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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  March 31, 2019 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, america. joe biden responding to allegations of inappropriate touching. this morning, the former vice president's accuser speaking out, describing what she says happened at a campaign rally five years ago. >> the vice president of the united states of america is touching me and kissing me and smelling my hair. >> the allegations coming as biden considers a possible run for president. democratic candidates putting the pressure. what biden is saying about the accusations. battle over the border. president trump increasing the pressure, cutting aid to three central american nations. threatening to close the border in just days. democrats responding this morning. student murder arrest. a suspect accused of kidnapping and killing a university of
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south carolina senior after she got into his car. >> we believe she mistakenly got into this car thinking it was a uber. >> the critical clues investigators say they have recovered. dodgers fan attacked. the man now on life support after an incident in the stadium parking lot. >> someone needs to come forward. i know people saw it. i heard them. i know people saw it. >> the plea from his wife as her husband fights for his life. first trip to the final four. >> and hoopla, the buzzer-beater that sent this march madness game into overtime and a costly turnover sealing the victory for virginia against purdue. plus, the texas tech raiders swatting favorite gonzaga out of the tournament. good sunday morning. the dance full of ups and downs. we know you were watching that. we got two more games to go. >> which dance we talking about?
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>> this dance, march madness. two more games before we lock in the final four. who's moving on, who's going home. we'll have much more on march madness ahead. dan, it is basketball. >> very exciting. his bracket is doing better than ours somehow. also coming up, take a look at this. a green fireball in the sky over florida. a lot of people talking about this. we'll tell you what it is coming up later on in the show. but we begin with a pair of big political stories. first, former vice president joe biden who is reportedly on the cusp of announcing a presidential campaign, now accused of inappropriate touching. how he's responding this morning. >> the other big story this morning, will president trump shut down the entire u.s. border with mexico? he's threatening to do so this week. we're covering both of these stories this morning. jon karl is standing by with analysis. let's start with abc's stephanie ramos who's right there in d.c.
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with more on this allegation against joe biden. stephanie, good morning. >> reporter: dan, good morning. a former nevada politician says she was initially grateful and flattered that former vice president joe biden was supporting her campaign for lieutenant governor back in 2014. but she says by the end of an event, he made her feel uneasy, gross and confused after she says he kissed the back of her head. this morning, we're hearing for the first time from the woman accusing former vice president joe biden of inappropriately touching and kissing the back of her head five years ago. >> at that point it wasn't joe biden. it was the second most powerful man in the country, the vice president of the united states of america is touching me and kissing me and smelling my hair. >> reporter: lucy flores, a former nevada politician says the encounter happened right before she took the stage at a campaign rally. she came forward with her allegations in "new york" magazine friday. >> what do you do? who do you tell? it was awkward and disturbing and weird. but at the same time, it doesn't rise to the level of what most people would consider a very
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serious transgression. >> reporter: in a statement to abc news, biden's spokesperson said neither the vice president nor his staff recall what flores describes or got the impression she had been uncomfortable. in a statement released this morning biden state quote in my many years on the campaign trail and in public life i have oftened countless hand shakes, hugs support and comfort. not once, never did i believe i acted inappropriately. if it is suggested i did so i will listen respectfully. it was never my intention. this isn't the first time that biden has come under scrutiny for his behavior around women. in 2015, biden put his hands on stephanie carter's shoulders, whispering in her ear during her husband's swearing-in as secretary of defense. but the flores' allegations comes as biden considers a possible run for president of the united states in 2020. democratic presidential candidates are now reacting to her claim.
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>> i believe lucy flores, and joe biden needs to give an answer. >> we need to live in a nation where people can hear her truth. >> reporter: so, why is she speaking out now? well, she says hearing biden's potential candidacy for president discussed without much talk of his past as it relates to women became too much to keep bottled up. several staffers including women are coming to biden's defense. one former staffer tweeted she never felt uncomfortable the way he treated her. whit. >> the former vice president will certainly be answering more questions on this moving forward. stephanie ramos, thanks so much, in washington for us. we want to move on to the immigration battle. president trump ramping up the pressure this weekend on that threat to close the border in just a matter of days. abc's tara palmeri is covering the president in florida and joins us now from west palm beach. tara, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, whit. president trump has threatened
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to close the border before, but he says he'll do it this time. but his decisions to cut hundreds of millions of dollars of aid to three central american countries for not doing enough to stop the migrant flows is one of his most severe actions yet. president trump taking drastic measures to stop the surge of migrants crossing the u.s./mexico border. >> mexico is going to have to do something. otherwise, i'm closing the border. reporter: the president announcing that he's cutting off humanitarian aid to honduras, el salvador and guatemala, three countries that are the primary source for migrant caravans. >> we were giving them $500 million. we were paying tremendous amounts of money and we're not paying them anymore. because they haven't done a thing for us. >> reporter: according to u.s. customs and border protection, the number of illegal crossings has risen. 76,000 migrants were stopped at the border in february. 40,000 of those were families. federal officials say march is on track to surpass those figures, with an estimated 95,000 migrants.
