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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  March 31, 2019 5:00pm-5:29pm PDT

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shock and sadness from church parishioners in the bay area, after word that a catholic priest faces 30>> we begin withg news on that arrest. >> cornell bernard is live in san lorenzo. where the reported abuse happened. >> the alameda county sheriff's office said the alleged abuse happened here at st. john's several years ago. involving father david mendoza via. parishioners at two churches are now shocked. >> oh, my god. >> that's how some parishioners in san lorenzo reacted to news
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their former priest david n' arrild. >> he's a priest. he's a good priest. >> the alleged abuse happened in 2016 over an 18 month period at st. john's church. and involved one child. parents recently got a letter notifying them about the arrest. the father was transferred to freemont in 2016. parishioners learned about the arrest in today's mass. >> our feelings are all confused right now. >> members of the survivors network abused by priests stood outside corpus chhanduters it w informabout >> there coure be moreic urging
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been molested by this priest to come forward. >> i ask you to join me in prayers for all involved in this situation, but most especially anyone who has been harmed. >> good priest, great homilies. after mass, thank you for coming, god bless you and this happens. >> dan and denise were married at this church. they're now questioning their faith. >> when it hits home like this, you're just shocked. not another one. >> you begin to question your faith and how you will move forward with it. authorities say the victim in this case was 15 years old at the time of the alleged abuse. they now urge other possible victims to come forward. father via remains in jail. hes scheduled rnd,bc 7 ce ofoar
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highway 4 near martinez left two people shaken and two bum et holes in their car. a corolla tailgated their nissan near franklin canyon road. the passenger in the toyota then started yelling at them. the chp described what happened next. >> he slowed to allow the suspect vehicle to pass and park on the right shoulder. what the suspect vehicle stopped as well on the right shoulder just ahead of the nissan. that's when the victim driver related that shots rang out, thankfully the driver and passenger of the nissan ducked below the dash and were not injured. >> the shooter appeared to be bald and that both his face and right arm were covered with tattoos. a car crash early this morning in san francisco killed one person and injureds another. g.ned jtft this is right under the bayshore freeway police are not releasing details at this 12:30
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this morning on suissen avenue near north broadway. it's uncldied. in developing news, a man is on life support following a fight outside dodger's stadium after last night's game. and the search is on for the man who beat him. >> it hurts my heart, this isn't supposed to happen. >> this father of four on life support after he was attacked in the parking lot of dodger stadium. his wife was on the phone with him as he left friday night's baseball game and heard a man and woman yelling at him. >> i was hearing the arguing happening, and then i heard the -- like a smack, a crack. it sounded like a baseball bat. and then i heard him start moaning. >> he was punched once, then fell. now his brain is swelling. >> there have been other violent confrontations at the stadium,
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including the severe beating of brian stowe on opening day in 2011, leaving him with permanent brain damage. >> someone needs to come forward, i know people saw, i heard them. >> one witness did call police, investigators are hoping for more tips. right now they only have a vague description of the attacker. >> marcy gonzalez abc news los angeles. in the north bay, a man suffered burns in a fire that raced through two buildings a cat died in that fire, flames damaged a house, apartments and a business. that fire started at about 8:00 this morning, and the response shut down college avenue between morgan and mendocino avenue for a time. a prayer vigil today for ale suppn the people gathered to pray for 4-year-old nevan jackson.
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he shot himself in the head after finding a gun in the home wednesday. he shows no signs of brain activity. one relative is urging the governor to grant him an early release. >> we know the power of love. we know the power of a human touch. him being at his son's bedside may make a difference as to whether or not he lives or dies. >> police have arrested a man connected to the house where jackson was shot. >> a family is pleading for help tonight to find a missing grandmother. take a look, this is marshall wiltsen, she was last season tuesday afternoon at her home. a family has been searching. if you think you may have seen her, give police >> aoaliti ral around the the northern california islamic counsel held this unity and diversity rally.
