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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  March 30, 2019 7:00am-7:59am PDT

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good morning, america. two major headlines out of washington this morning including the president's new border threat. donald trump threatening to shut down the entire southern border if mexican authorities don't block migrants from entering the u.s. >> we'll keep it closed for a long time. >> what's behind this decision and how much could it hurt the american economy? this as we learn new details about the mueller report. when will the attorney general, william barr, release it to the public? and when will he testify on capitol hill? breaking overnight, wild weather. a suspected tornado sending these mobile homes tumbling. its massive force as hail hits this area sending cars slipping and sliding. where this strong system is headed next. defending her decision. the prosecutor explaining why
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she decided not to prosecute "empire" actor jussie smollett. her latest comments as smollett's a no show at the naacp image awards. will he make an appearance tonight? parents in court. part of that nationwide college lori loughlin's co-stars finally break their silence on the matter. are they coming to her defense? and we now know the elite eight. the college teams moving on. duke flirting with disaster. the nail-biting finish. zion williamson's slam dunk performance, plus an overnight upset. the injury and, despite a win, a coach in tears. good morning.the s is rl. i'm re a lot of people are tired this morning if they're up at this hour. a wild night getting to the elite eight.
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we've got upsets, near upsets. what we do know, it is anyone's game. >> and dan's bracket is still near perfect, isn't it, this year? >> who do you have to win the whole thing? >> the university of massachusetts. >> there you go. perfect. >> that's my home. >> sounds about right. >> anyway i'm not a huge follower of sports as they've exposed. that's for that, guys. >> that's what we're here for. >> welcoming me back from vacation. much more on the elite eight coming up. however, we are going to lead this morning with the twin headlines out of washington. headline number one, the attorney general now says he will send the mueller report to congress in april, but how much of that report will we actually see? and headline number two, president trump is threatening now to shut down the entire southern border next week if mexico does not start doing more to stem the tide of migrants. >> we have team coverage. this morning matthew dowd is standing by with analysis but we start here with abc news white house correspondent tara palmeri who is traveling with the president in florida. she starts us off with the latest developments on that odorng to you, tara. >> reporter: good morning, eva.
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the report will be out in a matter of weeks, but the fight has just begun. democrats are alreadyttorney nel bill barr willandle theacked ou. while president trump takes a victory lap -- >> the collusion delusion is over. >> reporter: -- attorney general william barr giving in to mounting pressure from democrats announcing that he'll release the mueller report writing in a letter to congress, quote, i share your desire to ensure that congress and the public have the opportunity to read the special counsel's report. everyone will soon be able to read it on their own. the report is nearly 400 pages. barr said he'll work with special counsel robert mueller to edit out classified information and grand jury secrets. >> what i fear is he's going to produce something, but it's going to be soinedesepr g ha ovethe port by mid-april without signoff from the white house.
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>> i have great confidence in the attorney general, and if that's what he'd like to do, i have nothing to hide. >> reporter: democrats not satisfied since barr submitted a four-page summary of the report last week stating that the special counsel, robert mueller, found no collusion and could not determine if there was obstruction of justice. democrats are warning they'll subpoena if critical portions of the report are redacted. >> we're going to compel this. this is a fight that is worth going to the mat on. >> reporter: attorney general william barr has agreed to testify on capitol hill on may 1st and 2nd, but the president already seems to be showing some concern about the implications of releasing the report tweeting last night, maybe we should just take our victory and say, no, we've got a country to run. eva. >> all right. tara palmeri, thank you. now to that other big headline. the president's new threat to close the border with mexico next week. president trump demanding that mexico stop illegal immigration. abc's stephanie ramos has more from washington. good morning, stephanie.
