose. morgan hill, that's our spread for high temperatures. a's won last night. needed home cooking. first pitch tonight. no threat of wet weather. just chilly at the ball game temperatures, lakeport, ukiah, san ramon valley. 30s there like we're dealing with this morning.
6:51 am
low to mid-40s everywher else. it's going to be a chilly one. tomorrow afternoon and sunday afternoon at travis air force base, a free air show. thunder over the bay honoring our local heroes like the first responders and the firefighters that had to battle the wildfires during the fall. this is free. it starts at 10:00. goes to 4:00. look at these temperatur mid-70s wear the sunscreen. you'll need it. here's a look at the seven day forecast. how about that. 68 to 72 tomorrow. then 72 to 76 sunday for the bay and inland temperatures. low to mid-60s at the coast. mild monday with increasing clouds and a chance of rain starting tuesday. alexis? i want to take you back to the sig-alert in castro valley. we have a little bit of progress here. i'm interpret tg that way. we have a tow truck on the scene. northbound 238 connector from 580, right at that split. we have the two left lanes still blocked.
6:52 am
the two right lanes. only the left lane getting by. the tapger tru etanker truck no the jack-knifed position. i'm hoping the fuel spill is cleaned up and hoping they get one more lane opened up soon. that's causing a 20 to 25-minute delay. update you on a couple crashes in san francisco. northbound 101 at the 80 split. an earlier four to five-vehicle collision that cleared. eastbound 80 ramp to fourth street, a new crash that's fully blocking the off ramp. definitely some delays there. a quick check of drive time. a crash before willow pass road. you're in the red at 51 minutes. >> thank you, alexis. porch pirates, they seem to be a real problem in recent years. we see them during the holidays. one south bay lawmaker is proposing a new bill to help change the problem. >> assemblyman evan low's -- it would include all areas attached to your house.
6:53 am
not just what's inside. that means stiffer penalties for items stolen off porches. it would link penalties to the actions of the offender instead of the value of the items. >> a criminal could steal up to ten packages from ten homes on the same day and so long as the items are worth less than $950. they could only be charged with a misdemeanor. >> the state assembly's public safety committee will hear the bill in april. one peninsula city is aiming to build a better bay area with its first all-affordable housing project. san mateo is building 68 below-market rate housing units on the site of the old bay meadows racetrack. this became a reality when the city an the county both kicked in millions of dollars. so they teamed up and the city provided the land. the majority of the units will be designated for people with special needs and the homeless. 100 people already called in
6:54 am
inquiring about the units. >> it's rare that we have such a large swath of vacant land and are able to really design a neighborhood from scratch. i think this is an incredible example of what good infill development looks like. >> a typical one-bedroom apartment in san mateo rents for about $33400. the rent -- $3400. the rent here will be 740 bucks. a three-bedroom rents for just over 1200 bucks. finding solutions to the bay area's issues can come in many forms. we invite you to share your ideas by joining our better bay area facebook group. up next, the seven things to know before you go. first, our instagram picture of the day. if you haven't yet, follow us at abc news bay area. you can see a lot of great photos like this one. share your photos and videos using the #abc 7 now. as we head to break, a live look
6:55 am
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you protect them at home. we help protect them online. this is beyond wifi. this is xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome.
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here's seven things to know before you go. number one, let the celebration begin. at least if you are working at lyft or have friends or spouse who is are. the san francisco-based company creating a surge of -- the ipo price set at 72 bucks a share valuing the company at $24
6:58 am
billion. we hear employees are celebrating with mimosas and bagels. we can almost hear them. bay area residents implicated in the college admissions cheating scandal are due in court. six defendants from five bay area families will appear before a judge in boston. number 3, the pope announced new sex abuse reporting rules overnight. the vatican will require officials to report sex abuse claims to prosecutors. this is a first time the vatican has made that a requirement. >> number 4, alameda county officials issued a warning after learning a customer with measles ate dinner at sauced in downtown livermore. the possible exposure happened last saturday. number 5, let's look at the 12-hour planner. a lot of fog this morning. partly cloudy this afternoon. and dry. other than a slight chance of a shower in the north bay. number 6, no change, unfortunately still have the two right lanes blocked at the 580 split in castro valley. that tanker truck has been there
6:59 am
all morning. it's been leaking fuel since being involved in a crash before 4:00 a.m. but the big rig tow truck is there. that's about a 25-minute delay. >> number 7, sting bringing his broadway musical to san francisco. i got a chance to talk to him yesterday. the last ship is the name of the show. it comes to the golden gate theater next year. he'll be here in february and march of 2020. >> check it out. we want to leave you with this cute video. animal control officer revived a nesting screech owl by warming him up using a hair dryer. >> that's all it took. take a look at this little guy. a homeowner discovered the animal in a backyard yesterday morning. after getting him warmed back up to life, he was placed in an incubator and sent to the wildlife center where he's resting considerate bmfortably. >> getting the blow dryer, he's getting the treatment. >> right back up. >> hilarious. >> that's my dream for later
7:00 am
today. a blow dryer and hit the -- >> incubator. >> so warm. >> adult incubators. >> you can do it this weekend out in the sunshine. good morning, america. breaking news in that deadly boeing crash. new reports this morning that the black box data confirms it may have been a software glitch that led to the death of 157 on that doomed ethiopian airlines jet. our team live with the latest. overnight the president triumphant in his first rally since that letter on the mueller report was released. >> the collusion delusion. >> he's lashing out at democrats in a raw unfiltered rant. >> with ridiculous [ bleep ]. >> as demands grow for the full 300-plus-page mueller report to be released. new trouble for jussie smollett. the city of chicago now


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