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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  KGO  March 29, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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enough for her. court documents reveal handed his wife a gun and told her to shoot him, a phrase he had used before. she told police she did not know what came over her and snapped. she described putting the gun an nn inch away from his head and pulling the trigger. contra costa district attorney's office is handling the case. >> our office provides services to the victims and that happened today. with such a large family there's certainly a lot to go through. it's a terrible case and really sad for both parties involved. so we understand that. we're trying to respect that. we're ultimately helping the victim out. >> reporter: the wife entered a not guilty plea with a bail set at over $2 million. luz pena, abc 7 news. >> luz, thank you. a watershed moment, the ride
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sharing company once known for those pink miscellaneoustaches public. lyft's founders remotely rang the opening bell on the nasdaq today as the company made its ipo, initial price $72 a share. shares shot up immediately to a peak of 86.70 and ended the first day on the market at $78.29, nearly a 9% gain in just one day. lyanne melendez is joining us live from lyft's san francisco headquarters. lyanne? >> reporter: i have to say, this is lyft headquarters here so i have to be very careful. but i have to say also that lyft made a lot of people very rich today. employees arrived here very early. the city now is concerned about the drivers. they're asking what about them. there was much excitement among lyft employees at their company
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went public. the opening bell signifying wealth. >> we are a company of values. values steeped in collaboration, inclusion, sustainability, and connection. >> reporter: we all know the company and most people love the product. many insist lyft will probably never turn a profit. but the city is concerned about the impact these new millionaires will have on san francisco. >> wealth inequality, housing afsh affordability, et cetera. >> reporter: he's analyzing the consequences of this rapid injection of new wealth and how to avoid the mistakes of the past. >> we'll be starting a conversation about what kind of interventions or policy strategies we can look at to mitigate those impacts and to ensure that everyone here is able to live and thrive in san francisco. >> they use our bodies, they use our time, and in the end,
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they're making the money. >> reporter: for some time now lyft drivers have shared the same concerns as they don't see themselves profiting from today's public offering. >> we're the ones out there every single day taking the risk and driving these passengers around and making these executive million arroganairemi. it's time they heard our voice and know that we deserve a living wage. >> reporter: hearings are scheduled in april at city hall. i'm being told that several city agencies will be present. i'm live in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. got to watch out for those lyft cars! >> be careful. >> thanks, lyanne. in a single day, lyft raised $24 billion from its ipo. where does that money actually looks at the financial impact on another tech company one year after its ipo. >> reporter: investors didn't hesitate to snap up shares in lyft even though it isn't
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profitability. it didn't say how it will use the $24 billion it raised today. >> it's clear that today investors have a big appetite for a company that's building for the future. that may not always be true, but today it seems like it's certainly true. >> reporter: more than likely, lyft will use the money to expand the company. beyond that, beneficiaries include executives and managers who joined the company on a promise that there would be a windfall when lyft went public. investors will get repaid and walk away with millions of dollars to reinvest in other ventures. employees have to be happy too because of their stock options. but they won't be rich overnight. don't expect to see lyft employees suddenly dropping a lot of "c" notes all over the bay area. that's because there's something called a lockup. that means they can't trade their shares for six months. exactly a year ago this month, a cloud security company in san jose went public. the ceo and a group of employees
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rang the opening bell on the nasdaq. three of the six original engineers told us their ipo stock options let them buy houses and a tesla. they still come to work. the $120 million raised has given the company financial security and helped to attract big name clients. >> we're able to attract great employees now. we're in growth mode, we're growing. we're hiring. and overall, the market is coming to us. >> reporter: trading of shares also generates tax revenue. >> the federal government, california, they also benefit if there are sales of shares because there is a capital gains tax at the federal level. then there's the income tax at the california level. >> reporter: all the results of an ipo. david louie, abc 7 news. >> and we have been all over lyft's ipo today because this is a big deal for the bay area. you can read up on the story online at and to get the latest news on all the big bay area stories, just download the abc 7 news app. a procession of bay area
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parents appeared in federal court in boston, answering charges that they paid bribes to get their children into elite colleges. >> melanie woodrow is live in boston with more. >> reporter: ama and larry, it was a revolving door at the courthouse behind me. none of the parents facing fraud charges entered a plea today. parents are accused of helping their children lie and cheat. they were surrounded by attorneys today and not saying a word. napa vineyard owner agustin huneeus' daughter, whose application included a photoshopped picture of her face on somebody else's body, huneeus was concerned about, quote, this blowing up in my face. also appearing, his friend, bill mcglashan, now fired from his job at tpg growth.
