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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 14, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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>> the rain arrived tomorrow. after that, we have a big warmup for the end of the week. >> it's one of the most popular shows on television, and it's back. i'm kate larsson on the uc berkeley with the man who invented the languages for "game of thrones." abc7 news starts right now. >> live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> good evening. i'm eric thomas. we begin with developing news on a hit and run crash in oakland that killed a mother and her 7-year-old son. news reporter luis pena spoke to a man who lost his wife anson in that crash. such a tremendous loss. >> reporter: a very horrible loss for this family. the victims have been identified as alma vazquez and her
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7-year-old son garcia. we spoke to the dad who said his wife, son and brother were crossing 26th street when they were hit. it all happened in a blimpg of an eye according to witnesses. >> three on ground that are unresponsive. one child, two adults. >> reporter: around 7:25 p.m. on saturday paramedics can be seen working to revive 7-year-old angel garcia vazquez, his mom fighting for her life. across from her, 19-year-old jaime garcia. >> i don't know what i'm doing. i run to my kids and run to my brother and my wife. i don't know what i'm going to do in that moment. >> reporter: garcia remembers talking to his wife asking her to hold on. >> she's crying. all i saw from her. >> reporter: his brother was the only one who survived but remains in critical condition.
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>> hispanic teenager bleeding from the head. >> reporter: throughout the day, neighbors collected funds to help the family with funeral expenses and hild' vigil in their honor. suspect who drove off from the scene is a black male about 6'2" wearing a white t-shirt and gray hoodie. he was caught on a nearby surveillance video leaving the black mercedes with a broken windshield and blood. >> this is a very busy street. and it's something is about to happen. it took awhile but it's happened. people drivers go too fast. >> reporter: neighbors want traffic lights to prevent like this one. >> it's a long distance with no lights or stops or anything. something needs to happen. >> reporter: cas vez leaves behind an 11-year-old boy and 1-year-old girl who doesn't know her mom passed away. >> mama go away. my older son i hold him like
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that. >> reporter: oakland police said they have a possible suspect but have not made an arrest. oakland city councilman is scheduled to visit the neighborhood tomorrow morning and speak to the family. lewis pena abc7 news. >> thank you very much. in the east bay a concord preschool targeted by car thieves recovered a stolen van. a dispatcher spotted the van today and it was taken early friday. dispatcher reported the location. fellow officers locate the van and took the suspect into custody. the same daycare had another van stole everyone them last weekend but that vehicle was also recovered. it was the third time the van had been taken by thieves in a year's time. stanford investigating a professor for possibly helping a former student in the birth of the world's first genetically allered babies following twins being born in china after emb o
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embryos were edited. steven quake congratulated his former student after learning the mother was pregnant. dr. quake told the times to the extent it wasn't obvious misconduct what, does a person in my position do? encourage him to do ris research right. that's what i believed i was doing. to the weather. serious wind gusts today including in the north bay where four people escaped injury when a large tree landed on their truck and trailer. that tree suddenly fell from a hillside along 116 in guerneville. driver suffered cuts to his hand. it looks like we're going to be keel dealing with rain tomorrow. meteorologist francis lawson be tracking showers for us. >> the storm is on its way right now. we can see that with thickening clouds. clouds moving in from the north bay where the rain will start tomorrow, as well. on our storm impact scale, it's a one out of five. it's light. we'll see light to moderate rain
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at times as the front moves through anywhere from a quarter inch to half an inch from most locations and occasionally breezy winds. i want to show you the typing of the system as it plays out. tomorrow morning looking dry. we're okay for the morning commute. by lunchtime, rain in the north bay, clover dale. areas of yellow the more moderate rainfall. by the afternoon if you pick up the kids from school, bring an umbrella with you. you might want to send them off in raincoats. heavier rain reaching the peninsula and east way. evening gets messy with the heavier rain along the peninsula coast and widespread rainfall into the east bay. that's what i'm concerned with. rain continues to slide south and then we start to see drying conditions on tuesday. we also have a big change in the weather pattern. a warmup ahead. i'll tell you about that coming up. >> thank you very much. the latest democrat to run for president is from the bay area. congressman eric swalwell made it official today in his
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hometown of dublin. news reporter cornell bernard was there. >> congressman eric swalwell returned to dublin high school to kick off his run for president. he graduated from here 20 years ago and says his hometown has come a long way since then. >> to be fair where we lived was not mar-a-lago. in fact, some of you may remember that people in the neighboring cities had a nickname for us. >> they called you the scrub lynn. >> the congressman and former prosecutor told the crowd of about 1500 people gun control will be his campaign's top priority. >> san bernardino, pulls, vegas, nothing, nothing, nothing. >> swalwell says he's been frustrated by years of inaction by lawmakers to stop gun violence. >> i'm the only candidate, the only candidate proposing that we ban and buy back every single assault weapon in america.
