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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  April 1, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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from oracle park and not far from the new chase center. >> neighbors hoping to block this shelter. er are raising money on a crowd funding site. but there is a counter campaign also raising funds. >> abc 7 news reporter luz pena spoke with the mayor today. luz, the mayor acknowledged the critics and that she may be ready to make some changes, right? >> that's right, kristen. this is a parking lot that mayor london breed wants to use for this navigation center, and a vacation center is a little different than a shelter. she wants this place to have more professio ney speavolumes, a cghthe attention of mayor london breed, who for the first time says she is willing to reconsider her navigation center proposal. >> i think listening to the community like one of the conversations that's being had now is they feel like okay, it's too many beds. so i hear that it's too many beds. and so maybe starting at a lower
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number and giving us a chance to see if it works could be a compromise. >> the initial plan called for a navigation center with 225 beds in this parking lot in rincon hill. over 200 people are willing to pay for an attorney to fight this proposal and have raised over $80,000 on a gofundme page called safe embarcadero. >> i'm for the program. i think the shelters themselves are great, but the location of a shelter in this neighborhood does not take into consideration the dynamics of our neighborhood here. >> after seeing this page, william fitzgerald opened another account to support the center. he called his safer embarcadero for all. >> they would be a bit more welcoming and accepting, because this is something we all kind of have to contribute towards making better. >> in the last two days the page for the navigation center has raised over 140,000 dollars. some bay area executives are also pitching in.
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that probably is more meaningful for them. marc benioff gives $10,000. i think it's less important the famous people. it's more like the common day san franciscans. >> now the city of san francisco will be having a public meeting about this navigation center on wednesday at 6:00 p.m. and of course we'll be following this very closely. in san francisco, luz pena, abc 7 news. >> we will for sure. luz, thank you so much. a level 1 storm coming through the bay area right now. let's go to abc 7 news meteorologist drew tuma for what's happening on live doppler 7. drew? >> yeah, dan, our sunny weekend is behind us. and now rain has returned on this monday. let's show you where it is exactly. live doppler 7, we're going to good right down into street level where we have some very light showers you can see from concord to clayton, pittsburg right now, even light to moderate rain near antioch. light drizzle and showers from san jose, sunnyvale, milpitas, just enough to wet the freeways. the bigger picture, this is all associated with a cold front
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that has yet to move through. we're going to be stuck with the storm, not only today, but also tomorrow. this level 1 system will bring light showers the next 24 hours. less than a quarter of an inch of rainfall. so later on tonight, if you are headed to the a's game, bring the poncho with you. you are tracking scattered showers tonight, but showers for the commute tomorrow. we'll detail that in the full accuweather forecast, guys, when i see you in a few minutes. >> thank you. at least 20 people escaped a huge warehouse fire. it caught fire in oakland. now the flames sent thick plumes of smoke into the sky. the smoke could be seen for miles from the scene of the fire at east 12 street near interstate 880. abc 7 reporter laura anthony is there with the latest on the fire investigation. laura? >> well, hi,kristen. this is still a very active scene out here. one lane of the road is closed at east 12th street. you can see the american emperor building basically just a hull of a building at this point.