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he's accused of a college recruitment scheme. >> did you use the side door? >> reporter: the judge denying mcglashan's request to take an already-planned international vacation. his son has a diagnosed earning disability. diane and todd blake from ross covering their faces with umbrellas. their daughter a purported volleyball recruit. >> did you pay to help your child get into school? >> reporter: marjorie klapper of menlo park accused of paying $15,000 for the college entrance exam scheme. she allegedly told ricksing "omg, i guess he's not testing again." and marci palatella of hillsboro, taking a tax writeoff for the bribe. she allegedly told singer she and her spouse, former 49ers lou
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palatella, laugh every day about how grateful they are for his services. >> was it still worth every cent? >> reporter: everyone who appeared here today waived their right to a preliminary hearing. in boston for the i-team, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news news. >> melanie, so many of these families are from the bay area. why did they have to appear in boston? >> reporter: well, larry, this is where investigators first started looking into the first tip that they received. also you might remember that when rick singer began cooperating with authorities, he made wiretapped phone calls to all of those parents. many of those calls happened here in boston. >> melanie, did we hear from the judge today, anything from the parents? >> reporter: there was one instruction that all of the parents got and that was that they are able to maintain contact with family members who could be witnesses in this case. so presumably their spouses or of course maybe their children. but they can't talk about the case. >> melanie woodrow live from
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boston tonight, thank you. >> melanie has been tweeting all day long while in boston, sharing information about what's been happening in court and the details of each case with local connections. you can follow her her @melaniewoodrow. and follow us for all your local news needs. this is the view over san francisco from our sutro tower camera. you see the water there, not exactly san francisco, the city, per se. a beautiful day, though. plenty of snow in the sierra, this is lake tahoe tv, great day there. abc 7 news weather anchor spencer christian has the weekend forecast. >> skies are clearing just in time for the weekend and in time for a weekend warm-up. we have sunny skies as you see all across the bay area, depicted here on live doppler 7. the view from mt. tam shows fewer clouds than we had just an hour ago. 60 to 61 degrees in oakland,
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mountain view, san jose, and morgan hill, 59 at half moon bay. the view of the western sky from the east bay hills camera, another spectacular view. 65 in vacaville. low 60s in livermore. temperatures will be dropping by midnight into the upper 40s in inland locations. about 50, 51 degrees around the bay. tomorrow morning we'll have sunny skies with a promise of a warmer weekend coming our way. however, there is rain in the forecast future. i'll show that you a little bit later, ama. >> thank you, spencer. spring weather is unpredictable. download the abc 7 news app so you can find the weather forecast any time. our app gives you access to live doppler 7 and you can customize it so you get the weather where you live. california is prone to wildfires. we've seen some of the worst fires on record in just the past few years. tonight governor newsom backs up his promise to take action.
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see what cal fire started doing today. and next, we are live with the debate over newly-released video of a deadly police shooting.
