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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 31, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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this is abc 7 mornings. >> it's sunday, march 31. thanks for joining us. let's start with the forecast. here is a first look. >> we have clouds around. it's cool but not tracking any rain today. notice i said today. there's some in your forecast. we look at the temperatures, we're in the 40s. 51 in half moon bay. we will see fog and those 40s carry us through about 8:00. by noon, we're 70 inland, 60s around the bay. with low 60s coast side.
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mid 70s inland. that sun setting at 7:31. enjoy it. we're clouding up tomorrow. several chances of rain this week. >> thank you. keep track of the weather conditions where you live with the abc 7 news app. you will get updates and you can monitor the forecast on the go. in san jose, 17 residents of a homeless camp have until this afternoon to find a place to live. it's just one of the subjects that we're tackling here at abc 7 as part of our efforts to build a better bay area. according to the last point in time homeless census in san jose in 2017, there were 4,300 homeless individuals in the city. of those, only 26% had abc 7 has more on the situation at hope village. >> reporter: imagine packing everything you own in a hurry
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from the only place that's felt like home in years. >> we're all sad. i'm very thankful we have a place to go and we're -- a lot of us are together. >> reporter: this is the reason the tent city is forced to close. the faa said this area is unfit for residential use because of the airplane noise. the city promised to look for another lot for the village. neither the city nor santa clara county has been able to secure land to relocate it. the county has given the residents motel vouchers for 30 days. >> they never followed through on their commitment to find another location. we are convinced the staff did that deliberately. >> reporter: while many are angry about this situation, others admit they are scared. >> it saved me. you know? i don't know where i'm going to be next. i'm not a strong street person. >> reporter: aside from this
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place being locked and secure, there were amenities they got used to having. this was a fully functioning tent city. there were showers. there was a kitchen. over here, there was regular trash pickup. now it's time to move to one of the two motels the city is offering for temporary housing. >> it's nice being in a motel. that was home. >> reporter: everyone that once lived in the tent city expect to return to the streets. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. finding solutions to the bay area's issues can come in many forms. we invite you to share ideas and see what your neighbors think by joining our better bay area facebook group. time is 5:03. police are searching for an attacker armed with a sword who slashed a victim outside a popular san francisco roller rink. police said the attacker was wearing a red make america great again hat. this happened friday night
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outside the church of 8 wheels skating rink. police tell abc 7 news the victim approached the suspect walking past him, which is when the suspect's hat fell off. the suspect took out the sword and attacked the victim. the attacker took off on foot. the victim's hand was cut but is expected to be okay. in oakland, the family of a 4-year-old boy who was shot in the head is asking for his father to be released from prison so he can see his injured son. the family says he has no brain activity and is on life support. they want the governor to grant the boy's father a temporary release from the state prison. the family says the child found a gun under a bed at an east oakland home wednesday and accidentally shot himself. a man who police say is the gun's owner was arrested. developing news. a 45-year-old father is suffering from critical injuries after a fight at dodger stadium parking lot on friday. amy powell from our sister
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station in los angeles has reaction from the wife of the injured fan. >> someone needs to come forward. i know people saw it. i heard them. i know people saw it. >> reporter: shocked and heartbroken, crystal says her 45-year-old husband rafael is on life support after suffering severe injuries during a fight at dodger stadium. >> he was hit. his head hit the ground and caused a skull fracture. now his brain is swelling. he is bleeding on the brain. >> reporter: crystal was on the phone with her husband. the dodger's fan was in a parking lot leaving when she heard a woman and a man arguing with him. >> i was hearing the arguing happening. then i heard like a smack, a crack. it sounded like a baseball bat. then i heard him start moaning. >> reporter: her son and other family members have gathered at
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county usc medical center. she hasn't told her younger children ranging in age from 11 to 15 about their father's condition. >> they will see him with tubes coming out of him. that's not the daddy they know. >> reporter: the fight happened sometime after midnight. crystal urging anyone who witnessed it or knows the people involved to come forward. >> it hurts my heart. this isn't supposed to happen. this isn't how you are supposed to live your life. >> reporter: that w . >> security was increased in 2011 after attacks, including the beating of a giants fan who suffered severe brain damage. a controversial film about abortion is causing problems. we have the story. >> reporter: it's a story of the
