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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  April 5, 2019 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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a different team? >> that's how it works. >> they're playing who? >> with a baseball bat and a baseball. tampa bay. >> tampa bay is another team they're playing. good for them. i want the giants good morning, america. the family at the center of that heartbreaking missing child hoax is now speaking out. the new twist in the case of timmothy pitzen. he's been missing for eight years and now a new dna test is revealing that the young man who claimed to be him is not the boy who vanished without a trace. so who is he? the mystery man's brother is telling all. also this morning, president trump heading to the border after that stunning 180 walking back his threat to close it down and now his new war of words with joe biden. midair scare. overnight the terrifying moment on a united flight. the cockpit screens going blank. >> you may be able to see we lost two of our screens. >> the pilot warning if they
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don't divert he would be, quote, flying blind. grand canyon horror. another tourist plunges to his death, the third deadly incident in just eight days. daring rescue. the woman trapped in this dangling car hanging off the side of a parking garage for nearly an hour. and the moment firefighters finally pull her free. and prince harry taking on fortnite, blasting the game 200 million play, saying it should be banned. calling it addictive and damaging to families. and hi is he taking on social media just days after launching his new instagram account? and good morning, america. hope you all are well this friday morning. it is a special one. let's take a look. ginger in argentina taking us to one of the most beautiful places on the planet. you see it right there. a natural wonder. >> stunning.
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>> she's doing something that has never been done on live tv. i got to say ginger is the bravest. >> she is so brave. >> of all of us. >> sharks, waterfalls, storms. >> she does it all. >> look how beautiful that is. >> so stunning. looking forward to that coming up. we'll have a lot more. first we are going to begin with the new twist in that heartbreaking hoax. the fbi revealing the results of that dna test. the young man claiming to be timmothy pitzen is not him. timmothy's family understandably devastated. and now, this morning, we are hearing from that mystery man's brother. abc's whit johnson is in newport, kentucky, with the latest. good morning, whit. >> reporter: cecilia, good morning to you. this story captivating much of the country. a family hoping that little timmothy pitzen was finally coming home. but sadly, that dna test exposing a painful lie. and a man with a troubled past. this morning, a shocking hoax surrounding illinois boy timmothy pitzen who gained national attention nearly eight years ago when he tragically vanished.
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>> it's devastating. >> yeah. >> it's like reliving that day all over again. >> reporter: for a day and a half, a breakthrough gave the family renewed hope when this man wearing a hoodie identifying himself to police as a 14-year-old pitzen telling authorities he escaped from two men who were holding him captive. timmothy mysteriously disappeared in 2011 at age 6 after his mother picked him up from school. police say days later she took her own life and left a chilling note saying her son was safe but would never be found. timmothy's family hopeful all these years that he was still alive. but now the fbi saying it was all made up. a dna test confirming the young man is not timmothy but really 23-year-old brian michael rini from ohio. >> he was receiving treatment but then he stopped and started getting in more trouble. >> reporter: rini's brother saying he suffers from a long list of mental health issues. >> i tell the family i'm sorry for what he's done.
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>> reporter: the medina, ohio, police chief telling our chicago station wls that rini has an extensive criminal history between 50 and 60 interactions with police. most recently just released from an ohio prison less than a month ago after serving more than a year for burglary and vandalism. despite the false hope, timmothy's family saying they'll never give up. >> we know that you are out there somewhere, timm, and we will never stop looking for you, praying for you, and loving you. >> reporter: authorities still don't know the motive for this fake story. the newport police chief telling us that rini remains under medical care and currently working with the county attorney to explore possible charges. cecilia. >> can't even imagine what the family is going through. let's go back a little more on brian rini. so police are now questioning him? >> reporter: cecilia, we know investigators have been communicating with rini. overnight, he was booked into a
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county jail on a holder from the fbi. as we have reported, he has a history of mental health issues. the law enforcement agencies are working on charges and trying to figure out the best way forward for everybody. cecilia? >> okay, whit, thank you. michael? >> thank you. now to that midair scare overnight. a united plane heading for houston diverting to dallas when the screens in the cockpit went blank. passengers hearing this announcement on board. >> you may be able to see, we lost two of our screens. now, if we kept flying we'd lose them all eventually because there's not enough cooling. there's tremendous heat behind those screens. if we had continued eventually i'd be flying blind. so that's why we are in dallas right now. >> and definitely something no one wants to hear. let's go to abc's david kerley at reagan national airport with the latest. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, michael. i've been in a cockpit of a small aircraft when this happens. it is very disconcerting.
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this is a glass cockpit. it means that the computer screens basically give all the flight information. that goes down, they do have backup instruments, but it's very basic. it's attitude and speed. they don't want to fly like that. they want all that data. that's why the pilot said, listen, i don't want to fly blind. i'm going to put it down with what i've got here, get you on another plane, and get you to houston from dallas on another aircraft. >> very smart decision on his part. new developments in the boeing crash. we've seen the ethiopians' report and now boeing's ceo is speaking out as well. >> reporter: he is. he's actually making an acknowledgement that the two deadly crashes are linked to the anti-stall system. think about this, boeing said there was a procedure to deal with this. we know that this system kicked in in three different flights. and only one successfully did it. seven pilots involved in those three flights, only one knew knew what to do. and boeing acknowledging it is a complicated system. that software fix is coming to
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make it safer. but let's not forget. 350 people died. yesterday an american family sued boeing saying the second accident was no accident. michael. >> you're right about that, david. it's not about getting planes back in the air but answers to families who lost loved ones. all right, thank you very much, david kerley. george? to the white house now where president trump backing off his threat to close the border, a big reversal in days as he flies to the border in california this morning. chief white house correspondent jon karl tracking all the latest. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, george. the president is going to calexico, california, there on the border. he'll be unveiling a brand-new section of border wall, a two-mile section. there is already a plaque down there calling this the first section of president trump's border wall to be completed. but, george, there should be a footnote to that plaque, for one, this was actually approved this section of wall was actually approved back in 2009 by president obama. so this is not exactly -- also it replaces some wall that was
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there previously. so this is not a brand-new section and actually is something that was ordered by the previous president, not by donald trump. >> meantime, the president saying he will keep the border open at least for now. just on sunday mick mulvaney, the white house chief of staff was telling you on "this week" it would take some kind of dramatic change to prevent the president from closing the border. doesn't seem to be anything dramatic. >> reporter: there doesn't seem to be. there has been some action by the mexican government to make it harder for migrants to cross the southern border on the way to the u.s. border, mexico's southern border. so there has been some action by the mexicans. but this was also intense pressure from republicans in congress who warned shutting down that border would have devastating economic consequences. >> yeah, across the board. meantime, the president weighing in to the stories surround joe biden this week. pretty brazen given the accusations that have been leveled against the president in the past. >> reporter: yeah, there's that old saying about don't throw stones if you live in a glass house. that apparently is not with the president in mind. you see this kind of childish tweet the president put out about joe biden. biden is responding to that with
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a tweet of his own saying, i see that you're on the job and presidential as always. of course, the president's been accused of sexual misconduct by more than a dozen women. he was on tape obviously with the "access hollywood" tape during the campaign bragging about sexual assault. so you would think it would be a fight the president would not want to pick. but he is apparently all in. now, biden has his first public appearance today here in washington speaking to a labor group. his first appearance since this controversy broke. >> we will keep an eye on that. jon karl, thanks very much. at the other end of pennsylvania avenue, congressional democrats wrapping up their investigation of president trump. let's bring in our correspondent terry moran for more on that. that new demand for president trump's taxes both sides are digging in for what could be a very long fight. >> reporter: they sure are, george. good morning and it's going to be an important fight, too. speaker of the house nancy pelosi on behalf of congress, she issued a threat. she said, turn over the tax returns. we're not walking away just because you say no the first time.