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>> reporter: eva, good morning. president trump has threatened to close the border before, right? but this time he's giving a timetable just a week before he's set to visit the region. this morning, president trump is threatening to close the southern border as early as next week if mexican authorities do not block migrants from entering the u.s. >> mexico is going to have to do something, otherwise i'm closing the border. >> reporter: with this month's number of border crossings nearly double than last month and no additional money for the border wall from congress, president trump is now ready to turn his repeated threat into action. >> mexico is tough. they can stop them but they chose not to. now they're going to stop them, and if they don't stop them, we're closing the border. they'll close it, and we'll keep it closed for a long time. i'm not playing games. we have no detention space, no nothing. >> reporter: and he's got backup. department of homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen supports the plan and is prepared to close ports. >> i think what the president is
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making clear is with these number, if we have to close ports to take care of all of the numbers who are coming, we will do that. >> reporter: mexico fired right back. the foreign minister tweeting, mexico does not act on the basis of threats. we are a great neighbor. closing the border for any amount of time could have serious economic repercussions for both countries. when it closed for just five hours last fall, the cost was $5.3 million in lost revenues according to the u.s. chamber of commerce. an average of $1.7 billion worth of goods cross back and forth every single day. some lawmakers think the border move is another maneuver for the president's manufactured crisis. >> president trump declares the emergency. now you have to justify it and the justifications are what's causing the tragedy. >> reporter: and in a stunning development overnight, the state department says that at the president's direction, the u.s. is cutting foreign aid to el salvador, honduras and guatemala. these three countries are the
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central source of migrants to the u.s. so many of them overwhelmingly women and children. dan. >> thank you so much for your reporting this morning. alciate it. matthew, so much to talk about. let's start with the border situation. does the president have a case here when he says that mexico could and should be doing more to stop the flow of migrants from central american countries who travel up through mexico? >> yes, i think the president does have a case to make. obviously what the president did was prioritize this thing wrong over the last few years when he basically focused on the border and focused on national security when he should have been focused on the humanitarian crisis in this. but he does have a point because of this large flow of refugees coming in. if we had done something with the central american countries where these refugees are coming from and are traveling through mexico to the united states, we might have been able to solve the problem. but now i think is the time the wall isn't going to prevent this.
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i think working with mexico, working with the central american countries will. it's the only way we're going to deal with this humanitarian crisis because these folks, these refugees, are desperate for food, are desperate for shelter and are desperate for jobs. >> and they're dealing with a lot of gang violence as i have seen firsthand and as stephanie ramos just pointed out. apparently the state department is going to cut aid to these countries, so we'll see what happens there. let's meanwhile loop back to the mueller report. the attorney general as we reported is now saying that he's going to send the report to congress in april. how much of this report do you think we're actually going to see, or are we going to see pages and pages of blacked out redactions? >> well, i think the administration, the president and attorney general barr made a mistake from the beginning. i think any time in these -- i've been in politics for 30 plus years. whatever is going to come out eventually will come out in the course of this, so thinking that you could be satisfactory with something less than four pages, which obviously wasn't, which
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came out last weekend by the attorney general, and i think now we know that the report is almost 400 pages, i think in the end the entirety of the report will come out, whether it's tomorrow or next week or next month or next year, it will come out, so i think the president and the attorney general are best off giving as much as possible, obviously with things related to national security and the private lives of others redacted as much as possible now because the longer you do this, this drip, drip, drip is the problem in this situation, and so i think they'd be behooved to give it as much as possible because it will all eventually come out. >> matthew dowd, we always appreciate your analysis. thank you so much. whit, over to you. >> all right, dan, thanks. now to the prosecutor in the jussie smollett case defending her office's decision to drop all charges against the "empire" actor. she's also saying that she's now open to an outside investigation into the matter. abc's erielle reshef joins us with the latest. erielle, good morning.
