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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  April 11, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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can change in an instant. >> it left a 4-year-old boy whose life changed. his condition has improved dramatically. a development his family is calling a miracle. >> hey! >> reporter: two wgo it seemed scenes like these in a video provided 20 famiby the fa might never happen. just last month, he found a gun under a pillow and accidentally shot himself in the head. with no sign of brain activity, doctors prepared the family for the worst. now young boy is awake, responsive, and out of intensive care. >> i always prayed for the best. >> reporter: he can sit in a wheelchair and he shows signs of improvement every day. although he still can't talk. >> every day he is doing
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something different. his muscles will be back soon. >> he is moving his foot now. he is receiving for his feeding tube, clutching things in his hands, he is moving his head, following with his eyes. >> he shot himself after he found a gun on a bed at the home of his mother's boyfriend. >> did you have any idea that there was something under a that i havow, under a pillow that might hurt your son? not at all. >> my only concern is that his father gets a chance to at least hold his son and comfort his son and be by his son's bed side. >> reporter: family is by his bed side, they're aware that his future is uncertain. >> i just want him to live his
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life. grow up. be something, whatever he wants to be. >> you're getting stronger and stronger. >> reporter: laura anthony, abc7 news. in the east bay, the trial for the two men charged in the deaths of 36 people in the deadly ghost ship fire will start next week. today judge shared several details. the oakland mayor libby schaaf should not be ordered to testify during the trial of despite the lawyer is a critical witness. both faces charges of involuntary manslaughter. the ghost ship was the deadliest building fire in the u.s. in more than ten years. jury selection begins on tuesday. the judge plans for opening statements to start on april 30th. we've learned new details about uber's finances this afternoon as uber filed for its initial public offering. the san francisco based ride sharing company did not list a target price for shares. it is seeking a valuation
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between $90 and $100 billion. it lost $1.8 billion last year and warns it may never make a profit. it revealed it paid the top executives $143 million in combination last year. the ceo received $45 million. but the chief operating officer received more than $47 million. uber operates in more than 63 countries. it is heavily dependent on five cities, last, new york, san francisco, london, and sao paulo. passengers flying in and out of the airport learned that there can be potholes, even at the airport. work had to be done where two runways intersected. that caused them to be closed
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for hours. how the hot hole developed and how today's fix is only temporary. >> two of the four runways expect. that forced the closure of the runways while repair crews moved in to do a temporary fix. this spot had been scheduled for a may know repair. >> this is a very heavily trafd area. this intersection. more than two-thirds of all the aircraft that operated sfo used that intersection. that's one of the reasons we wanted to make a fundamental look. >> as you can see, the crews focused on refaring asphalt surface. it appears the underlying concrete that to be decades old are the root of the problem. depressions are happening at a rate of six to eight times a year. so it will be close in the september which will close it for 20 days. airline service counters became packed with passengers dealing with delays and cancellations.
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five colleagues were trying to fly them to chile. >> we said that maybe we have to fly to new york and maybe wait 11 hours. >> desiree is trying to fly back to orange county. >> you would think they would accommodate maybe a rental car, something. but unfortunately, they're just cleaning their hands and saying, we'll just give you a refund and you can figure it out. >> lorry was told there would be delays. we told her about the runway repair. >> are you serious? i was falling for the fog story. so i fell for the fog story. >> the repair work has been completed. the residual damage to the airline schedules has been done with many airlines still experiencing some residual delays. if you're planning to fly out or if you're meeting someone at the airport, you might check ahead. david louie, abc7 news.
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a woman he is came after flames raced through her nome vallejo. the flames had gutted about half the home by the time crews got to the seep. investigators are trying to figure out how it started. in vacaville, some homeless military veterans are getting a place to call home. as curtis ming reports, not only do they have a new place to live but also new hope. >> my little girl. smile. >> he and his wife have a reason to smile. tim was the first to move into the rocky hill veteran apartments. most of these thine units are set asidevetera.emeedho >> these are the washers and dryers. i can move in. >> he said after three and a half years living on the streets, it means so much just do have a bathroom. >> i used to have a bucket.
