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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  April 15, 2019 3:30pm-3:59pm PDT

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tonight, the catastrophic fire at notre dame cathedral. the world watching in horror as the inferno tore through one of the most famous cathedrals in the world. the spire engulfed in flames, then collapsing on live television. the race at this hour to save what's left. and now, the evacuations tonight. the mayor a short time ago on fears of another collapse. crowds of people in the streets in tears and in disbelief. our team on the scene tonight. meantime, president trump's message on paris tonight, and his tweet seen by the world, that firefighters should use flying water tankers, telling them, quote, must act quickly. tonight, authorities on that suggestion. in this country tonight, the severe weather slamming the east. the lightning striking one world trade. and the deadly tornadoes, at least 30 twisters confirmed. at least eight dead.
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the boy thrown from that third floor balcony at the mall of america. tonight, news on the boy and the suspect police say at the mall the day before, quote, looking nd r husnd tonight pleading not guilty. the teenager under arrest high school after what he's accused of doing to his grandparents. the college senior falling tonight she made a snapchat video right before. and tiger woods and his comeback. that emotional embrace with his children, and now we learn, the man who made $1.2 million because of his bet right before the masters. good evening. and it's great to have you with us here to start another week. but we do begin this week with those devastating images, the heartbreak from paris tonight. t sholy boreathedral going up in 1:00 p.m. eastern today, 6:50 p.m. paris time. that fire surrounding the spire. then the fire then advancing,
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kreeching across that roof. then, in engulfing the spire and as millions around the world were watching, that iconic spire then collapsing on live tv. fears growing more of that cathedral coming down. crowds gathering in the streets below watching the heart of paris burn. a short time ago, the mayor of paris on the new evacuations tonight, fear there could be another collapse. the mayor revealing they now have drones inside the cathedral, monitoring the fire and what they see is, quote, terrible. abc's david wright is on the scene in paris tonight. >> reporter: tonight, an icon of paris, the very heart of the city, in flames. the whole world watching in disbelief. the spire of the 850-year-old notre dame cathedral collapsed, caving in the roof, engulfing the heart of the iconic church in flames. eyewitness john dickas watching in terror. >> there's no question that was the most horrifying moment. my partner and i were standing
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on the balcony watching, that was the moment that she started crying, when we watched that spire fall down. it's just -- you know, it's an iconic part of the paris skyline. >> reporter: the first reports sure faced at 6:5 p.m. paris time. an ominous image of smoke seen billowing from notre dame. >> there's a fire in the background. >> reporter: then, to the horror of onlookers, the first flames burst through the ceiling. the inferno quickly out of control. the cause unknown, but it again ulfed scaffolding from a $6 million renovation project. authorities are investigating whether a construction worker may have accidentally sparked the blaze. crowds of onlookers transfixed, this building has withstood revolutions and two world wars. the history of france written in stone. tonight, a stunned silence. many are in tears. 0 fi e. surrounding the cathedral.
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but at times, powerless against the flames. >> we can see the hoses and some of the spray on that fire. it certain lly seems to be overwhelming the authorities there on the ground. >> there's no question. i'll tell you, for me, the most heartbreaking moment was when i saw, about 20 minutes after i started watching the fire, i saw the ladders go up and the hoses start spraying and it was just -- it was just heartbreaking to watch. the ladders were not tall enough. the hoses were not strong enough. >> reporter: as the fire ferociously spread, authorities scrambled to try and rescue priceless art and catholic relics from the 850-year-old landmark. tonight, the mayor said the process is partially successful. notre dame, the most visited location in all of france, 30 million tourists a year. french president emmanuel macron said the fire took part of everyone in france with it, adding, our lady of paris is in flames. >> it's quite striking here to
