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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  April 11, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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welcome to 5:00 a.m. on this thursday. >> reggie has me laughing this morning. hi there, mike. good morning. happy thursday. >> i like the songs he has been serenading with just off the top of his head. >> oh, yeah. >> they have been fantastic. putting everybody in a good mood at 5:00. >> ba, ba, ba. >> do you have a theme for the weather you can sing while i am doing this? >> working on it. >> we are getting back to breezy conditions. 26 in fairfield. 17 at sfo. 22 at half man bay. they get faster from here. a dry cold front is coming through. the breezes bouncing the camera
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up on mount tam. here's a look at our planner. 46 to 52. milder than yesterday at this time. 56 to 62, a nice temperature at noon. by noon we are about as warm as we are going to get because a rush of cool air comes in behind the cold front. then we will be in the mid to upper 50s. have a jacket if you are heading out. >> contradicts so far in the traffic center. that is of course how we like it. especially just after 5:00 a.m. we are starting to look at heavier volumes at the bay bridge toll plaza but the metering lights are not on yet. the car pool lights are open. just starting to see slowing in the fast track lanes. a typical start for the bay bridge community. west bound 80 highway 4 to the maze, 18 minutes, 11 across the bay bridge. and 101 san francisco to sfo in the green at nine minutes. breaking news we are
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learning more about julian n ar extradition charges. >> london officials took him into custody at the embassy. here's a live look at the embassy right now. you see all those folks outside. ecuador says he is no longer welcome there. >> he saad slaim over a sexual assault case. he is wanted in the u.s. for releasing classified document. we will bring you more information as we get it. back at home, the devastating effects of california's wildfire crisis are far reaching. now we are learning on the impact it could have on millions of utility customers. >> rates could rise as much as 50% in some cases. joe serena portson is live at
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the pg&e offices in san jose. >> reporter: the chronicle is reporting that pg&e customers would get the worst experience through this process with their bills potentially doubling in just one year. this was revealed in a new memo sent out wednesday to the newsom administration. steven weizman is of uc berkeley's golden school of public policy. he says as a result of the wfr sharp spikes in rates could hold the state back from getting more electric cars on the road and impact pricing. it would effect california's push to reduce greenhouse gases. down the roadusinesses could leave the state citing silicon valley and others need for energy. the report was created at the request of newsom's office. pooemg says it is committed to supporting its customers who
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experienced some tragedies in the sort. joe vino portson abc7 news. on the peninsula police are looking for two thieves who got away with $12,000 worth of apple products. the smash and grab happened at the apple store on university avenue in palo alto around 1:00 yesterday morning. the thieves shattered the front door. someone walking by the store alerted police. officers found two lap tops on the sidewalk. season of other commuters are missing. it is not the first time thieved tarted the store. in december 2016 thieves drove an suv through the front of the store. up to ten people stole a number of items. police made several arrests. new this morning, the "national enquirer" is for sale. >> the tabloid will likely have a buyer in a matter of days. it is currently owned by american media, inc. their ceo is david pecker, a
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long time friend to donald trump. it bought the rights to a story about a model who had an affair with the president and never published it. a major shareholder is concerned with the enquirer's finances and tactic. a high stakes meeting between the u.s. and south korea. president trump will welcome south korean president moon jae-in in to the white house. moon is trying to convince mr. trump there are signs of progress in now,'s denuclearization and kim jong-un is willing to come back to the table. a summit between president trump and kim jong-un ended poorly. they couldn't reach an agreement on sanctions and denuclearize and he left the summit recall. two high school students have been discalled after it was covered the they were trying to rig a school election.
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>> it is unveiling huge gaps the system's cyber security. >> reporter: the of moey "election" revealed how competitive school elections can be. >> i think it was reckless. >> reporter: students are buzzing about their high school election which ended in voter fraud. the director of activities noticed something was weird when two candidates for asb president and vice president made huge comebacks during the voting period last month. >> they had 550 fraudulent votes in their favor. >> reporter: rank choice ballots were cast electronically. school officials say two candidates logged themselves into their classmates' email accounts casting votes in their favor using a default password most every student knows. >> they were working hard at the voter fraud. >> i don't think somebody would do something like that on purpose. >> reporter: the candidates were disqualified. this student knows one of them.
