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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 12, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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my sneeze count has been through the roof. >> do you take allergy shots? >> i don't. good morning. it's friday, april 12th. thanks for joining us. >> are you good with shots? here are your top stories at 6:00 a.m. i don't like them. >> who likes getting shots? no way. >> i can't look at it. an ugly twist in the border battle, the trump administration trying to get them released on san francisco streets in an attempt to target political rivals. >> there could be more heated debate over a building navigation center in the future. i haven't had allergies since. a san francisco supervior wants >> that worked then. to make it mandatory for all neighborhoods to have at least one. and restaurants that have maybe all the chlorine. been around for decades forced this time of year is a pain for to close, a result of the rising you guys. cost of living in the bay area. take a look and actually it's not going to get any better, first, let's check our weather. hi, mike. probably worse this weekend before rain comes in monday. >> one of the beautiful things that would be your best day for about the bay area. the winds, they are calming as we expected. nonallergies. here is a look at tam, still 12 at sfo gusting to 25 at half breezy in our hills. moon bay. the rest of us less than 10 down our cool miles an hour.
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a gorgeous shot from the exploratorium. and calmer. mid to upper 40s by noon. the fastest breezes at the you can see stars and the coast. lighter shades of black coming in from the sun that's going to come up in about half an hour. 70 at 4:00. take a look at our planner for today. mid-40s to 50 degrees. if you like to have lunch or we'll stay in the upper 50s to low 60s at the coast, through dinner, what a great time to do that. here is alexis. the afternoon hours. >> got to find a patio mid-60s to nearly 70 from noon somewhere. we are looking at our sig alert that is improving here, to 4:00. still very comfortable at 7:00 eastbound 580 in castro valley. with mid-60s. i'll show you the week soon. we do have our first issue of the morning in castro valley on the lighter side of traffic. up until just a few minutes, we do still have a backup down to the far right lane forming here. now a sig alert eastbound 580. blocked. that backup is not looking better. you're jammed all the way back to 880. a three-vehicle collision. it sounds like there are injuries involved. an issue with capital corridor, still a 20-minute delay. one vehicle spun out. only the two left lanes are between richmond and martinez open. the three right lanes are due to a medical emergency. blocked. check of our walnut >> abc 7 news is committed to
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building a better bay area this morning focused on b.a.r.t. and creek camera. passenger safety has been a top 680 if you are coming north of concern for many folks. the 24 split, slowly filling in now some say that more police officers not necessarily the but overall that is looking answer. okay. now to one of the top trending stories, the white hi, amy. house was planning on punishing political rivals. >> abc has learned that >> reporter: this is a good one president trump wanted to bus to debate in the break room immigrants detained at the border and release them on the today. streets of sanctuary cities should armed officers or unarmed including san francisco. ambassadors be watching over you and being in charge of public jobina fortson live for us at the i.c.e. office in san safety here on b.a.r.t. francisco with more details. that is what is being debated hi, jobina. among the board of directors. >> reporter: hi, jessica. san francisco was a part of this proposal because house speaker ar etg.eral allocedmillionn the nancy pelosi was among some of the political opponents being targeted by the white house. whistleblowers came forward with for more police officers, but the information. the board questioned that with the story was first reported by "the washington post." some trained t it was later confirmed by abc news. the white house told u.s. de-escalate situations. here is a sample of what we immigration and enforcement --
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customs enforcement that the heard this morning from writers. plan was to bus migrants >> i like police officers detained by i.c.e. and let them better. out on the streets of sanctuary cities and that it was to help with a shortage of detention i don't know what an ambassador would be able to do as opposed space but also serve as a message to democrats. it raised flags with i.c.e. and to an armed officer. they told the administration it wasn't going to happen because it's illegal. "the washington post" received a statement from pelosi's office i don't think there's a need at saying, quote, the extent of this administration's cynicism this point and they can always and cruelty cannot be overstated using human beings including little children as pawns in escalate things as needed. >> reporter: if the ambassador idea wins out they are talking their warped game to perpetrate about possibly hiring convicts fear and demonize immigrants is for the job to help give them a despicable. a dhs spokesperson as well as an second chance. there's plenty of time to debate official with the white house did confirm that this is no the issue. longer under consideration. something needs to be done but what to d hear from you jobina fortson, abc 7 news. >> jobina, thank you. starting today the as we build a better bay area. pentagon's new transgender policy goes into effect. i'm sure the board would like to the new policy requires people weigh in on the topic before in the military -- in the sex they wait in june.