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youngest planned parenthood director who after seeing an ultrasound of an abortion resigned in 2009. >> that was when i saw for the first time this living human being inside of the womb. seeing that baby fight and struggle for his life. >> reporter: johnson hope her story in the movie helps other women. >> i have another opportunity here to help facilitate healing for those who have been possibly hurt or touched by abortion in some way. >> reporter: some moviegoers said it was too graphic. >> there was no -- it was quiet. it was a serious movie. it's not happy. the first part is very bloody. >> reporter: some who support women's rights to choose said the movie would not be able to change their mind. >> well, i feel that a woman should have the right to choose
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what happens to her body. >> reporter: one group pro life san francisco hopes this film starts conversations from both sides. >> understand the powerful reason sometimes behind why someone would feel that my body, my choice. >> reporter: the controversy about this film was seen on social media. the twitter account was suspended and twitter explained that the reason why it was suspended was because it was linked to another account that violated its policies. in a statement about the film, planned parenthood said the claims in this film are false. planned parenthood is proud to provide high quality health care to our patients, including safe and legal abortion in a safe and passionate environment. the archdiocese posted on facebook about the film. they included points from the u.s. catholic bishop's pro life secretariat but pointed out they don't promote or endorse films. the post said, the film may
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create opportunities to highlight the proclamation of the gospel of life in your diocese and parishes as well as creating opportunities for dialogue and fruitful conversations. the debate over abortion is currently playing out in many state houses and courtrooms nationwide. a woman's right to an abortion in all 50 states was legalized with the supreme court decision back in 1973. many states have or are in the process of passing their own laws that place limits on abortions. on friday, georgia lawmakers passed a bill that bans abortions after a fetal heartbeat can be detected. the governor is expected to sign the bill. the governor of mississippi signed into law a similar bill this past week. three other states have also passed so-called heartbeat bills in recent years. in each case, federal judges ruled them unconstitutional. after a month and a half of being closed because of a mudsli mudslide, a road is expected to reopen tomorrow. it destroyed two homes in
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february. engineers say the road is safe to reopen to traffic. barriers are scheduled to be removed by 5:00 tomorrow evening. city council extended the emergency declaration for another 30 days. officials recommend it remain in effect until all necessary cleanup is complete. time is 5:10 on this sunday morning. keeping an eye on the forecast. >> looks good if you want it sunny and warmer. one more day before things begin to change. here is a look outside from emoriville where temperatures in the east bay are holding in the upper 40s. a milder night tonight. clouds will be increasing in about 24 hours. lots of sun to enjoy. we will track the temperatures and the rain coming up. >> thank you. ahead, as part of our efforts to build a better bay area, we are looking at the local rideshare economy. the lengths some drivers are going to to make ends meet. it's a sign of spring and summer. the outdoor tradition returning to san francisco today.
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bystanders helped save the lives of three swimmers. surfers saw the trio struggling in the surf just after 3:00. they paddled over and helped them get back to the beach. firefighters and paramedics responded to take them to the hospital for treatment. all three were conscious and alert in the ambulance. a napa valley vintner charged in the college admission scandal has given up control of his wine business. answer 7 news was in boston as he made his first court appearance. he is accused of spending tens of thousands of dollars to get this daughter into the university of southern california. the 53-year-old was the ceo of a vintner. he has passed the
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responsibilities to his father. this is a strategic move because a criminal conviction could jeopardize a winery's license. friends, family and community members are mourning the loss of walnut creek's mayor. he was on the city counsel for 16 years. he served as a supervisor for just as long. he passed away at his home in walnut creek on friday. the life long resident of the city is being remembered for helping turn the community from a small one into a suburban business hub and home for countless families. he was 90 years old. with the lyft ipo on friday, more attention is being paid to the gig economy, especially rideshare drivers who aren't sharing in the riches and who work 14-hour days to make ends meet. some come from as far away as los angeles to work in san francisco. you won't just find them in the streets. you will find them sleeping in their cars overnight. >> i lay back and sleep in my
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car certain nights. the hotels are expensive. you will use your money that you make here driving staying in a hotel. a lot of drivers do it. they sleep at mcdonald's. a rest area on 280. they all over the place. they are not homeless. they are coming down here to work. >> tonight at 11:00, we will show you one day in the life of an uber driver and the extremes that some go to in order to make a buck. time is 5:15. in san francisco, landmarks turned their lights off for an hour to call attention to climate change. san francisco city hall and the golden gate bridge were among the landmarks to go dark. lights went out at 8:30 last night. it wasn't just landmarks. bay area residents took part in the effort in their own homes. earth hour has been an annual event with cities taking part in the campaign. the wildlife fund says people need to act to reduce the demand for energy in a warming world.