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>> it been better just to lose. to lose the right way. now it reflects back on your character. >> reporter: the election rigging exposes a huge cyber security gap within the direct? i am glad it was a school election and not nothing more significant. >> reporter: meantime all students here are being urged to change their passwords as soon as possible. meantime the students who came in secretary in the rank choit voting were bumped up and declared the binner. cornell barnard abc7 news. developing news a massive spring blizzard is slamming several states right now from the rockies to the great lakes. millions of people in 18 states are expected to feel the effects of this potentially historic storm. overnight blizzard conditions and frigid air hit the rockies where record highs in the 80s quickly plunged to 40 degrees. more than 18 inches of snow have already fallen in south dakota.
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some areas could see 30 inches. >> this is kind of a pain in the butt storm. >> what? >> that summarizes it nicely doesn't it mike. a dust mado was blowing yesterday in colorado as well. look at this video. the storm lifting a large swirl of dust into the air making it look a little bit like a tornado. kind of a pain in the butt. >> yeah. that's a new way of saying nuisance, isn't it, huh. >> yeah. >> those are fantastic. that time of the year, spring and fall when we change air masses when we see dust devils the most. here is nebraska. just in case where anybody wanted to know where i started my tv career, middle of nowhere, western nebraska. those where the low is, the winds are gusting 50 to 60 miles per hour right now. yesterday the storm was in the mountains. now it is in nebraska and heading up towards minneapolis.
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denver going to have issues, minneapolis, too. low to mid 50s pretty much everywhere around here. 40s around fremont, mountain sioux and up in the hills in los gatos. beaches and bay boat caution because of the winds. hold on tight if you are out and about. hold on tight to your hat. peninsula, thrift through 9:00. 60s from 11 to 1:00. dropping down into the mid 50s during the latter parts of the afternoon. east bay valleys we start at 52, get to the mid 60s by 11:00 and stay there the better part of the afternoon hours. high clouds and sunshine in the south bay. 61 at 11:00, to 63 at 3:00, your warmest temperatures. alexis. good morning. looking at the roads. overall it has been quiet. one slow spot on web highway 4. getting word of a two vehicle
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collision before solano way. according to chp both vehicles are off on the left shoulder. we have a delay approaching the scene. i am double-checking to make sure we don't have any lanes taken away. i don't think -- if it weren't blocking we would have that big of a block up. perhaps emergency views had to take a lane away. richmond san rafael bridge, very empty there. bridge crews wrapped up overnight road work. we had a delay on the eastbound said leaving marin county but that thinged out. they wrapped up on time at 5:00 this morning. next traffic update coming up in a few minutes. new overnight some royal baby news. we learned prince harry and andd meghan markle will be keeping their baby's arrival private. the couple says they want to celebrate privately as a new family before sharing the news publicly. this is different from william and kate who greeted huge crowds
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outside the hospital not long after their babies were modern. harry and meghan move to a more secluded home outside of london as well. that is their own different decision they made besides william and kate. they are always kind of doing things differently. >> can we just let them live their life. do you know what that baby is going to look like? a baby. it is going to look exactly like a little baby. >> they have so many fans, many people want to see. let them have their time first. coming up -- >> sales force ceo unveils an expansion plan. find out where it will be. the adorable thing that try my sourdough patty melt combo
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i'm paige, and well the little thing that i like about the grilled chicken sandwich is that it's picture perfect. it's juicy and it just has all the right combinations. i think i could be considered a grilled chicken sandwich influencer. my name is frank and the little thing i like about the grilled chicken sandwich is the first bite. i love how juicy the chicken is but there's also the tomatoes and the lettuce and it's incredible. make sure you get it with waffle fries, because that's my favorite.