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gun control a topicing that resonates with pat from union city. >> he said enough is enough. that's true. i believe in that one. there's a lot of killings. >> reporter: he joins the race in a big growing field of democrats. but does he stand a chance? many say yes. >> should he be at the table, does he have a stake, a shot? for sure. is he the guaranteed winner? no, but nobody is. >> swalwell wants to make education accessible for all proposing no interest federal student loans. he knows his stance on gun control will be the toughest battle of all. cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> another democrat officially jumped into the race today. may be pete buttigieg launchd his campaign in south bend, anyone. he shared why he wants to win the highest office in the land. >> the forces changing our country today are tectonic. forces that help to explain what made this current presidency
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even possible. that's why this time it's not just about winning an election. it's about winning an era. >> if elected buttigieg would be america's first openly lgbtq president and the first president under the age of 40. as the list of presidential candidates grows, you can keep up with who is running by going to we have biographies of each person declared on the democratic side. >> president trump's war chest for his elected ed by hit $30 million edging out his top two democratic rivals combined. his cash on hand tops $40 million. it's an unprecedented a-for an incumbent president this early in a campaign. it's considered by some to be the most popular show in the world. ♪ >> game of thrones" started its final season tonight.
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coming up, we hear from a uc berkeley grad who helped bring the language of the fantasy series to life. >> it's amazing how life's evolved, it changes. >> the comeback, a look at tiger woods emotional return to the top 14 years after his last win at the master's. also, surviving the storm. a special family reunion following a to simone, i leave the van gogh. to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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the series "game of thrones" could be called a cultural phenomenon. its final season began tonight. kate larsson spoke to a college grad who created several of the languages in the show. >> reporter: we're a long way from westoris but right here are the origins for the languages you hear on the show. >> i took arabic, russian, exper ran toe, french, middle egyptian high row glifz. >> reporter: for all the languages he studied david peterson is known for the ones he creates.
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[ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: that's dothraki, a language first sbus deuced in season one of game of thrones and valerian which she speaks in season 3. after graduating from english and linguistics majors, he invented dothraki for a game of thrones language competition. >> you are my son and stars and the response is [ speaking foreign language ] you are moon of my life. >> reporter: the hbo series with a worldwide cult following is based off jrr martin's best selling book series. >> i wanted to make it look as if my language existed before he wrote the books as if he had taken my language and used it to translate the stuff into the books afterwards. >> it's an entire lexicon. it's as the entire language with its own syntax. >> reporter: she and other linguistic students watched the season premiere with peterson.
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>> he puts high standards for the rest of us. >> he's only person who can actually make a living from this. inventing a whole new career pretty much. >> reporter: peterson has been approached by dozens of film and tv creators for new languages. he hopes some day to help others linguists and for the creative world. >> kate shared her full interview on her facebook page at kate abc 7 and you can find it on the abc7 news facebook page. >> many golf fans saw something today they believed might never happen again. tiger woods winning the masters for a fifth time after coming back from a crippling back injury. >> the return to glory. >> you heard it right there. fans exploding in cheers when woods finished today's fine round in georgia. woods had gone two years without playing in a major tournament and needed four surgeries to repair his back. he reflected on what the impact
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of today's come-from-behind victory will be for his children. >> prior to this comeback, they only knew that golf cause meed a lot of pain. i tried to swing a club, i would be on the ground. and i struggled for years. and that's basically all they remember. luckily, i've had the procedure where that's no longer the case and i can do this again. so we're creating new merles for them and it's just very special. >> that by the way was tiger woods' fifth green jacket. it's his first win there in since his first win was 22 years ago in 1997. tiger woods win lit up social media. stanford university rooting him on. he went to school there for a few years before turning pro. several bay area stars cheered him on. tom brady kept it simple in his note.
