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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  April 12, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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later. what sets this attack apart from others we've seen is the teacher's response. look at the beginning of the video, again. that 7th grade history teacher, jeremy cooper raising his hands and walking away. >> i was very shocked that he didn't do anything. because most teachers just go and try to stop it. he didn't do anything. >> reporter: the beating the 12 year old suffered continued for 40 seconds, until a p.e. teacher came to her aid. >> she called me, and she said mom, she hit me. >> reporter: her mother rushed to the school, saw her dot a daughter's bruises and took her to the hospital for examination, thankfully no serious injuries. it didn't sink in until she saw that video the next day. >> i never thought i would see my child having to go through this. >> it made me sad that my mom was crying. >> reporter: carla gamboa says she first complained to the school five months ago about her
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daughter being bullied, teasing about her hair, her height. >> i don't want them just talking about me. and saying stuff. >> reporter: the mom's kept a list of the alleged instances. >> oh, she's a ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho! >> reporter: carla gamboa wanted you to see that. she's a school bus driver herself. and after she complained to the west contra costa county district again the bullying stopped for a while. then came the beating on march 25th. she confronted the prince pal. >> i said now what are you going to do? i told you last time, i wanted to avoid something like this from happening. it was just a matter of time. and he said i don't know. i can't tell you what i'm going to do. and i said are you serious? >> reporter: she kept her daughter home for two weeks.
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the school never checked on her daughter or provided makeup work. >> she started beating her back, pulling her hair and stuff. >> reporter: with their parents' per miss, we spo permission, we spoke with students who were there for the attack. >> why would you fight her? >> she was trying to avoid the fight. but she got beat up pretty bad. >> reporter: the teacher would not come out and discuss what happened. i waited for hours, and they left without my seeing them. i returned the next day to see the principal's parking place empty. her mother met with a district official. was there an apology? >> definitely there was. they accepted that they dropped the ball. >> reporter: they said they would e-mail a statement about the case, but i went to headquarters to press for an interview and caught matt duffy coming out of a meeting. >> we are certainly disturbed by
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what happened in that classroom. we have taken action and the principal and teacher are on leave at this time, which should give you some idea of how the handling of the situation went. >> reporter: the family obtained a temporary restraining order. they both still go to the same school. i have not been able to reach the other family in the story. valeria's mom filed a police report and is talking to a lawyer about suing the school. >> the effects can last for a long time. >> certainly. there are resources out there if your child is being bullied. we have a paymege dedicated, vi abc 7 action. police are investigating an attempted robbery at a camera store caught on tape. victims did not go quietly.
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wayne freedman shows us what happened. >> reporter: shutterbug is always a busy store. but when security cameras picked up three young men entering through the front door with open backpacks who then spread out, employees began to think they might be up to no good. >> i heard them on the door and saw them on the screen. >> there wasn't anytime to be scared. >> reporter: scott pthree peopl eight working yesterday, they encountered resistance. stores have policies to de-escalate situations before they get worse, but this store had a history. it had been robbed before. so when suspects moved in, employees blocked the front door and wrestled with them. later, they learned the suspects had a gun. that's mike in the red shirt. what made you challenge these guys? >> instinct. unfortunately, we're not
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supposed to, and we tell the staff not to, because we don't want anyone getting hurt. but it's personal for us. >> reporter: especially in a store that's been robbed in the past. of the three suspects, one got away, at least one of the other two is a juvenile. 14 years old. >> the people are that desperate to try and come in to a family-owned shop and try something like that, it's a shame for the kids. it's a shame for society in general, i think. >> reporter: so you got bit on the arm by one of these guys. >> i got bit on the arm when we were struggling on the ground. >> reporter: they know it could have been worse, a lot worse. >> it was something we just all did for each other. >> reporter: in sproanta rosa, 7 news. creating jobs and housing are both important, but there's a disagreement in the south bay over which is more important. santa clara university wants to build housing for hundreds of