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comes with 100% beef, grilled onions, and two types of melty cheese on toasted sourdough, plus fries and a drink. it's comfort food for the uncomfortable things in life. yep, this guy knows what i'm talking about. try my $4.99 sourdough patty melt combo. here with the seven things to know this morning. number one is breaking news. wikileaks founder julian assange arrested. police in london took him into custody at the ecuadorean embassy this morning. his attorney says he was arrested on a u.s. extradition request as quell as for breaching bail conditions. >> reporter: a public update on the troubled sales force transit center will be given today. officials will be giving an update on the work to repair cracked support beams. pg&e says bills could jump by 50% if bills are found liable
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for another round of wildfires. number four, a funeral service will be held for nipsy hustle at staples center in l.a miles per hour. look at the difference between yesterday and today. five to 11 degrees cooler. plus the breeze out there will make it feel even chillier. >> number six, we have had a quiet start for the thursday morning commute. we have a line of red, west bound highway 4. a two car crash reported in the area approaching solana way. ten minute delay. number seven, the warriors will open the nba playoffs against the clippers this weekend at oracle arena. game one is saturday at 5:00 p.m. you can watch the game only on abc7 news. >> abc7 news committed to
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building a better bay area. that includes addressing homelessness. >> the bay area council economic institute put a staggering price on the solution, $12.7 billion. in theory, that would be enough money to build a $450,000 house for each of the 28,000 people reported as homeless in all nine bay area counties. at a round table yesterday those working on finding a fix saw the problem firsthand when the oakland mayor began speaking a man who used to live on the streets came up and asked for a hug. the mayor was clearly moved. >> i am sorry. you are making me a little unmayoral right now. >> another big takeaway from the report, the number of people physically living on the streents. nearly 70% are in tents, a car, or someplace out in the open. the study also found 70% of the bay area's homeless live in three counties, cholera, san francisco, and alameda. new this morning, sales
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force ceo is in japan unveiling new plans for expansion this. morning he tweeted photos with the announcement he plans to build a sales force tower tokyo. he says the tower will open in the year 2021. he also says another 2,000 sales force employees will be working in japan over the next five years. credit karma will soon expand into a downtown oakland office tower. >> credit karma will lease five floors plus a roof deck at the key at 12 office tower at 1100 broadway. the expansion will enable employees to take the bart to link the companies with the facilities in san francisco. they have expected to move in to downtown oakland sometime next year. now to my favorite story of the morning, puppies helping puppies. >> watch what happens when a little dog named molly needed help climbing over the pet gate.
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wow! that is marco giving his little sister molly a bit of a boost. carolyn warm shared this video of her miniature snauzers in canada. she says molly was eager to get over the gate after she spotted a treat on the other side. >> i am rethinking getting two dogs now. i don't need this. i didn't realize they were partners in time. >> marco is like get that treat, go i have me a bite when you come back. >> bring some back, i like that. >> how does freedom taste? exactly how the marines do it. line up next to the wall and push each other the rl now bridge. calm, and cloud-free. we will have high clouds and sunshine.
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dim sun this afternoon. cooling breezes, clouds and stars. seasonal lows tonight. nothing in the accuweather seven-day forecast. we drop five to 11 degrees. san francisco at 59. 60 at hoff moon bay with some of the fastest winds blowing at the beaches today. low to mid 60s around the bay. mid to upper 60s in the east base. the wind advisory starts at 11:00 this morning. goes through 8:00. it is an entire all the way from the beaches in the monterey bay to the beaches in sonoma county and up in towards mendocino county. winds could gust up to 45 miles per hour. tonight low to mid 40s in the north bay values. upper 40s and lower 50s everywhere else. east bay and south bay, mid to upper 40s. a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. we swing down today, we jump eight degrees tomorrow. 80 inland saturday.
