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tv   ABC7 News 9  ABC  April 7, 2019 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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live doppler 7. a lot of cloud cover around. some you have enjoying the sunshine. live doppler 7 showing you we have some visibiity issues from the north bay to the coast. we had mist and drizzle and rain. things are clearing out for some of you. check out santa cruz. lots of sun and temperatures already well into the 50s. we're mild to muggy out there
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with 60 in san jose. you can tell where the sun is shining. we're looking at numbers cooler from the city. trying to bring out more brightness here in san francisco. it's pretty gray from our camera. we have numbers that are warming up quickly. once the sun comes out, it will be a nice day. 54 minute delays. we'll call it partly cloudy throughout the afternoon. >> thank you. a preview of that sunday forecast. keep track of the weather conditions where you live with the abc 7 news app. you can monitor live doppler 7 on the go. an vest gags is under way after two men were shot inside a car. it happened at around 1:30 this morning at international boulevard and 18th avenue. names of the victims have not been leased. officials believe they are both in their 20s. there's no motive at this time and no arrests have been made.
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northbound interstate is back open to traffic. at one point all lanes were shut down after a chain reaction crash involved three vehicles. it happened after 5:00 this morning south of 98 avenue. the first crash happened when a box truck rear ended car in the far right lane. ten minutes later another car rear ended the truck. four people inside the vehicle were hurt. two have major injuries. a bart rider was hospitalized after being attacked. the violence caused the daily city bart station to be closed for about 45 minutes last night. we're told the suspect and the victim got into some kind of altercation on a train or station platform. police rushed to daly city and took one person into custody. the victim's injuries are said to be non-life threatening. no word on what the argument was about or how the victim was hurt. we're learning details about a mother and son viciously mauled by three dogs. the victims are recovering from
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the ordeal. they spoke with neighbors who saw the attack and tried to help. >> that was worse thing i've ever seen in my life. >> reporter: doris and her husband were the first to hear screams coming from the yard next door. >> i saw her laying on the yard and trying to keep the baby away from them. they were pulling on the baby. >> reporter: they say these three pit bulls were attacking a mother and her 3-year-old son. >> her right here was partially missing. >> reporter: steve grabbed his golf club to try to distract the dogs. >> i kept beating on the trash attention from the other two. >> reporter: doris called 911. police arrived minutes later and used pepper tray spray tospray p the dogs from the victims. >> the dogs had drug her to the other fence. >> reporter: animal control took the three dogs where they are in
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quarantined. the animals moved cently into house with a yelltive. >> i feel really sad for them. i didn't know they had pit pulls over there. >> i just pray for those who got involved to just go through a quick recovery. >> reporter: they are glad mother and baby survived but they are still haunted by what they saw. >> you see someone fighting for their lives. it's pretty rough. >> reporter: police say mother and son are in stable condition after suffering multiple dog bites. it's unclear ha promwhat prompt mauling. we know the owner could face criminal charges according to police. new this morning, house speaker nancy pelosi will receive the john f. kennedy profile encourage award. her office says she will be recognized for putting the nation above her party's interests to expand access to
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health care for all americans. the award honors president kennedy's commitment to public service. it will be presented to pelosi in a ceremony next month. she says she hopes that receiving this award will encourage others to pursue public service and lead with courage, conviction and conscious. gavin newsome became the first governor to travel whi in office. he's retreated from the idea to shut down the southern border but planned to increase the number of immigration officers. >> reporter: he became the first sitting governor to travel to central america. >> it has the most dramatic incidents of humanitarian
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relief. dr. mat says he needs to see the root of this crisis. >> there's no solace within the kcountr country. they want to frame them as caring. making the photo opportunities and carving that time out of your busy schedule way sthto sho
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you care. >> how hard working they are. >> reporter: if you're wondering who is paying for this trip, it's not coming from california's taxpayers. the answer is a non-profit. in the news room, abc 7 news. n. this video from our golden gate bridge camera shows participants running across earlier. 7,000 runners will race across the golden gate bridge and on city streets. local bands are performing live. drivers be ware. road closures vary throughout the day. visit our website, today's half marathon will bring out people from all stages of life.
