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tv   America This Morning  ABC  April 10, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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have a great day. making news in america this morning, blizzard warning. a so-called bomb cyclone unleashing a record-breaking storm today, impacting millions. a weather whiplash from 80 degrees to 30. this morning, the cities bracing for the worst. up to 2 feet of snow. ice and flooding already causing this bridge to collapse. the travel delays expected nationwide. a new twist in the college admissions bribery scandal. actress lori loughlin now indicted on a new charge, money laundering. what it could mean for her potential prison sentence. and this morning, we look at the type of facility where she could serve time if convicted. recall controversy. a doctor's group now demanding
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this baby share be pulled from store shelves after being linked to dozens of infant deaths. this morning, the chair's maker, fisher-price responds. >> reporter: worried about whiteni whitening? what those whitening strips are doing to your teeth. and the growing debate in school. should we teach cursive to kids? and the new record on "jeopardy!." one contestant's historic milestone. and the number one city in america to call home. the new list of the best places to live. see if you agree with the survey results. and good wednesday morning. thank you for joining us. the calendar reads april 10th, but we're talking about blizzard warnings. >> a so-called bomb cyclone is about to unleash a record-breake plains and upper midwest. some could see 2 feet of snow. >> millions brace for weather whiplash. temperatures plunging 15
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degrees. here's mona kosar abdi. >> reporter: a potentially historic storm gathering steam this morning in parts of the country. colorado, south dakota, nebraska and minnesota all under blizzard warnings starting at noon. >> we're going to see 6 to 18 inches of snow widespread, but that's not it. 55 to 60-mile-per-hour wind gusts. >> reporter: south dakota anticipating up to 2 1/2 feet of snow. in the rockies, a major temperature swing from record highs in the 80s tuesday to whiteout conditions. the april storm is taking many by surprise, especially this minnesota bride set to get married saturday. >> my bridesmaids have open-toed shoes and some cute, pink dresses and now it's going to be a blizzard. >> reporter: and it's back to work once again for the plow truck drivers in the great lakes. >> we'll have them all ready by the end of the day or by first thing tomorrow. >> reporter: accuweather meteorologists say this spring storm may be second only in strength to the bomb cyclone that pummelled the same area
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last month. >> it's happened before. doesn't happen often, especially consecutively the way that it has. >> reporter: delta, united, southwest and frontier are all willing to reschedule passengers while jetblue is offering waivers. already more than 100 flights have been canceled in denver alone. and the storm will make its way to the northeast later this week, but janai and kenneth, the rain and thunderstorms expected will likely have less of an impact. >> last hope, mona. thank you. a separate storm system is bringing severe weather to southern california. high winds have knocked down trees and cut power to thousands of customers. flights were also delayed in las vegas, and the heavy winds fueled a brush fire that threatened homes in palm springs. that fire is now under control. in washington, another top official has resigned from the department of homeland security. claire grady was next in line to replace homeland security chief kirstjen nielsen, but grady was forced to resign last night to
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make room for president trump's personal pick. the president denies he's cleaning house to better respond the surge in migrants at the border. he's also addressing that he wants to bring back the policy of separating migrant families. >> you wouldn't start separating the children again, would you, mr. president? >> obama separated the children by the way. >> would you consider doing it again? >> just so you understand, i'm the one that stopped it. president obama had child separation. now i'll tell you something. once you don't have it, that's why you see many more people coming. they're coming like it's a picnic because let's go to disneyland. >> reporter: the obama administration never had a blanket policy of separating families, but separations were made when the adults were accused of serious crimes. the president eventually said he's not reviving the policy. >> back? >> it brings a lot more people to the border. when you don't do it, it brings a lot more people to the border.
