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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  April 12, 2019 1:42am-2:12am PDT

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mask, that is a problem. he approaches him. he shoots the mace. he starts to move around the store. >> he can barely see. >> he's pretty much fumbling. dude comes back. he's like, no. >> the other guy is a customer. the robber starts to bust things up. >> he's like hold on there, sonny. >> he's like boom, boom. take this. take that. >> this is glorious. he's so hard he's bending the legs of the chair. i'll take it from here. he's even carrying enough to see if he's okay. >> back up on the chair. he's like, all right.
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got him down. >> they hold him there until the police come. they think twice. >> went to this school in china. he's just kicking it at the door. trashed his computer lab. they've been notified they can no longer deliver food here. >> these are food differry people. they've been told they cannot come anymore. >> several students have come up sick, so they stopped deliver to the school completely. they reportedly caused damages in the area of about $4,500. ys one of those beautiful countries that you dream about visiting. when you see video of this from drones, you are like, man.
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it is huge. if you look closely as this drone zooms in, there is a little bit of a web strung across. almost a spider's web. however, this web is a slack line. about a 3,300 foot drop. watch this guy get a little wobbly there. i guess that is slack lining. but if you are going to be on a 3,300 foot slack line, you'll have a safety line. he manages to get back on the line. >> major mission impossible fall out. i think that was shot in norway. >> getting major chillaxing
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vibes. >> i'm not chilling. still shaky for me. >> amazing watching these videos. stroke out the locations, string up the cables and have a ball. >> it is absolutely beautiful. >> this is dora nighten gail, that fox she calls her best friend. she named her faith. she comes around nightly. she visits and disappeared for about nine months. dora was worried. nine months later, faith turned up and did something like this. she gives me a tiny little nose bump. that was really special. >> she wants you to know something. this isn't a pet.
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is it like the family dog? she says absolutely no. this is a wild urban fox. >> people ask if i ever stroke her or touch her. i don't. they say why don't you stroke her. i just feel it is a sacred line. >> it is called respect. she has respect for wild life. >> i'd be tempted to pet the thing. >> 90% of the people would have started an instagram. >> she respects the fact that this is a wild fox. doesn't come in the house to play with her pet rabbit. >> that's why the fox is coming around. there is a meal
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>> after a few months of vacation and chinese new year snacks, deciding he had gotten out of shape. so he decided to train like a superhero. in this case, he decided he was going to train like a superhero. every time he punches someone, they die. >> i want to do it. >> in the anime, there is strength in some ways to the exercise he does. 100 press ups, a 10 kilometer run. try doing this for 30 days. the cool thing about this, you don't even need a gym membership. just a little space to do all of these basic body weight exercises. day 17.
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he did reach an issue. >> i've reached a plateau. >> he levelled up. now doing 70 sit ups. day 22. up to level 9 and now level 10. there is day one and day 30. >> whoa. >> this particular video and challenge went viral. now he's like let's do this another 30 days. he's doing it five days a week. >> have a mental picture. >> visualize where you want to get your body to and get it there. number two, have an accountability group. or partner. or put it out on social media. >> number three, continue to have fun. >> if you are not enjoying it,
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you do not want to do it. >> 60 days in. >> dang. >> you just have to get out and do it. >> a tour bus bumps down the road. see the terrifying moment a trip takes a dramatic turn. >> is he able to get out of the jam? >> and putting charlie to the test. >> really impressed. find out if this pitch perfect pop star nails all the notes next. found one! ♪ ( laughter ) found one! ♪ found one.
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we've done stories about it. another demonstration about this remarkable skill. >> i'll tell you all about it, when i see you again ♪ >> hanging out with the pop star charlie who became popular on you tube and then the popular hit "see you again." ♪ ♪ i'll tell you all about it ♪ when i see you again >> they are testing his pitch. >> he has a disease called perfect pitch. >> he can hear notes and he knows what they are by listening to them. >> that's actually a g. >> interestingly enough, i was a ot m ofsav tshis. ill. hat an f and an f sharp.
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>> they go a step further and ask him to play songs on the piano that he doesn't >> that's impressive. right into it. asks him to attempt this song called "night moves." >> you don't know this ♪ >> a lot of them are not classically trained. they just know what they hear. >> fascin of today and the talent he possesses. pretty cool.
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>> clear to see the tip bartender is trying to get in there. then boys and daddy said would blow all through. you notice. and some strawberry vodka. simple syrup. more cotton candy. lime syrup. >> you have a jar full of sugar
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with some alcohol. >> some. >> all the alcohol. some ingredients and a crap ton of alcohol. >> this very huge bus with about 40 passengers in it is on a tiny narrow road just made much thinner by recent rain. >> i'm pulling the emergency chord. i'm good. >> here we go. >> cool. cool. >> one of the wheels slides off the road. you see the earth below it moving. while we don't see it in the video, all 40 passengers made it out okay. these people fortunately have a dash cam.
