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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  April 6, 2019 5:00pm-5:29pm PDT

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most of the bay area is getting a break from the rain right now, but you see the clouds over our east bay area, from our east bay hims camera. not done with the wet weather just yet. hello. i'm eric thomas. deion is off today. and abc7 news on highway 101 this morning seeing drizzle this evening in the bay and will more see rain tomorrow? that's the big question. abc7 news drew has details. >> not the bratest start to the
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weekend. after a few morning showers clouds hanging tough out there now. live doppler showing gray skies and pockets of moisture in the north bay. green on your screen. light sprinkles falling likely in the north bay. if you have plans later this evening, hang on to the overcast skies and shortly around midnight you could see more light showers moving in to the north bay, and they will stay daon the rain first part of our yet and more showers over the next couple of days. we'll detail each rain event and when drier weather returns in the full forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you. keep track of the weather kip wigses where you live with our app. monitor live doppler 7 on the go. other news now, we're learning disturbing new details an a north bay mother and son who police say were mauled by
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three dogs. abc7 news reporter cornellrsho witnessed the attack. >> reporter: those victims are slowly recovering. the k-thinng neighbor may have saved the lives of the mother and son muled by three dogs in the backyard. details are very graphic. >> that was the worst thing i've ever seen in my life. >> reporter: doris and husband steve the first to hear screams coming from the yard next door and ran to guest a closer look. >> trying to pull the baby away from her and seemed like she was trying to protect the baby with her body. >> these three pitbulls were attacking a mother and her 3-year-old son. >> her right ear was partially missing. >> reporter: steve grabbed his golf club to try to distract the dogs. i kept beating on the trash can. >> reporter: doris called 911.
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police arrived minutes later. >> by the time they got -- aga >> reporter: mother and son were rushed to the hospital and animal control took the three dawnings to the shelter in fairfield where they are in quarentine. the animals recently moved in to the house with a relative. neighbors didn't know they were there. >> i feel really sad for them. i didn't know that they even had pitbulls over there. >> i just pray for those who got involved to just go through a quick recovery. >> reporter: they are glad mother and baby survived but are still haunted by what they saw. >> you see someone that's fighting for their lives, you know, it's -- it's pretty rough. >> reporter: separating the dogs from the victims who suffered multiple bites to the head, face and body. they are in stable condition today at two local hospitals. the dogs will remain quarentine for at least ten days. their fate is unknown. the owner of the dogs could fates possible charges.
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in vallejo reporting for abc7 news. >> thank you very much. all lanes of the richmond-san rafael bridge reopened to traffic after yesterday's partial closure because of another falling concrete incident. caltrans tells abc7 news the chunks fell as result of repair work performed thursday night to fix one of the 31 sliding plate joints on the upper deck of the bridge. a separate unrelated incident saw a concrete chunk fall on to the lower deck february 7th. caltrans says the agency is monitoring the bridge closely to prevent future failures. all lanes of the venetia bridge are back open after a bomb scare. last night southbound lanes shut down several hours because a man stopped in the middle of the bridge and said he had a bomb. officers took the 54-year-old off into custody. the bomb squad examined a suspicious package left in the truck. nothing dangerous found and all lanes reopened around 11:30. a teenager is recovering after a car drove into an
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apartment building in santa ro her 16ol dte and 14-year-old friend ir.thboy gehd the girl was outside theched the girl caught in the door until the car crashed into the building. she's expected to be okay. president trump on the campaign trail again today courting the jewish vote. a past statement may catch up with the president. abc reporter has the story. >> reporter: president trump making his case today for jewish voters to back his re-election. >> over the next 19 months i know that the republic jewish coalition will help lead our party to another historic victory. >> reporter: the president speaking at the jewish coalition meeting in las vegas citing recognition of jerusalem add the capital of israel and unflitches support of israeliri minister benjami >> the democrats have become an anti-israel party. at
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ionfter muslim democratic congresswoman was criticized for promoting anti-semitic stereotypes. to condemn her remarks democrats supported a house resolution rejecting all hateful speech including anti-semitism and islam phobia but republicans called it watered down. >> i simply declared to the anti-semitic is to be anti-american. it has no place in our country. >> reporter: democrat leadership accused the president himself of fost othering anti-semitism by refusing to hold hate groups accountable. >> you also had people that were very fine people, on both sides. >> reporter: in the summer of 2017 in charlottesville, virginia, white nationalist protester chanted -- >> reporter: and the self-identified man ran his car and killing twobuayea.ndommunit