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students and staff, but the land is zoned for something else. >> reporter: this old warehouse sit here at 1200 campbell avenue. the site is zoned for industrial use. san jose planners would like to keep it that way. but santa clara university wants to build housing for an estimated 870 people. it's a disagreement over this warehouse. santa clara university wants to build 200 units of housing for faculty and students here. it's part of an effort to stop losing employees struggling with high housing costs, however, the site is zoned industrial and staff is against rezoning. >> industrial lands make up less than 3% of our total overall portfolio. they provide vitally important jobs for residents of all skill level. >> reporter: the university points out there's multi-family
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housing on both sides of the warehouse and it fits the definition. a b.a.r.t. station will be coming in a few year. >> i think the fact that the taxpayers are putting in a b.a.r.t. station as well as cal train we have to look at the use of this land and make sure we're getting the highest and best use. >> reporter: it will also house an incubator for startups. >> if two or three jobs go in versus 200 families and an incubator, it will be a major loss. >> reporter: the president of the staff tells us, staff commute from five of the nine bay area counties. >> who wants to drive 90 minutes, two hours to start their day and 90 minutes, two hours home. you lose family time. you lose personal time. >> reporter: is this an either/or situation? it appears the city council will have to weigh in on this next month to determine which is really more important, jobs or
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housing. david louie, abc 7 news. >> thank you so much. in the east bay, dublin teachers are expected to vote soon on a tentative contract agreement that has stopped the spread of a strike at least for now. an agreement was reached after a marathon session last night. details have not been made public. but it is reported the teachers will get the 4.5% raise they were asking for. it also talks about limiting class sizes. there is a white house plan to transfer detained immigrants to sanctuary cities. >> i prefer that the president is focussed on solutions to immigration challenges rather than silliness. being better prepared for wildfires. the governor's five key actions he says can help present ootect
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state. drones give us a view, but it's a place for allergies.
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strong words from governor gavin newsom. he released an outline on how california can be better prepared for and fight wildfires. we have the recommendations from the governor's strike force. >> reporter: wildfires are devastating, with ten of the most destructive fires occurring since 2015. >> we are in a very precarious
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state, literally and figuratively. >> reporter: the governor outlining five key actions, preventing and responding to catastrophic kwief catastrophic wildfires. renewing california's commitment to renewable energy and holding pg&e accountable for safety. >> i expect that pg&e's going to get serious, no longer misdirect, manipulate, mislead the people of this state about their resolve and commitment to address reliability and safety. >> reporter: perhaps most controversial, al casilocating responsibility for wildfire costs. there would be a wildfire fund that would broadly spread the cost to rate payers, insurance compani companies, and local companies.
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a liquidity-only fund would be allowed to pay claims. as for homes already built in high-fire-danger zones, cal fire is coming up with low-cost retro fit steps homeowners can take. new homes must use ember-resistant materials. the family of the woman stabbed to death at a b.a.r.t. station this summer has filed a lawsuit. it claims b.a.r.t. has a legal duty to protect passengers from assault. nia wilson was stabbed july 22nd. the firm says the suit is meant to hold b.a.r.t. accountable. a b.a.r.t. spokesperson says they are unable to make comment but offer deep kol doleances to the family.
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should they get more unarmed police or ambassadors. one issue was a lack of employees available at b.a.r.t.izations whb.a.r.t. stations when something goes wrong. one possibility is ex-cons who need a new start. the program has been a huge success in the past. >> at the end of the day, everyone agrees the goal is to make sure b.a.r.t. is safer and feels safer. >> the board and b.a.r.t. staff say they'd like to hear what you think. as part of our commitment to building a better bay area, we devoted a week to looking at the challenges. since then you've responded with lots of comments and suggestions. you can join our discussion at our facebook group. san francisco authorities are beefing up enforcement after an increase in pedestrian
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fatalities. the program was announced outside a senior citizen. there have already been two fatalities in the neighborhood this year. >> i have said this many times to my residents. slow down. i had the daughter of the mother that was hit at 18th and california in my office. she wept for two hours in my office. i think we don't realize that the impact that these collisions have and these crashes have, we can actually prevent these fatalities. >> police will be targeting speeding, unsafe lane changes and drivers who don't stop for pedestrians at crossings. more than 50 million americans suffer from allergies, and this could be one of the worst seasons in year. >> leslie brinkley is live in walnut creek with more, leslie? >> reporter: this is the epicenter of allergies in the bay area, i think. and most of contra kwos at thco.
