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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 16, 2019 1:07am-1:43am PDT

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paris vows to rebuild after one of the world's most iconic cathedrals goes up in flames. >> i'm kate larson in san francisco, where parishioners are all praying for people in paris. you'll hear from the good samaritan that stopped an attempted kidnapping suspect from running away. survivors of domestic violence and human traffic will all soon an enhancement to support services. "abc7 news" starts now. >> live, breaking news. >> that breaking news is the warriors, blowing a 31-point lead. they lost to the clippers, 135-131, the series is now tied up one game apiece. larry beil will have more from the game coming up. now to the other top story. it's just after 8:00 a.m. in paris, and we're getting our first look at notre dame since being engulfed.
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the 850-year-old land mark burned for hours yesterday. >> the main structure and the iconic towers are in tact, but the spire and roof were destroyed. at least one firefighter was seriously injured battling the blaze. the fire may have been connected to restoration work. >> notre dame is on a small island in paris. the foundation was laid in 1163. when the fire broke out, many feared the entire structure would be lost. >> reporter: one of paris' most iconic land marks, up in flames. this is the moment notre dame's spire fell. it's todstood for 850 years, an now we're seeing for the first time what it looks like inside. don watched from terror as fire engulfed the building. >> there's no question that was the most horrifying moment. my partner and i were standing
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on the balcony and she started crying when the spire fell down. it's such an iconic part of the paris skyline. >> reporter: parisians gathering monday night, breaking into holy song at moments. ♪ the fire whipped through the gothic church through holy week, seen as the most important on the christian calendar. is this is is a hugely important place for catholics, for the history of france, and at the center of the story of the parisian people. >> reporter: firefighters saved the iconic towers. but 2/3 of an entire roof is charred. an emotional president emmanuel macron vowing to rebuild, and asking for international help. president trump offered his thoughts on the damage tonight, saying the ka necathedral is on
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the great treasures of the world. here is a close look before and after of notre dame. the left is what it looked like before the fire. many pieces of precious artifacts and artwork were saved. back here in the bay area, san francisco city hall is lit up in solidarity with paris. kate larson joins us there live. kate? >> reporter: notre dame transcends beauty, a time, religion, it's a symbol of hope. you can see city hall beautifully represents that. the mayor tweet thing tonight, we light san francisco city hall in solidarity with the mayor of paris and all parisians. like churches all over the world, the bell tower at san francisco's grace cathedral was inspired by notre dame. and at st. dominic's, the church
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lit through stain glass artistry. >> praying that they're all safe, that the firemen and everything. >> my prayer was for them to find the strength to rebuild. >> it's the most holy week leading up to easter, which is the most important day in the christian callahan car. we'll be praying for all those catholics in france. >> reporter: for barry and many christians, the fire and all that was lost was deeply personal. >> i can never visit that same building and pray there, and have my spirit lifted by the soaring arches, the gothic splendor. however, the catholic faith is about resurrection and rebuilding and something good will come out of this. >> it was partially destroyed during the french revolution. >> reporter: mitchell schwartz
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points out that notre dame has survived plagues and wars, and if history repeats itself, the cathedral will come back stronger than before. >> they'll probably use concrete this time, put the roof back on and build a new spire. >> reporter: grace cathedral will be praying for notre dame wednesday night, as will churches throughout the bay area, as easter approaches and the ashes cool. i'm kate larson, "abc7 news." >> kate, thank you. we first sent out the alert about this breaking news at 10:38 this morning. to receive news updates and alerts like this one, enable the push alert feature. new at 11:00, a mother and 2-year-old toddler are safe after a stranger tried to grab the child on the streets of san francisco. cornell bernard spoke with a good samaritan who helped stop the man. he joins us live now from the castro district. cornell? >> reporter: eric, that incident
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happened on 17th street in the middle of the day. that good samaritan stopped the suspect from running away. >> it's probably a combination of adrenaline and fatherly instinct. >> reporter: adam walker said it happened so fast. friday, he and his wife were walking with their son, leo, when they passed a mother with her young son. shortly after we walked by, we heard her screaming, yelling for police, for help, saying someone had taken her child. >> reporter: 34-year-old roscoe holyoak grabbed the child and started running. >> he put the toddler down and smiled at everybody, and then started sprinting. >> i didn't think much about it. i ran after him. >> reporter: walker chased the suspect for several blocks. >> once he saw he was cornered, he gave up, put his hands in the air. at that point, i grabbed him and walked him over to the sidewalk. >> reporter: neighbors called
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911. the man was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping. >> every parent's nightmare. >> it's a horrible situation. >> reporter: neighbors reacted. sabrina is pretty proud of her brave husband. >> i'm so proud of him and i just -- i'm happy that person was caught and no one was hurt. >> reporter: as a parent, adam says he didn't think twice about chasing down the suspect. >> in that situation, you don't think much about it. you just act with your heart, not with your head. >> reporter: acting with your heart, he's a very brave man. walker with his family moved to san francisco from anchorage, alaska. the suspect is now in jail. live in san francisco, cornell bernard, "abc7 news." good evening, everyone. look at what we're tracking. we have train drops on the roadways, as we look from our san rafel bridge. we're going to go to live