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drop another ten degrees sundmo. warming trend by wednesday. we have two problems now on highway 4, with up in each direction. i think maybe that is what is causing a little bit more of a backup than we should have in this area. west bound estate route 4 before solano way. reports of a two vehicle crash off on the shoulder. reports of a new collision not far from there on the other side eastbound state route 4 nearport chicago. working on getting this sorted out. that is adding 15 minutes from the bay point area into the pacheco stretch. looking live at the bay bridge toll omgo we didn't have the metering lights up. let me check. no official word yet. if they are not at the moment they will be momentarily. typical backups filling in there. a check of other bridges.
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580. seven minutes. 84 across the dunbar ton bridge. that's in the green at nine minutes. a warning about distracted driving. look at the video, a camera on the back of a dot truck recorded i. a bmw slams into the back, swerves and flips over. the department said the driver was quote seemingly distracted. it is just not worth it. you have to put the phone down. got to pay attention to the road. >> my goodness. >> really bad. >> i hope they are okay. alexis, thanks. speaking of transit, here's a sign of the times. >> uh-huh. >> santa cruz saying good-bye to downtown beach trolleys, saying hello to electric shuttles. >> they announced on social media the last chance to ride the 1930s street cars will be
5:22 am
this summer. the electric shuttles will be replacing the trolleys because they are too expensive the maintain and repair. coming up, does the u.s. need to prepare for a war in space? we will tell you about the expert today to make space force a reality. >> reporter: controversy over a gillette ad featuring a plus size model. why some are upset and the model's response. what is the best freebie in the bay area? i am michael finney. the best freebie by far is a free education. you can get it at the city college of san francisco. as long as you live in the city of san francisco and have been here for at least a year then there is no tuition. free school. free college education, two years, without spending a dime other than books and classroom
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it's a pill that treats differently. for psoriasis, 75% clearer skin is achievable, with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. for psoriatic arthritis, otezla is proven to reduce joint swelling, tenderness, and pain. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. upper respiratory tract infection and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines and if you're pregnant or planninto be. ready to treat differently with a pill? otezla. show more of you. >> announcer: you are never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> temperatures peeking in the
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mid 70s to near 80 this weekend. if you want to head outside, if you are sneezing now you are going to continue to sneeze. high amounts of tree pollen continue, tomorrow, saturday, sunday. they may drop just a little bit monday and tuesday. >> thank you mike. in today's gma first look a gillette ad featuring a plus size model is causing controversy. >> stephanie ramos tells us why some people are upset and what the model is saying. >> reporter: we are hearing from the model at the center of an on line debate. the bikini photo making serious waves on twitter. >> when i am in an advertise, right, for some people that literally feels like they were cheated. >> reporter: the post instantly triggered backlash with people claiming the razor company is promoting obesity. one it kric writes, please stop, promoting this is dangerous, being obese is not healthy. one writes, where do we draw the line between body positivity and
5:26 am
health issues. >> my image is joyful, healthy, inspired. i am living a great life. for a lot of people all they can see is fat. i want to show women that they can do whatever they want. >> reporter: coming up at 7:00 a.m. we will have moor reaction to the gillette tweet with our gma first look i am steph know ramos. we are coming back with another 90 minutes of news including the bay area woman helping kim kardashian west become a lawyer. also -- >> have you been wondering when the brand-new transit center will be reopening in san francisco? we have, too. an update on this broken building coming up next. and breaking news, wikileaks founder julian assange now in custody in london. we are live with what happened overnight. and a final good-bye for rapper nipsey hussle. th
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>> announcer: live where live, this is abc7 news. breaking news. london police drag julian assange out of the ecuadorean embassy. we are live with the latest on the wikileaks founder's arrest overnight. repairing the $2 billion transit center. how soon it could finally reopen. and is amazon's echo listening the more than you think? the people apparently analyzing what you say inside your own home. good morning. thursday, april 11th. >> the call is come from inside the house. >> yep, it sure is. >> good morning. it's bmh almost 530. lets cici if our forecast -- do i have to unplug that thing? >> i guess we will find out. here's a look at the winds. 16 miles in santa rosa. 17 at sfo. 24 in half moon bay. they are going to pick up, especially along the
5:30 am
11:00 this morning to 8:00 this evening. u.s. gusting to 45 miles per hour. be careful. here's a look at mount tam. when the sun comes up it warms the ground. that warms the air. brings the winds down to our level. a dry cold front, cooler by 4:00. and 54 to 57 this breeziy blustery evening. alexis. >> highway 4, we have a crash on either side of the highway here. the west bound side, the bizzier side this time of day before solano way, a two car crash reported on the shoulder. not far from there, another oigs scligs reported eastbound aroundport chicago highway. involving three vehicles, blocking middle lanes. it has been pushed off to the side. overall it gave you a busy start coming in from the pittsburgh bay point area. about a 15 minute delay. wes bound 80 highway 4 to the
