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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 17, 2019 1:07am-1:41am PDT

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i've slain your dreaded dragon. for saving the kingdom what doth thou desire? my lord? hey good knight. where are you going? ♪
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♪ climbing up on solsbury hill ♪ grab your things, salutations. coffee that is a cup above is always worth the quest. nespresso. tis all i desire. did thou bring enough for the whole kingdom? george: nespresso, what else? police in oakland with a
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crackdown. >> i'm kate larson, where a whale carcass has washed acareer dogs in the workplace. is it a perk or a problem? we explore all sides of this dog debate. >> live where you live, this is "abc7 news." t of bay.rous sideshow spinning under pressure to act, police vowing to crack down this weekend. >> oakland city leaders are following suit, supporting stiffer paicts. we are king, are therenso t pr? ur reporr theor eporter:hisayht international an 42 no arrests were made, even though a bus and big rig set on fire and a driver held up at gunpoint. >> the sideshow is getting more
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violent in the 22 years i've been on the council. >> reporter: that's why they're proposing a bill that was make a sideshow a felony and impound a car up to a month. plus, for the first time, bystanderks be charged, too. >> it can time for this council to fight hard for this piece of legislation. >> reporter: everyone on the council agrees, and some even want more, like a social media task force. >> what would be helpful is if we have -- whether it's opd or a task force to look through social media and see where the next sideshow will be in the city. >> reporter: opponents insist criminalization isn't the answer. >> this law is once more a step in the direction of more young people in jail. >> reporter: and perhaps legalizing it is. >> the city su there's insurancelibeing assu into the light and you legalize it and
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legitimize it, that gives you a better grounds to enforce. >> reporter: oakland police and the sheriff's department plan to work together to step up patrols this weekend. >> thank you, lisa. we want to hear your ideas. a marin county school district voted to change its name that many considered racist. critics of the dixie school district argued the word "dixie" was closely linked to slavery and the confederate psed3-1. ke. now i don't know what i'm going to do for the next 10 or 15 years. >> the board did not decide on a new name.
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they will take suggestions from the community. the new name for the district and the elementary school will be voted on in august. twice dead, dead discovered in the bay area. kate larson is live in pacifica. kate? >> caller: the whale here is about a mile north of the pier here on a rocky beach. biologists in the bay area are concerned about the gray whales which are turning up too thin in their migration. a grayle asidein, wer animnchored to the beach. >> we're t, and just saw this tsve .
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discovered thehale onw their c. >> i fear there's a lot of pollution in the ocean. >> reporter: this is one of five dead gray whales found in the bay area this year. this 1-year-old male was found two weeks ago. after floating in the bay for days, sky 7 found this gray whale had finally washed ashore tuesday in richmond. >> right now, it's the great whale migration, so they're going north towards alaska. >> reporter: she say inease inu bay area this year. >> three out of the four whales we have examined so far died of mall knnutrition, so there's gog going on to cause them not to find the right food. so whether the oceans are
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warming, not enough food source material, something along those lines. >> reporter: alaska hopes to examine the whales this week. she does say of the whales they have already examined, there have not been any signs of plastic in their stomachs, which has been a theorized cause of death for other whales that have turned up dead around the world. kate larson, "abc7 news." new research finds great white sharks are not fearless. scientists at stanford university studied the animals as they hunted for seals. scientists say the sharks fled when killer whales arrived and didn't return until the following season. they could be targeting great whites as prey or bullying their competition for food. new development tonight. beginning in 2020, gun shows will no longer be held at the venue, and the arena could be
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torn down to make way for a new development. >> and all in favor -- >> aye. >> opposed? >> reporter: with that vote, no more gun shows starting january, 2 2020. shawn richards says he's been pushing for this since 1995. >> it's a sad day, but a happy day. the fact that this was passed on the day of my brother's anniversary, i'm happy about that. i'm 1sad because he's not here. >> reporter: organizers of one of the gun shows say they're thinking of filing a lawsuit. cross roads of the west gun show issued a statement saying we are disappointed and considering our next course of action. it could be legal action. we are looking at all the options. the cal palace itself could become history. san francisco state senator
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scott weiner in february proposed legislation that would pave the way for a developer to come in and knock down the arena and turn it into housing and stores. keep in mind that gun shows taking place this year at the cal palace will go on as scheduled. the san francisco board of supervisors is throwing its support behind a proposal to charge a fee to drive down l lombard street. it's aimed at saighning problem crooked street. visitors could pay up to $10. the effort to rebuild notre dame has reached $700 million. >> as theat the crown of thorns received, reportedly won by jesus. >> 50 investigators are now trying to determine the cause, believed to be linked to renovation work.