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a warm weather san francisco tradition returns today. they are kicking off. more than 30 food trucks will be at the parade the picnic happens through early october. a mild start to the day. some sun is on the way. we are tracking the forecast. >> that's right. we need to soak it all in. not much sun in the forecast for the days following today. we will get to that in a moment. live doppler 7 shows the clouds around. visibility reduced in the north bay. temperatures are holding into the 40s and 50s this morning. 51 in belmont and pacifica. 48 in half moon bay. the rest of the bay, mid 40s. 43 in concord. a live look outside. it's going to be a nice day today. a cool start. even warmer with temperatures
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well into the 70s. we will look for the april showers to arrive as soon as tomorrow. into a portion of tuesday also. head out to the coast, it will be in the low 60s from oak beach to half moon bay with 70 in santa cruz. beautiful day. the rest of the bay area, look at the 70s. 76 in concord. mid 70s in napa. san francisco, 66. looking at 70 down around the coast. santa cruz with 76. well above average. we will take you into monday where we have a chance of showers. notice the temperatures mainly in the 60s. a few areas near 70s in the inland east bay. cooler into tuesday with low to mid 60s. as we get to wednesday, near average. it looks like we have several systems -- i will say a couple of systems behind this one midweek that will allow for cooler weather and better chances of rain as we get towards say friday. let's go through monday.
5:18 am
you will notice we have the cloud cover. rain is forecast to move through the north bay right on through the day. it should slip south a little bit throughout the afternoon. into your tuesday and this forecast model brings most of the amounts -- all the amounts up in the north bay in terms of precipitation accumulation, from a tenth to a half inch. not making its way into the south bay by tuesday morning. that should change by tuesday afternoon. very light amounts. as we go into wednesday, we're dry but this still is tuesday night. then by let's say thursday, we're looking at another chance of showers. this is thursday afternoon. by the evening hours, this is a stronger system. it's setting up into 3:00 in the afternoon on friday into your friday night. lingering into saturday. the second system could bring anywhere from a quarter of an inch to lesser amounts in some areas. notice the seven-day forecast has more rainy days than dry days. in fact, today the warmest and sunniest out there with 60s
5:19 am
coast side, 70 around the bay, mid 70s inland. download our app. the temperatures decline tomorrow with the clouds and a chance of showers in the north bay. this lingers into tuesday. dry on wednesday. the scattered showers for thursday and possibly more rain into next weekend. getting late in the season. we're going to squeeze out a little bit more, obviously, for the first week of april. >> a nice break from the rain while we had it. >> yeah. >> thank you. we are sharing stories in a weekly digital series called more in common. our country may be divided about securing the southern border. you will be surprised about what these people living on the border have in common. >> we're called tucson samaritans. our motto is humanitarian aid. we are leaving water, food and some medical supplies where migrants are crossing. >> my name is jim. i'm a rancher. this is my ranch. it goes from here 20 miles down
5:20 am
to the international boundary with mexico. >> your church has taken risk to help those who are making the dangerous trek across the border. why? >> the people who are crossing are the most desperate of the poor. >> you are not afraid there's no wall dividing this area of the united states between mexico? >> el chapo recently in his trial said that building a wall wasn't going to stop drugs from coming into the country. he should know. >> here is you with trump. >> he called me on the stage and talked about our ranch and the border issue. i said, mr. president, we need a wall. >> so you have cameras across your ranch that are capturing people walking through. >> see the big packs of marijua marijuana? that traffic is decreasing. we see less of the big packs and
5:21 am
just the regular backpacks coming through. one kill lo kilogram of cocaine
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things will soon be different at disneyland. disney is the parent company of abc 7. >> reporter: as disneyland prepares for the opening of star wars galaxy's edge, you will need a reservation to visit when it first opens. after june 23, guests will be entered into a cue system similar to a boarding pass, telling you when your group can enter. this, of course, is the next
5:24 am