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very active scene out here, though. the red cross is here. oakland fire still here. pg&e crews all working. investigators believe they found where the fire started, but not yet necessarily how. as shown from sky 7, the flames shot high into the air, and the thick black smoke could be seen for miles around the american emperor warehouse on east 12th street in oakland. the electrical and plumbing supply business was open, and the fire forced about 20 workers out into the street. it took more than 60 oakland firefighters several hours to knock down the three-alarm blaze that left the warehouse totally gutted, the roof collapsed inward. >> i believe it started in a debris pile as an exterior fire only but then went into an open window of the warehouse. >> the fire started on the become side of the building. >> jesus perez is part of a crew remodeling the building next door. perez took these photos of the fire just after it started, apparently in the area where a
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homeless man had been camping in the alley behind his building and the american emperor >> homeless people living on the back side for a long time. so we begging them to leave because we knew that it was going to happen any time. >> once the fire was out, city of oakland crews moved in to clear debris, while engineers examine the decimated american emperor to determine if the walls were in danger of collapse. >> they know my family. they know my kids. i know them. they taught me. good morning, how are you doing, mike. i'm going to miss them. i hope they rebuild. >> and as part of the cleanup process out here, you can see there are pg&e crews. the power system, the poles, the lines right adjacent to the building suffered some pretty major damage. remarkably, the buildings next to this one did not suffer major damage, just smoke and water the big concern, though, right now is whether the walls of this
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building will collapse. and so at this point, they're trying to assess. they're going to put some fencing around the building to make sure if they do collapse, the debris is contained to a safe area. in oakland, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> thank you. if you lose a wallet or maybe a backpack, chances are you never expect to get it back. but when a surveillance camera captured a man snatching a woman's backpack, watch that, in san francisco, she remembered the one thing that could help her track it down. abc 7 news anchor dion lim has a story you'll see only on abc 7. >> we get up to leave, and my backpack is gone. >> this is surveillance video when hannah beckman and her sister were enjoying a night out at the executive order bar, when in the blink of an eye, her backpack goes missing. >> this man came, in sat down, waited for my sister to leave, my back was turned, the bartender had walked away and used the opportunity to pick it
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off the hook and walk out the door. >> hannah first thought getting her backpack back was a lost cause until she remembered the tile tracking device attached to her keys. >> it was getting the notification. it felt close enough that she still had hope. >> she called police twice but clearly this wasn't a high priority case. that's when hannah's week-long tracking effort began with the help of others who had the tile app and reported her location. >> on tuesday night. wednesday evening, we tracked it here around pine and market. and there was a postori office. thursday moving south a little bit. and friday evening is the notification i got that it was in the mission district. >> this is the alleyway in san francisco's mission district where han in gets her last ping and decides to take matters into her own hands. >> i go down there, and i have the app, and i have his photo. and i peek around the corner. i see he is there. >> in this case, police believe hannah did everything right. >> she took some initiative to go out to the scene and verify
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that her property was there. and then she stayed back and called 911 and she waited for the police. >> while hannah did get her backpack and keys back, albeit in filthy condition, her laptop still hasn't been found. she has this message to anyone with the tile app who helped her track down this guy and led to his arrest for grand theft. >> using caution in your judgment, you can make a difference and you can help people. >> in san francisco, dion lim, abc 7 news. >> it's part of abc's commitment to building a better bay area. we're taking a deeper look boo the world of ride share and how it's affecting our roads. >> and san francisco alone, there are tens of thousands of vehicles on the roads for uber and lift. it's caused taxi use to increase dramatically. >> today a commute challenge. in just a few minutes dustin dorsey and melissa pixkar will travel from our studios to vista
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point from inside of the golden gate bridge. >> we first tried this during midday live. melissa taking uber won by 10 minutes. pricewise, the difference was about $2 with the taxi costing a little more. >> melissa and dustin getting ready for round two. the challenge son, guys. >> round two is right. hello, everybody. we are back once again, we're going try this out again. i'm a little upset that the first time i don't feel i got the full fair advantage. but this time head to head, we're going to do this again, melissa. >> yes. this time we'll be doing it during commute time. everyone is getting off work, trying get home. so we'll have new challenges that we'll be facing. but i think we'll be ready to go. >> let's get the countdown, guys to start us off. >> great job you two. we'll be following you with great interest. >> that's right. >> on their way soon. here is the sky 7 look. you can see they are ready to get started. we will follow their progress throughout the show. >> fun stuff. can you really make a living
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as an uber or a lyft driver? we're looking into that as part of our building a better bay area called ride share realities. >> but for those who really rely on this as a job, job-job, it's not a very good job. >> it seems like the attitude of lyft and uber is that they can chew through people until they burn them out and then get new people to chew through until they burn them out, all in the name of their millions of dollars. >> we got insight into how much the average uber and lyft driver really makes, and what you need to know before you sign up to be a ride share driver. >> now tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00, we look at the ride share reality, and the impact these companies are having on our ability to building a better bay area. we'll see you at 6:00 for that. a scary ride in the north bay. 20 people in hot air balloon when it suddenly hit a power line. also ahead, the deadly shooting of a grammy nominated rapper hits home. bay area musicians and athletes can't believe what happened. plus holy guacamole.