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♪ >> reporter: after an imcomprehensible day, scores joined together near their beloved notre dame and mourned a cathedral that has stood at the heart of this great city. new video offers a dramatic look at the scene that greeted hundreds of first responders monday evening. they fired millions of gallons but couldn't save the spire or the roof. >> there's no more roof. it has disappeared. and some water leakages downstairs. and just a nightmare. >> reporter: so what happened in notre dame? the first alarm sounded when tourists were still inside at 6:20 p.m. inspectors found nothing after they searched. then another alarm at 6:43. this time there were flames and it was too late. that 23-minute gap is the focus of an investigation that authorities say will be long and complex. >> i'm lost for words. >> reporter: so many people were
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speechless today. then came news, as devastating as this loss, a cultural catastrophe could have been worse. the cathedral is structurally in tact. and french president emmanuel macron said he will lead the effort to build it back in just five years. >> translator: i deeply believe we're going to change this disaster and work together and reflect deeply on what has happened. what we are, and what we can do. >> you can share your thoughts and send your love to paris by sharing this badge on social media. it's available through our twitter and facebook pages. pet policies at work can be a perk for some and a problem for others. we explore all sides of this dog debate, next. a close call for one family in the north bay. what the driver of that car says happened. a fire at a popular east bay restaurant. why crews were forced to take a different approach in fighting the flaming.
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i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. the warmest air of the season is on the way. i'll shoal you the temperatures in the forecast coming up. >> here's a look at what's coming up on "jimmy kimmel live." >> hey, you have no idea how much money i had to bribe this guy to get my kids into community college. it is tough up here. [ applause ]
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in the east bay, a fire tonight damaged a restaurant on mt. diablo boulevard. fire crews see they were cautious to preserve the historic building that was built in the '30s and had to deal with spot fires. the fire started in the kitchen. everyone at the restaurant evacuated safely. in the north bay, a family narrowly escaped an out of control car. a surveillance camera captured that close call. police say it happened yesterday, as a family was leaving a restaurant in napa. the restaurant workers saw it all. >> once that door shut, it happened within seconds. that was the first thing that
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came to my mind, that andret hay >> the boy seemed fine but scared, but the girl was very scared. >> just a horrible incident. the driver was not arrested. she told police her foot hit the gas instead of the brake. in the south bay, a dog debate sparked by a tweet. >> should your four legged friend be allowed in the workplace? a tech worker said it wasn't an inclusive policy. >> and the comments got a strong response. >> reporter: pets in the workplace, a perk or problem? a tech worker posted what he called an unpopular opinion, sparking a dog debate. many bay area businesses are accommodating pet owners. >> thissal salon i was working clients would bring their dogs
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while they get their hair done. >> reporter: she now has a pup of her own. but his behavior got the best of him. >> i realized it was not going to work out. >> reporter: others day pets in the workplace don't work. the hbo series "silicon valley" put a humorous twist on the topic. >> what about the dogs? they're people, too. >> reporter: she says what some might call the unpopular opinion of wanting no pets in the workplacerodea re perspective. >> lots of people have dog allergies, many people have dog phobias or fears or they don't want that distraction around them. >> reporter: she says the dog debate is right on time. pictures and videos sent to "abc7 news" show many are exercising pet policies. much like any issue of diversity
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and inclusion in the workplace, the debate offers an opportunity for more conversation. >> this seems like an unusual one, but part of the same effort. amanda del castillo, "abc7 news." >> we asked your opinion, are you a fan? 54% said absolutely. 30% said nope. 16% say it doesn't matter to them. let's focus on the weather forecast now for the rest of the week and easter. >> yeah. >> get the dogs outside all week, the weather is going to be fantastic. we'll warm it up, cool it down. live doppler 7, we don't have rain, but we are tracking a little patch of fog along the san mateo coast. an area of low pressure brought in a few showers this morning, but is long gone. high pressure is building in, so we have warmer air on the way. so come thursday, we'll see some of the highest temperatures of
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the season so far. let's take a look at what's ahead. by the time you grab a bite to eat around lunchtime. temperatures in san jose, in the mid to upper 60s. and they're on their way to get up into the 70s as we head towards 2:00 p.m. 69 in napa. by 3:00, you're already in the low 70s. so a fantastic day, not too hot, not too cold. a live look from our tower camera. city hall in san francisco, all decked out tonight. you can enjoy the warmth coming up guilt free. here's why. we're doing well above average for many parts of the bay area, from santa rosa, where over 43 inches of rain has fallen so far this season. 131% of afternoon. sfo 110. we do have some work to do there. in oakland, 99% of average. moffitt field, you're right at 100%. temperatures right now in the
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40s, fift50s. you can see across the bay, which means clear and cool start to the morning. warmer tomorrow, temperatures soared thursday. that's when you feel it. i will be dry for your easter weekend. out the door tomorrow morning, definitely a light extra layer. 40s, 50s for the temperatures. a nice day in the south bay. 76 in gilroy. 74 in sunnyvale. 64 in half moon 60s coastline. 72 in san rafel. and 71 in oakland. sunshine and warmth, 76 in concord. check out what's going to happen on thursday. you'll see temperatures in the mid 80s for warmest spots. friday, still warm inland along the coastline, we'll notice a difference.