5:31 am
maze. 11 minutes. 18 minutes across the bay bridge. metering lights flipped on. san francisco to sfo, on the 101 in the green at nine men's. breaking news this morning. wikileaks founder julian assange is now in custody in london. >> he has been living at the ecuadorean embassy nearly seven years. he has been avoiding extradition over criminal charges. this morning the ecuadorean president withdrew his asylum and immunity and police arrested him. we have the latest. >> reporter: as you said, julian assange has been living in the ecuadorean embassy in london since 2012. that's where he was granted diplomatic asylum as he faced sexual assault charges in sweden. those charges have been dropped but he was arrested on a seven-year-old court warrant coming from that case.
5:32 am
he was also arrested over criminal charges filed by the u.s. department of justice for filing assange is also suspected to have aided in the 2016 presidential election by having private emails stolen from the clinton computers and the democratic party. the ecuadorean president said assange repeatedly violated the terms of his asylum. we will continue to update you. for now live in washington, abc7 news. happening this morning, the public memorial service for rapper and community leader nip see hustle will be held at staples center in los angeles. it starts at 10:00 a.m. tickets for the memorial service were free but were distributed within just minutes early whier this week.
5:33 am
following the service thousands are expected to line the streets for a 25-mile funer procession from staples center through south los angeles, watts, and englewood. the l.a. times reports the nation of islam will provide security along the procession route. hussle was shot and killed last week outside his marathon clothing store. happying today the group in charge of the sales force transit center will give a update on the work to repair cared beams. >> it opened in august and closed about month later after workers discovered the cracks. now we are moving closer to reopening in june. amy hollyfield is live in san francisco. of course that is no guarantee. >> reporter: reggie, they are looking at june 1st as a date of finishing the work on this building. but not as a date to reopen it. that is still to be determined. work crews gave reporters and photographers a tour yesterday to show the progress on the
5:34 am
work. 16 plates have arrived. they will be used to secure the building. the brand-new sales force transit center has been closed almost seven month. they shut it down in august cra. commuters who want to use the building tell us this morning they are really ready for it to reopen. >> it is frustrating. it really is. i mean, you know, it's bad enough that it took so long to build and it cost so much money. but then when you have -- you know, when they find that they -- some cracks in the steel and so forth, now it has to be closed, you know, even more? yeah. it's frustrating. >> reporter: this bus center cost $2.2 billion. today, officials are expected to present a progress report at the transbay joint powers authority meeting. as of right now, no date has been set to reopen this morning. they say even when that work is done and they are shooting for
5:35 am
june 1st, for that, it will need inspecting and then approval to reopen. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. thank you amy you. >> this morning the chp is investigating why a man was running across a freeway in the east bay when a car hit and kill him. it happened just after 9:00 last night on highway 4 near love ridge road in pittsburgh. investigators say the driver couldn't avoid hitting the man who was pronounced dead at the scene. the driver stopped and cooperated with authorities. investigators are still trying to determine if the pedestrian was under the influence of alcohol or drugs. abc7 news is committed to building a better bay area including addressing homelessness. what is an answer for some doesn't work for others. that may be the case in one south bay community. a growing pile of miscellaneous items sits on the border of campo and san jose along south baskam avenue. neighbors call the pile of items
5:36 am
amershe business owner says it was meant to be a workshop a place where he stored his items but says others added to the pile which isn't happening the problem. erin, who didn't want to talk on camera has made a home outside among the items. >> i am not supposed to be here. i cleaned up the front. i am hoping if the owner comes by he will work with me. it was kinds of temporary anyway. >> the business owner was evicted april 3rd. the law requires the property owner hold his items for 15 days. the property owner plans to have a company remove any remaining items after that time. we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. share them on facebook. in the east bay a concord day-care center has its van back. we showed you surveillance video of thieves breaking into the
5:37 am
diana dare child-care center and driving off with their van. it was found in a walmart parking lot of the eight of its ten childeats wene van has been stolen in the past nine months. the sharks will play game two in the playoff series against the golden knights. >> prior to last night's game, the sharks held a street rally for fans in front of sap center. another rally will be held tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. as for the game, the shark dominated, they had a 5-2 victory. san jose leads the best of seven ears 1an had 0. game two, the puck drops at 7:0030 tomorrow night. they are doing so well. let's fill up the shark tank. the dub nation open up the nba finals at oracle arena. >> saturday at 5:00 p.m.
