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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 7, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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it's sunday, april 7th. good morning and thanks so much for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. let's start with a first look at the accuweather forecast. here's meteorologist lisa argen who's tracking live doppler 7 for us. hi, lisa. >> we are slowly going to get out of this wet weather regime beginning today for some of you. live doppler 7 picking up on some of the cloud cover and police moisture underneath some of these clouds, it has been raining. we're looking at some fog in santa rosa. look at a stream of cloud cover, mid- and high-level clouds that continue to push into the bay area. they're going to thin out today, and right now with all the cloud cover, we're mild. 58 in oakland, 57 in santa rosa. so with that, a little bit muggy. and as you step on out, it could be damp in the north bay, all the way down through san francisco. then we'll get into filtered sunshine, temperatures climb through the 70s. sunshine there. and the rest of the day, looking pretty good. but we have another system on the heels of this one that's going to cloud us up again and probably bring precip into your neighborhood. we'll talk about it in detail in
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a few minutes. >> lisa, thank you. keep track of the weather conditions where you live with the abc 7 news app. you can get updates from our weather team and monitor live doppler 7 on the go. a b.a.r.t. rider was hospitalized after being attacked. the violence caused the daly city b.a.r.t. station to be closed for about 45 minutes last night. we're told the suspect and the victim got into some kind of altercation, either on a train or on the station platform. police rushed to daly city and took one person into custody. the victim's injuries are said to be non-life-threatening. no word yet on what the argument was about or how the victim was hurt. governor newsom -- governor gavin newsom game became the first california governor to travel to central america. this comes on the heels of president trump visiting the u.s./mexico border on friday. he has retreated from an idea to shut down the southern border, but is planning to increase the number of immigration officers processing central american immigrants. abc 7 news reporter luis pina
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has the story. >> reporter: governor newsom made history. he became the first sitting governor to travel to central america to look into the refugee crisis. >> it certainly has some of the most dramatic incidences of sort of humanitarian relief and refugee immigration. >> reporter: the governor's office says newsom chose el salvador, considering the more than 600,000 salvadorans live in california, the largest population of salvadorans in any u.s. state. dr. matt la seenya says newsom needs to see this crisis as pushing salvadorans to cross the u.s./mexico border. >> corrupt politicians and corrupt police and also the violence from the gangs who are corrupting those politicians. so there's sort of no reprieve. there's no solace within the company. >> and if we don't get border security -- >> reporter: in the past, governor newsom has criticized president trump's comments on immigration. this expert believes this trip could also be a political move. >> the candidates in 2020 and beyond want to frame themselves
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as caring, right? and so going and making those sort of photo opportunities and carving that time out of your busy schedule is a way to show that you care. >> reporter: for salvadorans in the bay area like the owner of the salvadoran restaurant in the mssion -- >> it's a typical salvadoran dish -- >> reporter: this trip brings hope. >> it's beautiful. i love it. it's a good idea for him to know how people are working, how hard-working people they are. >> reporter: now, if you're wondering who is paying for this trip, it's not coming from california's taxpayers. the answer is a nonprofit, the california state prodigal foundation. in the newsroom, louise pina, abc 7 news. in vallejo, we're learning new details about a mother and son who police say were viciously mauled by three dogs. the victims are now recovering from the ordeal. cornell bernard spoke with neighbors who saw the attack and tried to help. >> that was the worst thing i've ever seen in my life. >> reporter: doris hutcherson
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and husband, steve, were the first to hear screams coming from the yard next door. >> i saw her just laying on the ground, screaming, and just fighting, trying to keep the baby away from them. they were yanking on the baby and she was pulling the baby and they was pulling on the baby. >> reporter: the hutchersons say these three pit bulls were attacking a mother and her 3-year-old son. >> her right here was partially missing. >> reporter: steve grabbed his golf club to try and distract the dogs. >> and i kept beating on the trash can, so i could distract their attention from the other two. >> reporter: doris called 911. police arrived minutes later and used pepper spray to separate the dogs from the victims. >> by the time they got here, the dogs had drug her like to -- against the other fence. >> reporter: mother and son were rushed to the hospital. animal control took the three dogs to the shelter in fairfield, where they are in quarantine. police say the animals had recently moved into the house with a relative. neighbors didn't know they were there. >> i feel really sad for them.