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and saturday, sharp drop in the temperatures. here's the seven-day forecast. warming up it, beach weather on thursday and temperatures will go down at the coast friday. everywhere saturday, it is going to be bright for easter and really nice for those easter egg hunts. coastal breeze will keep your temperatures in check for monday and warming up on tuesday. >> outstanding. thanks, sandhya, very much. see why santa may want to think about going high tech. >> and tomorrow on "good morning america" josh
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all right. rc oobicti, instead of having many robots hook eed pulling a diesel truck. it's about the sizepr oab sostng on to sports. >> the warriors march to another
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championship, just getting a little tougher. injury update on cousins, how long he's expected to miss. and vegas puts on a show against the ♪ mmm, exactly!ug
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the warriors blew the biggest lead in playoff history yesterday. the real loss came today. damarcus cousins might be out for the rest of the playoffs with a torn left quad. it happened with 8:30 remaining in the first quarter of last night's historic loss to the clippers. he was hurt living for a loose ball. the warriors say he's out indefinitely, and will begin rehabilitation immediately. the injury comes just three months since returning after missing almost a fulilles tendo. the sharks are leaving vegas empty handed and on the brink of going bust. game four of the stanley cup playoffs, the golden knights are looking to sit atop the nhl's iron throne. opening minutes of the game, av
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theodore skates through the defense and scores. 2-0, vegas. on the power play in the second, the puck bounces right back, and he fires it in. the knights skate by the sharks 5-0. they now lead the series three games to one. well, the giants want to make swinging for the fences easier at oracle park. take a look at this. yeah, they're thinking of moving in the fences in right center and getting rid of triples alley. the team would move the bullpen to behind the wall. and the design changes could take a few years. the giants opening an eight-game road trip in the nation's capital. the giants flexing their muscles in the 5th. longoria goes yard to tie the game at 1-1. a few batters later, steven
1:37 am
duggar goes the other way, an on silt field two-run homer. giants lead 3-1. but wait, there's nor. 6th inning, brandon belt belts it. the giants, three home runs in the game. they had just ten coming into this thing. they win by the final of 7-3. the a's opening a two-game set against houston. and look out. 1-0, 'stros in the first. look at the range and the sliding catch. next batter, michael brantley. this is why matt chapman is a platinum gold winner. and then the snow cone catch. 4-0 'stros in the 4th. bases loaded, see you later. a grand slam off of hendricks. the 'stros win 9-1. houston has won ten in a row. they are the hottest team in baseball. baseball. this sports report sponsored by [phone ringing]
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appreciate your time. >> thanks for being with us. ♪ tv's number one daily viral video show "right this minute."
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a woman and a wild deer named albert become inseparable until >> albert disappears. >> the moment she spots him years a later and wonders if he'll remember. [ crying] >> when an armed car jacker struggles with a driver, the high drama of an angry crowd determined to stop him.lf perfect strangers are about to find out >> we're all connected in some way. >> how simple clues reveal what they've got uncommon. >> how cool is that? >> and a fed up guy who decides. >> taking out the trash. >> see who he can con into being his butlers for a day. ♪ >> there are relationships in your life that leave a mark. one day in 2017 that very young
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deer stumbled upon her fawn and the deer would hangout, hangout with the other animals. it even has a name, albert. when she calls out to him, he comes. >> and she's peting it like a dog. >> unfortunately one day when she went out to run an errand, albert disappeared. >> he was a wild deer to begin with so maybe ea he just went back to the wild. >> but don't forget the deer had been with her for months. did it remember how to be a wild deer? we don't know. so for the next two years anytime she saw a deer about the same size


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