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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  April 9, 2019 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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tonight, several developing stories. the explosive new charges tonight. former "full house" actress lori loughlin possibly in more trouble tonight. among 16 parents indicted on a new charge of conspiracy to commit money laundering. pressure mounting. how much prison time is now possible if convicted? also tonight, bracing for the blizzard across several states in the next 24 hours. up to two feet of snow in some places. dangerous winds with this. ginger zee takes us through the track and the timing of this. forecasters say this is not your typical blizzard. here in new york city tonight, the public health emergency just declared. the measles scare. some families now facing fines. why is measles suddenly a threat in communities across this country? the 911 calls just out
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tonight. the young student, she collapsed and died at an off-campus party. what she said to her boyfriend just beforehand. the attorney general drilled on capitol hill today. when is the mueller report coming? how much will americans see? the heartbreaking images tonight. the u.s. marine and firefighter from new york city among three americans killed in that deadly attack. what he did here at home, why he was already a hero. new surveillance tonight showing that very close call. the couple in this car, live wires surrounding them. you will hear from them tonight. how they survived. and the new cdc warning tonight about a very deadly super bug. they say it is drug resistant. what we know about it. good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on this tuesday night. and we're following that major blizzard set to slam several states. but first, that legal storm growing tonight for that famous mom. lori loughlin, her husband and
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14 other parents were hit with a second charge today and potentially more prison time if convicted. it comes just 24 hours after former "desperate housewives" star felicity huffman delivered that sobering public apology. apologizing to her daughter, her family and the young students whose spots in college were taken. so tonight, with this new charge, how much prison time could we be talking about if convicted? abc's linsey davis leading us off. >> reporter: high stakes tonight for actress lori loughlin and her husband, who are now facing a new criminal charge along with 14 other parents swept up in that college admissions scandal. all accused of conspiracy to commit money laundering, on top of that mail fraud charge unveiled weeks ago. last week, the actress was all smiles, even signing autographs, arriving in boston for that court appearance. but tonight, she and her husband if convicted could face up to 20 years in prison for each count. >> with these additional
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charges, i think now she faces the possibility of three years, maybe more if convicted on all the charges. >> you've worked very hard for your success, you should be proud of yourself. >> reporter: the former "full house" star and her fashion designer husband are accused of shelling out a half a million dollars in bribes to help get their daughters into usc, posing them as fake recruits for the crew team. >> this is olivia jade. >> reporter: loughlin's 19-year-old daughter -- a social media influencer -- suggesting in this youtube interview college was her parents idea. >> my parents made me go to college because both of them didn't go to college. >> reporter: it comes just a day after actress felicity huffman and a dozen other parents agreed to plead guilty to that original mail fraud conspiracy charge. the actress apologizing, saying, "i am in full acceptance of my guilt and with deep regret and shame over what i have done", adding, "this transgression i will carry for the rest of my life."
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>> felicity huffman is acting like someone who's just pleaded guilty. prosecutors would say she should be facing four to ten months, and they're going to recommend on the low end of that. >> so, let's get back to linsey davis, with us again tonight. there were many parents and coaches who were swept up in this, but these two actresses, a big difference, a key factor in any sentencing will be the dollar amount of the fraud, what they spent here. >> reporter: exactly. the amount of the fraud can help determine what the essential tense will be. so, when you're talking about huffman, she's accused of $15,000, log lynn, on the other end, accused of $500,000. loughlin is accused of doing this twice, as well. >> very different cases. linsey davis leading us off again tonight on this, thank you. in other news this tuesday night, the calendar does say april 9th, but there is a major blissing bearing down on several states tonight. a huge part of this country bracing for this blizzard in the coming hours. winter storm alerts from colorado across to michigan. look at the map font. six states under blizzard
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warnings, as this storm emerges, bringing treacherous driving. so, let's get right back to chief meteorologist ginger zee, back with us again tonight tracking it all. hey, ginger. >> reporter: hey there, david. the national weather service in the begin steps put out a bullet bulletin, saying this storm could make history, this after the twin steps had their biggest april snowstorm just last year with 15.8 inches. we could see numbers like that again. not just in minnesota, but let me take you to the map. you see the warnings from colorado through wyoming, nebraska, south dakota. that's the heart of the storm. i'll time it out for you. most of it wraps up tomorrow in the rockies and then starts to go into the plains and northern great lakes wednesday through thursday. and it's really thursday through friday that it hits northern minnesota and wisconsin. timing-wise, it again is midweek through late week and we're going to see 6 to 18 inches of snow widespread, but that's not it. 55 to 60-mile-per-hour wind gusts, david. >> on a dark and dreary evening in new york city, no less.