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>> reporter: good morning to you, whit. cook county d.a. kim foxx standing firm in her decision to drop charges saying despite considerable evidence that smollett was lying about being attacked, there was no guarantee of a conviction, but stressing in that op-ed overnight he has not been exonerated. this morning, cook county prosecutor kim foxx doubling down on her decision not to prosecute "empire" actor jussie smollett. in a "chicago tribune" op-ed, foxx writing, there were specific aspects of evidence and testimony presented to the office that would have made securing a conviction against smollett uncertain. foxx saying she welcomes an outside review of how her office handled the case claiming alternative outcomes are reserved for people who make us angry but need to learn the error of their ways without seeing their lives irrevocably destroyed. that letter coming amid speculation smollett might attend the naacp image awards where he was nominated for best supporting actor in a drama. >> jussie smollett. >> he didn't win. on thursday, smollett facing the
7:11 am
prutordropped all >> welcome back to l.a., jussie. >> thank you. >> reporter: despite what chicago police call a staged attack, the embattled star maintaining he was the victim of a racist and homophobic assault at the hands of two men wearing ski masks. in a letter, the city of chicago demanding smollett repay the cost of looking into the alleged hate crime, which officials say totals more than $130,000. >> given that he doesn't feel any sense of contrition and remorse, my recommendation is when he writes the check in the memo section, he can put the word i'm accountable for the hoax. >> reporter: now, the actor's team swinging back saying the mayor and police chief owe jussie an apology for dragging an innocent man's character through the mud claiming jussie has paid enough. and we know he's maintained his innocence this entire time. >> this story will continue for a little bit at least. >> it's been evolving. >> thank you very much. really appreciate it. >> sure. now to a dramatic story overnight. a police chase on a los ange
7:12 am
highway ends in an hour-long standoff with the suspect now in custody. the driver initially wanted for reckless driving can be seen backing his car into lapd cruisers at least six times. at one point even brandishing a knife outside his window. the driver sideswiping vehicles nearly hitting a pedestrian and squeezing by a bus before finally getting stuck between two cars. officers eventually taking him into custody. now to a viral video provoking outrage as well as some hard questions at a high school in louisiana. the tape shows a man apparently a coach forcefully restraining a female student. abc's zachary kiesch is here with more on that story. zachary, good morning. >> reporter: whit, good morning to you. the big question is what provoked this reaction from school leaders? the video does not capture what led up to the takedown, but it's undeniably aggressive, and the family of that young woman seen the ground says she's been
7:13 am
traumatized. watch as the video shows a 14-year-old female student on the ground. >> you're going to be still or i'm thump your [ bleep ] on this concrete. >> reporter: restrained by two men who the student's mother says are coaches. one holds the young girl's legs while the other pins a knee in the chest. >> let me up. let me up. >> reporter: the student's visibly disturbed mother is now speaking out. >> no mother should ever have to experience this. no mother, and i went to the school a couple of times behind her being bullied, and i was assured even by the coach that has his knee in her stomach, he also assured me that she was well protected. >> reporter: the video of the takedown at ponchatoula junior high school in louisiana was posted on social media and led to an internal investigation. the mother suggesting the incident happened when her daughter confronted someone who had been bullying her. >> she had to defend herself, and in the mix of her defending herself from being bullied, that's what happened to her. >> reporter: the superintendent of schools released a statement saying in part, we are deeply
7:14 am
saddened by the incident on the video. this behavior does not represent the expectations we have for the adults and the students on our campus. now, the mother of this child says that she reached out to the school multiple times about these incidents. those cries fell on deaf ears. now she's pulled all three of her students out of that school and we reached out to the leaders of that school, and they haven't responded, but the video, right, a lot of questions there. what provoked that? >> absolutely. thank you, zachary kiesch. >> thank you, guys. >> appreciate it. another story we're following out of miami, police are looking for a driver who sent a car flying through the air, and it was all caught on camera. take a look. watch as the orange-colored kia suv switches lanes hitting the black mercedes, which then goes airborne. then the suv hits a red truck before speeding off. the driver in the mercedes uninjured saying he never saw it coming. the whole incident caught on video by a dash cam installed in a vehicle just two cars
7:15 am
behind. in california, a man has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for making phony 911 calls across the country. tyler barriss had admitted to so-called s.w.a.t.'ing, which is calling authority and triggering s.w.a.t. teams to surround the homes of unwitting victims. barriss sent police to a home kansas where they fatally shot an innocent man back in 2017 after they were told falsely that he was holding his family hostage. well, now to march madness. it started with 68 teams. now after an exciting night, all that's left are the elite eight! >> reporter: overnight duke dancing their way to the elite eight. >> oh, my goodness. >> the top ranked blue devils narrowly escaping yet another nail-biting finish. >> another one right at the rim goes duke's way. >> reporter: down with less than a second left, virginia tech throwing a perfect lob from the, but the ball bouncingi
7:16 am
a wild finish reminiscent of this last-second win against ucf a week ago. as for duke's zion williamson, it was another day at the office. >> zion williamson rejects it. >> reporter: and for a tournament mostly lacking in upsets, when auburn faced off against north carolina, the tigers proved to be the exception. >> harper, a three. >> reporter: auburn taking out the number one seeded tar heels with surprising ease. >> auburn is elite. >> reporter: but this win bittersweet after their star, chuma okeke, went down with a knee injury. his coach emotional after the game. >> we're going to rally. >> reporter: in kentucky's match-up against houston, this deep ball late in the game, the difference in this wildcats' win. for michigan state's aaron henry it was a redemption game. remember last weekend when his coach tom izzo had that controversial exchange with him.