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see all the parisians who come here to gather to mourn. >> i don't know what to say. for me, it's the most beautiful monument in paris. >> reporter: tonight, as darkness fell and the fire continues to rage, the roof and the spire are destroyed and the race is on for authorities to save what they can. >> so, let's get the latest on that effort. david wright live from notre dame cathedral in paris. and david, i know the mayor revealing a short time ago that they do believe they've been able to save key parts of this cathedral? >> reporter: that's right, david. french authorities believe that they have managed to save those two iconic towers. no word yet on the stained glass. you can see the building there behind me in darkness now, but as from where i'm standing, you can see fire crews continue to pour water on it. the mood here in paris is one of great sadness, but also resolve. the french president saying tonight, we will rebuild. david? >> david, thank you. the images of that spire coming down left us all with few words today there was an american
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student studying in paris, from washington, d.c., and they were on a sunset cruise on the seine, the fay nous river that runs along the cathedral, when they saw the cathedral burning, and here's what they told me. we're watching your piece of video right now, and i don't even know how you're able to hold the phone, actually, while you were watching that through the lens of the phone, kelly, i'm sorry you had to witness that, and just tell us what you've seen, what you're seeing now. >> so, me and my mom, we're going own a sunset cruise on the seine. when i got on the boat, one of my friends texted me saying notre dame is on fire. we couldn't see it at that point. we were kind of shaken up and then our boat started going down the river. and you could see the smoke just raising up. and eventually we got next to it and you can just see the flames going up and eventually the tower came down. it was just very, very crazy. >> must be a chilling thing to witness, obviously, with your mother. and how many other people tha sunset cruise? we know such a popular thing to
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do there in paris. >> there were, like, 40 of us, maybe, and it was just kind of crazy, because people from all different countries, and eventually there were french people on there and they just started sobbing and holding each other. and it was just very intense. >> well, kelly, please send our best to your mother, as well, and to the folks who were on that cruise. they will be forever changed by whey that witnessed. kelly, thank you, and thank you for sharing your images. >> thank you. >> and there was that american professor in paris who watched from his balcony while we were on the air. describe for the moment you saw the spire, perhaps one of the most iconic parts of that cathedral, really defined the look of that cathedral for so many people who come to visit it, the stained glass windows but of course that spire that we have watched tumble. >> there's no question, that was the most horrifying moment. my partner and i were standing on the balcony watching, that was the moment that she started crying, when we watched that
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spire fall down. it's just -- it's an iconic part rms t confusi and it's awful to see. and the streets in front of my house right now are just choked with people, the emergency trucks seem to be having a hard time getting through. people are just sort of paralyzed and transfixed watching this beautiful, iconic building collapsing in front of them. >> witnesses on the air with us today as the world, in fact, watched. and among them, president trump was shaken by the sight of notre dame burned. at an event in minnesota, calling it one of the great treasures of the world. the president offering advice in a tweet, saying firefighters should use flying water tankers. here's abc wou t non jann carl.
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>> reporter: as the watcheno soerredent trump took note of the tragedy. >> the fire that they're having at the notre dame cathedral is something like few people have witnessed. it's one of the great treasures of the world and it's burning very badly. looks like it's burning to the ground. >> reporter: earlier, in a tweet, the president offered some unsolicited advise -- "perhaps flying water tankers could be used to put it out. must act quickly!" would that work? a veteran american firefighter told david it would not. >> water is very heavy and if it hits a structure like that out of a tanker, it could cause further collapse. >> reporter: later, the french civil defense agency said, essentially, the same thing, in its one and only tweet of the day in english. "all means are being used, except for water-bombing aircrafts which, if used, could lead to the collapse of the entire structure of the cathedral." >> and jon karl joins us live from the white house. and jon, in addition to watch what was unfolding in paris, the
3:40 pm
president also aware of the other major headline here at home, that there is news on the mueller report. you're learning that attorney general bill barr will release the redacted report on wednesday. has the white house been briefed on this? >> reporter: they have been, but only in the broadest of brush strokes, the logistics and the timing of the report. the white house has not asked robert mueller to see a copy of the report and more importantly, david, the white house has not asked to have anything redacted by invoking executive privilege. david? >> jon karl, thank you. we're going to turn to the deadly weather in this country tonight. at least eight people killed, including three children. lightning striking one world trade center here in new york city. runners in the boston marathon today forced to wait out dangerous storms there. an ef-3 tornado hitting franklin, texas tvx, winds of 140 miles an hour. there have been at least 30 confirmed to ohio. the latest just today in delaware. abc's marcus moore tonight is in cherokee county, texas, where two