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that they were born. troops will also no longer be allowed surgeries for >> b.a.r.t. general manager transitioning to another gender grace crunican plans to retire this summer. and transgender people who have received hormone treatment or surgery will not be allowed to she's run the agency for the enlist. democrats have blasted the past eight years. crunican did not say why she transgender ban which has been delayed in a court battle. chose to retire at this point less than two weeks after carlos new at 6:00 one san francisco supervisor wants every neighborhood to have a navigation center for the homeless. supervisor matt haney is rojas retired in may. as part of our commitment to introducing an ordinance at next building a better bay area a week's board meeting. it would require each district week to looking at the challenges facing b.a.r.t. that doesn't already have a navigation center to open one in the next two and a half years. there are eight centers in three we always want to hear your ideas. districts. that means eight other districts will need to open a center. >> oakley police are mayor breed faced a proposed investigating a shooting just center on the embarcadero. learning more about when san before 9:00 last night. francisco sales force transit center may reopen. a 19-year-old shot in the leg. cracked steel beams forced them to close in september, only one
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month after it had opened. the board overseeing the center they have been released from the says work to install a permanent hospital. no arrests yet made. fix should start next wednesday and repairs could be finished by attorney michael avenatti early june. could face 35 years in prison if the repair work will then need to be evaluated by outside convicted n. a 36-count federal engineers to ensure it's been done right. indictment unsealed yesterday authorities say avenatti stole a reopening date for the public millions of dollars from has not been set. nurses at top-ranked hospitals in the bay area have clients, didn't pay taxes. voted to strike. find out when they may walk off the job. a san francisco restaurant tried to blackmail nike as well pandering to "the game of thrones" fans. where you can dine like the characters tonight. the company as it gets ready to and check out this beautiful picture from the east bay hills. still the softness of the nighttime hanging around and temperatures in the 40s and 50s. go public. uboay drivers anywhere between $100
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and $10,000. drivers say they're getting the short end of the ipo deal. >> they're going to go public and make a lot of money and depend on us as drivers. without us they're not going to make this money. >> uber plans to get stock in the company. uber expected to go public in may. just last week as part of our commitment to building a better bay area we focused on the issues facing the ride share industry. you can find our reports by going to and searching for ride share realities. government erosp vle a on him in an american prison if he were to be as forbly removede
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ecuadoran embassy and is charged in conspiring to help chelsea manning break into defense department computers and leak secret documents in the year 2010. time for neighborhood temperatures in the south bay. what's going on in other neighborhoods and what you're going to see our temperatures are reflective of just like what we're seeing down in the south bay. 42 in lafayette and livermore, some of the cooler spots. here is a look at the bay bridge plaza. cool to warm, mass transit. it's south of the bay bridge. it starts at 7:00 and goes to 9:00 and northwest winds across our bridges up to 25 to 30 miles an hour. a look at the north bay. in the 60s by 11:00 and in the
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70s this afternoon. 67 wonderful degrees. a nice time to head to the wine country. 54 at 9:00 and then you can see low to mid-60s for the lunch hour and upper 60s for the afternoon hours and for san francisco a few high clouds from time to time. i want to show you that because it is pollen high today, tomorrow, sunday, monday, a chance of rain and a chance of let's go to the relief. neighborhoods of the east bay, mid to upper 40s everywhere i did that just for you. >> thank you. until you get to alameda, i do appreciate that. observing, berkeley, richmond. there is hope coming, at least some low to mid-50s there. on monday. >> i hope so because after that we've got 42 in livermore. will get hotter than even this san jose, 47. along with albany, 42. weekend. first let's talk more with alexis. >> we do have a sig alert this about 55 in san francisco. morning in the east bay. pacifica, 48 right now. look how quiet it is at santa cruz. will be blustery again eastbound 580. the lighter side of traffic, we have heavy conditions back to today. if you're out and about, strong 880 and that is due to a crash. sunshine and a small craft advisory south of the bay bridge it is just past the 238 merge. we do just have the far right