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president trump hasn't quite said no, but he sure is sending signals. in the oval office yesterday, i asked him about it. he said, quote, they can talk to my lawyers and to the attorney general. now, that answer may indicate the president's preparing to fight on two fronts. first his own lawyer, as a private citizen who has rights just like everyone else. second, he might be getting the attorney general involved because he's prepared to mount a constitutional defense, a separation of power defense, congress harassing the president. hard to say right now. but for sure the law is clear, it says the treasury secretary shall turn over tax returns when the appropriate congressional authorities ask for them. this is going to the courts. it's a case of first impression. if it gets to the supreme court, there are two trump appointees, gorsuch and kavanaugh nailing down a conservative majority up there. so stay tuned. >> that law was written in the wake of another presidential scandal, the teapot dome scandal. in the meantime, we're seeing subpoenas coming for the mueller report as well as we're expecting perhaps that to
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come out next week. michael cohen seems to be making a bid to congress to keep him out of jail for a little while longer. >> reporter: that's exactly what's happening. he doesn't want to go to prison, nobody does. he's scheduled to go next month and he has now sent a letter to several top democrats in congress, democrats only, saying i have found more documents that might be helpful to the investigation of president trump. so let me stay out of prison, perhaps get a reduced sentence so i can help with these continuing investigations. we'll see where that goes. >> he's saying it's a case of selective prosecution. terry moran, thanks very much. cecelia? okay, george, we're going to turn to the latest on the race to rescue the american woman kidnapped while on safari. the american embassy in uganda is now issuing a warning for tourists as authorities in uganda are expanding the search zone. abc's ian pannell is on the ground in queen elizabeth national park with more. good morning, ian. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, cecilia. this is the area where the american tourist and her driver were abducted, almost three days ago now. ugandan police have told us we
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can't get any closer to the site. that's because this massive manhunt is now starting to gather pace. this morning, ugandan authorities in a desperate race against time. their search now stretching beyond queen elizabeth national park as they try to find and free 35-year-old american tourist kimberly sue endicott and her safari guide, driver jean-paul mirenge remezo. seen here in photos she had been traveling in uganda for days, at times accompanied by an armed guard. but according to police, that guard wasn't with the group when she and the driver were taken hostage tuesday night. four men dressed in military uniforms snatched them at gunpoint using endicott's phone to demand a half a million dollar ransom. two canadian tourists, confirmed to abc news, were martin and
7:13 am
barbel jurrius, part of the same evening safari group, but they were let go by the abductors allowing them to report the kidnapping. a ugandan wildlife authority spokesman telling abc news it's possible the kidnappers could be poachers who encountered the tourists by mistake or even part of rogue militias from across the border. whoever the perpetrators, officials say the attack is rare. >> it is a one-off. it is unprecedented. it has not happened here and we believe it is not going to happen here again. >> reporter: the u.s. embassy now issues a security alert advising americans to avoid the ishasha area of the park. while the search goes on. we spent all morning in that area. we have seen a lot of activity. army on the roads, police going in and out of the national park. amid hopes this hostage crisis can be brought to a swift and peaceful conclusion. cecilia? >> we are sure hoping so. ian, thank you. we turn to a disturbing new incident at the grand canyon. a third person there has died in just the last eight days falling to his death. the park's helicopter and rescue team recovering the body of a 67-year-old man.
7:14 am
an investigation is under way and the grand canyon national park staff is asking all visitors to stay on designated trails and walkways and to keep a safe distance from the edge of the rim. michael? >> thank you, cecilia. and now to prince harry, who is taking on fortnite. the father-to-be is slamming the popular game saying it can damage kids and hurt families, essentially calling for it to be banned. abc's lama hasan is in windsor, lama, the prince is also taking on social media. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you, michael. while this happened at a mental health charity event, prince harry launching a scathing attack on social media as well as taking on one of the world's most popular video games out there, fortnite. his strong words taking some royal watchers by surprise. this morning, a royal battle between prince harry and popular fortnite, the battle royale game with over 200 million users worldwide. and social media.
7:15 am
this, just days after he and meghan's new sussex royal instagram account broke a guinness world record amassing followers. the prince calling social media, quote, more addictive than alcohol and drugs. while at a ymca in london, the prince took direct aim at fortnite, saying that game shoulden be allowed. where is the benefit of having it in your household? and it's created to addict, an addiction to keep you in front of the computer for as long as possible. it's so irresponsible. it's like waiting for the damage to be done and kids turning up on your doorsteps and families being broken down. his latest comments made at an event sponsored by heads together, the mental health initiative spearheaded by harry, prince william, and duchess kate, and duchess meghan. and prince harry saying this on his instagram about mental health. let's keep reminding each other that it's okay to not be okay and to listen to each other,
7:16 am
after all, how we think determines how we act, how we feel and how we treat ourselves and those around us. while igniting a firestorm the backlash has begun with some calling the prince out of touch. but prince harry is not backing down. he's going to continue to push his mental health initiative. michael? >> i'm sure he will. thank you so much, lama, cecelia? you ready to see amazing video. take a look. a florida woman lost control of her car in miami springs. it was in a parking garage smashing through the guardrail. she was stuck in that car dangling just like that for nearly an hour from the second floor as firefighters used pulleys, cranes, ladders, chains, everything they could to keep that car from plunging to the ground. and then this. [ applause ] you can hear the cheers there. they're pulling that woman to safety. thankfully no one was injured. >> good job right there. >> scary. >> uh-huh. >> all right. >> no thanks. we turn to something -- you guys know what tonight is? >> do tell.