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foster city's mayor earthed people to learn more about the muslim neighbors. >> now it's time for us to tell our story. we're no different than any community in the united states. we're your lawyers, doctors, nurses, teachers. >> some of the people who attend ed today attended after the two mosques in new zeal land were attacked. wrapping up a warm and sunny weekend. a live look from our emeriville camera, clouds are moving in and showers return for some tomorrow. it's all in good taste. a long line. this crowd is not there for the food, the event by chef alice waters that was a true thrill for her fans. someone gained access to
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do you guys sell other dogs? now that's simple, easy, awesome. and since xfinity mobile comes with xfinity internet, you can save hundreds a year. get $250 back when you buy a new samsung galaxy. click, call, or visit a store today. a yard sale outside shea penise today. >> alice waters hosted a yard sale. the farm to table pioneer and designer daughters sold clothes, antiques, crafts and books. >> some items came straight from waters home. >> i'm excited to really let go of all the things that have been stored in my attic and in my closets. and in my kitchen. that other people might want to use. >> it was also a rare
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opportunity for fans to meet waters who signed books and posters. >> the tales of a data breach that may impact a restaurant with locations in the south bay. that story ahead. >> the dating site is rolling out a new feature to get to the truth. this weekend, showers return to the forecast starting tmorrow. on the time line and the accuweather forecast after the break. abc's new brand is sharing stories of inspiration in a weekly digital series called more in common. >> our country may be divided about securing the southern border, but you'll be surprised what these people living on the u.s. mexico border have in common. our motto is humanitarian aid is not a crime. we're leaving water, food and some medical supplies where migrants are crossing. >> i'm a rancher and this is my
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ranch, it goes from here 20 miles down to the international boundary with mexico. your church has taken some risks to help those crossing the border. why? > the people who are crossing are the most desperate of the poor. >> you're not afraid that there's no wall dividing this area of the united states between mexico? >> el chapo himself recently said that building a wall wasn't going to stop drugs from coming into the country. he should know. >> here's you with trump. >> he called me on the stage and talked about our ranch and the border issue. i said, mr. president, we need a wall. >> so you have cameras across your ranch that are capturing people walking through. >> see the big packs of marijuana? that traffic is decreasing.
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we see less of the big packs and just the regular backpacks coming through. one kilogram of cocaine, heroin,
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if you ate a a a a a a a a a in the bay area, your information may have been breached. it started last may and ended march 18th, cyber sleuth brian krebs discovered more than 2 million people had their information stolen. men on tinder don't always measure up, so the dating app is trying to take on the truth. tinder will require users to input their true height and any
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photo of themselves standing next to any building. if people are really as tall as they say, the site says it's come to our attention that most of you 5'10" out there, are actually 5'6". the charade must stop. >> 6'1". >> he really is. >> a 6'3" right over there. >> he really is too. >> a lot of people don't want to see the warm weather going away from the weekend. showers do come back in the forecast starting tomorrow. live doppler 7, this evening. we're dry, the scan is quiet and it will remain quiet the next six hours. no need for the rain gear this evening. changes already coming in our sky. live look from our golden gate bridge camera. we had baby blue skies out there, it was a beautiful day. we're starting to see clouds really starting to thicken from the coast. they will continue to thicken
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over the next couple hours. rain chances increase starting tomorrow. i think the best chance will come on tuesday. it's all about the numbers out there right now. currently it's very mild. a lot of 70s out there. we're at 73 in concord, 70 in santa rosa and san francisco right now, a mild temperature of 64 degrees. live doppler 7, you can see california enjoying conditions. you look off our coastline, what's approaching our next storm system, it's a cold front, it's not too organized. showers will be in theecast both monday and tuesday. ahead of that cold front,t ngp o to speak. a beach hazard statement is in effect for tomorrow evening. overnight, tonight the big story, the clouds continue to thicken, we'll see mainly
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overcast skies and what that will do, keep our temperatures on the mild side for this time of year. a lot of low 50s on the board over the next 12 hours. the storm impact scale comes back tomorrow. a level one light system on our monday. the best chance of finding a shower tomorrow will be in the north bay. it will be very light in nature, less than a tenth inch of rainfall. future weather early tomorrow morning, 2:00 in the morning, a light sprinkle in the north bay, for the commute tomorrow, it's a lot of cloud cover across the entire region with overcast skies as we head into the afternoon and evening, there's a chance of finding showers in the north bay. really minimal rainfall. future weather showing you any rainfall over the next 24 hours, not only confined to the north bay, but less than a tenth of an inch of moisture. it's a reayry highs tomorrow in the 60s for the most part, 63 in san francisco, 69 in san jose.