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i didn't know that they even had pit bulls over there. >> i just pray for those who got involved, to just go through a quick recovery. >> reporter: the hutchersons are glad mother and baby survived, but they are still haunted by what they saw. >> you see someone that's fighting for their lives, you know, it's, it's pretty rough. >> reporter: police say mother and son are in stable condition after suffering multiple dog bites. it's unclear what prompted the mauling. the fate of the animals is unclear, as well. we do know that the owner of the dogs could face possible criminal charges, according to police. in vallejo, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. in the east bay, police crack down on drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians not sharing the road responsibly. abc 7 news was in concord yesterday, where police issued 67 citations to 27 pedestrians, 33 drivers, and 2 bicyclists. reasons included unsafe lane changes, cutting people off,
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failing to yield, and not being on the correct side of the road. one officer we spoke with say that people forget it isn't only drivers that have to follow the rules. >> people riding bicycles also have to adhere to the same rules of the road that any other vehicle does. so they have to stop at stop signs, they have to use the signal lights, just like a normal vehicle would. >> police say following simple rules can mean life and death differences. pedestrian deaths are up 33% from 2012 and the number of bicyclists killed are up 25% over the past five years. concord is asking for the public to chime in on some of the major roads in the area. the city is doing what it's calling a complete street study. people can share what they like and don't like and tell the city what places they would like to be able to walk or bike to. the first workshop is on tuesday, april 23rd at the concord senior center. residents can also share their thoughts through the city's website. happening today, runners will take over san francisco for the united airlines rock 'n' roll hassle marathon.
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runners will race across the golden gate bridge and local streets. local bands will also perform. drivers beware, while the race is set to run from 6:00 to 7:03 a.m., road closures vary throughout the day. closures are in effect right now and most reopen by midday, but some closures do last into the evening. for a closer look, head over to our website, today's half-marathon will bring people from all walks of life. >> reporter: running literally saved marcus cook's life. >> i used to way 489 pounds and now i weigh about 245. >> and every time marcus runs a race, he crosses the finishline with a cutout of what he calls fat marcus. >> this is my year, marcus. >> reporter: this video was shot last year as marcus completed a full iron man. his inspiration to change and drop the weight, a friend dying
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of cans told marcus his lifestyle was going to kill him. and so marcus had bariatric surgery in 2015, hit the gym, and started running. >> my first goal is to do a 5k, then it was a 10k. then it was like, hey, maybe i can do a small triathlon. i did a small triathlon. >> now marcus' goal is to raise awareness. >> and i'm proving every day that you can, you can do anything that you want to do. >> reporter: that's exactly what les martin is doing. >> i just run kind of for old people. >> reporter: les is the oldest runner in this year's half marathon. he's 78 and has run more than a hundred full marathons. >> i'm blessed with the body i have at my age and i can still run. >> reporter: especially when he knows many people his age simply can't. >> like a lot of friends, they're just happy if they can walk out and get in their car. and me, here i am, trotting around on the hills in san francisco, it doesn't get any better than that. >> reporter: neither les nor marcus is running for time, but
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they are running for the experience in one of their favorite cities in the world. in san francisco, lisa amin gulezian, abc 7 news. >> happening today, it's the last regular season home game at oracle arena for the warriors before they move to san francisco. tip-off is set for 5:30, but doors open at 3:30. and you'll want to get there early for pre-game festivities. all fans will get the finale t-shirt. some warriors alum will make their return to oracle. after the game, fans can take part in various activities including taking photos with the team's three championship trophies, but you'll have to sign up during the game. it is first come, first serve. i can't believe the time has come for that last regular season home game. and we're waiting for spring, still, aren't we? we've had a lot of showers and still have some in the north bay. and you check out this flag, you have kind of see it there. we have the winds out of the south-southwest, and they're pretty breezy in san francisco. we have the passage of a front, another one on the way, and not quite all the sun you would hope, but there is some out there for today and we'll talk
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about a brighter week when we come back. >> lisa, thank you. the president is making his trek through the west, hammering home his stance on border security. the way one group of protesters tried to shut him down. also, family, friends, and fans are preparing to say their final good-byes to humanitarian and rapper nipsey hussle. what we're learning about his
