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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 30, 2019 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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tv's number one daily viral video show "right this minute." >> baby bird landed on my truck. >> oh, no! >> you got a lost baby bird and a kitty on a ledge. >> but watch what happened. >> see the small acts of kindness that lead to some big miracles. >> today has been an amazing adventure. >> there's a reason this cincinnati reds' fan feels that way. >> because today he's the manager. >> how a tough kid saw his wish come true. >> all right? when you're in a high-speed situation, it pays to be -- >> fast on your feet. >> the two guys that are living proof. >> holy!
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we have christian, gayle on the ledge. >> take it! >> how they're taking the moves and kicking it up a notch. >> it's all about the hits. some might be newer than others. >> i have two short clips full of heart and emotion. this first one is like a 14-second disney movie. >> oh, baby bird lands on my truck! >> oh, no! >> watch what happens. baby bird doesn't know how to fly yet. >> oh, no, he landed in the trash can. >> oh, no, we have a problem. >> you're going to [ bleep ] this bird! >> don't worry, guys, i got the bird. >> don't worry, the bird is safe! rescue the bird, went rifling
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through some stranger's trash can. right back to where the bird first landed on the car. >> look, i found your birdie dumpster diving. >> now overwhelming emotion involved. >> what an emotional roller coaster. i hope that's bird already, man. i got empty nest syndrome now [ bleep ]. >> feelings are strong, especially for pets. kitty stuck on a ledge, ten stories up, fire department, rescue. >> oh, my god! >> that's crazy! >> the firefighters had tide for a while to rescue the kitty. they first used a net. that's when the kitty moved a little further away from them so they got some more firefighters on the ground to stretch out a
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rescue tarp. >> it worked though. >> no reported injuries to the kitty. success. sometimes in life you got to be fast on your feet. earn your keep. that comes into play on this highway in poland. as we're moving and grooving heading down the highway. >> i'm trying to keep my eyes focused way down. >> holy cow, man! >> you go! >> they saw it coming. >> that truck was pulled over to the side. the man running the truck was securing the load on the bed when suddenly this truck goes crashing into theirs. they both bail out and head to their shoulders. >> he had to run into traffic for safety. and then run back. >> there are mixed reports on what happened. the poster is saying the driver of that truck fell asleep. police said it wasn't that they fell asleep but speed may have been a factor. but it's not over there. you see the debris over at the freeway. you see the truck that started all of this is now in the ditch on the side as well.
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>> those guys are so lucky. they noticed what was happening and acted with just enough time. >> the poster in this next video says they were heading home to portland oregon, when -- >> oh, no! >> that car was on the sidewalk and came flying across, missing the white car and missing this. >> i saw a street sign laying across their wind screen as well. >> i bet you something happened on that intersection right around the corner there. somehow that car got out of control. >> reports are the person driving the car was believed to have a medical condition and just hit the gas as a result. >> when a child faces a life-threatening illness, it can be just a roller coaster, not just for the child but for the family as a whole. >> any time my kid faces a life-threatening illness, may awish make-a-wish is there to grant them a dream come true. >> make-a-wish organization is spectacular. going out and finds kids facing
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things that you truly awful and gives them a once in a lifetime experience. in this it was elliott. he was diagnosed with hodgkin's caught early >> we are there along with make-a-wish for the opportunity. >> yes, mom is from ohio. dad is from ohio. no surprise elliott grew up of fans of teams in ohio, specifically the cincinnati reds. in this case he's a fan no longer. because today he's the manager. >> oh, no! >> manager for the day? okay. that's pretty cool. >> but it wasn't just about giving him all of the goodies. he really got to be part of the organization. he got to hang out wa jared hughes. >> are you going to go out for first pitch? >> nice! >> instantly took that glove out for a test drive. clearly all of that practice
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paid off because his first pitch was an absolute laser. >> big hug for that one. >> oh, that's so cool. >> he let me know maybe it's time to get lorenzo out of there. we got him out of there and he won the game. >> also helped him break a six-game losing streak. >> elliott, you nailed it. >> maybe they should bring him back. >> i think it really did help me too. this particular video came from september of last year. opening day is actually this thursday so we will see if he's actually the manager. he might be though because apparently he's in remission. he's doing great. >> fantastic. you know when your mom tells you the sky is the limit, baby, all that, take that to h h because this 27-year-old fitness machine decided -- >> no, what? >> yes. he is kind of fitness dancing of sorts on this pole suspended from a hot air balloon over
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russia. >> wait, i'm not seeing any safety lines. are they just really well hidden or is this guy doing this without any kind of wire? >> it appears as though that is what's going on. >> this guy is out of his mind. >> no way, way. >> yes, i know logic doesn't really want you to believe it's possible. >> it's a balloon, not like it can land quickly. what happens if he gets in trouble? i'm tired, i need to let go. >> give it 20 minutes and wind. >> you have to trust your skill and strength. this whole stunt on that pylon happened at about 4,900 feet above the ground. he's found a little something in the oven. >> was that a bun? oh! >> what is that? >> see the priceless reaction when it's time to connect the dots. >> gluten.
