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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 4, 2019 1:07am-1:42am PDT

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mayor london breed, her proposal for a center right here along the embarcadero. one agency is going to launch its own raid share service. we're building a better bay area. in walnut creek. a man is behind bars for allegedly assaulting a woman with the attempt to kid nap and rape others. . he is the classic boogeyman that we all learn growing up and who to avoid. >> chilling details tonight about a east bay man's plan to kid nap and rape several women >> reporter: walnut creek police say that matt caruso allegedly conducted surveillance on these women, even went to their house to take pictures and documented in detail how he planned to rape them. 37-year-old matt caruso being
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held on bail for allegedly assaulting a woman with the intent to kid nap and rape several others. >> i heard what i though was grease migrating but it turned out to be my neighbor calling for help. >> reporter: police say she was attacked with a stun gun as he walked to her car before work. >> this is someone who is stalking their prey in order to do some heinous activities to them. >> reporter: police say the victim was able to fight him off and took off running. the suspect fled the scene, but later in the day a maintenance t.his apartnt cbox in a dumpster police claim it s f w items that were part of an alleged rape kit. >> a rape and kidnapping kit which included, you know, ties and bondage and a stun gun, disguises as well as the information where our victims lived. >> reporter: police say caruso conducted surveillance of his victims and wrote out his plans. >> and he wrote out a lot of the
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things he was planning to do that were grotesque and sickening. >> reporter: one of caruso's neighbors from newark who did want want to be identified says he's disgusted after learning of the charges. >> i hope that's not true, but it is quite shocking. you would think that people have more respect for human life and women in general. >> reporter: police say there were six women who were targeted all who live in the east bay, all who were caruso's former coworkers. he will be arraigned on april 9th. good evening, everyone. we are on pd tomorrow morning fr sattered showers, which means damp road ways. live doppler 7 is tracking a light level one system. it is off the coastline and will be here bright and early tomorrow morning. 5:00 a.m. spotty showers and patches of fog to watch out for. 6:00 a.m., slippery spots. this continues right on through the morning commute and even
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beyond that. as you take a look at the wider perspective there is a stronger storm that follows on friday. i'll be back with a complete look at the forecast coming up. abc 7 news is committed to building a better bay area. we are examining issues that matter most to you and highlighting possible solutions. for many people that live here that includes homelessness in san francisco. mayor breed is proposing a new center right along the embarcadero at bryant street. kate? >> reporter: that's right. this navigation center is causing quite a lot of controversy. you can see the embarcadero is right here and the navigationin. in the past two weeks neighbors and community activists have launched dueling also tonight the two met face-to-face with the mayor. >> do you want me to talk or do
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you want to yell. >> reporter: mayor london breed clapped back at a crowd critical of her proposed homeless center. >> what i am t t toaddres wha s city. so on theanan be upset about homelessness and then when i propose a real solution that's going to make a difference, then you're upset about it. >> reporter: the mayor and sitting leader spoke to a packed room at the foundation where they shared a very complete looking presentation with neighbors. the proposed nav center would open in this parking lot along the embarcadero. the center would have about 200 temporary beds and support services for homeless people living in the area. >> allow the people of the community to talk. >> reporter: chris lives a block from the proposed site, and like many residents is worried. >> i have a 22 month old daughter, i have a wife. they cannot defend themselves if
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they were ever outside and anything were to happen. >> reporter: shelly carol lives in the same building as chris and thinks the nav center would make the neighborhood safer. >> we have people on the streets using drugs and if there's going to be a safe area around then they won't be using right outside. >> reporter: all right, just parking lot right now. but if approved this nav center could open as soon as this summer. now, part of the frustration tonight was over the fact that people couldn't make public comment. so get your calendars out because april 23rd at 2:30 p.m. the part commission is holding another meeting with unlimited public comments, so you can bet there's going to be controversy in a few weeks. >> all this week abc 7 news has been looking at the impact and issues created pie ride share services. >> it's part of a week long building a better bay area
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series. >> abc 7 news reporter david louie crunches the numbers. >> reporter: ride sharing services are taking a bite out of public transit on the peninsula and in the south bay. ridership down between 4% and 5% in the past year for both san trans and vta. >> if ridership does continue to decline, yes, maybe some hard choices will have to be made. >> gas prices have been historically low, cost of housing is driving people out of the area, and you're not going to have people taking transit back into the city. they need their cars for that. >> reporter: to reverse the decline san trans will use shuttle vans which riders can hail using a mobile phone app. they're calling this new service micro transit. the fair will be $2.25.