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the potential avocado shortage. why we could run out in a month. sky 7, melissa and dustin getting ready to take off. abc 7 news continu
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a lot of reaction on the death of rapper nipsey hussle, known for his contributions to the community, as well as for his music. presidential candidate senator kamala harris said nipsey's activism, leadership and dedication to community was an inspiration for californians and beyond. and colin kaepernick says this is so painful. the warriors are also responding, as is a local musician. now more from abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow. >> a sad day in the bay area, man, and all up and down the west t. 106.1. >> tributes to nipsey hussle 10.
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the southern california rapper's influence traveling all the way up the coast. >> everybody shared a respect for him. >> the guy was about buying back the block. >> investing financially ander in genetically in his community, much like stanley cox, best known as rapper mr. fab who has his own store in oakland, dope era. >> me and nipsey have been friends for a couple of years. for a man to young to be so heavily involved in those things of that nature is another reason he will be far more respected outside of just being a rapper and entrepreneur. and most of all the pride he took in being a father and a parent. >> it's a spried pride he shared with steph curry, who is also a dad. as the two got to know each other during an episode of curry's web series, five minutes from home with steph curry. >> when i knew i was going to be father, my life wasn't secure at that point. but in hindsight, that's probably the best thing i did is have kids. people hear your music, you want them to feel inspired. what's the metric? it's not that you heard one good
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song and you want to see what else was on the album. that used to motive the purchase. right now the metric is inspiration. >> i got to know him last year and had a great conversation about who he was as a person, what he stood for, what his message was. >> curry posting on instagram, just got to know you. rest in paradise. in oakland, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. >> now in case you are wondering, nipsey hussle's name is a tribute to the late great comic nipsy russell. a hot air balloon carrying 20 people clipped power lines while landing in napa county this morning. three people went to the hospital with moderate to severe electrical burns. the 17 other passengers are okay. the balloon was trying to land in a vineyard south of raggets lane near yountville. it's registered to the balloons above the valley travel agency. pg&e says it could be 10:30 tonight before repairs are finished to those damaged lines and the power pole. the faa is investigating the
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incident. the latest government numbers show the u.s. could run out of avocados in three weeks if president trump shuts down the border with mexico like he wants to. >> yes, 7 on your side's michael finney is here with a little mr. on that. that's interesting. >> you like your avocado toast? >> who doesn't! >> i know. it's a big deal now. well, listen to this. president trump is threatening to close the mexican border. mission producer, the world's largest avocado producer says if that happens, the u.s. could run out of avocados in three weeks. this time of year we get virtually all of our avocados from mexico. the california crop is just starting. it won't be ready for another month or so. the u.s. department of agriculture says half of imported vegetables and 40% of imported fruit are grown in mexico. volkswagen is recalling more than 56,000 vehicles because of a bad spring. the rear coil has potential to prematurely fracture, which can damage the rear tires. drivers could lose control of
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the car if all of this happens while driving. affected cars include 2017 through 19 gulf sports wagons. 2019 jettas. 15 through 2019 gulfs, and model year 2018 to 2019 tiguans. volkswagen deallers replace the springs free of charge. getting rid of debt can really ease your mind. really. researchers in singapore say paying off your debt can lessen anxiety and make you more focused at work. the center studied about 200 low income people whose debt were unexpected ply live paid off by charity. the companies want better worker, pay them more money, they'll pay off their debt. >> it kind of works that way. thanks, michael. >> sure. we had more sprinkles earlier today. and maybe more in our future. >> yeah, we got a level 1 on the storm impact scale storm coming in. meteorologist drew tuma has the latest on it. >> dan and kristen, the spring
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showers have returned. and this storm is going to stick around a bit. live doppler 7 along with satellite overcast skies will zoom in to a couple areas that are seeing very light showers right now as the evening commute gets under way. down to street level, pleasanton, sunol, union city, light showers right now. and around vacaville, fairfield, yountville, live doppler 7 showing light rain. the tam cam outside. we're all seeing a fair amount of cloud cover. overcast skies, and there is a little bit of a battle happening in our atmosphere this evening. we do have a lot of moisture overhead. and you can see that on live doppler 7. but we also have very close to the ground, there is a thin but very stubborn layer of dry air. what that is doing is eating away at a lot of the moisture overhead. what you feel and what actually hits the surface is some very light drizzle, some light showers. and that dry air will erode over the next several hours.