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the cbp announcing that 40% of their guards have been diverted from the border to process some of those families. >> we'll keep it closed for a lodge time. i'm not playing games. mexico has to stop it. they have people coming right through mexico. >> reporter: while president trump unverifiably claims that illegal immigration has led to rising crimes, democratic candidates offering a more inclusive message. >> we are safe not despite the fact that we are a city of immigrants and asylum seekers. we're safe because we're a city of immigrants and asylum seekers. >> when a mama picks up her baby and flees violence and death threats, the united states listens. that's part of what we do. it's part of who we are. >> reporter: the state department announced that it will work with congress to suspend aid already allotted to these central american countries for 2017, 2018.
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overnight democratic law makers are saying they're ready to fight it. dan? >> tara palmeri, thank you very much. so much to talk about here. let's bring in jon karl who's going to be hosting "this week" later this morning. he's right there in d.c. jon, good morning. let me start with this threat to shut down the border. given the gigantic potential economic damage that could be caused by closing this huge border, do you think that's a risk the president is ready to take? >> reporter: dan, this isn't the first time he threatened to shut down the border. he threatened to do it back in december and did not do it. but you're correct, the economic risk is tremendous here. $1.7 billion worth of goods cross back and forth over that mexican border every single day. so there's a lot at stake. there are a couple things that are a little odd about this threat. the biggest one is that secretary of homeland security kirstjen nielsen had just this week praised mexico for helping the united states deal with this issue.
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she had just worked out what she called an historic agreement with el salvador, honduras and guatemala to deal with the issue. now, you have the president saying he's going to cut off aid to those countries and threatening to close off the border. it remains to be seen if he follows through with this threat. but it would undoubtedly have big economic repercussions. >> high stakes there. let me loop back to the story we began our show with. this allegation against the former vice president joe biden, he appears to be on the verge of announcing that he's running for president. how damaging is this allegation? >> reporter: i think this is potentially very damaging. you're already seeing his, you know, some of his competitors, or potential competitors if he gets into the race, 2020 candidates, saying that they believe lucy flores and also, you have to look at biden's own words. when he was talking about the kavanaugh allegations and he addressed this issue of when women make allegations, he says,
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the default position is you believe the accuser and that's what a lot of his democratic competitors are doing. i think it's a significant issue and one he's going to have to address much more directly than he's done so far. >> this could shake-up an already very -- let's just say exciting race. jon karl, thank you very much. we really appreciate it. >> i want to remind everybody, jon has a big show this morning. he'll go one-on-one with the acting chief of staff at the white house mick mulvaney. democratic senator amy klobuchar discussing her 2020 presidential campaign. coming up later this morning on "this week" right here on abc. also this morning, pope francis wrapping up his trip to morocco with a mass and a meeting with local clergy on this sunday. on saturday, a security scare during welcoming ceremonies, when a man with something in his hand, possibly a note, racing up to the car.
