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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  April 17, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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a mother leaving the restaurant with her two children when a car misses hitting them by seconds. now we're hearing from that mother and she has quite a story to tell, as you can imagine. such a close call. good evening. >> thank you for joining us. this happened at the via corona restaurant at bel aire plaza. >> wayne? >> reporter: where i'm standing right now, right in the path of where the car passed through two days ago. her name is julianna perez. she's made many trips here. today she came not to eat but to express her thanks. the biggest of hugs. a universal language, very useful, when trying to process emotions that cannot be put into words. >> i just opened the door. >> reporter: by now, the surveillance camera video of what happened t a
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her two small children outside the via corona restaurant has circled the world several times. after the car came right at them. they walked away. >> i can't believe it. we are alive. and i'm so lucky. i saw the car very close to me. and i'm like, it's coming. i cannot do anything. >> reporter: the napa police described the driver as a 60-year-old woman who says she thought she was hitting the brakes. >> how fast was she going? >> i don't know. very fast. >> very fast. >> very fast. >> she told her story to reporters once today so she wouldn't have to do so again. she left 5-year-old oscar and 3-year-old danielle at home. she has no interest in them
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reviving the trauma. >> i can't understand that. >> only the word miracle describes it. as for the driver, the name is still not released. the napa police say they have not charged her at this point. what's interesting, julianna said she doesn't know the driver's name either. nor has she been contacted by driver's insurance company. abc7 news. >> thank you. they are so lucky. there may be trouble ahead for the oakland a's in the team's hopes of building a new ballpark. the maritime industry is now pushing back on a plan launched by the team late last year. laura anthony is live at howard terminal with a look at the concerns and response from the a's team. this is a very busy place. part of the third largest port on the east coast.
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that's why at least -- longshoreman eric wright represents a coalition of unions. those other oppose the plan to build the new ballpark at howard terminal. >> it will impact labor and thousands of jobs in the port area. there's no infrastructure for transportation. it will impact the truckers, coming in and out of the port. >> reporter: the public opposition comes months after being named the first choice. it will be surrounded by retail and other amenities. >> we've been working with them of. >> reporter: the a's president said he's met numerous times with the maritime industry to discuss concerns around howard terminal. >> are you surprised by this?
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it is not like this is a new idea. >> we've been working the key stake holders to make sure the issues are addressed in a meaningful way. >> reporter: contrary to critics claims, he says the shipping turn around channel will not be impeded but improved with the construction of a new stadium. >> from my perspective, it is unfortune it is coming out now. >> it was turned down. they spent a lot of money and done a lot of renderings.ings. why are they opposed to it now? >> reporter: the mayor weighed in. she said it is important to listen to all voices in this discussion. she believes that the busy port that we're seeing now accident and the new ballpark could co-exist in this location with all the jobs and the developments the new ballpark would bring.
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abc7 news. thank you. the two dead whales have turned up. a third whale carcass was discovered in hercules saturday. there will be a necropsy to determine the cause of death. bay area experts say what is going on here lately is certainly unusual. even before the first dead whale showed up along our coast, alarm bells were going off in mexico. >> when we got down there, the whales are late, the whales are late. >> chris, from the numbers were high. where gray whales go to breed. >> the journey this year seems to be taking them longer. the fact that they would get down to baja shows that that tht
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mistimed it. >> reporter: she says gray whales don't usually come into the bay. if they do, it is because something is wrong. >> it's a desperate move and it has us alarmed. because we've seen this play out before. in 1999 and 2000, where we lost 30% of the population. >> reporter: you like hump back whales which eat along the way, gray whiles are bottom feeders. they feed on mud they use these excursions to
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take pictures of whales, to identify them and monitor the migration on the website, happy whale. you can find a link on our website. abc7 many of us are used to paying for bags at the store. but now there is an effort to increase it from 10 cents to 25 cents. what do you think? are these bad fees good for the environment? is 10 cents enough or do you want to bring back the free bags? meanwhile, hive outside city hall with the reaction. >> well, most of the shoppers we spoke with today agree that we should cut down on the use of these plastic bags. but there are some questions. >> whatever we can do to help the planet, that is what we should be trying to do. >> karen is an owner of the good life grocery store. it has been a fixture here for