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tonight we're getting our first look at what happened moments before vallejo police shot and killed a man at a taco bell drive-through last month. police have released their body cam videos. eric thomas is in oakland with more. >> reporter: amazing how two sides can look at the same video and come to completely differet conclusions about what it shows. it does show the february 9th officer-involved shooting of
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21-year-old willie mccoy while he was asleep or unconscious in the drive-through of a taco bell. and there is still a lot of controversy over what happened. >> eyes moving. he's not up yet. >> reporter: this is the first time vallejo police have released body cam video this way. it shows six officers surrounding the car of 21-year-old willie mccoy in the drive-through of a taco bell. officers say mccoy is unconscious with a gun on his lap. while they consider what to do, he wakes up. police say this arrow shows him reaching for the gun and that is when officers open fire. [ sound of gunfire ] >> they're basically protecting themselves and protecting the community. that's why they used deadly force. >> reporter: but oakland attorney john burris who represents mccoy's family sees it differently. >> the tactics employed were not employed in a way to save life
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or protect life. it was engaged in way that they were prepared to take a life. >> reporter: he says mccoy was shot 25 times and that was excessive force. relatives say he was executed. >> willie was a sitting duck in that car. he was asleep. and anybody can see that he was sleeping, that he was never woke. >> the officer interprets that their life is in danger or a member of the community's life is in danger, then they can use deadly force. >> reporter: the complete 29-minute video is on youtube if you want to watch it start to finish. it is rather graphic. now, the six officers who were involved in this shooting were on routine assignment inside, not on their beats. but they have since gone back to patrolling the area. however the investigation is not over. still, vallejo internal affairs bureau and the county and sheriff's office are still investigating what happened and if it was the right response. in oakland, eric thomas, abc 7
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news. >> eric, thank you. a 16-year-old boy under arrest for faelgtally shooting teenaged girl in the west oakland b.a.r.t. station last night, inside the station's parking lot at 10:30 p.m. oakland police performed cpr on the girl but she later died at the hospital. the station was closed for a half hour after the shooting. images from the station's surveillance cameras helped police track down the suspect. b.a.r.t. riders we spoke to were aware of what happened. >> i'm a new commuter and i've seen some horrifying things. but that's awful. >> this neighborhood is getting more intense. it's just a concern of safety, it's really high right now. >> b.a.r.t. officials say the suspect and victim knew each other and the shooting did not involve any b.a.r.t. passengers. nurses at stanford medical center are asking for more security after a patient recently attacked a nurse. the nurses are currently in contract negotiations with the
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hospital. the contract expires on sunday. among other things, they want the right to refuse to work with a patient that they feel threatened by. the nurses say the hospital won't listen. >> we know that the hospitals can do more to protect the nurses and we've asked the hospitals to do more. but they haven't agreed to our common sense proposals. >> stanford health care sent abc 7 news a statement about contract negotiations, saying they are hopeful an agreement can be reached. but the hospital did not specifically address the issue of nurse safety. so for the past few days, we had rain. >> mm-hmm. >> and then a little more rain. and a little more rain. and now -- >> a lot of blue sky. >> spencer christian. >> the man of the hour. >> now you're taking credit. >> or the man of the next three minutes. here is a look at live doppler 7. we have a beautiful evening developing right now as clouds continue to move out of the bay area, and our skies continue to get clearer had of that pattern will continue right on into the weekend. check out this view from mt. tam
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looking down onto the bay. under sunny skies, 58 degrees in san francisco, low 60s in oakland, mountain view. 58 at half moon bay. the western sky from the east bay hills, it's stunningly beautiful outside right now. temperature readings in santa rosa and napa, 60 degrees. 60s at vacaville and concord. emeryville looking toward the golden gate. we'll continue to see clearing and drying out overnight. sunnier and warmer this weekend. rain returns early next week. we have a whole weekend ahead of us to enjoy before the rain comes back. the forecast animation starts at 7:00 this evening. notice how those clouds continue to move out of the bay area overnight. so at the start of the day tomorrow, we'll see sunny skies and a nice weekend warm-up is coming our way as well. during the overnight hours as the clouds continue to thin out we'll see low temperatures dropping into the low 40s mainly in our inland valleys, and right around the bay shoreline and near the coast we'll see lows in the mid- to upper 40s.
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then tomorrow, starting in the south bay, sunny skies with high temperatures up to 68 in santa clara. 66 in redwood city. 67 in palo alto and mountain view. low 60s at the coast tomorrow, pacifica and half moon bay. tomorrow, 61 in the sunset district. 63 downtown. north bay, highs to upper 60s to 71. 70 at napa. east bay high, oakland 66. union city, 67. the inland east bay will have highs around 70 degrees in some locations but only upper 60s in pleasanton and san ramon. sun, which will be even warmer, highs climbing into the 70s, spring warmth there. monday clouds will move into the picture, a couple of degrees cooler than sunday. on tuesday it becomes sharply cooler as rain moves into the picture. here is a little bit of a long
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range look at the forecast animation, showing the clouds coming in on monday. by monday afternoon and evening we'll see light rain developing into tuesday. a little bit of a break. forecast models are not in agreement on this, but this is just a preliminary look, it looks like more rain coming in at the end of next week. the accuweather seven-day forecast, sunny skies and warming up over the weekend. just going to be nice and spring-like. monday begins as a dry and mild day as well. rain will move into the picture in the late afternoon and early evening. tuesday, a level 1 storm. it will be rainy and cooler with temperatures droppin off about 6 to 8 degrees in most locations from monday. wednesday, breezy afternoon. not much of a warm-up there. and rain will likely return on thursday and friday. but on each of those days, we are forecasting rain, we're forecasting storm activity only at a level 1 on the storm impact scale. so we're not talking about heavy downpours or significant rainfall, just enough to be spring-like. >> did you make wednesday a little lighter, even?