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this afternoon. lane blocked. a look at the peninsula. we did have three lanes blocked 61 at 11:00. but are getting this partially cleared and checking out the 59 at 7:00. so grab a coat for the evening. speeds approaching the scene, 15 49 at 7:00. miles an hour, 19 miles an hour. look at the 70s. mid-70s this afternoon. still 69 at 7:00 this evening. a lot of great routes through the area. 50s through 10:00 and then low capital corridor still about a 60s at 11:00. 20-minute delay due to an earlier medical emergency and taking a look at some drive times this morning, mostly in a low cloud cover this morning but a whole lot of sunshine this afternoon. the green here for friday light weekend forecast less than seven commute. minutes away. one incident to talk about 21 minutes. 19 across the bay bridge. going to have to double-check. on the board so far today that is in castro valley and it is on metering lights are on. what is normally the lighter side of traffic so it's eastbound 580 past state route no delays san francisco to sfo. 238. we have a three vehicle collision, the three right lanes >> the dublin unified school are still blocked so this is a sig alert, the two left lanes district has reached a tentative are getting by. agreement avoiding a possible strike. they're saying injuries are just minor. we have one vehicle that spun around and that is facing the the agreement would help provide wrong way. that's the biggest problem if you're about to head out the
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door right now. class sized caps as well as everyone else looking pretty better staffing ratios for good. westbound 580 tracy to dublin, counselors and all specialists. educators will receive a 4.5% the first time we've seen this in the yellow. raise if the contract is southbound 680 dublin to mission ratified. a vote is scheduled by the boulevard 16 and another dublin teachers union for monday 16-minute drive between highway afternoon. a young boy accidentally 101 and cupertino. shoots himself in the head. >> on the peninsula the union we have an update on the representing two of the remarkable progress, a top-ranked hospitals has voted to authorize a strike. 4-year-old oakland bay is making. a live look at the new york stock exchange. we are 85% of the registered nurses at stanford health care and lucille packard hospital voted to move forward with a potential strike. nurses are asking for higher wages and safer work place conditions. the earliest a strike could happen is april 21st. the union would have to give a try my sourdough patty melt combo with fries and a drink for just $4.99. it's the perfect remedy for the uncomfortable things in life... ten-day notice before they strike. repairs at sfo, a pothole is like flying, the dentist filled but the concern isn't ...and guys named ronald. over yet. i have my reasons. and rising costs impacting try my $4.99 sourdough patty melt combo today. and rising costs impacting businesses in san francisco. i'm amy tran, pure leaf tea master. i was inspired by nature's finest ingredients
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here is a look at what's going on for the kids today if they have school, a little bit cooler this morning. 56 to 62 at 11:00. we leave the coast behind while the rest of us are near 70, very adorable at 3:00 this afternoon. we have 70s, mid-70s, through the central valley to l.a. 83 at palm springs. a few more clouds. 55 and breezy. a look at tahoe, plenty of snow left. look at those bases. as we head through the forecast 6:13, welcome back. there is a chance of rain and officials at san francisco snow monday after a high of 57. international airport say emergency work to repair a runway pothole should hold up until there's a permanent fix. >> thank you, mike. the repair yesterday took eight one of the top trending stories hours to complete. this morning, the white house the 12-inch depression was plan to punish political rivals. discovered yesterday at dawn at >> president trump wanted to bus the intersection of runways 28 immigrants detained at the border and release them on the left and 1 right. streets of sanctuary cities
6:14 am
now 28 left is important because including san francisco. abc 7 news reporter jobina it's used heavily for arriving fortson live for us at the i.c.e. office with more details. flights. the work caused delays of 35 minutes on average. sfo has a plan to address these >> reporter: the district of house speaker nancy pelosi, some issues. creating a new concrete base of the political rivals targeted below the layers of asphalt. by the white house. >> the original concrete base is "the washington post" broke the story and abc news later several decades old. confirmed it. the white house reportedly told i.c.e. the plan was to help with 68 depressions happen every year. a shortage of detention space but also serve as a message to the city council is democrats. discussing ways to regulate it appears there were two versions of the plan. vacation rentals following the lead of our communities. one was to move migrants already in i.c.e. detention to the council voted unanimously on democratic opponents' districts. the other was to bus migrants tuesday to continue considering a proposal. taken into custody at the border it includes requiring owners to gain a business license as well as enforcing payment of transient occupancy taxes. i.c.e. told the white house it wasn't going to happen because it's basically illegal. they plan to revisit theish knew the white house and dhs have confirmed a proposal is no july. the restaurant business has longer under consideration. a reputation for being a spokesperson also for house
6:15 am