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if you're going to take a walk, go for it. but be aware, as you said, we're on the threshold of one of the worst allergy seasons. >> you look out in the distance and everything is like a vibrant green right now, which is beautiful, but now we got to be prepared for all these allergies. >> my nose, then my eyes got watery and puffy. >> i had this koccough, so i hao get my inhailer. >> reporter: the hills are alive with grass pollen, and especially in contra costa and the tri valley area we're about to get slammed with a big tidal wave of more pollen. >> as far as i can tell, this is going to be the worst season in the last ten to 15 years. >> reporter: he tracks pollen. and he has a forecast. >> we've had a lot of precipitation and some relatively low temperatures this year, and it's led to a
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relatively mild tree season. that is all going to change in a week or two. this grass is going to pollinate like crazy, and we have had a lot of growth this year. it's a very powerful aller jen, and not only does it cause us a lot of misery with our eyes and nose, it causes a lot of wheezing, so we tend to have a lot of visits to the emergency room. >> reporter: he says by mother's day, we'll hit our grass pollen peak. he advises getting out the mied now. close windows and cars and in your home if you're allergic to grass. >> i still will go outside. i don't want to stay in the house. and i'll just decide to deal with it the best i can. >> so what i'm going to do is really keep up, religiously with these wrinhalers to be on the se side. >> reporter: it's rain that
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dictates pollen. for tree allergies, it's year before. next year it will be bad again for trees. for grass, it's the current year. lots of rain, lots of green grass, lots of pollen coming our way, in walnut creek, leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. >> i think what i got from that, either way we're in trouble. >> i think we definitely are. >> for the latest on the weekend weather let's head to spencer christian. >> here's live doppler 7, sunny skies across the bay area on this mild to warm area. the pollen forecast going into the weekend, moderate to high tomorrow and then high on sunday. and then beginning to moderate a little bit on monday and tuesday. but the count is still elevated as we all probably can tell. how about the elevated temperatures? this is a temperature change. 14 degrees warmer in santa rosa
6:19 pm
han than it was yesterday. palo alto, 11 degrees warmer than at this time yesterday. here's the view from sutro tower where it is now down to 59 degrees. mountain view, 67. 58 at half moon bay. here's the view from emeryville, looking at a clear western sky, 74 in santa rosa and in fairfield, napa, 69. here's view from mt. tam, a few low clouds there. sunny and warmer tomorrow. cooler on sunday with increasing clouds and spring showers likely on monday. overnight, look for mainly clear skies with low temperatures dropping into the mid to upper 40s. right around 50 around the bay shore line. tomorrow's highs starting in the south bay, easy for me to say, will top out at 77.
6:20 pm
on the peninsula, 74 redwood city and palo alto. downtown san francisco, 68 degrees tomorrow. look at 74 in calistoga. newark, 71. 74 at union city, and the inland east bay, mainly upper 70s, up to 79 at brentwood. and on we go to the high temperature trend. this is a pattern that all the bay area will see, warmer than average tomorrow, dropping down several degrees on sunday by about five degrees or so. cooling down monday. a high of 63 in concord on monday and a sharp rise in temperatures going into midweek next week. and by thursday and friday, temperatures in concord in the lowel low 80s. here's the seven-day forecast. sunny skies tomorrow with springtime warmth. cooling down a little bit with a few extra clouds on sunday.