7:17 am
well, everything was falling for henry against lsu. the freshman's career high 20 points leading the spartans to the elite eight. >> right now he's playing as good as anybody. >> okay, so what's next, right? we have texas tech versus gonzaga. purdue versus virginia. michigan state versus duke. that should be a really good one and auburn versus kentucky. >> on a roll. duke is struggling obviously but they're getting there. >> it will be interesting to see how auburn plays without their star player. >> dan is so excited. >> you want my analysis? >> we missed your analysis last weekend, dan. >> what is your analysis? >> this was your analysis. you sent this in from wherever you were. you were at the mother ship. >> that's my bracket. >> at least he knew what sport it was. >> his bracket was actually performing better than mine. >> better than everybody's. >> than most of ours. >> all right. now that rob is here at the desk we are transitioning though to some severe weather in some parts of the country. >> yeah, it's march madness and it is in the weather department as well.
7:18 am
wild swings from one end to the other and had that yesterday. all sorts of weather happening in the central part of the country. overnight, severe weather hitting the central u.s. watch as these rvs get thrown around in colorado. one after another being lifted by an apparent tornado. fierce winds twisting and tossing the huge campers. the funnel clouds spinning just outside of colorado springs, and check this out. that same storm dumping so much hail, it accumulates like snow. cars spinning out. one pickup giving another stuck vehicle a nudge to get moving. and real snow hampering drivers in denver dealing with near whiteout conditions as cold air pours in behind the system. this car flipping over on its side. the spring snow also piling up in nebraska. nearly 8 inches falling in the central part of the state. so there you go. the cold air pouring in behind what was some severe weather across parts of kansas. you see that there. some more snow falling in denver. maybe two to four inches before
7:19 am
we wind this thing down and some rough weather now moving through eastern oklahoma and getting in through northern arkansas and southern missouri. some of those areas still swollen as far as the rivers are concerned. and some heavy rain coming with this. we'll see some strong storms with this. a lot getting up to the tennessee and ohio valleys and cincinnati will see a tremendous amount of rain today.he and east coast and northeast, big cities during the day tomorrow look to be on the wet side but watching the potential for seeing big hail and big winds and potential for tornadoes, isolated, across parts of the mid and deep south. good saturday morning. i'm lisa argen. waking up to a lot of sunshine. clear conditions around the bay, looking at a little patchy fog up towards napa. otherwise its sunny and warmer this weekend. april showers return next week. highs today low 60s in san francisco, 67 for you in palo alto with 69 in vallejo, san jose. 70 in morgan hill. the accuweather seven-day
7:20 am
forecast, warmer tomorrow, a few high clouds, maybe some rain late on monday in the north bay. >> always nice to point out nobody got hurt in yesterday's severe weather. hopefully that will be the case again today.on o siges advanced. >> somebody is getting hurt. coming up right now, we have to get to my favorite story of the week. a group of kids in south brunswick, new jersey, gave a little boy arguably the best birthday present ever. 5-year-old carter braconi who has autism and adhd was celebrating his birthday last week by riding his scooter at a skate park all by himself. when the older kids arrived, they noticed carter was alone so they invited him to hang out with them, showed him how to skateboard. they even sang him happy birthday. carter's mom posted video of it all on facebook, and that caught the eye of a police lieutenant who then tracked down the group and reunited everyone for a pizza party. check it out.