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>> the department of veterans affairs help faye rental. those trying to turn their lives around could get one-on-one help. >> my sobriety date is accept 20, 2016. >> he faced so much after serving in the navy. substance abuse, cancer, violence on the streets. >> i've had my fingers cut off. i've been stabbed, burned. i've had a lot of things happen. >> now he's doing everything he can to help fellow veterans. >> home is where the heart and the dog is. i am so stoked. this is my home and i'm not leaving for a long time. >> what a story. when you think of the fog, odds are you think about how it can swarm the golden gate bridge or on rare occasions, kit even encircle san jose. but it is known as tule fog and it often snarls traffic and close schools. it has been declining for
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decades. and scientists at uc berkeley say they now know why. >> tule fog happens when visibility falls below a quarter mile. it used to be the norm driving you this the east bay and the valley. you would see massive deadly pileups, like the one near bakersfield in 2016. like but there have been 76% fewer tule fog days from 1980 to 2016. >> from 1930 on 1970, fog increased over 80%. so we started looking at why we have this modern decline. >> uc berkeley viralal researcher he willen gray dove through records over more than a century looking for clues. >> it urbanized rapidly in the 1950s. we had more air pollution. >> she noticed declose in tule fog correlated with increased
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air pollution and auto pollution. night it forms large molecules. more molecules, the greater the sponges, the denser the fog. >> because of that, we think that could be impacting it. >> it also explains why southern regions of the central valley still see the thick tule fog. near bakersfield and fresno, pollution continues to be a problem. it might be good news for the air we breathe but it is bad news for farmers. some of them depend on the extreme cold during the winter months. >> if this persists, where certain crops are being grown, will have to move or they will have to apply more hormones and compounds to the winter chill. >> spencer christian. abc7 news. now the coastal fog we see
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here in the bay area is different than tule fog. researchers stay decrease we've seen is likely more directly related to climate change and warm he ocean waters. from fog to wind. all right. we do have some clouds today. >> that's right. no fog. the wind is really howling out there. i'll let you know how long the blustery conditions will last. >> just made those restaurants specifically teeter over the edge. >> it is not easy to run a restaurant these days. some are having a harder time than others. and this family has
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julio mercedes was talking about his restaurant closing.
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estrada's was open in daly city for more than 100 years. >> there are so many memories here. >> a month earlier, the owner larry kramer talked about his south bay staple closing up. in san jose this year, wings. the city's oldest restaurant closed though the owner hopes to reopen in a new location. it seemed contagious. san francisco is seeing a number of restaurants closing down as well. for more on what's happening, let's go to kate larson in san francisco. >> there is a theme with all of these restaurant closures. labor costs keep rising and customers often don't want to pay higher prices for their food. while deliveries may be convenient for you, they're not great for business. while some restaurants are
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bustling, others are anything but. in the past few weeks, several san francisco stalwarts have closed or are on the way out. the chef announced her famous fine dining restaurant will close at the end of april, after 21 of award winning food in busy hayes value. around the corner, the cafe closed this week. white paper wraps the windows instead of the sandwiches. in the mission district, blow fish sushi locked up. saying that after 20 years, their sushi concept was actually dead of after 38 years, new orleans inspired elite cafe on fillmore street announced they're closing after easter brunk. >> i hate to hear that a popular brunch spot for me. >> jennifer says she enjoys eating out but also likes to order in. >> i do delivery from local restaurants. >> delivery has taken a chunk out of a lot of restaurants. >> she is with the restaurant
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association. they said the weekday business was a challenge in part because of delivery service. >> for many, when they're crunching the numbers, it isn't a benefit. they're seeing a decline of in person customers. >> to bring in more revenue, they brought in a new tech vent that you are lets people work from restaurants that are closed during the day. a sharp contrast to the four-week old restaurant that had a line out the door for lunge. so out here, there are three restaurants. the wine merchant here and then the cafe right there in the middle. it chosed this week and i spoke to the owner. so coming up, why he says he was forced to close despite the fact his cafe was still very busy. abc7 news. >> all right. thank you. in the south bay, sky 7 was
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over levi stadium as it was being prepared for monster jam which begins today. today they came together to recognize a military family for the service to our country. a story from abc7 news reporter chris nguyen. >> i feel like i'm the one getting a surprise. >> reporter: ronald blair of the 49ers stopped by to surprise a marine core family. >> a surprise for everyone. >> with a little help from his friend from monster jam. >> great to put a smile on the kid's face. >> inside the facility, the staff sergeant doesn't know what to expect. other than some sort of meeting coordinated by operation home front. a nonprofit organization that works to support military families. >> i'm sweating. a little nervous. a little anxious. >> the moment comes. the staff sergeant and his wife,
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herself a veteran and their son jase overwhelm. >> we spent so much time away from our support system. when we have that support even when we're not home, it is very humbling and heart warming and i appreciate it. >> merchandise and swag from the 49ers and monster jam. plus, box tickets for this saturday's show at levi stadium, all gifted to the family. >> i'm trying to go to all the games. >> these folks, now fans for life in san jose. abc7 news. the warriors begin their run for another nba title this weekend. today the item, or the team issued a warning to fans you knowing them to buy tickets from to avoid counterfeits. this year's playoff feature had player names, tickets, and phrase symbolic to the warriors and the fans. that's what you see here. as always, everyone attending
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will see a free gold t-shirt. this year it features an image of the bay bridge. meantime, saturday at 5:00 p.m. you can watch it only here on abc7. then stay with larry beale. mindi bach will be at oracle with postgame reaction from players and coaches. it should be great. >> i feel like we can feel the energy already. all right. shifting to the weather and the accuweather forecast. >> we waited a while. the clouds were around for quite some time. the skies were starting to open up. let me show you the winds. that's the big story. there's an airport weather warning until 10:00 p.m. due to the strong winds. 38 miles an hour at half moon bay. hang on to your hats. strong winds as well.
