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tv   ABC7 News  ABC  April 13, 2019 4:30pm-4:59pm PDT

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. safety concerns involving a lifeline for thousands of commuters. whatctal san rafael bridge hit her car last night. >> this is not your typical fan rally. the controversial issue that brought out on a loud group of giants fans before today's game at oracle field. >> in oakley, warrior fans are excited and ready for the playoffs. abc 7 news starts right now. >> announcer: live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> a driver told the chp chunks of concrete fell from the richmond san rafael bridge fell on her car last night. >> today there's another
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explanation. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm dion lim. new details about what happened here. >> live look at the bridge, traffic is moving, you're looking at the toll plaza, just a little bit backed up, but moving fine through the fast track. >> news reporter cornell barnard is live for us. this is not related to the two other cases of falling concrete. >> reporter: dion, that's right, caltrans says it wasn't concrete which upper deck. it was debris from a pothole which caused the damage. one north bay assemblyman says he doesn't care where it came from, it's time for a new bridge. >> check for any concrete debris on the freeway. >> the chp investigated another report of falling concrete. a woman driving eastbound on the lower deck told officers two baseball size chunks of concrete fell, chipping her windshield. >> advise the workers out there
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tonight of this possible concrete issue and have them reinspect anything. >> caltrans tells abc 7 news after an inspection there was no falling concrete. instead of a pothole midspan which likely picked up debris. the third incident involving loose concrete on the bridge this year. o february, chunks ofll concree car, weeks later, more concrete fell from the upper deck leading to more lane closures and a length think repair job too my the bridge is structurally sound. that's inin t bay. >> the 63-year-old span needs to be replaced. >> we know the bridge is failing. we need to have a new bridge in place. we need to have a plan now so we can build a new bridge when the toll revenue is available for us to build it. >> i honestly don't think about it. maybe i should. i sure don't want a bunch of concrete falling on me. >> reporter: drivers say the richmond san rafael bridge is their commuter lifeline.
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>> very concerning. i drive over it every day, but i think it's -- it's probably safe. >> reporter: caltrans says that bridge is safe and structurally sound, the pothole has been repaired. cornell barnard, abc 7 news. >> important story, cornell, thank you. witnesses say good samaritans chased a carload of suspected burglars in san francisco's outer richmond neighborhood. that chase ended with a violent crash at the intersection of 40th avenue and, car was tot o r. o theheeoplcabeing che but i y kw-ar andtookthg eople the suspect's car. but others ran off and remain
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wanted. on the peninsula, survivors of a school shooting joined a local congresswoman to push for stricter gun laws across america. abc 7 news was there for a town hall entitled a conversation about america, stop the killing. jackie spear hosted the event. two of the people survived the shooting at marjory stoneman douglas high school in florida. >> i think the biggest step we need to take is policy and action, especially within u.s. government, but also locally. >> congress has paralysis because the nra still has too much power. so i'm shifting all of my attention locally. >> congresswoman spear is a survivor of gun vines herself. she was shot five times during a congressional visit to the people's temple. people in the east bay felt a rumble during a pair of small eartuas, the nebout2: ts de qua
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a 2.9 quake was reported near berkeley. the geological map shows the location, 7 miles deep, centered in the berkeley hills. no injuries or damage reported. tap water is running again on treasure island after service was shut off overnight. the san francisco public utilities commission says it shut off service at 10:00 p.m. and it was restored at 2:15 this morning. during the time crews worked on building new storage tanks and new pipelines. additional service will be conducted. protested before today's giants game calling attention to i safe, kee say the center sa would be a magnet for crime and don't want it built. supporters counter saying it would provide badly needed
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shelter and resources for homeless people. the proposed center would open in this parking lot opened by the port of san francisco along the embarcadero. the center would have about 200 temporary beds and support services. fans are streaming into oracle arena, warriors tip off, hosting the l.a. clippers in a game you'll see here on abc 7. people there want to win. >> reporter: yeah, the excitement is obviously real here. obviously this is a -- they want to win. they want to win. today warrior fans showed up and brought out the big guns with some sparkle. what's going on over here? >> this is a lucky jacket. my daughter got this for me five years ago, and i wore it, started wearing it to games and
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they won every game. so i have to keep wearing it now. >> reporter: legacy is what today is all about. teresa sanchez has been a fan for over a decade. >> we would go occasionally back in the day when everything was calm and there were no crowds and they weren't winning but we went. >> reporter: tony bell has been a fan through thick and thin. now he makes his own rules. >> i don't wear another man's name on my back but my own. >> reporter: why is that? >> because i'm the man. half the time these guys leave. they come and go. you're stuck with somebody else's name on your jersey and they're no longer a warrior. i'm always a fan of the warriors, so i'll always wear a warriors jersey with my name on it. >> reporter: you're going to play as well? what all these fans have in common is their love for their team. they want the warriors to win big today. live here in oakland. what is going to happen today? >> we're going to win, baby. go warriors. >> go warriors.
