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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  March 30, 2019 8:00am-8:59am PDT

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it's saturday, march 30th. good morning and thanks for being with us. i'm chris nguyen. let's start with a first look at the forecast. here's meteorologist lisa argen tracking live doppler 7 for us. >> hey, chris. plenty of sunshine, certainly on the cool side. live doppler 7 showing you the fog offshore. it is 50 in alameda, 46 in berkeley. as we look at the north bay and our inland east bay, low 40s there. 50 for you in pacifica. 48 in mountain view. from our exploratorium camera, nothing but sun today with the upper 50s by the 9:00 hour. mid-50s coastside. warming up quickly by noon time. mid-60s around the bay and inland. at the coast we'll stay near 60 by the afternoon a
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in our inland valleys. chris >> lisa, thank you. new details on the killing of an east bay principal. the man's wife who is charged with his murder says after a night of dinner and drinks her husband told her to just shoot him. then she says she just snapped. abc 7 news reporter luz pena has more. >> reporter: two weeks after he was shot by his wife inside their pittsburg home, court documents obtained by our media partners at the "east bay times" revealed her side of the story. >> he was a great man. i don't see him saying those things that i'm hearing. i don't. i don't. but who knows what happens behind closed doors. >> reporter: according to these documents, maria vides and her husband got into an argument the night of march 15 after coming back home from dinner and drinks. according to vides, shatswell said he wasn't good enough for her and she should leave him for someone better, and then handed her the gun to shoot him. their 6-year-old son was laying on the bed with vides. >> i'm thinking about the little
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ones that in one shot basically right now they're parentless. they're parentless. they have older siblings but they're still parentless right now. >> reporter: shatswell is the father of eight children. vides revealed to the court that she snapped and described putting the gun an inch away from her husband's head and shot him. >> where violent crimes occur, our office provides services to the victims. that happened today. with such a large family there's a lot to go through. it's a terrible case and really sad for both parties involved. we understand that, we're trying to respect that and ultimately helping the victim out. >> reporter: outside of their home, neighbors, friends and students left flowers. his neighbors said paul loved his wife. >> he always told me you need to find a maria. >> reporter: maria vides entered a not guilty plea and remains in custody with bail set at over $2 million. luz pena, abc 7 news. in the south bay owners of a small family-owned mobile tire service business say they were o trailer belonging to a.r. mobile
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tire was dumped inside nearly every piece of machinery gone. abc 7 news reporter amanda del castillo has the story from san jose. >> reporter: building a small business in booming silicon valley isn't easy. a.r. mobile tire shop was created last february. the group invested their own cash to make it happen. >> we just had to do something different. something that someone doesn't see very often. >> reporter: an on-demand tire shop that travels to you. the operation was much easier with this work trailer. around 3:30 thursday morning the center of the entire operation was stolen from outside bustamonte's home. he woke up and ran out at the sound of dragging chains. >> we couldn't find anyone in sight. drove on the freeways, everywhere. still no one. so i don't know. that's when it started to hit me it's really gone. >> reporter: the community quickly came together raising a small portion of what was stolen through this go fund me campaign. eight miles away and hours later surveillance cameras caught
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coornated effo fou of criminals. you can see several suvs parked, drivs he en traer >> it was all torn down in a matter of minutes, hours. yeah, it was just very heart-breaking. >> reporter: the crooks worked quickly. outside they removed business decals, vin numbers, the license plate and busted taillights. inside they cleaned out close to $20,000 of equipment. bustamonte said moving forward they are going to keep the trailer under tight security, even if that means sleeping inside of it. i'm amanda del castillo, abc 7 news. police in vallejo have released body cam video from a fatal officer-involved shooting last month. >> cease-fire! >> 21-year-old willie mccoy was asleep in his car at a taco bell drive-through. officers were called to the
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scene and surrounded the vehicle. when mccoy woke up, police say he reached for a gun on his lap. they shot him more than 20 times. civil rights attorney john burris is representing mccoy's family. he's calling it excessive force. mccoy's family called it an execution. b.a.r.t. police arrested a 16-year-old suspect accused of killing a 17-year-old girl in a shooting thursday night. it happened around 10:30 at the west oakland b.a.r.t. parking lot. police say this was an isolated incident that did not involve passengers. an investigation showed the conflict started on oakland city streets and that the suspect and victim knew each other. it was parents day in court for the college admissions scandal. six bay area parents appeared before a judge in boston ranging from a napa valley wine maker to a silicon valley investor. a total of 15 parents were in court yesterday. so far 33 have been charged in o >> reporr: pn
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lie and cheat surrounded by their attorneys and not saying a word. >> let us walk by, please. >> reporter: augustine's daughter, a purported usc water polo player whose profile included a photoshopped picture of her face on somebody else's body. he was concerned about this blowing up in my face. >> is this what you meant by blowing up in your face? >> reporter: also appearing, bill mcglashon now fired from his job at tpg growth. he was accused of paying for the college entrance exam cheating scheme and college recruitment scheme. his son, a purported usc football player. >> did you use the side door? >> the judge denying his request to take an already planned international april family vacation. his pr rep said his son has a diagnosed learning disability since eighth grade. e d to bkem ssidn't pa umbrellas. their daughter a purported usc volleyball recruit.