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just be careful. here's what's causing it. the area of low pressure coming down the spine of the sierra. we're caught between two. here's a look at what you can expect of it is going to be on the gusty side as we head into later tonight. then tomorrow. a little breezy but not as wendy as what we've experienced. so be prepared for that. live doppler 7, showing you just some clouds around. snow showers in the sierra nevada. ta tahoe is reporting some light flurries. it sure looks like winter to me. here's a look at the temperatures. it is still mostly cloudy in fair feed. certainly a cooler day compared to yesterday.
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live picture from our kgo roof camera looking toward coit tower. in the hoe 60s from oakland to san jose and even in morgan hill. notice the camera is shaky as we have that system going through. gusty winds 94 the coast. the warming friend the next few days. it will be a dry weekend. at least a chance. hour by hour, 7:00, you will see some clouds around as we head into tomorrow morning. the clouds get swept away. it is going to be a warmer friday for you. take look at those temperatures. it will be cool to breezy. the temperatures will be in the 40s, 50s, mainly clear conditions. 66 in san francisco. 64, half moon bay. 70 in owing. 72 in livermore. san jose, 70 in santa cruz. you can down led to app and track those temperatures any time you want.
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the accuweather seven-day forecast. the warming tens on saturday. sunday is a cooler afternoon, leading to the chance of showers on monday. a cooler day as well. a slight chance lingers into tuesday morning. then the warm returns for wednesday and thursday with 60s, 70s, even 80s. thursday. can you believe it? for april. dry, wet, dry, wet, now they're in agreement. it looks like a chance of showers. >> thank you. it is common when you buy a new car. do you really need a pre paid maintenance plan? that story is next. coming up, the dramatic arrest. julian assange shackled and
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pre paid maintenance cards will be offered to you when you buy a new car. is it a good idea? >> i think i know what the answer will be. >> have you ever been pinched by one have these? >> absolutely. the sales guys guys guys guy what do they cover. here's a look at the pros and
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the cons. >> this is a good chance the dealer tried to sell you a pre paid maintenance man. enyou to pay up front for regularly scheduled maintenance. >> it is different than an extended warranty which pays for things when they break. a pre paid maintenance program is for things you're required to do to keep it in top shape like rotating your tires and oil changes. >> consumer reports says there are pros and cons. the costs can be bundled into the auto lone. so the monthly bump and price can be negligible. pay for the plan in full separately. >> for a lot of people, it is about peace of mind. ask whether it can be transferred with the car if you sell it when it expires. some man's have restrictions. like where work can be done.
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>> factory back plans are typically honored at any dealer dealership. if you move far away, it can be a hassle. >> most importantly, do the math. compare the cost of the man you're considering against the cost of the actual maintenance it covers. you can ask what it costs to get an idea of the true value. i have a link. long at it and decide what works for you. >> thanks. well, now to a very popular guy. you can
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let's take on the issues. let's call out the problems. >> let's face it. we have a trash problem. >> and find real solutions. >> i feel that the community has failed people of color. >> and hear one another. >> we can use words. we don't have to use our fists. >> our concerns might be different but we're in this together. coming up on abc7 news at six chog, while fire season is around the corner. so the governor wanted to know what would happen to our rates if it is another devastating year. >> i think that there's a whole younger generation in this community that would love to live and stay in their home town. >> life after the north bay fires. why some officials are looking up.
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that's all coming up in a half-hour. >> all right. thank you. finally, a sporting goods store is about to open in east bay and bits to prove it is a good neighbor. >> they donated 750 balls of all kinds to the berkeley unified school district. nate robinson was on hand. he said he'll never forget his first basketball. >> loving the basketball. i always kept it with me. my hands used to be really, really dirty. and it was like my best friends. >> he even treated the kids to a slam-dunk spectacular. in all, the store plans to donate $10,000 balls to youth organizations all around the bay area. they opened the flagship in
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emeryville. >> world news tonight is next. tonight, the dramatic arrest seen around the world. julian assange taken into custody. pulled from the ecuadorian embassy in the uk, shackled and shouting. his long beard. evicted after seven years. the u.s. charging him. and the president who said "i love wikileaks" asked today, does he still love them? there is a monster blizzard and storm system raging tonight in the u.s. 18 states. more than two feet of snow in some places. thousands of flights canceled. tractor trailers jackknifing, flipping over. that system then moves into chicago and the northeast, new york city. rob marciano standing by to time it out. the stunning reveal tonight. the arson arrest, after three black churches are burned down. the suspect is the son of a local sheriff's deputy. new char


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