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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  April 12, 2019 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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tv's number one daily viral video show "right this minute." saying -- >> how. >> the pain of being real deep in concrete. >> she is starring in the new movie "little". >> and partnered with -- >> teaching girls to find their voice through film-making. >> talk about wake-up call. >> so nice at 8:28 38 in thehe morning. >> why it is hard to top the french alps for breakfast. christian, oli, nick and gayle breaking down the best on the
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web including an artist using gps for -- >> a grand idea. >> how it leads straight to his treasures. >> oh, hey! >> signs, signs, everywhere there's signs. yeah. you heard it in a song. sometimes people just miss those signs despite being everywhere. this driver missed the sign that said do not enter. that's concrete, isn't it or wet concrete. >> it sure is. she's up to the axles in wet concrete, right in front of all of the construction workers who are giving her the business right now, saying, how did you possibly miss the construction sign that said wet cement? >> they got to start all over. how far does she have to drive before she realizes she was this deep in? >> for her, enough by the looks of it. everyone is wearing high visibility vests and the road doesn't look close to being complete. >> she gets back into her car and they're, like, the only
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thing you can do now is reverse out of it. >> you see, once she's out, she left her mark. from four wheels down to one. this guy, art miller, cruising on what is known as a one wheel. a one wheel is a blend between a icle and a along. trying to get it up to full speed. go! oh! >> how badly was he hurt? >> he was okay, according to reports. sure he had some scrapes and stuff, but doesn't look like the beverage survived. they went out for more beverages afterward afterwards. >> that is a black rhino. it is critically endangered. there are less than 6,000 on the
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planet and this rhino was the victim of an attempted poaching. right there you see some tranquilizer darts because help is on the way. >> whose job is it to try to cash catch a rhino by the tail? >> there are a couple of moments in this video posted by wildlife protection solutions. they're trying to lasso this thing. they need a few cowboys to go lasso. >> clearly these guys know what they're doing. but it still doesn't make it any easier to watch. that's a scary situation for these guys to be in. that's how much they want to save the family. >> you see how many people are involved in getting this animal to lay down and it does. you see how big it is when the people stand over it. it has a big gash on his face. they begin sterilizing because they want to disinfect it. and then you see them treating that wound. it is pretty deep. they treat it with some antibiotics.
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they want to make sure that when they wake this big guy up, that he's going to be okay. so there, it looks like they're administering something to wake this one up. >> i think the next step is run away. >> well, everybody does have to run away except the one guy who pulls the short straw. you're on your own, dude. >> like what, what. you got to run and it runs in the opposite direction. not the only rescue. this is a porpoise. this porpoise was beached and you see they do some routine hovercraft training and got the call. they also got help from the uk coast guard and the british divers marine life rescue. they had to come in and check the porpoise, make sure it was okay, make sure they can take it back out to sea. >> it kind of worked out. there with the right equipment and the right training, the perfect rescue. >> taking up power gliding, we're going to follow blake, a power glider, mountain climber and founder of an expedition
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site. he's, well, doing this. suddenly the camera whips up behind him and he's tearing down the side of the mountain in the french alps. it is stunning. he's just having a 30-minute flight, the valley, chamonix or chamonix as we like to pronounce it. >> chamonix, get it right. >> never going to be bored doing this. goetz th he's got a sky beam chase cam. it is attached to his canopy and is being dragged behind. it gives you this perfect shot. like having your own cameraman. >> that's pretty rad. >> i love that we can see exactly where he is. we're tracking his movements, the altitude. it is pretty cool. >> this particular case, you can see the decent level getting higher. pretty good. pretty decent. >> what do you do for breakfast after this? so nice at 8:38 in the morning.
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>> he's taking off, he's heading down the valley. we start getting closer and closer to chamonix. it is revealed in this valley, you can pick your cafe from there. >> what is this? >> hot chocolate getting made. >> wouldn't that be amazing after this, just land, you're cool, have a little sip of espresso or -- >> oh! >> she partnered with girls to find their voice. >> i just saw "little," and it is terrific. marseille is a wonderful actress and she's also executive producer in the movie. >> yes, she is the youngest executive producer in hollywood. she's just 14 years old. >> yeah. she's bigger than life, man. >> she created a lane of her own. a lot of people know her from "blackish" and started off as a wee little thing and now stepped
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into her own life. made her image, empowering young girls, young girls of color, to create, to find their voice and create the world they want to see. >> marseille martin, tina gordon and regina hall to spread the message that girls can do this. >> and take over hollywood if you give them a chance. >> women filmmakers of color, there just aren't a lot of them. it is not like we don't have -- >> made in her image promotes equity. their mission is to give young girls of color the opportunity to bring their black girl magic to life. >> these girls right here are the story sellers, filmmakers and ground breakers of tomorrow. so which one of you is going to direct some day? >> all of them. >> this is quite the experience for the girls. they were able to participate in this psa and tour universal studio set and meet other actors. you already saw the movie.
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the rest will catch it in theaters. they have more work to do. what is so special about it is that each group creates their own film. they do story boarding, they write films, shoot the films and they showcase their talent and the summer camps will be back in 2019 in arizona there will be a day camp from june 24th to the 26th. and then again in los angeles later on in the summer. if you want to find out more information, head to our website,, or use our mobile app. a school boy spotted on camera -- >> doing his homework under the lights of the streetlamp. >> find out how the heart breaking video lit the way to a better study setup. >> see what happens when "game of thrones" star sophie turner does a little yoga. >> that's so cute.
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if you say yoga is more popular than ever, but despite that -- >> i hate yoga, but today, i've made an exception because i've done something very exciting. >> sophie turner from "game of thrones" and "dark phoenix" teamed up with british vogue part of conde nast entertainment to do yoga on one condition. >> goat yoga. >> she's doing it goat yoga and absolutely loving it. >> hi. >> goat yoga is just what you think you do yoga and goats like flat surfaces. it is irresistible to them.