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>> did you pay to help your child get into school? >> reporter: margie clapper of menlo park accused of paying $15,000 for the college entrance exam scheme after her son scored a 30 out of 36 on the a.c.t., she allegedly told rick singer, omg, i guess he's not testing again. >> did you pay for your son to have assistance on tests? >> reporter: and marcy palitella accused of paying for the testing and recruiting scheme and taking a tax write-off for the bribe. she allegedly told singer she and her spouse, former san francisco 49er lou palitella laugh every day about how grateful they are for his services. >> marcy, are you and your spouse still laughing about it? was it still worth every cent? >> reporter: all of the families who appeared waived their right to a preliminary hearing. in boston, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. san francisco-based lyft has become the first ride-sharing startup to go public. yesterad good first day on the
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stock market starting at $72 per share and ending the trading day just above $78 a share. experts say lyft is just the start of the tech ipo tidal wave with major companies like uber, airbnb and pinterest to follow suit. abc 7 is committed to building a better bay area. next week we'll look at how ride-share companies changed the landscape. we'll focus on traffic, safety and the drivers themselves. even with yesterday's lyft ipo, many of those who are behind the wheel find themselves struggling to make a living. >> they take more than 50%, more than 50%. >> ride-share realities starts tomorrow night and continues all next week as we examine the issues and challenges the industry faces here in the bay area. lisa, certainly a lot to talk about on that topic. for our weather, a nice break from the rain. >> yeah, that's right. temperatures will be above average. what is that?
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a great last weekend of march. you see a little fog from our east bay hills camera. some lower 40s in the san ramon valley, 43 in livermore, 51 san francisco. so tons of sun, above average, and we'll bring in the rain for the seven-day outlook. your forecast is coming up. >> that is stunning, lisa, thanks. also ahead, trying to stop it before it starts. we're talking about the next big wildfire. it's hard work and it's happening right now in the north bay. plus, it started with one sister, then a dna test revealed some shocking results to a bay area woman. let's just say her family expanded in a pretty big way.
