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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  April 7, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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that breaking news, homeland security is secretary is leaving her post. the president tweeted out the news this afternoon. senior administration officials tell cnn she had a meeting with the president and had no intention of resigning. the source notes trump's frustration with current laws and desire for his administration to do more to stop central american identity sigh lumbar seekers from entering the. he also announced the customs and border protection will become the acting head of d he's a holdover from the obama administration. we first notified people throug
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a push alert moments after the announcement of the resignation. get breaking news any time on the app at instant notifications by signing up for push alerts. i'm eric thomas. thank you for joining us. happening now, fans are gathering for the final regular season warriors game at oracle arena. >> reporter: really emotional day here. so many fans told us they have emotional attachments to oracle arena. they feel like they are leaving a family home behind. as you can see, there's a party going on here. balloons and fans to commemorate the last regular season game for the team. it's the final countdown for fans. the last regular season game for the team at the place they have called home for the past 47 seasons. they definitely earned a new stadium, but it's not going to
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be it's a little heartbreaking, but i'm not going to cry. >> reporter: the warriors made this day a party for loyal fans. lots of photo booths to commemorate the day. >> it's just wonderful. it's really good to be here. >> reporter: inside every member of dub nation got a free t-shirt that says the finale. >> very bittersweet. we'd like them to stay, but progress. >> reporter: rose mahmoud ri recent and her friends stuck with the team through thick and thin. >> we were here when we knew at the end of the game we weren't going to win. but we would sit there any way. >> reporter: the team is moving to san francisco. they will play next season at badcast live from iide giving fpique. >> we reknewed our tickets. >> reporter: many reflected on the news. >> it's by tittersweet for sure
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terms. i have only known oracle awrena. i have seen the dog years. but that whole time, the vibe and the atmosphere was unreal. >> reporter: back live here. tipoff is in about 30 minutes. the symphony will play the national anthem and coach will have a special fans for fans after the game. after tonight's they have a quick road trip and back here for game one of the playoffs. live in oracle, abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. you can watch the entire episode five minutes from home on our website. it's at website website. . new details about the tourist from southern california who was kidnap ped there. she has been released. it was a negotiated handover.
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abc news has the latest. >> reporter: the woman and her tour guide have been freed in a negotiated handover. authorities reporting a ransom was paid. the government confirming the news on twitter saying, appreciation goes to police uganda and sister security agencies that led the operation to return the two. according to the police, the two were found unharmed and in good health. their release coming after the fbi got involved in the search. posting these pictures of the safari shortly before they went missing. the two were on an evening safari along with a couple when they were kidnapped at gunpoint by men wearing military uniforms. authorities say the kid nappers left the couple behind and used the phone calling the safari manager to demand half a million
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ransom. that couple's son telling global news they are very lucky. sometimes they wish they would vacation in safer places. abc news correspondent ian panel was at the national park during the search. >> you can see why so many tourists come here. the bowty rolls mile after mile. but you can also see why it would be hard to tiend anyone who was kidnapped. searching for them would be nearly impossible. >> reporter: she and her guide are now back at the lodge in the park. abc news, london. governor new sm plans to learn about what drives people to migrate to the u.s. from central america. it marks the first time a governor visited central america. his agenda uncluds meeting with el salvador's leaders, but some disagree with the mission.
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one republican law mmaker belies the governor should visit troubled parts of california instead. a nonprofit is is paying for the trip. a major figure in the the vietnamese community known worldwide for opposing communism has died. abc 7 interviewed him in 2008 during his hunger strike to protest plans to rename the little saigon. he flew for south vietnam's air force flying alongside americans during the vietnam war. he died friday of lung failure at a hospital surrounded by family. he was 74 years old. a shooting this morning killed two men. it happened around 1:30 in the morning near international boulevard and 18th avenue. police have not relowsed the names of the victims, but they report investigators believe they are in their 20s. from fairfield. the other from hayward. the two men were in a car that had stopped at the intersection when someone began shooting at them from outside the vehicle. new developments now.