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>> wow. >> that driver did not stop. not only did they have video evidence, they are right there waiting. a police officer who cited the officer for failure to yield. fortunately, no major injuries in this incident either. >> festival season on the farm. >> it doesn't get much better than this. >> this guy is playing until the cows come home. the slow mo guy got a bright idea. how it makes for some magical shots, next. there for the good.. and not so good. for the mundane. the awe-inspiring.
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98% of us don't get enough omega-3s. which is why megared advanced 4in1 packs more omega-3 power into one small softgel. it supports your heart... brain... eyes... and joints. megared. >> promotional considerations provided by. >> counting down. this is the last episode of planet slow mo. in this case, they are using
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daytime fire works. each cake is full of tubes. >> not that kind of cake. >> each tube has one of these little wads. that little charge. on top is our color powder. it fires the water and comes out 140 miles an hour. >> a very violent gender >> did i mention i like cake? >> the get it now it does look pretty good in
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slmo. >> just regular. leg it. >> what if you were driving your car down head to our website or use the mobil app. >> it doesn't get much better than this. number one, we have front row seats at cowchella and the trombone. playing sucker by the jonas brothers. let's see if the cows come home and like >> i see the
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>> he plays a little while and then the cows start getting closer. >> i think because he added the cow bell, that got him into it. >> we are gonna need more cow bell. this one is a little more quiet. >> they've been ranching sheep. is this like the gretle approach. not a single one goes a stray. >> a fit couple flexing on the
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money on that.
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>> go to or use the mobil app. >> piggy doesn't like her >> in australia, into acrobatic yoga. pretty impressive. ashley is doing a lot of crazy yoga moves. >> this is not how i spend my day at the beach. >> this is the crazy
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she's the one flipping and dipping. >> she's not falling because shawn is there holding >> come over here, big boy. >> can we book a ticket to australia. >> this move is pretty cool. his feet are basically holding her lower back as she's doing this back bend. she doesn't see it coming until here when she bends deeper into her back bend. >> she immediately loses it. >> she falls. >> into child's p p when she finally stands
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nods yes. he puts the ring on her finger. that was really sweet. >> that's all we've got for now. there is always more at we'll see you next t >> our returning contestant, keri buck, already has $10,000 and claims to have the ugliest bathroom ever. if she wins $1 million, she won't redecorate. she'll just move. let's see if she can do it today on "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ [cheers and applause] hey, everybody, welcome to the show. are you ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] returning contestant keri buck, are you ready to continue today? >> so ready. >> you got on a nice little roll yesterday. >> yes. >> $10,000 is where we left off,
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ea 7 questions in, 7 more to get t. you feel good? >> i do, yeah. >> all right, 7 questions away. let's get back to it. >> all right. >> let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic musical flourish] ♪ $10,000, that's where you are. $20,000 is where we're headed with this question. according to the social security administration, which name from the world of politics was one of the five baby girl names that rose the most in popularity in 2017? >> okay, um, i think i am going to go ahead and use my "50/50." >> okay. >> and that's my final answer. >> i ay twincorrectswers. ivanka, melania. >> okay. >> a or b. >> all right. so you know what?
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i am in vegas, right? >> yes, ma'am. >> you know? so, um... melania's the answer that i was leaning towards, so i think i'm b. melania. final answer. >> well, you don't think. you just did. >> i know. >> and now you have $20,000. >> [shrieks] >> all right, keri! >> all right. [laughs] i usually play it much safer than that in my day-to-day life. >> not easy pulling the trigger on $20,000. >> yeah. >> well, if that was tough... >> right? >> this one's not going to be any easier. you're at $20,000. this is for $30,000. [dramatic musical flourish] ♪ works of art are arranged chronologically rather than geogramagnict,ew-opened branchc?
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>> all right, so i'm trying to think of which place would want them arranged chronologically. i feel like that seems significant. obviously, the main branch of the louvre is in paris. so... madrid is obviously the only other european country--or european city that's up there. i'm at $20,000, going for $30,000. >> yeah. >> out of lifelines, all right. >> you can always walk with $20,000. >> i can walk with $20,000. >> and now you're risking $15,000. >> right. okay. i told myself if i got here and >> right. >> that i would--i would walk if i was gonna, you know, lose more than i stood to gain, and i'm at that point now. >> you have reached that level. >> so, um...
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wah. >> but it's tough to walk. >> i know. it really is. >> you're having fun playing the game, making money. >> it is so fun, right? it's like once in a lifetime. um. but i just don't feel sure enough about any of those to make a final answer, so i think i am going to walk, and that's my final answer. >> okay, good move. [cheers and applause] you leave with $20,000. so you were kinda going back and forth. what would you have picked? >> i think, in the end, i would have gone with... tokyo. >> a. abu dhabi. >> all right, well then there! >> how good is that? >> even better. >> you wisely walked away with $20,000. keri, congratulations. we're gonna come


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