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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  April 3, 2019 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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tonight, several breaking stories as we come on the air. hauled into court. the famous moms, the actresses accused of buying their children's way into college. felicity huffman, lori laughlin. and what the former actress said to the cameras, signing autographs, as well. and what we've learned tonight. also breaking, could it be a major break in the case? a boy missing since he was 6 years old. the surveillance of him with his mother. tonight, has he been found alive all these years later? a 14-year-old boy who claims he escaped a hotel, ran across state lines. police want to know, is this the boy? the new video just out tonight from former vice president joe biden. what he now says about the women who have come forward.
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the american woman, a tourist, kidnapped they are demanding a half million dollars in ransom. the breaking headline involving boeing at this hour, and those max jets. tonight, what likely triggered that second crash now finally revealed. what happened moments after the devastating collision on the streets of los angeles. a truck barrelling into a busy intersection, smashing into sevel vehicles. people trapped. the fire bomb attack. the same neighborhood targeted twice in 24 hours. the second bomb larger than the first. the college student who died. who one calling for help for 12 hours. tonight, three young men sent to prison. and the major headline tonight involving your health and the flu. could there be one step to from ticket us all? good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a very busy wednesday night. we have several developing stories off the top tonight. and we begin with the scene outside federal court in boston. the famous moms, the actresses
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accused of paying to get their kids into college. actress felicity huffman facing the cameras outside, and then a judge inside. actress lori laughlin as she and her husband arrive. laughlin has been trailed by photographers. you'll hear what she says in the this moment here in just a moment. tonight, did they pay their childr childrens' way in, costing other students a place in those schools? abc's linsey davis leads us off from boston. >> reporter: far from the glamorous red carpets of hollywood -- do you plan to fight this? -- today, actresses felicity huffman and lori laughlin hounded by reporters outside federal court in boston, there for a hearing on mail fraud charges in connection with that massive college admissions scandal. a total of 12 parents stood before a judge today. among them, real estate executives, a lawyer, doctor and a litany of ceos, all facing criminal charges punishable by prison time. over the weekend, loughlin refused to answer questions about the scandal. >> lori, do you regret handling the -- the way you handled your
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kids' education? >> i'm sorry, i can't talk to you. you can follow me around all day if you want, but i just can't comment right now. >> reporter: after arriving in boston with her husband, designer mossimo giannulli, loughlin was all smiles, even signing autographs. former cast mate candace cameron bure from "full house" continues to extend her unwavering support. >> i've already said that we are family and we stand by each other and pray for each other. and we'll always be there for each other. >> reporter: the couple is accused of paying half a million dollars in bribes to get their two daughters into usc, posing them as fake recruits for the crew team. >> this is olivia jade. >> reporter: one of them, 19-year-old social media influencer star olivia jade. also in court today, "desperate housewives" star felicity huffman, who allegedly paid $15,000 to have an s.a.t. proctor correct her daughter's answers. one parent not in court today, marketing ceo jane buckingham,to
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lie on your resume, you 100% do not do it. >> reporter: she is accused of paying $35,000 to bribe a proctor and have someone else take her son, jack's, a.c.t. test. jack buckingham says he was totally unaware of the scheme, and has publicly apologized for gaining an advantage over other deserving applicants. >> all right, linsey davis with us live tonight from boston. she's been covering this story from the start. and linsey, there are other families who are deciding whether to cooperate with prosecutors? >> reporter: that's right, david. abc news has learned that prosecutors are putting some pretty intense pressure on some of these defendants, essentially saying, look, cooperate or face additional charges, including tax fraud. the grand jury has a deadline of april 11th to hand up additional charges. david? >> linsey davis leading us off tonight. thank you. also breaking at this hour, could it be a major break in a national case? a boy missing sibls he was 6 years old, tonight, has he been found alive all these years later? a 14-year-old boy who claims he escaped a hotel, ran across a
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bridge, across state lines, and police want to know, is this the boy? timothy pitson was just 6 when he was last seen with his mother. the school's security camera capturing this moment right here. abc's whit johnson on the fast-moving investigation tonight. >> reporter: tonight, the stunning discovery. has a boy who made national headlines, last seen when he was just 6 years old, now been found? the call to police in kentucky came in early this morning about a boy claiming he'd just escaped kidnappers who'd held him for years. >> he's with a 14-year-old juvenile, male white, says he was kidnapped from somewhere. >> reporter: the 14-year-old identifying himself as timmothy pitzen, a boy who mysteriously vanished in illinois. that surveillance with his mother in 2011. police say the boy ran across a bridge into kentucky, after escaping his captors, who were staying at a nearby red roof inn. >> he looked like he had been beat up, yes, punished in the face a couple of times. you could see the fear on him and how nervous he was and how
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he kept pacing and he just looked odd. >> reporter: the boy describing his kidnappers as two white men built like bodybuilders. one with black hair with a spider tattoo on his neck. the other short with a snake tattoo on his arms.ingo confirm boy is, in fact, who he claims to be. his father desperate to find him. >> it's just more devastating than anything else. where's tim at? if i knew where he was, i'd go get him. i'd do just about anything to get him back. >> reporter: his father telling investigation discovery back in 2015 how he and his wife were having problems when she took timmothy away without warning on a three-day trip to the zoo and water parks, where the boy was last seen on surveillance. his mom later checking into to a motel alone where she took her own life, leaving a note behind saying timmothy would never be found. >> she indicated he was somewhere safeeople would love and care for him.