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doppler 7 and i'm going to showout where it is raining. right now in the santa rosa area, across highway 101, marleau road, seeing pockets of moderate rain. scattered lighter showers across other parts of the region, from livermore, heading across mission road, and around the san francisco peninsula. very spotty here. let me show you a timeline of what you can expect. in the overnight hours, showers continue, and they taper as we head towards tomorrow morning. i'll let you know if we're done with the showers and what's ahead. it's a big change, coming up. in the south bay, a clear sign that someone is angry about san jose's sanctuary city policy. this banner was posted near the home of bambi larson. it says, the mayor has blood on his hands due to her death and reads "fix our city, you jerk." and undocumented immigrant faces
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charges for larson's murder in february. an outpouring of support for an oakland family devastated by a hit and run crash. the family was walking home on saturday when they were hit at 26th avenue and foothill bouleva boulevard. the mother and 6-year-old died.i >> the sweetest, brightest, most inquisitive student. he always had a smile on his face. >> police say they're looking for this man, who they believe drove into the family. take a look at a firefighter's perspective arms length away from flames here. flames were pouring through a third floor window when they arrived no. one was hurt. city and county agencies are coming together to discuss
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necessary support services. that story next. >> and it will be a smoother ride for some drivers. which city just got a big cash infusion for road repairs. and zigzags down this street in america. >> here's a look at what's coming up on jimmy kimmel live. >> you will not believe what you're about to see. >> oh, my god, what happened? i couldn't even stand on it.
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building a better bay area sometime s involves reviewing services available. leaders want to reshape services for survivors of sex abuse. april is sexual assault awareness and prevention preveno >> reporter: leaders, law enforcement, advocate s and agencies were all ears. in the audience -- >> we see that similar tactics are used by traffickers,
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sometimes by rapists. >> reporter: leaders are thinking more broadly about the different types of victimization. survivors often deal with a number of sex and abuse crimes. those should soon notice response will no longer be dictated by the type of violence. a major challenge was funding. >> we give them money for domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse. but we want to fund them to provide resources, irrespective of what the victim has experienced. >> reporter: the county board of supervisors announced in unit would set aside $5 millionononon services. >> something major unfortunately has to happen, and then oh, gee, we should have done that. >> reporter: supervisor chavez credits dr. blazy ford, who
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accused then supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh of sexual assault. >> we want to create more environments for people to be brave. another major focus of our building a better bay area series has been transportation and infrastructure. new state funding will help repave some of san francisco's busiest roads like bay street in the marina neighborhood. the 22.5 million dollars in new funds will repave 150 blocks and construct 350 curve ramps to get people around. some other planned jobs include sanchez street in the mission. the work will start this summer. we would like to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. you can share them by joining our better bay area facebook group. traffic on the crooked part of san francisco's lombard street has long been an issue. >> now there's a proposed to enact a toll and create a
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reservation system. >> people would have to make reservation online and pay $5 to drive down the block. >> we want this treasure to be seen from people all around the world and make sure this neighborhood is liveable. >> we should not pay for it, we're here to appreciate it. >> if the bill passes and signed by the governor, it would take up to a year to implement. drivers had to face a little rain on the road. >> sandhya patel is here. >> let's take a look at live doppler 7. i want to show you what it looks hike right now. we're still tracking showers. so street level radar, santa rosa, west college avenue, sonoma avenue, very light rain across highway 101. seeing light to moderate showers, petaluma road as you will notice. and we pan around to other spots where it's very light from 680 walnut creek, san ramone valley
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road. right around broadmore, skyline boulevard and it hasn't amounted to a lot. 0.05 in santa rosa. concord and napa area got about 0.05. any rain, though, that we can get will help our situation. this is the view from our emeryville camera. a time lapse view from tonight. i'm hoping some of this rain washed away some tree pollen. i know people that are suffering from allergies and i'm one of them. here's another look, the fog is just stacked up here. showers overnight, patchy morning fog, partial clearing by midday with much more of a pattern thursday and friday. right now in the sierra, the snow showers are tapering, moving from south lake tahoe. chains were required up there and it's always a good idea to
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carry the chains. winter weather advisory, about 5500 feet. six to nine inches of snow expected. up to 15 inches for the peaks. 40s, 50s, clouds holding those temperatures up. it's a light level one system for tonight. a little accumulation, so hour by hour we go. 11:30 tonight, we still have showers. the wee hours of the morning, around 4:00 a.m., we'll stop this for you. still could see isolated showers, marly particularly in south bay. watch out from the overnight showers, and then we'll start to see the clearing right around midday hours. 40s, 50s out the door tomorrow morning. watch out for fog and slippery roadways. and tomorrow afternoon, temperatures in the low to upper 60s. breezy at the coast. a little bit of sun and clouds, sun in the seven-day forecast. isolated morning drops and sunny and warmer for your wednesday. look at the warmth.
