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tv   America This Morning  ABC  April 5, 2019 4:00am-4:29am PDT

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making news in america this morning, the missing boy hoax. one family's heartbreak renewed. >> it's like reliving that day all over again. >> what we've learned overnight about the man who claimed to be timmothy pitzen. an illinois boy missing for seven years. the new details about the man's past and what his family is now revealing about him. president trump heads to the southern border today. what he's now demanding from mexico. his new deadline and how it could affect car prices. plus, the new lawsuit to stop the border wall. new trouble for actor jussie smollett. just weeks after being accused of staging a hate crime, what he's now refusing to do that could land him in court again. ,ar rea give you a high? the surprising study on what sugar does to our bodies.
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plus, the world's richest man and his divorce settlement. what jeff bezos' ex-wife will get. one teenager's quest to find the true meaning of happiness. her experiment and what she found. snoents don't worry, be happy now ♪ good friday morning, everyone. we begin with the new shocking information about the man who claimed to be timmothy pitzen. an illinois boy who's been missing for nearly eight years. >> police say it was a hoax and the man is someone else. he is a convicted criminal just released from prison and that's not all we've learned about his past. this morning, new heartbreak for the family of timmothy pitzen. investigators say the mysterious young man who showed up in kentucky claiming to be their missing boy is actually a 23-year-old man from ohio, brian michael rini. >> he's been doing stupid stuff
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for as long as i remember. >> reporter: an extensive record and released after more than a year behind bars for burglary and vandalism. the police chief says rini has documented mental illnesses. his estranged brother said rini stopped getting treatment. >> once he started using my name for things he was doing, i have no compassion for him whatsoever. >> reporter: for the pitzen family news of this hoax opens up old wounds. >> it's devastating. >> yeah. >> it's like reliving that day all over again. and timmothy's father is devastated once again. >> reporter: pitzen has been missing since 2011 when he went on a trip with his mother. police say days later she committed suicide and left a chilling note claiming timmothy was safe but would never be found. then wednesday the news no one expected. this young man in a hoodie showed up in a northern kentucky neighborhood claiming to be
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timmothy saying he had just escaped from his kidnappers begging for help but late yesterday dna testing from the fbi confirmed that man is rini and not timmothy pitzen who would now be 14 years old. >> kind of reliving everything that did happen and renewing the loss one more time. >> reporter: despite the false hope timmothy's family says they will never stop looking for him. >> we know that you are out there somewhere, timm. and we will never stop looking for you. praying for you and loving you. >> reporter: and police say charges could be brought against rini next week. they've not yet spoken about what those charges may include. president trump is heading to the southern border today visiting what the white house claims is a section of completed border wall in california. the visit comes as the president backs down on his threat to immediately shut down the southern border. instead he's imposing a new deadline on mexico as well as a new demand. abc's serena marshall has the
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latest from washington. good morning, serena. >> reporter: it's been a week of wn'n souer border after the press faced pushback if his own party, it seems another about-face. president trump with a new threat on the southern border. >> we're going to tariff the cars. if that doesn't work we'll close the border. i don't play games. i'll do it. >> reporter: no long he imminent 34ri plans to shut down the border but giving a new time line. >> if drugs continue to pour in we'll put tariffs on it. >> reporter: the about-face after he made this threat just one week ago. >> there's a very good likelihood i'll close the border next week. >> reporter: on sunday when his acting chief of staff was asked on "this week" -- >> what would it take for him not to do that this week? >> reporter: trump ordered the warning when they say they're at a breaking point, 100,000
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migrants most seeking asylum in march, the highest level in a decade. but his threat faced criticism even from within his own party. >> closing down the border would have potentially catastrophic economic impact on our country. and i hope we would not be doing that. >> reporter: ted cruz tweeting wednesday closing the border to legal commerce would be devastating to texas. today the president plans to head to the southern border and tour a recently installed section of fence. the administration claimings it's the president's wall even putting up a plaque to commemorate it however, that replacement fence was planned since 2009 by his predecessor, president obama. the aclu has filed a motion to stop any new construction of the president's border wall. it's part of their ongoing lawsuit to declare his national emergency as unconstitutional. kenneth, janai. >> serena marshall there in yous reler's the russia
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investigation as well as summaries written by his investigators. according to "the washington post," some members of mueller's team claim that their findings on whether president trump obstructed justice were alarming and significant. "the post" reports mueller's investigators are frustrated that they prepared summaries on the findings that needed little or no redactions but attorney general william barr has still not released them. a manhunt under way for the gunman who shot and killed a little girl in what appears to be a case of road rage. phoenix police say a pickup truck had been tailgating a car carrying summer bell brown and her family. when they turned into their driveway a man in the truck opened fire killing the 10-year-old as she slept in the backseat. >> this is heartbreaking and i'm going to miss her every day, think about her every day. thhtmare will replay in my head every day. i can't sleep. i just hope she's just at peace.