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it used to be a 1. >> there was a 1 there earlier but information coming in for next week continues to change, of course. on the 4:00 newscast, we were looking at possibility of a 1 on wednesday. and now updated information indicates a lower probability of rain on wednesday. so now we've got tuesday, thursday, and friday with a little bit of a break on wednesday. clouds will linger but the rain probably will not. >> so this is an up to the second forecast. >> it is. >> we're known for our great updates, and accurate as well. >> thanks, spencer. coming up, the latest in san francisco's scooter saga. hear from a politician who says
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the contracts blamed for cracked steel beams at the salesforce transit center in san francisco are challenging accusations that they botched inspections. the broken beams shut down that center just six weeks after it opened. transbay joint power officials say quality control inspectors failed to discover a critical construction flaw. but "the chronicle" reports both companies say they've been denied requests to present their side of the story. the transit hub has been closed since last september. that's 185 days and counting. as you can see on the screen here. an update released today says repairs will be done by the first week of june but a day to actually reopen the transit center has not yet been set. the most recent
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transportation trend in the bay area, those shared e-scooters from companies like lime, bird, skip, and scoot. some love them for the convenience they offer. others hate them for blocking sidewalks and getting in the way of pedestrians. state senator scott weiner joins kristen sze to weigh in. they talk the scoot and skip program which senator weiner suggested he would have liked to see even more scooters hitting the streets, safely, of course. >> my personal opinion is i think the city was a little too restrictive in terms of the numbers. hopefully after the pilot program shows, i believe, that the sky will not fall, we'll be able to expand. this is really about making it easier for people to get around without driving a car. we're maxed out on cars, we can't have more congestion. making it easier for people to use transit, of course, but to use a scooter or a bike is important. a scooter takes up a lot less space than a car.
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>> for a refresher on the rules about e-scooters, because you have to follow those, head to our website, check out "midday live" monday through friday at 11:00 a.m. it now runs until noon. the biggest transportation concern now is the boeing plane that's been involved in two deadly crashes in six months, the 737 max 8. tonight another similarity between the two flights. what happened in midair shortly before those planes went down? and do you know what's healthy? you may have to think again.
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a week ago, governor newsom went to lake county and announced immediate action to reduce the dangers of wildfire wh h immediate, he meant it. the state isn't wasting any time getting to work. >> abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman went to ukiah in mendocino county today for the story. >> reporter: for anybody who treasures living close to nature, this might be one version of heaven, unless a person knows better. >> i was terrified to sleep there, it's terribly overgrown.
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>> reporter: just like much of california, which is one reason why 1.9 million acres burned last year. a golden state turned orange and black much too often, which led to last week's proclamation of a fire emergency in advance by governor gavin newsom. >> we have to step up our game, dare i say it, get our act together. >> reporter: the governor and cal fire promised immediate action in 35 critical areas. west ukiah is one of them. houses below, woodlands above. this is a classic case of what firefighters call a wild land/urban interface. not burne since 1959. >> look at the places that have burned recently. it's going through towns. >> reporter: cal fire battalion chief michael maynard does not want to see that happen here where he grew up and still lives. today he directed a crew of
6:31 pm
firefighters cutting clearance through terrain. >> we have lots of vegetation with slope which adds to the fire danger. and it does get windy. >> reporter: if neighbors don't appreciate how fast the fires should move, they should speak with ellie. she was afraid to sleep here because in 2017 she lost her home in redwood valley. >> don't worry about your toothbrush, get your car keys and your kids and get out. people seem to think they're going to have like an hour. >> reporter: now with this clearance work, they might get some breathing room. heaven cut back, and safer. in ukiah, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. a new reason to be concerned about measles in the south bay. a santa clara resident recently returned from international travel and caught measles while overseas. a few days ago we reported on an international tourist who traveled to santa clara county and got the measles. those two cases are not related. health officials are warning