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>> yeah, tonight, it's friday night. okay. [ laughter ] >> let's start that all over again. >> you guys know what starts tonight? the final four frenzy. it starts tonight. >> oh! >> yes, yes. those in the know know, okay. but it's viewed with a lot of excitement out there for both the men and women's tournaments. some great matchups this weekend. the women will face off tonight and for the men top seed virginia taking on number five auburn and number two michigan state is battling it out with third-seeded texas tech. those games are tomorrow night. but the finals are set for monday. so starting tonight, the whole weekend, that's what's coming. >> we get it now. >> you got it? yeah. a lot else is happening this morning. we're following new trouble for harvard. they're caught up in their own scandal involving a fencing coach, real estate deal and an athlete's father. we'll tell you about the
7:18 am
investigation this morning. also that record divorce settlement. amazon's ceo jeff bezos and his now ex-wife mackenzie, who is walking away with more than $35 billion in amazon stock. all the details ahead. let's go over to -- >> hi, everybody. does anyone know what day it is? [ laughter ] that was my favorite moment of the day so far. how are you guys? >> great. >> good to see you. >> we got a lot to talk about. we'll start with images of the rain that was falling down into the deep south. so much rain yesterday, take a look at this. 6.42 the official number but a lot of people saying, hey, we think it was more. about seven inches of rain. that led to a flash flooding emergency. and take a look at new orleans there. enough problems to drive in that rain, as well. all that rain is heading east. time it in new york at noon. time it in boston at about 7:00. that's the weather around the nation.
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good morning, east bay. let's get up and get going. hi, good morning. i'm jessica castro from abc 7 mornings. ground crews were out early this morning prepping oracle bay. if the weather holds, they will take on the tampa bay rays at 11:45. each fan will get an opening day calendar and there will be tributes to owner peter mcgowen who died in february. >> you might want to get there early, too, because those lots will fill up awfully quickly and surface streets off the park, especially off 280, could get
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exclusive. a man was confronted by police officers in his very own front yard while picking up trash. ♪ [ crying ] ♪ you protect them at home. we help protect them online.
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to help you maintain balance and help keep you active and well-rested. because hey, tomorrow's coming up fast. nature's bounty. because you're better off healthy. ♪ something big i feel it happening ♪ ♪ out of my control welcome back to "gma." you're looking live at iguazu falls in argentina where ginger is this morning. she's getting ready -- or been getting ready all day for our big live incredible event and she is close to the falls right there, getting soaked. she's going to do something that has never been done before on live television. that is coming up. how beautiful is that? >> so beautiful. >> ginger in her element. >> completely. i'm also ready to hear tlc "don't go chasing waterfalls," just saying, control room. that's ahead. but first the top headlines we're following right now. there's a new twist in the case of timmothy pitzen, the young boy missing after eight years.
7:31 am
the dna test now reveals that young man claiming to be him is not the boy who vanished without a trace. the mystery man is now in police custody. this morning, president trump is flying to the border in california. this, after backing off his threat to close the border, a complete reversal in just days. we also have news on mick jagger. the rolling stones front man reportedly doing well after his heart procedure to replace a valve. the 75-year-old is recovering and in good health. and we will have more on that coming up. >> glad to hear that good news. we'll move on now to that new college admissions controversy, this time at harvard where the school is investigating its longtime fencing coach over a questionable real estate deal involving the father of fencers on the team. paula faris is here with more. >> good morning. the father says he bought this home as a favor for the fencing coach, whom he considers a close friend. but the purchase was so suspicious in the town that the town's top housing assessor wrote in his notes that the amount he paid for it made no sense. this morning, harvard university
7:32 am
finding themselves in the center of an admissions controversy. the sale of this modest home in massachusetts is now raising questions. the home's former owner, harvard head fencing coach peter brandt. he sold the house in 2016. at the time it was valued at nearly $550,000. but when it sold in may of that year for nearly $1 million, eyebrows were raised. >> it is very strange, indeed, for a house to sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars above market value. >> reporter: a local tax assessor tells abc news this transaction is not unusual. "the boston globe" saying the house was purchased by this man, jack zhao, ceo of i talk global communications. both of his sons, fencers on brandt's team. one of them seen here at practice. zhao telling "the boston globe" he acknowledged the purchase may look suspect. however it wasn't meant to help
7:33 am
get his son into harvard. adding, with his family's ties to harvard and his son's good grades, it's a no-brainer. i don't have to do anything. all of this comes on the heels of the controversial "operation varsity blues." the scandal that has raised serious questions into the college admissions process for wealthy parents and their children. harvard university which has not been linked to that scandal tells abc news there's a lot we still don't know. adding the new allegation that came to light this week is against one individual regarding transactions that pertain to one family. we are now moving quickly to learn more about these claims through an independent review. again, harvard learned about this for the first time just a couple of days ago. they have hired outside counsel to investigate. and they stress that their admissions policy is unique. it is rigorous, noting the final decision for each student is made collectively by a 40-person committee. george, as for these boys, they tell "the boston globe" they had no idea their father purchased
7:34 am
the home from the coach. we reached out to the coach. he's not commenting. >> and one difference from the other stories, these boys actually were on the fencing team or are on the fencing team. >> not only that they're considered some of the best -- the most excellent athletes on the fencing team and they're excellent students as well. >> paula faris, thanks very much. we turn to that abc news exclusive with the black college student confronted by police while picking up trash in his own yard. abc's stephanie ramos is here with his first sitdown interview since this incident went viral. good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: good morning. his name is zayd atkinson, the man in this video and he says he was racially profiled right outside his house. he said by sharing his story he wants to be the voice for people who cannot speak out against injustices. >> one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, eight officers of the law. >> reporter: this morning, in an exclusive interview, the man at the center of this viral video, zayd atkinson, is speaking out
7:35 am
after this dramatic confrontation with police while he was picking up trash outside his house in boulder, colorado. >> you have weapons, you have protection. i'm over here picking up trash on my property. the officer began to question me on who i was and what i was doing and if i had lived there and which i answered all the questions. and told him that i did live there. >> reporter: atkinson, a student at a nearby college, says he even gave the officer his school i.d. the officer still not convinced. request for backup saying atkinson is not willing to put down a tool. a swarm of officers arrive on scene. you can see one officer with his gun out. but the police chief says only that officer drew his weapon and kept it pointed downward throughout the entire encounter. atkinson and the officers appear to yell at each other for about 15 minutes until the property manager confirms atkinson does indeed work and live there. and the officers leave. >> i believe that this man had
7:36 am
approached me because i am a black male in an all-white town. i thoroughly believe i was profiled. >> he was stopped for being black and working. he was stopped for being black and cleaning his own property. >> reporter: the incident sparking protests across boulder. >> this is our community. >> reporter: the police chief telling city council a month ago the department launched an internal affairs investigation into the confrontation. >> this is an extremely concerning issue and one that we are taking very seriously. i am not aware of any information that the man did anything unlawful or wrong. >> reporter: the officer who first approached atkinson is on paid administrative leave while the police department conducts an internal investigation. now, the police chief says it could be another two months before the investigation is complete. but atkinson says the police department can't police themselves. he's requesting an individual and outside review of that situation. >> like grading your own homework. >> basically.