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>> reporter: running literally saved marcus cook's life. >> i used to weigh 489 pounds. now i weigh about 245. >> reporter: every time he are you aware runs a race he crosses the finish line with cut out of fat marcus. this video was shot last year as marcus completed a full iron man. his inspiration to change and drop the weight, a friend dying of cancer told marcus his lifestyle was going to kill him. he had bariatric surgery in 2015, hit the gym and started running. >> my first goal was to do a 5k and do a 10k and then i was like i can do a small triathlon. i'm proving every day you can do anything you want to do. >> reporter: that's what less martin is doing. >> i just run for old people. >> reporter: he's the oldest
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runner in this year's half mar on the. he's 78 and run more 100 full marathons. >> i'm blessed with the beside i have at my age and i can still run. >> reporter: especially when he knows many people his age can't. >> like a lot of friends are just happy if they can waulk ou and get in their car. me, here i am trotting around on the hills in san francisco. it doesn't get any better than that. >> reporter: neither are running for time but they are running for the experience. it's the last regular season home game at oracle arena. tip off is set for all fans will get the finale t-shirt. after the game, fans can take part in various activities including taking photos with the
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team's three championship trophies. it's first come, first serve. sla mild start to the day. >> it is. temperatures are much warmer than yesterday. we have some fog at the coast and two mile visibility up in santa rosa and pacifica. it's cloudy. temperatures hovering around 60 degrees. it's been sunny all morning. we'll see a mix bag today. sun and clouds and even chance of rain creeping in begin tomorrow. i'll have all that for you with my abc 7 the way one group of protesters try to shut the president down. family, friends and fans are preparing to say good-bye to rapper
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simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome. officials say a ransom was paid and it was a negotiated hand over. a group of gunmen abducted kimberly off the coast of costa mesa.
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officials say he was on the shoulder issuing a citation to another driver when a car hit him. he was air lifted to the hospital where he died. he was a 27 year veteran and set to retire next year. the suspect is in custody. memorial services for slain rapper nipsie hustle will take place. the 33-year-old beloved community activist was gunned down on march 31st in front of his south l.a. clothing store. exact details about the service have not been released but police are expecting large crowd of mourners. president trump is on a swing through the west. he spoke to a welcoming crowd at the republican jewish coalition in las vegas. the president shared details about his recent trip to the border and his harsh warning for
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those trying to come here from the south. pr >> reporter: president trump doubling down on his message. our country is full. >> what can we do? we're full. can't come in. i'm sorry. >> reporter: claiming migrants are abusing the system without any proof. >> the asylum program is a scam. some of the roughest people you've ever seen. people that look like they should be fighting for the ufc. >> reporter: the president in las vegas speaking to the republican jewish coalition pretending to be an asylum seeker looking for guidance guie an attorney. >> i'm sorvery worried i'll be t back home. no no. asylum. give him asylum. he's afraid. he's afraid.
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>> reporter: friday the president was at the u.s.-mexico border touring new construction. >> it's a great wall. i think it looks fantastic. >> reporter: the two mile strip of 30 foot steel slats is not new wall but a long planned replacement of 14 foot fencing. that trip coming one week after he threatened to close the southern border completely. 76,000 migrants stopped at the border in february. 40,000 of those families and federal officials estimate the figures from march will be even higher with an estimated 95,000 migrants apprehendeapprehended. >> i said we're closing the border. as soon as they said that and i really thanked the president of mexico because they stepped up. >> reporter: the president praising mexico for stepping up at their own boarder. mexican official says the country's policy has not changed. abc news, washington. the trump administration says reunites children who are
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separated from their family will be more laborious because they are no longer in government custody. a court filing claims it will take a year to review the 47,000 cases of unaccompanied children taken into government custody. protesters interrupted president trump's speech in las vegas yesterday. if not now, an american jewish activist group staged the protest. they chanted jews are here to stay. the occupation is a play. security escorted them out. the president said they will be rep ri marimand reprimanded. we have changes ahead for the workweek. we have fog and mix of clouds and sun and live doppler tracking the visibility which
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has been reduced up in the north bay. two miles santa rosa getting a bit better on the coast at three miles. we're looking at high and mid level clouds. in the pacific they just keep streaming in. there will be another weather system dropping down from the north. it will bring much colder air. perhaps some snow in the sierra nevada. we're looking at some sun here from our east bay hills camera and temperatures are in the upper 50s. they have been that way all morning. 60 in oakland. 61 mountain view. sunny. 54 in morgan roof camera, it's been mostly cloudy in the city. we're looking at the clouds stacked up in the north bay. east bay is sunny and mild. 64 in concord. 60 in livermore. we're milder everywhere. sun will come out and it will be warm where you have it in the east bay and south bay. the north bay still kind of muggy into the city.