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there's new gold bond cracked skin relief. closed captioning provided by -- precisely fills cracks. 94% saw noticeable improvement. new gold bond cracked skin relief. trevor is a good husband. his wife asked him if they could make some pizza and he was on it right away. >> could you grab those pans out of there?
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>> okay. >> was that a bun? that was a bun! >> now he's looking straight at his wife and asking her, is this what i think it is? >> what is this? >> gluten. >> yes! >> what does it look like? >> oh, my god, not the kids that put the bun in the oven, there's a bun in the oven! >> that's right, daddy. >> you were behind it the whole time. >> you've been recording? there's a bun in the oven!
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are you lying? >> no. >> you're not? >> no! >> you really did take it this morning? >> yeah, i did. >> is she going to do the gender reveal with either a baguette or a doughnut? >> i love the range of emotion that crosses his face. he doesn't know what to do. >> and he's just as excited about the third one as i'm sure he was about the first. >> i swear to god. the singapore zoo. have you been there? >> the best zoo in the world. i have been there dozens of times. >> the latest episode from the planet slow-mo on youtube. we start with a parker's chameleon. >> oh, geez. >> that is always so fascinating. >> 1,000 frames per second and it still looks kind of not slow.
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how about the turtle. >> wait, they need to put a turt until slow motion. don't they come in slow motion anyway? >> this turtle isn't slow. you blink, you miss it. >> that was pretty fast. >> like it sucks the whole thing in. >> oh, the fish. >> like a vacuum cleaner. >> it's so fast, even in slow motion. >> that is insane. >> that is satisfying. everything is better in slow-mo, man. part of the fun of off-roading is getting stuck. if the thing is still running, he's got the throttle going and now he's got the thing up on the bank on the other side and he's locked the throttle in place. >> oh, no. >> plenty of people around him -- >> yeah, you would think they would just go in and give it a
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little pull. help him out a little bit. >> you'd think. but when it's this entertaining, you would just let the guy flounder. >> come on, it's moving, it's moving! >> come on, you must know it's going to go, mate. >> this is hard work. he's pushing. out of the water. tires are slipping on the muddy bank. >> now he has a plan. they will pull and get traction and land on his feet. >> he's clearly not a dummy. >> right. >> this isn't his first day out there. he's got the chicken video, gone over the handlebars. got it. >> yeah! >> dig it. >> running after it. >> bro! oh, no! he's so close! >> finally, it stalls out.
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i'm not sure if the throttle came loose or what but in the end he manages to catch up with the thing and everybody, all of his friends, if they still are his friends, get a good laugh at him. what have we learned, boys and girls? >> don't help your friends if they're stranded! it's a deep phone call connection. >> wow, do they look like twins? >> they do. >> mine too. >> the magic when two dads find each other until faith intervenes. >> are you serious, man? plus, sisters slay the trick shot game. see them sink their best shots coming up.
