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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  March 29, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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wealthyrepant >>epte> goodening.hird california some al pleaea. melanie?nd krtin, revolving door here today, all of these bay area parents facing mail fraud charges, none of them entered the accused of the help their children cheats on entrance exams. six bay area parents traveling to boston. a purported ukc water polo player, whose athletic profile included a photoshopped pictu ofer fac on concerned about t
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in my face. >> reporter: is this what youment by blowing up in my face. >> also a mill valley resident bill mcgrabbing, fired from his job. he's accused of paying for the scheme. his son a purported usc football player. >> reporter: did you use the side door? >> already planned inter -- his pr rep saying his son has a diagnosed learning disability, and also he didn't pay for the scheme. diane and todd blake from ross covering their faces with unbrillas, their daughter a purported volley ball recruit. >> reporter: did you pay to help your child get into school? >> jewelry business owner margie clapper accused of paying $15,000 for the scheme after her son scored a 30 out of 36 on a.c.t. he allegedly told rick
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singer, omg, i guess guess he's not testing good deal. >> and another parent accused of taking a tax write-off for the bribe. she allegedly told singer and her spouse, former 49ers loe palatella laugh every day about how they're grateful for his services. >> reporter: are you still laughing about it? was it worth every cent? as you heard, no answers there. everyone -- another bay area, the coalburns demanded -- and their attorney says that demand cost them, writing in a statement, the government has cast its net to widely. the coalburns have done the nothing wrong. reporting live, melly wood row,
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abc 7 news. mel, did the judge say anything to the parents today? >> reporter: he did give the parents the same struck. that was that that they had maintain contact with family members who could potentially be winces in this case, presumably their spouses or children, but the instruction is they can't talk about the case. >> the parents did not say anything to the judge, right? >> reporter: no. certainly if they were addressed by the judge, they did respond, but as far as talking to reporters out here, absolutely no comment. the college admissions scandal is one of the top viewed stories on our website. you can learn more, include the bay area people who are charged. moments ago we ahead from the family of a man shot and
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killed by police in the drive-thru of a taco bell in vallejo. he spoke just hours after the body cam video was released. the family air their attorney spoke. he walks us through that area. >> larry, the police spoke as well, police say they've never done anything like this before. all six officers involved in the deadly shooting february, willy mccoy, as you said. he was in a drive-thru, unconscious apparently with a gun in his lap. you see officers pointing their guns it is driver's side window, where mccoy is. it's kind of difficult to see, but moments later he moves, and officers opened fired. >> when he woke up, you can see the video he leans forward, his left elbow and shoulder dip towards hi lap where the gun was
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at. he was reaching for the gun. at that point the officers shot him. >> he was a sitting duck in that car. he was asleep. anybody can see he was never woke. >> attorney john burriss is representing the family. he says mccoy was shot 25 times. he also said this was a case where greatly excessive force was used. and there was no way out. one family member says he was skied by firing squad, basically. all six of the officers who were on routine administrative leave, have gone back to work. this case looks like it's headed for the courts. live in oak lend. >> eric, thank you. the young woman killed last night was actually a juvenile. a 17-year-old girl was arrested
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this afternoon, a 16 years old boy. this is where laura anthony joins us. >> well, hi, kristin they arrested the boy about 1:00 this afternoon, it happened here increases parking lot. entirely by their surveillance system. a 17-year-old girl is dead, and the 16-year-old is arrest. the shooting reported, and police were the first on scene, who was -- in a statement, a b.a.r.t. spokesperson said it did not involve any passenger or the targeting of b.a.r.t. riders. the shooting is an isolated incident, and ended in our
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parking lot. the statement went on to say the shooter and victim knew each other and much of the instance was captured on the surveillance system. the station was closed for about a half hour thursday night, but was back open with business as usual today. riders were aware of what happened here. >> this is my second week of work and i've seen some horrifying things, but that's awful. >> i feel like this neighborhood is increase get getting more intense. a lot of people are on edge a lot, and the concern for safety is really eye. >> i lift next to the 16th station, and a lot of things happen there. it's kind of the nature of the city. >> they have police especially for the b.a.r.t., so maybe they should have 24-hour police -- >> b.a.r.t. police from the