6:21 pm
and a system ranking one on the storm impact scale. there's a chance of lingering showers on tuesday. sunny on wednesday and sunny and warm thursday and friday with highs inland. mid-80s. >> geez. >> almost 70 on the coast. so you would call it beach weather. >> yeah. >> why not? >> not bad. oakland is used to holding championship basketball parades. this one
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"star wars" fans are buzzing on social media about the release of the trailer for "star wars," episode 9. the trailer revealed the title to the final saga will be the rise of skywalker. it opens on december 20th. it is owned by the disney company which is also the parent company of abc 7. in the east bay, oakland saluted basketball teams. >> the girls basketball teams from oakland tech and oakland high both rode aboard motorized cable cars. they captured state titles in separate divisions last month. players from both squads reflected on their accomplishments. >> i did really, really hope
6:25 pm
that first day when we talked together, that we wanted that championship and we took it, which is amazing. >> it's finally good to get our recognition that we deserve. many people said we can't make it. now that we made it we prove everybody wrong. >> this is the first year the that two oakland schools won championships. nia tweeted that for the sixth year, she will six the national anthem. she was 8 years old the first time she sang at oracle. here she is ♪ oh, say requecan you see ♪ >> she sang the anthem before they beat the oklahoma thunder in october. >> game one is tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. you can only watch it right here
6:26 pm
at abc 7. stay with us after the game for analysis. mindi bach will be at oracle with post-game reaction from players and coaches. president trump says he's considering sending detained immigrants to sanctuary cities. it's gained attention across the country, but especially here in the bay area. reaction from local officials next. we all know it's expensive to live in san francisco, it's also expensive to build here. a man types one wrong digit on his tax refund and his refund goes to a complete stran
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ live where you live. this is abc 7 news. california certainly is always saying oh, we want more people. and they want more people in their sanctuary cities, well, we'll give them more people. . >> the white house considers releasing detained immigrants in the bay area. >> the idea was first raised in
6:30 pm
november but the white house said it wasn't seriously considered. however, president trump is now pushing forward with the idea. >> it brought swift reaction from leaders across the bay area. >> reporter: the president's proposal to release immigrant detainees into swraanctuary cit is drawing attention across the country. >> i prefer that we focus on solutions rather than silliness. a solution does not include scaring parts of our communit, u does not include dividing families at the border. >> reporter: many constitutional law experts pleebelieve the act would likely be found illegal by the court system. >> the idea of using apparatus to get at your political
6:31 pm
opposition is not for a constitutional republic like the united states. >> reporter: santa clara county is considering changes to its own sanctuary policy. supervisor dave cortezi says if the president sends immigrants here, the administration should be willing to pick up the cost to support them. >> we're not going to let the federal government mandates things that we're not refunded for that take money out of the pockets of taxpayers here in santa clara county. >> reporter: chavez says he's using people as pawns. >> it's a danger not just to the social fabric of our community but the economic fabric of our community. >> reporter: local leaders not backing down. >> we have room in this country for those who want to be a part of this country who go through hardship to get to this country. we should find a way to make room for everybody.
6:32 pm
>> oakland mayor libby schaaf is calling president trump's comments on sending undocumented immigrants to swrair cities an undocumented abuse of power. >> the idea that the administration thought in any way that it would be acceptable to use families and children, human beings as political retribution against their enemies should infuriate every american. >> last year, mayor shaaph outraged the trump administration when she tipped off undocumented immigrants that i.c.e. was planning mass arrests in the bay area. london breed issued a statement saying, quote, like so many issues we are forced to talk about during this presidency, this isn't a real idea or proposal. it is just another scare tactic. wikileaks founder julian
6:33 pm
assange has spent his first full day behind bars since his release from the embassy. he has been charged with skipping bail. in the u.s., he's accused of conspiring with chelsea manning to steal and publish documents. his arrest is called a dark day for journalism. dan abrams says the u.s. government disagrees. >> from the government's perspective, that has nothing to do with journalism. that has to do with hacking into a server you didn't have access to. >> the indictment does not mention wikileaks' more recent role during the 2016 election, publishing documents stolen by russian hackers. he faces up to five years in prison on the u.s. charge if convicted. a former florida prep school
6:34 pm
administrator has pleaded guilty in the college admissions scheme. he was paid about $10,000 a pop to san francisco is now the world's priciest city for new construction. that tops our bay area business watch. >> according to turner and townsend, building costs for apartmen apartments, and schools and shopping centers. tesla is ending online sales of the model three. instead, it will only be available to order by phone or at a tesla store. the automaker says it's
6:35 pm
expanding auto pilot to make it standard on all other vehicles. shares of lyft were down 20%. stocks closed at $59.90. a day ahead of uber released its statements. the dow picked up 269 points. the nasdaq was up 36 and the s&p closed 19 points higher. a young girl who's deaf in the east bay is a victim of a burglary. how does it make you feel knowing somebody took your property. property. >> super angry, like mad. ♪ new wok fired shrimp, another american chinese creation from panda express.