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so those showers may become a little higher in intensity, especially tomorrow morning as you get rid of that stubborn layer of dry air. temperature-wise, that rain is falling under mild condition. 62 right now in oakland. 60 in san francisco. 62 in san jose. and santa rosa a touch warmer at 63 degrees. tonight we're going to hang along that cloud cover. we're going to continue to keep the showers in forecast on and on, very light in nature. and very similar to last night. it will be mild for this time of year. most spots you can see settling in the mid if not lower 50s over the next 12 hours. storm impact scale. level 1 system right now continues into tomorrow as well. the showers light in intensity. total rainfall less than a quarter of an inch. in that wind, it will be breezy at times. but generally less than about 20 miles an hour. future weather. if you have evening plans later on tonight, you will be dodging some drops out there. take the umbrella with you. tomorrow morning, the showers will be with us for the morning commute.
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so we'll have slick roadways. add a little extra time as it will be a longer than normal commute with the rain moving through. and that chance even continues tomorrow evening. by 5:00, we're still tracking the light scattered showers across the region. but emphasis on light. track future rainfall, you can see the amount over the next 24 hours, very limited. most spots will wind up with less than a quarter inch, and a lot of spots will wind up less than a tenth of inch of rain out of this weak moving storm system. highs tomorrow 63 in san francisco. 64 in oakland. take the umbrella with you back to work and school for some. we will be seeing the showers on and off. about 62 in santa rosa. this will also bring a little bit of snow to the sierra. winter weather advisory effect, starting at 11:00 tonight. lasting through 5:00 tomorrow. 4 to 8 inches of snow. some for highest peaks could pick up a foot for fresh powder. scattered showers on your
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tuesday. wednesday, we hang on to the cloud cover. there may be a little bit of drizzle, but a better chance of shoers to return on thursday, with a wet evening, finish off the week on friday. the weekend starts out with rain, but by the end of it into the upcoming week next week, warmer weather, brighter skies. but nonetheless, clouds really dominating the forecast this week. >> yeah, it looks like. >> thanks, drew. all tom brady joins twitter, and then sends out the perfect first tweet for april fool's day. that story is next. and as we head to break, let's address the elephant in the room, shall we? >> that's pretty good. >> reggie and i dancing with stumper. the a's mascot when he stopped by midday live
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mick jagger will undergo surgery to replace a valve in his heart. that's according to rolling stone magazine. the 75-year-old lead singer for the rolling stones is expected to make a full recovery from this procedure. it will happen friday in new
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york city. the stones have postponed all upcoming concert dates, including their may 18th performance at levi's stadium. they intend to resume their tour once mick jagger feels up to it. new england patriots quarterback and san mateo native tom brady chose the perfect day to join twitter, or so he thought. and this was his first tweet on this april fool's day. he jokingly announced his retirement and says he'll spend the rest of his time tweeting. some fans believed it and were relieved when he sent up a follow-up tweet a few hours later call it a bad joke. the 41-year-old six-time super bowl champion has always been a. a spoernonedhe thcityf account. brady dhe pats to another title last year and shows no signs of slowing down. >> patriots fans relieved all over the world. challenge. taxi very rideshare. just under 20 minutes since they left. who is on their way to winning?