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ginger zee tracking this storm for us. thank you. meantime, here in new york city tonight, authorities have declared a public health emergency amid this alarming spike in the number of measles cases. some families, in fact, with this emergency, could now face fines of up to $1,000. so, why are so many communities across this country suddenly facing a measles scare? here's abc's erielle reshef tonight. >> reporter: tonight, a public health emergency in new york city, after that rapid spike in cases of the measles. >> we have a situation now where children are in danger. >> reporter: officials mandating vaccines and issuing fines up to $1,000 for anyone who doesn't comply. drastic measures to curb a dangerous virus now surging at near record levels, 465 cases in 19 states. measles hot spots across the country from washington state, where they handed out free vaccines, to areas of michigan, where some schools have told unvax nated students to stay home. most cases in new york, clustered in an ultra orthodox jewish neighborhood, where
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vaccination rates are low. >> we've worked to make sure that vulnerable people are kept safe during this outbreak and to challenge the dangerous misinformation that is being spread by a group of ant anti-vaxxers. >> reporter: david, experts say the meezles is one of the most contagious diseases. here in new york, 21 people have been hospitalized, five in intensive care. david? >> erielle, thank you. in the meantime, we're going to turn next this evening to new and chilling 911 calls just released tonight, after a young student collapsed and died. authorities say she collapsed after drinking alcohol at an off-campus fraternity party. and what she said to her boyfriend just beforehand. abc's victor oquendo tonight on the many questions and the new concern about drinking and young people. >> reporter: tonight, authorities trying to determine why 20-year-old college student caroline smith collapsed and died at an off-campus party in south carolina. >> i need an emt.
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i think this -- is dying. she just fell and hit her head. >> reporter: officials just releasing the desperate 911 call from friday night. >> is she awake? >> no, she's not awake, she unconscious. >> reporter: according to the police report, smith was with her boyfriend. she told him she was not feeling well, and moments later, she fell to the ground and was unresponsive. smith's brother was also at the party and told police she had been drinking but not using drugs. >> is she breathing? >> i don't think so. her chest isn't moving. >> reporter: when paramedics arrived, she was laying on her back outside, pronounced dead minutes later. the sophomore from fuhrman university, seen here in a recruitment video, was vp of membership for the kappa delta sorority. a memorial is planned for next week. david, an autopsy has been performed, but the cause of death still pending further analysis. the results could take weeks. david? >> victor, thank you. and now to the grilling on capitol hill today. attorney general william barr answering questions, when will he make the mueller report public, and how much of it will
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the american public actually see? barr standing firm on issuing only a redacted version, and what barr said today about his offer to robert mueller to see that first four-page summary from barr. mueller declined to review it. here's abc's mary bruce tonight. >> reporter: arriving on capitol hill today, attorney general bill barr, for the first time, facing off with lawmakers about his handling of the mueller report, promising there's more to come soon. >> within a week, i will be in a position to release the report to the public. >> reporter: but barr refused to say whether he's briefed the white house in the two weeks since the special counsel handed in his report. >> has the white house seen it since then? >> i've said what i'm going to say about the report today. >> reporter: barr says he won't be releasing the full report democrats are and inning. there will be redactions -- with color-coded explanations. today, the attorney general defended his decision to release his own four-page letter on the conclusions, even though the mueller team reportedly prepared
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their own summaries. >> i was not interested in putting out summaries or trying to summarize, because i think any summary, regardless of who prepares it, not only runs the risk of, you know, being under inclusive or over inclusive but also would trigger a lot of discussion. >> reporter: but barr's letter did spark intense scrutiny. muellers report did not weigh in on whether the president obstructed justice, but barr's letter determined he had not. today, the attorney general was pressed on whether he ran that by the special counsel. >> no, i don't think about it. >> why not? >> because it was my letter. >> his letter. mary bruce live on the hill tonight. mary, the attorney general says he will only release, as i mentioned before, a redacted version of the mueller report. as you know, democrats tonight telling you and the team there on the hill that that's not enough? >> reporter: yeah, david, while barr is promising to be transparent, even color-coding that redacted information so the public can see why it is being withheld, but that is not going
