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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 4, 2019 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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in alameida a charred bod is found in veteran memorial park. >> san jose is struggling to niend money for park maintenance. what this could mean for your playground. >> one of the oldest schools in san francisco is closing. i'm kate larson why many parents blame the priest at this church. >> i'm sandhya patel tracking an atmospheric river. find out how this storm will . at 110 tsig >>nc: li whe y live, this is >> good evening,everne. i'm abc7 news meteorolsahy yoneed a littim tute.te doppler. a few sprinkles right now. this storm is a strong system that is developing here in the pacific. the thing is it's still a level
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1 with an atmospheric river that is going to move through pretty rapidly. the rain is going to begin bright and early for the morning commute. you will notice some pockets of moderate showers, and that is going to slow down your ride. this is just the beginning of what's to come. the rest of your hour by hour time line is coming right up. dan and alma? >> thank you, sandhya. a disturbing discovery in the east bay. a body found burned in an alameda park. 0 of certificates responded after reports of a fire this afternoon. >> that's when they found the charred remains. abc7 news reporter lisa amin is live with the latest on this. lisa? >> reporter: dan and alma, it all happened just beyond these trees over here towards the middle of the park actually. arson investigators, the coroner and police were here trying to figure out what happened. tonight, burnt brush and ashes are left where just hours ago a body was found. >> why would they put it in the bush? >> reporter: questions, concerns and fears surround veterans
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memorial park on bay farm island in alameida. just before 2:00 p.m. a bridge operator noticed a fire in the high vegetation in the distance. >> they put the fire out and i guess there was a lady laying face down from what i heard. >> the clothing was burned up, a good portion of the body was burned up. >> reporter: alameida police are calling this a suspicious death. they're not ruling anything out, but speculation driven mostly by shock is running rampant around the island. >> seems like a disposal of the body kind of thing. to burn it seems like pretty dramatic. >> i think somebody killed her. if she was burned to death, i don't think anybody would commit suicide by setting themselves on fire. >> reporter: the neighborhood is quiet and picturesque. seeing the cars and tape up is dramatic. >> i don't think they would have it over here. >> reporter: this is alameda's first death in the year. last year there was a one murder, cindy lee after a robbery. that crime was solved four months later.
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and investigators were here for about five hours. right now they have no new leads, and they have not identified the body. in alameda, lisa amin abc7 news. >> thank you. a school is closing. abc7 news reporter kate larson says parents are angry at the school pastor. kate. >> reporter: alma, that's right. the this is a city of institution. after 1 10 years, school is closing indefinitely. >> there is such a deep sadness right now that we are all r m s who are gone to star rps richmond district. last year a parent pulled her kwlung est out of fourth gng >> reporr announced k through 8 classes will be closing.
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the preschool will remain open. because of declining enrollment in the 2017-2018 school year, only 168 students were enrolled and more have been dropping out. >> people are leaving because of the safety of our children. >> reporter: corinne woods pulled hers out at thanksgiving. she believes disagreement because of education and culture. >> he distributed pamphlets to kids throughout the school. those pamphlets were talking about things like vasectomy, sod am i, mass tur base and abti. >> father eilo erupted. >> reporter: he witnessed the father yell at parents at a school meeting last month. he pulled his 7th grade daughter out of school last week. >> yelled at her to apologize to me. which is a deeply hos pill and
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misogynistic statement. >> reporter: so the san francisco arch diocese declined to provide an interview today, but they did provide me with these two letters that the father sent to parents and teachers this week. in these letters he does acknowledge it has been a difficult school year but says that he's grateful for the help from parents, faculty and teachers who are trying to provide a quality catholic education to the students here. live in san francisco, i'm kate larson, abc7 news. >> okay, kate, thank you. a san francisco police are asking for your help to track down a dangerous dog. police say the dog bit two middle schoolers at joe di maggio playground. it was during a school p.e. assignment. they did not provoke the dog. the dog is large and white with black and gray colored spots, apparently. its owner is described as a white woman in her 30s wearing a white shirt and last seen wearing a purple vest. police want to find the dog to get information about its vaccines, of course.