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welcome back, everyone. we are waking up with this live shot from pier 39. can't see many sea lions but with the nice weather it should be a busy day at the pier. just how warm will it get? we'll get the accuweather forecast coming up. a week ago governor newsom went to lake county and announced immediate action to reduce the dangers of wildfire in california. when he said immediate, he meant it. the state isn't wasting any time getting to work. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman went to ukiah in mendocino county for the story. >> reporter: for anybody who treasures living close to nature, terrace drive in ukiah might be one version of heaven, unless a person knows better. >> i was terrified to sleep
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there last summer, couldn't sleep at all. it's terribly overgrown. >> reporter: just like much of california, which is one reason why 1.9 million acres burned last year, a golden state turned orange and black and costly much too often, which led to last week's proclamation of a fire emergency in advance by governor newsom. >> we've got to step up our game. dare i say it, get our act together. >> reporter: the governor and cal fire promised immediate action in 35 critical areas, west ukiah one of them. houses below, woodlands above, this is a classic case of what firefighters call a wildland these woods have not burned since 1959. >> look at the places that have burned recently. it's going through towns. >> reporter: cal fire chief michael mainard does not want to see that happen here, where he grew up and still lives. directing a crew of prison
8:14 am
firefighters cutting eight miles of clearance through wooded >> and it does get windy. >> reporter: if the neighbors don't appreciate how fast a fire can move, they should speak with ellie diaz. she was afraid to sleep here because in 2017, she lost her home in redwood valley. >> don't worry about your toothbrush, don't worry about that. get your car keys and your kids and get out. people seem to think they're going to have an hour. >> reporter: now with this clearance work they may get some breathing room. heaven cut back and safer. wayne freedman, abc 7 news. the town of paradise is issuing its first rebuild permit since the camp fire six months ago. it was granted to megan and jason buzzard. they lost their home when the fire ripped through the area two r r ctims. hwanttoet >> this isn't just a permit for my wife and i, this is a permit for the town. you know, it's our time to
8:15 am
rebuild and build paradise, you know, back to what it was and even better than what it was. >> the family hopes to start rebuilding next month. in other news, a suspect led southern california law enforcement on a wild hours-long chase that ended in burbank last night. take a look. at one point the driver started going the wrong way on interstate 5 and then wedged himself between three cars which set off a tense standoff with officers. officers shot at the suspect before he was eventually arrested. the reason for the chase is unknown. now to the amazing story of two women, each of whom grew up as an only child. after taking a dna test, they learned they were sisters and then found out they had 28 more abc 7 spoke with two of the sisters and shares their incredible journey. >> reporter: if you ask shawna harrison how many brothers and sisters she has, she may not be able to answer. >> i'm like, uh, no, yeah, yes. about 29 of them.
8:16 am
>> reporter: at age 27, shawna learned her dad wasn't her biological father, so she set out seeking answers. >> i had been asking a lot of questions about health and my blood type. >> reporter: she tried the ancestry site 23andme and found out the donor was jewish of russian descent. >> this is the jewish part. >> reporter: now at age 41, she went back to the site two years ago after learning about some advancements to dna science. >> boom. next day i get an e-mail from one of the siblings. hey, it looks like we're related. i'm not sure if that's a surprise to you. >> reporter: the bigger surprise, there was a total of eight others. two and a half years later and the family keeps growing. >> just about a month ago maybe, there was three within two weeks. >> reporter: now there's a total of 30 brothers and sisters. >> it turned out i was number 15. >> reporter: judy hail met shawna for the first time two years ago at this starbucks in sunnyvale. she said there was an instant connection. >> it's just nice to have someone else that's sort of at the same place and you have a lot of the same history. it's fun.
8:17 am
>> reporter: both used the word "weird" to describe the situation. there are struggles. not everyone is ready to be part of the extended family. but there's a facebook page for the siblings, a spread sheet to keep track of birthdays, and a welcome packet for new family members. >> and it's just nonstop, right? i don't think that this is going to be it. i think it's just going to cntinually happen, probably for the rest of my life. >> reporter: as new ones show up, they're ready to welcome them as family. there have been four confirmed cases of measles in the bay area. santa clara county has two reported cases. health officials say a county resident developed the infection while traveling abroad, which is not related to the case reported on tuesday. that one involves an international traveler who visited eight bay area cities last week. the third measles case was reported in alameda county thursday, and one in san francisco earlier this month. governor gavin newsom has asked california lawmakers for $208
8:18 am
