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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  April 5, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. the deadly hostage standoff, the new video just in tonight. two officers respond. you can see them running to the home, both of them shot. the man holding hostages inside. they deploy several rounds of gas into the home. what happens next? we're on the scene. also breaking news as we come on tonight, the 15-year-old girl just found this evening. authorities say she was with a 47-year-old man, who befriended her family and who hired her to babysit. the mid-air scare -- the new developments tonight. the flight over the u.s. the pilots revealing the cockpit screens suddenly went dark. then the emergency landing. former vice president joe biden today on stage, and two jokes that drew immediate attention. you'll hear them. you decide. severe storms hitting this friday night. damaging winds, tornadoes
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possible, and heavy rain and ice sweeping into the northeast. sam champion standing by with the timing. the boy missing since he was just 6. that stunning turn, and now what we have learned today, the charges. the alarming headline from the grand canyon tonight. the third death in a matter of days. and now the new warning tonight for tourists taking selfies on the edge. measles scare. a single patient may have exposed 200 people. major news coming in on mick jagger. the heart procedure, how it went. the update just in. the new consumer warning tonight for parents and grandparents about a very popular sleeper. good evening. great to have you with us here on a very busy friday night. we begin with dramatic new video coming in tonight revealing the danger faced by two officers during a deadly hostage drama outside atlanta. police responding to a call, the new body cam in tonight show youing them racing to the front
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door in that yard and then coming under fire. the gunman holding hostages inside. another officer kicking in the door. taking a bullet. the negotiations lasted 17 hours. the officers have survived this but as we now learn, there was a grim discovery inside. abc's steve osunsami is on the scene. >> blood on the driveway, female inside unresponsive. >> reporter: this is the moment when this tragedy began. someone had called 911 thursday morning, begging for help. these are the brave men who answered. in body camera video released tonight, you see henry county police force their way into this suburban atlanta home after seeing a lifeless woman on the ground. is shooting at theops.have rey o [ bleep ] >> officer taylor webb is hit twice, and gets trapped in the garage. >> shots fired, shots fired. >> reporter: a third officer outside rushes to help. officer keegan merritt is ducking bullets and gets shot in the hand.
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>> aah! [ bleep ] shots fired, shots fired. >> reporter: all the while, the gunman is warning police. >> don't come in here, i got a lot of shots. i got a hostage! >> reporter: but they break into the garage anyway, freeing their wounded officer. by the time police could get in the home after 17 hours, 39-year-old sandra white, who was 9 months pregnant, was dead and so was her 16-year-old son. police say the gunman was her boyfriend, 47-year-old anthony bailey, who they say took his own life. >> we got three babies to bury, we don't know how we're going to do it. >> reporter: the family tonight is asking for prayers for both themselves and the wounded officers. >> let's get back to steve osunsami tonight live at the scene. those officers expected to make a full recovery, but this is just devastafami crime scene investigators are at their home directly
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behind me. the teenager killed here plays football at a local high school. they were planning a surprise baby show this weekend, but instead are now planning funerals. >> steve osunsami, thank you. there is always breaking news about a 15-year-old girl missing from louisiana, believed to have run away with 47-year-old man who befriended her family and hired her to babysit. tonight, where they have been found more than 1,000 miles away. here is stephanie ramos. >> reporter: tonight after more than a week long search, authorities say louisiana teen domeanna spell has been found safe more than 1,000 miles away from home in colorado. police say she ran away with her 47-year-old neighbor cory disotell. >> he told her that he loved her and stuff like that. >> reporter: authorities say disotell, a divorced man with three children, became friends with the 15-year-old's family, allegedly asking the girl to babysit for his granddaughter. but the teen's sister claimed that was a cover up for their alleged relationship. >> come to find out, there was
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no granddaughter there for her to really be babysitting. they had that little secret relationship going. >> reporter: spell's family says they told police about disotell after seeing a number of texts to their daughter. the teen's distraught family going door to door, handing out flyers in an attempt to find her, now thankful spell is safe. >> let's get to stephanie ramos. who's been covering this. authorities revealing her family is shocked by this too? >> reporter: that's exactry right, david. the family isn't exactly sure when the relationship started, but they say in the last week, she changed her appearance to avoid getting caught. but with the help of several agencies, authorities say they were able to take him into custody. he could face several charges. david? >> thank you. tonight new reporting here after a midair scare. a flight headed over the u.s. headed for houston when suddenly the screens in the cockpit went dark. abc's senior transportation correspondent david kerley. >> reporter: the united