5:38 am
if you are not going you can watch the game only right here on abc7. then stay with larry beil, kerry keating and donna foil for toyota after the game. mindi bach will be at oracle arena for post game reaction from players and coaches. >> mike, i figured out why this photograph is so shady. that is the clippers player reacting to when they found out they had to play the warriors in the first round of the playoffs. who is it? lou williams. it is a pleasure seeing you. also good-bye, because this is going to be real quick. >> it is a best of five series, so we will see him three times. all right. here we go. temperatures on the peninsula run from the mid to upper 40s around menlo park, redwood city, pacifica to low to mid 50s elsewhere. breezy in the higher elevations, bringing us moi crow climates. san jose, 50, 60 in anti-oak and
5:39 am
fairfield. 50 in napa. and 52 in san rafael. san mateo bridge, dry. it is breezy today. this afternoon, a small craft advisory everywhere through 3:00 as northwest winds gust up to 35 to 45 miles per hour across the east/west bridges. 49 at 7:00. 59 at noon. in the east bay n the 50s through 10:00. then low 60s from then on through 5:00. our last stop is san francisco, high clouds, sunshine, and mild temperatures from 53 to 59 degrees today. a small range in temperatures. it get bigger as some 70s and '80s are coming back this weekend. i will show you that coming up. first i want to bring in alexis and talk about the morning commute. >> looking good. enjoying the spring break volumes. everyone is spread out until we get through the easter holiday.
5:40 am
not looking light here. in most areas it is. bay bridge metering lights on. 5:26 the official time this morning. a typical commute there. west bound 580 trace o'to dublin, in the yellow, 37 minutes. 30 west bound highway 4. a crash is on the shoulder. it caused a solid line of red coming in from pittsburgh this morning. trying to bounce back. a slight day on southbound 101 san rafael to san francisco. coming in at 18 minutes. mass transit looks good. 32 bart trains in service with no delays. ace one and three out on time. no cancels service or delays for muni. happening today, nest rocket. >> the company scrubbed yesterday's launch because of high winds at the kennedy space center in florida. last year's test flight put a
5:41 am
tesla convertible into orbit. spacex will try to land two of the first stage boosters back at cape canaveral. a third booster will land on an ocean platform. also today the acting defense secretary will try to vince senators the u.s. needs a space force. patrick shanahan says the next big war may be won or lost in space. he says a space force will keep us ahead of china russia and other nations. congress is considering establishing a says force next year. happening today, south bend indiana mayor pete bud will be in the area for a fund-raiser. he has shot up in several polls even though he hasn't formally
5:42 am
announced his running. coming up, the criteria more than half of people consider when deciding where
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than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> this is nbc 7 mornings. >> for those of you that do have school, high clouds and sunshine. milder this morning.