phase of significant growth at the park. we spoke to disney expert david kanig. >> everything disney has done over the last two to three years has been in anticipation of this moment that's coming in a couple of short months. the crowds that disney gets at christmas, it will be getting on a daily basis. >> reporter: with more people expected, we are learning must details about the parking situation. the new parking structure will be named pixar pals. it should open by the end of july, possibly earlier with more than 5,000 new parking spaces. parents, listen. announcing larger strollers will no longer be allowed in the park. it rules out those double wide strollers beginning may 1. the new size can measure no larger than 31 by 52. they will start enforcing a no wagon policy inside the park. >> it will get busy with star wars. kids, you have to have the kids
5:25 am
on there. the double wide is a little too much. >> it's crowded. you bump into strollers. see a lot of frustration from parents with the wider strollers. they get cut off and stuff like that. >> reporter: starting may 1, disneyland will be a smoke free resort. there's a designated smoking area in disneyland at the current time. the organizers of burning man are fighting the exmroe tags of t exploitation of the culture and made changes in how they sell tickets. burning man says it will expand its low income ticket program, reducing the number of high price tickets and limiting them to two per person. organizers also discourage people from buying tickets as part of a package deal. registration opens on wednesday.
5:26 am
they cost $425 without fees. fans of the rolling stones will have to wait for them to return to the bay area. ♪ the band has postponed all upcoming concert dates, including their may 18 performance so mick jagger can receive medical treatment. the band made the announce emergency yesterday and did not release why the 75-year-old jagger can't perform. he is expected to make a full recovery. the tour was expected to start april 20th in miami. jagger sent a tweet apology iesziies -- apologizing. a spokesperson for levi stadium says they will work to reschedule the show and anyone with a ticket should contact ticketmaster for policy information. still to come, the possible economic impact if president
5:27 am
trump closes down the border with mexico. a college student killed. a man under arrest. police say the last time the student was seen, she was getting into a car that she mistook for an uber.
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thanks for waking up with us. a quick look at the forecast. >> if you liked yesterday, you will love today. another sunny and mild afternoon. in fact, pretty warm in some spots. we are looking at temperatures above average today. right now, low 40s in santa clara. 44 in saratoga. redwood city with 44. here is the plan for today. by 10:00, we will be at 60 in santa rosa. upper 50s in fremont. 2:00, upper 60s to low 70s with a few high clouds. by dinner, 70s hanging on with
5:30 am
60s at the coast. we are dry through the 10:00 hour. clouds will increase. it will be a mild night tonight. we will see a slight chance of showers in the north bay monday. tuesday, another chance. by the end of the week, most everybody has a chance. we will talk about it in detail in a few minutes. >> thank you. the u.s./mexico patrol is reacting to a threat from president trump to shut down the u.s. border with mexico. we have the voices weighing in about the announcement. >> reporter: beto o'rourke announcing from el paso, asy at this time that lies miles from mexico. >> this community has welcomed generations of immigrants from across the rio grande, some having traveled hundreds of miles, some having traveled thousands of miles. >> reporter: president trump
5:31 am
demanded mexican authorities put an end to the influx of migrants. promising he will shut down the border if not. a border shutdown would cause a severe crisis. >> you will lose a billion dollars a day to stop families from coming through. it doesn't make sense. >> reporter: the threat coming as a new caravan is crossing mexico towards the u.s. border. the state department is cutting off all aid to honduras, guatemala and el salvador. >> we were paying them tremendous amounts of money. and we're not paying them anymore. they haven't done a thing for us. >> reporter: so far, mexican reaction to the border shutdown threat is muted. mexico's president saying, i'm not going to start an argument over this. the u.s. border patrol issuing a
5:32 am
statement saturday saying they are overwhelmed by the influx of migra migrants. they have begun processing non-criminal family units for immediate release. the governor blasted the president for cutting aid to central america. yesterday, the governor released a statement saying, quote, this president is demonizing legal asylum seekers fleeing violence. it is reckless and intentional and we must call it out. he is scheduled to visit el salvador to offer support to families fleeing violence. there's strong reaction to the president's proposal. we have opinions on both sides. cornell bernard has that. >> reporter: the trump administration calls it a cascading crisis, a surge of migrants into the u.s. creating a humanitarian crisis. >> i think the president is entirely misguided. >> reporter: this man came to the u.s. with his family.
