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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  April 14, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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5:00. we thank you for your time. i'm eric thomas. for the entire abc 7 news team, thank you for joining us. we'll see right back here at 6:00. tonight the come back. one of the greatest in sports history, tiger woods is the masters champion his first major come back. and the one moment evoking a memory from decades ago. also tonight the devastation after almost 15 reported tornados, at least eight people killed, including two children, the tornado watch stretching all the way up to ohio. now the new severe weather threat for millions this week. sanctuary city threat, the white house says the presidents plan to bus to sanctuary cities is still on the table. as some may ors in those cities say they will welcome the immigrants. the race for 2020 mayor pete
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makes it official. rising star. youngest in the field. not winning an election, it's about winning an election. plus the sheriffs deputy shot to death checking out a car. now the hunt for person of interest. fiery car rescue. desperate race to save the driver. vintage car swerving into on coming traffic bursting into flames. and to the rescue, one dogs instincts to save a friend about to be run over by a car backing up. from abc this is world news tonight. >> and good evening thanks for joining us on this sundae. i'm tom llamas and become with epic moment in sports. tiger woods many thought would never come back. winning first major tournament victory in 11 years. putting on the green jacket as he did for the first time in 1997. an emotional hug for his children and mother. evoking a memory from his very first victory there. two years ago woods thought he
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might not golf again but tonight he has triumphed over scandal ancer us health issues and on track for greatness again. >> reporter: tonight tigers epic come back. the golfer ceiling his masters win let tg out a sell tore i scream that had been bottled up for more than a decade. overcome with emotion, you can see tiger seek out his family, embracing his children, and mother. the moment evokes memory of his first masters win 22 years ago when he hugged his father, now passed. >> here it is. when i tapped the putt in, i don't know what i did, but i know i screamed to have my kids there, it has come full circle. my dad was here in '97. now i'm the dad with two kids. >> tiger in ha three-way tie for the lead. >> reporter: today's performance
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was vintage tiger battling through a crowded field. in one point during the day five golfers were tied for the lead. but on the 12th hole everything changed. tiger made his move. >> i'm compelled to say, oh my goodness. >> it was just amazing buzz out there to try to figure out what was going on. meanwhile, still say present and focused on what i'm trying to do out there. it was -- i kind of liked it. >> reporter: it today caps off the greatest day in sports, nearly 11 years from the major tournament. the longest drought in golf history. >> i had affairs. i cheated railroads woods famously balt eld scandal in personal life. then recently back injuries fourg surgeries and dui which he blamed on mismanagement on pain medicine. last year he called return to
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golf a miracle. >> one of the hardest i think i've ever had to win just because of what has transpired the last couple of years trying to come back and play. and i was close last year a couple of times with a chance in the last two major championships. then i applied what i learned from those two, and was able to seal the deal today. >> reporter: tiger now has fifth green jacket and 15th major. closing in on jack nicklaus record 18. >> he is now one win short of the record for total tour wins. and you know when presidents past and present are tweeting about you. president trump is hailing the come back. former president obama calls it grit and determination. so they both agree on this. >> on this one thing. thank you. next to the major news the devastating tornd outbreak that has taken at least eight lives, including two children. more than 15 reported twisters and tornado watches stretching
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up to ohio. a family speeding away with the tornado in the back window of their car in texas. homes blowing away in mississippi. also in this state one was killed in this home in monroe county. marcus moore is in alto, tk, where two kornds touched down. >> reporter: tonight on the move leaving a trail of destruction across the south. killing at least eight and injuring dozens. >> we are still getting reports of tornados on the ground. >> reporter: in texas a powerful ef tornado with 140 winds in franklin chblt leveling homes, others scattered everywhere. violent winds toppling trees and leaving thousands without lift 6789 >> reporter: and this is the spot where about 100 people gathered for an annual event at that building thereof in the distance. the storm coming through, tossing around these cars. tan that building took a direct hit. sadly, one person passed away. in cherokee county, people
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seeing ruins where their homes once stood. we were in alto a town hit with two powerful tornados in 90 minutes as rests dents came back to their neighborhoods trying to make sense. >> tall i have is on the clothes on my back. >> reporter: the winds from the event so strong uprooting this tree and claiming the lives of a 3-year-old, an 8-year-old in angelina county. >> noticed the tree had fallen on the vehicle. i knew it wasn't a good outcome. >> reporter: mississippi state university telling its students to take cover after a tornado warning was issued. this drone footage revealing the scale of the damage left behind. farther north this likely tornado claiming another life in monroe county. this weekend nearly 200 incidents of sefrer weather from texas to south carolina. heavy rain also prompting rescues. watch as first responders carry away this woman and young girl after their suv got stuck in a
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ditch. and officials say the fire might have been started by a lightning strike. luckily no one was hurt. marcus joins us now. and the devastation every where you look, marcus. >> reporter: yeah, tom, it is every where. and you can see what the storm did to the apartment complex. there were three people inside. managed to climb out thankful to be alive. this is a scene repeated across that region. when you see the roof collapsed incredible they survived. thank you. now here tracking the weather. >> just posted for the carolina and also washington d.c. and baltimore and tornado just west of d.c. look at chicago, 5 inches of snow and still coming down. the threat tonight is going to srm overnig. nasty rush