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that man was tackled by security and taken into custody. the pope's visit is meant to encourage interfaith dialogue. overseas this morning tensions rising high in gaza this weekend. militants firing five rockets into israel earlier this morning after a day of mass palestinian protests on the israeli border. four palestinians, including three teens killed, dozens more wounded. israeli forces using tear gas and live ammunition to repeal tens of thousands of protesters marking the first anniversary of demonstrations against the israeli egyptian blockade. back here at home, we move on now to the actor jussie smollett and simmering questions about how the charges against him over that alleged hate crime hoax were dropped. what his lawyer is now saying. abc's erielle reshef is right here with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. the discord and drama surrounding jussie smollett is still in full focus. those 16 counts dropped. straining the relationship between officials and prosecutors. now, some of smollett's fellow
7:12 am
actors are weighing in on the controversy. this morning, new fallout in the real-life legal saga surrounding actor jussie smollett. his attorney mark geragos claiming on "the reasonable doubt" podcast it was the prosecutors who proposed a deal to do away with the case against the embattled star. >> they approached us about dismissing it, and not the other way around. >> reporter: it comes as state attorney kim foxx fiercely defends the surprise decision to drop that 16-count indictment. writing in the "chicago tribune" my office believed the likelihood of securing a conviction was not certain. >> it's hard for people to realize that justice takes many forms. this is a form we utilized in this case. >> reporter: foxx who recused herself early in the investigation after exchanging text messages with smollett's close associates stressing the move wasn't a sign of the actor's innocence saying, he's not been exonerated and he has not been found innocent. but the dismissal of charges against smollett straining the relationship between prosecution and city officials who maintain smollett staged a hoax and owes
7:13 am
the city $130,000 for the high profile investigation. >> welcome to the 50th naacp awards. >> reporter: amid the last tumult, the actor a no-show where he was nominated but didn't appear for his role in "empire." chris rock slamming smollett while presenting an award. >> they said no jussie smollett jokes. yeah, i know. what the [ bleep ] was he thinking? you're jussie from now. you don't even get the you no more. the you is respect. you don't get no respect from me. >> reporter: meta golding standing by her co-star. >> we all love and support jussie. we just want this to work out for the best. what's fantastic is that the charges have been dropped. >> the police chief incensed by the dropping of those charges saying he stands by the work of detectives and the conclusion of the grand jury. the state's attorney said she welcomes an outside
7:14 am
nonpolitical investigation to see how her office handled this case. >> yet more to come on this story, no doubt. erielle, thank you very much. we do want to turn now to the stunning revelation from the lead investigator hired by jeff bezos to find out who leaked his private data to the "national enquirer" regarding his alleged affair. gavin de becker saying, several experts concluded with high confidence that the saudis had access to bezos' phone and gained private information, end quote. adding, the investigation has ended and his findings have been turned over to federal officials. now to a shocking death in atlanta. a 19-year-old man accidentally knocks on the wrong apartment door and is gunned down. abc's zachary kiesch has more. >> a person shot. responding on with apd. >> reporter: a teenager is dead and his neighbor is behind bars. charged with murder. witnesses say the whole thing was set off when a new resident at this apartment complex in atlanta allegedly knocked on the wrong door by accident.
7:15 am
his mother still in shock. >> he simply went to the wrong door. he knocked. that's when a guy came out and did what he did. >> reporter: banks a 19-year-old was dropped off around midnight. police say the driver of the lyft pulled up to the wrong building, about 40 yards from where he intended to be. but banks, a new resident and on the phone with his girlfriend at the time, didn't notice. >> i just heard faint voices and a gunshot. i heard him yell and i heard all the fear in his voice. he was just, like, i'm sorry. i'm at the wrong door. and the man was, like, no, you're not at the wrong door, and he shot two more times. then it was silent. >> reporter: police say after realizing he knocked on the wrong door, banks was leaving when 32-year-old darryl bynes walked out of the apartment on to the balcony and shot the teen as he walked down the stairs. bynes was arrested and charged with murder. the shooter's family claims he
7:16 am
fired his gun in self defense raising questions whether the shooter could be protected by georgia's stand your ground laws. >> i don't see any evidence that would justify the suspect walking out on to his balcony and shooting the victim, not once but multiple times. >> reporter: this morning, banks' mother is still trying to make sense of it all. >> it's one of the hardest things that a mother could do is bury their own child. >> just a tragic event. now, banks' mother said her son made a mistake but was a hardworking young man that brought joy to those who knew him. the alleged shooter is in custody. and there's an active police investigation going on. lots of questions here. just a devastating situation for that family. >> we're sending our best to the mother this morning. wow, awful. >> can't help but think of that family. thanks, zachary. we do want to show you video now of this dramatic rescue off the gulf coast of florida.
7:17 am
12-year-old boy and three men hauled from the waves after their boat flipped over and sank. this is just miles off the shore in clearwater. the coast guard finding them in the water clinging to their life jackets, eventually pulling them to safety. thankfully, no one was injured. overnight, a dash cam captured something rather interesting in florida. take a look at this. it looks like a green fireball, it's seen falling through the sky just west of gainesville. the national weather service says a meteor fell through the atmosphere around the same time this was spotted. so, rob marciano, do you think this was a meteor? can we safely say that? >> yes, a meteor. pretty much anything that falls from the sky -- hence, meteorologist. rain, snow. good morning, guys. good morning, everybody. what's happening, a fire broke out yesterday in central new jersey, about 5,000 acres there in a wooded area.