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shop top-brand appliances including kenmore at sears. ♪ only on 7, a first grader with hearing loss finds herself the unexpected victim of a burglary. >> but this has a surprise ending. dion lim takes us to castro valley. >> there's a playhouse that i go in. >> reporter: this is a story about 7-year-old alisha lighting that starts off like most others, with an interview. what does your phone app do? >> lets me hear on these hearin aids. >> reporter: there is a welcome interruption. alisha, we may notice we have a
6:39 pm
surprise for you. >> hi, alisha. >> hi. >> how are you? >> reporter: the reason for this impromptu christmas in april? >> we're sorry that happened to you. >> that's okay. >> we're proud of you for continuing to go back to school. >> reporter: little alley is deaf and had something very precious taken from her during a burglary at her school. >> it's the way she can have a direct line of communication with the teacher, to take in information. >> reporter: the device, called a phone ak was taken during a string of burglaries. how does this make you feel knowing someone took your property. >> super angry, like mad. >> reporter: it hit home for the sheriffs officers as well. they wanted to show their support. >> most of us are parents, and a lot of us in this group have kids the same age as alley. so we can relate. we heard about her case through channel 7. it was a report that we had
6:40 pm
taken, but we did not know the severity of what had actually occurred, that her hearing device was stolen, and that device was very important for her. >> reporter: but along with the gift and playing officer for the day, mom is most touch the for the raised awareness for those with disabilities. >> it was amazing, just amazing to have that sort of community support. >> reporter: all for a little girl who despite her hearing loss knows she can become whatever she wants to be. >> when she gets older, she wants to be a police officer girl. >> reporter: in castro valley. dion lim, abc 7 news. >> she's great. community members have since offered to buy alisha a new phone ak which costs about $1500. >> but her school is already working on a replacement. up next, ♪ ♪
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6:44 pm the irs says more than 40% of us are doing our own taxes. >> oh. >> be careful about that. >> a menlo park man lost his tax refund because he made a tiny mistake. but he got help from 7 on your tide side's michael finney. >> this story comes just in the nick of time to help you when you're filing your tax returns. it points out how important it is to review every single digit. one mistake cost him hundreds of dollars. money some stranger ended up pocketing. if you are one of the millions of americans rushing to get your taxes done right now, a little advice. stop rushing. >> sure enough, i made a typo, i turned two numbers around. >> that one tiny little mistake sent nicolas hall's tax refund to the wrong person. >> that person, a woman, apparently, withdrew the money.
6:45 pm
and it was gone. no recourse for me for a simple mistake mistake i made. so therefore, somebody gets a free $672. >> he has been dealing with this since he used an online tax prep service. >> on the website, you couldn't copy/paste numbers. >> so he had to type in all those routing numbers by hand. and that's when it happened. >> i made a simple typo on a very long string of numbers. >> the irs noticed the mistake, but the state of california didn't. it deposited his state tax refund directly into the account, the one with the wrong number. >> they said sorry, we've already sent the money. ah-oh. >> he told his bank to get it back. >> they couldn't get it to me because they weren't sure it was actually mine. >> it was already in the woman's account and fid elelity said th needed her permission to take it out. >> she already withdrew the
6:46 pm
money. >> nicolas couldn't believe there was no fix. >> this isn't cryptocurrency, this isn't bitcoin, right? >> he contacted 7 on your side and we contacted fidelity and the franchise tax. if it goes to the wrong account it asks the bank to return the money or identify the person who received it. the state would then try to recover it from that person. fidelity said misdirected deposited are complicated, and fidelity attempts to work with both affected clients to come to an acceptable outcome. in this case, following an extensive review, we resolved the issue. how? it gave nicolas his $672 as a gesture of goodwill. >> like thank god. and thank god for 7 on your side. >> ah, now to make sure you check and recheck your bank numbers before you hit send, if you make a mistake, the best case scenario is nobody has that account number. but if it does get into the
6:47 pm
wrong account, remember, the state and irs both have a process to try to get your money back if you have a problem getting them to start looking for it. i've posted helpful links at abc 7 >> now that will get your dander up, having somebody else get your refund. >> get your tax return? yeah, right. here's a divisive issue for airline passengers, whether or not to recline your seat. delta is reducing the amount of recline on seats on airbus a-320 planes. it's an effort to protect personal space and make the flight experience more enjoyable. delta is reducing the amount of recline from four to two inches in the main cabin. in first class, it will reduce from 5.4 inches to 3.5 inches. the deputy to threw out first pitch at yesterday's san jose giants' opening game didn't need any coaching. >> woo! >> that's because he used to