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passengers didn't know. they landed in dallas but were expecting to be in houston. why the diversion? >> we lost two of our screens. now if we kept flying, we'd lose them all. >> reporter: the united express pilot telling the 50 passengers from knoxville there was a cooling problem and their flight data screens were shutting down. two as he said, and worry that others were in jeopardy. >> there is tremendous heat behind those screens. this dictates that we land as soon as possible because if we had continued eventually, i'd be flying blind. so that's why we're in dallas right now. it is unlikely this aircraft is going anywhere tonight. >> reporter: there are six main screens in the regional airliner, the crj 200. and there is a back-up, a stand by, a small, independently powered screen that gives basic information if everything else goes out. >> they wouldn't be flying blind. it's really incumbent upon the crew to talk to the passengers. you don't want to inordinately scare them by using the wrong terminology. >> david kerley with us live
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tonight from reagan airport. the pilots did exactly what they were supposed to do as far as getting the plane down, but they were alarmed by the language. >> reporter: that is the right procedure if you have a problem in the cockpit -- divert and get to the ground as soon as possible. experts concerned about the language that the pilot used to explain that diversion, david? >> unsettling for the rest of us if we were on the plane too thank you. we are also learning more about the young man who gave that family hope to deliver heart break again. timmothy pitzen disappeared nearly eight years ago, making national headlines. tonight, why could this young man do this, claiming to be that boy? what we now know and the new charges tonight. abc's whit johnson from kentucky. >> reporter: tonight, federal charges for the man accused of impersonating a missing boy and giving false hope to a heartbroken family. authorities today describing how 23-year-old brian rini allegedly lied to federal agents claiming he was 14-year-old timmothy pitzen. >> at what point in the process did your officers become
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suspicious of his story? >> i think there were suspicions relatively quickly if for no other reason than he declined to be fingerprinted. >> reporter: but rini agreed to a dna test, which ultimately revealed his true identity. a convicted criminal just released from prison. the pitzen family crushed. >> it's like reliving that day all over again. >> reporter: rini told investigators he got the idea after watching this cable show produced by abc news. >> rini told the agents that he wanted to get away from his family and that he wished he had a father like timmothy pitzen's father. >> reporter: his brother says that rini has battled mental illness for years. >> i hope he goes to prison for this, but -- or at least an institution. >> whit johnson with us live tonight from kentucky. we know he faced a federal judge today. he could face significant prison time?
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>> reporter: that's right. he could face up to eight years in prison. authorities allege he has done something like that at least twice before, pretending to be a victim of sex trafficking. david? now to the race for 2020. vice president joe biden has not officially declared a run. but today all eyes were on biden. his first public appearance since being accused of inappropriate touching. making a couple jokes on stage and immediately afterwards, coming outside and walking up to reporters there to explain his humor on stage. abc's senior national correspondent terry moran was there. ♪ >> reporter: joe biden emerged on stage to the cheers of a friendly union crowd, his first appearance since several women went public with complaints about his unwelcome touching. >> i just want you to know i had permission to hug lonnie. [ cheers and applause ] i, uh, i don't know, man. >> reporter: a few minutes
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later, biden invited the kids in the audience up to the stage. >> and you guys can sit -- i don't want you to have to stand all along. by the way he gave me permission to touch him. [ laughter ] >> reporter: this crowd, organized labor, is the heart of the biden base. >> how do you think we built the great middle class? unions. that's a fact! unions! [ applause ] >> reporter: then he went after president trump. >> this country can't afford four more years of a president locked in the past and grudges. >> reporter: but even as he spoke, it was those jokes he made about touching people that were already echoing across social media. and so immediately after, biden came out to explain. >> it wasn't my intent to make light of anyone's discomfort. not invadspe anyone who uomfortle
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matter is i made it clear, if i made you feel uncomfortable, i feel badly about that. that was never my intention. ever. ever. >> terry moran live with us from washington tonight. joe biden telling reporters this controversy is going change somewhat how he campaigns. >> reporter: he did say that, david. he acknowledged times have changed and he will have to change. that will be a challenge. he first ran for office 50 years ago, a half century ago this year, in delaware and he's always been a candidate who, as they used to say, pressed the flesh. that will have to change. >> terry, thanks. >> the battle over president trump's taxes. house democrats hand-delivered a letter to the irs asking for six years of his returns. abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl is with us tonight. and jon, the president's lawyer a lawyer for the president sending a letter to the treasury department calling the democrats move a gross abuse of power? >> reporter: it's a three page