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we'll have more on tiger's win
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congratulations tonight to bald eagle parents jackie and shadow. i'm sorry. that said sandhya. francis lawson is over there. francis. >> trying to trick you. temperatures were as much as 15 degrees cooler today. you might have felt the change. tomorrow, they're going to drop even more. we see the increasing clouds with live doppler 7 and the satellite image. that's a little preview. right now temperatures are mostly in the 50s. some upper 40s through ukiah and clover dale. san jose 53. the downtown financial area, here's what you need to know
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with the forecast. the three things. one, the rain arrives tomorrow. and it looks like it will impact this most by giving us a messy evening commute. then we have a big warmup thursday and friday. so things will cool down even more. and then we'll ramp back up again. on abc 7's storm impact scale, the storm are tomorrow is a one out of five. it's light. we're expecting light to moderate rain at times when the front pushes through. but only about a quarter of an inch to half an inch for most locations. and occasionally gusty and breezy winds, as well as the front passes. tomorrow morning as we wake up, we'll see partly cloudy conditions. it will be mostly dry and then as we head towards the afternoon by lunchtime, the rain will hit parts of the north bay along the coast. ukiah and clover dale. for all of us, mostly cloudy conditions. by 3:00 in the afternoon, more moderate rain areas of yellow long the north bay coast starts to slide south along the peninsula and east bay.
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evening commute looks wet. rain through the north bay, peninsula and into the south bay, as well. then by 8:00, it starts to continue sliding south and leaves the bay area with possible isolated showers into thursday morning. but mainly off the coast. so then we'll start to dry out. rain potential half an inch to quarter of an inch for most areas. more rain along the coast like half moon bay and lighter in the inland areas. this rainfall is going to bring snow to see era. a winter weather advisory starts at 11:00 tomorrow. areas above 5500 feet, another 6 to 8 inches of snow. up to a foot. care your chase or try not to travel during that time. pretty cool through parts of the north bay tonight. breezy conditions at the coast. tomorrow's highs are going to be feeling pretty chilly. yesterday we saw some 80s. today it dropped into the 70s. tomorrow a tough time hitting
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60. 57 in san francisco. low 50s in the north bay. 36 in san jose. warmer in the south. rain moves through in the afternoon and evening. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. rainy and cool tomorrow. temperatures near 60 even in the 50s. and then a lingering spotty shower on tuesday. check out the warming trend. plenty of sunshine wednesday, thursday and friday will be warm. we'll see the 80s in the inland areas and around the bay. it's going to be beach weather, as well. 70s at the coast and a cooling trend and eric's sick of my little joke but i'm calling it an eggs lent easter. >> i'm not sick of the joke. i'm happy about the 80s. >> thank you ahead the eagle has landed. the stor
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congratulations tonight to bald eagle parents jackie and shadow. look, they got a newborn this morning. an egg hatched near big bear lake in southern california. the eagles are nationally known thanks to a live webcam at their nest. the second egg should hatch soon. the bird has enjoyed a resurgence over the past several decades after once on brink of extinction in the u.s. she's feeding the baby too or trying. all right. time for a look at sports. i was reading where steven a. smith last year said tiger would never win another major. >> he's not the only one. masterful comeback at augusta. tiger woods once again dons the green jacket. highlights that have
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specialty store prices, every day. at ross. yes for less. abc7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. >> people probably don't remember what they were doing in 2008 when tiger woods won the u.s. open. they'll remember what they were doing today when woods took the masters 11 years after winning his last major. today's final round moved up to early this morning due to bad weather. molinari started the day with a two-shot lead tied with woods till he struck disaster on the 15th. look at that, into the water. tigerboarded the hole to take a one-shot lead. this is his shot of the tournament. a t shot on the par 3 16. you need experience to do this. you shoot it past the hole and let the slope of the greens do it. woods would take the two-shot lead with two to play.