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the chp believes speeding played a role in a chain reaction crash that sent sux people to the hospital. firefighters shared pictures from the scene showing three mangled vehicles on northbound 880. this all started when a large truck rear enlded a lexus being driven with a flat tire. another car then hit the truck ten minutes later. the chp says the lexus driver did something unsafe by driving on a flat tire. >> if you get a flat tire on the freeway, please always move to the right shoulder. it's driving at a low rate of speed during dark hours. >> two injured in the crash are in critical condition. some college students will have a new topic to debate this fall. and the course title already has them talking. reaction to one school's new
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angry white man class. also coming up, our first review of the massive repair work done on the dam. and sunshine overhead. but fog and clouds rolling in on the coast this evening ahead of rain retur
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the university of kansas is offering a new gender studies classicaled angry white male studies. it's ignited a debate on campus and beyond. the class charts the rise of anger in white men in america and britain since the 1950s. the course will look at how dominant and subordinate masculinities connect to movements of women, people of color and the lgbtq community.m.
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>> there's definitely some value into looking into things from history from an intersectionalist view. >> creating dialogue, dialogue is important. dialogue needs to be had. >> one congressman from kansas believes this course may add to the divide. performing as designed, that's the latest word from state water officials concerning repairs to the dam. in anticipation of this weekend's rains, the department of water resources said last friday it would increase releases. the spillway was tested just five days ago. it suffered a massive failure 0e atting a nst o the by shower concept. that story is ahead. and a reason to toast the
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napa valley. a survey says it's home to the the best wine in the world. we're able to pull off a little bit of sunshine this afternoon and evening. we have to contend with showers as we return to work and school before warmer weather makes a return. we'll have the details in the forecast, coming up. sharing stories of inspiration in a digital series. this week mieet a 15-year-old girl who can lift more weight than some nfl players. >> she set the bench press at 360, it broke the national record. i was doing it. chills went through my body. >> i just beat the national record with a bench of 360 pounds. >> i have coached state champion weight lifting girls. this is what the nfl using for reps.
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good. >> 27 times, see how many players the nfl can even do that right there. >> tell me about the friendship you two have. >> it grew from me being her coach and then church and more like a mentor thing. she was more my daughter now. i want to see the best for her. >> i have people that love me. when you come to a stranger's life and think he's going to be a coach, he's like a father figure. - ( phone ringing ) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones.
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each spring thousands of kittens need to be cared for. money raised goes to spaying and neutering and food and medicine. you know this. the best wine in the world come from napa valley, but this is the carbernet which compileddddd results of 120 million ratings last year from members scare crow says the wine costs $600. which drew is going to get me for christmas. >> christmas like 2025. i got to save up for that. >> it's like that. >> live doppler 7 along with satellite, we were able to squeak out a fair amount of sunshine this afternoon, but the clouds will be thickening once again tonight as we are tracking
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some more rain. we'll take you outside. a live look and a few clouds from the vantage point. you'll also note we have fog rolling in along the coastline. as we have had the bit of sunshine today and we have had a really wet winter, that is a recipe for things to blossom. your pollen and uv index tree pollen is is running at very high levels right now. your main offenders is is oak, pine and sycamore. and also mold spores and grass pollen is low. uv index is high. that sun angle had a similar height as labor day weekend. you can burn if your skin is unprotected. temperatures right now were in the 60s and 70 nz our warmest spots. 72 right now in concorde. 68 in hayward. san francisco a little cooler with fog rolling in at 65. and san jose is at 71 degrees. overnight tonight, that cloud cover will be thickening over the next couple hours. and again, it will be a mild night compared to where we
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should be for this time of the year. numbers only falling into the mid-50s over theex 12 hours. live doppler 7, here's the story. you can see the rain and cloud cover situated over the california and oregon border. that cold front is going to swing through here over the nekts 24 hours and supply us with that chance of light showers. on the storm impact scale, it's a level one light system and mainly monday afternoon and evening tomorrow. those showers very light in nature. we're talking about less than a tenth of an inch of rainfall. but it will turn breezy like monday night into tuesday morning. so tonight the theme is the clouds will be increasing. tomorrow morning the morning commute does look dry. we'll see overcast skies first thing.e rain realers in the north bay in the afternoon and then we'll see the front sink south. so by monday evening, anyone is fair game for a light sprinkle in your neighborhood. stl tilde72 in antiocn san jos.