this after a finance audit found the agency failed to properly of i.d. federally required license updates. the governor wants to improve long lines and customer service problems at the agency. the dmv would use the money to hire more employees and update its computers to accept credit cards. chp officers in merced found an illegal surprise inside a few cereal boxes. officers stopped 45-year-old jose cardenas for having tinted windows. they decided to search his car. instead of finding cocoa pebbles and cocoa puffs, they found a kilogram of cocaine in each. worth a total of $120,000. cardenas was arrested and booked into county jail. area. meteorologist lisa argen tracking the accuweather forecast. hi, lisa. >> hey, chris. it really took all week long for the weather to straighten out,
8:19 am
the clouds to clear. right now live doppler 7 picking up on clear conditions. the fog is off the coast, a little patchy in spots. from our east bay hills camera, what a beautiful view, right? it is just stunning out there with all the sunshine and getting on the mild side from san francisco to half moon bay in the 50s. elsewhere, cooler, upper 40s for you in mountain view, 47 san jose. in the mid-40s here in santa cruz, going up to 67 and just low 40s for santa rosa and livermore. 41 in napa, 42 petaluma, 48 vacaville and concord is at 47. so from our exploratorium camera, temperatures near average today in san francisco. lower 60s, really nice out there today, looking at sunshine and temperatures even warmer llee a and then april showers could return as early as late monday into tuesday. a better chance the end of the week. so at the week today, west mile
8:20 am
beach 61, half moon bay about 60. upper 50s for that cool bodega bay. 69 in san jose, 68 santa clara, los gatos at 67. about 3:00, 4:00 in the afternoon on the peninsula, 65 san mateo. mountain view looking at 67. and looking at a few low 60s around the sunset, daly city. up in the north bay 68 petaluma, tons of sun for calistoga. near east bay look for mid-60s newark and oakland. fantastic out there. by 4:00 in the inland valleys we should hit some low 70s today. enjoy it. another beautiful day tomorrow, though clouds will be on the increase. the high clouds. still spring warmth all around the bay. by monday we've got increasing clouds. late in the day we could see a few showers, numbers dropping out of the mid-70s into the low 70s and low to mid-60s around the bay. cooler weather for everyone on
8:21 am
tuesday, as that cold front pushes past the bay area, leaving some cooler, breezier winds in the wake. as we look at our closer map here for the rain coming in late monday, you can see not a great chance. in fact it gets out of here pretty quickly on tuesday, but then the next system is a stronger one. it's certainly late in the season for such a strong system. by late friday we could see heavier rain, so maybe getting in the giants' opener before more rain heads our way friday night. but that's a long ways out. today we've got 60s coast side, 68 around the bay, 70 inland, sunny and milder. download our accuweather app and you can keep track of the temperatures which will warm tomorrow. by monday we could see a shower in the north bay. not likely for many other folks, although we will look for the clouds around and then into next weekend, yeah, we could see a 0.1 or 0.2. >> for now we'll enjoy the
8:22 am
sunshine and soak it all in. >> of course. >> lisa, thanks. just ahead, it's a race in monterey bay. hundreds of dolphins speed along. it's a super pod stampede. that's not all. and you realize great minds shop alike? yes. or when you find those name-brand shoes that everyone notices? oh, yeah! or when you get exactly what you need for your growing family? yes! that's yes for less. yep! yes, yes, yes, yes... yes! seriously, 20 to 60 percent off department store prices every day. at ross. yes for less.
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♪ and i can't break through >> cher will perform on november 21st. last week was reveal week for the chase center unveiling all the top tier shows and events that will take place once the center opens on october 6th, including metallica, the black keys, the chain smokers, andrea bocelli and the san francisco symphony. an overload of puppies is forcing one animal shelter to take action. the santa cruz county animal shelter is offering dogs and puppies at half price this spring. adoptions usually cost $195 for puppies, $130 for dogs, and $60 for senior dogs. but the shelter will offer discounted rates through april 15th. the price includes spaying or neutering, microchipping and registration, vaccinations, flea and worm treatments and a free wellness exam. hundreds of rare dolphins were caught on camera by a group of whale watchers yesterday. the princess monterey whale watching group captured this
8:26 am
incredible video in, you guessed it, monterey bay. it's called a super pod. here are a few closeups. dolphins are very social but super pods of this size are very rare. here's another photo showing several dozen dolphins. monterey bay aquarium estimates nearly 1,000 dolphins made up yesterday's super pod. also, a real spectacle in the long beach harbor yesterday. take a look. as many as five whales were spotted going for a morning swim. this time of year it's gray whales making an epic journey to alaska, some traveling 10,000 miles. in recent weeks there have been numerous sightings along the bay area coast. still ahead on "abc 7 mornings," attorney general bill barr says that we will all get to see the mueller report, minus redactions. when you can expect to see it. and what h
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thanks for joining us. we're starting this half hour with a quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen with more on the conditions where you live. >> hey, chris, just superb out there. i heard from some of you and definitely liking this weekend if you're tired of the rain. if you want more rain, we've got that in our seven-day outlook as well. san francisco 51 right now. you're looking at m tam, 47 san jose. on the peninsula lots of sunshine for you today. right now 42 santa rosa,