7:18 am
there was a voluntary evacuation and a shutdown of the roadway. no word on how it was sparked. we do have rain heading that way. we'll take it. it was warm yesterday. temperatures in the 70s in edison, new jersey. 77 degrees at 3:33. also in cleveland, snow, the backside of this is cold. they've got snow in cleveland and it's still coming down this morning, now moving up towards buffalo. here's where that cold front is. ahead of it, some temperatures in the 50s, some 60s. d.c. hitting 79 yesterday. behind it, temperatures in the 30s. 60s in burlington, vermont, yesterday. that's the warmest temperature they've hit since october. obviously once tomorrow hits, tomorrow morning you'll wanto bring out the winter gear. good news ahead, the two-week outlook looks to be warmer than average. that could bring some severe weather to the plains. time now f . >> good sunday morning. numbers in the low 70s.
7:19 am
warmer for everyone, even at the coast by a few degrees. a few showers arriving tomorrow. we look at the highs today, we should be a good five to seven degrees cooler than this. enjoy that 76 ma 6 in concord. 70 in santa cruz. several chances of rain this week, starting in the north bay tomorrow. ladies are singing on set during the break here as we wrap up. >> not the ladies. just dan. >> was it dan? >> dan with the high note. >> celebrating the last day of national women's month here. >> great forecast, rob. >> sports? we got some sports talk. yes, march madness now, another huge upset. number one seed gonzaga falling to texas tech in a nail-biter for the other top seed. half of the final four is now set. >> the first number one seed to punch their ticket to minneapolis.
7:20 am
>> virginia marching on to minneapolis in a classic overtime finish against purdue after virginia was just seconds away from losing the game. an improbable last-second floater keeping their hopes alive. >> for the tie! >> virginia's trip to final four especially sweet as it comes just a year after making a different kind of history, the first one seed ever to lose to a 16 seed. >> i was definitely flashing back to when i was on my knees last year. >> out west, a different number one seed wasn't so lucky. texas tech swatting gonzaga out of the tournament. the one-seeded gonzaga bulldogs plagued by a crucial mistake at the end of the game. this resulting in two free throws for moretti which ultimately sealed the game. it caps off a special week for moretti. his family who hasn't seen him in over a year flying all the
7:21 am
way from bologna, italy, to surprise him at team practice earlier in the week. all right, some unfamiliar deep, in-depth analysis going on this side of the table. we should point out some unfamiliar faces in this final four. for texas tech, their first trip to the final four in school history, and virginia's first trip since 1984. since we've been following our brackets closely -- >> how is dan doing? >> this is dan's bracket. if we can see it there. yes, he's beating all of us. yet, he's holding a soccer ball and he has the patriots going all the way. >> we were talking about diane's dress and how springy it is. >> either way, dan paying very close attention. >> the amount of energy that goes into mocking me is impressive. >> it's worth it. >> it is worth it. thank god you were dropped in here this morning, robert. what's coming up on the show this morning -- there's a case out of south carolina that's really disturbing. investigators making an arrest in the disappearance of a
7:22 am
college student, she was later found dead. she survived the sneaker wave. as the weather warms up, what you need to know to be safe at the beach. and another dodgers fan attacked outside the stadium while his wife was on the phone with him. her pleas to the public. rheumatoid arthritis or psoriatic arthritis.
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for kids and live music. it happens every sunday from 11:00 to 4:00 through early october. let's get a check of the forecast now. >> great day for that. plenty of sunshine. a live look outside. see cloud cover here. we will call it partly cloudy. some patchy fog. numbers in the low 50s, san francisco. 45 in san jose. a bit of haze. we will see clouds late in the day in the north bay. 41 in napa. highs today, 60s at the coast. the news continues right now with "good morning
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welcome back to "gma" on this sunday morning. happening right now, joe biden facing an allegation of inappropriate behavior, just as he considers a possible run for president in 2020. a former nevada politician accusing the former vice president of touching and kissing her five years ago at a campaign rally. democratic candidates putting the pressure on biden as his spokesperson releases a statement saying, neither the vice president nor his staff recall what's being described here. also right now, rape allegations against one of the nba's biggest stars. the new york city post reporting former knicks standout porzingis allegedly attacked his neighbor after inviting the woman to his luxury penthouse last year.