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letter, arguments from the legal treasury department and the irs not to turn over the returns. the president's personal lawyer writing, quote, it is a transparent effort by one political party to harass the official from the other party because they dislike his politics and speech. and in a sign they are digging in for a fight on this, the lawyer also asks the treasury before, before doing anything, ask the justice department review and offer an opinion on this. make no mistake, they digging i battle that will almost certainly go to the supreme court. david? >> jon karl on a friday night. thank you. president trump with a new message for would-be migrants and asylum seekers tonight after a full retreat on his threat to esent visiting calexico, california, to see a section of replacement for the border fence that separates the u.s. from mexico. saying our country is full. turn around. that's the way it is. i had he is now giving mexico at
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year to make the changes. there is stormy weather sweeping through the mid-atlantic and northeast as a powerful new storm threatens to the south. large hail cracking this windshield in memphis, texas. we are following all of it. sam champion tracking it on a friday night. always great to have you, sam. >> reporter: good evening, david. as the storm exits the east coast, it's a lot of cold rain. let me show you the snow, ice and freezing rain. let's get right to the boards. in central new york, all the way to boston. keep an eye on the mix tonight. it's going to be a little slippery. our bigger concern, the storms you're talking about, david. that is developing in texas. jet stream dropping and another area of low pressure. it expands and could include tornadoes here and the flooding rain and places that flooded yesterday like lake charles all the way to new orleans. sunday the area of the storm expands to be even larger. david? >> thank you, sam. now the search for an american woman we were reporting on. tourist taken hostage in a national park in uganda by gunmen demanding $500,000 in
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ransom. tonight the faithful decision that unknowingly put her in danger. abc's ian pannell is in uganda tonight. >> reporter: tonight, the desperate hunt for a missing american tourist and her driver grows. kimberly sue endicott documenting her ugandan safari on instagram. she and her guide jean paul mirenge remezo haven't been seen for more than three days. untamed beauty rolls on mile after mile after mile. but you can also see why it would be so hard to find anyone who'd been kidnapped. searching for them in this terrain will be almost impossible. officials believe the two are still alive. now a massive manhunt is under way in an area bigger than chicago and l.a. combined. both kidnapped at gunpoint. the abductors using one of their cell phones to demand $500,000 ransom. one of the last people to see the two telling abc news he saw them earlier in queen elizabeth national park. saying they hadn't seen many animals inside. >> he made the decision to check
5:45 pm
his guests in at the lodge and go out later in the afternoon searching for the lions and of course that's when the abduction took place. >> ian pannell reporting from uganda. ian, i know authorities are offering cautious optimism that the american woman and her guide are alive. as you reported, this a difficult area to search in? >> reporter: that's right, david. that is not only hopeful term i have heard today. for now it's no more concrete than that. as you say, the area they got to search here is absolutely enormous. so the longer they are missing, the more desperate that search becomes and the more worrying for the families and loved ones. david? >> thanks to you again. back here at home now and a new measles scare in sacramento. uc-dav medalenr is n warning pe. a child there was diagnosed with the illness last month. they are notifying people as a precaution but no other cases so far. and news of the economy. u.s. employer adding 196,000
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jobs last month, rebounding from a disappointing february that raised fears of a slowing economy. unemployment was unchanged at 3.8%. there is much more ahead on "world news tonight". there is news coming in tonight on mick jagger. we have that for you. the alarming headline from the grand canyon tonight. the third death in a matter of days, and the new warning for tourists who are taking selfies on the edge there. the consumer warning for parents and grandparents about a very popular sleeper. what you need to know. and remarkable video coming in tonight, the solar eclipse. can you guess where the images were actually taken? a lot more news ahead on a friday night. friday night. were take snn a lot more news ahead on a friday night. where we all want more energy. but with less carbon footprint. that's why, at bp, we're working to make energy that's cleaner and better. we're producing cleaner-burning natural gas. and solar and wind power. and wherever your day takes you... we have advanced fuels for a better commute. and we're developing ultra-fast-charging technology for evs..