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to satisfy democrats i've talked with here. they are still demanding the full report and the underlying evidence and david, they are willing to subpoena to get it. >> mary bruce live on the hill tonight. mary, thank you. meantime, our correspondent jon karl asking president trump today about the firings at the department of homeland security. and asking the president whether he plans to separate parents and children at the border again. here's abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl. >> reporter: with talk of more people yet to be fired, the president today denied he was conducting a purge of the leadership at the department of homeland security. >> i never said i'm cleaning house. i don't know who came with that expression. we've got a lot of good people over there. >> reporter: but in just the past few day, he's fired the dhs secretary, removed the director of the secret service and pulled his own nominee to run the immigration and customs enforcement agency. >> we want to go to tougher direction. >> reporter: and there have been multiple reports the president has talked about bringing back the policy of separating migrant children from their families at the border. at first, he didn't seem to want to talk about that. are you considering child
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separations again? can you rule that out, mr. president? you wouldn't start separating the children again, woul the ch, by the way. >> reporter: would you consider doing it again? >> just -- just so you understand. i'm the one that stopped it. president obama had child separation. i'll tell you something, once you don't have it, that's why you see many more people coming, they're coming like it's a pick anymore, because, "let's go to disneyland." >> reporter: in fact, unlike president trump, president obama never had a blanket policy of separating children from their parents. under obama, there were separations, but they occurred when the adults were tied to more serious crimes, like drug trafficking or previous deportations. after repeated questions, the president said he did not want to reinstate his family separation policy. >> we're not looking to do that, no. thank you very much. >> reporter: you're not looking to bring it back? >> but it does -- it brings a lot more people to the border. when you don't do it, it brings a lot more people to the border.
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>> all right, let's get to jon karl live at the white house tonight. and jon, president trump insists he's not cleaning houlgs at the department of homeland security, but tonight, nearly half the people in the top jobs there are serving on an acting basis. >> reporter: in fact, david, i'm told to expect more departures in the coming days. the bott le, the white house does not believe the senior leadership at the department of homeland security has beent agency with a vital mission. republican ron johnson is the chairman of the senate homeland security committee and he is one of those who has expressed concerned about what he called a growing leadership void within the department tasked with addressing some of the most significant problems facing the nation. david? >> jon karl tonight. jon, thank you. we're going to turn next here to the sweeping crackdown on medicare abuse tonight. what authorities say was a scheme to sell orthopedic braces to seniors who didn't need them, costing american taxpayers nearly a billion dollars. federal agents arresting 24
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people across the country. the scheme allegedly involved item marketers offering braces free to seniors and then billing medicare for them. doctors and medical equipment companies and call center companies allegedly sharing in those kickbacks. in ewe dan ga tonight, as that american woman, the tourist held hostage, now prepares to return home, police are now telling abc news they have made eight arrests in connection with the kidnapping of kimberly endicott. a spokesperson says now that the two hostages are safe, they can be more aggressive in pursuing those involved. meantime, the pentagon tonight has yet to identify the three u.s. service members who were killed in afghanistan, but the new york city fire department has now revealed that one of their our was, in fact, among the u.s. service members killed. marine reserve staff sergeant christopher slutman leaves behind a wife and three daughters. as you'll see tonight, he was already a hero before making the ultimate sacrifice. tonight, one of the faces, a fallen hero.
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staff sergeant christopher slutman, a u.s. marine, husband and father of three little girls. his wife shannon. he was just 43. he was among three americans killed in that roadside bomb, the taliban claiming responsibility. what we did not know was what chris did before going overseas. a 15-year member of the new york city fire department, he rescued an unconsious woman, trapped inside a burning high rise. and he was honored for it. >> for his act of bravery, we award firefighter christopher slutman the fire chiefs association memorial medical. >> reporter: tonight, honored again for serving his country. his fellow firefighters remembering a marine, a firefighter, a father. and of course, we salute him, as well. we turn to other news tonight, and to israel at this hour, where parliamentary elections tonight are too close to call. benjamin netanyahu battling for a fifth term, declaring victory tonight, but so is his opponent,
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benny gants. president trump has embraced netanyahu, inviting him to the white house just two weeks ago to help him win re-election. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this tuesday. new surveillance tonight showing that very close call. the couple in this car, live wires surrounding them. look at that. unbelievable. what you'll hear from them tonight right here. how they survived that. two new headlines about your health tonight. the cdc now warning about a very deadly super bug, drug resistant. what we know about it tonight. and news on vitamins, as well. and it may look like they're on a mission tonight, but the adjengers are right here, and if you're taking your children or grandchildren to the avengers how you've already helped make history with this movie, not even out yet. even out yet. a lot more news ahead.e. this is jamie. you're going to be seeing a lot more of him now. -i'm not calling him "dad." -oh, n-no. -look, [sighs] i get it. some new guy comes in helping your mom bundle and save with progressive, but hey, we're all in this together.