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coroner's -- is the name of the 17-year-old girl killed in this case. police are also withholding the name of the 16-year-old suspect. laura anthony, abc 7 news. thank you so much. that's quite a contrast. lyft's stock opened up today. lyft's initial 25 billion evaluation puts it in elite company, but the san francisco-based company is still losing a ton of money. that's almost 2.3 billion in
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three years. in fact, lyft said in the filings that it's never made any money, and it could promise that it ever will. what does it mean for all the drivers? lee anime len dez is live with some of the answers. >> reporter: larry, well, of course the opening bell is rung in new york at 9:30 in the morning, 6:30 san francisco time, and at that time lyft employees were already here waiting patiently at that moment. >> we all know the company, and most people love the product. >> going public is a momentous occasion. >> reporter: the city is more concerned about the impact the null millionaires will have on san francisco. >> wealth and equality, housing, affordability, et cetera. >> gordon mahr has called for
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hearings next month to analyze the consequences of this rapid injection of wealth, and how to avoid the mistakes in the past. >> we'll also start a conversation about what strategies we can look at to mitigate the impacts and ensure that everyone here is able to live and thrive in san francisco. [ chanting ] >> reporter: for some time now, lyft drivers have -- they don't -- >> we're the ones out there, we're the ones taking the risks it's time that -- they know that we deserve a living wage. >> some other ipos coming up shortly, of course, uber. and the city will also be -- up
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i'm live in san francisco for abc 7 news. next week, we're going to be looking at ridesharing companies have changed the landscape. even with today's lyft ipo, many find themselves struggling to make a live. >> not anymore. more than 50%. >> ride-share realities start on sunday night and continuing all next week. trying to stop it before it starts. we're talking about the next bill wildfire. it's hard work. you could call this the winning ticket, and why it's a big deal. and take a look at what sidly appeared in the presidio that has a lot of people buzzing. a lot of people are buzzing about this weather.
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we have sunshine, if you think
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a search is under way now for a father who jumped into the delta south of isleton to rescues his son. sky 7 was overhead. the sacramento sheriff's department says the 41-year-old man was boating with two children when the toddler fell overboard. the man's daughter called 911. the toddler who was wearing a life jacket was rescued from the water and taken to a hospital by helicopter. the sheriff's department said the father was not wearing a life jacket. a yuba city firefighters was killed in texas. the u.s. forest service has
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identified him as daniel laird, who is survived by his wife and daughter. two other crew members survived and their injuries are not considered life-threatening crash is being investigated. senators joined together to say nearly every budget item related to forestry is earmarked for cuts. calfire got to work. wayne? >> for anyone who treasures living close to nature, terrace drive might be one version of heaven. >> did you ever consider it to be potentially dangerous? >> no, not until last year. >> reporter: and the year before that. the previous one, too. golden state that has current
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orange and black too often. >> we've got to step up our game. dare i say it, get our act together. >> reporter: the governor and calfire promised immediate action. west ukiah, one of them. houses below, woodland is above, this is a classic case of what fire firlgts involved a wildland/urban interface. these woods have not burned since 1959. >> it's going through. michael maynard does not want to see that happen here. >> working our way down. eight miles of clearance through wooded terrain. >> we have lots of vegetation, with slope, which adds to the
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spread of fire. >> does it get windy? >> it does. ellie diaz is here after losing her home. >> don't worry about your toothbrush, get your car keys and get out. people seem to think they'll get an hour. heaven cut back. up. the town of paradise, california, is issues the first rebill permit. it was granted to megan and jason buffered. they lost their home of two years, when the fire ripped through the area. they've been living in trailers and rental homes since then. jason says he wants to set an example. this isn't just a permit for my wife and i. this is a perform for the town. it's our town to rebuild and build paradise back to what it was. the family hopes to start
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rebuilding next month. a new start. speaking of -- >> check it out. sunshine, sandy? >> what about puddles patel. we're seeing plenty of sun right now, and long -- some people have started off their weekend at the beach. 58 in the city, it's the low 60s, oakland, even the sea lions at pier 39. 61 in -- 62 in napa. and in livermore, it is 63. count on seeing these temperatures rising, as we head into the weekend. so let's look at your forecast, as we head towards the weekend.
