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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  April 9, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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differe different locations around oakland. >> nbc 7's the story. >> it's a picture of cats. rebecca katz who runs the oakland animal service wouldn't invite us back here if she didn't have a problem. one look at a cat -- >> we deal with cruelty more than i like. >> but percy's case and not far away a similar circumstance has animal services on high alert. both were shot by pellet guns and there have been others. it appears to be a pattern. four cats shot in five weeks, one of thome so badly it had to be euthanized. all they have in common, every cat was a male, every cat a stray. >> if it's an adult,
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to be a violation. it's a serious crime. >> if rebecca talks like a lawyer, it's because she used to be one. her love for animals brought her here and it's helped to generate a $10,000 reward. most have occurred in the lower diamond neighborhood. the cats have turned up on door steps and streets. as for the one they euthanized. >> he was dying as he came in. he was suffering. it was the right thing to do. >> it was the right thing to do following a horrible thing done. in oakland, wayne freeman, abc new, news. the drought is over in california, but all of us can certainly remember when it was the cornerstone of governorf gor brown's administration. >> we're right down there. don't flush more than you have to. don't shower than you need to.
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and turn the water off when you're shaving or brushing your teeth. every day this drought goes on, we're going to have to tighttown screws of what we're doing. two prongs of government, persuade and coerce and right now we're doing a fine job of persuasion. >> a lot of us responded to the governor and scaled back on our water use. it was part of a communal effort to build a better bay area, but now san jose water wants to charge more for conserving water and residents do not feel like being penalized for following the news. nbc's david louie joins us live with more. david. >> hi, kristen. residents look forward to opening their bills to see how much money they save. they could see their monthly bills go up on average $2.19 for
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having done the right thing. >> i'm being punished for doing the right thing. >> reporter: tina is angry, and she's not alone. others have been filling their paged next door regarding bills. now san jose water is seeking permission to tack on a surcharge to cover $9 million in losses ruling from low water sale during the drought. >> if we have to rely on the am of water we sell and water sales drop precipitously, then we can't cover our costs. >> jamie ackman water department. it includes cupertino. the 13 individual water companies saw reductions of 20% to 28% per year during the
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drought. san jose water said it took that 9d million hit which the sur charge will help to recover. >> conservation is great but it comes with a cost. that's exactly right. >> aproobl of the surcharge is under way at the pub lig utilities commission. the public is allowed to submit comments. >> if you want to protest, send a copy of the letter you're senning to the cpuc and send one to us. i have done that. i have not heard back at this poin point. >> well, if it's any comfort, they even wanted money about for the mud system because it was used to buy emergency water supplies as bell as financing with drought operations. live in san jose, david louie, abc 7 news. developing news in san francisco. the department of health is warning of possible measles exposure.
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a con tarngs patient rode caltrans and visited these places you see on the map including hay s you see on the map. >> reporter: the most important information is according to the didn't of public health, this person with measles did visit several places skpoeding many to this virus muni has sent an alert. >> we're getting information out to our riders along the 947 lines to let them know there was someone riding with measles and if you're feeling any of the symptoms that normally come with something like the measles to go see them. >> someone boarded the train and
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entered the building. the san francisco department of public health believes the risk to the general public is very low. >> the measles virus is airborne and so it can stay in the air for up to an hour after somebody who was con tanks with measles was in that space. >> the individual visited hayes valley bakeworks. no other cases have been reported. symptoms can emerge 8 to 12 days after being exposed. >> the symptoms of measles typically start with runny nose, a cough, and runny eyes and a fever. >> reporter: the cdc reports cases of measles in 19 states. since january, that's the highest number of cases since
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2000. >> we were seeing increases in cases nationally and now in california as well. our best protection is to have our population vaccinated against meeasles. >> reporter: according to the didn't of public health, this person with measles lives in sayre ta clara county and is recovering at home. luz pena. >> thank you. this is the fifth confirmed case in the bay area. you may remember the concern last monl when an international tourist with measles visited a half a dozen businesses. now, we have information on our website, abc 7 if you want more information about the symptoms of measles. congress is demanding answers from facebook and google how social media is used by white supremacists. the hearing quickly turned into
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a vivid demonstration of the problem itself. >> reporter: the congressional hearing was broadcast on youtube which is loaned by google and the livestream was flooded with hate speech, quickly filling the rancor us language that lawmakers are trying to curb. there were so many nasty kmenls including anti-semetic posts that youtube was forced to disable comment os on the livestre livestream. today they question them as they try to uncover the role both companies play in the spread of white nationalism and hate crimes. leaders from both companies say they condemn hate crimes but they also defend third company's policies. >> white supremacists are not allowed on the platform under nebraska r any circumstance.