7:21 am
>> they sang happy birthday to me. >> really. were you happy about that? >> yeah. >> the middle schoolers were all given special medals to reward their kindness. the lieutenant calls them superheroes. >> l kdns goes a long, long way. >> his mom said that he doesn't always do well with others, and when he got to the park and was playing and the kids showed up, he assumed he was going to have to leave and thought they were going to kick him out of the skatepark so what a great surprise when they said why don't you come and skate with us and one of them even had a little skateboard and gave it to him as a gift. >> perfect. >> really cool. really cool. >> love to see those teenagers reaching out to a youngster like that. >> absolutely. >> love it. well, new developments in the so-called "varsity blues" case. bob saget and john stamos breaking their silence this morning about their "fuller house" co-star lori loughlin as she faces charges in the college admissions scandal. that's ahead. also a skater speaks out. american mariah bell now addressing for the first time that incident at the world championships when she was accused of deliberately slashing
7:22 am
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conservation of the natural world. bay area landmarks taking part include ghirardelli square, golden gate bridge and coit tower. turning to weather now and the bay area forecast with lisa argen. >> the last weekend in march looking pretty nice. you can see just a little fog there lower evio we'l be sunny with above average temperatures today. right now it's cool in morgan hill at 43. 49 in san francisco. and it is going to be a stellar day in our inland valleys. 40 in vacaville as well as livermore. 39 santa rosa. highs today low 60s coast, upper 60s to 70 inland. >> thanks for joining us. the n
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welcome back to "gma" on this saturday morning. happening right now, attorney general william barr announcing he will release a redacted version of the mueller report by mid-april. barr saying that he will go through the nearly 400-page report with special counsel robert mueller to edit out classified information and any grand jury secrets but will not seek a signoff from the white house. democrats, of course, fighting back already preparing to subpoena for the full report. also right now, brexit is postponed. british prime minister theresa may suffering a third to agree on what britain's exit agreement from the eu should look like.idasouanee the, takin.
7:31 am
the deal was touted as s now you can see it's dividing that nation. and volcano warning. authorities in mexico raising the alert level near mexico city after increased activity at the popocatepetl -- i hope i'm pronouncing that right -- volcano this morning. there are concerns of a major eruption. ash already spewing from the mountain going almost two miles up into the air. >> we were going to jump in on the pronouncer but didn't want to embarrass you. >> well, do you know -- >> no, i don't. what i meant was embarrass ourselves, but, you know, so, anyway, we do have other stories to get to. we start this half hour with the latest on the so-called "varsity blues" scandal. parents in court facing charges that they paid to get their kids into some of the best colleges in the country. actress lori loughlin among those accused in the alleged schemes, and now we're hearing from some of her co-stars. actress lori loughlin and her husband mossimo giannulli caught on camera for the first time since their arrests. the pair accused of paying $500,000 in bribes to get their
7:32 am
two daughters into usc. this on the same day as 15 more wealthy parents accused of paying massive bribes to get their kids into top colleges appeared before a judge in boston. >> did you cheat to get your kids into college? >> excuse us. >> reporter: among those in court, friday, agustin huneeus, a napa valley vineyard owner. >> i really wanted to be able to kind of show these three wines together. >> reporter: and hot pockets heiress michelle janavs. j janavs accused of paying rick singer to get her daughter into usc as a bogus volleyball recruit. the judge ruling friday all defendants are allowed to speak with family who may be considered witnesses but are prohibited from discussing the case. loughlin will be among the final wave of defendants appearing in court next wednesday alongside her husband, and in this tmz video overnight -- >> you know, you love who you love in your life. >> reporter: -- "fuller house" co-stars bob saget and john stamos finally breaking their
7:33 am
silence on the matter. >> the team of people that i love, but life's complicated. >> are you still on lori's side in this? do you have a point of view? that was a yes. >> i will at some point. i'm just not ready to talk about it. >> what happened to putting each other first? >> it's your turn to put me first. >> reporter: loughlin's other co-star seeming to hint at the situation last weekend in their acceptance speech at the kids choice awards. >> and a loving family sticks together no matter what, and they stand by their side no matter how tough it gets. >> reporter: 33 parents have been charged in this case. we've heard prosecutors say the investigation is still ongoing and they're not ruling out the possibility of more charges. and what's fascinating, we're already starting to get a sense of the defense from some of the parents through their attorneys. in one case in the h a letimate learning disability and to see how everything plays out. >> but you think we could see
