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tv   Nightline  ABC  April 3, 2019 12:37am-1:07am PDT

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[cheers a [cheers a [cheers and applause] this is "nightline." tonight. rapper murder arrest. the killing of grammy nominated rapper nipsy hustle as fans stand vigil in the face of violence. plus desperation on the borderline. migrants risking everything for better life. with detentions at a breaking point, the president threatening to close the border, and an american community is fearing an economic hit. >> el paso typically sees 1 million cars and 70,000 trucks cross over these bridges into el paso every single month. and diva las vegas. celine dion and now her heart goes on, three years after
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losing her beloved husband, talking about life in her 50s. >> i feel stronger, more beautiful, more grounded. >> facing those questions about her weight loss. >> there are some who worry that you're a little too thin, what do you say? >> and how she'll take her final bow at caesar's palace. but first the "nightline" five. people wake. and smile, when they see the sun. not that one.
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fogood evening. thank you for joining us. we begin with the arrest in the murder of nipsy hustle. the suspect identified as eric holder. nipsy was a figure of great hope in his l.a. community, with the ambitions to invest his wealth in the neighborhood where he grew up. now a story we've been working on for months. tonight we have a rare look at the desperate journeys of migrants. the threat of the border being closed could be a threat to the economy. here's the latest in our series
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"bord "borderline." >> reporter: the piercing cries of the children. the razor wire catching clothes and flesh. here at the border near yuma, arizona, families of migrants being smuggled through a canal, risking their lives to reach the u.s. at the crossroads of migration. life-changing decisions made in mere seconds. this rare video showing a honduran woman making it through just before mexican police block that breach in the barrier. her family left on the mexican side. her young niece screaming. in the chaos, custom and border patrol agents ordering her family not to follow. in that agonizing moment, this
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asylum seeker pauses, collects herself and climbs to the bank to the u.s. scenes like these taking place every day along the 2,000-mile southern border. and with the deadly summer heat only weeks away, cities like el paso are seeing a surge of migrants. pushing border resources, authorities say, to the brink. famili families exposed to the elements in makeshift encampments. then this extraordinary declaration from the president last friday. >> i will close the border if mexico doesn't get, get with it. >> reporter: this threat to close legal points of entry the latest in the immigration controversy, critics warn it could have the opposite effect. >> it will do little to prevent illegal drugs our ilg leglegal
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immigrants from the entering the united states. we'll put more strain on border patrol officers. >> reporter: with the president planning to head to the border this week, the nation now waits. leaving unanswered questions for all those whose lives depend on the crossings. from asylum seekers fleeing violence and poverty to others who make a living on the flow of trade. mexico is one of america's largest trading partners with nearly $1.7 billion worth of goods flowi e day. el paso typically sees a million cars and about 70,000 trucks cross over these bridges into el paso every single month. the chamber of commerce predicting an unmitigated, economic debacle if the president carries out his threat, claiming 5 million jobs would be in jeopardy. >> to me, trading is very important, but security is what is most important to me. i have to have security.
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i'm totally prepared to do it. we're going to see what happens over the next few days. >> reporter: here in el paso, the city's republican mayor is sounding the alarm. president trump is talking about shutting down this border, parts of it or all of it. is this something at that you wanted? i take that as a no. >> heck no. for your audience, heck no. otherwise i'd say something stronger. i think we're caught up in the rhetoric in washington that's polarizing on both sides. >> reporter: in the meantime, it is every day americans living in these border towns stepping up to help these families that await decisions on their asylum claims. >> we're taking everybody in here and sending them out to their families all throughout the u.s. >> reporter: volunteers like kristy who brings food to the local greyhound station helping migrantis on the next less of the journey. they have papers indicating that they can travel in the united
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states. this is an experience that ramos and his 3-year-old son fernando know well. we first met them in january in nogales, mexico. he says he and his son were foursed forced to leave honduras after being threatened by gangs. taking the journey by foot, bus and train to reach the u.s. border. unlike the hundreds of thousands who have crossed into the u.s. illegally this year, he says he wanted to do it the right way. the pair presented their case directly to u.s. immigration officials at the nogales point of entry.
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[ speaking in foreign language ] the. >> reporter: the after a few days they were released by officials at this shelter in tucson, arizona. the father and son allowed to stay in the u.s. as their asylum claim makes it through the courts. it's an option that might no longer be available for many going through a similar process. just this week homeland security secretary kristen neilson expanding a poll say that would require asylum seekers to wait in mexico until an immigration judge can actually see them. that process can take months, even years. for he and his son presenting themselves at that port of entry
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was just a beginning of what would be a long journey. their destination, kansas city, missouri, over 40 hours away by bus. their route carrying them over 1,000 miles through five states. each rest stop a reminder that they are not alone, surrounded by other families hoping for a future in america. after almost two days of travel, just past midnight, they arrive at their final destination. in the biting cold of the midwest, it couldn't feel any farther from the place they once called home.