8:30 am
petaluma 43 and livermore with 47 in concord. by 10:00 we're in the mid-50s. tons of sun through the 2:00 hour. already in the upper 60s in our inland east bay. still cool, upper 50s on the coast and throughout the evening hours. looking at the sun setting at 7:30. clear tonight. a few more clouds tomorrow. my accuweather seven-day forecast has several chances of rain. we'll talk about it in a few minutes. chris. >> lisa, thanks. president trump is threatening to close the entire u.s./mexico border next week. to stop the flow of migrants coming up from central america. he's also in the process of ending foreign aid to guatemala, honduras and el salvador. here's abc news with the story. >> reporter: this morning president trump is threatening to close the southern border as early as next week if mexican authorities do not block migrants from entering the u.s.
8:31 am
>> mexico is going to have to do somethingor i'm closing the border. >> reporter: with this month's crossings more than double, president trump is now ready to turn his repeated threat into action. >> mexico is tough. they can stop them but they chose not to. now they're going to stop them. if they don't stop them, we're closing the border. we'll close it and we'll keep it closed for a long time. i'm not playing games. we have no detention space and no nothing. >> reporter: he's got backup. kirstjen nielsen supports the plan and is prepared to close ports. >> i think what the president is making clear is with these numbers, if we have to close ports to take care of all of the numbers who are coming, we will do that. >> reporter: mexico fired right back. the foreign minister tweeting, mexico does not act on the basis of threats. we are a great neighbor. closing the border for any amount of time could have serious economic repercussions for both countries. when it closed for just five hours last fall, the cost was
8:32 am
$5.3 million in lost revenue accordg to the u.s. chambe of commerce. an average of $1.7 billion of goods cross back and forth every single day. some lawmakers think the border move is another amovmaneuver foe president's manufactured crisis. >> president trump declares the emergency and now you have to justify it. the justifications are what's causing the tragedy. >> reporter: stephanie ramos, abc news, washington. >> the attorney general says he will release the 400-page mueller report by mid-april. >>reporter: while president trump takes a victory lap. >> the collusion d ier>> report william barr giving in to mounting pressure from democrats, announcing that he'll release the mueller report. writing in a letter to congress, quote, i share your desire to ensure that congress and the public have the opportunity to read the special counsel's
8:33 am
report. everyone will soon be able to read it on their own. the report is nearly 400 pages. barr said he'll work with special counsel robert mueller to edit out classified information and grand jury secrets. >> what i fear is he's going to produce something but it's going to be so redacted as to be meaningless. >> reporter: barr promising to hand over the report by mid-april, without sign-off from the white house. >> i have great confidence in the attorney general. if that's what he'd like to do, i have nothing to hide. >> reporter: democrats, not satisfied since barr submitted a four-page summary of the report last week stating that the special counsel, robert mueller, found no collusion and could not determine if there was obstruction of justice. democrats are warning they'll subpoena up critical portions of the report are redacted. >> we're going to compel this. this is a fight that is going to the mat on. >> reporter: tara palmieri, washington. a former democratic candidate for lieutenant governor of nevada is accusing
8:34 am
former vice president joe biden of inappropriate touching. lucy flores says she was at a campaign rally in 2014 when biden put his hands on her shoulders, leaned in to smell her hair and then kissed the back of her head. a spokesman for biden says neither biden nor his staff recall the events described by flores but biden believes in her right to share her recollection. she decided to move on at the time but recent pictures of biden with women and young girls made her feel compelled to speak up. she says she is not suggesting that biden broke any laws. new developments on california's gun control law backed by governor newsom. a san diego judge has declared the ban on high-capacity magazines unconstitutional. voters passed it in 2016 which banned magazines holding more than ten rounds. the governor says the ruling is dangerous for our communities. he says he remains committed to gun control. attorney general javier becerra's office is reviewing the decision and will evaluate next steps. nurses at stanford medical
8:35 am
center are asking for more security after a patient recently attacked a nurse. the nurses are currently in contract negotiations with the hospital. the contract expires tomorrow. among other things, they want the right to refuse to work with a patient if they feel threatened. the nurses say the hospital won't listen. >> we know that the hospitals can do more to protect the nurses and we've asked the hospitals to do more, but they haven't agreed to our common sense proposals. >> stanford health care sent abc 7 news a statement about contract negotiations saying they are hopeful an agreement can be reached, but the hospital did not specifically address the issue of nurse safety. the san mateo police department is asking for your help in finding a possible underwear thief. police released this video showing a man walking around during an open house last sunday. they say he had a noticeable bulge around his abdomen that wasn't there when he first walked in. after the open house the homeowner noticed many of her expensive undergarments were missing.