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members demanded city officials giving them a new deal to address what they called dire conditions in their neighborhood. the group alliance of californians for community empowerment led two council members on a tour of east oakland neighborhoods and pointed out major quality of life issues they say the city neglected including terrible pavement, out of control public dumping and schools in danger of closing. councilman lauren taylor who represents part of east oakland says he hears those concerns. >> whether it's pave wig the upcoming paving plan, whether it's our budget or how we deploy other policies and resources we have to look at the land zone and making sure we are being k equitab equitable. >> the group says a new deal in the budget ho wep address many of these issues. we want to hear your thoughts. search the words "better bay
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area" and write your suggestions on twitter use the hashtag better bay area as we work on finding solutions together. a security guard in the north bay is arrested after calling police on another man. that story's ahead. >> all: no more violence! >> also coming up, the event in san francisco today to raise awareness around issues of sexual violence. and a high-voltage disaster. dozens o
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jbs a security. a security guard facing
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charges. officers say lloyd collins of oakland made the call just after midnight. police say when officers arrived they noticed what appeared to be cocaine on a tray inside colin's car and confiscated ammunition and gun he didn't have a permit to carry. the person that collins called police about was not taken into custody. thousands took a stand against rape and sexual assault in san francisco today. marching in the walk against rach in the sdi's mission district raising awareness about sexual survival and rape and sexual assault. the event raises money for the nonprofit women against rape. the only rape crisis center. a space for survivors to find resources they wouldn't be able to find elsewhere. >> we live in a culture where women are oppressed and often don't have the agency to speak up and speak out against violence. >> an estimated one of three forent'sne out of7nd cie not re.
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ke lodat anuv smashed by one of the utility poles. both victims expected to be . could take days to get it cleaned up. city leaders aren't clear what caused the poles to come down yesterday but officials are considering a strong microburst of wind. tracking another wet system heading our way and drew has the full forecast. >> yeah, sprinkles overnight tonight but tracking a front that moves through for part of the weekend. the full fast from a few minutes. and a clear winner in the battle for dominance on this athletic field. although no one has been able to play ton yet. a
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[ chanting ] outsider died at the los
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angeles county venue angering animal welfare advocates and community efforts. today's derby came with a $1 million purse andes mand they cannot receive medication and jockeys restricted from using whips. a bird has taken over a new sports field as school in northern california. a nesting -- i want to get it right. a netting killdeer bird laid four eggs on the artificial turf before it was set to open. that bird is literally protected nobel by its mate by an 80-foot perimeter the next two weeks. >> finally get it filled, it's bright and a tiny bird comes along. >> we'll get the field sometime. it's all going to end okay in the future. >> as of right now, students are using the field atneig weher forecast.che
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>> you know what? we're going to continue the trend of nuisance late showers the snflex 24 hours. live doppler a lot of cloud cover overhead. pockets of light showers this morning. much of the wet weather has briefly stopped for this afternoon, but still the clouds are a big presence in the sky. in effect until 9:00 tonight. headed close to the coast, current wave heights from 11 to 13 feet. the rick of sneaker waves increased as our ocean current is more active now until about 9:00 later on tonight. san jose, dealing with overcast skies now. a lot of cloud cover and this sky will remain overhead. really for the next 24 hours. so we're talking about limited sunshine. not only today but also tomorrow. san francisco got a lot of runners for the rock 'n' roll marathon races early in the
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morning. a lot of clouds and temperatures started in the 50s as runners get going around 6:00, 7:00 in the morning. once the sun is up, gradually rising throughout the 50s, but, again, sunshine going to be very limited and a light breeze. about 10 to 15 miles per hour. good luck to all the runners participating in that event. numbers now, we've seen an increase of late-day sunshine broke out inland. brentwood, 70. contrast to half moon bay cooler at 59. 68 in mountain view. 63 in san francisco. 66 in oakland and napa now. 62 there. tonight, the faurter north you are the more wave cover. call it overcast skies for the north bay and a chance of a light sprinkle h the south bay, partly to mostly cloudy skies. may is see a few breaks. area-wide, we drop into the low if not mid-50s over the next 12 mornin shorsro thatsssenght
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oregon-california coast and sitting there the next 24 hours. what that means, we stay a little unsettled, particularly in the north bay. future weather tomorrow morning in the 70s. gray skies starting the second half of the weekend. future weather pinpointing along the norther california coastline and areas in the north bay for a light shower first thing. into the afternoon, shower chances decrease. get a few breaks of cloud cover here and there. so a little bit of afternoon sunshine, but sunshine, again, will be limited. highs on your sunday, 63 in san francisco. 66 in santa rosa after a morning sprinkle. 74, though, in san jose. a little afternoon sunshine. 27 in concord and 68 the high in oakland. headed to oracle park tomorrow, rain-free. sunshine but a lot of cloud cover. first pitch temperature right around 62 degrees and by 4:00 as the game is wrapping up, a temperature of about 63 degrees. the accuweather seven-day forecast. plan the next seven days.