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the two schil children achildre from their wounds. >> in the south bay, the city of san jose is struggling to find money to keep its parks in shape. >> that's right. as abc7 news reporter amanda dell castillo explains, the problem is so bad many play grounds could be shutdown. >> reporter: quin and his son raj early spent the afternoon at the park in san jose. >> we have to be out. i don't like them in the house. there's school, there's sports. that's it. >> reporter: on the other end, a glimpse of what the city's park backlog could mean. of the structure was removed because the city couldn't keep up with proper maintenance. play groundsty's 283 pla grounds will meet in 2020. >> sill need to be removed because they will be unsafe for children to play on. >> reporter: restoring aging play structures could cost the city up to $1 million per
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playground, money they don't have. >> some of the structures are, you know -- half of it's gone. doomhiey had take out. >> reporter: necessary maintenance at city parks goes far beyond play grounds. and the problem has no end in siegtd. >> we're a big city. we're built out. 200 parks, 50 community centers, about 60 miles of trails. and unfortunately, we just do not have the resources to keep up with our aging infrastructure. a repor a review of the city's 200 parks ranking each from one to five based on current conditions. if you'd like to see where your neighborhood park lands on that list, visit and click on the story. in san jose, i'm amanda dell castillo, abc7 news. >> in the east bay, fish and wildlife officers are investigating the discovery of dozens of dead fish after a possible chemical spill in berkeley. as first reported in berkeley side, neighbors became concerned after chemical foam used to put
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out a garbage truck fire went into nearby storm drains yesterday. today several neighbors reported dozens of dead fish in the creek. >> to me it looks like it's killed every fish in the creek. you know, we can hope that there's some that have survived, but it has to be hundreds much fish that died as a result of this. >> berkeley fire says most of the runoff was caught. fish and wildlife took samples of the water to learn more. >> a heart breaking twist in the case of a missing boy. the fbi makes a stunning announcement following the claim that he'd been found. >> building a better bay area rideshare realities. making a livable salary while driving for uber and lyft. it isn't easy. expert tips on how to rev up your earnings. >> it's not the latest concert tickets or the latest iphone. what had people lining up in the east bay? >> here's a look at what's coming up on jimmy kimmelabc7 n. >> thank you, dan and alma. join us for a night in las
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secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter your home through air vents, through light fixtures and even through cracks in the walls and the floors. secondhand smoke is toxic. especially to children. protect your family. visit new developments in that case of the missing boy from illinois rini police say dna results show the person who claim to be timothy pit sin is not him. pit synapse family says they are devastated but not giving up hope. >> it's kind of back to ground zero for us. kind of reliving everything that did happen and renewing the loss. >> timothy pit pitzen disappeared when he was 6. yesterday a man found wandering aiken ken neighborhood told
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police he was the boy but 14 years old and had escaped kidnapers. investigators have identified that man as 23-year-old brian rini from ohio. >> abc7 news is focused on building a better bay area and this week we're looking at the rideshare business. we've heard from a lot of drivers that it's getting much tougher to make it pay. >> tonight in our search for solutions, anchor jessica castro rides along with a veteran rideshare driver to find out how he plays the game to make the most money. >> hey, jessica. >> hi rini how are yl a master rideshare driver and he's a survivor at a job that's reported to have heavy turnover. >> what happens often in life, you think it's easier than it is. you have to work and you have to develop a skill set to become good at it. >> reporter: jay has been the past 3 1/2 years and he's given a lot of rides. >> 23,600 rides now. >> reporter: so today we're
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23,601. >> that's correct. >> reporter: jay is not just a driver. he's a game player searching for the winning strategy. >> it's all gameified. >> reporter: he developed rideshare guide and rideshare doj o. >> i've written probably 100 articles and made videos all about it. i've really broken down what is -- how can a driver make the most money possible. >> reporter: that means working at least 50 hours a week. but he takes six weeks of vacation a year. >> my first three years i made approximately $100,000 a year. after expenses it's about 80. >> okay ri, 80 grand a year. >> yes. >> reporter: he said they are raising rates so it won't be the same results. >> at the low end it's 65,000 after you clear expenses. >> repheest thing you can do is drive in san francisco. >> i don't like driving in san jose and i don't like driving in
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oakland. the rates are lower than demand isn't as high so you don't stay as busy. >> reporter: but on weekends it's a different strategy if you start early. >> you can do a lot of long rides in the morning and there's no traffic. so it's so great. i'm here and someone wants a ride over to oakland but there's no traffic. we'll be there in like 15 rini 20 minutes. >> reporter: jay drove enough rides for lift to qualify for a thousand dollars worth of stock when the company went public. now he's driving more for uber, hoping to qualify for its stock. are you more satisfied being a driver for uber or lyft? >> probably the number one question my passengers ask. purely dverft orter: he says lyft pays a a >> it's like cats and dogs. the uber passengers are like cats. they're quieter, not as responsive. whereas the lyft passengers are more like the dogs, you know?