7:34 am
more shoes dropping? >> they're suggesting -- we've seen in these initial court appearances that they're still pursuing the possibility of other charges and maybe other people as well. >> they've shown that he has had hundreds of clients. >> exactly. >> fascinating story. now let's check in with rob marciano and the weather. >> i've been sneezing the past couple of days. you guys starting to feel the allergies? i don't know if you suffer. >> it's coming. >> that's a by-product of the warmth, so we take the good and the bad. check out this video out of georgia where the yellow pines are going bananas. >> that is too much. >> i mean, much of the south including georgia and the carolinas just get covered in the yellow stuff this time of year. this doesn't really cause you to sneeze. it's more of the hardwood trees and the flowering plants and the grasses but nonetheless this covers your car and makes a bit of a mess to clean up. in part because it's been warm down there, you got to get temperatures consistently above 55 degrees. and we're doing that, not just the past couple of weeks in the south but doing it as well today. 10 to 15 degrees above normal . g into the 70s today. out ahead of this system, which will bring this area some rain
7:35 am
tomorrow and some storms today a little farther west and much colder behind this so you go from short sleeves today to winter jackets good saturday morning to you from our east bay hills camera, it looks pretty nice out there. it's going to be a beautiful day, waking up to 40s. low 40s in our valleys. this afternoon 60s at the coast, near 70 inland. this weather report is sponsored by king's hawaiian. >> ooh. >> something i am not allergic to. >> those are good. >> i could eat them all day long. >> with sandwiches. >> with some pulled pork. very nice. kahlua pork as they say on the islands. >> oh, yeah, married to a hawaiian. >> that's right. >> we have doughnuts coming up in case you're hungry. >> can you tell we're all hungry? mm-mm. breakfast. >> thank you, robert. coming up on "gma," the figure skater mariah bell speaks out for the first time after she was accused of deliberately slashing a rival skater at the world championships. and viola davis faces her
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american figure skater accused of deliberately slashing a competitor's leg at the world championships. it was a shocking moment caught on camera. she says it was an accident. abc's marci gonzalez joins us with more from los angeles. good morning, marci. >> reporter: eva, good morning. mariah bell says she told her fellow skater whose leg was slashed that it was unintentional, and now she's sharing her perspective and the backlash she faced with her nearly 30,000 instagram followers. ♪ this morning, the figure skater accused of intentionally attacking a competitor on the ice telling her side of the story for the first time. mariah bell writing on instagram calling this incident unfortunate. ♪ it happened last week at the international skating union's world figure skating championship in japan. here you see bell and 16-year-old korean skater eun-soo lim warming up. watch again. this is the moment lim says bell cut her calf with the blade of her skate as she passed. bell now defending herself in
7:41 am
the online post writing, i meant absolutely no harm. the 22-year-old athlete adding the comments that my friends, family and i received on social media were hateful and disturbing. the international skating union investigating the incident on the ice later saying there is no evidence that ms. bell intended any harm to ms. lim, and olympic bronze medalist adam rippon who choreographed bell's routine coming to her defense. >> i really feel that she did not think that she hit her or hurt her. i think that if she felt that, she would have stopped. >> reporter: both lim and bell -- >> i'm mariah bell, 2017 u.s. ladies bronze medalist. >> reporter: -- who train under the same coach went on to compete in the night's program. lim coming in fifth place. these close-up photos showing her bandaged leg. bell landing in sixth writing on instagram, i learned a lot about my inner strength last week. and in that post bell didn't
7:42 am
directly address reports that she'd bullied lim including just before that championship, but she wrote that their training environment is in her words professional and supportive. guys. >> all right, marci gonzalez, thank you. all right. congp here on "good morning america," skiing's biggest star mikaela shiffrin talks to rob about her career success and her advice to fans. >> did you draw her any pictures, rob? >> no. i gave her some advice on how to go faster. she did not take it. nature, scent comes in waves... know that in gently and beautifully... air wick essential mist is an expression of nature. transforming natural essential oils into a fragrant mist. simply adjust your setting for the perfect balance... and it gently fills the room. pausing, when it's just right. take in notes of nature... and experience the fragrant mist with air wick essential mist.