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tomorrow, drizzle in the north bay in the morning. by monday, that front gets closer to us in northern california, and, again, the best chance for showers will be in the north bay. morning drizzle on tuesday to sunshine and then sunnier skies finally a dry day here midweek on wednesday before another light chance of a shower on thursday. not enough to give it a number but brings in cooler air to finish out the week friday into the upcoming weekend next saturday. gray skies really in the forecast next 24 hours. >> how did we know he would finish that with light showers? >> winter and spring, how it's been. >> thank you very much. and anthony florez joins us with a look at sports. >> haven't been able to say it too much this season. giants not having problems scoring runs today. still to come, giants light up the scoreboard against the rays the scoreboard against the rays and california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones. - ( phone ringing ) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get detason thiste program.
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>> announcer: sports from abc 7 news, al attles immortalized elected into the basketball hall of fame class of 2019 going in as a contributor. the winningest coach in franchise history and also a player, gm and community ambassador. the 82-year-old attles has been affiliated with the franchise nearly 60 years since joining the warriors as a player one of only five warrior to have their number retired. the induction ceremony takes place in september. history ahepa. anheir airt knocks in joe panic
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with a single and san francisco take as 2-1 lead. the rays answer in the fifth inning. g-man choi rips a double to left. and come on down. beats the throw. 3-2 tampa. back come the giants in the bottom half the frame. stephen douger snaps a double to right. joe scores and joe first career hit, 4-3 giants. dougor, four rbi in the game. next batter belts it out of the yard. third of the season and giants score a season-high six runs. everybody celebrate. win it 6-4 game 82 our 82 for the sharks hosting the colorado avalanche. a tough few weeks. finally good news. oilers game n the third period after this
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collision. head coach peter deboer says he won't play tonight but ready for the playoffs. eric carlsson is back tonight and hasn't played in more than a month with wia lower body injur >> out almost a month. it will take a little white. first step. get back, get comfortable. >> the timeline we didn't expect. in the beginning hoping it would be quicker, but this is the realistic time. so we're happy with that. >> tampa bay lightning on their final game of the year against the boston bruins tying the nhl word record for most wins in a season with 62. tying the red wings. and continuing a fantastic season scoring his 41st goal of the year andlsad87ms willikely next wee masters. week augua
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st the tournament.jenn 1nd 16 and finished with a fantastic birdie on 18 to become the first augusta national women of amateur championship and in the ncaa final four, a wild finish. virginia tops auburn and michigan state faces texas tech later tonight. a great lesson for all the kids out there. really, anyone who plays basketball. so much focus on steph curry and the three. virginia down, take the last shot. shooter is foul and a three and makes all three free throws. practice those free throws. >> in you go. thank you, anthony. a 12-year-old boy so
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new on abc7 news at 6:00, the story of survival out of the north bay. what a passenger did to survive a crash after the car she was in went down a cliff. hear from a man on a treadmill when an suv came barreling into the gym nearly striking him. a boy in michigan got tired of waiting for the city to fix the potholes on this street so he took things into his own shovel. the 13-year-old took action after one of the potholes flattened the tiresismom's with pap crew came by and finished the job. monty hopes the road is completely repaved by the time
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c action. embarrass them. thank for your time. see you right back here at 6:00.
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tonight, the tornado threat and the severe weather watch. the ominous skies right now over texas. the storm zone on the move, stretching all the way to kentucky. 40 million people in the path. also tonight, president trump doubling down. his harsh message to migrants. even mocking asylum seekers, saying, quote, our country is full. live wire collapse. the stunning scene and mystery behind it. two people trapped inside tangled live wires. downed power lines, damaged for a mile. church arsonist? the historic african-american churches destroyed by fire. three in ten days in the middle of the night. officials calling them very suspicious. actor road rage arrest. the tv star in miami seen punching a driver,


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