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we just don't want to get rid of the clouds yesterday or we do and we can't. cloudy in the north bay. sunny elsewhere. partly cloudy for the afternoon. the cloud layer should thin out a bit. we'll see the potential for more rain. it's light. it's nuisance showers. the clouds will increase as the system comes in out of the north. this is monday where the temperatures are still mild east and south. we have plenty of cloud cover as the next system wants to ride to the south and bring the rain showers into extreme northern california. here is tuesday. the back side of this system, it's chilly and it's going to be the breezy as well along the coast with low 60s. barely getting to 60 in san francisco. wednesday looks nice. we get into more upper 60s in low to mid-70s for a warmer afternoon. this is the way it will play out today with the clouds slowly beginning to lift out there. here it is 1:30. still along the peninsula, coast and north bay.
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it's gray. elsewhere it's partly cloudy. right on through the afternoon we get a break but through the overnight hours we're bringing down the next system. 6:00 it's dry tomorrow morning. here comes the rain in the far north bay. 2:00 tomorrow. by the evening chance on the peninsula, san francisco. 9:00 looking like we could see showers. here is the look ahead for san jose. it will be mild today. above average with the sunshine. 73. a few more clouds tomorrow. the coolest day will be tuesday. here is a look at the next system that brings in the older air for your tuesday afternoon. it will be bright and breezy today. we have a mixture of partly cloudy, partly sunny conditions. 63 downtown. 72 in concord. 69 in napa. the accuweather seven-day forecast, a mix of clouds and sun. a light shower tomorrow. a one on our storm impact scale. tuesday we're drying out but it's brisk and by wednesday and thursday looks pretty good. temperatures will be cooler. we get to brighten up a bit. >> as for today, glad to see now
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rain for the race or the giants game. >> good point. thank you. this week meet a 15-year-old girl who can lift more weight than some players in the nfl. >> she set the bench press at 360. i was like oh, my goodness. >> chills went through my body. >> i'm 15 years old. and i just beat the national record with a bench of 360 pounds. >> i have coached ten champ i don't know weig champion weight lifting girls. this is what the nfl uses for reps. 27. push through. good. 27 times. see how many players in the nfl can do that right there.
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tell me about the friendship you two have. >> enough. >> guess it started back in the fifth grade. it grew from me being her coach. she start eed coming to church with us. she's more my daughter now. i want to see the best for her. she's like my youngu >> i have people that love me. when you come into a stranger's life, you think he will just be your
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a bunch of new organizations have the people of letter man asking for help. some of them include paying to fix the main road and reducing the amount of light pollution at night. organizers say the new regulation could mean the end of the festival. they are asking people to write to the bureau to get it to reconsider some of those requirements. happening today, passengers are getting ready for southwest airlines first flight from oakland to maui. i leaves at 11:15 this morning and now may be the best time to find air fares to hawaii. air fare between california and the hawaiian island dropped 17%. that's among all the airlines
9:27 am
that fly there. the average round trip coach fare is about $412 compared to $500 this time last year. today is national beer day. at least one restaurant is offering a special deal to celebrate. there are two locations here in the bay area. one in concord and another in san jose. national beer day is celebrated on this date because it marks the day that president roosevelt signed law allowing beer to be legally manufactured and sold in the u.s. beer is the most widely consumed alcoholic beverage. take a look at this. the giants posted this photo on twitter minutes ago of players celebrating national beer day. still to come on abc 7 mornings, what we're learning about the governor's historic trip to central america. the string of church fires that have authorities and communities in louis