8:36 am
anyone with information is asked to call police. san mateo police say if you are planning an open house, lock up your valuables, even those you wear, and install interior home surveillance. some long-lost visitors are creating a buzz in the presidio in san francisco. they were discovered in a quiet rolling area of sandy grass. on closer examination, experts realize the swarming insects were silver digger bees. the bees live underground and haven't been seen here in large numbers since the 1920s. when much of the city was being built over. the experts say they're swarming near their nests looking to mate and their return is great news for the environment. >> these are really important for native plant pollination. they're very specific to a lot of these native plants, so they're very important for the plants, the native plants of the ecosystem, which the native plants are the foundalion of tki wildl exper a
8:37 am
say the bees are so busy finding mates they're not much of a threat t if you notice them, they're asking the public to just give them their space. starting monday many of us will have to pay more to shop online. out of state online retailers will be required to collect california sales tax starting april 1st. it applies to businesses generating more than $100,000 in annual sales from californians or companies that conduct at least 200 transactions in california. but that could change. state lawmakers are fast tracking a bill that would amend the financial threshold to $500,000 so that small retailers wouldn't be hit as hard. for the first time in 15 years the oakland public library is extending its hours. starting monday the main library and the 81st avenue branch will be open seven days a week. 14 neighborhood branches will be open six days a week and until 8:00 p.m. two nights a week. all library locations will now be open on mondays. in total, the oakland public
8:38 am
library system will be open more than 200 additional hours per week. the time is 8:38. still ahead on "abc 7 mornings," ever heard of kinetic art? we'll step into an interactive art installation and show you what the buzz is all about in the south bay. first, here's a live look from our santa cruz camera. lisa argen will have your accuweather forecast and what we can expect along the coast in
8:39 am
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happening tonight, landmarks and millions of people around the world will turn off their lights for one hour. it's all part of the world wildlife fund's earth hour and the commitment to protecting nature. it starts at 8:30 tonight. organizers want you to show your support for the fight against climate change and the conservation of the natural world. bay area landmarks taking part include ghirardelli square, golden gate bridge, and coit tower. it's always cool to see that, lisa. >> definitely. it's also cool to see all that sunshine outside despite the chilly morning temperatures in the low 40s. we're going to make up for that big-time. in the sierra nevada it is 19 at truckee, 21 at the tahoe valley airport, a high of 46. sunny today, partly cloudy tomorrow. showers arrive on tuesday. more mountain snow is possible the end of next week. we'll talk about those april showers in a few minutes. >> sounds good, lisa, thanks. also ahead, the warriors lose an overtime thriller in minnesota with some controversial calls at the ending. anthony flores has the highlights and postgame reaction coming up in sports.
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good saturday morning, everyone. a live look outside from san jose, where you can see a layer of fog in this part of the south bay. most of the bay area expected to soak up the sun this weekend. lisa has the full forecast for us in just a little bit. in sports tonight the sharks will try to snap their season-high seven game losing streak. the men in teal battle the golden knights at sap center. the puck drops at 6:00 p.m. the giants will try to get their first win against the padres. the first pitch is at 5:40.