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behind the front the winds will really ramp up. so tuesday morning it turns reez breezy and then the winds are racing out of the north 20 to 40 miles an hour. here's the seven-day forecast. some light showers in the evening tomorrow. drizzle tuesday. the big r story it turns windy. we'll turn a corner. drier weather will usher in warmer temperatures in the 70s and next weekend looking nice and dry with a lot of sunshine. anthony is here with sports. >> we're talking warriors. it's going to be an emotional night. th alay iing the final home ga
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the warriors will take a walk down memory lane. they are playing their final regular season home game at oracle arena. they have called this home since 1967. they have play ed nearly 2,000 regular season games on this court. they have championship banners hanging from the rafters. everyone has their own special memories of the place dubbed oracle. coach kerr isn't saying good-bye just kwlet. >> i know it's ceremonial final game, i didn't get too sentimental or emotional because hopefully we'll be coming back here and playing a lot more games in the next couple months.
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so i'll probably hold off on the emotion until it happens. >> incredible drama at the women's championship game. notre dame taking on baylor. tie it is with the three. clo wit jackson led with 26. loft it is in. 82-80, bears with 3 seconds to duonotre dame gets free throws from their best player. 31 but she couldn't get both to fall. baylor your national champions. in a game that featured 25 hits and 17 runs, it all came down to a free pass between the a's and astros. homefield advantage coming in handy. first inning, the roof saves a three-run homer. high in the air and it bounces off the roof, comes back into
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play and that's good. so two runs did score. but the astros would tie and retake the lead in their half of the inning. doe yaz with a three-run shot. a's would get back to the leaoa. a two-run shot made it 7-6. the bases loaded in the ninth. gives up a walk on four straight pitches to jose. the a's fall, 9-8. giants looking for their first series win. second pitch of the ball game. get out o wait a minute, that's the wrong team. over the wall, 1-0, rays. the fmum up the giants' season.
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tries to pick off a play at third. that's a balk. another run scores. the giants fall, 3-0. tempers flairing between the reds and pirates. archer throws it behind who hit a homer. everyone is warned. thinks he should be jektd. here come the benches. everyone is cool and calm until he gets everyone excited. five are ejected. by the way, the pirates win the game, 7-6. the warriors and clippers moments away from tip off at orr call. we'll check out highlights later. >> thank you. new on
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new developments with the college admissions scandal. the action stanford has taken against one student. and they are coming just in time for the return of game of tloens. see what oreo cooked up for fans. may also be a beer involved. today is national beer day. it's clear how beer fans will celebrate with a glass of you know what. today marks the day that president roosevelt signed a law to be beer allowed to be sold after 13 years of prohibition. beer is the most popular alcoholic beverage in the nation. you probably didn't know that. the poll shows that 40% of americans that drink alcohol say they prefer beer.
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that's it for abc 7 news at 5:00. see you right back here at 6:00. tonight, breaking news as we come on. president trump's embattled homeland security chief, out. days after appearing at the border with the president, as the national debate over immigration and the wall rages on. also breaking tonight, the kidnapped american rescued, five days after she and a local guide were kidnapped at gunpoint on safari. held for a $500,000 ransom. tonight, inside the rescue, as the first pictures come in. our ian pannell is on the ground. also developing tonight, severe storms strike. from houston to new orleans, north through nashville. damaging winds, pounding hail, the flood threat. more than 40 million americans in the path tonight. survivor story. the couple lucky to be alive, speaking out after a freak accident.


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