7:37 am
>> seriously. this is a head-scratcher. and it makes you frustrated. thanks, stephanie. coming up, everybody, that more than $35 billion divorce settlement. all the details on jeff bezos and his ex-wife, mackenzie's deal. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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♪ ooooh i'm discovering, i'm d♪ oooh oooh oooh ♪ bring color to life with the very best paint, only at your sherwin-williams store. back now with the latest on the bezos divorce. the most expensive settlement ever. the amazon founder's ex-wife mackenzie is walking away with
7:41 am
more than $35 billion in amazon stock. abc's janai norman is here with the details. good morning, janai. >> guys, good morning. it is hard to wrap your mind around these kind of numbers. a record-setting $35 billion divorce. that leaves bezos still easily the richest man in the world and his now exwife mackenzie picking up the title of fourth richest woman in the world. this morning, mackenzie bezos is waking up the forty wealthiest woman on the plant. this after she and now ex-husband jeff bezos, ceo of amazon reached a record divorce settlement as they dissolved their 25-year marriage. mackenzie will keep 25% of their joint amazon stocks with her share currently worth about $36 billion. mackenzie breaking the news on her brand-new twitter account writing, grateful to have finished the process of dissolving my marriage from jeff with support from each other. happy to be giving him all of my interest in "the washington post" and blue origin and 75% of our amazon stock plus voting
7:42 am
control of my shares. she now ranks behind l'oreal heiress francoise bettencourt meyers, alice walton of the walmart family. and jacqueline badger mars of the mars candy family. meanwhile, bezos still retains the title of richest person, with a net worth of $110 billion. they met at a manhattan hedge fund after he graduated from princeton. their offices right next to each other. >> through the walls i would hear him laughing that giant laugh all day long. and it was -- it was totally love at first listen. >> reporter: they got engaged in just three months, married within six months and moved to seattle staying in this small home while launching amazon raising their four kids. bezos posting his own statement about his ex-wife on twitter saying, i'm grateful for her support and for her kindness in this process. the news coming just three months after the former power couple first announced they were splitting up. that announcement soon followed by explosive accusations in "the national enquirer" about an
7:43 am
affair between bezos and lauren sanchez. the tabloid releasing intimate messages between the pair. and in addition to being the most expensive divorce in history, it's also amazingly amicable. despite those reports about bezos having a mistress, both jeff and mackenzie still speaking so highly of each other, saying they're looking forward to the next phase as co-parents and friends. very nice words between the two. >> they are, janai. thanks very much. let's bring in larry hackett. from ten ten media for more on this. very amicable. they're taking care of their kids. but it also seems like they're putting amazon first and center. >> absolutely. the public announcement says, look, i'm getting this amount of money. he's getting the voting rights and control of amazon. that's supposed to calm the street down. it's all about public perception and i think she also made a decision that while she was certainly due more stock, the idea is if you stabilize the company my stock is worth more. if i take more and that is perceived as being instability at amazon, well then the stock may go down. i think there was that calculation. >> a lot of people who were questioning why she didn't get
7:44 am
more. and if she basically forfeited her right to a fortune but you don't see it like that. do you? >> well, there's $36 billion. [ laughter ] >> a bigger fortune. >> exactly. and seriously, look. we don't know. i'm sure this are other assets, homes, and things like that. none that will approach 50% if she got all that but made the calculation in the long term if the stock is stable or can grow that $36 billion gets even bigger. what are percentages when you're talking that kind of money? >> that is such a big pot of money as you say. she could end up doing a lot of creative stuff with that. >> absolutely. and for generations to come, right? so what's interesting about it, she was a relatively private person beforehand and let him run the company. and we know the origin story that she was involved in it. but now, just by virtue of these announcements, the world knows who mackenzie bezos is. so i think there's going to be -- and they know she has $35 billion so she has to figure out what to do with it. they had an anti-bullying campaign a few years ago but -- i'm sure she'll be doing
7:45 am
something else going forward. >> you think the coverage has been sexist? >> absolutely. even if you read the headlines yes. mackenzie bezos gets $35 billion. she was due it. it wasn't as if she married him later on. they began this together in 1993. so the idea that she gets or even one conflated the idea she is grateful she gets $36 billion. ouch, that's not what this is about. this was due to her and as you pointed out michael, she could have gotten more. the whole idea she's walking away with this. ugh. these are very old patriarchal notions of how divorce works which are still lingering. which is kind of surprising. >> and they've been amicable. they handled it in the right way. >> right for amazon, too, apparently. we'll see what happens on the stock market. >> larry, thank you very much. coming up, everybody, our "play of the day." for amazon. let's see what happens on the stock market. coming up, everything, our "play of the day."
7:46 am
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♪ ain't nobody tell me nothing >> now for our "play of the day." ♪ can't nobody tell me nothing >> you hear that. that's old time road. that's lil nas x's hit. that's "old time road." it was tearing up the country charts until billboard pulled it off for not being country enough. >> this is country? >> they said it's not country enough. so he decided to kick it up a notch with the country and had a little help from billy ray cyrus. take a look at the brand-new remix that was released overnight. ♪ head down crosstown living like a rock star spending a lot
7:50 am
of money on my brand-new guitar ♪ >> a little bit closer. >> countryish. >> george, i heard this coming out of your dressing room this morning. [ laughter ] but the instagram video of billy ray and lil nas x has more than 110,000 views and counting. and right now, billy ray is the top trend on twitter. ♪ i want to ride until i can't no more ♪ >> all right. george, keep it down in your dressing room. coming up, prince harry and duchess meghan's big move as they get ready for their royal arrival. ♪ >> yeah. ndered if she could do the stuff she does for us... ...which is kind of, a lot. and if that pain... could mean something worse? joint pain could mean joint damage. enbrel helps relieve joint pain... and helps stop irreversible joint damage. enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including... infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system, and blood disorders,
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7:54 am
the missouri river and we're flying over, flying over. there's something, a speck on there. you're going to go quick and not really pay attention. wait, on the zoom back, that's a moose. that's a moose on a piece of ice in the middle of the missouri river. they are about seven feet tall, about 1,400 pounds. it's not a little thing. coming up, meghan and harry's big move into their new home. plus, it's a sweet treat showdown. "consumer reports" picking their top ice creams. ginger zee is going under one of the biggest waterfalls in the world live. your local news and weather right now.
7:55 am
"good morning america" is sponsored by allstate. are you in good hands?