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and welcome back to "gma." she is one of the most popular athletes in sports right now. mikaela shiffrin shattering records on the ski slopes and
7:46 am
setting her sights on more. she sat down with rob to talk about her career and personal life. what did she have to say, rob? >> oh, so much, whit. my honor to sit down with her. in the end she's really just an all-american girl, but just 24 years old, two gold medals and now has 60 world cup wins and not just in slalom or gs or downhill, all of them. this young woman is a force. >> this is phenomenal skiing. >> reporter: mikaela shiffrin is dominating the slopes. fresh off a record-breaking season of 17 world cup wins spread across all six disciplines to garner her third consecutive overall championship. she's hot on the heels of recently retired lindsey vonn, now just 22 victories behind the winningest female alpine skier in history. you are catching up. do you think about these wins? it's incredible how many you have at such a young age. >> thank you. i definitely am not. i just want to push the limits of the sport. >> reporter: her passion for skiing runs in the family.
7:47 am
her parents both skiers with mom now her manager and coach. >> she keeps me on track. she's the first person to say like this is not something that needs to add pressure. you're doing this because you love it. >> reporter: and it's paid off with wins and money. this season shiffrin became the first skier ever to earn a million dollars in prize money. you've won more money than your male counterparts. as a matter of fact, most of the top women skiers have won more money than the men. that says a lot about at least gender equality in the sport of skiing, doesn't it? >> yeah. i am really proud to participate in a sport that is really in many ways paving the way. there is no gender pay gap in ski racing. the prize money is equal on the men's and women's side. >> the u.s. women's soccer team has a recent grievance about their pay equality or lack thereof. what would you tell the women on that team? >> keep fighting, and while you're fighting, keep raising the level of your sport and keep pushing it. >> reporter: and her advice for young women with dreams of their own? >> be you, and there's so many kids who come up to me and be like, i want to be you. i want to be just like you.
7:48 am
and i'm like, thank you, but be different. be better, change the sport. if you're doing exactly what i did, then you're not doing enough. >> i mean, isn't that the challenge? what a great way to wrap up national women's month. this is a young lady, an american that we all can get behind. i was there two years ago when she got her first overall world cup championship in aspen on american soil. the scene was just electric, and i couldn't be more proud and psyched to know her now. >> she's had some struggles too. i mean, there were a couple of races in the last winter games that she was expected to win but didn't. it seems like she's bounced back just fine. >> i mean, they are skiing down vertical slopes on ice. the margin of error is so small, so she loves to eat pasta, by the way, so maybe she had too much and carbed up a little too much. barilla is her sponsor. so that works out. >> now i feel better about eating pasta. rob, thank you so much. i appreciate that. roll hall of fame.
