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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 31, 2019 12:30pm-12:59pm PDT

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tv's number one daily viral video show "right this minute." nursery before -- >> that maid runs back in the room. >> see why sherabs the baby in the nick of time. >> oh, my goodness! how did she know? >> it's a girl! an entertaining family. >> i have a fun idea. >> the gender reveal that had us want a mowia, get it? >> i got it! when an armed robber enters a high-end store, it's like what amole for jewelry. how he got what a came for. and some pranksters who
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managed. >> do not get pepper sprayed or s.rested in the prce>> y sittin >> stop it now. >> do you notice anything off about this video? >> a little bit of movement in that the one bassinet. >> she's looking up, up like there's a spider or oi f congromheceiling. j maid runs back in the room, rushes straight to the child, picks it up out of the bassinet and they run right out of the room seconds before this happens. >> oh, my goodness! >> get out! how did she know? >> the maid, as you notice, is looking around. apparently she had noticed pieces of the ceiling had fallen when she was trying to open the window and she knew something wasn't right. >> ceilings don't just fall.
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>>ashe water damage? >> i was looking for that. maybe there was a leaking pipe. i didn't see anything. >> it is believed wires holding the suspended ceiling had rusted over after't predict that though. her timing was everything because two seconds later, her and the kid would have been hurt badly. ♪ >> the high school band is performing in mccallum, texas, because that's what they do. it sounds like military music, and you see somebody walk in who has military insignia on and somebody gets called up front. who wants to be called out in class? >> most of the time it's because you're in troubled or in this case because you hit the wrong note. >> well, we're going to find out. >> they're looking for junior jacob maldonado. he walks up front. >> turn around. thank you.
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do you know who i am? >> this can be kind of scary. >> this man asks him -- >> when was the last time you saw your brother? >> he's got two brothers in the military but one of them is in the army and he's been overseas. he hasn't seen him in about a year. >> what was the answer? >> he's being respectful. he's answering his questions. >> how come you didn't tell me, sir, i have a brother in africa. he's in the army. coy have presented him a cookie or something! you can't remember? >> and then -- >> is that him over there? >> see, that would be yes. >> he cries, they hug. >> his brother is a private second class in the army. private garcia, thank you for your service.
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a quiet night at this s chi. it's a jewelry store though and you can see that the doors to this jewelry store are just wide open. >> holy cow! >> is that an assault rifle? >> this quiet night quickly turns frightening for the three shop keepers in the store. watch what happens when this guy goes around to the other side of the counter. it's like whack-a-mole for jewelry. >> moving on down the line. >> all the way down to those cabinets. >> and just that section of cabinets. the lady is cowering on the floor trying to get away from this commotion and ruckus. they don't know what he's about to do. he shows the huge rifle when he enters and then seems to put it away and then starts grabbing for the gold. it appears he knows what he's after and it appears he's going for the most expensive stuff. the guy is gone within 60 seconds but not for long,
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recov recovered within 24 hours. the 34-year-old suspect arrested. reports are saying he took about $30,000 worth of jewelry and, again, reports not quite sure if all of that stuff has been recovered yet. interesting case. this next guy also interesting but this is no accident. see this guy unravels something, which is an ax. he starts smashing it into the roof of the car, bounces and gets away from his hand. >> looking for a sunroof. >> he creates one. this would be suspect jams the access to the roof of the car and then splits. >> was it stuck? >> was that supposed to be some sort of threat? >> right. that's what it seems like, right? >> once he got it in there ease like cool, i'm done and off he goes. >> so far police have not been able to capture this guy. >> they want to ask him some questions? >> for sure but this guy is still on the loose.