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friday, thursday, 70s around the coast. cooler everywhere saturday. but sunday, it is looking nice for easter. really nice looking weather for the kids. and the egg hunts and services, if you're going to services. monday looks nice and dry, as well. >> thanks, sandhya. tomorrow on "good morning
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we want to share with you a story about survival and really uncanny perception. workers on an oil rig 137 miles from the coast of thailand spotted a dog in the water. the pup was just clinging to a pole. they used a rope to pull him to the platform. that dog is now getting healthier. worke e one of them plans to adopt him. "abc7 news" sports director larry beil is at oracle arena, where the warriors took on the clippers. and it wasn't pretty. >> i thought you said they were going to win this one, larry.
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>> uh, yeah. i was wrong. i'm just stunned, shocked, disbelief. a double whammy for the warriors. they blew a 31-point lead to the clippers in game two of the playoff series. and will probably lose damarcus cousins for the rest of the postseason.
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only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ larry beil live at oracle arena. we're all stunned and shocked after what we witnessed tonight. the warriors, coasting along, blow a 31-point lead to the clippers in game two of their playoff series. and the warriors probably lost damarcus cousins for the balance of this postseason. let's show you the injury. it occurred early in the game. boogie running down the loose ball and his left leg gives out before he falls. might be a torn left quad. mri scheduled tomorrow. final seconds of the half, steph curry hits the three. warriors on a 12-2 run. they were up 23.
1:36 am
91-63 here. it's a durant dunk. ws led by as many as 31. but sweat lou scored 17 in the third as the warriors just stopped playing. lou would go for 36. fourth quarter, game changer, durant fouls out on a moving screen. he had nine turnovers. only eight shots total. so it's a two-point game. it's williams, who is feeling it. oh, look at the stepback right there. and we're tied at 128-128. next possession, steph, splash. you're cities okay, they're going to be okay. one-point game with 18 seconds left. no fear! clippers with the lead, 133-131. 12 seconds left. warriors go to steph. the clippers, in stunning fashion, take game two, 135-131.
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the series tied 1-1. >> we stopped playing. you know, defense, offense, execution wise. we were not as engaged as we needed to be. and we got exactly what we deserved. >> we let our guard down. we weren't the aggressors anymore. we didn't deserve to win that game. the basketball gods didn't reward us. >> ourry s there. it's going to sting a little bit, for sure. >> warriors took their foot off the gas as we've seen many times this season and paid for it big time. the northern california coast, luke walton introduces the new coach of the kings today in sacramento. he came in and offered his former teammate a job. sharks down 2-1 in their series with vegas. they will not have joe thornton
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tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." a truck is rolling into an empty station. >> and literally gets a little bit strange. >> see one driver's dramatic attempt to stop a dangerous disaster. >> please don't do -- no. villagers spot elephants struggling in a pond. >> yikes. that's going to be a monster rescue. >> the incredible way the hole herd saved their lost calf. >> all right. go on. it's bella's big day and -- >> she's all dressed up and ready to go. >> why a special surprise makes all her birthday dreams come true. >> that's so sweet. and, daring explorers enter the tunnel of terror. >> and it has a spooky feel to it. >> find out what chilling creatures are crawling in this
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eerie cave. >> ah! couple videos from china, both from gas stations. first one starts all relatively calm and quiet. i was honestly keeping my eyes on a swivel, trying to figure out where the problems were going to come from. this truck starts pulling in. another video gets a little bit strange because in this particular moment you see this guy running out and goes right in front of a truck. >> don't do it, dude. >> pause it right here. now i'll let you know that guy right there is the driver of the truck. >> oh. snap. >> and you may have ♪ ed i missed it the first time but it was actually just parked up there. suddenly the parking brake has failed. the truck slowly starts rolling directly towards this gas station and now as you can see the driver is trying his best. unfortunately he goes underneath the truck and looks like one of the wheels might clip and now he's hit the gas. gas is spraying all over the floor and then suddenly the truck stops just short of hitting the


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