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the decline in ridership is not just a bay area phenomenon. to offset the decline vta's board next month will look at eliminating low ridership routes. on the other hand, it sees a potential boost in ridership when b.a.r.t. comes to san jose at the end of the year feeding passengers onto its bus network. employers are also helping to support public transit as competition increases. >> usually i take public transit. >> why's that? >> it's less expensive and my company pays for it. >> you see the rise of easily rentable bikes, we see scooters popping up all over the place. so change is constant. >> reporter: change or disruption can be challenging. david louie, abc 7 news. >> and all this week on abc 7 news we look at the ride share realities and the impact these companies are having on efforts to build a better bay area. safer streets have been a
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focus of our commitment to building a better bay area. in san jose the better bike ways project is now expanding. the city is adding now protected bike lanes. to get this done street parking will be removed. prep work on meridian should begin in early may. repaving and striping work is expected in the summer and biki way to get around without using a car just in a nonemission way. it's fast and quick and really good exercise. so having the option is just huge. >> a committee meeting is scheduled for next wednesday. we invite you to share your ideas and see what your neighbors think by joining our better bay area facebook group. dfds in the college admissions scandal showed up for court today and were greeted by a loud crowd. >> lori, lori, pay for my tuition, lori. >> actress lori loughlin smiled as she made her way through the crowd in boston.
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felicity huffman made her way early for her court appearance. several parents also had hearings. and we learned about the first local plea deal involving a fathers in the bay area. prosecutors say he paid $15,000 for the cheej entrance exam cheating scheme for his daughter. for more on the college cheating scandal go to we have information about the local parents caught up in the scandal and details about the man at the center of it. could it be a major break in the case? a boy since he was 6 years old, may have been found alive. a third gray whale has washed up dead on a b a beach. what experts are saying about it tonight. and springtime in the south bay. why people are likely to see a spike in wildlife in their neighborhood. but first here's a look at what's coming up tonight on jimmy kimmel live. >> we are in vegas lct see wher losses have went.
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nearly eight years. there is a chance he may have been found. he was last seen with his mother when he disappeared in illinois. but tonight a teenager in kentucky claims he's timothy. abc news reporter maggie ruly has the latest. >> reporter: it was the 911 call his family had been waiting for. that 14-year-old says he is timothy pitson, the 6-year-old boy who famously vanished ipillinois in 2011. police say the boy ran across a bridge into kentucky after escaping his captors who were staying at a nearby red roof inn. >> he looked like he had been beat up. >> reporter: he described his kid nappers as two white men built like body builders. the other short with a snake tattoo on his arms. investigators are now working to confirm that this 14-year-old really is the same young boy his father has desperately been searching for.
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>> we're just more devastated than anything else. where's tim at? >> his father revealing to investigation discovery back in 2015 that he and his wife were having problems when she took 6-year-old timothy away on a trip without warning. she later checked into a motel alone where she took her own life, leaving a note behind saying timothy would never be found. >> she indicated that timothy was somewhere safe with people who would love and care for him. >> i'm very hopeful that it's him and he's okay, and he's been in a good place when he was gongone and he's going to come back to us. in the east bay a gray whale washed up along the shore. it's the third in just the past month. diovered this morning lodged at the bottom of a boat ramp. experts from the marine mammal center in marin believe it died
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a few days ago. >> the animals that are not going to survive in those situations are the younger ones less experienced, less about to find food. and the older ones will know where to go, the younger ones don't. >> the center will tow the whale's carcass tomorrow to angel island to perform a necrop necropsy. the wildlife center of silicon valley says it's already taken more than 100 animals this past year. >> we have open hills, palms, creeks so it's a really good environment for most species in the area so you'll see anything from bob cats to coyotes all the way to hawks, owls, squirrels and song birds. >> she says a lot of rain brings
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a lot of animals. plants are growing and food is becoming more abundant with the springtime warmth. we've certainly had plenty of rain to spur all that growth. >> yeah, and more is on the way. >> even though it's spring just keep those umbrellas handy because we do get tape in the spring and apparently we're continuing that wet weather trend. take a look at the systems, tomorrow, friday, saturday and next tuesday. so four out of the seven days you will likely need your umbrellas. tomorrow the a's are going to host the boston red sox at the colosseum. coming up to 62, so definitely a little breezy. so take the poncho if you're going. the open friday against the tampa bay raies at oracle park, that's not look agas promising in terms of the weather. mid to upper he ttrger system come and rain andfriday.