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i just really hope she's at peace. >> you feel for that mother. it's not clear what may have triggered the road rage. the shooter described as a hispanic man, 30 or 40 wearing an orange shirt and driving a slightly damaged white pickup. a man under arrest in north dakota theie unat manemenoffice ouid chad isaac who lived in a mobile home park managed by the company where the victims worked but police have not provided details on a motive. time now for a look at your weather for this friday morning. a line of strong storms is stretching from the florida but forecasters say a few es. tornadoes are possible. that same system dumped several inches of rain on new orleans causing flash floods. several roads in the city were impassable. lookg tay's hig temperatures, 70s and 80s across the south.
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40s here in new york city and boston. 50s and 60s in the northwest. 67 in beautiful southern california. coming up, lottery luck, one couple's surprising discovery that was worth big money. but first when we come back, another tragedy involving a tourist at the grand canyon. what police are saying about the third death in three weeks. actor jussie smollett in more trouble this morning. what he's now refusing to do. and caught on came
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the faster he goes -- oh, no. oh, no.
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>> that crash ended a high-speed chase through the los angeles area. the suspect plowed into the side of an suv in pasadena at more than 50 miles an hour. the driver was not hurt. the suspect surrendered. a freak accident on a busy street near tampa, florida, where a helicopter made an emergency landing, but one of the chopper's blades flew off and hit a pickup truck killing a passenger in that truck. the ntsb is now investigating. the national park service confirmed the third death at th. a 67-year-old man died after falling off the south rim. his body found 400 feet down inside the canyon. two others died including a man from hong kong who slipped off an overlook while trying to take a selfie. to a major milestone. median home prices hit a record high of $300,000. and according to, those prices could hit new highs in the next few months. analysts point to an increase in sales of higher-end homes.
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the richest couple in the world has signed a record divorce settlement. the ex-wife of amazon's ceo jeff bezos will walk away with more than $35 billion in amazon stock making her the fourth richest woman in the planet but gives up voting control as well as her interest in "the washington post" and the space travel company blue origin. jeff bezos will still be the world's richest man. the settlement comes months after "the national enquirer" obtained racy text messages between bezos and his reported mistress, lauren sanchez. hopefully no divorce for lady luck which is apparently watching over one couple who bought a lottery ticket but only realized their fortune. they found a lottery ticket they bought a year ago tucked inside a book and checked the numbers and realized it was worth $750,000. they found the ticket just two days before the deadline to cash it in. >> just in time. coming up, new trouble for actor jussie smollett. also ahead, a new college admissions controversy. the questionable real estate
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i discovered the potential with ozempic®. ♪ oh! oh! oh! ozempic®! ♪ ask your healthcare provider today about once-weekly ozempic®. we're back with this frightening scene from near miami. a woman crashed through the side of this parking garage and her suv was left dangling off the second floor. the vehicle's hatchback is what kept it from falling until rescuers secured it using pulleys and chains. after nearly two hours she was finally brought y. now to actor jussie smollett in a new -- in new trouble facing a lawsuit from the city of chicago. >> officials say he's refusing to pay the city back for the cost of investigating the alleged hate crime against him. meanwhile, the prosecutor whose office oversaw the case is facing new pressure to resign. this morning, the city of chicago is suing jussie smollett. officials say the actor missed the deadline to pay back the $130,000 police say it cost to investigate the alleged racist
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anti-gay attack investigators believe smollett staged on hifopuy, and in si. her twist, ae >> we cannnd for this any longer.d she should do it quickly. >> reporter: cook county state's attorney kim foxx's office dropped charges against smollett in exchange for community service and the forfeit of his $10,000 bond. the chicago police union and dozens of county police chiefs say their lack of confidence in foxx started long before the smollett case. >> she's putting criminals back on the street either during the process or not charging them at all and allowing them to go back on the street and commit their crimes again. >> reporter: the police chiefs claim the safety of citizens and officers are because foxxthhoopweav to go th
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charge and reportex's ofceired back at union leaders saying unfortunately this is an excuse to justify their resistance to our prioritizing resources, to increase public safety and reduce harm. at least one police chief is coming to foxx's defense saying it's premature to call for her to resign. >> under the previous administration, i've had cases that was -- fall under the category of deferred prosecution. i had no control over them. >> as for smollett and the new lawsuit against him, his legal team has not yet commented. . breaking news from georgia. an hours' long standoff at a house near atlanta is over. it started yesterday when police responding to a 911 call came under fire trying to enter the house. the gunman shot and seriously wounded two officers. police told us at least one teenager was being held hostage in the house but moments ago they've confirmed they've now found three people dead in the house including the gunman.