cutthroat. the last few weeks have been speaker pelosi's office did brutal for restaurants. some have closed after thriving release a statement blasting the etire proposal. reporting live in san francisco, for decades. jobina fortson, abc 7 news. the owners left a note saying thank you, jobina. after 20 years their to die for this morning we've learned a sushi concept was dead. 4-year-old oakland boy severely hurt by a gunshot has now after 38 years announced they're dramatically improved and his family is calling it a miracle. closing after easter brunch and >> getting stronger and stronger every day. it's okay. bar service. bill russell is also closing up shop. >> this is video provided by the family. it seemed moments like this would never happen. >> we tried to raise prices a the boy found a gun under a little and lost 20% business. pillow and accidentally shot people were happy with with a we himself in the head last month were doing. we couldn't change it without it at the home of his mother's affecting the quality. >> russell shapiro says he was boyfriend. there were no signs of brain losing money because the activity and doctors prepared the family for the worst but now business didn't make up for the fair living wage he wanted to the young boy is awake, responsive, and he's out of pay his employees so after 20 years he is closing this week. intensive care. >> every day he's doing something different. my son will be back soon. "game of thrones" fans are might not be how he was but he's getting ready for a premiere of going to be back soon. the final season this weekend >> he's moving his foot now. and so is one san francisco
6:16 am
he's kicking pillows. he's reaching for his feeding restaurant. hosting a taste of thrones pop-up theme bar and dinner tube and his wraps with both hands, clutching things in his starting today. you're invited to eat like a hands. he's moving his head following stark and drink like a with his eyes. >> his father, nathan price, lannister. they will have an iron throne fans can take photos in as well remains in prison. as a 12-foot dragon. the family continues to lobby governor gavin newsom's office it opens at 5:00 this afternoon. to allow him to visit the boy in person. happening today governor growl for the camera. gavin newsom set to release a report that addresses wildfire related problems. the governor will join the abc 7 news caught up with the crew of me, my dog and i as it state's top leaders to talk followed the owner of a pet sanctuary t. explores why people about the threat of climate were drawn to their dogs. change. he'll discuss how to maintain a safe, affordable electricity the idea is to give some advice about finding the perfect pet. supply. the report will be released at 11:00 this morning. new this morning military style assault weapons are now officially illegal in new >> i dog zealand. the new ban comes after 50 that likes to run. people were killed at two mosque and then that's a better fit and shootings just a month ago. that dog doesn't wind up back in the gun ban includes a buyback the shelter looking for a new home all over again.
6:17 am
program. people who own the now illegal guns will get paid for turning them in. >> the film should premiere anyone found with an illegal early next year. assault weapon after today faces i'm missing you sitting next to up to five years in prison. me, alexis. all of a sudden you got up. those dogs are so sweet, and i now to your morning money report, new concerns about the do think that dogs and their demand for tesla's model 3. owners tend to look alike. >> they act alike and look alike. you and rio are cute. you make a cute pair. according to the asian review i'm here in the traffic center. i have to tell you about a sig panasonic lost millions of alert in the east bay. dollars because production was sower than expected. we have a backup at eastbound automaker's demand for batteries 580 past route 238. remains strong. taking a live look at the new york stock exchange, we are up significantly, 275 points and that backup is getting close to this is just as trading is 880 and spilling over on to 580 getting under way this morning. if you are coming from the oakland area. disney is taking on netflix some delays there. with its own streaming service called disney plus. we know the injuries involved pring from the marvel re are just minor. superhero universe, the star we have about a 20-minute delay wars galaxy, pixar, and the
6:18 am
between richmond and martinez. national geographic channel. ceo bob eye ger promises a game plan on some delays there. i'll be right back with the changer for consumers. >> what's the magic behind toyota tahoe report. disney plus that will separate it from other streaming let's check in with mike nicco. services? >> well, i think those brands >> if you did that with my and the connection the people have to those brands. parents they would be high this sets us apart from the rest of the world because of that maintenance and briwrinkly. >> don't tell them. connection that people have to >> they have shar-peis. these beloved story tellers. i thought it was funny. here is what's going on today, nothing funny about this. >> disney plus launches on november 12th so mark your calendars. it will cost $6.99 a month. brighter, calmer and milder today. disney is the parent company of rains possible monday and then abc 7. we're off to the races with even we're excited here. warmer weather next week. now you can binge watch and you can see a real void over california, all the wet weather watch all 3,000 hours. >> just to get caught up before end game comes out. off and storm track to the >> you'd better watch that north, storm track to the south. quickly. that won't be available quite as it moves away, all the fast yet. very exciting. >> another outlet, the wave of'y winds. the low 70s around the bay.