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so unless the time line changes, right now it is going to be a bit on the tricky side for those game -- those going to the game, excuse me. liefbl doppler 7 right now, plenty of cloud cover. and clouds are keeping us insulated, so 40s, 50s. a live look from our abc 7 news exploratorium camera and you can see the overcast skies in san francisco. lingering showers coming up on saturday. on our exclusive abc 7 news storm impact scale we have a light level one for tomorrow through friday. light to moderate rain, most areas in that quarter inch category. let's time this out for you, tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. you notice a bit of green, spotty light showers for 7:00, 00 a.m..timest willwer ri prepared. noontime spotty showers continue, so if you're stepping
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out to have some lunch keep youyour umbrellas handy. now that second storm comes in. it is going to drop moderate to heavy rain. 10:00 a.m. friday you will notice some yellows popping up noontime, widespread rain across the area. unfortunately, 1:30 when the giants home opener takes place it is going to be wet in san francisco. later on in the evening, though, we start to see some of that activity winding down. you're looking at anywhere from about a quarter to just over an inch of rain in clover dale. river storm watch 5:00 p.m. tomorrow, up to 30 inan difficu. good idea to just take those chains. showers, fog, 40s, 50s in the morning. tomorrow afternoon looking at 50s, 60s, and keep those umbrellas handy. and we have a chance of showers
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next tuesday. friday can't rule out an isolated thunderstorm, but there is dry and warmer weather sunday and monday. >> sounds good. thanks, sandhya. only on abc 7 tomorrow an exclusive interview with facebook founder mark zuckerberg. it's his first tv interview since last year's cambridge analytica
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as if steph curry needed another project we learned today he's going to produce and star in an extreme miniature golf tauc competition series. curry will be featured in every episode of the show appearing as the resident golf pro. and we learned a secret about steph curry today. he revealed how he turned around a recent shooting slump by getting contact lenses. steph told the atlantic he's used to squipting when he shot and has been dealing with an eye issue his entire career but wasn't aware how bad it's gotten. >> now imagine how good he's going to shoot -- >> what do you think the rest of the league is thinking? we have no chance now that he can see, right? curry and the dubs in l.a.
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the message steve kerr has for the warriors. and it's in the bag. the a's winning streak
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after back-to-back shut outs against the red sox the a's four game win streak comes to an end thanks in part to a bad break at third base. he contributes by bringing out the line up card. now, the a's led one-0, and then in the fourth inning ramone, he's been having a great series both offensively and offensively, 438 feet. that made it 3-0. marco estrado will load the bases in the sixth, and his replacement would give up a double to mitch moorlen, two run score. two outs, and mookie betts would catch a break. two run score. the sox go onto beat the a's. your final, 6-3. rough start for derekland.
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fourth pitch of the game, hernandez takes this pitch to the bleachers. his third this season. 1-0, l.a. fourth inning now, score 2-0. wait, there's more, a few batters later brandon belt with a second, this one a two run shot. and just like that the giants are up 3-2 but it is far from over. bottom of the seventh, two outs, two strikes david frees, thefret take two of three of the series. your final 5-3. there's no one cooler than kevin durant, but k.d. needs to keep his cool when he's talking with the referees or he could be forced to the bench. k.d. was ejected in the fourth quarter. durant received two technicals for arguing with the ref over a play where he thought he was fouled. k.d. now has 15 t's on the
1:37 am
season. one more will bring an automatic suspension. before the game he was fined $15,000 for criticizing the officials last friday. head coach steve kerr says his team needs to do a better job of keeping their emotions in check. >> the officials do a great job. it's a brutally difficult job in this league. and i think we can be better in terms of keeping our poise, myself included. and, you know, you go into each game, you're excited but, you know, you're going to yell at the refs, and both teams are. but you've got to keep your poise throughout, and we'll have to do a better job. >> the warriors will take on the lakers tomorrow in los angeles. this abc 7 sports report sponsored by river river river r
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that's all for now. we appreciate your time. >> from all of us, thanks for being here. jimmy kimmel live in vegas and tv's number one daily viral
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video show, "right this minute." if you miss your exit, what do you do? >> hit the brakes. reverse. >> see the idiot's guide to creating chaos on the highway. >> oh! ♪ >> gold chains and all. >> his journey from the streets to rap stardom. it's a spectacular undertaking for someone who is also -- >> afraid of heights. >> wow. >> a quest to conquer one high anxiety high line. >> how do you even get up there? >> and a 9-year-old's dream job. >> is this the one? >> yeah. >> should we do it? >> the remarkable moment she sees the fruits of her labor. >> now the important part, taxes.
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>> very smart drivers out there, what do you do when you miss your exit? >> keep going straight and be patient. >> hit the brakes and reverse. >> that's exactly what that driver does. >> oh! >> whoa! >> the driver of that small van decided to stop in the middle of a very busy fast-moving freeway, causing the other van behind them to swerve out of the way, lose control, and end up on their side. and then -- >> oh! >> punks. they didn't even check on the accident they caused. that's horrible. >> there's a lot messed up happening in this video. >> please tell me the authorities threw the book at these people. >> kind of. they ended up having to pay a fine of about 30 u.s. dollars, which isn't so much, but the drir


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