11:29 pm
brooks koepka had a chance but on the 18th hole he missed. tiger will bogey 18 but it doesn't matter. he will take his first major championship since 2008. he don the green jacket for a fifth time and for the first type since 2005. 22 years ago, he hugged his dad coming off 18. today he hugged his daughter and his son charlie who had never seen dad win a major. >> to have my kids there, it's come full circle. my dad was here in '97 and now i'm the dad with two kids there. sam actually lost a state soccer tournament yesterday. so i kind of convinced him you want to come up and watch the masters? >> the sharks hope to win their first round series against the golden knights. they allowed vegas to score first and fast. the series is tied at a game apiece. the knights ready for game three. 16 seconds into the game, mark
11:30 pm
stone gets behind the defense and beats martin jones. the knights led 2-1 after one. 21 seconds into the second period, paul stastny, his first of the playoffs. later in the period he redirects stones pass, 4-1 after two. then 36 seconds into the third period, it is stone again. sharks made it 5-3 but stone gets a hat trick, six goals in three games. vegas wins 6-3 and hold the 2-1 series lead. this report is sponsored by river rock casino. >> tiger woods listened to every naysayer out there, he never would have accomplished something amazing. that's what sports is all about, sticking to it. >> a new round of finger pointing and angry back and forth between president trump and a bay area mayor over sanctuary cities and immigration positions. what both sides have to say coming up. >> a look at the aftermath of a series of powerful storms including tornadoes that tore
11:31 pm
through the southern u.s. >> abc's new brand is sharing stories of inspiration with a new series called more in common. discover an extraordinary workplace who empowers people who have au tich. >> i start work because i'm so excited to go to work. >> sometimes i see him in his car, you're here. sometimes he's sitting up here. stuck turn the lights on. he just wants to go. as an employer who, won the want ten of josh. >> i have autism. i have a hard time with eye contact. it's extremely uncomfortable. >> you've made a number of friends at work? >> yes. >> hello. >> i've made quite a few. i relate to on ways i can't with my other friends. someone with disability, we produce a product which is not only as good but sometimes better. >> it becomes a badge of honor. you send it out into the world and it shows what people can do
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and give them a fair shot. >> more in common.
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live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> good evening. i'm eric thomas. tonight's headlines, two people who died in a hit and run accident in east oakland last night have been identified as a mother and her 7-year-old son. a 19-year-old family member is in critical condition. they were crossing the street at 25th and foothill boulevard when they were hit yesterday. they have identified a possible suspect but there has been no arrest yet. tiger woods won the masters for a fifth time today after coming
11:36 pm
back from crippling back injuries. fans exploded in cheers when woods finished today's final round at augusta national in georgia. he went two years without playing in a major. east bay congressman eric swalwell held a rally in his home town of dublin today, the latest democrat to the officially jump. >> the race for president. he will make gun cole a major part of his campaign. >> now to the latest verbal volley over immigration. president trump tweeted this weekend about his plans to bus migrants from the border to sanctuary city writing it "so interesting to see the mayor of oakland and other cities not want our currently detained immigrants after release due to the ridiculous court-ordered 20-day rule. if they don't want to serve our nation by taking care of then, why should other cities and towns." oakland mayor tweeted back it's time to start fanning hate and division. oakland welcomes all no matter where you came from or how you got here.
11:37 pm
tara palmieri has an update. >> reporter: tonight the white house facing backlash as it pushes forward with the controversial plan to transport detained migrants and release them in so-called sanctuary cities. >> this is an option on the table. the president heard the idea. he likes it. so what we're looking to see if there are options that make it possible. >> reporter: the department of homeland security twice rejected the plan but the president tweeting the u.s. has the absolute legal right to have apprehended illegal immigrants transferred to sanctuary cities. mayors from so call sanctuary cities across theountry where they choose not to comply with immigration laws are welcoming the migrants and calling the idea political retaliation. >> we in seattle will stand up against a president who divides america. >> reporter: the press secretary admitting this is not an ideal option. >> it could encourage more immigrants. it would be easier for the migrants to put down roots in the u.s. in sanctuary cities. it seems to run counter to his objectives.
11:38 pm
>> again, this is isn't the president's plan. his top priority is to stop the flow of illegal immigration coming into our country. to begin with. ideally congress would fix the problem. they continue to kick the can down the road and not deal with the problem in front of them. >> reporter: this fight comes as congress sends a second letter demanding the irs commissioner release the president's tax returns. richard neal giving the administration an april 23rd deadline. after the administration missed the april 10th deadline. >> i don't think congress particularly not in group of congressmen and women are smart enough to look through the thousands of pages that i would assume that president trump's taxes will had. >> meanwhile the much anticipated mueller report is expected to be released this week. and the white house is already preparing white house counsel emmet flood has been given a broad summary of what to expect. sources tell abc news he's been given a briefing on logistics and timing.