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people to watch out for symptoms. people may have been exposed to measles at sauced barbecue and spirits on first street in livermore. if you are there and are vulnerable, time to get medication. happening tonight, an event for california senator kamala harris who is running for president. the reception will take place in downtown oakland with representative barbara democratic candidates will have their first face-to-face debate in june. president trump is threatening to close down the southern border with mexico. he says if mexico doesn't stop all illegal immigration, he'll close large sections of the border next week. >> we have right now two big caravans coming up from guatemala, massive caravans, walking right through mexico. so mexico is tough, they can stop them but they chose not to. now they're going to stop them and if they don't stop them,
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we're closing the border. >> a senior department of homeland security official says there are no immediate plans to close ports of entry. federal authorities are moving officers away from legal ports of entry to patrol areas where people are crossing illegally. that's expected to slow down operations. the border patrol estimates it will make 100,000 arrests at the southern border this month. a plan to expand medical to cover people living in the state illegally is coming under fire in sacramento. state lawmakers are divided over the measure to include adults who are here illegally in the program. the children of undocumented migrants receive medical benefits until they're 19. opponents believe the medical expansion would favor people here illegally over native california californ californians and the homeless. >> it's never been understood that this is something you're entitled to if you're not here i
6:34 pm
will reillegally. >> the medical expansion would cost about $3 billion per year. the fda plans to release new guidelines this summer on its definition of "healthy." currently food companies may only use the term "healthy" on products that meet certain conditions for fats, and other nutrients. the science behind dietary regulations has changed a lot in the last few decades. the snack maker kind argues that foods like salmon, avocados, and nuts which are high in fat could not legally be defined as healthy under this current definition. a bombshell revelation in the boeing investigation, reports that the black box data from the ethiopian airlines crash reveals the safety system was incorrectly activated, the same thing that happened on the lion air flight. the same plane, the 737 max 8,
6:35 pm
was involved in both crashes. >> reporter: a malfunctioning antistall system could be responsible for the deaths of 346 people. it's believed that investigators have confirmed the same malfunction that brought down the lion air flight last year could also be responsible for that devastating ethiopian airlines crash. sources now tell abc news that preliminary information from the black boxes indicates the boeing 737s max's flight control feature automatically activated before the plane nosedived into the ground. just days ago pilots tested the system in a simulator. some say they were shocked at how aggressive the anti-stall forced the nose down. >> the force of the stick may have surprised the pilots, it may have been stronger than anticipated and it may have confused them into making false moves in the cockpit. >> reporter: we know that pilots fought the system for 12 minutes before losing the battle.
6:36 pm
we don't yet know what happened inside the cockpit of the ethiopian flight. authorities believe pilot training could be a contributing facto factor. >> you need a system that provides additional protections, additional information, so these two accidents don't happen again. >> reporter: earlier this week boeing revealed a potential solution, a new software update to make it harder for the system to initiate and easier for pilots to recover and pull back the control column. >> we're responsible for aviation safety in the united states but it's a global -- there are no boundaries, no borders. it's a global endeavor. >> reporter: that software update is still awaiting faa approval. as the company waits, hundreds of 737 maxes remain grounded throughout the world, causing millions of dollars in costs every day. abc 7 news believes in building a better bay area. next, the call for help in the south bay as the city-sanctioned homeless camp gets dismantled and residents move to hotels.
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even if no one in your home smokes, secondhand smoke can be closer than you think. secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter your home through air vents, through light fixtures and even through cracks in the walls and the floors. secondhand smoke is toxic. especially to children. protect your family. visit
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abc 7 news has made a commitment to building a better bay area, which means we look for solutions to the big issues that affect your quality of life.
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and so ar we've tackled the high cost of housing, mind-numbing traffic, public transit problems, as well as homelessness. in the south bay, 16 residents of a sanctioned homeless camp called hope village are moving into hotels. the encampment is being dismantled this weekend. neither the city of san jose for santa clara county has been able to secure land to relocate it. the county has given the camp's residents motel vouchers for 30 days. hope village is asking for volunteers from 9:00 to 1:00 p.m. to help residents move belongi belongings. find the details on our website, we invite you to share your ideas and see what your neighbors think by joining our better bay area facebook group. as part of building a better bay area, next week we'll focus on one topic in particular, the ride share industry.