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thanks so much for starting your day with abc 7 news. a live look outside this morning
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at the san mateo bridge camera. we'll have more on the accuweather forecast and let you know when you'll need your umbrella this week coming up from meteorologist lisa argen. but first, a chp officer is dead after a suspected drunk driver hit him in southern california. the chp provided this photo of agent steve licon. the accident happened yesterday afternoon in lake elsinore. officials say he was on the shoulder issuing a citation to another driver when a car hit him. he was airlifted to the hospital, where he died. licon was a 27-year veteran and was set to retire next year. the suspect is in custody. memorial services for slain rapper nipsey hussle will take place thursday at staples center in downtown los angeles. the 33-year-old beloved community activist was gunned down on march 31st in front of his south l.a. clothing store. 29-year-old eric r. holder jr. is being held for the killing. he faces a maximum sentence of
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life in prison if convicted. exact details about the service have not been released, but los angeles police are expecting a large crowd of mourners. president trump is on a swing through the west. he spoke to a welcoming crowd at the republican jewish coalition in las vegas. the president shared details about his recent trip to the border and has a harsh warning to those trying to come here from the south. abc 7 news white house correspondent tara palmeri has more. >> reporter: president trump doubling down on his new message for would-be asylum seekers. our country is full. >> we can't handle anymore. our country is full. can't come in, i'm sorry. it's very simple. >> reporter: claiming migrants are abusing the system, without any proof. >> the asylum program is a some of the roughest people you've ever seen. people that look like they should be fighting for the ufc. >> reporter: the president in las vegas speaking to the republican jewish coalition, pretending to be an asylum seeker seeking guidance from an
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attorney. >> i am very worried that i will be accosted. if i'm sent back home. no, no, he'll do the acc acc acc asylum. oh, give him asylum! he's afraid! he's afraid! >> reporter: friday, the president was am at the u.s./mexico border, touring new construction. >> it's a great wall and i think it looks fantastic. >> reporter: the two-mile strip of 30-foot steel slats is not new wall, but rather a long-planned replacement of 14-foot fencing. that trip coming just one week after he threatened to close the southern border completely amid a surge of migrant crossings. 76,000 migrants stopped at the border in february, 40,000 of those families. and federal officials estimate the figures from march will be even higher, with an estimated 95,000 migrants apprehended. >> i have to say, i said i was going to close the border. it's got son baten so bad. i said, we're closing the border. and as soon as i said that, and
6:16 am
i really thank the president of mexico, because they stepped up. >> reporter: the president praising mexico for stepping up at their own border. a mexican official says the country's policy has not changed. tara palmeri, abc news, washington. >> the trump administration says reuniting children who were separated from their families at the border will be more laborious, because they are no longer in government custody. a court filing claims it will be at least a year just to review the 47,000 cases of unaccompanied children taken into government custody. [ chanting: jews are here to say occupation is not the way ] >> protesters interrupted president trump's speech in las vegas yesterday. if not now, an american jewish activist group, staged the protest. they chanted "jews are here to say, the occupation is a plague." security escorted them out. the president said, quote, they will be reprimanded. as democrats push for the
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full release of the mueller report and president trump's tax returns, a trump legal team member comes to "this week." you can watch the full interview on "this week" with george stephanopoulos here on abc 7. turning to weather now and the bay area forecast with meteorologist lisa argen. >> gd morning to you. lots of cloud cover here on live doppler 7. we had some rain up in the north bay. some mist around pacifica and half moon bay. and a lot of cloud cover out in the pacific continues to stream over the bay area. but we'll thin it out throughout the day and looking for pretty decent afternoon here in the south bay. right now, it's mild. 53 degrees for you in campbell. 51 in ellum rock with low 50s in sunnyvale and upper 50s, kind of muggy, san francisco, oakland, and the temperatures and dew point pretty much the same, so that means it is pretty mild out. emeryville right now. so looking at a few north bay showers this morning, some light mist out there, and partly cloudy this afternoon. more clouds arrive tomorrow, there's another weather system arriving. could bring us a few sprinkles
6:18 am