11:39 pm
tara palmieri, abc news, the white house. >> a 2020 democratic presidential hopeful released 15 years worth of tax returns today. senator kamala harris is the latest democratic presidential candidate to release the information. she reports she and her husband made $1.9 million last year and had a federal tax bill of about $700,000. she made about $157,000 as a senator and $320,000 as a writer. hr husband brought in $1.5 million as a lawyer. new details family and friends say a little boy is fighting to recover after he was thrown from a balcony inside minnesota's mall of america. that 5-year-old boy identified as landon plunged about 40 feet on friday. police say the suspect told them he had "inger issues." investigators believe the suspect did not know the victim or his family. >> witnesses that we've spoken to we feel confident saying that the suspect threw the child off the third floor. but as to why he did that is
11:40 pm
still something we're looking into and trying to figure out. >> prosecutors will likely file attempted homicide charges against the suspect, 24-year-old emabl deshawn aronda tomorrow. court records show he had been banned from the mall in the past. >> devastation across parts of the south today after a powerful tornadoes ripped through several states. this is what it looks like in troy alabama, alabama. in texas, at least eight deaths have been reported from storms there. abc news reporter marcus moore has the latest. >> throughout the weekend, severe weather moving across parts of the south. nearly 200 weather citizens from texas to south carolina. >> reports a tornado is on the ground. >> reporter: residents in monroe county, mississippi forced to take shelter. >> we had 12 people, two kids. and about five dogs. all just huddled in the closet. >> reporter: the powerful storm leaving a path of destruction.
11:41 pm
>> we had a lot of the damage here in hamilton. and we've worked through the night to get the roads clear. >> reporter: in texas a powerful ef-3 tornado touched down in the town of franklin. cars tossed, thousands left without power. >> my house was lifted. just scat kerred over the backyard. >> reporter: cherokee county hit by two tornadoes within 90 minutes. here of alto, shameka thankful her family is okay. but her home is a total loss. >> you have to start over. >> reporter: the severe weather hitting an annual festival in nearby state park. at least one person killed and dozens others hurt. >> everyone's not connected to the search, rescue or workers, please stay home. >> reporter: strong winds uprooting this tree in angelina county claiming the lives of two young boys. >> the tree had fallen on their
11:42 pm
vehicle. i knew it wasn't a good outcome. >> reporter: officials in louisiana say lightning may have spark this had massive fire. luckily, no one was hurt. marcus moore, abc news, alto, texas. >> a texas family who lost their home of 18 years to the twisters this weekend say they're thankful to escape with their lives and beloved pets. a tornado ripped through sandra and byron's home in share key county. this is all that's left. they emerged from the rubble unharmed but their 10-year-old terrier bella was frantic looking for two of their four puppies. the couple believed they were gone. >> can't stop god's work. just got take the bitter with the sweet. >> but then with the help of the local news crew, they and bella found the missing pups under the rubble of their home and they were all re-bayhed. >> a move is expected tomorrow to help curb our congestion on lombard street. the story is ahead. a problem for a bay area'
11:43 pm
bike share program. the issue that put the brakes on ford go bikes. a major retail ser launching a special day of discounts. this sale doesn't have an expiration date. >> the rain arrives tomorrow. when you can expect it to hit your neighborhood and a look at
11:44 pm
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11:46 pm
the crooked part of san francisco's lombard street is taking shape. philtain will introduce details about the legislation tomorrow including charging drivers a fee and requiring them to make a reservation. neighbors say the street is overrun by tourists. the transportation authority says the average capacity is 220 cars an hour. past attempts to address traffic concerns can have fail. ford go bike is is pulling electric bikes in the areas because of concerns from ride
11:47 pm
percent. there have been reports of the brakes being stronger than expected on the front wheel. some of the bikes in san jose will stay in service because the components are different. the company is working on a new bike it will roll out soon. it operates at city bike in other sfepz there's no words if anyone has been hurt because of the brake issue. >> koles is launching new discounts exclusively for members of the military, veterans and families. retailer calls it military mondays. they'll give a 15% kiss discount to active military members veterans and families every monday of the year. shoppers can receive their discount by showing a valid military id or veterans id card. they say it's a way to thank veterans for serving our nation. >> the culture, flavors and sounds of japan came to life in san francisco this weekend. >> abc7 news was in japantown while drummers played during the
11:48 pm