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and that we would never find him. >> reporter: for years, detectives searched. this age progression showing what he might look like today. hen h wasafter eight long gone, that he's going to come back to us. very cautiously hopeful. and if it turns out to be him, we'll be thrilled. >> reporter: david, we know the teen is getting medical care while investigators are still trying to confirm his identity. also tonight, the fbi and police in illinois are working together on this case, trying to track down those two men believed to be driving a white ford suv with wisconsin plates. david? >> all right, whit johnson in kentucky for us. whit, thank you. there is also news video just out tonight, a message from former vice president joe biden. what he now says, after four women have come forward to claim he acted inappropriately. here's abc's mary bruce. >> reporter: tonight, after five
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days of mounting pressure, former vice president joe biden is acknowledging that some of his behavior has made women uncomfortable and is trying to explain. >> i'm always trying to be, in my career, i've always tried to make a human connection. that's my responsibility, i think. i shake hands, i hug people, i grab men and women by the shoulders and say, you can do this. >> reporter: and now, biden is promising to change his ways, calling it his responsibility. >> social norms have begun to change, they've shifted, and the boundaries of protecting personal space have been reset. and i get it. i get it. i hear what they're saying. i will be more mindful and respectful of people's personal space, and that's a good thing. that's a good thing. >> reporter: with biden's would-be campaign in crisis mode, president trump is relishing the moment. >> i was going to call him, i don't know him well, you was going to say, welcome to the world, joe. you having a good time, joe? >> reporter: trump himself has denied accusations of sexual misconduct, including sexual assault, by more than a dozen
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women. today, biden didn't apologize, and house speaker nancy pelosi has suggested he should. >> to say i'm sorry that you were offended is not an apology. i'm sorry i invaded your space, but not i'm sorry you were offended, because that's -- what is that? >> reporter: her advise to biden? >> i'm a member of the straight arm club. i'm a straight armer. just pretend you have a cold and i have a cold. >> reporter: tonight, advice the former vice president seems willing to take. >> i can adjust to the fact that personal space is important, more important than it's ever been. it's just not thinkable. i will. i will. >> vice president joe biden there today. the former vice president sending out that video message. mary's live on the hill. and mary, the vice president hasn't announced his campaign yet, but the mere fact that he would release this video
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certainly sends a trun.epwe, da like someone who is going to run for president. and a source tells us that these accusations do not impact his decision. and today, biden announced his first public event since all of this began. he'll be speaking to union workers on friday. david? >> mary, thank you. and of course the other developing headline in washington, news tonight about president trump's tax return. the democratic chairman of the house ways and means committee has formally requested the past six years of the personresident personal and business tax returns. the president told reporters he is, quote, not inclined to release them, still saying what he said while campaigns for president, that he is still under audit. this could lead to a very heated legal battle. we turn tonight to the american woman, the tourist, kidnapped, and they are now demanding a half million dollars in ransom at this hour. it happened during a drive through a popular national park in uganda. here's abc's david wright now. >> reporter: tonight, a
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desperate search under way in uganda's most popular tourist destination. queen elizabeth national park, seen here in a promotional video from the group wild frontiers. an american tourist kidnapped at gunpoint, a 35-year-old woman identified by the tour group as kimberly sue endicott. authorities say that four armed men also about ducked her driver and guide. ugandan police say the kidnappers, using the victim's cell phone, demanded half a million dollars in ransom. they say the abduction took place tuesday evening at dusk during a game drive. the kidnappers taking the keys to the group's vehicle and leaving behind an elderly canadian couple who reported the kidnapping. ugandans say they have blocked off all the pork exits near the border with neighboring congo while security forces conduct a search. >> mr. secretary, are you concerned about the american kidnapped in uganda? >> reporter: today at a photo-op