6:48 pm
play in the majors. santa clara deputy sheriff justin christian with the 2008 yankees and giants in 2011-2012. while he wasn't on the 2012 world series roster, he did earn a ring for being on the team. an outdoor project made a splash at a san francisco senior center. we were at the 30th street center as volunteers painted a mural on the garden wall. the seniors met to decide on the images which were outlined, with the outline in place, senior volunteers add splashes of color. the end result will be a reflection of the people who use the center. spencer's back with a look at a dry weekend. >> for a change, but it won't last long. here's a look at live doppler 7. dry conditions around the bay area. tomorrow, we'll start with tonight. overnight lows will be in the upper 40s in the inland valleys and about 50 around the bay
6:49 pm
shore line. breezy at the coast and even warmer than today generally, with highs in the mid to upper 60s at the coast. upper 70s inland and tomorrow marks the beginning of northern california cherry blossom festival this weekend in japan town. mainly sunny both days. a few clouds will come in on sunday and a little cooler tomorrow. it will be cooler everywhere on monday as light rain returns to the bay area, but we have a nice end of the week warmup with high temperatures thursday and friday in the low to mid-80s in the inland area. >> thank you, spencer. >> have you ever been to the dentist and had some work done? you want to take it easy for the next few days, right? still to come, the sharks captain is battling through to take the ice, his ankle earlier this
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
now, sports from abc 7 news. this is what dub nation and the warriors have been waiting for. the post season. the dubs tip off the playoffs tomorrow against the clippers. that can be seen right here on abc 7. the warriors are the top seed in the western conference. that means they will have home-court advantage. this as steph curry practiced this morn. he rolled his ankle on tuesday but is good for game one. the warriors are trying to become the first team in 50
6:53 pm
years to make five straight nba finals. >> i know the historical context. we talk about it and want to chase it and understand how unprecedented it is what we're trying to do. i haven't honestly thought about years past in the last week or so. it's kind of, this is the here and now and best way for us to go about it is just cliche, go one game at a time and find a way to win, whatever it takes. it's going to be tough. it's going to be challenging. >> the warriors and clippers open the series saturday on abc 7. it will be followed after the game with mindi bach with interviews. game four will be on abc 7 on sunday april 21st. well, the lakers continue to clean house. luke walton is out as head coach. the team says both sides agreed to mutually part ways after three seasons. the lakers did not live up to
6:54 pm
expectations after acquiring lebron james. the move comes three days after magic johnson shocked the nba by stepping down as president of basketball operations. walton is a former assistant with the warriors. his former boss believes he'll rebound from the setback. >> they're losing one of the best human beings in the nba. they're losing a guy who knows the game as well as anybody i've ever met. this has been such a crazy ride. i needs he needs to get away. we're big fans of him up here, needless to say. >> the tank will be rocking tonight when the sharks take on the golden knights for game two of their playoff series. joel pavelski will be there despite losing four teeth. there it is, whacked in the face and he went in for a goal. he said he lost four teeth, three completely gone and one
6:55 pm
sheared off on the play. he still did post-game interviews. he will continue wearing the face guard. i was asked if burns ever apologized. >> afterwards did he, not apologize. >> no, he didn't really apologize. he kind of told me that i went off another guy's glove. so it wasn't his fault. there's a lot of guy whose have played through a lot of things. it's just something that i think you do as hockey players. you've seen guys do it before. you have seen guys on your team do it, it's just an exciting time to be playing right now. and, you know, you try to do what you can to help your team. >> wow, he is tough. second round of the masters, hey, somebody call security. this is security. almost taking out tiger woods. the officer trips tiger after he hits a shot. tiger would shake it off in a big way. had a great second shot, then makes the birdie to go 5 under. he would get to 6 under par and had this putt on 18 to tie for
6:56 pm
the lead. oh, you got to hit it a little bit harder. shoots a 4 under 68, there is a logjam top the leaderboard. five players 7 under. including brooks koepka, he managed to right the ship after a double and two bogies. phil mickelson is tied for 12, 4 under par. weather is expected to come in, in augusta, georgia and tiger likes it. >> he wants the conditions to be tougher. >> how old is lefty now? >> 48. >> there's a lot of old guys. be join us at 9:00. we have your first peek of the new "star wars" film. and we'll talk about the actors and the final installment of the saga. then an east bay family on edge after being targeted with
6:57 pm
two arson attacks. hear from one worried neighbor who helped put out the flames. and coming up, at 8:00, "fresh offer t the >> at 11:35, it's jimmy kimmel live. that is going to do it for this edition of abc 7 news. i'm ama daetz.
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