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>> reporter: both democrats and republicans have criticized the as for the shakeup at homeland security, more senior officials are expected to resign. attorney general william barr faces a grilling from senators today one day from telling house members he'll release the mueller report to the public within a week. he's promising to release color-coded explanations for his redactions. barr refused to say whether the white house has been briefed on the findings. to the latest on the college admissions bribery scandal, lori loughlin and her husband are facing more potential prison time after prosecutors announce new charges. >> lori, lori, lori. >> reporter: this morning, new legal trouble for actress lori loughlin and her husband. they are among 16 parents now facing an additional charge in the college admissions bribery scandal. >> you're kidding. >> reporter: the former "full house" star already faced a mail fraud conspiracy charge after being accused of paying $500,000 in bribes to get their daughters
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into the university of southern california. they're now also facing money laundering charges after allegedly funneling the payment through a bogus charity. the added charge increases their potential prison sentence to a maximum of 20 years. >> with these additional charges, i think now she faces the possibility of three years, maybe more, if convicted on all the charges. >> reporter: this all comes just hours after actress felicity huffman and a dozen other parents agreed to plead guilty to mail fraud in the case. lori loughlin rejected a plea deal before the charges. abc news has not confirmed that report. a source tells the magazine the couple did not want to accept a deal that resulted in jail time, and the couple is, quote, not seeing how serious this is. >> felicity huffman is acting like someone who has just pled guilty. prosecutors would say she should be facing four to ten months, and they're going to recommend on the low end of that. >> reporter: loughlin and her
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husband are now facing years at a minimum federal security prison like this one in west virginia where martha stewart was locked up. jennifer myers also served time in that prison. she's now a consultant who helps nonviolent first-time ocffender prepare for their first time behind bars. >> you're separated from everybody that you love. everything is out of your control. who sleeps in your room, when do you eat and what's really hard is to deal with the guards. >> reporter: as for felicity huffman, she will be pleading guilty. she's due back in court may 24th. a developing story overseas. it looks like benjamin netanyahu will remain israel's prime minister after an election nail-biter. a victory by his party is expected to give him a historic fifth term in office. he is a close ally of president trump and expected to face corruption charges soon. time now for a look at your weather for this wednesday. >> good morning. we're looking at damaging winds,
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flooding rain, blizzard conditions, major travel disruptions and significant winds all from this same monster of a major storm that's going to bring severe thunderstorms, flooding rain, ice and blizzard-like conditions. look at these accumulations. we're looking at 12 to 24 possible inches of snow throughout south dakota, nebraska, going into portions of minnesota and then up to even 6 to 12 in other areas. i'm accuweather meteorologist paul williams. coming up, the best american city to live in. the new rankings just out. but first, attention allergy sufferers. why this spring could be the worst yet for pollen. and up next, why a man insisted he had to bring his
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in honor of hump day, we're back with this story from michigan. an animal trainer brought his camel named jeffrey into a petsmart location. he wanted to weigh jeffrey to make sure he got the right dose of medication. they needed a large industrial scale for the job. >> imagine seeing that. if you think filing your taxes is too complicated and expensive, don't expect congress to help any time soon. the house has passed a bill to prevent the irs from creating free tax preparation software that could compete with turbotax and h&r block. critics say those companies lobbied hard for the protection. meanwhile, there is a new challenge coming for taxpayers later this year. the irs will release a new form to change how to paycheck worithholdings to make sure they are accurate. federal regulators are not doing enough to protect babies from a dangerous product. the government advisory about the fisher-price sleeper chair after it was linked to ten deaths.
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consumer reports say 32 infants have died in the sleeper. some of them had turned over and were facedown in the chair. fisher-price says parents should follow the instructions, but the american academy of pediatrics says an immediate recall is needed. allergy sufferers beware. experts say pollen could be the worst ever, and they blame climate change. along with earlier spring temperatures, make the perfect combination for a longer, more severe allergy season. keep those windows close. a missouri man has been charged with targeting tom brady during january's game in kansas city. the chiefs fan allegedly aimed a laser pointer at brady on the field. he's charged with disturbing the peace and could face a year in jail. so what's the best city in the united states to live in? the new rankings are out from the u.s. news and world report. once again, austin, texas is number one followed by denver and colorado springs. then fayetteville, arkansas and des moines, iowa. the cities were evaluated on affordability, jobs, crime and
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health care. let us know on facebook if you agree with the list and if you're lucky enough to live in one of those places. >> austin is a good one. coming up, the surprising announcement from magic johnson. also ahead, bernie sanders reveals how much money he has and how he got so rich. plus, important news this morning for anyone who uses teeth-whitening strips. rich. and the news for anyone who uses teeth-whitening strips. >> teacher: let's turn in your science papers. >> tech vo: this teacher always puts her students first. >> student: i did mine on volcanoes. >> teacher: you did?! oh, i can't wait to read it. >> tech vo: so when she had auto glass damage... she chose safelite. with safelite, she could see exactly when we'd be there. >> teacher: you must be pascal. >> tech: yes ma'am. >> tech vo: saving her time... [honk, honk] >> kids: bye! >> tech vo: she can save the science project. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ mastering the enchantment the lindt master chocolatier is stirring up our finest chocolate... and bringing back our dearest friend... the lindt gold bunny. make the magic of easter come alive.