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thanks so much for being with us. we're off to a mild day. hi, lisa. >> nice and blight here in the east bay. we have had sunshine pretty much all morning long. walnut creek looking at the blue sky. temperatures have been mild 61 in mountain view. 61 in morgan hill. on the coast visibility is reduced 58 degrees. here is a look at the gray emoryville. vacaville you've had gray skies. we will see another mild afternoon. kind of muggy to start. by 2:00, partly cloudy skies. partly sunny. warmer inland. in the south bay, mid and upper 60s around the bay. tonight should be a mild evening. by 6:00 we're still in the 60s
9:31 am
looking at the clouds increasing. another rain chance and snow for the mountains coming up. i'll explain. gavin newsome has become the first sitting california governor to travel to central america. it comes on the heels of president trump visiting the border on friday. he says 680,000 salvadorans live in california. experts say he need to see the root causes of migration. >> people who stay face corrupt bureaucrats, like corrupt politicians and corrupt police and also the violence from the gangs who are corrupting those politicians. there's no reprieve. happening today, a funeral and vigil for a beloved reverend
9:32 am
in oakland. father jay was director of the cathedral of christ the light. a viewing will be held today between 4:00 and 6:00 p.m. he had a sudden heart attack one week ago today. in 1974 he became the first african-american men to be ordained as a roman catholic priest in california. he was 70 years old. a big crowd fmarched in the wal against rape to raise awareness. the event raised money for the non-profit women against rape which is the city's only community based rape crisis center. it's a space for survivors to find resources they wouldn't be able to find elsewhere. >> we live in a culture where women are oppressed and often don't have the agency to speak up and speak out against
9:33 am
violence. >> an estimated one out of three women are victims of sexual assault in their lifetime. for men, it's 1 out of 67. most of those are not reported. in the north bay, an injured woman spent 12 hours alone in a remote area of sonoma county after the vehicle she was in went down a steep ravine. the crash happened friday night he and the woman were ejected out. the woman suffered a leg fracture but managed to climb back up to a dirt road. >> we're not sure how far she had to crawl but looks like she had to wait for help for over 12 hours before a passer by saw her and called 911. then she was air lifted to a hospital. >> officer adam says it was foggy and wet which made for dangerous driving conditions. he said neither the passenger
9:34 am
nor the deceased driver were wearing seat belts. a string of fires have destroyed three african-american churches in la louisiana in ten days. the fbi has joined into the cause and the motive. >> reporter: a community rattled. three church fires in ten days. all in the same louisiana parish. the fires being investigated as arson have targeted african-american baptist churches. local fire marshals responding after the most recent inferno at mt. pleasant baptist church. the state's fire marshal telling abc news they are classifying the fires as suspicious. >> they are absolutely suspicious elements that have led us to believe this is a crime.
9:35 am
>> reporter: officials discovered several common patterns. the pastor remains rooted in the support of faith and family. >> what's done in the dark will come to the light. >> reporter: police have added extra security and patrols to protect the churches. the sheriff issuing a stern warning. >> to the person that is doing this to these churches, i will say get ready. we're going to put the cuffs on you. >> reporter: in light of the fires that have been so devastating, a number of churches are investing in security and surveillance and encouraging other potential targets to do the same. happening today, a second test for the spillway. this past tuesday the spillway under went its first test by the department of water resources. it was the first time the was put in the dam since it failed two years ago. in about 30 minutes, flows will be increased to 25,000 cubic feet for second and will remain
9:36 am
if all goes well because of a growing snow pack. the new way mcdonald's is helping you indulge in that mdnight snack attack. a live look outside this morning. you can see the lighthouse in the distance the
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9:38 am
we have the few bay area forecast. mcdonald's is scaling back its aftermidnight menu. diners can still pick up the st staples but they won't see salads, the filet o fish mcwhich i cchick en salad after.