7:31 am
now poor denying the allegation. the nypd is reportedly investigating. and peak bloom, the cherry blossoms in our nation's capital are out and entering peak season. at least 70% of the blooms are open. there are 12 different varieties of cherry trees along the washington tidal basin. always beautiful there this time of year. if you can't make it there, just look at diane. >> you're blooming speaking of peak bloom. >> i'm trying to will the spring weather to come and stick around. >> thank you, macedo. >> in the 30s tomorrow, nice work. >> debbie downer, marciano. we start this half-hour with the arrest made in the death of a college student. she was getting ready to graduate from the university of south carolina. now, her family is preparing for her funeral. this morning, the man accused of kidnapping and killing a university of south carolina
7:32 am
senior is behind bars. this was the last time 21-year-old samantha josephson was seen alive, getting into a car. >> we believe that she simply mistakenly got into this particular car thinking it was a uber ride. >> reporter: police say the man behind the wheel, nathaniel rowland, surveillance capturing the moment police say roland pulled up to a popular area near the university's columbia campus in this chevy impala. you see josephson getting into the car here and the car pulling away. the next day her roommates calling police saying josephson never came home. and wasn't answering her phone. >> best friends with the family. we have known them since sammie was born. we just can't believe it happened. >> reporter: just 24 hours after she disappeared police spot the car just two blocks from the area she was last seen, pulling it over, arresting roland after a short foot chase. inside the car, investigators say they found blood as well as
7:33 am
josephson's cell phone. >> the child safety locks were activated on the door that would not allow someone the means of escape. >> reporter: police now confirming a body found by turkey hunters miles away in colleton county, is that of the 21-year-old student. authorities say rowland recently lived nearby. josephson's father writing on facebook, it is with tremendous sadness and of a broken heart that i post this. i will miss and love my baby girl for the rest of life. samantha is no longer with us but she will not be forgotten. and police are asking anyone in that area that has been approached by a ride share that they didn't order to report it. it could be critical to their investigation. uber releasing no statement, but reminding riders how important it is to check to make sure that it's your uber when you get in. >> take a look at the license
7:34 am
plate. >> just an awful story. thank you, eva. we want to transition, though, as the days turn warmer more of us will be hitting the beach. danger can roll in at any time, in the shape of what is called a sneaker wave. rob is here with a serious story. >> you love going to the beach, it's a serene environment. just looking at the water keeps you at peace. but these waves, they can be dangerous. at times, if you're not paying attention, they can violently sneak on to shore. it's one of the ocean's deadliest threats. and they can strike without warning. sneaker waves, emerging from a relatively calm surf, unexpectedly crashing onshore and surging up the beach. if caught in the path, these rogue waves can pull you right into the ocean. >> she got rolled underneath the log. she's lying on the beach right now. we're trying to see if we can move her to a safer spot. there's still more waves coming in. >> reporter: an oregon woman now recovering at home after spending six days in the hospital, the 44-year-old crushed by this driftwood log she was sitting on.
7:35 am
>> i was sitting on the water. the log rolled on top of me. the next thing i know my brother-in-law pulled me out of the water. i couldn't breathe and couldn't move. >> reporter: heather crossman flown to a portland hospital suffering a broken tailbone and 13 broken ribs. >> i'll probably cry every time i talk about it. >> reporter: another sneaker wave recently turning deadly in northern california. he was swept off the rocks by the sudden waves. he was on vacation with his family celebrating his 39th birthday. sneaker waves arrive on the beach as part of a smaller wave train. at first glance appearing like a normal wave until a much bigger stronger wave arrives. they're unpredictable. catching beachgoers by surprise. >> people can keep themselves safe by never turning their back on the ocean. constantly staying aware of their surroundings.