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srjs baby reynolds is on the way so his parents, stephanie and christopher, had a pretty fun idea. >> it's a girl! or it's a boy! >> what's going on? >> that's grandpa paul. he's a referee. >> and the godparents valerie and mike -- mom is here, stephanie in the green. over there on the side -- >> this is hilarious. at least its original >> how do we find out the gender? >> well, whichever one goes down last if you will. >> okay, i got it. >> i'm not sure they actually understand the rules. >> but you know what, the rules are meant to be broken in this case because it's a family affair and they just made up their own. because at the end of the match, only grandpa really knows what they're having. >> because he's got that paddle, right? usually the referee in sumo, he shows a set with a pad and he
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tells you you won. even though it's obvious to everybody >> it's the final round. they go bouncing back. takes him down and -- >> it's a girl! >> it was only fitting that god mom put god dad down. >> yeah, i had a feeling she would have taken god dad out either way. drivers are moving down the interstate. >> having a bit of a conversation. >> when something else happen that's gets their attention. the terrifying moment a truck's load is too tall. and a creative artist's unbelievable transformation. >> i guarantee you've seen nothing like this before. >> see how she's mastered the art of mind-blowing makeovers. >> i do not want to have to sit around and wait for her to get ready to go out though. ♪ werk it now, woo. werk i
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there's new gold bond cracked skin relief. closed captioning provided by -- ks. 94% saw noticeable improvement. new gold bond cracked skin relief. best cams are studied in chaos. i have three perfect examples for you. first time we're heading north
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on i-95. the mom, daughter are in the car having a bit of a conversation when suddenly something else happens that gets their attention. >> oh! >> it's a convertible. >> yeah. >> it just sheers off right on top of that car. >> that car just broke. >> an overpass like that on a highway should be high enough for a truck. i'm wondering, was this car loaded wrong? >> i'm wondering the same thing. later in the video, look, it comes alongside and it looks like the back is really lifted it up. >> that thing should be squat down. it looks like the hydraulics are extended. >> next point, move off to the side. i think the driver noticed what was about to happen. >> we didn't get the rear face dash cam. >> you see he veered completely out of the way. >> dang. our next video is from australia. little bit of traffic on this particular route. i then noticed that car right there, that had been hiding in the schhadows. maybe pemd were enjoying the park or something but they're trying to exit.
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the driver we're with the dash cam notices they want to come out. notice that. gets into the roof. one quick last look and -- >> oh! >> the nose of that car -- my gosh, that rider would have been toast had that car gone all the way ou around, in the oncoming lane. >> you notice the white line in the middle it does say in the inscription, the driver had overtaken illegally. so had something gone wrong t. would have been the rider's responsibility. keep your eye on the pickup truck. until then -- >> oh, no! >> the entire wheel has just fallen off that pickup truck. no information as to what failed, apart from the fact the wheel fell off. goes alongside, fortunately it doesn't look like it hit anybody else and it looks like that truck may be there for quite some time. when it comes to makeup, i guarantee you've seen nothing
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like this before. >> yikes! >> wow. >> that would give me nightmares. >> yikes. >> oh, dude. >> how long does that take? >> it'sike >> she's ta makeup artist. >> it's stunning but a bit serial killer at the same time. ♪ she's got legs and she knows how to use them ♪ >> she's asking people if they want to see a process tutorial for this that she's calling "barbie bones makeup runner." >> want to look like a pineapple? you can do that too. >> a real pineapple? >> she starts off by put og on a silicone mask and paints over it and then an airbrush tool andioc
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like this, dinner or something. >> yeah. >> a lot of effort to go to, to take a picture of her instagram. i want to take her on a date like that. >> check in nethis next one out. she decided to do the water element. if you look on her instagram, that's her doing this on herself but the barbie one was on a model. she did the work. >> oh, my god, it's like a face on a face. >> yes, it makes it look like she carved face and put it in. >> no, it's a face within a face, right? >> the barbie's mohawk ended up be fashion cover for a magazine. >> i do not want to have to sit around and wait for her to get ready to go out. queer going out tomorrow, sweetie. you better get started. >> social media makes you wish you were on vacation all the time because when you log on, you see your friends always somewhere special. well, my friend kim jones from high school, she's in baja,
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she her son johnny uribe had this encounter -- >> it's that baby whale came up to their touring vessel and decided to say hello. >> hi! >> and then a little -- and the thing is still on there like a ton. >> it's a baby. >> it was legally, r johnny and his mom kim and they were right up on it. >> worth it for the whale. a diy bracelet tutorial from n e, purple. pink, orange, blue, purple. >> why we can guarantee her how-to is one you will want to try. >> that's adorable. these are cool, hannah. >> plus, it'sthf ice, snow and >> the thrill of discovery inside a mountain.