7:56 am
good morning, south bay. >> hi, good morning. i'm jessica castro from abc 7 mornings. you see oracle park behind me. it's the home opener today for the giants. we're going to lisa. i think it's going to rain. >> it's pushing into inverness and san rafael. the golden gate bridge is wet, the coast from san bruno. not much happening in the east bay, but we do have rain looking out towards 80. looking at scattered showers ending this afternoon. let's take a look at the golden gate bridge which, yes, lisa is correct, pictures don't lie. it is raining out there but traffic is flowing nicely, a little fog and haze coming o
7:57 am
the median. you have about a 30-minute drive all the way to the tolls. prince harry and duchess meghan's big move as they get dr ready for their little
7:58 am
7:59 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. missing boy mystery. the new twist in that heartbreaking hoax. a dna test reveals that the young man claiming to be timmothy pitzen is not him. so who is this mystery man? what his family is saying this morning on "gma." also this morning, president trump is heading to the border after that stunning 180, walking back his threat to close it down just days ago. all smiles. just months after actress selma blair revealed she's suffering from ms, the famous friend who is helping her cope as she says michael j. fox is the best and wait until you find out who took the picture. ♪ i'm on my way harry and meghan make their
8:01 am
move. the couple now the windsor. the royal baby watch is on as harry publicly slams fortnite and social media, dazzles on the red carpet overnight, even doing ballet and a never before seen photo of harry and meghan just revealed. ♪ ice ice baby inside scoop. the brand-new consumer report out this morning from low cal to low sugar to nondairy, the top ice cream picks this morning. ♪ something big i feel it happening ♪ and one incredible adventure. our jaw-dropping live event from one of the natural wonders of the world. you're looking at a massive system so complex, it's 275 separate water falls. we're going right into them. the first time anyone has ever broadcast live from right here. it's our planet on "gma." ginger is live and she's saying -- >> good morning, america. ♪
8:02 am
that is some good morning, america right there. ginger down there in argentina. hope you are having a good friday. >> she's in argentina. look where she's heading. she's taking us up in person and close underneath the incredible falls, one of the natural wonders of the world. there are actually 275 separate falls there and the largest is called the devil's throat. >> i'm assuming all of this is shot on a drone. absolutely stunning. you guys, fans of khalid? >> yes. >> the artist's new album dropped overnight. he will be here singing his new hit "talk." >> one fan at home a little miffed i didn't let her skip school to see khalid. i will make it up to her. starting with president trump. he's backing off his threat to close the border. that's a big reversal from days
8:03 am
ago. he's flying to the border in california this morning. want to go back to jon karl with the latest. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, george. it was just last week the president threatened to completely shut the mexican border last week. this week now he is saying that he's going to give mexico a year to stop the flow of drugs into the united states and if they don't, after a year he will impose tariffs on cars coming from mexico and then if that doesn't work, he'll shut the border down. so it's a major reversal. meanwhile the president is going to calexico, a city on the mexican border. he will be before a brand-new stretch, two-mile stretch of wall that's got a plaque right on it that says it is the first stretch of donald trump's border walsh that was put on by the department of homeland security. but, george, that plaque should probably have an asterisk on it. this is actually a replacement wall that replaces dilapidated wall and this stretch was actually ordered to be built back in 2009 by a president named barack obama. so we're still dealing with a
8:04 am
wall that was put in the pipeline well before donald trump was president. >> details, jon karl, thanks very much. now we turn to the latest on the new twist in the case of timmothy pitzen. the fbi revealing the person claiming to be the boy missing for eight years is actually a 23-year-old man. let's go back to abc's whit johnson in newport, kentucky, with all the details. good morning, whit. >> reporter: cecilia, good morning to y. a family's renewed hope that little timmothy pitzen might finally be coming home crushed by that dna test. a man with a criminal past reopening old wounds with a devastating lie. this morning, a shocking hoax surrounding illinois boy timmothy pitzen who gained national attention nearly eight years ago when he tragically vanished. >> it's like reliving that day all over again. >> reporter: a breakthrough gave the family renewed hope when this man wearing a hoodie identifying himself to police as a 14-year-old pitzen telling authorities he escaped from two men holding him captive. timmothy mysteriously disappeared in 2011 at age 6 after his mother picked him up from school. police say days later she took her own life and left a chilling
8:05 am
note saying her son was safe but would never be found. but now a dna test confirming the young man is not timmothy, but really 23-year-old brian michael rini from ohio. >> he was receiving treatment but then he stopped and started getting in more trouble. >> reporter: rini's brother saying he suffers from a long list of mental health issues. the medina, ohio, police chief telling our chicago abc station, wls, that rini has an extensive criminal history. between 50 and 60 interactions with police. overnight rini was booked into a county jail. they are still exploring possible charges. cecelia? >> all right, whit, thank you are. coming up here the latest on prince harry's big move with duchess meghan as they get ready for the royal baby. who is ready for ice cream? yes, i think everybody is. we got "consumer reports" top picks. for 2019. >> looking forward to that. he is the top trend on twitter overnight.
8:06 am
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♪ had to have high high hopes welcome back to "gma." that crowd giving themselves a hand. welcome to our audience here. everybody who is here monday will have a special treat. sorry we don't have it right now but you have khalid but monday. [ applause ] six of the biggest stars of "the avengers" robert downey, jr.,
8:11 am
scarlett johansson, chris evans, big day for "the avengers." [ applause ] sam champion in for "pop news." >> hi, george. hi, cecilia or the time i like to say this is when you really get to miss lara. all right. so let's start in "pop news," ladies and gentlemen. we begin with the beautiful meeting of the minds and do love this story. my favorite of the day. selma blair who revealed about five months ago she's been suffering from multiple sclerosis -- and it was a big thing. most of us just didn't know. sharing a lovely photo with michael j. fox, has been dealing with parkinson's disease for nearly 30 years. you guys know that. so blair was writing i like this man and i am not alone in feeling this way, no, you're not. don't we all think this guy is just like -- >> amazing. [ applause ] >> unbelievable. your presence is the best, i thank you. we know that jennifer grey took that photo back in february. blair told robin when she was on the show that fox got in touch with her offering to help and has been giving her some advice
8:12 am
on how to deal with a life altering condition that affects the central nervous system. selma telling us that, quote, michael by being so open himself as far as an actor and public figure allowed me to come to terms with my own condition, what a wonderful and supportive friendship. >> absolutely. >> that's really great. >> such an amazing man. >> you never know what people are going through. so this is just a good check-in today on friday to touch base with your friends to make sure everybody knows they're loved. good news for mick jagger. we were all concerned about this because we heard that the surgery was going to happen and not really knowing it. he underwent a successful heart valve procedure in new york currently on the mend and sources telling billboard he is in great health and should bring his fans some satisfaction. >> i see what you did there. [ applause ] >> please, they get paid to applaud during this. we told you earlier the rock band postponed their tour so they would have time to rest