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for boston and cooling down after that. >> also another for next week. >> by midweek drop into the plains. look at the severe weather from st. louis, even dallas could see damagi damaging thunderstorms. >> we'll keep an eye on that. rob, thank you. we turn now to politics and president trump top aids backing him up saying his plan to bus migrants from the border to sanctuary cities is definitely on the table. the mayor says that's okay with them. but that plan the president hopes for or would it backfire? here is white house correspondent. >> reporter: tonight the white house pushing backlash as it pushes forward with the plan to transport migrants and release them in so-called sanctuary cities. >> look, this is option on lts table. the president heard the idea. he likes it. what we are looking to see if there are options that make it possible. >> reporter: the department of
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homeland security twice rejected the plan. but the president tweeting the u.s. has the absolute legal right to have apprehended illegal immigrants transferred to sanctuary cities. mayors from so-called sanctuary cities across the country where they choose not to immigration laws are welcoming the migrants and calling the idea political retaliation. >> we in seattle in this region will stand up against the president that decides america. >> reporter: press secretary admitting not ideal action. >> it would easier for these migrants to put down roots in the u.s. in sanctuary cities. so it seems to run counter to his objectives. again this isn't the president's plan. his top priority is to stop the flow of illegal immigration coming into our country to begin w ideally congress would fix the problem. th ctinue kk the c do t roadndlert demanding the irs commissioner
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release the president's personal tax returns for the past six years. chairman of the house giving the administration an april 23rd deadline. after the administration missed the april 10th deadline. >> i don't think congress particularly not in group of congress men and women are smart enough to look through the thousands of pages that i would assume that president trump's taxes will be. ar tara joins us from the white house. tara, the president staff also preparing for the mueller report in the coming days. you have news about what they've been told. >> reporter: tom, sources familiar tell abc news that the justice department has briefed white house counsel on a broad summary of what to expect in the report. he's also been briefed on the timing and logistics of the release. the president's pernal attorneymulethey the are ready
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ultimately allowed mueller to finish the report. tom. with some of that new reporting tonight. thank you. a business weekend for candidates and new official candidate in the rate pete buttigieg officially declaring he's running for the president. he's youngest and openly gay. but he says it's not about winning a race. it's about winning an era. now there in sound bend, indiana. >> reporter: tonight the man hoping to make history. >> they call me mayor pete. >> reporter: officially entering the crowded field. >> and i am running for president. >> reporter: telling the crowd the race for 2020 is a generational fight. >> this time it's not about winning an election. it's about winning an campaign are simple enough to fit on a bumper sticker.
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freedom. security. and democracy. >> reporter: and short on policy specifics. not once mentioning president trump's name but taking shots at the name whose job he wants. >> when something is grotesque it's hard to look away. and the horror show in washington is mess manage icing, it's all consuming, but starting today we'll change the channel. >> reporter: but the start was rough. the venue chosen just last week due to growing crowd estimates. roof leaking. the crowd wet. and large, too large. >> fire marshall has shut this down, okay. >> reporter: ilts a can daisy full of firsts. first maher to win a nomination. first openly gay man in office. first president under 40. his not ryety surging last week in la public spat with fellow vice president mike pence over the issue of same sex marriage. and calling out to his husband
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and after the speech kissing him on the cheek. going forward he is polling third in the key states of iowa and new hampshire. the $7 million treasure chest will help him keep the word out. tom. will he make it to the main stage. thanks so much. >> there is word from the boy tossed from the third floor in the mall of america. boy first day of landen said he had a peaceful sleep. thrown from the third floor landing on ts first. suspect taken into custody. police do not believe he nknew the family. and college student kidnapped and fell after getting into a car thee thought was a uber. tonight we learned that man had been an arrested five months earlier for selling stolen goods connected to a kidnapping.
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zachary quiche has the story. >> reporter: new details about nathanael roland the man charged with killing south carolina student samantha joseph son. seen here, allegesly mistaken him for a uber driver. according to police and court records in october, just five months before joseph son's murder, he was charged and arrested for selling stolen items connected to local women's kidnapping. they say stolen items found nearby pawn shop. he was charged in connection with the sale but not with the car jacking. then less than three weeks on march 29, roland picked up her after a night out with friends. >> the it child safety locks were activated on the door that would not allow someone to means of escape. >> reporter: a an autopsy
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revealing t her heart broken father speaking out after the accident. >> smith was by herself. she had absolutely no chance. >> reporter: rhe has been chargd with murder and kidnapping. has not entered an employee but he will be back in court april 22. tom. zachary. thank. and their parents are working to make sure it doesn't happen to anyone else. they will be guests tomorrow morning on good morning afternoon. the highway fireball, vintage car into on coming traffic. plus officer killed in the line of duty. and intense manhunt. and rarely captured weather phenomenon we haven't heard of yet caught on brilliant display. we'll tell you about it when we come back. phenomenon caught in brilliant display. we'll tell you about it, when we come back. ca's house?