7:49 am
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"good morning america" is sponsored by state farm neighborhood of good. visit to volunteer in your community. >> hello. >> hi. >> look who's here. >> "pop news." diane macedo is here but we also have a guest, ron claiborne. >> looking good, dude. let's get you all cleaned up. i know you're retired and all but let's get the lint off your jacket. >> my friend, rob marciano. thank you. thank you for that. >> what brings you back? just in the neighborhood? aary on my way to brooklyn to hil students o.i do.>> great to be back. s >> ron, i know you're a fan of live music. >> i am. >> a seven new members overnight. stevie nicks performed at the ooklyn, new york. barclays n the inductees were def leppard, janet jackson, the cure, nicks,
7:54 am
of course, radiohead, roxy music and the zombies. there were some great performances including that one. also some interesting speeches, but it was an especially big night for nicks. not only did she perform but she's the first female artist to be inducted twice, once for her work with fleetwood mac and now for her solo career as well. >> wow. >> she deserves it. >> fantastic. >> well deserved. >> absolutely. speaking of, viola davis has been flying high with a slew of well-deserved great roles and an oscar win, but now she is literally flying high. check it out. she posted her getaway in hawaii with this video on instagram of skydiving from 12,000 feet. check out the little sound from that. >> oh. ♪ this is how we do it ♪ this is how we do it >> she's singing. >> she's singing? >> she's singing this is how we do it. she writes in the caption, the ultimate exercise in letting go, tackling my fears and freedom. >> wow. >> she also, by the way, let go
7:55 am
of pretty much every swear word she knows, i think. a lot of bleeps in the video. >> i love that we didn't show that, beep, beep, beep. >> in the end she said it was awesome. >> is this what you've been doing in retirement? >> that's one thing i won't do. i will not jump out of a plane. >> it's a short list, things that ron won't do. hey, guys, guess what, the most sarcastic dude you know went to disney world the other day for a whole week and i brought some vacation pictures back for you. this is me with chewbacca as you'll see. it took me a minute to warm up. actually, no, that's not me with chewbacca. that's my son. that's me with chewbacca doing my best newsman face. it took me a little while to warm up, but i he to s you see your son reacting to these characters, you really do melt. >> absolutely. >> you really do melt. that's the three of us on a ride. >> i'm digging the t-shirt, dan. >> yes, that's about as casual as i get. >> sun's out, guns out. >> yeah. you don't see the tattoos i have around my bicep because i don't have a bicep, so --
7:56 am
>> how about ron claiborne in the house. >> absolutely. >> doing pretty well. >> great to see you, ron. good morning, everyone. i'm chris nguyen. the san mateo police department is asking for your help in thief. police released this video showing a man walking around during an open house last sunday. they say he had a noticeable bulge around his abdomen that was not there when he first walked in. after the open house, the homeowner noticed many of her expensive undergarments were missing. anyone with information is urged to contact police. san mateo police say if you are planning an open house, to lock up your valuables, even those you wear, and install interior
7:57 am
home surveillance. for the first time in 15 years the oakland public library is extending its hours. starting on monday the main library and the 81st avenue branch will be open seven days a week. 14 other neighborhood branches will be open six days a week and until 8:00 p.m. at least two nights a week. all library locations will be open on mondays. in total the oakland public library system will be open more than 200 additional hours per week. turning to weather now and the weekend forecast with meteorologist lisa argen. hi, lisa. >> hi, chris. it is just stunning out there. the view from our sutro tower camera, a nice view of the golden gate bridge with temperatures are pretty chilly in the inland valleys with patchy fog. in san francisco it's in the upper40s. 43 in morgan hill, 47 in san jose. santa cruz, wow, what a day today, 67 for a high. right now in our inland valleys it's chilly, low 40s santa rosa and livermore with 47 in concord. so overall we're a lot cooler
7:58 am
this morning than we were yesterday. that's due to all the clear sky out there. so enjoy the day today. tons of sun out there. in fact a mostly sunny afternoon until we get to sunday. we'll talk about some changes in a few minutes. chris. >> lisa, thanks. up next, we're learning more about a deadly encounter between husband and wife. hear how the wife now charged with murder describes the evening that led up to the fatal
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's saturday, march 30th. good morning and thanks for being with us. i'm chris nguyen. let's start with a first look at the forecast. here's meteorologist lisa argen tracking live doppler 7 for us. >> hey, chris. plenty of sunshine, certainly on the cool side. live doppler 7 showing you the fog offshore. it is 50 in alameda, 46 in berkeley. as we look at the north bay and our inland east bay, low 40s there. 50 for you in pacifica. 48 in mountain view. from our exploratorium camera, nothing but sun today with the upper 50s by the 9:00 hour. mid-50s coastside. warming up quickly by noon time. mid-60s around the bay and inland. at the coast w


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