8:13 am
skipping huge events and these are big music places like jazz fest. fleetwood mac stepped in to take their headline spot. the stones are currently set to hit the road in july. now, mick, we wish you the best and a speedy recovery. >> definitely. >> so apparently this is the surgery where they don't have to crack you open. so they can work a little tube down and put a valve in or worked on his valve and he's going to be up and moving. >> good. >> fantastic. [ applause ] >> all right. how about you guys ready for a little jonas brothers news? [ cheers and applause ] all right. the jonas brothers are back and giving us even more, as if we could expect more. they just gave us a hit song "sucker" debuted number one on the billboard charts. the broots are keeping the momentum going by dropping their
8:14 am
latest "cool" and comes with another music video. this one, ladies and gentlemen, shot where? where? where? >> new york. >> who said new york? who was that? raise your hand. >> no one wants to admit it now. >> no one is going to admit it. it's miami. thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> what's your name? i can't hear you. >> paige. >> paige, thank you. i'm a miami fan as well. >> let's take a look at their video. ♪ a killer queen like a young jane fonda ♪ ♪ is it me or am i just having a good year ♪ ♪ lately i've been feeling so cool ♪ >> "cool" is the video. >> i like it. >> that's gorgeous miami in the background. can i tell that miami was nuts knowing that they were all there, all of their significant others were there as well. now, their significant others are not in the video but we know that like priyanka was there, nick jonas' wife and she posted a group video of all of them. i was walking by the marina and when they were like docking the
8:15 am
whole press phalanx was all out there. everybody snapping pictures. i was like please let me just get out of the way. >> you're not in the video? >> i did not get an invite to the video. >> that's too bad. >> that's kind of sad. i just realized they ignored me. all right, and finally this story, i need a prop and for that we have an amazing props department. all right, let's just see if i can do this. >> okay. [ applause ] >> high tech prop. >> a high tech prop and a siren to let you know it is important. a new social media challenge. can i get a drum roll on the lap? this one brought to us by the lone star state of texas. it's this time of year the state flower, the bluebonnet, is in full bloom and the men and women in blue are taking full advantage. police officers all over texas are laying down the law and
8:16 am
laying down in the field of flowers. see how i did that. >> nice. >> see how that all works together. >> this is not by accident, people. creating the bluebonnet challenge. it all started when officers from north texas issued an all points bulletin that spring had sprung and challenged other local law enforcement officers to join in. the result, some arresting photos, if you will. check out these from the police department. they are really committing to these pictures. these guys from mineral wells police department got in on the fun while eating some doughnuts, of course. now, you got to look at the captions because they're the best. like writing, felt cute, might arrest someone later. i don't know. check out the k-9 officer, shaka. come on. and now because i did not take a selfie today, so we want to show our men and women in blue some support and if i can -- michael, would you help me? george, would you just take a photo of us? >> sure. >> michael, just if you would -- i know, michael, i know. >> oh, i thought -- no. [ applause ]
8:17 am
come on, george. >> cecilia, you want to come? [ cheers and applause ] [ laughter ] >> i'm just going to go for the old sears pose. >> okay. >> here we go. one -- we got it, we got it. [ cheers and applause ] >> off the rails. >> ladies and gentlemen, the bluebonnet challenge. >> thank you, sam. that was amazing. >> who is glad sam came in today? [ cheers and applause ] we'll turn now to -- giant bouquet of flowers. that's for you. more on prince harry. not only taking on fortnite and social media but also now making the big move to windsor as he and duchess meghan get ready to become parents and lama hasan has the latest from windsor. hey, lama.
8:18 am
>> reporter: good morning to you, cecilia. well, we're standing right outside the gates that lead to their new home nestled in a quiet corner in the grounds of windsor. it's been a whirlwind of a week for prince harry attending a star-studded premiere as well as going to charity events and squeezing in a babymoon. the duke and duchess of sussex are finally settling into frogmore college on the queen's estate in windsor. >> windsor was a place close to their heart. one of the reasons why they picked to get married there and sharing their own way. >> reporter: it's right where their famous engagement photos were taken. the renovations costing millions just finishing on their five-bedroom cottage. >> that's them saying, look, we're charting our own path. william and kate are obviously on a different road. william is the future king of england. >> reporter: while the world is officially on baby watch, reports swirling the soon-to-be
8:19 am
parents took a $40,000 babymoon at the posh heckfield place hotel relaxing with cozy dinners and romantic strolls. >> they had the space to themselves, enjoying the grounds, going for walks, having private dining in their room and of course enjoying a few moments together before moving into their brand-new place. >> reporter: overnight, a royal night out for prince harry with his father, charles, and brother william. the three princes on the red carpet and at the premiere of the new series "our planet." it's rare that charles and his sons are seen together without their wives but wildlife and the environment are causes particularly important to these three royals. earlier in the day prince harry attending a charity event for servicemen and women where he was given some baby swag. >> ah, look at that. >> reporter: and the day before cameras capturing him cooing over a little tot. we also caught a glimpse of his dad moves joining in a ballet class. and it all comes in a week when he and duchess meghan launched
8:20 am
their own instagram account @sussexroyal that broke records just hours after appearing online. a new photo shared by the couple now, a never before seen shot of them in 2017 in botswana helping elephants without borders. now, with royal baby watchers officially on high alert, sources tell abc news prince harry won't be slowing down, oh, no, he's going to be continuing to work right up until the baby's due date, cecilia. >> love that royal baby swag. lama, thank you. speaking of swag, over to sam champion. >> yeah. hi, everybody. [ applause ] and a "gma" moment. let's just show you what it feels like after you get coffee. [ laughter ] that's exactly right. there it is. that's the moment i was waiting for. a little chimpanzee action. we share about 98% of our dna with them. now, these are at a rescue facility like they were all kind of like brought in to survive here in this facility and i just love this moment.
8:21 am
just made me happy. it's friday. come on. now to the scoop on ice cream. there are a lot of new low calorie low sugar and nondairy options out there and so this morning, "consumer reports," a membership organization is out with a brand-new review of more than a dozen vanilla treats and
8:22 am
new tri knew tri shon ist dawn jackson blatner is here with their top picks. thanks for joining us. so what is "consumer reports" looking for when scoring these frozen treats? >> all right, when you think about this whole idea of taste testing -- doesn't it sound fun? >> sounds like a job to me. >> they picked vanilla because that is america's favorite flavor. so all the picks were vanilla and they went through and did taste and texture but also nutrition so looked at calories, fat, sugar and how many processed ingredients were in each. you know when you go in the ice cream row there are so many choices. so it's great that "consumer reports" gave us this guide of top picks. >> one of their top picks was a traditional ice cream. >> yes, so this was on the list, sort of like a purist, right. so when you think about ice cream there's about four different categories. the purist is that traditional stuff. just four ingredients, cream, mill, sugar and vanilla and breyers came in as the best buy in its purest category. nice, huh? whoo! yeah.