7:36 am
>> you'll hear folks on the west coast saying never turn your back on the ocean. this happens mostly on the west coast because you have this entire pacific ocean that generate these waves and when these wave trains come into sync you can see the amplification. you can see a scary situation. this is mostly a warm system. we're getting to the time of year where snow levels will start to rise. one to two inches of rainfall coming in tomorrow and into tuesday as well. this will head to the midsection of the country later on in the week. we're also watching a coastal low across parts of the southeast and the carolinas. tuesday, wednesday, this will come real close to the northeast as well. we could some higher impacts. that west coast system drops into the plains midweek and that could spawn some severe weather. plenty of sunshine out there
7:37 am
today. starting out in the 40s. by noon, we will be around 70 inland. highs in the mid 70s away from the coast. low 60s at the shoreline. this weather report is sponsored by state farm. insures you for just about anything. maybe sneaker waves. just be careful if you're out on the beach this summer. >> absolutely. >> good information, rob. thank you. coming up on "gma" -- a wife's plea for answers after her husband was attacked outside dodger stadium. now he's fighting for his life. and meghan markle's reported break from tradition when it comes to having her baby. the news just ahead. her baby. the news just ahead. here. don't worry, state farm's got you covered. [helium voice] ahhh, that's great to hear...robyn? what's going on? are you sure you're okay? yeah, yeah, i think so. ahhhh... ahhhhhh... we're gonna get you a tow truck, mike. thank you. real fender bender going on.
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this morning, a wife is this morning, a wife is asking the public for help in finding out exactly what happened to her husband outside dodger stadium. he was apparently beaten and is now on life support and abc's marci gonzalez is in our l.a. bureau with much more on this story. marci, good morning. >> reporter: dan, good morning. as you're about to hear, she's devastated and desperate for answers. this morning, police are investigating what led to the attack and still trying to find two suspects. a woman and the man who threw that punch.
7:42 am
>> it hurts my heart. this isn't supposed to happen. >> reporter: this morning, this father of four on life support after police say he was attacked in the parking lot of dodger stadium. 47-year-old rafael reyna's wife said she was on the phone with him as he left friday night's baseball game as she heard a man and woman yelling at him. >> i heard the arguing. then i heard like a smack, a crack, it sounded like a baseball bat. and then i heard him start moaning. >> reporter: police say reyna was punched once and fell. >> his head hit the ground and caused a skull fracture and now his brain is swelling and he's bleeding on the brain. >> reporter: there have been other violent confrontations at the stadium, including the severe beating of giants fan brian
7:43 am
leaving damage. as they investigate this latest incident, reyna's family is left beinging for witnesses to come forward. >> one witness called police. but investigators are hoping for more tips. right now they only have a vague description of the attacker, a man in his 20s who possibly left in a white suv. eva? >> thank you, marci. coming up on "good morning america," meghan and her maternity. how her plans for delivery are reportedly very different from kate and diana's. and the change in plans for the rolling stones. the big news about their upcoming tour in "pop news." but when i started seeing things, i didn't know what was happening... so i kept it in. he started believing things that weren't true. i knew something was wrong... but i didn't say a word. during the course of their disease around 50% of people with parkinson's may experience hallucinations or delusions.
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meghan markle is meghan markle is apparently ready to shake things up as she prepares to start her royal family. reportedly starting with where she plans to give birth. julia macfarlane joins us from london with this story. good morning, julia. >> reporter: good morning, eva. well, tomorrow is the first of april, which is officially royal baby month. these reports emerging as we get closer to what we understand as meghan's due date. "the sun" reporting that meghan and harry are deciding not to have their baby at the lindo wing in central london. that ward is associated with royal births. it's where william and kate had all three of their children and where princess diana had william and harry. if these reports are accurate, we won't be seeing harry and
7:48 am
meghan making their mark on those iconic steps of lindo wing with their newborn. according to "the sun" they're hoping for a more private birth. possibly closer to their home in windsor. of course, meghan is first-time mom and so she and harry are very aware of the intense public interest in the newest member of the royal family. the palace has declined comment on this story. we'll have to wait and see. dan? >> julia, thank you. julia reporting in from london this morning. coming up on "good morning america," a star is born hitting a milestone in "pop news." diane macedo. migraine with botox®. what if you had fewer headaches and migraines a month? botox® prevents headaches and migraines before they even start. botox® is for adults with chronic migraine, 15 or more headache days a month, each lasting 4 hours or more. botox® injections take about 15 mins. in your doctor's office and are covered by most insurance. effects of botox® may spread
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and because is america's #1 brokerage site our agents get more eyes on your home so you sell for thousands more than the one next door. don't get stuck in the past. sell with a redfin agent. ♪ ♪ "good morning america" is sponsored by safelite auto glass. america's largest vehicle glass experts. time for "pop news." the floral diane macedo's got it. >> trying to will this spring weather along. usually i'm around to lighten the mood. unfortunately, i'm starting "pop news" off this morning with some disappointing news for rolling stones fans.