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line of duty. >> reporter: tonight a manhunt is on in washington state for the person who shot just continue 29-year-old sheriffs deputy and a new father. >> justin left a beautiful wife and daughter five month old lilly who is always going to know what an incredible man her father was. >> reporter: deputy heard her. >> i'm hit. >> reporter: dispatch alarmed by the frightening call. the deputy then calling out again for help. >> i'm hit. shots fired. >> reporter: the call coming in shortly after 10:00 p.m. saturday night. initial reports saying the deputy was looking at a vehicle blocking a road. >> checked out a vehicle. it was a motor home. and shortly thereafter over the radio announced he had been shot at and hit. >> reporter: police and medical
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personal arriving on scene. the suspect in the woods. the officer was air lifted to this nearby hospital in vancouver, washington, dying a short while later from a gunshot wound. the area tonight remains on lock down. tom, the sheriff also saying that they are speaking to persons of interest, but the suspect is still on the loose. tom. all right. maggie thank you. when we come back troops and families the thank you. major discount just announced that will take place all year. and the stunning save caught on camera. the big dog racing to the rescue of a tiny little friend. we'll show you that video again. stay with us. the corner? or could it turn out differently? i wanted to help protect myself. my doctor recommended eliquis. eliquis is proven to treat and help prevent another dvt or pe blood clot... almost 98 percent of patients on eliquis didn't experience another. ...and eliquis has significantly
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at adp we're designing a better way to work, so you can achieve what you're working for. ♪ time now for our "index." time now for index on fireball on bus sill australian railway. a driver losing control of his vintage car. on his way to sidney. critical burns. he's fighting for his life tonight. and back here at home the strange weather phenomenon upside down lightning. in skies over texas, oklahoma, and illinois over the course of a month often involving tall structures as you can see gives the appearance of shooting sky ward rather than down. >> a big box retailer about kick off special service for customers. koels military monday tomorrow 15% in store discount every week to thank active duty personnel veterans and their families for
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their service and sacrifice. and. and the moment caught on surveillance in quebec given the words rescue dog a whole new meaning. the dog you see as the woman backs up, a dog swooping the dog to safety. worth another look. everybody is reported to be okay. when we come back, we take you to new orleans where the party usually never stops but it did on this night. the scary movement on the dance floor for a deacon. stay with us. h, n-no. -look, [sighs] i get it. some new guy comes in helping your mom bundle and save with progressive, but hey, we're all in this together. right, champ? -i'm getting more nuggets. -how about some carrots? you don't want to ruin your dinner. -you're not my dad! -that's fair. overstepped. -that's fair. for people 50 and older colat average
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the amazing thing that happened when suddenly he needed a helping hand. 74-year-old knows how to let loose. >> i like to dance but i like to talk more than i dance. >> he has been a regular at night at rock and bowl for the last few years. >> very energetic procedure, for sure. >> he says it's something about the music, a blend of creel and blues, that brings him back week after week to bust out his signature moves. >> kicking off our heels to a song way back in the rocking robin. >> but on this night he started to feel strange. you can see the moment in this video, he was in cardiac arrest and in dire need of help. luckily for him another dancer knew what to do. laura cardiac nurse from new jersey and first timer immediately jumps into action.
5:58 pm
>> and i went over and saw he wasn't breathing. >> reporter: his heart had stopped. laura knew she needed to acted fast. so she reached for the fib lateor. >> we ended up shocking him and we resumed cpr and continued until we got a pulse back. >> reporter: he was breathing by the time the ambulance arrived. then rushed to the hospital for a successful surgery. >> i am feeling blessed, to say the least. p i feel good. >> reporter: it was laura's quick thinking and aud machine that likely saved his life. he was just grateful to be dancing at the right place at the right time. >> tit was awesome. a miracle in and of itself. >> miracle is right. and he says he'll be back out there in a few months dancing again. our thanks to him and our friends in nernsz tore sharing the story. and our thanks to you for watching. have a great evening. good night. thanks for watching. have a great evening. good night.
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eastay congressman eric swalwell throws his hat into the ring officially. >> tiger woods won the masters. getting congratulations from across the bay. we have obtained more details about tal hit a n l n ank joining us.rlerd in we spoke to the husband who lost his wife and son last night. live from the scene.
6:00 pm
>> that's right. the victims have been identified. and her seven year-old son. according to the dad the mom and the son and the uncle were crossing the street from the laundry matt here. they were crossing when they were about to have dinner with the family. sp before they got to the end of the street, they were struck. >> it all happened in the blink of an eye. according to witnesses. this mom and her 7 year-old son were crossing the street on saturday around 7:00. with the boys uncle. when a hit them and fled the scene. the mom and a 30 year-old woman who leaves behind an 11 year-old and one year-old. the husband ran o hse to see his wife, son and 19 year-old brother fighting for their lives in the middle of the


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