8:23 am
>> so what about -- what about the alternatives, though? >> so then you think about beyond the purist what is there? there's sort of old school and new school alternatives and the old school, these are lower in fat and the very number one best buy in this list was the blue bunny frozen yogurt, okay. wow. and also in this category is the stonyfield organic nonfat frozen yogurt and edy's slow churned light us cream. all these will save on the fat. >> when i go to ice cream i expect the fat. >> this is in terms of new school. >> new school. whoo what you got? >> lower in calories, lower in sugar but have a higher number of processed ingredients and just to think of, when you think about lower calorie don't eat the whole pint all at once. when it comes to all of these ice cream is such a fun treat. put it in a small bowl. >> they say never eat out of the
8:24 am
pint because you'll eat the whole thing. if you put it in a bowl you won't. >> great advice. >> what about nondairy options? >> so just because you don't have dairy doesn't mean you can't enjoy ice cream so "consumer reports" looked at coconut-based ice cream desserts. oh, i know and thing to think about here coconut has calories and fat,. so this isn't necessarily going to save you calories or fat but if you're a vegan or if you're lactose intolerant this nadamoo came in close to the top as being a dairy-free dessert option. >> something for everybody. >> there definitely is something for everyone. when you think about it whether you're a purist or you're looking for something nondare, all can be enjoyed as a treat. >> as they can be. see more at the "consumer reports" website, thank you so much, dawn. coming up, ginger zee's incredible live adventure under one of the biggest waterfalls in the world. come on now you can't have mother's day without "gma's"
8:25 am
breakfast in bed. we've been surprising moms for almost two decades. now we're celebrating the 20th year with the biggest, most incredible surprise ever so go now to to find out how to enter your mom. it's "gma's" breakfast in bed sponsored by hilton. it's "gma's" breakfast in bed sponsored by hilton.
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8:27 am
good morning, north bay. it's 8:27. i'm reggie aqui on friday morning. always a fun day when it's opening day. grounds crews were out today prepping the park. if the rain holds off, the game will bin at 1:35 this afternoon. gates open at 11:05. the first 40,000 will get opening day calendar. >> getting there is a little easier than leaving because
8:28 am
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8:30 am
francisco. it's slowly pulling into the east bay. reggie? >> another abc 7 news update in about 30 minutes, and there's always the news app and ♪ you don't own me and ♪ i'm not just one of your many toys ♪ ♪ you don't own me ♪ don't say i can't go with other boys ♪ ♪ dent tell me what to do and don't tell me what to say ♪ ♪ just let me be myself that's all i ask of you ♪ ♪ i'm young and i love to be young ♪ ♪ i'm free and i love to be free ♪ ♪ to live my life the way i want
8:31 am
to say and do whatever i please ♪ ♪ hey hey you don't own me ♪ you don't own me [ applause ] welcome back to "gma." that was the longest intro video i've ever seen but that's your first look at the new bachelorette hannah brown and no one enjoyed that more than sam champion. [ laughter ] >> i did. i love the drop of the sash, the rose petals behind. everything. >> she's the youngest bachelorette ever at the age of 24. >> wow. >> yeah. and this season promises to be unpredictable. we'll see what happen also it kicks off monday, may 13th. [ applause ] yeah. >> it's going to be something. it's a big morning here. we've been talking about this all morning and we've been exploring some of earth's amazing -- most amazing places and why it's so important to take care of them. >> this could be the most
8:32 am
exciting yet all the way to argentina. the spectacular waterfalls at iguazu national park. how is it going? >> buenos dias. welcome to argentina and brazil right between them and these are iguazu falls. i am telling you i am still in awe and apparently not alone. eleanor rose set when she first came here said niagara. their majesty, not the only reason we're here. with netflix celebrating their original series "our planet" that premieres today we are actually looking at the vital role that fresh water plays. all of this fresh water plus the rain forest around us that happens to be one of the most threatened on the planet. ♪ majestic, magical. mighty. cascading walls of water as far
8:33 am
as the eye can see. straddling the border of argentina and brazil iguazu is made up of an astonishing 275 waterfalls sponsored in netflix's "our planet" voiced by sir david attenborough. >> these are the largest waterfalls on the planet. thousands of tons of fresh water thunder over them every second. >> what makes the waterfall so special? >> over there you feel very small. >> and it's mesmerizing. ♪ let me introduce you to this beast behind me. it is devil's throat. the tallest of the waterwalls here at iguazu dropping 262 feet into a milky white abyss.
8:34 am
iguazu is surrounded by the atlantic rain forest. >> this forest and the rest of the forests in south america are not only helping to pry fresh water but the oxygen we all breathe so we rely on them being healthy and the forest being intact. >> reporter: teeming with 2,000 species of plants and animals including the raccoon like cuoati and native birds before swooping straight into the falls. >> what we're trying to do with our planet is take people to these incredible landscapes and habitats and show people that aren't able to come here the value of these systems. >> through the rain forest more than a million visitors come to iguazu falls and walk these footbridges so they can access views like this. and along the river, the ultimate adventure.
8:35 am
a boat ride feeling the strength of the falls. in this place that reminds us of the beauty of our planet. so let me give you just a little more perspective. the atlantic forests are the rain forests that encases the waterfalls. there's actually own 10% of it left, of the original because of deforestation so why should you care about that? each one of those trees puts off water vapor. that makes a cloud. that transports water and fresh water around the globe. it's meteorology. that atmospheric river i tell you about all the time. that plus a quarter of all the oxygen we breathe comes from trees ondz land and plant and the biodiversity, that fragile ecosystem surrounding us so i have to say if that isn't inspiring enough, perhaps me going into the waterfall will inspire you to keep these jewels
8:36 am
of our planet safe so that's what we're going to do coming up. i'm going in san martine, the big one right here, it's been raining all morning so i'm soaked but we're about to get a whole lot more soaked. >> i tell you what, the images are beautifully and definitely needs to be preserved. we're so glad ginger is brave enough to go in there. can't wait for the big live event when she goes under the falls. that's happening when we come back.
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
back to our planet. ginger's incredible adventure. >> we have saved the best for last and ginger has it right now. right, ginger? >> yes, we're right here at the base of san martine and we are going inside the waterfall. i got to tell you it's been raining all morning so they're extra heavy, lucky us, more than 17,000 millimeters or cubic millimeters per second and we're going in. guys, you ready? let's do it. aaagh. got to sit down because this is where it gets intense. this is like a serious thrill ride. okay. right up to the mouth. here we go. whoo!
8:40 am
aaagh. yes. whoo! we're in the falls. we're in it. oh, wow. that is power. oh. >> ginger, we felt like we could feel it here. how was it on your end? >> oh, i'm telling you right now, it is so thrilling but beyond that it's like i've been here for a couple of days, seeing all of these waterfalls and when you get to touch them, when you get to be a part of the planet and feel their power it really does take it home even grander. i mean, i can't tell you how much i think that all of you should come here and experience not just getting doused by water, but actually seeing it because it's mesmerizing and then it takes you to another place. it doesn't just make you feel small but makes you feel powerful in the way that you know we can do something to help this. it's really exciting to be here and glad i get to doused on tv for you. >> well, it is on my list now.