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it was gorgeous. dry, sunny weather, we're basically looking at eve spring warmth. rain returns next week. live picture, on different levels, we have some wispy cirrus. here's a look at the low 60s, some showers isolated, to 62, you're looking at rain in chicago, los angeles bright and warm, 79 degrees. hour by hour forecast in a moment. but a few clouds tonight. temperatures first thing in the -- just be it's going to be mild in the south bay. 67, excuse me, sunnyvale,
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cruz, 67 loss al tots. downtown san francisco 60. north bay temperatures, 66 in san rafael. calistoga, napa, just a beautiful day, in the east bay, mid 60s from berkeley to oak lend. 67, castro valley. head inland and it will be another mild day there. 70 in concord, 67 in san in sai spring warmth for sunday, mid 70s in our inland warm spot. 60s along the coast. monday it's still mild, though not as warm as sunday, so cooler weather on tuesday, with 50s, 60s reality check comes in. computer models -- monday was next week, a 5:00 p.m. potentially for showers.
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it looks pretty dry. thursday night into friday, friday's system looks promising. it's going to be a -- a chance of showers monday night. a light level 1 system, cooler weather, and then chance of rain thursday. that -- another run is. friday is trending. you can alternates download the accuweather app. don't mean to rain on everybody's parade. >> i'm just -- >> we can call you sunny for two days, and then it's back to puddles next week. >> i love
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home values are growing,
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sales are declining. about 4300 homes were sold in bay air counties, down nearly 13%, according according to -- the number of homes sold in the bay area was 44%, below the historical job. starting monday, many of us have will to pay more to shop out-of-state businesses will will be required to collect tax from california. but that could change. state lawmakers are fast tracking would amend the threshold to 500,000, so that small retailers would not be hit as hard. the new south b.a.r.t. garage, and at the same time they closed the north and east surface lots.
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the new lot adds 120 parks spots, but there are few i daily fee spaces. some long lost visitors are -- they were discovered in a quiet rolling area of sandy grass. on closer christmas, the experts realized they were silver digger bees. the bees live underground. they haven't been seen here in large number since the 1920s. the experts say they're swarming near their nest looking to make. the reappearance is great news for the environment. >> these are they involved for millennia. with the plants that were here for millennia. they're very specific for the native plans. which are the foundation of the edo system and support after different kinds of wildlife.
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>> they say the bees are so find the mates, they're not much of a threat to sting. they're asking the public to just give them a space. hundreds of dot fins speeding along. this is a super-pod, a stampede. that's not all. thank you, leena for this picture from pes coucadero.
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coming up at 6:00, exactly two weeks between a deadly encounter, we're learning new details, and how the wife describes the evening. today is a big deal for lyft, the ride-sharing -- and a bigger picture of ipos that money goes. and what can you do help clean up a south bay homeless camp this weekend. all of that at 6:00. >> thanks. we'll see you then. five gray whales, check out the aerial images captured just a few moments ago. , actually it might not be a good things.
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by north by now, maybe around here, but instead they feed, bu they didn't get enough nutrients for the -- >> they captured this incredible video in, you guessed, monterey bay. it's called a super-pod. here are a few closeups. >> oh, wow. >> dolphins are very social, but super-pods are very rare. and here's another for the fo, my good this is, monterey bay aquarium estimated that 1,000 dolphins made up today's super-pod. >> i'm sign a few hundred, but not thousand. >> it is riveting. you could watch that all day long. you've had the same expe
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for all of us here, thanks for the time. next n tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. the mueller report out soon. the attorney general telling congress in a new letter, everyone will soon be able to read it on their own. nearly 400 pages. late today, president trump saying he has nothing to hide. the severe weather threat. flood watches, damaging hail, and that system moving east tonight. d.c. to new york, all the way to boston. a junior high coach under investigation. the video, shocking. the coach heard threatening to stomp her on the concrete if she doesn't comply. new reports about what caused that boeing 737 max 8 to slam into the ground, killing all 157 people on board. the final moments in the cockpit, and now the direct link to that first fatal flight. tonight, the boeing fleet still grounded.


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