6:41 pm
the issues range from drivers struggling to make ends meet to complaints about safety and traffic. >> at the peak morning and p.m. commutes, 50% of the congestion in downtown san francisco is a result of uber and lyft. >> look for our coverage starting sunday night. we'll give you a new perspective on how ride share companies have altered the bay area landscape. we're getting some sun this weekend. spencer will have the forecast, next.
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tto harrison, the wine tcollection.. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you,
6:44 pm
on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california. that buzz you're hearing is the sweet sound of success. >> it's really loud. >> yeah. a rare species of silver digger bees has returned to san francisco's presidio. experts say they haven't been seen in large numbers since building began in the 1920s. it seems big, like a big bee. >> well, it's a close-up. >> i don't know, maybe it's too close for my comfort.
6:45 pm
crews at the presidio have been at work restoring the habitat that the bees call home. >> what you're seeing right now is an aggregation, and they're breeding. so there's a lot of males patrolling low on the ground, looking for the females that are digging the nests. >> thank you for clarifying that, larry. they say the bees are actually so busy looking for mates, they're not much of a threat to sting passersby. if you do come across them, give them a little space. >> they prefer their privacy. no close-ups, please. in san jose, an interactive arts space has been drawing record crowds. and the best part, free to the public. >> perfect. abc 7 news reporter chris nguyen has the story from the sofa district. >> reporter: in san jose's sofa district, an ever-changing space that aims to engage others. >> people are smiling, making the motion detectors do something they think these sculptures are speaking back to
6:46 pm
them. >> reporter: cathy kimball is executive director and chief curator of the san jose institute of contemporary art or ica for short. this spring the nonprofit organization has three exhibitions drawing crowds from all over the bay. one features work from a pioneer in kinetic and robotic sculpture including an autonomous vehicle created in the '90s. it allows the viewer to walk into a living painting. this section includes biomorphic sculptures. >> shared social experiences is something that matters. more and more people want that, kind of as a counterbalance to all the digital sharing that happens. >> reporter: the sofa district has been experiencing a renaissance in recent years. >> it's the community and it's the vibe and atmosphere that people love. it's very inclusive. >> reporter: the success of the arts space has helped other downtown entrepreneurs. >> more and more businesses are opening here, that's encouraging. a lot of people are investig in this area because they see it as
6:47 pm
an up and coming area in san jose. >> reporter: visitors here taking a break from the hustle and bustle of silicon valley. >> just expose myself to more art, be inspired, maybe take what i see today and make something of my own based off what i see here. >> reporter: the ica is set to celebrate its 40th year in 2020. >> making statements that are thought-provoking, are inspiring, are creating a forum for dialogue that i don't think can happen outside a venue like this. >> reporter: in san jose, chris nguyen, abc 7 news. >> creative. san francisco's newest entertainment center, the chase center, will open this fall as home of the warriors. that's not all you can see there, more than just hoops. check out who's making a stop on a north american tour. ♪ no matter how hard i try ♪ you keep pushing me aside ♪ i can't break through >> the goddess of pop, cher,
6:48 pm
will perform on november 21st. last week they unveiled all the top tier shows and events that will take place once the center opposite, including metallica, chainsmoke chainsmokers, andrea bocelli and the san francisco symphony. i was talking with some of the warriors people today, i know maybe some of these acts aren't pyour cup of tea. they have other acts booked but they can't announce them yet because the artists haven't announced their concert tour dates. so be patient. all right. well, we don't have to wait anymore for the nice weather. >> yes. spencer is here. you're nice too. >> there you go. one thing i can announce is that we have nice weather coming our way next weekend. sunny skies right now across the bay area. as you can see on live doppler 7. overnight we'll see a few high clouds, maybe fog over the central valley. overnight lows will be mainly in the low 40s in the inland valleys, mid-40s around the bay and the coast. tomorrow a lovely day, sunny skies. high temperatures ranging from
6:49 pm
low 60s at the coast to mid- and upper 60s around bait to about 70 degrees in our warmer inland locations. and looking at the seven days ahead, the high temperature trend in napa is going to have temperatures above average for the next three days. the average high there this time of year, 68 degrees tomorrow, 70 sunday. monday it drops back down to 71. still above average. clouds and rain will move into the picture on tuesday. that means a drop in temperatures all around the area. the accuweather seven-day forecast, sunny skies and mild weather through the weekend into monday. then a little bit of light rain arrives late monday into monday night. on tuesday we've got a storm ranking 1 on the storm impact scale, a light storm. a little bit of a break from the rain on wednesday although clouds will linger. then more light rain, showers on thursday and friday. a mixed bag next week. catch that weekend, it's a good one. >> i'm in for dan, anthony flores is handling sports. no patience right now. >> he wants runs and he wants them right now.