8:41 am
that was just incredible, ginger. [ applause ] thank you so much. that looks like so much fun. such an important cause. >> agreed. if i didn't see the whole boat full of people i would have thought that's not safe so it's really incredible. "our planet" on netflix launches globally today. okay? [ applause ] all right. let's get a check of the weather right now and start with -- we've been talking about it. have you seen pictures on social. the peak week of cherry blossoms, one of my favorite times in d.c. ever, a beautiful, clean, gorgeous city and blossoms around. next week if you don't go this week, go next week. it looks like snow falling. >> gorgeous. all right, and, of course, we get a
8:42 am
[ applause ] now we have big news if you're a "descendants" fan and everything s. the first two movies were such a worldwide sensation and fans demanded more so now "descendants 3" is coming out this summer and a look at the brand-new trailer. take a look. >> the only thing more powerful than the scepter is the ember. >> yeah. >> unless i get that ember, it's game over. [ applause ] >> all right, so "descendants 3" airs this summer on the disney channel and now time for avengers to assemble. everyone is so excited about
8:43 am
"avengers: endgame" we have record-breaking ticket sales and we have some of the kids to share the toys. we met earlier. all right, so we were holding some of these guys earlier. we have the big avenger. what was your favorite one? this one. who is that? i'm not sure who he is but he has a thing on -- can you see it right there? dorian, what was your favorite? >> the car. >> the car. who is in that? that's a villain. >> a villain. >> yeah. all right. >> the villain. >> we have stuff we can build with here as well. thanks, you guys, for being our toy experts during the day today. i appreciate it. elias, you had fun with this, as well? all right, good, you guys. "avengers: endgame" opens april 26th. i'm actually going to hang here with them. on monday we have an interview with robert downey jr., scarlett
8:44 am
johansson, chris evans, jeremy renner, the list goes on and on and that interview on "gma" on monday. coming up next grammy nominated singer khalid is here. ♪ even if no one in your home smokes, secondhand smoke can be closer than you think. secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter your home through air vents, through light fixtures and even through cracks in the walls and the floors. secondhand smoke is toxic. especially to children. protect your family. visit (dad) this i(mom)eam cake needs a freezefreezer's full. (vo) only frigidaire's custom flex temp drawer can switch from
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fridge to freezer. (son) nice save! (vo) that's using your frigidaire.
8:46 am
you know who they're mrauding for, khalid. big day on "gma." releasing his second album "free spirit" and opening for your north american stadium tour. welcome back. >> good to see you. >> i have to thank you. you've made me father of the year by doing a video for my daughter who couldn't come but tell us a little about the inspiration behind this album. >> honestly, over the past year feel like i've been working super hard on it and i really give it up to my friends because they're definitely the ones who inspire me and keep me going and keep me motivated so i feel it's all of our experiences wrapped in one. >> and film to go with it as well. >> yes. >> i know you're working with
8:47 am
john mayer on a track here and worked with calvin harris in the past whochlt is next on your list. >> who is next? i would love to work with drake. he is super awesome. [ applause ] >> that would be an incredible collaboration. are you guys ready to hear a soong? [ applause ] let's hear it "talk." thank you. [ applause ] ♪ ♪ ♪ can't we just talk can't we just talk ♪ ♪ before we get lost
8:48 am
♪ yeah yeah ♪ never felt like this before before i apologize if i'm moving too far ♪ ♪ can't we just talk can't we just talk ♪ ♪ yeah yeah, hey ♪ yeah started off right i can see it in your eyes ♪ ♪ i can tell that you're wanting more what's been on your mind ♪ ♪ there's no reason we should hide tell me something i ain't heard before ♪ ♪ oh, i've been dreaming about it and it's you i'm on so stop thinking about it ♪ ♪ can't we just talk can't we just talk ♪ ♪ yeah hey yeah ♪ talk about where we're going before we get lost ♪
8:49 am
♪ yeah yeah ♪ i've never felt like this before i apologize if i'm moving too far ♪ ♪ can't we just talk can't we just talk ♪ ♪ figure out oh now ♪ penthouse view left some flowers in the room ♪ ♪ i'll make sure i leave the door unlocked ♪ ♪ now i'm on the way swear i won't be late i'll be there by 5:00 ♪ ♪ oh, you've been dreaming about it and i'm what you want so stop thinking about it ♪ ♪ can't we just talk, yeah yeah yeah ♪ ♪ before we get lost take some time to talk about our love ♪ ♪ never felt like this
8:50 am
apologize if i'm moving too far ♪ ♪ can't we just talk can't we just talk before we get lost ♪ ♪ i've never felt like this before i apologize if i'm moving too far ♪ ♪ can't we just talk yeah yeah ♪ ♪ figure out what where we're growing ♪ [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you, guys. ♪
8:51 am
♪ star wars galaxy's edge opening may 31st at the disneyland resort [ distant traffic sounds ] [ loud traffic sounds ] [ music replaces the noise ] the new galaxy s10 on xfinity mobile. the phone and network designed to do more. get $250 back on a new galaxy when you switch and save today. say "get a galaxy" to learn more.
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>> announcer: come on now, you can't have a mother's day without "gma's" breakfast in bed. we've been surprising moms for almost two decades and now we're celebrating the 20th year with the biggest most incredible surprise ever. so go now to to find out how to enter your mom. it's "gma's" breakfast in bed sponsored by hilton. ♪ can't we just talk "good morning america" is sponsored by walmart. order groceries online, pick up without leaving your car. [ cheers and applause ] >> how about another thank you for khalid. khalid, thank you so much. that was fantastic. >> thank you. >> we want to give a big thank you to kevin mulvaney retiring
8:54 am
after 21 years at abc. that's right. give him a hand. helps get our interviews on the air each morning under a lot of pressure. he will be missed. >> we'll miss him. also exciting news for our audience. guy, are you ready. everybody is going home with an avengers iron man doll remember we showed you earlier? okay. top that. >> how do i follow all of this, you guys. thanks for that. we got taraji p. henson today. we've got wwwe superstar roman reigns and whiskey cavalier's lauren cohan will be with us. >> stealing your doll. >> but, wait, there's more. before we go, you remember the bluebonnet challenge. there's our picture. >> oh! [ applause ] >> pretty good. >> michael is a model. >> why does sam look scared? >> strahan looks really comfortable on the floor.
8:55 am
8:56 am
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8:58 am
8:59 am
good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. hey, good morning. i'm reggie aqui from abc 7 mornings. lisa argen has that opening day forecast. >> reggie, i see behind you, pretty damp. we have a narrow band of rain pushing into san francisco, marin, also into the north bay. this is going to push through by about 1:00, then we'll have partly cloudy skies behind it. not much in the east bay yet, and the weekend looking dry, the second half of it. sue? big problems leaving san francisco on the 101. a big rig flew off the roadway and into an embankment and caught on fire. all northbound lanes are blocked. north 101 past the robbins
9:00 am
tunnel. they're looking for a dbig tow and they have fire crews on the scene. you can always >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, grammy award-winning recording artist kelly clarkson. and from "the public," writer, actor, director, emilio estevez. plus, a performance from singer-songwriter jess glynne. and "riverdale"'s mark consuelos returns for another day of cohosting. all next on "live!" and now, here are kelly ripa and mark consuelos! [cheers and applause] ♪


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