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♪ [phone ringing] baker architects. this is anna baker. at northwestern mutual, this is what our version of financial planning looks like. tomorrow is important, but you're ready to bet on yourself today. find an advisor at we're back with the real-life iron man. a british inventor -- look at him go -- showing off his new jet suit at a military base in england. this company has been making jet suits for years. they pack about 1,000 horsepower, and cost around $400,000. >> just in time for "the avengers." now to the fight over president trump's tax returns turning into a bizarre and testy confrontation on capitol hill. >> the white house is expected to miss today's deadline imposed by democrats who demanded to see the president's returns.
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this will likely pave the way for a long court fight. treasury secretary steve mnuchin says his department is still reviewing the request. >> then things got heated when mnuchin asked to leave the hearing saying, he had another appointment. >> mr. secretary, i want you to know that no other secretary has ever told us the day before that they were going to limit their time in the way that you're doing. so if you want to use them as examples, you have acted differently than they have acted and as i have said, if you wish to leave, you may. >> if you would wish to keep me here so that i don't have my important meeting and continue to grill me, then we can do that. i will cancel my meeting and i will not be back here. i will be very clear. if that's the way you would like to have this relationship. >> thank you. the gentlemen, the secretary has agreed to stay to hear all the rest of the members. please cancel your meeting and respect our time.
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>> i am -- >> who is next on the list? >> i have a foreign meeting. you're instructing me to stay here and i should cancel my meeting -- >> no. you just made me an offer. >> i didn't make you an offer. >> you made me an offer that i accepted. >> i did not make you an offer. just let's be clear. you're instructing me. you're ordering me to stay here. >> no. i'm not ordering you. i'm responding. i said, you may leave any time you want, and you said, okay. if that's what you want to do, i'll cancel my appointment and i'll stay here. so i'm responding to your request. if that's what you want to do -- >> that's not what i want to do. i told you. >> what would you like to do? >> i told you i thought it is respectful -- >> you are free to leave any time you want. you may go any time you want. >> please dismiss everybody. i believe you're supposed to take the gavel and bang it. >> please do not instruct me as to how i'm to conduct this committee. >> testy indeed. democrats say they're concerned that president trump's lawyers have asked the treasury not to comply with the request for his
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tax returns. meanwhile, senator bernie sanders is promising to release ten years of his tax returns. sanders says he is now a millionaire thanks to the money he made from his best-selling book. new york city has declared a health emergency because of the measles. city officials are threatening to fine people who are not vaccinated, including members of an ultra orthodox jewish committee, some of whom falsely believe the vaccine is unsafe. >> we have worked closely with the community, religious leaders and schools to make sure that vulnerable people are kept safe during this outbreak, and to challenge the dangerous misinformation that is being spread by a group of anti-vaxxers. >> measles outbreaks have grown in the pacific northwest and in michigan. we have a map of all the states impacted on our website. some important news for people who use teeth-whitening strips. a new study finds the over the counter strips which contain
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hydrogen peroxide may be harmful to the layer that's beneath the enamel of your teeth. most previous studies have only focused on the enamel itself. researchers admit they don't know if the damage is permanent, and research is in the early stages. and a big surprise from magic johnson. he's resigned as the president of basketball operations for the los angeles lakers, and he did it without telling his bosses. johnson says he felt handcuffed in the job. two of the nba's best have played the final home games of their career. dirk nowitzki of the mavericks announced he's retiring after a 40-point game in phoenix. >> and dwyane wade's final farewell stop. his final farewell tour, he scored 30 ig also created a legendary mission when he crashed into john legend and christy teigen who were sitting courtside. he will be in brooklyn tonight for another stop. up next in "the pulse," should cursive be taught in
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or are prone to infections. don't let another morning go by without asking your doctor about xeljanz xr ♪ it's time to check your wednesday "pulse." deputies didn't have much to clean up after responding to a call near portland, oregon. you see this roomba here. so we'll explain. >> a woman thought a burglar was in her bathroom. deputies and the canine squad surrounded the house. they heard movement in the bathroom and told the suspect to come out. >> and here was the culprit. they burst in, guns drawn to find a roomba at work. >> deputies said they encountered a very thorough