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>> reporter: i don't know what that's like because i only use lyft. >> that's good. they're friendlier, more open and like we're part of a club. >> reporter: jay said the best tips come from being a good listener, driving carefully, after someone leaves something if your car you return it. jessica castro, abc7 news. >> he has it figured out. we invite you to share your ideas and see what your neighbors think by joining better bay area facebook group. >> rapper e-40 launched his new beverage. inside he sold fansraph vallejo. >> let's turn our attention to the weekend forecast. >> sandhya patel is here with the scoop. sandhya. >> it's going to feature wet weather and dry weather: all eyes are oracle park as the
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giants home opener takes place tomorrow. i want to show you the forecast for or cal park when 9 giants take on the tampa bay rays. we are looking at 57 the widespread rain is going to push out of here just in time for the game. if you're going there earlier, make sure you have your poncho with you because it is going to be wet and i think they're going to have to put the tarps down. live doppler 7 is showing plenty of clouds. we are tracking sierra snow showers. very light stuff now. if you're traveling up there expect some wet snow untila.m. advisory above 6000 feet. 4 to 8 inches of snow, up to 14 inches on the peaks. take a look at your temperatures locally. they're being held up by the clouds. we look at the shark tank and we have clouds overhead. rainy and windy tomorrow. a few showers saturday morning and dryer and milder weather is
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ahead for your sunday. let's take a look at your morning commute planner. if you're driving use caution. there will be receipt roadways and it will be a slow going ride. showers if you're taking the ferry across the bay and watch out for slippery spots if you are walk being to work or taking your kids off to school. it's a light level 1 system tomorrow. we are expecting rain moderate at times. scattered afternoon showers. breezy to gusty conditions at times. midnight tonight a few showers will develop. very light rini very spotty. 5:00 a.m. a wet roadway. 7:00 a.m. as we head to the latter part of the morning this is when the rainfall coverage picks up. at 10:30 in the morning with moderate pockets of rain in the lunch hour. the system is going to move through. 1:30 still looking at widespread rain. it pushes out and we're going to scattered showers in the afternoon. very spotty, the sun will breakthrough in the afternoon as isolatndstms w do now becauss going sher
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e through pretty quickly, most of you will be under 7/10 of an inch of rain. don't forget those umbrellas in the morning. 40s, 50s in the morning. scattered showers with sun breaks. 50s and 60s. a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. isolated thunder chance, morning showers on saturday, level 1. saturday afternoon through sunday is dry. and sunday is certainly going to be a milder day. late monday night there is a chance of a few showers lingering into tuesday. but that is not definitive right now. all of these systems a level 1. bright and early tomorrow morning 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. lisa argen will be here for mike nicco tracking the storm. >> sandhya, thank you. the ultimate game of chicken see how this parking standoff came to an end. >> unbelievable. r & b star khalid is live for a special performance of his new hit talk. gma
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all right. watch this. the makings of a parking showdown in l.a.'s koreatown that lasted more than an hour. the black car, trying to back into a spot, the silver car trying to pull in. a neighbor caught the whole thing on video last night. it finally ended after almost an hour 40 minutes. the owner of another car on the street moved his car, freeing up room for both the black and the silver car. a little stubborn? >> i wonder if af once they both parked -- yeah. >> move on. all right, anthony is here with sports. >> talking the warriors gahead, closer to locking down the top seed in the western conference. and it's showtime in l.a. hey, that's ste doing magic like things o
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>> announcer: abc sports sponsored by river rock casino. >> five months ago the warriors/lakers game washington wizards a mar kae match up. without lebron james, l.a. has no star power. lebron resting. this thing was over moments after tni tip. draymond green turning defense into offense, throw it down. looks like playoff draymond is ready to go. then it's showtime. usthe flush.doing his magic onb that is impressive. warriors led 39-12 after a
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quarter. to coast. bo boogy with a team high 21. 38 after three. 108-90. the other bay area playoff team sharks in edmonton. he finds marcus sorensen with the equalizer. tied at 1. burns with a shot so hard they weren't sure it went in. it did. his 15th of the year. san jose leads 2-1 after one. second period, nifty a2.late in the second, burns w another rip. gustav nyquist another winner. they close the season 3-2. the stanley cup playoffs start next week. kids enjoying day baseball
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at the coliseum against the red sox. a's down 3-0 in the third and ed. swing of the bat it is all steven i witit, got it. i don't ineither one of those guys got he wall. ground rule double. five rbi. then in the 9th another jamb from ramon. the flare to center comes up throwing, and it is a strike to get mookie betts at third. the a's win 7-3. they go 6 and 2 in their first home stand. >> it was a great home stand. winning four game sets is tough. we did that twice. feel good about that. the home stand ready to hit the road. had a couple lucky breaks on the line. that's baseball. some stie sometimes it goes your way, sometimes it doesn't. >> the giants are gearing up for home opener. even if it rains, they're
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planning on playing baseball at some point friday. they are facing the tampa bay raise. the orange and black need some home cooking. they got off to a rough start to they are 2 and 5 after opening the year on the road. this abc7 sports report is sponsored by river rock casino and first pitch is slated for 1:35. it may be pushed back. there's a window there, i remember the way we used to do things? hey man... like connect with friends? dig it! or get in shape? d real estate agent a big commission. [crash] at redfin, we charge you a 1% listing fee.
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lisa argen alyssa smith traffic. >> stay tuned. jimmy kimmel seth roggin tonight. . >> dicky: from the caesars entertainment zappos theater, it's jimmy kimmel in las vegas. tonight, seth rogen, mike tyson, jimmy rides a las vegas zip line. and music from iggy azalea, presented by mazda, with cleto and the cletones. and now, going for broke! jimmy kimmel! ♪ [cheers and applause] >> jimmy: thank you. thank you. very nice. thank you. thank you, thank you.
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