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a tornado damaging a dozen buildings in laurel, delaware. from the air, you can see the damage. torrential storms threatening to delay the start of the boston marathon. runners forced to huddle in shelters. this after 30 tornados tore through seven states. >> there it is. it's hitting shelby right now. >> reporter: this twister leaving a 17-mile path of destruction through shelby, ohio, sunday. six people were hurt. >> hurry, herrr itg this alto, texas, sunday, an ef-2 followed by an ef-3 an hour apart, leveling the town. there were three people here when this happened. they managed to escape unhurt by climbing out the front door there and they are lucky to be alive. >> we are still getting reports of tornadoes on the ground. >> reporter: the town of franklin, texas, taking a direct hit from an ef-3 tornado with a 140-mile-an-hour winds. >> i've seen tornadoes but nothing like this. >> reporter: and tragedy in angelina county, texas. 3-year-old jace creel and his brother dilynn were killed after
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a tree crushed the car they were in. their parents survived. and david, back here in cherokee county, you can see they are in the process of trying to clean all of this up, but the break in the clouds will not last long. more severe weather is expected to hit this area on wednesday. david? >> marcus moore tonight. marcus, thank you. we do have news tonight on the little boy thrown from a third floor balcony of the mall of america. as that boy fights for his life, the man accused is now charged with attempted first degree murder. tonight, what he told police about his visit to that same mall the day before. what he intended to do. here's abc's alex perez. >> reporter: tonight, new details about 24-year-old emanuel aranda, the suspect that police say cold-heartedly grabbed a 5-year-old boy and threw him nearly 40 feet from a third floor balcony at the mall of america. according to court documents, aranda telling investigators he had cased the mall the day before and he "intended to kill someone, an adult," but chose d
3:43 pm
aware it "was wrong." the horrifying scene unfolding friday. >> we could see the emts over the little child and all we could see are his little feet. >> reporter: the suspect's motivation? police say he was angry because he had been rejected by women he approached at the mall. aranda, who's facing first degree attempted murder charges, had been banned from the mall in the past for throwing water in a women's face and destroying property. his family says he has mental health issues. >> what happened to that baby is so unfortunate, but it's going to bring light to mental illness. >> reporter: david, that 5-year-old boy, his name is landen, his injuries are life hft threatening. loved ones say he has many surgeries ahead of him. that suspect is due in court tomorrow. david? >> alex perez again tonight. alex, thank you. and inna nit, thsuspect in n re-aricanchur n been charged with hate crimes, as well. three black searur churches wer
3:44 pm
destroyed in ten days. holden matthews pleaded notgu a hate crime charges today. he's being held without bond. actress lori loughlin has pleaded not guilty tonight in that college admissions scan dam. last week, she and her husband were charged with an additional charge of conspiracy to commit money laundering on top of a mail fraud conspiracy charge. they are accused of paying a half a million dollars in bribes to get their daughters admitted to usc. actress felicity huff maun took a much different path last week, apologizing publicly and pleading guilty to a single charge. now, to tiger woods tonight, and one of the great comebacks in sports history, his win at the masters tournament. a triumph over scandal and injury, hugging his children. president trump so impressed by will present him with the he presidential medal of freedom. and tonight, we learned of the one man that made $1.2 million on a bet he made right before the masters. here's abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: this is what redemption looks like.
3:45 pm
>> the return to glory! >> reporter: that signature fist pump and megawatt smile marking an improbable comeback. tiger woods celebrating his fifth masters win. every bit as much a professional triumph as it is a personal one. and of course, that hug. a dad with his son. so reminiscent of the embrace tiger shared with his own father after his first masters win in 1997. >> here it is. >> when i tapped the putt in, i don't know what i did, but i know i screamed. to have my kids there, it's come full circle. >> reporter: it's being described as perhaps the greatest comeback in sports. in recent years, the headlines were not about his golf game, but a multitude of setbacks, including a dui arrest, a cheating scandal that led to a very public divorce, and crippling back injuries that led to four surgeries. at one time, his world ranking had fallen out of the top 1,000. >> i could barely walk. i couldn't sit.