throughout the afternoon. and then it looks like we're going to get into some windy and cool weather for your tuesday. here's monday, clouds increase, temperatures a mild. mid-60s to near 70. the chance of shower throughout the afternoon, right into the evening hours. the front moves to the east of us. and in the wake of it, we have some gusty winds, 30, 40-mile-an-hour winds. and we will see some sun. we're going to need it. temperatures will be as much as 10 degrees cooler from where we are today. we get into wednesday, al of sun and even milder. this should be the nicest day for a mild die around richmond and oakland, upper 60s, more low 70s for our inland valleys and as we look at the rest of today, here's the moisture in the north bay, it continues to sort o linger throughout the morning hours, as well as the cloud cover. but we're getting sunny in the south bay and east bay and that's why the temperatures will come up quickly there. and in the north bay, finally, some sun. but the clouds quickly coming into play again, for your monday. here we are at 11:30 in the morning, no rain, but here comes
6:19 am
the chance of showers throughout the rest of the day. as we look at san jose, it's going to be a mild afternoon today. average highs in the upper 60s. 73 tomorrow. today, i should say. tomorrow, about the same. and then we cool off behind that system with the breezy winds, for you on tuesday. looking pretty seasonal the rest of the week. so we're going to pick this up monday night, where we have the chance of showers. and you'll notice, still, throughout overnight hours, but as we get into your tuesday, we begin to clear, but we're on the backside of that syste and that's why it will be cool and certainly breezy out there, highs today in the low 60s, partly to mostly cloudy from the north bay into the city. 68 in oakland, look for 74, so it's mild in san jose as well as livermore, pleasanton, and danville. 68 in vallejo. and if you are looking at coming into the city for the rock 'n' roll marathon series, near 60 by 3:00. overnight tonight, once again, we cloud it up, it's mild and the accuweather seven-day
6:20 am
forecast, sunny today, away from the bay, partly cloudy to mostly cloudy, north bay. 60s, coast, upper 60s around the bay. mid-70s inland. a little drizzle and mist this morning, and more clouds, a chance of showers tomorrow, still mild. breezy and cooler tuesday. it's sunny and mild on wednesday. thursday is not looking bad. by the end of the week, it's looking like we'll get more sun than precip or clouds. that's good. >> see how it all plays out. lisa, thank you. abc's new brand localish is sharing stories of inspiration in a weekly digital series called more in common. this week, meet a 15-year-old girl who can lift more weight than some nfl players. >> when she's sitting the bench press at 360, it's breaking the national record. i said, my goodness! >> i was doing it and it was like chills went through my body. i'm 15 years old just beat the national record with a bunch of
6:21 am
360 pounds. >> i am brian griffith and have coached ten state champion weightlifting girls. this is what the nfl uses for reps. keep going! you've got another! 27! 27! push through! good. >> 27 times, see how many players in the nfl can do that right there. >> tell me about the friendship you two have. >> that's enough. stop! >> i guess it started back in the fifth grade and it grew from me being her coach, then he started to coming to church with us and started being more like a mentor thing. she's more my daughter now. i want to see the best for her. she's like my young'un, you know. >> i have people that love me, but when you come into a stranger's life and you think
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visit a stage hand setting up a cello was killed after he fell at least 60 feet from scaffolding connected to a stage. it happened yesterday in indio at the empire polo club grounds. cal osha is now investigating the incident. the worker had been part of the music and arts festival since its inception 20 years ago. coworkers did not release his name, but said he was the lead rigger and he was loved by everyone on his team. a bunch of new regulations have the organizers of burning man asking festival goers to
6:25 am
launch a letter-writing campaign. the bureau of land management put out a report with several new requirements for the counterculture event. some of them include paying to fix the main road and reducing the amount of light pollution at night. they say it could mean the end of the festival as we know it. they're asking people to write to the bureau of land management to get them to reconsider some of those requirements. happening today, passengers are getting ready for southwest airline's first flight from oakland to maui. the flight leaves at 11:15 this morning and now may be the best time to find airfare deals to hawaii. you can thank southwest to that. the "l.a. times" reports airfare between california and the hawaiian islands have dropped 17% since the airline launched service from oakland to honolulu last month. that's among all the airlines that fly there. the average round trip coach fare is about $412 compared to $500 this time last year. today is national beer day and at least one restaurant is offering a special deal to celebrate. yard house will have $3 pints
6:26 am
all day long. there are two locations here in the bay area. one in concord and another in san jose at santana row. national beer day is celebrated on this date, because it marks the day that president roosevelt signed a law allowing beer to be legally manufactured and sold in the u.s. once again. beer is the world's most widely consumed alcoholic beverage. still to come on abc 7 mornings, what we're learning about governor gavin newsom's historic trip to central america. plus, the string of church fires that have authorities in communities in louisiana on high alert.