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you become the flat surface and they like to climb on you. she has a concern though. >> she seems to get into it. there is one super cute little one she falls in love with by the name of lucy. lots of snuggles, feeding and what she feared -- >> oh! oh, my god! >> yeah, you're never back on that mat. >> question answered. another variation on yoga, this time snoga. this time the chill factory, indoor ski park. they say it is no more difficult than indoor yoga and some claim the cold air forces blood away from the surface of your skin and will help heal sore muscles and things like that. >> the same spiel they give you for hot yoga. >> if you want to try yoga, there are many variations for you to check out. whether it be goats or snow.
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♪ where there's a will, there's a way. for 12-year-old viser martinez, this street lit the way. cameras caught him at night on the sidewalk doing his homework under the lights of a streetlamp. he's a sixth grader and unfortunately his family haven't had power in their house for years. so he has to resort to the next best thing to be able to do his homework into the night. and that is exactly what you're seeing here. >> we take so much for granted. >> light. >> yeah. >> the video has been capturing the hearts of people all over on the internet. in his community, the local mayor found out and paid him a little visit. the mayor says in spanish that he represents hope for a lot of people. and he says es very proud of victor because he has the roadbloc in fr hdire t
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look vry humble. >> it doesn't take much to help a kid like this out, a $3 solar light would make a world of difference. >> in this case, he's going to get more. the may ovide his house with power and light so he didn't have to go out on to the street. in the meantime, the mayor has arranged so that several police officers can actually take victor to a local library where he can study in the light as long as he needs to. >> sometimes you can get things done. >> the power of community. >> she is making a cootchie tune. see it next. lola's dad shows up at school and brought her a surprise. thehapyp tnt loo a kinds of teeny
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. i got a confession, if my dad showed up at my high school, i better be getting an award or diploma. if it was something else, i was probably in trouble. lola's dad has just brought her a surprise. >> that is her brother mason who is in the air force. she hasn't seen him since november. so when he told his parents he got the leave orders, they started with his little sister lola, she's in junior high school and now another surprise because mason has another sibling, ethan. he's at the high school in rochester, indiana. he's, like -- so quick. wait a minute. they hug. i love their dad's reaction at the end of this, classic dad
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moment. there is a picture of all of them together. >> that's sweet. sweet family. they all just want to see each other. >> his brother has grown like a foot. meanwhile, ashley is about to get a big surprise that her mother orchestrated. her friend max crouching there with the phone ashley is delighted to see her friend maggie. she just turned 20. she lives in california. her best friend maggie moved 1800 miles away to kentucky. they hadn't seen each other in five months. she decided i'm going to call maggie and see -- that will make my daughter feel good. >> happy birthday. >> looking through a microscope at all kinds of different microorganisms is pretty
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amazing. especially when you're in school and learning about it, which is what 28-year-old student martin k. christianson did. >> there is millions of those little things stuck like that living in your eyebrows. >> everywhere. >> on your pillow. >> when i tell you where he's focused his research on -- food you eat. these are samples of unwashed vegetables. >> the first thing i noticed when i looked at the different samples i took from the vegetables was that it looked like an insect cemetery. >> dead insects, all the chemicals used to kill them. >> not everything was dead though. the biggest living animals i found crawling around were mites. >> extra protein. >> i'm guilty. i don't wash extremely well. sometimes i give a quick rinse. it came from the ground, it is organic, that's fine. >> my daddy would say take it off the tree, it's organic.
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it is just dirt. >> clearly it is not just dirt, proven by this video that he magnified 1,000 times. >> one of the most abundant organisms i found were round worms. >> oh, cute. >> look at this one. it even has some babies. >> this is the skin. >> makes it look so interesting, though, like amazing. >> despite how gross this might sound, most of the organisms are harmless to humans. but not all of them. >> they tell us it builds your immune system. >> the bacteria. >> it does. >> he says that every once in a while he came across parasites that could potentially be dangerous for children. >> the next time you're eating a salad, you now know you aren't eating it by yourself. >> i'll drink more wine. >> i'm with you. >> a gps artist plots a grand
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adventure. >> using google earth. >> why his six-month journey
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i'd eat it. >> this is perplexing to the italian kid, though. piggy plus pug pool party. ♪
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this is your son, he's in japan. and he is actually an artist, a gps artist using google earth to draw things. it is pretty cool. well, in 2008, he had himself a grand idea. >> oh, hey. >> came up with a grand plan, talks of the grand adventure on google earth, he called his job and hit the road. it was quite eye opening. up until now, he very rarely left tokyo. >> he's carrying a gps receiver and as he goes, he's recording his track, which then will be the part he's trying to create. he can look at that track. >> exactly. he's also enjoying himself, why wouldn't you, there is so much tasty food and really tasty food. >> okay.
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once he was done, he took all that gps data and uploaded to google earth. so can >> what you're actually looking at here is the guinness world record for largest gps drawing in history. >> no way. >> so meaningful too. >> he got to travel for six months by himself before doing it. >> i'll be back. >> better. more fun over at say hi to us while you're there. catch us on the next brand-new episod
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tonight, the horrifying scene at the maum of america. authorities say a 5-year-old boy was thrown from the third floor balcony by a stranger. people rushing to save the boy. the boy hurt for tonight and there is news about the suspect coming in now. also, the scare outside the white house. a man trying to set himself on fire. the deadly storm. as we come on the air continue, the new threat. reports on of a possible tornado and severe storms as a new system moves from texas up the northeast. rob marciano is standing by with the track. the student takedown from police. officers appearing to drag a 16-year-old down a flight of stafrs and hit with a stun gun. she was


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