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with lysol, you can help protect them from a real cold. and clorox wes d when it comes to 7-year-old girls, you would expect them to be into dolls or baseball.
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anything but 7-year-old princess sophie pink since the age of 2 has been into somethinguitedier. >> hey, girl! >> oh, yeah, i like her. >> i never thought i would say this, but that's a really pretty tarantula! >> yeah. i think you also appreciate that it's small. >> she has been obsessed since the age of 2, she has 12 tarantulas and what she does is educate other children and adults like me that there's nothing to be afraid of. she's an absolute pro. i got to give it to the parents too for helping her develop this interest. >> oh, no, they didn't help develop anything. she's into it. the rest of the family is like this freaks us out. no, they're just along for the ride. >> at least they support her. >> so pretty. >> you mean dumb!
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>> did you get something in your hair? >> you're playing games! >> you know when we do those videos from michael's, tutorial. for some people are like it's so easy, even a child can do it. i do actually have proof. in this case we're going to be taught how to do crafts from this special "rtm" baby. >> hi, this is hannah, i'm going teach you guys who don't know how to make rainbow and bracelets how to make them. >> she takes us through step by step. >> first, you have to twist this band -- >> between this between your fingers. >> you get another one. you don't twist it. you just put it right on here. >> you get another band off it and on to it. after that point you don't twist anymore, get another band on your finger and pull the previous one over and you repeat and you repeat and you repeat. >> if you guys don't know where to get these, get them at michael's or >> guess what? we speci personalizer! right there, nick.
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>> oh, nice! >> that's adorable. these are cool, hannah! >> if you want your own bracelet or want your kids to learn how to mke them -- >> oh, how cute. >> i'm wearing mine. >> me too. oa gorgeous places to see on this planet. but if want toome of the most remote and some of the most beautiful, you got to work hard. these guys got us at 2:00 a.m. in the morning to start their trek. this is no novice hype for sure. check out this place. in the french alps, i'm sure i butchered the name but it's okay, you get the idea, it's ice. to complete this climb, you see they had to carry tools like ice axes, skis, and weight, food, water and stuff. it's not easy. but once inside this labyrinth of ice, snow and rock, it's
12:53 pm
worth it. >> you can't like charter a helicopter to land at the top somewhere? >> >> oh, yeah. >> that's the only way i think i can get to see this place. >> with the right amount of money, i'm sure anything is possible but these guys did it the right way, the hard way. once at the peak, the summit, around 9,000 feet -- >> that's pretty cool. >> i like how all of the challenge they went to when nick was talking because they had to get up at 2:00 a.m.! the erly. around 3:00 p.m.e dark c and they said they were able to ski pretty much right back to their vehicles. >> wow. >> if you can't make it to places like this and get up at 2:00 a.m. to hike, just watch our show. a couple of pranksters make themselves comfortable at the beach. >> they decided to go sit on stranger's beach towel. >> can i get a piece of that towel? >> no, you can go away. >> the awkward encounters when
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all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. >> they do suggest you use this as an april fool's gift. >> i'm all for it. they teamed up on the daily draw and managed not to get pepper sprayed in the process. they decided to go sit on stranger's beach towels. >> stranger's beach towels or women with very skim pi bikinis beach towels? bthse women we ta h, mostly the. >> ones e,'m out!f
12:57 pm
on spring break? >> yeah. does anybody just make friends with them? >> not quite. >> it is a really good 's c w partake in the youtube vide an >> they feel like they have to ramp it up back. start playing with his ear or something like that. make him uncomfortable. >> these ladies have a little bit of fun with him, however -- >> yeah, you look handy. oh, cute. you're all sandy! >> let's show the other ladies. . >> oh, goodness gracious. dude, stop it now. >> they're not dealing with him. they're out. >> bro, come here. >> something tells me they're not joking. they should probably stay away. >> i think we friends. they feed him. the shenanigans are over
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>> there you go, buddy. that's all for now. catch us next time on a brand-new "rtm."
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