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thanks so much for being with us. i'm chris nguyen. we're hauf off to a cool start morning. here's lisa argen with more on the current conditions. >> we have mist and drizzle and light rain in the north bay. now there's fog and here in san rafael, we can see how gray it is. 59 downtown, so that is muggy. 55 in mountain view, 57, half moon bay, and look at that sliver of light from the exploratorium camera. we'll get sunshine winning out over the clouds today. 57 in santa rosa, as well as vacaville, petaluma, and 58 over for our friends in concord. so low 60s by 10:00. a lot of cloud cover still, but it thins out, east bay, fremont, san jose, and then by 2:00, we're in the 70s from livermore to pleasanton, down through the
6:30 am
san ramon valley and mountain view. it's going to take a bit longer in the north bay, but we'll get some sun there, as well. and tonight we're dry. another system on the heels of this one clouds us up again for monday, but how much rain will we receive? and when we'll see more sun. we'll talk about more sunny days in our seven-day outlook and more cloud days coming up. breaking news out of the east bay this morning. ony one lane of northbound interstate 880 in oakland is open right now after a crash. multiple cars were involved in the accident. it happened just after 5:00 this morning, south of 98th avenue. we're told at least one person has major injuries. it's unclear when all lanes will reopen. gavin newsom has become the first sitting california governor to travel to central america. the trip comes on the heels of president trump visiting the u.s./mexico border on friday. the governor's office says he chose el salvador because 680,000 salvadorans live in california. that's the largest populations of -- population of salvadorans
6:31 am
in the entire country. experts say newsom needs to see the root causes of migration. >> people who stay in el salvador face corrupt bureaucrats, like corrupt politicians and corrupt police, and also the violence from the gangs who are corrupting those politicians so, there's sort of no reprieve, no solace within the country. >> a nonprofit, the california state protocol foundation, is paying for the governor's trip. happening today, a funeral and vigil for a beloved reverend in oakland. reverend james matthews was rector of cathedral christ the light. a viewing will be held between 4:00 and 6:00 p.m. at the church followed by a vigil and interfaith gathering. father jay had a southern heart attack one week ago today. in 1974, he became the first african-american man to be ordained as a roman catholic priest in northern california. he was 70 years old. thousands took a stand
6:32 am
against rape and sexual assault in san francisco this weekend. a big crowd marched in the 14th annual walk against rape through the city's mission district yesterday to raise awareness about sexual violence and to support survivors of rape and sexual assault. the event raised money for the nonprofit, women against rape, which is the city's only community-based rape crisis center. it's a space for survivors to find resources they wouldn't be able to find elsewhere. >> we live in a culture where women are oppressd and often don't have the agency to speak up and speak out against violence. >> an estimated one out of three women are victims of sexual assault in their lifetime. for men, it's 1 out of 67. most of those incidents are not reported. time now is 6:32. in the north bay, an injured women spent 12 hours alone in a remote area of sonoma county after the vehicle she was in went down a steep ravine. the crash happened friday night
6:33 am
in western sonoma county. a man who was behind the wheel of a pickup truck was killed. both he and the woman were ejected out of the vehicle. the highway patrol says the woman suffered a leg fracture, but managed to climb back up the embankment to a dirt road. >> we're unsure exactly how far she had to crawl, but it looks like she had to wait for help for over 12 hours before a pass passer by saw her and called 911 and she was airlifted to a hospital. >> officer adams says it was wet and foggy, which made for a dangerous driving conditions. he says neither the passenger nor the diseased drivers were wearing their seat belts. a string of fires have destroyed three african-american churches in louisiana in just ten days and officials are calling them very suspicious. the fbi has joined the investigation into the cause. here's abc news reporter zachary kiesch with the update. >> reporter: a community rattled. three church fires in just ten days, all in the same louisiana
6:34 am
parish. the fires being investigated as possible arson have targeted african-american baptist churches. local fire marshals and federal authorities responding after the most recent inferno at mt. pleasant baptist church. the flames tearing through the 100-year-old house of worship. the state's fire marshal telling abc news, they're classifying the saint landry parish fires as suspicious. >> there are absolutely suspicious elements that have led us to believe that this is a crime. >> officials say they have discovered several common patterns with two other church fires. after seeing st. mary's baptist burned to the ground, the pastor remains rooted in the support of faith and family. >> what's done in the dark will come to the light. >> reporter: police have added extra security and patrols to protect the church's parishes. the sheriff issuing a stern warning. >> the person that is doing this to these churches, i will say, get ready. we'll put the cuffs on you. >> reporter: in light of these