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vacuuming job. >> it was just cleaning up. oops. >> oops. next a record-setting appearance on "jeopardy!." >> so james holzhauer is the current champion after hitting all three daily doubles and answering correctly on final jeopardy. he won nearly $111,000. >> that's a record for a single show. it was his fourth "jeopardy!" victory. he has won more than $244,000 so far. >> he's used to taking chances. he's a professional sports gambler from las vegas. also fun fact, he managed to make sure money that he won equaled his daughter's birthday. >> birthday. >> so, like, $110,914. >> prietty cool. >> he was just doing the little -- >> make it rain. next, the cursive comeback. >> texas schools will be required to teach cursive handwriting. kids will start learning, and know how to write legibly by fifth grade. >> proponents say they will make
4:24 am
skills like writing easier, but parts say they haven't used handwriting in years, and they are cursing the cursive comeback. how do you sign your name? >> i know. you see every morning, i practice it on the script. >> he does. >> for those autographs. giving out so many. >> oh my gosh. >> you want one? you want one? anyone? >> autographs. autograph. after 40 years, four decades, "grease" fans will find out what really happened when danny met sandy. >> a prequel of the 1978 musical classic that starred john travolta and olivia newton-john is reportedly in the works. the film will be called "summer lovin'." >> it's expected to clear up the different accounts of their first meeting which had their friends begging them to tell me more, tell me more. >> go ahead. ♪ tell me more, tell me more ♪ uh-huh, tell me more, tell me more ♪ ♪ summer lovin', happened to fast ♪ >> oh, that's it. >> is that it? no word on who will play the
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ask your eczema specialist about dupixent. making news right now at 4:27. what a combo, coffee, doughnuts and measles. if you visited certain places in san francisco, you may have been exposed. a peninsula city pulls the plug on its controversial red light cameras. the sharks begin the hunt for the stanley cup tonight. it is time to party in san jose. >> look at that shark outfit. >> the left one or the right one? >> we're going to go back to the katy perry super bowl which was, i don't even know. >> about three years ago. two or three years ago. >> more? >> it was more than that. >> really? five? >> sorry to get off topic there. let's talk about the weather, shall we? >> let's do it, jump right in.
4:28 am
it will be even better today because it will be a few degrees warmer and it won't be quite as breezy. you can see how dry it is on live doppler 7. a look at your temperatures. it's cooler in our valleys that we're sheltered from the wind. mid- mid to upper 40s. this afternoon, there you go, mid to upper -- mid-60s along the coast. upper 60s to low 70s around the bay and low to mid-70s inland. we'll take a look at your planner next. here is alexis. we're starting off with one issue as far as incidents are concerned on the roadways. this is a crash in solano county westbound 80 before travis boulevard. a solo vehicle collision. one person was ejected from the vehicle, and they were transported with injuries. another person in the vehicle was okay, but chp said they were just able to clear the crash off to the shoulder. no lanes blocked. i'm not seeing any delays through the fairfield area. i will keep an eye in case they have to block more lanes. bay bridge toll plaza, looking
4:29 am
okay here. a backup starting to form in the cash lanes on either side. no issues if you're using fastr fastrak. >> devg new >> health officials say a person with the illness visited several places and used public transit. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield live with more on the concern. >> reporter: reggie, this was the patient's entry point into san francisco, the caltrain station. the patient was here last week, last monday, tuesday and wednesday. we know where this person went in the city so you can retrace your steps to see if you were exposed. we have all the locations on this map. this patient went to the federal building, bake works, johnny's doughnuts. the patient also rode muni to get around the city. >> we're getting information out
4:30 am
to our riders along the 49 and 47 lines to let them know there was someone riding with measles and if you're feeling any symptoms that normally comes with something like the measles to go see your physician. >> reporter: the virus is airborne for about an hour so those places are now safe. you just need to know you could have been exposed if you were there last week. that symptom is the rash. the measles starts with a runny nose, cough, watery eyes and a high fever. this person who visited lives in santa clara county and we're told this person is recovering at home. reporting live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> amy, thank you. the san francisco warning comes amid a nationwide measles outbreak. in new york city alone health officials say it's the worst outbreak since 1991. the city has declared a public health emergency and ordered
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