5:33 am
he is the northern california executive director for the aclu which celebrated the organization's 100th birthday at oakland's jack london square. he believes president trump is wrong. >> the border is the port of entry for commerce, for people. shutting the border is a misguided attempt by the president. >> reporter: a congresswoman is feeling a bit of deja vu. she doesn't know what to make of the president's threat. >> i'm getting to the point where i think the president just cries wolf too many times. he said he was going to pull out of syria, which would have been a mistake. >> reporter: leo, president of san francisco hispanic republicans, says shut it down. he supports trump's idea to calm the border crisis. >> that border is controlled by the drug cartels and criminals. it's human traffickers. it's not controlled by the mexican government or the u.s. government. somebody has to be an adult and take control. >> reporter: if president trump makes good on his threat next week, the aclu says it plans to
5:34 am
get involved with court action opposing the move. coming interview on "this week" at 8:00 right here on abc 7. president trump stepped in to help a navy s.e.a.l. accused of killing an islamic prisoner of war. the president said it is being done in honor of his past service to our country. gallagher, a 19-year veteran, is being held in san diego. he is accused of shooting two civilians in iraq and opening fire on crowds. gallagher has pleaded not guilty. facebook's mark zuckerberg is calling for more government regulation on the internet. an opinion piece was published
5:35 am
yesterday. it said that regulators should be working with companies to make major decisions to set a legal standard for companies to follow and to adhere to a better security standard. he said the four areas that needed to be addressed include harmful content, election integrity, privacy and data portability. these are the issues facebook itself has had trouble with over the past several years. facebook's ceo released her own letter yesterday offering her condolences to new zealand terror attack. the gunman live streamed the shooting which circulated on facebook before eventually being taken down. sandberg said that she agrees that social media must do more to strength rules for facebook live and to invest in technology to identify violent videos and prevent resharing. she said artificial intelligence removed more than 900 versions of video. investigators working on behalf of jeff bezos says saudis
5:36 am
obtained his private information. the investigators were working for bezos trying to determine who leaked his intimate private texts and photos to the "national enquirer." that's according to "the daily beast." the results have been turned over to federal officials. they believe bezos is a major target of the kingdom's crown piece. police have made an arrest. this man has been arrested in the death. she was last seen late at night getting into a stranger's car around 2:00 a.m. last friday. her body was found days later in the woods by two hunters. police believe she mistook the car for an uber ride she called earlier. >> what we know now is that she had, in fact, summoned an uber. we believe she simply mistakenly got into the car thinking it was an uber ride. >> whether she didn't arrive at
5:37 am
her destination, a friend called police saying she never came home and wasn't answering her phone. her father wrote on facebook, it is with tremendous sadness i post this. i will miss and love my baby girl for the rest of life. the family neighbor was in tears. >> we can't believe it happened. >> she was set to graduate in may and had plans to attend law school. time is 5:37. a group of high school students returned to san francisco after an eye opening trip to learn more about african culture in gha ghana. ten students spend nine days there along with three police officers as part of the operation genesis trip. every year the department takes a group of stunls group of st so a group of stunls tudents on af. >> i learned about my history. >> they will use what they learned to come back better themselves and being also --
5:38 am
improve their community by holding each other accountable. >> an officer started operation genesis in 2014. still ahead on abc 7, a robot getting to work at whipping up smoothies. not everything is going smooth. we will explain. here is a live look outside from our golden gate bridge camera. a quiet start to this sunday morning. lisa will have your full forecast in a few minutes.