6:19 am
is serving it up to you. a lot of 40s. >> serving up warm weather. i'm going to bring it to you. the exploratorium, isn't it highway 5 in northern contra gorgeous? the sun is sitting on the costa county. western span of the bay bridge. here we are at 7:00 monday morning. sunshine and warmth return today. it builds through tomorrow. the clouds roll in and we have a chance of showers and our some rain in mendocino county coolest day monday and warmer and by the afternoon hours you can see snow in the sierra, rain weather possible. for us. >> for today mid-60s into san increasing as we get deeper into the afternoon and evening hours francisco. and look at that even more snow upper 60s to low 70s. in the sierra monday. low to mid-70s in the south bay and up into the north bay. what you're going to see going to the game tonight a treat. temperatures that will be near fireworks afterwards. the mid to upper 70s as we head through tomorrow. drop down into the 60s on 7:15 first pitch tonight. monday. make sure you dress appropriately. and the seven day forecast the rally will be 70 degrees. doesn't want to come up. it's being shy. temperatures in the 40s in our it's full of goodness. let's get over to alexis and see inland valleys from concord to what's going on in tahoe today. antioch. upper 40s to low 50s out to the coast. jump ahead to monday at 7:00 in >> the only thing that is
6:20 am
different just those base totals down a couple more inches in a the morning. noon to 1:00, 2:00. some steady rain moving into the few areas. north bay. it moves into the heart of the it's that time of year it's bay by 5:00 and into the south spring and we have the sun bay as we head to the evening. shining on most days and a little bit of melting going on. by tuesday it is gone. after temperatures in the 60s and 50s monday, we're back in it will be easy to get to the the mid to upper 70s by sierra. state route 89, 80 or 50 and the wednesday. upper 70s to low 80s thursday, even warmer than it's going to drive times, boy, all right be tomorrow. around 3:15, 3:20. alexis? good morning, mike. and we are looking at really a problem that has been our only issue all morning. the same thing here, no chain that just tells you how light it requirements, 50 or 88 getting has been. to kirkwood. we do have a sig alert, the situation is improving past state route 238. three lanes blocked at one enjoy. have a great time. point. now just the far right lane. >> thank you, alexis. check out the backup. "good morning america" is coming slow back to 880. up at 7:00. live from new york city with a look at what's ahead. hi there, rob. things are improving. >> your partner in crime is gone today, is that what i'm hearing? slightly improving. >> yes, he's gone. we do have a 20-minute delay alexis is next to me today. >> your favorite, alexis is down to 18-minute delay and that here.
6:21 am
>> alexis, fantastic. delay was due to a medical good to see you, alexis. emergency. i think you're going to like what i have to offer perhaps allergy shots and sneezing even more than reginald might. through the spring season. coming up on "gma" news wise, what if they could take a pill the latest on wikileaks founder instead, a lot of people are julian assange who now is in custody in the uk battling tuning into immuno therapy extradition to the u.s. we are live in london with the tablets. new details this morning. doctors say they work the same plus, you may have seen that way as allergy shots. >> shots have to be done in the terrifying video of a power pole doctor's office whereas the falling on a car trapping a tablets are safe enough that couple inside. they can be done from home on a daily basis. what you should do if a live abc's dr. jennifer ashton is wire ever falls on or near your vehicle and some good tips there talking about other ways you can what you think you should do may get allergy relief later this surprise you. morning. also, fresh off his retirement and final game nba she says it's important to take your shoes off when you get home great dwyane wade is here live talking trash about steph curry. and take a shower beforoupiowon no, he's not. but he's her live. such a good dude talking about the famous flintstone home is family and his incredible son. answering a lawsuit by the town and we have a once-in-a-lifetime of hillsborough with a lawsuit performance here this morning. of her own. stars from the broadway show the city says the home is a
6:22 am
public nuisance. the home stands out to anyone who passes on interstate 280. "the lion king," "aladdin" and "frozen" are here for an they bought it in 2018 and added incredible matchup celebrating 25 years of disney on broadway. sculptures and colorful and i just met a bunch of them as they were warming up. landscaping. they say it violates munition phenomenal performers. pal codes. i can't believe reggie is not fang accuses the city of here to witness this or at least harassing and discriminating tuning in. against her. >> maybe he's on his way to new the warriors begin their run york right now. for another nba title tomorrow. maybe that's what he's doing the team is warning fans not to instead, right, rob? fall for ticket scams. >> could be. security may have him in handcuffs at the door. you're right about that. they are urging people to buy tickets only from to avoid counterfeits. this year's tickets feature a background texture made up of >> i shipped him off to you player names, words and phrases symbolic to the warriors and instead. rob, good to see you. >> i would take any of the three of you. >> have a good weekend. fans. everyone attending the game will >> bye-bye. receive a free gold t-shirt and college students making amends to their school's ugly this year features an image of past. find out which university could the bay bridge. be the first to implement an extra fee for slavery the warriors open against the reparations. thousands of fans clippers tomorrow morning. remembering nipsey hussle. a look at the public memorial at you can watch it and stay for
6:23 am
toyota after the game with larry beil, nba analyst and donald foyle. mindi bach will have reaction. >> they'll have to cross that bridge. i like the shirt. >> a big day for three little falcons living in a high-rise nest. researchers today from uc santa cruz will repel down the building to put tracking bands on the chicks. they will allow researchers to track as they has becom tradition for the family. it's video you see from previous years so today we expect researchers to find out if they are boys or girls. they were once near extinction. that's why we like to report the stories.