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but first, we want to thank picture happy photos for this picture of the east bay. makes us happy to look at it. share your pictures with us of abc 7 now. >> you may see it on air or online at back in a moment.
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i'm ama daetz. coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00, we continue our look at the world of ride sharing and its impact on our roads. at 6:00, a look at the people behind the wheels of those cars.
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just how much money do they make? is it enough to make a living? also -- >> whatever is left of my belongings are still in there. >> lives are still in limbo in sausalito nearly two months after a mudslide. but there is a sign of progress today in the devastated neighborhood. all that plus much more coming up in just a half an hour on abc 7 news at 6:00. dan, kristen? >> ama, thank you so much. see you then. all right. we're almost 20 minutes in to our commute challenge, taxi versus rideshare. >> our community journalists dustin and melissa set off from our san francisco station earlier in the newscast. >> yep. they called their rides closer to 5:20 this evening. melissa is taking uber. she tweeted this photo from her car at 5:14. she noticed traffic is moving a little slower at this hour compared to late this morning when they did it. >> that's right. dustin used flywheel to get a taxi. his car showed up first. he tweeted this photo with his driver while they were at a red light. jack powell has 30 years of experience driving a cab in the
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city. >> let's take a live look now from sky 7. tracking dustin and melissa's progress. this is melissa. we think that's melissa going slowly in traffic in the north beach area. >> but dustin has already passed through the neighborhood. you can follow the abc 7 news twitter account to see who wins. it's good stuff. interesting. >> interesting. melissa got there fast their morning to vista point. but dustin was kind of predicting maybe during the peak commute the taxi drivers may know their way around and the shortcuts a little better. >> than the rideshare drivers. that's a good point. we'll have rideshare stories each day through friday. and we want you to share your ideas about building a better bay area and see what your neighbors think by building a better bay area facebook group. speaking of better, finally this evening, look at this. the world's most watched orcas made a rare appearance in the monterey bay. >> that is beautiful. the l pod orcas are actually
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critically endangered because of a shortage of food. they only eat salmon in their traditional hunting grounds in seattle's puget sound. >> they haven't been seen this far south since 2011. researchers were just so excited to see the 4-month-old calf lucky swimming with the pod and looking very healthy. they are so majestic. >> they are majestic. great word. it is great to see them here so close. and so healthy too. >> but even closer could be a little frightening too. one time i did go kayaking in puget sound and a pod came right at my kayak. they literally ducked down right in front of me. i was kind of scared for about 10 seconds, and then they all jumped behind me. >> what a lifetime experience. >> yep. "world news tonight" with david muir is coming up next. i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm dan ashley. for drew tuma, michael finney, all of us here, we appreciate your time. hope to see you again in half an hour. >> our next newscast is at 6:00. as you mentioned, dan, by then we'll know who the winner is in
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our commute challenge. dustin or melissa, who you putting your money tonight, several d tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. new trouble for joe biden before he announces. a second woman now coming forward tonight, saying he behaved inappropriately. what she says he did. and tonight, the former vice president and his latest statement. also breaking tonight, a short time ago, the horror revealed. the medical examiner's report, after that young college student who got into that car she thought was her uber. what we've learned tonight, and the warning now from her family for anyone who orders an uber or any car. the urgent hunt tonight, after this hit and run is captured on surveillance. a little girl struck. she's in the hospital. the family putting out this video. they want the driver caught. the white house and the whistleblower from inside tonight, claiming at least 25 security clearances initially denied, including two senior wh


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