6:50 pm
ahead, bruce bocce promised changes and he's making them. the shake-up to the giants' starting lineup.
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who's afraid of the big bad wolf? not the warriors. tonight the dubs are shooting boogie cousi feeling good, having fun pregame. now to business.
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steph to clay, gives it back to him. he hits the three and the bench loves it. curry with four treys in the first quarter. kevin durant getting in on the action, driving, and then finishing the way larry would say. thank you very much for the assist. later in the second quarter, curry flips it over his head to klay thompson. that is another triple, 7-2 for klay. great ball moving and passing. how can you leave it this wide open? kevin durant was driving. he hits it, curry with a big first half. 20 points for him. third quarter, more warriors. kd going to the bucket and won. but the timberwolves have made a run. it's tied 86-86 at the start of the fourth quarter. boston celtics are banning a fan for two years for being verbally abusive to warriors center demarcus cousins in a game between the two teams at td
6:54 pm
garden in january. the celtics say through the course of its investigation, it was unable to determine if the fan directed racial slurs at cousins. the celtics apologized to cousins for the incident. everyone knows the warriors are the team to beat, right? except austin rivers of the rockets. last night houston beat the denver nuggets by 27 points. rockets dominated on both ends of the floor, especially on defense. after the game rivers was beaming with confidence, saying his team can win the nba title if it can duplicate that effort in the post-season. >> that's what we believe around here. >> you need confidence. the search is over. mark fox is the new head coach of the calvins basketball team. he didn't coach last season after spending nine years at georgia. he spent five seasons at nevada. the hardware is on display
6:55 pm
at the coliseum. tonight the a's getting their awards for a great year in 2018. matt chapman's family in town. he'll get his first gold glove. matt olson another first time gold glover. how about chris davis, the dh of the year. the common thread, bob melvin getting his third manager of the year award. as you might expect, melvin says his award is due to those guys. >> it's all about the players. i'll enjoy being out there with them, and hopefully i get to present a couple of them with the awards. those are the type of guys that make a manager look good. should be fun. >> heard nothing but really good things about him. i get text messages about him all the time. did you see him yesterday? he looks exactly like you. i said, frankly, i doubt that, i know he's got a better arm than i do. i had to bounce the ball to first base at times. one game into the season and bruce bocce is shaking up the
6:56 pm
starting lineup. buster posey will play first. selarte goes to start at second base. kratz will get the start. giants take on the padres tonight in san diego. five hits and zero runs, manager bocce just looking to spark some offense. one ncaa tournament note, how the mighty have fallen. number one seed north carolina loses to heir buauburn, the fir number 1 seed to lose in this tournament. a lot of brackets being ripped. >> thanks for nothing, anthony. be sure to join us tonight at 9:00 on kofi. a warning about open houses. why this man is suspected of taking out one that was held last weekend. then at 11:00, a bay area woman took a dna test and discovered she has some sisters and some brothers.
6:57 pm
30 of them so far. we'll hear from her on a rather shocking discovery as thanksgiving just got a lot more interesting. coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 8:00, fresh off the boat, followed by speechless. at 9:00, a special two-hour 20/20 followed by abc 7 news at 11:00. >> look for breaking news any time on the abc 7 news app. >> thanks for being here and
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♪ this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants-- a grants and contracts reviewer from lilburn, georgia... a budget manager from chicago, illinois... and our returning champion, a sports industry consultant from atlanta, georgia... whose 2-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"-- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, ladies and gentlemen. thank you, johnny.
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hello, ladies and gentlemen. good to have you tuning us in today. steven has been making his mark the last two days, winning a ton of money. natasha and andrew are here to stop him. so much depends on the categories, doesn't it? let's start looking into what categories await us in this jeopardy! round. first off we deal with... aha. next... name the continent for us. and finally we'll be... which should please our champion, i believe. steven. it does. i'll start with sports for $200. andrew. - what is sacrifice? - that's it.


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