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last month we extended that policy to include a ban. >> the hearing was prompted after the shooting in christchurch new zealand where the shooter livestreamed part of his rampage on social media. 50 people died in the attack. apart from the representatives from the kpo companies there were six others who represents civil rights and conservative groups. tomorrow executives will be on capitol hill. in the newsroom i'm jessica castro, abc 7 news. sunnyvale-based yahoo! may pay $118 million to settle a lawsuit over massive data breaches. the proposal must be approved by a judge. yahoo! suffered multiple data breaches from 2013 to 2016. verizon acquired yahoo! in 2016 and has boosted its security budget as well as enhanced training and policies. more to come here.
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there's a definite upside to aerial surveillance. >> there could be hot spots in a fire. looking for missing people. >> but it's the downside that has people concerned in the south bay. privacy and eyes in the sky. and another apology from the dmv, the outages that won't quit and why 3 million californians may have to redow their i.d. cards. >> dangerously dim. it can be costly. it can be an easy fix too. >> i'm arkansas bc 7 mitre sandhya patel.
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. three people were taken into custody today. sky 7 was over the scene of what the cause tra contra county sheriff's office said it started with a domestic service with a
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gun. the s.w.a.t. team was called out and sky 7 spotted law enforce mnlts launching a drone so it could see more of the scene. the incident was resolved several hours later and officials say a pellet gun was recovered. you know, a drone is a controversial topic. they'll discuss possibly buying some for city use. abc7 news has more. >> yeah, kristen. mountain view police, fire, and public works are the three departments that are interested in using drones. they'll present their outlines as well as attempt to address thei the issue over privacy. police used a drone to find a teen which would have otherwise taken hours. >> we have shoreline, major city, we have suburb.
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there's a lot of potential use for it. >> in a memo to the city they outline how drone technology could allow for safer ways. >> i imagine that it can control things. >> while some residents like the idea. the aclu says drones raise red flags over privacy issues. the big concerned, using drones to track individuals. automated enforcement meaning using a machine with potential glitches and concerns over new issues such as expanding from surveillance to situations on the ground. >> a typical private citizen could fly really low we would never do that.
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>> duplication of drone footage would be prohibit and they wouldn't be used for random surveillance. >> we would have to launch from there. we would not be flying from the police didn't to wherever. >> now, if the city decides to move forward, the next steps would include each department presenting specific policies as well as a budge. reporting live in mountain view. >> it was a tougher day than yushry for the dmv. they say there was a hardware failure which affected multiple departments. it caused long lines. but those real i.d. cards are causing issues. they told the governor in a letter they didn't stick to homeland security guide lines when it developed the program.
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people have gotten real i. dchl will have to submit more resident documents. this. cos as they testify before lawmakers about the $2008 million they've requested to work on real i.d. >> the money wasn't proper will i spenl last year because we gave them money for staffing. they weren't trained. we gave them money for staffing. we gave them money to help with text messaging, they paid for the service and didn't use it. the real question is how can we have confidence that the resources we give them will be used appropriately? >> they also talked about today's system outages. maybe you've noticed your headlights are less bright than they used to be. >> of all the tests, this one
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might be the most unusual. "consumer reports" test the headlights analyzing things like brightness indoors and how well they light the road ahead on moonless nights. >> we're looking at how far do the low beams and high beams give you visibility straight ahead. are they bright enough. is the pattern good enough or streaking or will they cause glare. >> if your car isn't new you might realize your lies aren't in tip top shape. sun and skmoes ur can cause the plastic coating to become clouded or yellow. >> you may find cars are more susceptible to clouding if you're in an area where you're in a state with a lot of sun. you can replace the headline. >> but it can be excess inichb. it would cost over $200 for a headline for this car. >> you can use these headlight
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restoration kits. clear that clouding off of the lens. >> "consumer reports" applied a restoration kit on one side of this car. it took about 15 minutes and the results were illuminating. the restoration kits restore brightness for about a year, but most kits are less than $25 and consumer report says all that light will make you a whole lot safer on the road. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> you don't need any special lighting to see outside. >> the winds brought in all of this. a wind advisory is in effect until 8:00 tonight. >> we sent meteorologist sandhya
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patel to the roof to check it personally. >> i got lucky. the winds aren't blowing that hard. look behind me. the flags are flapping in the wind and the waters are choppy, but everyone is out enjoying the sun. they're gusty. out of the northwest, 28 miles an hour. there is a wind advisory as you mentioned. it's for the coast, carquinez strait, gusts up to 45 miles an hour. if you have any loose ob ob you'll want to secure that. the wind is just funneling funni through. they even had some thunderstorms as well. right here we're in the clear other than a few clouds passing
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through. it is 58 degrees in san francisco. you may have noticed a cooler air mass. 65, oakland, 64 in san jose. a bright view. but look at the water. it's definitely choppy out there. 60s, 70s in concorde. gusty pattern through tomorrow. mild sunny days through the weekend and we're looking at cloudier and cooler beginning on sunday. let's look at the hour-by-hour forecast. winds gusting along. 8:00 p.m. over 40 miles an hour. this is why you need to watch out, especially if you're hitting the road. tomorrow morning will be breezy to gusty and the winds will come up again tomorrow afternoon about 35 miles an hour. a little bit stronger layer on at night. the winds will hold the temperatures up in some areas. overnight we'll go with 40s.