5:45 am
you still need a jacket. 48 to 52. in the afternoon hours, in the mid 50s to low 60s. slightly comfortable until you step out into the breezes. then you will feel the chill. fastest winds up to 60 miles per hour from slo through the grapevine. watch out. it is going to be a tough go there. if you are traveling down the grapevine to the south it will give you a push. 70 in fresno. 75 in l.a. 67 at to. scattered showers. sacramento, 67, mostly cloudy. here's look at tahoe where we have valley rain, mountain snow, a high near 60 saturday, more rain and snow sunday. >> actress lori loughlin's daughters may be stuck at usc while their parents face charges that they used bribes to get their kids into school. usc says they are doing a case sslyiad with t of students scheme. the university says they place holds on the students's that prevents them from doing several things, including withdrawing from the university.
5:46 am
when news of the scandals first broke last month tmz reported lori loughlin's daughters were planning to withdraw. according to vogue, kim kardashian west says she wants to become a criminal lawyer. an attorney in the bay area ismentoring kardashian west. jessica jackson is a human rights attorney and the national director of cut 50, a non-profit working to reduce the prison population. she worked with kardashian west to free alice marie johnson, a woman who was granted column ensy last year after serving 21 years in an alabama prison for drug charges. >> spent a lot of time with her meeting with formerly incarcerated people, people living inside of prisons, working on individual cases, drafting policy. i think her passion and debt indication and empathy for people who have been impacted just shines through. >> kardashian west is taking an
5:47 am
alternative route to becoming a lawyer. she is in her first year of a four-year apprenticeship. jackson says kardashian west has been keeping up with reading assignments and monthly exams and plans to take the bar in 2022. a hulu series about elizabeth homes will star actress kate mckinnon. the series called the dropout is based on the abc news podcast of the same name. six to ten episodes will cover the rise and fall of holmes and her company. a perfect vacation is different for everyone. >> some people select a destination because they simply want to relax. while others pick stop for its insta-worthiness. a new poll by a travel website says more than half of american travelers chose their vacation destinations based on how good they will look on instagram. according to trip adviser the most popular vacation for
5:48 am
instagram is paris. >> i just -- okay. >> can't we pick our vacation spots based on where might be interesting to travel? or relax? >> you have to make me jealous, so you have to pick nice places. >> that's the whole point, isn't it? everything is bad. we want to know this morning, are you concerned about tech companies listening to your voice assistant? >> yes. i am going to keep looking at the vacation photos. >> it is making me jealous. >> oh, my gosh. hawaii. >> uh-huh. yep. >> let's see what the next one is. there it is. >> oh, there it is. >> okay, again we are asking our viewers this morning are you concerned about tech companies listening to your voice assistant? 71% of people right now saying no. you can place your vote on abc7
5:49 am and give us your opinion. >> we are asking this morning because of a new report that has a lot of people talking. an investigation by bloomberg reveals amazon has thousands of employees listening to recordings of your questions and requests to the echo. the company calls it data annotation. and it is apparently using -- they are using it to improve alexa's understanding over time. >> amazon says the anote taters only listen to a small sample of recordings in order to improve customer experience and the company has zero tolerance for abuse. according to bloomberg apple google and bloomberg also make use of this technique. it has been used to help law enforce innent in cases of sexual assault and other crimes as well. >> hmm. >> i find it interesting because you can tell when you google something that it knows where you are and it pops up ads for you. is this kind of doing the same thing? or i wonder if it is taking a different approach and doing
5:50 am
different thing with the information. >> i don't know. it freaks me out when i look at the echo app that you have on your phone and it shows you every single thing you have ever said to the device. >> yes. >> i mean obviously i am not the only person with that record? when i have the echo plugged in and i looked at what it was recording i unplugged it. >> wow. okay. >> i did. >> i am the only one who doesn't have one? . >> you can't have one because of your name. your name is too close to that device. >> no chance. >> every time your husband talks to you, it will turn on. >> i know. >> mine was a gift from a friend of mine who i love like my sister, or just like a sister. i am like yea. >> but you use it? >> barbara uses it. but it is in the house so i guess i use it, too. a lot of country music on that one. here's a look at what's going on from san rafael, no fog out there. dimmer sunshine today. cool breezes mean we are going