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happening today in san francisco, it's the first of two sunday streets, from silver to
5:41 am
geneva street, enjoy streets without cars. there will be a popup community park, pet adoptions, games and a climbing wall. it runs from 11:00 until 4:00 this afternoon. we couldn't have asked for better weather. >> that's right. a lot of sunshine. temperatures above average. we deserve it. we have been waiting for a nice dry spell. we had it this weekend. temperatures right now in the city, mild, 52. it's 51 on the coast. the cooler numbers in the north bay, low 40s. certainly not too hard to take. see the moon out there. we are looking at changes for the first week of april. they include april showers. my seven-day forecast is next. also ahead, you know it's a good night when the bat flips start coming. we have the highlights from the a's win over the angels coming a's win over the angels coming up in sports. i'm an ice cruncher. so i was excited about all-new colgate total. it has sensitivity relief, so i don't have to give up doing what i love.
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we are waking up to this live shot. we hope your sunday is off to a great start. a pleasant day on tap, but rain is on the way. lisa returns to help you plan out your workweek coming up. first in sports, a busy day ahead in oakland. consider taking bart if you are going to the games. there's four more regular season games left. the warriors return home to the hornets. ti tip-off is 5:30 p.m. first pitch is at 1:07 p.m. the giants play at 1:10 this afternoon. the a's have a chance to get back to .500. >> good morning. the a's have the defense. they have the offense. one question entering this season was the starting pitching. brett anderson is the third starter to provide answers.
5:45 am
the a's have a good ball boy. check out this snag. the bullpen flinched but he didn't. up the middle, a's jump out 2-0. in the fourth, it's bat flipping season. a two-run blast to left. a's take a four-run lead. there is the bat flip. to the sixth, anderson cruising. it doesn't hurt to have a platinum glover at third. anderson is the third straight a's starter to pitch six shutout innings. a two-run game we believe it. a's win 4-2. the three runs that giants scored in the suchlixth were mo than they scored in their first games combined.
5:46 am
runner in scoring position in the second. rodriguez five earnings with two earned. giants equal their offensive total for the season at this point. longoria drives home a single. bases loaded. longoria comes around to score. posey is out at home. it's a three-run inning for the giants. a one-run game for will smith. he locks down the first win of the 2019 season. 3-2 the final there. the sharks needed overtime to snap their seven-game losing streak. the reward was one they could not let slip away. they secured home ice with a win over los angeles.
5:47 am
it was his birthday, 3-2 sharks. this time, a goal for the golden knights. shark on the power play. team teal gets off the seven-game losing streak. hopefully, they can carry momentum into the playoffs. >> you want to win those games no matter what happened in the past. we needed a win. it's nice to get one. >> it was a hard fought game. it's good to get out of the loss column and back into the win column. we secured home ice. it was a good one. >> did it feel like a playoff game? >> it did. you could get away with murder out there. that was a playoff game. >> giants with a 1:10 start today. the a's at the coliseum against
5:48 am
the angels, 1:07 first pitch. we will bring you highlights tonight at 5:00. a check of the forecast. >> good morning. it's chilly out there. we are looking at clear skies and another sunny day on the way. allergy sufferers, the mold spores are a problem and the things blooming on the trees. today, so grown. get out there and do yard work or just enjoy the sun. we are looking at not only more sun but perhaps a dog walk out there. it's going to be so nice. temperatures starting out in the 40s and 50s. we will be in mid 50s by 9:00. through the afternoon, take them out. temperatures will be in the low 60s, climbing into the 70s. it might get too warm late in the afternoon. a live look outside. things are quiet here in the city. temperatures will be in the mid 60s even at the shoreline.