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for now their version of freedom in america, monthly check-ins with i.c.e. their first court appearance is not for months. as they wait, they can't help but feel at home. >> our thanks to matt. next, how celine dion's heart has gone on since losing the love of her life. an intimate interview with the popeye con. it was always our singular focus, to do whatever it takes, use every possible resource, to fight cancer. and never lose sight of the patients we're fighting for. our cancer treatment specialists
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yes for less. celine dion has had dozens of hits in a recording career that started when she was just 12 years old. now nearly four decades later, she's enjoying a new phase of her life after the painful death of her husband and manager. she opened up with deborah roberts. ♪ >> reporter: celine dion has been hitting this song's high notes for more than 15 years. her music so timeless. just weeks ago the singer surrendering her microphone to this young fan in vegas. the moment going viral.
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♪ because i surrender everything ♪ >> reporter: maybe it's the superstar's super power, sharing her bright spotlight. now beginning a new jurn knourn her 50s. you're in the 50 club. welcome aboard. >> i feel beautiful, stronger, more grounded. there's this power and strength that comes with that maturity and that vintage thing. >> reporter: that vintage thing? >> that's priceless. >> reporter: she says she's feeling more alive than ever. the unmistakebling voice behind hits like "all coming back to me now." and her latest, "ashes" from the film "deadpool 2." celine's redefining her image, suddenly a paparazzi darling and fashion plate. breaking the internet after
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appearing in the fashion week in that titanic sweatshirt. the movie made iconic by her soulful hit "my heart will go on." ♪ there's nothing i fear >> reporter: and white pantsuits galore. a nod perhaps to her most famous fashion moment at the oscars all those years ago. now at 51, celine's also the latest spokes person for the l'oreal paris. >> i'm a woman and we're worth it. >> reporter: what's your secret these days to staying healthy and fit and happy? >> don't need to prove myself to the industry. to my family, to my friends. because i think i've done it for many years. >> reporter: there are some who worry that you're a little too thin. what do you say? >> it's true that i'm a little thinner. everything's fine. nothing's wrong.
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i have discovered a new passion. >> reporter: a true renaissance woman, discovering that life is going on. three years after losing the love of her life, husband renee, to cancer. did you expect that you would be at this point, three years later that you would really sort of be in charge and really feeling strong again? >> strong again, yes. when, i don't know. but, to be honest, i did not know that i was going to be with time feeling better. >> reporter: learning to move forward was difficult at first. but celine's regaining her confidence, even taking on bold new projects. is that the advice you give to anybody else who may have gone through loss? >> you can not stop living. today is the first day of the beginning of my life. because i know that i don't have to worry. ♪ you were my strength >> reporter: renee was by her side for more than 30 years. first as her manager. husband. the inspiration behind those
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unfiu unforgettable classics. a love story for the ages. we were with her as she comforted him through the final days. >> he's got a feeding tube. i have to feed him three times a day. >> reporter: do you this yourself? >> i do this myself. >> reporter: after a grueling three years, renee ros his battle with throat cancer. renee charles 15, and twins 5 at the time. i spoke with celine again in 2016 after the funeral. >> to me, for me it's like i don't live with him physically, but i live with him inside of me. >> reporter: being a single parent was never in her dreams. but the singer is managing. >> i will never be a dad. but it's like i'm on a doubling shift. doubling job as a parent. so i'm a parents.
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>> reporter: you're the real deal. >> i'm the big deal. and the kids are growing, and i see them. and i look at them. i'm like, we've done a great job. and i'm so proud. >> reporter: and kids are good? >> they're amazing. and renee charles? >> he's amazing. teenager years can be sometimes challenging. >> reporter: yes. >> and i let him fly on his own. he's mature enough to foe that he's always have somebody in the back protecting him. but lately he said, you know, mom, you were right about things. but when a 18-year-old looks at you and says, mom, you were right. >> reporter: you've done your job. >> i will never forget this for the rest of my life. >> reporter: for years now, celine has called las vegas home. her eight-year residency at caesar's palace allowing for
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fami fami family stability after decades of touring. now that journey is about to end. what do you think will feel like? >> bittersweet. i raised my kids here. it's pretty hard to believe i have been here for that long. many things happened during that journey. sadness, happiness. loss. >> reporter: i watched the show the other night. and i experienced it emotionally. knowing the journey that you've taken. >> in the 50s, i told you. ♪ >> reporter: with a newfound sense of self, celine dion is centered again. her heart fully open, she says, to whatever life is ready to offer. are you ready for love again at some point? >> i am in love. you don't see it? love is not necessarily to marry
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again. ♪ i go on stage every night because i love what i do. so i'm very much in love. >> reporter: for "nightline," i'm deborah roberts in las vegas. and next, a historic night at the nation's third largest city. i don't keep track of regrets. i never count the wrinkles. and i don't add up the years. but what i do count on, is staying happy and healthy. so, i add protein, vitamins and minerals to my diet with boost®. boost® high protein nutritional drink has 20 grams of protein, along with 26 essential vitamins and minerals your body needs. all with guaranteed great taste. the upside- i'm just getting started.
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