8:45 am
and the a's face the angels at the oakland coliseum at 6:07 p.m. the warriors return home tomorrow night against the hornets. last night was one of their most frustrating losses of the season. anthony flores has the details in this morning's sports. good morning, everyone. the warriors are leaving minnesota disappointed and frustrated after a couple of questionable calls at the end of an overtime thriller. the dubs trailed by 11 with 1:40 to go in o.t. game over, right? not so fast. not when you have this guy, curry. second three of the overtime, it's a three-point ball game. still a three-point game with five seconds to go. kevin durant fouled before the shot. he drains it. could have been a four-point play. durant and kerr can't believe it. so another inbounds play for the warriors. it goes to curry. work it in the corner, hits the three-ball from the corner pocket. 13th trey of the game. we are tied at 130. 37 for steph. half second to go, minnesota ine
8:46 am
that's it. the dubs lose 131-130. the warriors fall to 0-5 in overtime games this season. steve kerr not happy with the noncall. >> in any league, any league that's a good bucket and a free throw, any league. not just the nba. >> looking at those calls over and over and over again and still don't understand either one of them. >> he's so good with his whistle he knew they were going to foul me and he caught it right before i shot the ball. he's one of the greatest refs of all time. to baseball, giants changing things up already. buster posey at first. bottom three, padres up 2-0. derek holland gives up a home run to ian kinsler. this makes it 3-0 pads. holland goes four innings, gives up three runs. top nine, giants first run of the season comes on a home run by evan longoria, breaks a streak of 17 scoreless innings.n
8:47 am
nearly drops his defensive player of the year trophy from ricky henderson. a good catch, that would be ironic. no score in the sixth inning. chris davis launches his second homer in as many days. fans are loving it in oakland. a's take a 2-0 lead. but in the eighth, the a's pen with a rare moment of looking human, coughing up the lead with a two-run single up middle. the angels score four runs off three different a's pitchers. the angels go on to beat the a's 6-2. oakland falls to 1-3. that's a look at your morning sports, i'm anthony flores. have a great weekend. let's get a check now of the bay area forecast with our meteorologist, lisa argen. lisa, good morning to you. >> hey, chris, good morning to you. i've been waiting a long time to get such a nice, sunny weekend because we were back in the thick of it last week looking at still more rain for the week ahead. let's concentrate on the weekena
8:48 am
lo o sunshine and temperatures at or above average today. and into your sunday, just some subtle changes but we are looking at a beautiful couple of days before we bring back those april showers. so for the weekend, dry and sunny, a bit above average. warmer, and then we're looking at those rain showers moving in as soon as monday night for the north bay. the rest of the bay area could get wet by the end of the week. here's a live look from our roof camera where those westerly winds will be blowing, keeping our beaches on the cool side, from upper 50s to low 60s. live doppler 7 showing you the clouds banked up along the coast, but some low clouds have moved locally into some of the valleys this morning. but from pier 39, nice and sunny out there. a beautiful day, about 63 today downtown, 51 right now. 49 in oakland. it's 48 in mountain view with 47 in san jose. morgan hill on the coast, 52 half moon bay. great day for any outdoor
8:49 am
activities. low 40s santa rosa, 41 in napa, 45 in petaluma, 48 vacaville, 47 in concord and 43 in livermore. so allergy sufferers, i know it has been rough and it will continue to be so with a lot of sunshine and temperatures continuing to climb today and tomorrow. napa, average highs in the upper 60s. your warmest day is tomorrow and then we'll slowly trail off with a couple of systems arriving, allowing for much cooler and potentially wetter weather by late monday. here's tomorrow, though, with 60s and 70s. we still have that spring warmth, a few high clouds. more clouds on monday. numbers coming down just a little bit, but we're dry until late, the overnight hours. and into tuesday we could see a lingering shower, numbers in the low 60s to upper 50s with that cooler weather. here's what it looks like into your monday evening with some showers invading the north bay. they'll be around for the tuesday morning commute and then they do lift out. we've got more clouds arriving
8:50 am