5:51 am
to lose to 11 degrees off of yesterday's warmth. the warmth returns with our calmest day saturday. nothing steady in the seven-day forecast except for the lack of rain. we have a while swing in temperatures. here's an inside slider. weather is moving more to the inside of the state. that's going to drop our temperatures back below average. nearly 60 in san francisco and half moon bay. blowing sapped along the beachesings up to 45 miles per hour winds. low to mid 60s around the bay. mid to upper 60s inland. this start krachging up around 11:00 this morning until 8:00 this evening. south, we have upper 40s to low 50. redwood city and freemont upper 40s. watch the inside slider. you will see a lot of snow in
5:52 am
the sierra. even a little bit of rain over the ocean. but nothing makes its way towards us except for high clouds. as far as what's going on with the accuweather seven-day forecast we bounce back two to eight degrees tomorrow. near 80 on saturday. we lose ten degrees monday. we gain another ten degrees wednesday. >> overall it has been fairly quiet. want to take you back to highway 4. that was our biggest issue this morning. it is gone. it is recovering. west bound state route 4 along solano way. it sounded like a minor collision. two cars involved. and then we had another crash on the eastbound side of the highway. that cleared as well. now we are looking at a combination of typical volumes and residual delays. pittsburgh into bay po 17eser hour, 16 miles per hour, hopefully that will continue to pick up
5:53 am
richmond/san rafael bridge we are starting to fill in here. so far we don't have any major delays. new at 6:00 you have probably seen the story about a suspected burglar that turned out to be a room about. we will hear from the officer who took the
5:54 am
5:55 am
>> announcer: you are never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> this is abc7 mornings. >> rockie in town to take on the giants at oracle park.
5:56 am
a little breezy, dress accordingly. high amounts of tree pollen. everything else low including % the uv index because the high clouds dimming the sunshine. let me show you the breeses. picking up this morning, up to 30 to 35 this will evening. by friday evening they will calm down and set the stage for a nice weekend. >> looking a the roads this morning, we haven't had any major issues so far. hoping we can hold onto that. here's a quick check in the south bay. san jose said route 87 south of mineta san jose airport, no significant delays if you are heading out of town here with an early flight. southbound 680 walnut creek to dublin, 14 minutes for you. 101 santa rosa to san francisco, holding on, under an hour, 57 minutes in the green. no issue in the santa cruz mountains. highway 1 into los gatos into the green at 24 minutes. clothing maker patagonia is
5:57 am
suing anheuser-busch about a beer. besides the name, the bottle has mountains which bears a resemblance to its logo. they are selling the beer and apparel at pop-ups at ski resorts. patagonia is accusing anheuser-busch for pat eninfringe machine. next at 6:00, breaking news, the wikileaks founder arrested. new details emerging in the last 30 minutes. also, east bay high school students accused of rigging a school election. the way they did it raising concerns. electricity rates could skyrocket for millions of pg&e
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> announcer: good morning south bay. let's get up and get going. >> announcer: this is abc7 mornings. right now at 6:00 a.m., breaking news. wikileaks founder julian assange arrested in london.
6:00 am
why ecuador's president kicked him out of the country's embassy overnight after seven years. warning. your pg&e bill could skyrocket. we are talking about the link to california's fire season. good morning. it's thursday, april 11th. we are also tracking royal baby news this morning. the duke and duchess of sussex telling the world, we are going to h'te have to wait for mike's forecast. it includes a lot of sun. hey mike. >> it does. there is a ton of sunshine coming up in the next several days. today will be dimmer than it was yesterday because of the high clouds. also we have breezes starting to kick up around santa rosa at 16. fast in the usual spots, sfo and half moon bay. this is an idea of santa rosa's wind as it is forecast. 26 on mount tam right now. and eventually that works its way down to us. it is a quiet morning. 46 to 52. milder than yesterday. then you will notic


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