6:35 am
fires that have been so devastating, a number of churches are investing in security and surveillance and encouraging other potential targets to do the same. zachary esch, abc news, new york. pg&e customers are invited to two forums this month to learn more about the changes that are needed to ensure the safety of electrical and gas service. pg&e dealers will talk about management structure and ownership as part of its safety culture. again, there will be -- again, there will be two forums, one on april 15th and another on april 26th. they'll be held at the cpuc auditorium on van ness avenue in san francisco starting at 9:00 in the morning. happening today, a second test for the oroville spillway. this past tuesday, the spillway underwent its first test by the department of water resources. it was the first time the nation's tallest dam was put into action since it failed two years ago and forced around 180,000 people to evacuate their homes. this morning at 10:00, flows will be increased to 25,000 cubic feet per second and will
6:36 am
remain there if all goes well because of a growing snowpack. still ahead on abc 7 mornings, the new way mcdonald's is helping you indulge in that midnight snack attack. but first, as we head to break, a live look outside this morning from santa cruz. you can see the boardwalk
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welcome back, everyone. after live look outside at the golden gate bridge this morning. for those of you heading to the
6:39 am
marina, don't forget, there are some road closures in effect because of the rock 'n' roll half marathon. we'll get a check of the forecast and when we can expect more rain coming up with meteorologist lisa argen. time is 6:38. mcdonald's scaling back its after-midnight menu. diners craving an early morning mcdonald's fix can pick up the staples like the big mac, chicken nuggets, and fries, but won't see salads, the filet-o-fish or mcchicken after midnight. customers can still choose from the all-day breakfast menu, sweets, and mccafe items after midnight, as well. the cookies are coming. limited edition "game of thrones"-themed oreos will hit the shelves starting tomorrow. oreo and hbo teamed up with the makers of the show to create a credits, made entirely of the cookies. the snacks feature four designs, the houses still battling for the iron throne and the white walkers.
6:40 am
the oreos are available for a limited time while supplies last. season 8 of the hit show premieres one week from today. i'm sure those will become a collector's item, lisa. >> mm-hmm. can't wait for that. >> weather-wise, we're off to a cool start throughout the bay area this morning, but you are tracking some changes ahead in the forecast. >> looks like the next seven day will feature everything, a few more drops in the bucket, some gusty winds, and some sunshine. but as we look at santa cruz, some temperatures near 50 right now. you can see the sun there, coming up in officially 5, 6 minutes here in the city. and later on today, upper 60s down in santa cruz with partly cloudy skies. so things are brightening up. we'll talk about it locally around the bay in just a few minutes. >> thanks, lisa. also, it was a busy day for san jose sports teams, including the earthquakes who made this a
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. time right now is 6:43. welcome back, everyone. if you don't have any plans this sunday, maybe a trip to pier 39 to see the sea lions might be a good idea. a lot of cloud cover expected today and lisa returns in a little bit to let us know more about the rain chances headed our way for the workweek. she's coming up with a full accuweather report. in sports, today is the -- today is the warriors' last regular season home game at oracle arena before the team moves to san francisco next season. golden state takes on the clippers. tip-off is at 5:30, was get there early for pre-game
6:44 am
festivities. yesterday was a busy day for bay area sports fans. here's anthony flores with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning, everyone. with just two wins in their last 11 games, the sharks have stumbled to the finish line, but now they can focus their attention on the playoffs. team till closing off the regular season at the tank against the az, eric carlson back in the layup after missing six weeks. fellow d-man brent burns gets the sharks on the board, continuing his career year with his 83rd point of the season. later in the period, evander kane will become the fourth shark to reach the 30-goal the sharks take the lead again. kevin leblanc will get credit for the goal. third peter, gustav nyquist played in his nhl game gets his 22nd of the season and the sharks win it with a final of 5-2. maybe it was the threat of rain or just the tough start to the
6:45 am
season, but on saturday, less than 32,000 on hand to see the giants. that's the smallest crowd at oracle park since september of 2010. the giants taking on the rays, third inning. brandon belt knocks it in with a two-out single. san francisco twakes a 2-1 lead. the rays chance in the fifth. g-man rips a double to left. willie adoms, come on down. he beats the throw, 3-2 tampa. back come the giants in the bottom half of the frame. steven duggar smacks a double to right. joe panic scores, so does connor joe, who had his first career hit, 4-3 giants. next batter, brandon belton, he belts that out of the yard for his third of the season. he also drove in three runs. the giants score a season-high 6. they win it 6-4. the a's taking on the astros. having some fun before the game.