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>> forgive me if i'm wrong, but i think they're predicting a win. thank you very much. catch the warriors in action on abc 7. our coverage begins immediately following this newscast at 5:00. hear from the warriors and get game analysis after the game. afor commuters for one of s francisco's busiest light rails. also, a scare for people at the coachella music festival. an early morning fire there. going for a drive this just the beginning of his problems. we had a gorgeous, warm, sunny day. don't put the umbrellas
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firefighters raced to put out a fire during the first night of the 2019 coach ella
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music and arts festival. take a look. a mobile shower unit went up in flames at 2:00 in the morning. late night festival goers took this video and shared it on social media. the riverside county fire department said crews managed to put the fire out in just a few minutes. coachella takes place this weekend and next weekend, drawing tens of thousands to the festival. >> roaner park police believe a young man was drunk when he drove his car into a 7-eleven store. that car plunged several feet into the store at about 7:00 this morning. nobody was hurt. police say three 7-eleven employees were working inside at the store at the time. that wreck forced the store to tein if ldg rs say the 19-year-old dui suspect attends sonoma state university which is across the street from the 7-eleven. commuters are dealing with major changes along onefrsc r n.
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medical center where crews are repaving the streets. starting today light rail trains are only running from the caltran depot to carl and hillway streets. commuters must take shuttle buses to get from carl and hillway to ocean beach. they hope to have full light rail service running again in two weeks. despite the giants win last night after 18 innings, yeah you heard that right, some people are a little irritated with the team. >> this is why. what the giants are saying today after neighbors complained about the team's 1:00 a.m. fireworks celebration. we still have the gorgeous weekend ahead, i hope you got to enjoy the sunshine and warmth because temperatures s has been making folks feel right at home,
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many of us have heard the expression the show must go on and the fireworks show did go on even though it woke many people who live near oracle park early this morning. ♪
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now, it looked pretty spectacular. the giants tweeted this video at 1:11 this morning on the dot of their first fireworks night of 2019. last night's game tied a record for the longest game in oracle park history at 18 innings. the giants won the marathon 3-2 over colorado. today, though, the giants apologized for the noise, and they are looking at revising their post-game fireworks policy. the wris snsoring nighs pla against the clippers. fans attending the game will find a strength in numbers t-shirt on their seat when they arrive. the warriors provided this video. the team routinely gives out pictures and it creates a visual with a gold background created by dub nation. and these two warriors fans are ready to celebrate a win tonight. share your pride with us by posting fan photos to social media with a #dubs on seven. >> i had the pleasure of
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spending the morning with a very special group of people in san francisco. they're part of the nonprofit best buddies. this morning the bay area friendship walk took place at golden gate park and since 2009 there have been 200,000 people nationwide that have walked to raise $16 million for the cause. today's walk was made up of 95 teams from across california. the group helps those with it friends and find elopmental meaningful employment and transform them into leaders. very special morning. >> by the way, they're the coolest people you'll ever meet. >> did you see the dance moves too? >> i did. where were you? >> i was busy and seeing. >> sure. >> let's take a look at our weather forecast. >> it'alwaysanvere also, tomorrow is going to be a nice day but we'll sea changes to the weather pattern. live doppler 7, and clouds right now, high clouds creeping through parts of the bay and you
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can see it here from this live shot from the kgo roof camera. winds are picking up. temperatures have dropped already. in san francisco it's 359 degrees. but oakland still 70 degrees. san jose 76, morgan hill 77. here's another pretty view from the sutro tower. golden gate bridge. the winds's picking up low clouds creeping in and increasing overnight into tomorrow. lots of 70s around the rest of the bay area. santa rosa 70, napa 71, fairfield, vacaville and concord 77 degrees. more clouds, gorgeous day today. here's a forecast. tomorrow it will be cloudier and cooler, the rain returns on monday. i know we thought the rain was over but it's coming back. and then getnk you'll le e sevenay forecast as well. here radar satellite image. we have this area of low pressure. it's going to bring us increasing clouds tomorrow and
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then rain arriving on monday. on abc 7 storm impact scale we're ranking this storm a 1 out of 5. it's light. but we do expect light to moderate rain at times. and generally less than a quarter inch of rain for most everyone. but it could be a little bit higher along the coast and higher elevations and occasionally breezy winds. here's the forecast animation, increasing clouds overnight. tomorrow we could wake up with patchy clouds and fog along the peninsula coast spilling into parts of bay and we'll see high clouds sweep through first the north bay and slide throughout the south bay as well. here comes the rain. monday morning 8:00 as the kids get ready for school, mostly dry except for ukiah. the heaviest rain slides through. as the system slides southwest. the areas of yellow with more moderate rainfall and by the evening it slides south past san jose. lingering chance of light rain early tuesday morning. lows tonight will mainly be in the 40s and 50s, pretty mild.