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fmost pills oy block one.d sis greate o.flasseimi. -jamie, this is your house? -i know, it's not much, but it's home. right, kids? -kids? -papa, papa! -[ laughs ] -you didn't tell me your friends were coming. -oh, yeah. -this one is tiny like a child. -yeah, she is. oh, but seriously, it's good to be surrounded by what matters most -- a home and auto bundle from progressive. -oh, sweetie, please, play for us. -oh, no, i couldn't. -please. -okay. [ singing in spanish ] now to the deadly falls at the grand canyon. a tourist plunging to his death. the third death in a little more than a week. here's abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: it's a place of majestic beauty that can come with a deadly price. grand canyon national park officials say a 67-year-old man was killed wednesday morning after falling 400 feet from
5:49 pm
the south rim. he is the third person to die here in the past eight days, including one person outside the park boundary, a man from hong kong taking a selfie near the skywalk, stumbling and falling to his death. officials are still investigating a third fatality, a woman, her body found last week in a forest area above the rim. the grand canyon attracts more than 6 million visitors annually. last year alone 17 people died at the park. officials tonight issuing a new warning. >> stay the heck away from the edge. it's long way down in the grand canyon. there's no need to be walking out to the very extreme edge and leaning over for that view directly straight down. >> reporter: out of those 17 deaths in the grand canyon last year, officials say the vast majority are not falls. they are heart attacks. david? >> clayton, thank you. when we come back, the news coming in now on mick jagger. and a consumer warning for parents and grandparents.
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to the index o to the index of other news the alleged drunk driving collision in chicago. the driver running a red light, slamming into a police suv. authorities say the driver's blood alcohol level was two and a half times the legal limit. two officers and the driver are in stable condition tonight. >> there has been an arrest after that awful case of road rage in phoenix. joshua gonzales is accused of following a family home after accidentally being cut off. police say he opened fire on their car, killing their 10-year-old daughter. fisher price issuing a warning about its "rock-n-play" sleeper following the deaths of ten infants. the deaths dating back to 2015 occurred after babies rolled on to their stomachs or sides. parents are urged to stop using the sleeper as soon as they are able to roll over or by the time they are 3-months old. and video taken from the surface of mars tonight. the rover, two eclipses in two weeks. the first shows the tiny moon "deimos" passing in front of the sun.
5:54 pm
the second eclipse shows the larger moon "phobos" which is passing in front of the moon. when we come back. the fans pulling him. the new message tonight from mick jagger. the fans pulling him. the new message tonight from mick jagger. jagger his heart procedure and his message to everyone. risk of serious infection. strong chemo can put yt in a key study neulasta reduced the risk of infection from 17% to 1%, a 94% decrease. neulasta onpro is designed to deliver neulasta the day after chemo and is used by most patients today. neulasta is for certain cancer patients receiving strong chemotherapy. do not take neulasta if you're allergic to it or neupogen (filgrastim). an incomplete dose could increase infection risk. ruptured spleen, sometimes fatal as well as serious lung problems, allergic reactions, kidney injuries and capillary leak syndrome have occurred. report abdominal or shoulder tip pain, trouble breathing or allergic reactions to your doctor right away. in patients with sickle cell disorders, serious, sometimes fatal crises can if you'd rather be home,toau ultanpro.
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finally tonight, mick strong. ♪ his boundless energy on stage for nearly six decades. ♪ mick jagger never stops. all week long, his fans pulling for him. ♪ after the 75llg stones front m sdenly haltedoc thur tonight, word coming in from mi. he is recovering and doing well. tweeting, thank you everyone for all your messages of support. i'm feeling much better now and on the mend. guitarist keith richards already tweeting, mick, we are always
5:58 pm
there for you. and tonight, this number. while on stage, at his concerts jagger dances, moves, travels an estimated 12 miles in a single performance. tonight, mick on the mend. perhaps telling doctors start me up. ♪ start me up start me up and never stop ♪ the rolling stones already planning to return by july. moving 12 miles in a single performance. maybe he will take it down to ten. hoping far speedy recovery for mick. i'm david muir. tom is here this weekend. i'll see you monday. good night. it's happened again. concrete chunks falling off the
5:59 pm
richmond san rafael bridge. is really safe for drivers to cross? >> we're experiencing a break between showers right now, but there is spring-like sunshine on the way. i'll have the accuweather >> another right on harris. okay. >> oh, goodness. we are wrapping up ride share realities week and this time we're in the driver's seat, well, wain to be more exact. >> live where you live, this is abc 7 news. caught on camera. look at that. sky 7 was overhead as something dropped off the richmond san radaetz. >> kron create is falling off creating a traffic hazard and traffic jam, too. >> no cars were hit and no one was hurt and these are pictures of what has fallen from february 7th and today.
6:00 pm
>> mark levine whose district includes sonoma county sums up with this statement. like the bridge itself, my confidence in the structural integrity of the richmond-san rafael bridge is falling. sglp how is traffic right now? >> dan, as you can see, traffic is flowing here. the richmond san rafael bridge but this was not the case several hours ago. we did hear back from cal trans and this is what they had to say. the result of work that took place last night. the falling concrete was reported around12:45 p.m. during the midspan of the bridge and several photos of chp and you showed one of them and basically the size of a piece of concrete. the size of a man's


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