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live wires. and here's abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: a dangerous domino effect seen in new video tonight of more than two dozen power poles crashing down. one striking a direct hit on tom and linda cook's car. >> right after the flash, i saw the pole start falling to the ground and i thought, wow, we have to find a way out. >> reporter: the cooks were trapped, escaping with scrapes and bruises, but very lucky to be alive. >> i started to open the door and inheard someone say, that's not a good idea, because those wires might be live. and i said okay, i'll stay right here. >> reporter: this person on a bicycle, narrowly missed getting hit by another pole, one of 26 that came down friday near seattle. >> it was so surreal and then it was one after another after another. >> reporter: the downed poles spanned a mile of pany says tho poles were inspected back in 2016 and were not considered a safety hazard. the utility says it has hired an independent investigators to figure out what happened.
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david? >> clayton, thank you. when we come back, the cdc tonight with news on a deadly super bug in this country, they say it is drug resistant. what we now know. ♪ ♪ ♪
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the safer you drive, the more you save. although i'm not really driving right now that would be unsafe. when insurance is affordable, it's surprisingly painless. to the index of other news, and to the cdc warning tonight about a dangerous drug-resistant super bug, it's sickened nearly 600 people in the u.s. nearly half the patients dying within 90 days. it attacks people with already weakened immune systems. we'll stay on it. news about vitamins tonight. a new and controversial study finding no connect. researchers say crucial vitamin and minerals only lower the risk of heart disease and stroke when they come from foods and not supplements. and the last of the toolittle raiders has died. richard cole served as co-pilot, leading the daring attack of japan. richard cole was 103. when we come back tonight,
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it's making he'sry before it's even out. paula faris with the avengers. >> we're the avengers. we've got to finish this. >> reporter: with the finish line in sight, tonight, forbes estimating "avengers: endgame" could soar to a $900 million box office opening. making it the highest grossing opening weekend of all time. >> do you trust me? >> i do. >> reporter: the film from marvel studios, a division of abc's parent company, disney, is already smashing records. it is fandango's biggest pre-sale ever. and it crashed amc's ticket app. >> i like this one.
3:58 pm
>> reporter: and the all-star cast told us they think the audience will like it, too. people are sleeping outside, they're paying thousands of dollars to buy a ticket -- >> $15,000, i heard. >> reporter: isn't that crazy? >> $15,000, what? >> that is crazy. >> reporter: do you think this movie's going to live up to the hype? >> yeah, i'm pretty certain of that. >> reporter: yeah? >> yep. >> i -- yeah. and from what i've heard, it seems that it's -- it's kind of the crown jewel. yeah. >> reporter: so, how does "endgame" end? can you guys give me one word to describe the end? >> satisfying. >> reporter: satisfying? >> i think a lot of times -- >> another satisfied customer who has not yet seen the product. >> it's like when you watch dk like, tv shows when you have the final finale. how many times do they stick the landing? >> who shot j.r.? >> this movie will really -- i think they deliver. i think they really do stick the landing. >> thank you, paula. thank you for watching. good nig
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chilling new details unveiled in court today about a man who tried to use a stun gun on a walnut creek afternoon. thank you for joining us. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm >> reports leslie brinkley has more information. >> reporter: the judge issued protective orders for three women, three jane does who the d.a. says caruso intended to assault. he was a copy machine repair man in east bay offices and targeted the women. matt caruso appeared before a judge in martinez this morning. he pleaded not guilty to three
4:00 pm
charges including attempted kidnapping and assault with intend to commit rape. >> right now we've charged one for jane doe one. but we could always add additional charges. >> reporter: on march 26 he was accused of attacking jan dough one outside her apartment building as she left for work. he pointed a stun gun at her hip as the gun malfunctioned. she dropped her bags. he tripped over her bags and fell into the bushes and she ran away. he drop is his cellphone as he tried to escape. >> a rape and kidnapping kid which included ties and bondage. >> reporter: caruso was arrested at his home


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