northern california cherry blossom festival, the 52nd year for the tradition. it features food and artwork celebrating superintendents of japanese culture. this weekend, the cherry blossom festival continues next saturday and sunday. when it comes to monday, well, i'll let frances tell you. >> increasing clouds tonight on live doppler 7. that's just ahead of a front and a storm moving our way. on our storm impact scale, it's one out of five. there will be moderate rain at times as the front sweeps through. anywhere from a quarter to half inch of rain for most areas. occasionally breezy conditions, as well. by lunchtime it hits parts of the north bay. heaviest throughout the afternoon hours and into the evening commute. areas of yellow. then it tapers off by the evening. spring skiing in the siera. winter weather advisory with up to a foot of snow tomorrow through tuesday morning. the seven-day forecast, rainy
11:49 pm
and cool tomorrow. drying out on tuesday with isolated early morning hours. a warming trend and it looks very warm and sunny thursday and friday. the 80s back in the forecast for the bay. inland areas cooling down but looking excellent for easter. i'm very eggs cited about that. >> there's gs in your excellent, right. >> trying to crack you up. >> fried tonight. mindi bach has a look at sports. when you're a really good team, you still have to remember the fundamentals. pass the ball well. >> absolutely. stephen curry likes to say the warriors are chasing greatness. steve kerr says a third straight
11:50 pm
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abc7 supports sponsored by river raqqah sib know. >> the warriors delayed their film review you have last night's game against the
11:53 pm
clippers so they could watch tiger woods win the masters this morning. kevon says stephen curry almost cried the team won by 17. but there was one glaring problem. warriors had 21 turnovers. steve kerr said they won't go deep in the playoffs if they don't fix that. >> the quality of the passes are so important. we've got to be on target. got to be sure of yourself. and we got away with it last night but going forward we've got to do a much better job of our decision making and just the discipline of making a good sharp pass. >> after work, klay thompson headed to watch the giants hoping to sweep the rockies. colorado had four runs in the first three games. arenado gave them three runs with one swing. the giants could not get a hit off of marquez till longoria broke it up in the eighth. that was it.
11:54 pm
marquez could get the complete game shutout. hit one batter and struck out nine as rockies avoid the sweep, 4-0 the final. we know eric just loves jalapenos. look at that. >> they don't love me. >> a's rained out yesterday back in action today. they trailed in the seconds till stephen piscotty hit his third home run in the season. matt chapman connected on his filth. th -- fifth. athletics led 7-2 at one point but the rangers rally with four in the eighth. diehl shields brought in the winning run and the rangers eke out the victory, 8-7. back to the nba, the rockets looked scary in their playoff opener against the jazz. james harden two rebounds shy of a triple-double. 15 threes for houston. daniel house junior faked one here and will take it to the hoop.
11:55 pm
instead harden finished with 29 and yeah, he finishes quite well, as well. rockets crush account jazz, 122-90 the final. thunder and blazers paul george iced his shoulder during the game. and that's oakland native damian lillard with one of his five threes. that one from way out. despite the shoulder, george led his team with 26, ten boards. that three mades it a one-point game. lillard finishes with 30 points. this would be the dagger. blazers take game one, 104-9. in the eastern conference, pacers, celtics. kyrie irving is pretty good. 20 points for him. look at this nice fadeaway jumper. he had seven assists. he's going to drop it off to marcus morris. not a good shooting night for either team. terry reasoningyer hits a great three. what indeed. celtics win by ten. the bucks hosting the pistons.
11:56 pm
antetokounmpo 24 points, 17 boards. look at him toll it down. unbelievable and he gets the foul. i could watch this young man every night. third quarter this time on the turnover. he jumps to throw it in. but the pistons frustration gets the better of them. andre drummond is tired of him. he got eject ford that. bucks win game one, 121-86 the final. stanley cup playoffs. blues back on home ice after winning the first two games on the road against the jets. today it was winnipeg getting revenge. that was patrick lane scoring. jets up 2-1. on a 4-3 power play, kyle conner with the wicked wrister went top shelf. you've got to say wicked. jets win, 6-3. st. louis leads the series 2-1. tampa bay the best record in the nhl. they tied the record with 63 wins in the regular season. down 2-in the series.
11:57 pm
later in the second, bourque stand with a slapper. then the blue jackets hang on and take a surprising 3-0 series lead over the lightning, 3-19 final. islanders looking to take a 3-0 series lead over the penguins. jordan eberle beats matt murray. and just a minute later, islanders get a two-on-one. brock nelson snaps it farside. islanders win 4-1 and take the series lead. >> and all we have to say about that. mindy, thank you. thank you for joining us.
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