3:46 pm
i couldn't lay down. i couldn't really do much of anything. most satisfying. >> all right, this is pretty cool. tiger woods -- this is his 15th major victory. that puts him just three now behind jack nicklaus, who tonight says, he's shaking in his boots? >> reporter: i can understand why. next up, the pga championship, on a course where tiger has had victory before. beth page black on long island. and david, he's favored to win. >> he wasn't the only winner. an american man won $1.2 million on a bet? >> reporter: he turned $85,000 into $1.2 million. his first time ever betting. not bad. >> not bad. linsey, thank you. there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this monday. the news about the nationwide measles outbreak. where they're most concerned. also, the college senior falling to her death from the top of the bell tower at school. and now come reports she made a snapchat video right before. the teenager under arrest tonight, his alleged plan for his high school after what he's accused of doing to his grand parents. and the rescue off florida
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take it seriously. next tonight here, the deadly fall under investigation at fordham university here in new york city. a senior plunging to her death. now reports tonight of a snapchat video taken just before the fall. here's abc's erielle reshef. >> reporter: tonight, police in new york investigating how 22-year-old sydney monfries was able to sneak into fordham university's iconic bell tower with friends and accidentally plunge to her death. >> female fell from a high location. neck and head injuries. top of the bell tower at video from t top of thto fm str laing. >> that's just very sad. just a tragic incident. >> reporter: the tower is routinely locked off-limits to anyone tempted to climb to the
3:50 pm
top after hours to take in that breathtaking view. it's winding staircase seen here during one of the university's official guided tours. monfries, whose love of travel was captured on her instagram feed, was set to graduate next month. tonight, her family grieving. >> they are heartbroken. it's the hardest thing i've ever had to witness. david, a spokesperson for the university items me none of the other students involved in this incident will face disciplinary action. david? >> erielle reshef tonight. ere chef, thank you. when we come back here tonight, the high school student arrested tonight. his plan for his high school after what police say he did to his grandparents. also, there's news coming in right now about the measles outbreak spreading across the u.s. the eye-opening new numbers. ♪ - [woman] with shark's duo clean, i don't just clean, iyep, this too,rpets and this, please. even long hair and pet hair are no problem, but the one thing i won't have to clean is this
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both of which can be serious or fatal;... dizziness upon standing; falls; seizures; impaired judgment; heat sensitivity; and trouble swallowing may occur. ask if vraylar can help you get on track. to the index of other news, and to the teenager arrested for a double murder in wisconsin. police say alexander krause admitted to shooting and killing his grandparents. authorities found the bodies at their home. police say after his arrest, he admitted wanting to, quote, cause harm at his high school. they have not released details. to the watter rescue off the florida keys tonight. authorities pulled 13 people to safety when their 20-foot pontoon boat took on water in rough seas. the measles outbreak is spreading across the u.s. the cdc is now reporting 90 new cases in one week. the biggest jump this year. there are now 555 confirmed cases in 20 states. the second-highest level since being declared e rad kated nearly 20 years ago. and boston strong. more than 30,000 runners from all over the world taking part
3:54 pm
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common cold symptoms, flu or flu-like symptoms and everything i love. neither should you. tell your doctor to lower your ldl and reduce your risk with repatha®. pay no more than $5 per month with the repatha® copay card. finally, the mayor of paris cathedral tonight appears to have been saved, and the iconic two powers, amid prayers below. tonight, the people of paris, the french and so many tourists, americans among them, watching in horror and disbelief. others praying as their national tre shurz, their lady, notre dame, went up in flames.
3:58 pm
edot de, comfort in song. they call "our lady," built in the middle ages, finished in the 12th century. it would take 200 years to complete. images from inside tonight, reminding us of better days. the stained glass ow tonight, we've learned that just days before the fire, 16 copper statures, the apostles, were taken off the spire, taken away to be cleaned, saved from the fire. as tonight they pray and sing, hoping much of the cathedral will be saved, too. and we are with paris tonight. i hope to see live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> oh my god! >> catastrophe in paris. fire rips through notre dame
3:59 pm
cathedral, bringing down its iconic spire, while the people of france and around the world look on in stunned sadness. here in the bay area, the local connection to the iconic building and how it recovered from another fire. good afternoon. thank you for joining us today. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm larry beil live at oracle arena, where we will preview game two of the warriors/clippers preview series, and we'll also hear from kevin durant who apologized to his teammates this morning. that's coming up. >> thank you, larry. now back to france and the fire at notre dame, it's almost out and the damage is done, and french president macron is promising to rebuild. >> the fire broke out around 6:30 in paris, tearing through the roof of the famed structure. the stats of the treasures inside, that's unknown. but so far it appears the twin towers at the front of the cathedral are safe. >> at this point, officials aren't saying what caused the fire, but firefighters at the scene told reporters it's
4:00 pm
potentially linked to the $7 million renovation project that is now under way. we have team coverage this afternoon, beginning with abc reporter julia mcfarland. >> there it goes. >> the moment the spire fell captured on camera, to gusts of anguish. >> oh my god. >> paris's iconic notre dame cathedral gutted by flames. firefighters working to tackle the blaze, but it was not enough to save the historic steeple. >> it's one of the great treasures of the world. it's a terrible sight to behold. >> notre dame has stood for over 750 years. unlike the modern eiffel tower,


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