7:53 am
the legendary rockers are postponing their north america tour. the band's publicist said that mick jagger has been advised by doctors that he needs medical treatment and can't tour right now. jagger writes on twitter -- i'm devastated for having to postpone the tour. i'll be working very hard to be back on stage as soon as i can. the good news is, the band says he's expected to make a full recovery. the tickets will be valid for reschedule shows. don't toss those tickets. hold on to them. >> he's 75 years old. >> he's 75 years old and he's still saying he's disappointed he can't make it and he'll be back on that stage. >> incredible. >> i think they're supposed to play at jazz fest. 50th anniversary. >> in new orleans. >> yeah. >> we'll see. lots of rolling stones fans crossing finger that is mick jagger makes a speedy recovery. meanwhile, rita moreno has some serious bragging rights a this morning.
7:54 am
the "one day at a time" actress already has has egot status for winning emmy, grammy, oscar and tony awards. she's not stopping there, people. the peabody awards organization says it will honor the rican singer, dancer and actress with the career achievement award, the first latina to hit pegot status. only two others have done this before, barbra streisand and late director mike nichols. >> is pegot a real ak ro anymore or something we just made up? >> pegot is a real acronym. and lady gaga turned 33 just a few days ago and just got some great birthday news. her "star is born" soundtrack with bradley cooper just passed
7:55 am
1 million copies sold in the u.s. currently the top-selling album of the year. by the way, this is her fourth album to sell over a million copies. the last album was "born this way." >> i saw it late. i saw on the plane. >> the movie? >> yeah, or in a hotel room. it was great. >> i absolutely loved it. and by the way, it's time to get into the easter spirit, tim hortons is teaming up with cadbury for these easter-themed doughnuts. three mini-eggs on a sprinkled doughnut nest. >> just look at it. >> they're available through easter. >> are these chocolates? >> yeah. >> they're mini-cadbury eggs. >> what do you think, robby? >> good? >> absolutely. thank you for watching. have a great sunday. eggs. thank you for watching. have a great sunday.
7:56 am
good morning. happening today in san francisco, it's the first of two sunday streets. from silver to geneva avenue, enjoy a car-free street filled with live music and exhibits. walk, bike or hang out throughout the mile-long route. there will be a popup community
7:57 am
park, pet adoptions, games and a climbing wall. it runs from 11:00 until 4:00 this afternoon. happening today in the east bay, the owner of chez is hosting a yard sale in front of the restaurant. alice waters and her fashion designer daughter will host the event. it will be from 10:00 until 3:00 today. there will be treasurer like vintage and designer clothes, antiques and more. waters will be there to sign books. turning to weather. >> pretty nice out there. we have patchy fog here in san francisco. temperatures are cool, in the 40s and 50s. 51 in san francisco, oakland. half moon bay, 51. a warmer afternoon in the mid 40s in santa rosa. we are slightly warmer due to our slightly warmer day yesterday. highs today will be ranging from the low 60s at the coast, half
7:58 am
moon bay, 70 in santa cruz. you may notice increasing clouds and winds up to 15 miles an hour. enjoy the sunshine today. this is monday, it's dry. we have increasing clouds and a chance of showers late in the day. temperatures today, very nice. if you like it mild to warm. 76 in concord. 75 in san jose. mid 70s up in santa rosa and napa. the seven-day forecast, best chance in the north bay tomorrow and then a shower perhaps tuesday morning. thanks for joining us. "this week" is next.
7:59 am
while shopping at sears, you need to place yourself in the moment. ♪ our products make the wins more victorious... ♪ ...and the rewards even sweeter. you need confidence in the appliances you select to build the home and life you love. our products and services
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bring moments like this to every family. shop top-brand appliances including kenmore at sears. ♪ >> announcer: "this week" with george stephanopoulos starts right now. the president takes a victory lap. >> the collusion delusion is over. >> democrats are pushing back. >> we're going to let the mueller report. >> show us the report. >> they've seen opening on health care. >> the republican party will be known as the party of health care. and immigration at the president threatens to close the border. >> the president is playing a cheap political game. >> so, will president trump follow through on his border threat and at what costs? without a gop plan to replace obamacare, will the president's push to terminate the affordable care act backfire?


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