9:39 am
customers can still choose from the all daybreak fast menu and mccafe items after midnight. the cookies are coming. game of throne themed oreos will hit the shelves tomorrow. they created a unique versio of the opening credited made entirely of the cookies. the snacks feature four designs. season 8 premiers one week from today. weather wise, what are we looking at today. >> some clouds and some sun out there. it's partly cloudy. 46 degrees. later on today 57. it's been pretty windy there. they could see new snow at the higher elevations. a couple of times this week. wednesday and into the later pa --
9:40 am
latter part of the week. i'll explain next with my seven-day forecast. also next, it was a busy day for bay area sports teams including the quakes who made this a memorable game for their first year manager. we have more in sports. somcan make you feel likeder you have no limits. but mania, such as unusual changes in your mood, activity or energy levels, can leave you on shaky ground. help take control
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there's chance of rain for the workweek. in sports, the warriors will hit the court for final regular season home game at oracle. golden state takes on the clippers. get their early for pre-game festivities. yesterday was a busy day with the giants, a's and quakes all in action. we have the highlights in this morning's sports report. >> good morning. with just two wins in their last 11 game, the sharks have stom h stumbled to the finish line. they are back in the line up after mitszi imissing six weeks. the sharks are on the board.
9:44 am
tied at two in the second. a little latter rktslater, the the lead again. first period, gets his 22nd of the season. the sharks win it on the final of 5-2. maybe it was the threat of rain or just the tough start to the season but on saturday, 32,000 on hand to see the giants. that's the smallest crowd in september of 2010. the giants taking on the rays. brandon knocks in joe panic with a two out single. san francisco takes a 2-1 lead. the rays answer in the fifth. g-man rips a double to left. willie come on down. he beats the throw. 3-2 tampa. back with the giants. stephen dugger smacks a double to right. so does connor joe who had his first career hit.
9:45 am
next batter brandon belton belts that out of the yard for the third of the season. he also drove in three runs. the giant skoes score a season 6. orbit having some fun with mark before the game. aaron brooks on the lihill. houston going with a hit and run. he takes it to the left field. two run shot. three batters later he goes back inside. he'll crush it to right. brooks with five innings. nine hits. five runs allowed. one walk. the astros get a solo home run in the sixth. the san jose earthquakes hosting portland. the kwaquakes still looking fore first one.
9:46 am
easy goal for hill. 33rd minute. magnus shot his block. this time espinoza will get the goal for himself. drills it past the keeper. daniel vega gets the shot out stopping a penalty kick with his foot. says he got a little lucky there. the quakes get first win for the new manager. 3-0 the final. >> people outside started to get frustrated and upset with the team. that's normal. we always kept believing in ours. if you work hard and believe in what you do, results will come. >> i know there's a lot of talk about how poorly our first couple of games went. i said it before the game today, i'll say it again. i believe in what we're doing here. i believe in our coach. i believe in this group. i'm excited to be a part of it. >> college basketball in the final four. virginia beats auburn and texas
9:47 am
it c tech. they will pleat meet in monday' national championship game. have greatsunday. as we get into the second week of april, spring offering changing forecast with wind, sun, clouds. still rain chances arriving and sierra snow. pretty cloudy there. we're looking at the mild temperatures this morning. you know what, check out santa rosa. you folks in the mid-60s because of the cloud cover. you'll stay cloudy for much of the day. tomorrow another weather system brings the temperatures down. by tuesday you're breezy and things rebound on wednesday with a warmest day of the week arriving. by the end of the week, not bad. we're still looking at the gray skies here from the golden gate bridge. closer to the bay you have the fog, coast along pacifica. san to rosa reduced visibility. things are brightening up in the
9:48 am
east bay. it's been sunny all morning. you can see the visibility is improving from half-moon bay. still plenty of clouds in the pacific. we'll try to squeeze out sun. you can see how cloudy it is here. temperatures in the upper 50s. oakland 60. 60 san jose. mid-50s morgan hill. 58 half-moon bay. a sunny san jose where numbers in the north bay are near 60. certainly gray from santa rosa. 63 and sunshine in concord. livermore not too far behind. much, much warmer. mild three to eight degrees warmer this dew points are hig. the closer you are to the coast, i think you'll see the clouds. in the north bay we'll call it
9:49 am