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pay attention because they have the game on lock. >> what game? >> i' thinking already, i'm out. ty' idiglgy are theyng
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>> justitight. >> so nice. but all three of them, yes. >> one, nice. you know she's working on all three. >> doink! >> dang, girl. give her a limb timttle time, s going to up the ante like nobody's business. >> you all remember four square? she does it her way. >> look at how she was able to plan the juggling while she's paying attention and timing out what she's doing in every single one of the squares. >> well done, kid. >> come on! >> the timing was amazing. but once she makes her way around -- >> oh, come on! >> right next to the shot. >> take a bow, young lady. take a bow.
12:22 pm
sorry for keeping you on hold. i hope we didn't lose your interest. >> you know it has to be a video from the dad. you can put it on the network and in this case they're touching on the interesting prell is when it comes to dad, you have a bond. >> i have a charge on my credit card that's from illinois. i wasn't even in illinois. i was on vacation with my family in disney. >> disney? >> california or florida? >> florida. >> my girls love it down there. >> oh, i have girls. >> 6 and 7, how about you? >> are you serious, man? that's crazy. i have a 6 and 7-year-old. >> certainly this guys knows, man. you have the same blood. he understands everything. you're bonding. everything is in tune right now! >> hey, i see you're in new york. is that true? >> yeah, new york. >> man, we have wanted to go back to new york for so long.
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the "frozen" play going >> yeah, "frozen" is on broadway. >> i don't have kids but i had a similar thing happen. >> you did? >> you have a trailer. i have a trailer. you have a rooftop? i have a rooftop. >> if you're up in this area, let's go see "frozen" on broadway. >> you think it can't get better? it can. >> i'm going to put you on hold and fill out some tps reports. >> office space? >> my swing-like stapler and i'm going to burn down the building. >> that will be great. >> just hold tight. >> sounds good. >> there's one problem -- >> oh, no, you hung up! >> fayetteville savings bank, how can i help you? >> yeah, i was on with a different rep. can you get me back to him? >> unfortunately, there's no way for me to know who you were talking to. >> i'm bummed. >> it probably wouldn't work out. >> their wives would probably
12:24 pm
hate each day. >> i really liked that guy. all right, ladies and gentlemen -- >> a city girl's smash get reimagined old school. >> it does not matter what age you are, you can get down like the city girl. >> meet the surprise class teaching this granny all things twerking. >> she's my favorite!
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get $250 back when you buy a new samsung galaxy. click, call, or visit a store today. v voila, you have a diy headband. >> that's cool. i will be right back. >> i absolutely love this video. it proves it does not matter what age you are, can you get down like a city girl. here we have a group of senior ladies stretching it out, getting ready for their dance class. what they don't know is -- >> it's my new prada and on the other side a group of elderly women i'm about to teach to twerk. let's see what happens. >> yeah! >> it's about bumping the hips, right? some of the hips might be newer than others. >> all right. let's get started. >> and roll and roll and up, up, up, higher! >> she's ready for it! >> go the other way! she's like hold on! >> up, down, back and forth.
12:27 pm
>> i'm embarrassed to admit. i've never been so excited to see granny's twerk. >> the song "city girl" by cardi bv b starts to play. >> left, center, double time! >> yes, she's my favorite! >> go back up, baby. >> y'all are working. taking a real class. >> knocked my hip out! >> she said you're going to knock my hips out. >> she can teach some of the moves featured in the video. >> you said you were interested in knowing what this music video would look like -- ♪ they re-create their own "city girls" video. ♪ hey! >> oh, my god!
12:28 pm
>> if you see the video, you will notice the star rappers are dressed as cardi b. in "the city girl." ♪ >> well done, ladies, well done. >> i think they deserve a round of applause. >> yep. >> you're going to need your dollar for that. ♪ twerk twerk twerk twerk >> thanks for watching. see you next time on a
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