5:49 am
that's above average. we should be about 62 this time of year. the fog is right along the shoreline. not really impacting the bay. we will look at numbers this morning. a little milder than yesterday. it's 45 right now in castro valley. 52 in albany as well as san francisco. 49 in san jose. we are looking at brilliant sunshine today. high clouds increasing throughout the afternoon. it will be warmer for everyone. then april showers. just checking the forecast model, it's not a washout through the end of the week. we are looking at perhaps a little rain activity. not as sunny in the days ahead. today, pretty nice out there. 70 in oakland. peninsula, about 70. in san jose, mid 60s. 76 in concord. a lot of sun out there over in oakland for the game today.
5:50 am
69 at 1:07. mild to warm. certainly, bring the sunblock. it's cloudy, it's a dry start monday. through the afternoon, clouds thicken. we could see showers throughout the north bay. are they going to slip south? >> not likely. we could see a few along the coast. this will take us into tuesday as well. as we add up the precip accumulation through tuesday morning, a couple hundredths. then your tuesday morning, we could be looking at a few light showers. here we are 7:00 in the morning. the system passes to the east. we are dry the rest of the day on tuesday into wednesday. then by thursday, looking at a slight chance of showers in the afternoon and also into friday. here we are by the afternoon. the rain wants to just sort of give us a glancing blow. then through 6:00 on saturday, still looking at a lingering chance. not, at this point, looking at a washout. unsettled yet undetermined.
5:51 am
it's pretty far out. stay tuned. i'm sure this will change. overnight lows in the low 50s. milder tonight. looking at your accuweather seven-day forecast, we are featuring tons of sun today. 70 around the bay. you download our app and we have cool conditions with cloudier skies throughout the middle of the week. the best chance of showers will be in the north bay later tomorrow into tuesday and then by the end of the week anyone could see a little bit of rain. this time of year, it's hard to hold together a significant storm. we have seen them in april. maybe getting our heads wet. doesn't look like a big deal. >> thank you. silicon valley is automating the food world with artificial intelligence. a startup called blended launched a smoothy making robot. we went to the usf campus. >> operates a prep table with
5:52 am
three blenders. >> reporter: the chef isn't a chef of the human variety. it is artificial intelligence that can blend 45 smoothies per hour with an arm that dispenses ingredients, washes dishes and pours with precision. >> let the chef handle the mundane task. you create higher quality jobs. this is what robotics does. >> reporter: he is testing this first chef on the usf campus. we met this freshman while he was enjoying a smoothie. >> it might replace someone. it's creating other jobs and other opportunities that will further our economy. >> reporter: this woman is a first year student and disagrees. >> this blended thing just crashed. a lot of people actually didn't get the smoothie they ordered. you do have to question the reliability of it and whether
5:53 am
it's actually the moral thing to do for people that are looking for jobs in the san francisco economy. >> reporter: blended hired five students to educate customers about the technology. next, a yard sale like no other. what you can find outside the
5:54 am
5:55 am
welcome back. time is 5:55. we have the winning numbers from last night's powerball drawing. nobody picked all six. wednesday's jackpot goes up to $54 million. happening today in the east bay, the owner of the chez is hosting a yard sale. she will host the event from
5:56 am
10:00 until 3:00. there will be decades' worth of treasurer, antiques and much more. next on abc 7, 30 days in a motel for the people forced to leave a homeless camp in the south bay. what happens to them after that? pleading for justice. a father of four is on life support after being beaten in a fight outside dodger stadium. what his wife says she heard on the phone when he was attacked.
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it's sunday, march 31. good morning. thanks for being with us. let's start with the forecast. >> can we keep it going for another day? the answer is yes. we have a lot of sunshine on the way. it's clear and cool to start out. a little patchy fog in the north bay. temperatures on the peninsula, from the mid 40s to 50 in san bruno. otherwise, low 40s north bay. we will look for sunshine today. you can see the clouds increasing a little bit there. numbers will be well into the 60s and mid 70s around the bay. above average. we will talk about our rain chances which are with us for several days in the days ahead for the first week of april. that's coming up. >> keep track of weather where you live with the abc 7


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