6:46 am
houston going with a hit-and-run. fifth inning, brooks goes inside on george springer. a big mistake. he takes it to the left field bleachers, two-run shot. three batters later, he goes back inside on brantley and he'll crush it to right. brooks with five innings, nine hits, five runs allowed. one walk, two ks. the astros get a solo home run in the sixth and win it 6-0. the san jose earthquakes hosting portland. the quakes still looking for their first one under mathias el mayda. easy goal here. 33rd minute. magnus erickson shot his block, but it goes right to danny heusen who scores his first of the season. and immediately after that, this time, espinoza will get the goal for himself. drills it past the keeper, 3-nil at halftime. daniel vega gets the shutout,
6:47 am
even stopping a penalty kick with his foot. says he got a little lucky, but the quakes get their first win for their new manager, 3-nil, the final. >> people from outside started to get frustrated and upset with the team, and that's normal, but we always kept believing in ourselves and if you work hard and believe in what you do, the results will come. >> i know there is a lot of talk about how poorly our first couple of games went, but i said it before the game today, i'll say it again, i believe in what we're doing here. i believe in our coach and i believe in this group. i'm excited to be a part of it. >> college basketball and the final four, virginia beats auburn and texas tech downs michigan state. they'll meet in monday's national championship game. that's a look at your mornin sports. i'm anthony flores. have a great sunday. let's get a check now of the bay area forecast from meteorologist leea argen. hi, lisa. >> hi, chris. you know, crowds dominate our skies right now, but by the end of the day, we're going to reverse that trend and brighten things up.
6:48 am
a live look outside from emeryville, and you can see how overcast it is this morning. with that, temperatures stayed mild into the mid- to upper 50s through the overnight hours and then we had the moisture in the north bay and also the mist on the coast. so as we look at our forecast highlights, we are going to see the clouds througout the day in the -- well, i should say, the morning hours, then they thin out. so still a chance of showers in the north bay. and then partly cloudy this afternoon. we'll get into a cooler, windy day on tuesday, and then by mid-week, drier and warmer conditions. check out the view behind me from our exploratorium camera. this is interesting, isn't it? you can see just a sliver of sun there. and some clouds, with the sun coming up, so, yes, we are going to see more of a partly cloudy sky today. if you're headed into town for the giants, plan on the low 60s, and a dry afternoon. here's live doppler 7, where we widen the view. and you can see that southwest flow from the pacific, allowing for the high, the mid-level clouds, and even wringing out some moisture in the north bay. this is san jose, 101, where you're going to see numbers
6:49 am
climb quickly. and by the afternoon, mid-70s for a high, with sunshine for you. it is 59 in san francisco, 58 in oakland. 57 with the moisture, half moon bay, 52 in morgan hill, and 55 there around the east bay. here is a look at tahoe, where it is 41 degrees, a high today in the 50s. so certainly getting warmer there. and look how warm it is now in vacaville, petaluma, and concord. 57 as well as santa rosa with 58 in napa. we'll see maybe some snow above 7,500 feet come tuesday in the mountains. so here's the plan throughout the day today. you see the green representing the moisture to the north. the clouds everywhere else. then they thin out, first in the east bay and the south bay, 10:00, we're still gray in the north bay. but we'll get into more sun throughout the afternoon. don't get too used to it, though. here comes the next system clouding us up tonight. and rain to the north, looks like we could see a few drops here in san francisco as we get towards monday night. so all of monday is on the cloudy side for most of you.