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50 in san francisco, san mateo as well, san jose, and a little bit cooler in the north bay, santa rosa 46 degrees. so for tomorrow look were breezy conditions at the coast and that's where temperatures will come down quite a bit. only 60s there. some mid and upper 60s around the bay and only low 70s for the inland areas. and here's a look at the temperature trend, notice it drops tomorrow and then it really tumbles on monday, when the storm comes in and the rain. and then climbing up to the 80s, by the end of the workweek, for some folks they have spring break off as well so it will be a nice beach day on thursday and friday. so here's the accuweather seven-day forecast, increasing clouds tomorrow, a little bit of a cooldown, a rainy and cool day on monday. with a slight chance early tuesday and then lots of sunshine, a warming trend towards the end of the week and we're talking mid-80s by friday for inland areas. >> nice, francis, thanks.
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larry beil is in on a saturday. warriors are in action. >> playoff basketball. should be fun. the opener, the post-season is here, boogie cousins has been waiting nine
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>> announcer: now abc 7 sports with larry beil. >> an 82 game pre-season the warriors begin the real thing tonight, opening the first round of the playoffs right here on abc 7 against the l.a. clippers at oracle, pre-game top of the hour, tipoff is at 5:15 i'm told. abc 7's mindi bach is joining us live courtside. mindi, this is a moment one waitin te for. >> reporter: larry, thiishe as ithnba.ha fst tipoff mencu th hasarr pnts tn
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yes hst ply btth opptuty long time. you know, it's unfortunate what happened, you know, in new orleans with the injury and everything. but, you know, i'm excited for this moment. i plan on taking full advantage of it and just try to leave it all on the floor. >> he's a guy who's going to rise to the occasion, i'm excited about that. but he'll be nervous too. i mean, that first playoff game everybody's nervous. but i'm excited for his opportunity and for what he can do for us. >> reporter: yeah, larry, the noise level is just starting to pick up here at oracle arena. the fans are starting to stream into their seats. even though demarcus cousins will be experiencing his first playoff season here, the fans here will be experiencing their final playoff season. the clippers coach was asked if oracle arena was a great venue or special venue, he said, yes,
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it's a great venue, because of the fans, not a great venue because of the building. la rry. e warri odayacramento menti. kings. they wanted him a couple years ago. the warriors and kings rivalry just got a whole lot more interesting. baseball, giants and rockies, i'm assuming she was not up watching all 18 innings last night when giants won it 3-2. giants up 2-0 in the fifth in this game. kevin polar, fourth homer in a week. 3-0 giants, madison bum gardner, seven innings, struck out seven, allowed just two runs. and not a happy man. how i looked when i was getting on the plane coming back from vacation. giants won three in a row now, 5-2 the final. third row in the masters,
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tiger woods bogeyed five, rattled off three straight birds. par 4 7th, within a foot of the hole, birdies back to back 15 and 16 for a 5 under 67, tied for second at 11 under par, two back of the leader francisco molinari, 6 under 66. weather is expected to be a factor. they're starting tomorrow's round
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barry bonds planted somewhere way out there for his last career home run up from grabs at auction. >> in 2008 the ball sold before more than $745,000. it will go up for bid again monday morning and could go up to $750,000. >> did someone say -- >> yeah, right. >> bonds finished his career with 760 home runs. >>
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welcome to oakland and the beautiful bay area, and oracle arena, home of the two-time defending champion golden state warriors, who today will begin their quest for the three-peat, looking for their fourth title in five years. it started in 2015 with their first title in 40 years. then heartbreak in 2016, the loss to lebron james and the cavs. but bouncing back with championships in 2017 and 2018. and now, it's 2019 for these golden state warriors.


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