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they have not yet confirmed a motive for the violence. there is a new college admissions controversy, this time at harvard. it's launching an investigation into the school's fencing coach. "the boston globe" reports coach peter brand soldtech firm for nearly a million dollars even though the value of the house was about half that and then about a year later the ceo's son got into harvard and joined the fencing team. >> they paid way over market value for the harvard fencing coach's home. shortly after the son of these business people gets into harvard and becomes a member of the fencing team so it has a lot of the look of some of the varsity blues cases. >> harvard calls this an isolated incident and not part of the nationwide college admissions bribery scandal. in medical news, the sugar rush we've heard about all our lives is apparently nothing more than a myth. sugar has virtually no effect on our mood no matter how much of
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just went cell-phone free. >> kids lost their phones in special pouches that can only be opened by tapping them against an unlocking base. there was some initial resistance from the students, of course, but they quickly saw some important benefits. >> i got more focused. my grades went up. for me at first, i didn't really like it. >> i would try to open it and when i couldn't, i failed. i just gave up on it. >> three days later i was like, what are we learning today because i can't even open it. >> the principal got permission from parents and the school board before starting the program and now he says discipline problems are way down while grades are up. >> double benefit. >> there you prince harry waging a royal battle against fortnite. he wants to ban it. >> the dad-to-be says the game should not be allowed. he says fortnite is, quote,
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created to addict and says it serves no benefit.was speaking health experts about the effects of social media and violent video games on children. he's urging parents to get their kids involved in the world outside the internet. imagine that idea, a world outside the internet. >> not just outside the internet but just outside. go outside. >> and do what? >> kids, put down fortnite. >> lock your phones. >> put down the x box controller. you're not watching us. we know. you're not our target audience. >> get your vitamin d. >> they're not. they're like, who are these old people on tv. a teenager from texas has found the key to happiness. she did an experiment and paid off. >> 18-year-old bella howard asked nearly 200 people to draw on a blank square what makes them happy then she grouped the drawings by age. >> most young people drew physical things like cars or video games but most of the older, wiser people drew
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pictures or eof happiness really change to something more meaningful in a sense. >> bella, so impressed by you. so impressed. full scholarship to tulane university, and it's easy to see why. what would you have drawn on your square? >> probably beyonce and food, biscuits. i love -- >> beyonce and biscuits. sop that up. and finally, one wife's prime delivery prank. >> this is good. marie pritchard saved every amazon box delivered to her house for six months. she then piled all of those boxes at her front door just in time for her husband to come home and posted his reaction on facebook. it now has nearly a million views. >> yeah, that prank took a lot of planning. maureen's sister even helped her store the boxes.
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right now at 4:27 fires overnight, new video on the scene and investigations under way. president trump getting ready for a rare visit to california today. the about-face he's making in his threat to mexico. and the giants home opener afternoon, but fans should prepare for a possible rain delay. we have our south beach camera showing off oracle park. looking nice this morning. >> all lit up. >> this is the first time i've seen it with the sign lit up like this between our heads. it's nice to see. >> they have been backing off on the rain bit by bit since yesterday, so that's good news. looks maybe like a delay, not a washout. amounts really are scaling back from the north bay to the south bay.
4:28 am
still a 1 calling for scattered showers to the mid-afternn. breezy to gusty at times. as we look at live doppler 7 you can see the front to the northn san carlos. we'll talk about that giants forecast in detail in a few minimum. friday ligh sig alert. it's in vallejo. i guess the only shining light on this one it is in the reverse commute direction. it is eastbound 80 after tennessee. two lanes are blocked here. it does not look like by our sensors that it's slowing things too much because it's quite early. we will be following it. new overnight a fire gutted at least one business in downtown. police reported seeing it from as far away as epartments raced
4:29 am
the scene from across solano county to battle the flames. investigators are working to find out what caused the fire. cal fire crews battle flames at one ina. amesuttede engines and other emergency vehicles. last night's fire broke out around 7:00 p.m. the fire destroyed four firefighting vehicles and four others were damage d. nobody there was hurt. better news now, an day for the giants. >> the big question everyone has this morning, will there be a rain delay? sky 7 was above the fnewly renamed oracle park. they are set to take on the tampa bay rays at 1:35.:0 matter what.
4:30 am
>> tampa bay only comes once a year. our intent is to play the game. opening day is really the best day of the season for us. >> the gates open at the giants plan to keep fans updated about any possible rain delays on twitter. if you follow them on twitter, expect the updates. our jobina fortson live for us at oracle park this morning. we'll check in with her in just about 30 minutes. let's check in with our weather expert, lisa. what do you say? the rain will still be with us, not coming down particularly hard, but it is a cold front that's going to pass through the area. by 4:30 cloudy skies, 60 degrees. looks like the rain is going to start at about 10:00 this


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