6:50 am
percentage of normal, santa rosa, 133% with oakland coming in just over 100% and looking at 106% of average for you in livermore, san jose, and looking at about 112% at the airport. so highs, well, once those clouds clear, it is going to be mild to warm over in livermore, 70. a couple of degrees above average. then we get into more cloud cover for your monday, about the same, 369. here is comes the wind. and the cooler day on tuesday. we rebound on wednesday and sort of stay in the upper 60s for the rest of the week. so highs today with the clouds, limiting the sun early on from the north to san francisco in the low to mid-60s elsewhere. it is sunnier and milder, with low to mid-70s, concord, and san jose. and, as i said before, coming into the city, we'll get some sun. it will be in the low 60s for the giants' game and the accuweather seven-day forecast. a lot of cloud cover to start out. then it thins out and we'll see low 60s coast, upper 60s around the bay, mid-70s inland, more
6:51 am
cloud cover for your monday. 1 on our storm impact scale, some showers from the north bay into the city. and along the coast. and then we clear out tuesday is blustery and much cooler. wednesday, we arrive at the nice sunny afternoon with mild temperatures. and a little cooler at the end of the week. >> lisa, thank. next, a pregnancy that led to cancer. it's rare, but can be deadly. one bay area woman's story and
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
welcome back. here are the winning numbers from last night's $68 million powerball drawing. 15, 33, 43, 59, 60, the powerball number, 8. nobody picked all six, so wednesday night's jackpot goes up to $84 million. and the winning numbers from last night's $33 million super lotto plus drawing, 1, 23, 29, 33, 42, the meganumber, 3. no one picked all six in that drawing, either. wednesday night's prize increases to $34 million. 6:54 is our time. in san francisco, a mother's pregnancy led to her getting cancer. it's a rare complication that can have deadly results. fortunately, she survived and shared her story with abc news reporter, kate larson. >> i just sort of knew something was wrong. >> reporter: elisa rosenthal was in the first trimester of her second pregnancy and was dealing with extreme nausea, weight loss, stabbing pains and some unusual ultrasouth soundnds.
6:55 am
>> it really baffled everybody. it's so uncommon. >> reporter: enter dr. fun lamb, an ob/gyn who has been practiced san francisco for over 40 years. >> is this is where experience accounts. >> reporter: he diagnosed her with a molar pregnancy. >> in the united states, it's only 20 women out of 100,000 pregnancies that will be affected. >> i'm so grateful. he mht have saved my life. >> reporter: her molar pregnancy took over the embryo and she lost the baby, but that was just the beginning of her medical journey. >> i don't think i quality grieved, because i was -- i was so afraid of what was going on with my body. >> reporter: after months of improving blood tests, her hormone levels shot up off again. >> hi oncologist said, surgery's off the table, it's on your lungs. you have tumors on your lungs and there's something on your liver. >> reporter: at 35 years old with a full-time job and toddler
6:56 am
at home, elisa began chemotherapy for the 17 tumors on her lungs, an even rarer complication of the already-rare polar pregnancy. >> after i got through treatment, i felt this overwhelming euphoria. >> reporter: elisa is still being screened but is currently cancer free and has recently found power through sharing her story. >> it feels like when we're going through these things, we're completely alone, especially pregnancy loss or infertility or female health issues. it's very isolating. and all i got through this whole experience was support when i opened up about it, so i encourage women to talk about it, share what you're going through, the more we can be open about it, the less taboo it will be. and the more we'll realize that we're not alone when we go through this. >> reporter: after receiving life-saving care here in san francisco, elisa felt inspired to help other women, so she's been fund-raising for this organization. every mother counts, which works to make pregnancy and childbirth safe for women around the world. elisa has already helped raise thousands of dollars and is looking for more support. we have a link and more
6:57 am
information on our website, i'm kate larson, back to you. >> very powerful story. >> mm-hmm. >> a final weather check with you. >> we're brightening up out there. a pretty shot for you in santa cruz where we have a little bit of mist and drizzle on the coast, otherwise, in the north bay. partly cloudy today and mild to warm inland, more clouds tomorrow, and a few more raindrops coming your way on monday. 72 in concord. 66 in richmond. limited sun here in san francisco. accuweather seven-day forecast, enjoy today. we cloud up tomorrow, we're breezy, much cooler tuesday. sunny and mild for wednesday. that should be the nicest day, and then slightly cooler at the end of the week. >> lisa, thank. and thanks to you for joining us on action abc 7 mornings. i'm chris nguyen with lisa argen. >> "good morning america" is next. abc 7 news returns at 9:00 a.m. we'll see you then.
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we are following breaking news this morning. a fiery final four. overnight, celebrations turning into chaos. the fans flipping cars following texas tech's victory over michigan state. >> for the win! >> as virginia seals the deal over auburn with a fantastic finish. destructive storms. nearly 40 million americans at risk of severe weather from texas to the carolinas, as destructive winds tear through texas. leveling homes with hail the size of baseballs pummeling towns. who is at risk this morning? drawing a hard line at the border.


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