midweek in advance of a stronger system, maybe 0.1 to 0.2 of shower activity arriving here by friday afternoon. so we certainly have to keep an eye on this forecast. giants' home opener on friday. 70 in concord, 69 in san jose. if you're headed out to fairfield, even milder. 72 today, 76 for sunday for the air show and that evening game over in oakland, numbers at 7:00, 60 degrees. the game starts at 6:07, dropping through the 50s pby 10:00. the accuweather seven-day forecast, tons of sun today. warming trending continues tomorrow. download our accuweather app and we've got above average numbers until tuesday when we could see a few showers and more widespread rain the end of the week. >> of course we'll always take as much precip as we can get, but this weekend is sure shaping up to be a really nice one. >> ideal. >> lisa, thank you. in san jose, an interactive art space has recently been
8:51 am
drawing record crowds. the best part, it's free to the public. in san jose's sofa district, an ever-changing space that aims to engage and enlighten others. >> people are in here smiling, they're making the motion detectors do something. they think these sculptures are speaking back to them. >> kathy kimball is executive director and chief curator of the san jose institute of contemporary art or ica for short. this spring the nonprofit organization has three exhibitions drawing crowds from all over the bay. one features work from a pioneer in electronic, kinetic and robotic sculpture, including one of the earliest versions of an autonomous vehicle created in the '90s. this allows the viewer to walk into a living painting and this is abstract sculptures made out of compressed wool by artist stephanie metz who is local to san jose. >> shared social experiences is something that matters. more and more people want that as a counterbalance to all the digital sharing that happens. >> the sofa district has been
8:52 am
experiencing a renaissance in recent years. >> it's a community and it's a vibe and atmosphere that people love. it's very inclusive. >> the success of the art space has also helped other downtown entrepreneurs. >> more and more businesses are starting to open here so that's also encouraging. a lot of people are investing in this area because they see it as an up-and-coming area in san jose. >> visitors here taking a break from the hustle and bustle of silicon valley. >> just expose myself to more art. to be inspired and maybe i take what i see today and make something of my own like based off what i see there. >> the ica is set to celebrate its 40th year in 2020. >> making statements that are thought provoking or inspiring, are creating a forum for dialogue that i don't think can happen outside a venue like this. >> the free admission is made possible by private donors and various grants. 8:52 the time. next, thousands of comic book fans are dressing up in costumes for this years wondercon. a preview of day two, coming up.
8:53 am
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here are the winning numbers from last night's $75 million mega millions drawing. 5, 14, 15, 62, 66, the mega number 3. nobody picked all six so tuesday night's jackpot goes up to $88 million. today is day two of wondercon in anaheim. thousands showed up in costumes inspired by comic books and tv shows.
8:56 am
the annual pop culture event draws more than 60,000 people over three days. hundreds of exhibitors showed off their comics and artwork. fans also got to check out panels of their favorite shows. actors of the hit abc show "agents of shield" will be there today for a panel on the highly anticipated sixth season. this is the 33rd year of wondercon. so many people look forward to that every single year and those costumes are so elaborate. >> very cool. weatherwise, a final check with you. >> well, the last weekend of march not disappointing. hoping that you're liking it sunny and warmer. our pollen and uv index high today for tree pollen. a lot of sunshine, it's going to last through the weekend. so if you're headed to the coast, upper 50s from bodega bay, low 60s ocean beach. 67 in santa cruz. west winds up to 20 miles an hour. 63 in san francisco, 66 in oakland. you can enjoy some 70s out towards our east bay, also in
8:57 am
morgan hill. it will be warmer tomorrow, a few high clouds. we're bringing back our storm impact scale for april, a 1 for monday and tuesday. very, very light showers, maybe a couple hundredths. most of you won't see anything, but it's the thursday-friday system we're watching. that could bring 0.1 of an inch. certainly wait to see the storm impact scale. >> thanks for the update on that. thanks for joining us on "abc 7 mornings." i'm chris nguyen alongside lisa argen. abc 7 news returns at 5:00 p.m. we'll leave you with a live look outside from our camera down in santa cruz. make it a great day, everybody.
8:58 am
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