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clear start tomorrow morning and the afternoon. it will be a nice day if you can live with the gusty winds. low 70s in santa rosa, concorde, livermore, 71 degrees in santa cruz. it doesn't get much better than this. now, san jose sharks, the playoff mode is taking place tomorrow. there's a rally outside the s.a.p. center. if you're going, you're getting there just before the rally. it will be in upper 60s, nice sunshine, a bit on the breezy side especially if you erie going to be outside. grab a light jacket. later the temperature will be dropping to the upper 50s. we're looking at another gusty day tomorrow but bright sunshine, cooler, a little breezy on thursday. and those temperatures are going to come right back up as the winds relax. friday, saturday, low 60s to mid-70s and a drop in the temperature on sunday. now computer models are trying
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to duke it out. one model saying there's a possibility of showers, another saying we'll keep it dry. if you suffer from allergies, especially tree pollen, it will be a tough one. i can't complain. it's beautiful out here. >> small price to pay. >> all right. you could call it reason number 200. not to leeb your kids alone with technology. that story's next. then at 5:30 on world news with david muir. >> coming up, the explosive new charges involved former "full house" actress lori hoefflin. how much prison time if convicted. a
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twitter ceo jack dorsey received monies.
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dorsey did not receive any other benefits from the company and declined all other compensation in 2015, 16, 17. dorsey did, however, make $18 million from selling 1.7 million shares of square, a mobile payment company for which he is also the ceo. he's doing okay. now, he came, he saw, and one awkward tweet may have just been enough to get tom brady to quit twitter. he got a twitter account on april fools' day. but today he tweeted he's enjoyed his time on twitter but he'll be leaving now. for last night's game between last night's game to begin. that was apparently enough for brady. >> listen to this. a father has been locked out of his ipad for 48 years.
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yep, thanks to his toddler's repeated attempts to type in his password. he begged his twitter followers to unlock his device. the ipad said it would be disabled for another 25,536,442 minutes. yep. hs 3-year-old son added minutes to the clock with each guess. someone joked he should wait it out. one reached out and an apple employee said there was nothing they could do. another suggested wiping a devi device. there's something to do. >> i tried. it's tough. it takes a lot of work to make up a care package. that's next. first we want to thank katie for this picture. see how you can share
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>> you can see i
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i'm ama daetz. what police say a kidnapping suspect left behind at a crime scene that led officers straight to him. also -- shut him down. shut him down? the effort to close down juvenile hall in san francisco. they say the approach that's much better than locking kids up. netflix is synonymous with watching films at home. so why is it trying to buy a movie theater. all that and more. life-saving efforts students make that and making noise at the same time. >> they give everyone what they need to live a happy life. >> no matter where they are.
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>> we need to help them because if they try to go to other countries. most of them are in wars. >> it impressed me how much they cared and took action. >> usually i'm a shy person. >> students were ringing a gong as they packaged meals. >> the lenten project was launched ba back in february with catholic relief services and rise against hunger. the packages are being sent. >> eighth graders say they received pretty valuable lessons in return. >> and that was the gong we talked about. you know what? they fill 11,000 food packets in just a few hours. a job well done. >> wonderful work. that will make a big difference in west africa. that is our report. world news with david muir is
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next. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> tonight, several developing stories. the explosive new charges tonight. former "full house" actress lori loughlin now possibly in more trouble tonight. among 16 parents indicted on a new charge of conspiracy to commit money laundering. pressure mounting. how much prison time is now possible if convicted? also tonight, bracing for the blizzard across several states in the next 24 hours. up to two feet of snow in some places. dangerous winds with this. ginger zee takes us through the track and the timing of this. forecasters say this is not your typical blizzard. here in new york city tonight, the public health emergency just declared. the measles scare. some families now facing fines. why is measles suddenly a threat in communities across this country? the 911 calls just out tonight.


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