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with the president, secretary of state mike pompeii yoel declined to answer the question. the state department says it is aware of the reports, but for now, u.s. officials won't comment. just yesterday, speaking in general terms, not about this case, secretary of state pompeo reiterated the u.s. position that the u.s does not pay ransom for hostages, and the reason is simple -- u.s. officials bo s worry if they ga into ransom demands, it would only encourage more kidnappings. david? >> david wright reporting in, thank you. and next here this evening, we have new reporting about the final moments of the doomed ethiopian airlines flight. abc news has now learned that the boeing 737 max hit something shortly after takeoff. that strike damaging the lone sensor on the jet controlling that automated system. abc's david kerley and what sourpss ha sources have now revealed to us. >> reporter: two aviation sources tell abc news tonight that a sensor, damaged at takeoff, started a chain of
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events that led to that second 737 max crash in ethiopia. that angle of attack sensor, a vane outside the cockpit, was hit by a bird or foreign object, according to those familiar with the investigation. like in the first crash, lion air in indonesia, bad data from the sensor engaged the anti-stall system, mcas, which nosed the jet down dramatically. as we learned in a simulator, the procedure for pilots is to use a thumb button to electronically nose up the plane. it's called trimming the aircraft. if that fails, boeing emergency procedure calls to shut off power to the motors that nose down or up the plane. the sources say the ethiopian pilots "did not trim" the airliner before shutting off power. one source says they did try to manually trim the jet, but then turned the power back on, which led to the mcas system misfiring again, nosing down the jet again and the pilots unable to maintain control. >> it's inexplicable that they'd go through the emergency
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procedure, but then re-engage the very motors, the very trim system, that was causing the problem. >> david kerley with us live again tonight on this story. and david, we know the ethiopians are set to present their preliminary findings from the black boxes tomorrow. and in the meantime, in an effort to calm the flying public here in the u.s. and around the kt fitoday?h that new software >> reporter: boeing has a software fix, but they have a public relations problem. so, the ceo got into an aircraft with that new software and took a flight to prove it is safe. it's still going to be a couple of weeks before it is submitted. it may take up to six weeks before these planes are flying again. david? >> david kerley with us again tonight. david, thank you. in the meantime, to the horrific crash in los angeles we were following today. a pickup truck flowing through a busy intersection, slamming five cars. helicopters hovering as they pulled people from their vehicles. abc's will carr is on the scene tonight. >> reporter: tonight, an
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lapd commander is calling this crash one of the worst he's ever seen. watch that stolen truck fly across a busy intersection next to a school. >> he had to be going 80 miles an hour. he had to be going 80 miles an hour through that intersection. >> reporter: authorities say the pickup truck sped away from officers conducting a traffic stop when it slams into five cars, launching this gray honda down the block, leaving the 25-year-old female driver critically injured. >> at one point, the victim did stop breathing, however paramedics were to able to revive her. >> reporter: at least three people were trapped and had to be freed by rescuers. all three suspects were rushed to the hospital, but not before the driver took off running inside a mcdonald's. the suspect didn't give up easily? >> they had to use some force to get him in custody. >> reporter: authorities say there was a gun inside of that stolen truck, and when officers found it, it went off. luckily nobody was hurt, david. >> will carr in los angeles. thank you, will. there is new political pressure pushing for the release of the full mueller report tonight. the house judiciary committee has authorized its chairman to subpoena the unredacted report
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and all of the underlying evidence. the chairman says they will wait, though, to give attorney general william barr, quote, time tng his mind d hand volu>> in about a serial rainist, 12 cases in an american city. there is news on this. also, targeted twice in 24 hours. the second bomb, larger than the first. the major health headline tonight involving the flu. could there be one step to protect us all? and we have news on that hit and run arrest. the little girl struck in that front yard. she survived. and tonight, with one of the suspects in that car is now claiming. a lot more news ahead. of infor. a wealth of perspective. ♪ a wealth of opportunities. that's the clarity you get from fidelity wealth management. straightforward advice, tailored recommendations,