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here's the accuweather 7-day forecast. there's the best chance of finding a shower tomorrow in the north bay. wednesday it's partly sunny and a slight chance on thursday. another chance friday night into saturday. these quick moving systems it's not a washout any day. but there is that rain both monday, tuesday, friday and saturday. >> that makes us feel better. >> thanks. you come back to work and the rain comes back. >> hey. >> i'm not saying cause and effect. i'm saying coincidence. >> let's enjoy the nice warm weather, it brought lots of home runs. chris davis crushes yet another of the a's wrap up their first home stand of the season, it was
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the a's put together an excellent first home stand led by outstanding starting pitching. frankie struck out simmons and the first. in the second, got kevin smith, then in the third, it was justin bauer's turn. scoreless in the fourth, and chris davis keeps doing what he does so well. he crushed this one. his fourth home run of the season. in the fifth, matt chapman singled in marcus simeon to put the a's up 2-0. the only run allowed by the starters in 24 inning thes in
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this series. angels get the tieing run in scoring position in the 9th, blake gets simmons to pop out to pick up his second save of the season. >> military appreciation day at petco park. jeff samardzija gave up two. tw. look at the forceout before the run crosses the plate. no score in the fifth, pablo sandoval. a default manuel margot. that's going to pump up that panda, bottom of the fifth eric hosner ties it up. bases full of padres in the 7th, bruce bochy not liking what he sees here. hits a slow chopper to brandon crawford. the padres take the lead padres
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also take 3 or 4 from the giants. when tom izzo was asked how they planned on taking on the duke sensation. he said he would like to borrow khalil mack. turns out michigan state didn't need him. zion looking to end his collegiate career with a trip to the final four. gobble up the rebound and throw it down. fil seconds of the first half, drives to the hoop untouched. coach k not happy. duke up 1 with 30 seconds to play. wide open look and drains it. spartans takes back the lead. r.j. barrett misses his first free throw. he tries to miss a second one, he makes it. michigan state tries to get off a clean inbound pass to win it.
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they upset duke, the spartans are heading to the final 4. auburn injuring their injuried teammate. bryce brown misses a free throw, gets the ball back and drains it from the quarter. then kentucky's kelvin johnson with the steal and a fast break to imemmanuel quigley. kelvin johnson is stopped. he loses the ball this one goes to overtime. jared harper with the blow by layup. auburn is going to its first final four, 77-71 the final. that's only two games. i love the elite 8 in ncaa march madness. i'm tired and i'm ready for
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that's it for abc 7 news at 5:00, thanks for your time. i'm eric thomas. >> for all of us here at abc 7 news, thanks for watching. taking a live look outside pier 39.
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tonight, several developing stories as we come on. confronting biden. the former vice president reacting to an accusation of an inappropriate kiss and unwanted touching as his accuser speaks out for the first time on television. biden saying he doesn't believe he acted inappropriately, as the democrats vying to be president sound off. air emergency. the american airlines flight plowing into a flock of geese just after takeoff. the pilot declaring an emergency, turning back. what shaken passengers saw on the windshield of the plane. fatal mistake. the college senior getting into a car she thought was her uber ride, later found dead. a suspect now charged with murder and kidnapping. the clues they found in his car.


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