6:24 am
up next the seven things you need to know before you go. first, our instagram picture of the day. if you haven't yet follow us. you can see more great photos like this one and share your
6:25 am
look at how peaceful it is in santa cruz this morning.
6:26 am
look at what's going on with our temperatures today. even warmer weather tomorrow and next week in my accuweather forecast. >> thank you, mike. nipsey hussle will be laid to rest today in a private family service. mourners yesterday included a star-studded lineup of entertainers like hussle's close friend and collaborator snoop dogg, r&b legend stevie wonder said he hopes young people learn from hussle's murder and are appalled by lives being ended by gun violence. hussle's mother said she's at peace despite losing her son. >> i am complete. i am strong. and if i can feel this way, so 6:58.
6:27 am
can you. if you're just joining us or heading out the door here are the seven things to know before >> former president barack obama you go. also sent a letter that was read number one, san francisco among during hussle's service that the sanctuary cities included in praised his commitment to a controversial white house raising the spirits of people in south l.a. proposal. abc news has confirmed president trump wanted to bus i.c.e. >> the first college in the nation to mandate a fee of detainees to sanctuary cities to punish his political rivals. descendents of slaves sold and ordered to pay off the school's but the plan was rejected. number two, the b.a.r.t. debt. students approved the measure board of directors is debating which must be approved by the the best way to keep passengers university to go into effect. safe. b.a.r.t.'s general manager wants more police officers. some directors are asking for unarmed ambassadors including that money would go to projects convicts. number three, a 4-year-old where many known living oakland boy severely hurt by a descendents of the 272 enslaved gunshot has dramatically people now live. improved. initially there were no signs of the threat of a teacher's strike was avoided in the east brain activity after price bay. we'll have the details of a new jackson accidentally shot agreement reached last night. himself in the head last month. now he's awake, responsive, and >> another possible sign of trouble for tesla. the company pulling out of intensive care. a stunning admission from uber. the company says it's losing $1.8 billion a year and uber says it may not be profitable anytime soon. the financial revelation came in
6:28 am
put it in gear and take off., new iledy the next thing you know, the phone is in your hand! mpy as it gets ready to go stop! we should be holding the wheel, public. and number five, check out not holding the phone. the start to a warmer and it's a busy world out there. and we're all in it together. slightly calmer day. we are cooler this morning, mid go safely, california. to upper 40s. but we'll end up near 60 at the coast and near 70 elsewhere by 4:00. number six, some good news in castro valley. we knew it was starting to look better but we have the all clear now. eastbound 580. an earlier crash has fully cleared. all lanes are back open. and number seven, get ready for your instagram time line to be taken over by coachella pictures. the annual music festival kicks off this weekend. ariana grande will be heading the music festival. it m me fee guess. looking at all the pictures. >> it looks fun, though. >> yes. >> we hope you have a great good morning, america. a new twist in the border battle. the white house floated bussing migrants to the districts of
6:29 am
political foes. overnight the startling new report. whistleblowers say the white house pushed for the bussing of detained immigrants from the southern border to the streets of sanctuary cities in an effort to punish political rivals like house speaker nancy pelosi. also this morning, wikileaks founder julian assange defiant after being dragged out of the ecuadorian embassy, charged with diplomatic secrets. his fight to avoid extra reat this morning the u.s. from that deadly spring blizzard. five states on alert after the record-breaking storm dropping more than two feet of snow, wreaking havoc on roads. new trouble for michael avenatti. the lawyer who t
6:30 am
put it in gear and take off., next thing you know, the phone is in your hand! stop! we should be holding the wheel, not holding the phone. it's a busy world out there. and we're all in it together. go safely, california. trump administration playing hardball with sanctuary cities. the political pay back. >> reporter: who do you want passing over you when you passt? the debate up next.
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