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>> reporter: tonight, three of the former penn state fraternity brothers accused in the hazing death of 19-year-old pledge tim piazza will spend time behind bars. they are the first of the 26 former students to be sentenced.ewwi spend it was more than two years ago when piazza died after falling down a flight of stairs at an alcohol-fueled frat party. more alcohol. and, after the fall, waiting 12 hours to call 911. piazza's parents say only one former frat brother has shown any remorse. >> everyone else just seemed to want to move on with their life and no one has reached out to us or apologized to us. >> reporter: and david, piazza's parents hope that these sentences will lead to greater change at fraternities all across this country. meanwhile, many of the other frat brothers have already
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i choose once-weekly trulicity to activate my within. if you need help lowering your a1c, ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. to the index of other news tonight. there have been two fire bomb attacks in davey, florida. police say surveillance shows a driver tossing a bomb under a vehicle. the next morning, another vehicle. a large fire ball destroying two vehicles in that move. no motive or suspect revealed. an alleged serial rapist has been arrested. gregory fry is accused of a dozen sexual assaults, kidnappings and break-ins dating back to 1995. investigators used dna to find him. to the hit and run arrest near atlanta tonight. a 9-year-old girl was struck and europed in her own front yard. she survived. one of the men is now in custody. she claims the other suspect in the car was trying to carjack him. police are still trying to search for that second person. and they are now testing a new flu vaccine. the national institutes of health is beginning the first
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3:58 pm
babies, fun kids in new york. taken by laura plays "can't help falling in love." then he gets up off the floor, standing before her, then walking in to hold her. >> is that okay? sorry. >> reporter: a smile from laura as she looks down at her newest fan and, perhaps, a future violinist. and tonight, thomas and his mother, rachel, sending us this. >> hi, david! this is thomas and rachel. he can't talk yet, he can only say da-da, but he showed her in his own way how much he loved the music. it was a beautiful moment of connection and joy when, in this world we could feel so separate. >> reporter: tonight, her son and the violinist, a video seen more than 3 million times, proving thomas isn't the only one moved. thomas can't talk yet, but what he did said it all.
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>> announcer: live where you live. this is abc 7 news. >> lori, lori, lori, lori, pay for my tuition! lori! >> crowds in boston as dozens of the parents charged in that college admissions scandal appeared in court. aama daetz. >> and the first parent intends to plead guilty to the charges. >> melanie woodrow has been following the story since it broke and is live in the newsroom with this latest development. melanie? >> ama and dan, peter sartorio of menlo park is the first bay area parent to take a deal. his attorney filing this motion today saying he intends to plea guilty. he wasn't in court today, but many other well-known parents were. >> lori, are you fighting -- >> reporter: actress lori loughlin smiling as she walked into court, people screaming. >> lori, lori, lori, lori, pay for my tuition, lori!
4:00 pm
>> reporter: and holding signs that said the same thing. "please pay for my tuition, after you get out of prison, of course." loughlin wasn't smiling when she left court, and neither was actress felicity huffman. >> get out of the way. get out of the way. >> reporter: also appearing today, bay area parents including manuel and elizabeth enriquez of atherton. according to the criminal complaint, elizabeth, her daughter, and a procter gloated after one examine that they had cheated and gotten away with it. they did not answer questions before being whisked away. also, bruce isaacson of hillsborough, whose daughter was a purported ucla soccer recruit, even though the soccer team she claims she was team captain of says she never said for them. for the first time today, we're getting a look at amy colburn and dr. gregory colburn, a radioncologist from palo alto. the couple says they are innocent. they're facing an indictment for money laundering in addition to the mail fraud charges after
4:01 pm
demanding a preliminary hearing and refusing to take a deal


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