partly cloudy. this amp withfternoon with a min and clouds. another system arriving bringing a few showers into the north bay. along the peninsula into your monday night. this is the way it will play autotodaout today. you see the situation is getting brighter. it will take its time. as we get through the overnight hours, here comes the next system. it's cold one from the north. it will bring colder air. the chance of showers and the brisk winds behind it. here we are monday night and a spotty areas of weak precip arriving. it will mild today. four degrees above average. then dropping it down with that cold front on monday. the coolest day behind the system on tuesday. we'll rebound on wednesday. another week system wants to visit us the end of the week. that system will bring cooler weather here. maybe some mountain snow. as we pick this up monday night, this the system that cools us
9:50 am
off spinto our tuesday. the wind will be quite brisk. you can see the snow there from bare valley to the sierra nevada into the middle and end of the week. looking at highs. quite mild with the sunshine from livermore and pleasanton. low to mid-70s there on the peninsul peninsula. kind of a mix there. san francisco call it partly sunny. low to mid-60s. in san francisco, we'll see about 62 degrees staying that way throughout the afternoon. tonig tonight, mid-50s. 60s coast. much warmer with the sun. we down load our accuweather app and track a few more showers into monday and brightening up on wednesday. that's what we get in spring. wind, rain, snow and maybe warm weather. >> not a bad day for baseball. dpl coming up, the business of
9:51 am
being a ride share driver. be game one veter
9:52 am
9:53 am
here are the winning numbers from the powerball drawing. 15, 33, 43, 59, 60. the powerball number 8. nobody picked audiotall six. the winning numbers from last night drawing, 1, 23, 29, 33, 42.
9:54 am
the meganumber 3. no one picked all six in that drawing either. wednesday night's prize increasing to $34 million. abc 7 news is focused on building a better bay area . we have taken a closer look at the ride sharing business. in our search for solutions, we rode along with a veteran driver to find out how he plays the game. >> how are you? >> good. >> reporter: jay is what you might call master ride share driver. he's a survivor at a job that's reported to have heavy turnover. >> what happens in life is you think it's easier than it is. you do have to work and develop a skill set to become good at it. >> reporter: jay has been dri driving for uber and lyft for the past three and a half years and he's given a will the of rides. 23,600 rides. >> today we're 23,601. >> that's correct.
9:55 am
>> reporter: he's not just a driver. he's game player. it's been so successful. he developed a side hustle with a popular website called the ride share guy and his own blog ride share dojo. >> i've written probably a hundred articles and made videos all about it. >> reporter: i've really broken down how can a driver make the most money. >> reporter: that means working 50 hours a week but he takes six weeks of vacation a year. >> my first three years i made 100,000 there are a year after expen -- after expenses it's about 80. >> reporter: uber and lyft a lowers rates. >> at the low end it's 65,000 you clear after expenses. >> reporter: it's more important to drive smart. the smartest thing to do is drive in san francisco. >> i don't like driving in san jose and oakland.
9:56 am
the rates are lower in san francisco. the demand isn't as high. >> reporter: on weekend it's a different strategy if you start early. >> you can do a lot of long rides in the morning. there's no traffic. it's so great. we'll be there in 15, 20 minutes. >> reporter: jay drove enough rides for lyft to qualify worth of $1,000 worth of stock. now he's driving more for uber hoping to qualify for its stock. >> are you more satisfied being a driver for uber or lyft? >> probably the number one questions my passenger asks. purely as a driver i prefer lyft. >> reporter: he says they pay a little more and the passengers seem friendlier. >> it's like cat and dogs. the uber passengers are like cats. they are quieter. not as responsive. the lyft passengers are like the dogs. >> i don't know what that says about me because i only use
9:57 am
lyft. >> they are friendlier. they are more open. >> reporter: jay says the best tips come from being a good listener, driving carefully and after someone leaves something in your car, you return it. >> we invite you to share your ideas and see what your neighbors think by joining our better bay area facebook group. a final weather check now with lisa. nice to finally see a break from the rain while we have it. >> that's right. by later on today, it will get nicer and nicer with brighter conditions. mid-70s. away from the bay inland and the south bay. the coast low 60s. sun and cloud mix. increasing clouds tonight. maybe some light showers tomorrow. yes another storm impact scale for monday. after that we'll be done but breezy and cool. >> sounds good. thanks to you for joining us on abc 7 mornings. we get ready for today's
9:58 am
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