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almost three decades. she and her colleague tell us, raising the bags from 10 cents to a quarter might encourage shoppers to bring their own bags. a good thing. the more problematic, these plastic produce bags. for now they're still allowed. but only for certain things like vegetables, meat, and other selected foods. >> they'ring but items. so they're very difficult for granola and nuts. >> would it ban mass produce bags, period. >> i think it is doable but hit take a him more help from the city. and help just in investigating what there is to use. >> as far as this goes, i think, i actually wish that there was less plastic around. and maybe encouraging the uses of compostable ones or bringing your own bags. >> for produce, go back to
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wrapping them in newspapers. >> no problem for colleen irwin who never uses plastic bags anyway. >> i forgot my diet today. i'm going to carry these home. >> there may be another issue here if these bags are band. says mike gains. jack's owner. >> to pick up my dog's mess. that's one thing. and we actually use those, too. >> okay. >> well, there are compostable poop bags, if i can use that word on the air. if it becomes effect, it goes into effect next year. so are these good for the environment? is 10 cents enough? do you want the free bags back? you can take a look. 66% are saying bring back the free bags. you can continue voting through 7:00 p.m. it's been close to a 84
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since will since, they want more documents from the government. they've received close to 20 million pages. the attorney says because of this, they are not ready for a trial date. the prosecutors say they're ready for the judge to set a date at a status conference on monday. holmes is accused of falsely claiming the technology could run dozens of blood tests with a single drop of blood. and hiding the tests' failures from customers and investors. despite all of this, the government is continuing to award the patents. the market research firm says it has been awarded five patents in 2019 so far. the high cost of prescription drugs and the new effort to get them under control. how 10 million southern californians could help us in the bay area. the warriors' first practice since they blew a 31-point lead. what draymond is saying about the collapse. plus, the new word on demarcus cousins. the niners get ready for the
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call. >> and it's time to hit the
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with about a week to go until the nfl draft, they hosted the annual local pro day this afternoon. giving draft eligible athletes a chance to get in front of scouts and coaches for the first time. abc7 news reporter chris has the story. >> reporter: hey there. the athletes really hoping to make a lasting impression this afternoon. as for the fans, even though it is only april, they say they cannot wait for the season to come. under the bright blue skies this afternoon, these players are california dreaming. dreaming of the chance to play
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in the nfl. perhaps for the san francisco 49ers. >> i could move from inside to outside. i think it could be pretty good. >> reporter: dozens of draft eligible athletes took field at the 49ers' practice facility. bay area college or high school graduates, all are hoping to impress ahead of the nfl draft. the 49ers with the second pick. at sports fever at valley fair, the manager says they've already got the 49ers' merchandise ready to go with more scheduled to arrive in the coming months. >> excited to see what jimmy garoppolo has. we only saw him for a couple games. see if he's worth all the money they gave him. >> player safety, mainly concussions, are top of mind. those were down by 29% of the 2018 regular season. with a couple of rule changes that might have contributed to the difference. the topics, certainly not lost on fans.
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they are going to be hitting harder for sure. fans saying it is a part of the game. >> the love of the sport keeps everyone going. >> an intense game, obviously. you can watch the nfl draft here on abc7 next week. it will air starting at 5:00 p.m., thursday, april 25th. 4:00 p.m., april 24th. and 9:00 a.m. saturday, april 27 ths. the warriors get back to action tomorrow in the first round playoff series with the clippers. tied 1-1. the doves practiced in oakland before heading south to play at staples center. they're confident after the loss. kevin durant admits it was super shocking. >> with half a quarter to go,
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you just lose out of nowhere. somebody run up to you and punch you in the gut and run away. you don't even know how to explain it. >> yeah. the team is feeling the loss of senator marcus cousins. coach steve kerr that cousins won't need surgery but it is doubtful he'll return for the playoffs. a reminder, you'll be able to watch sun afternoon at 12:30 here at abc7. michael finney is here with that. >> interesting. you may remember, when he was sworn in. the first thing he said he did was sign legislation that would make sure that california is moving ahead with the plan, his plan to lower drug prices. after taking , heha legislation. today, i should say, it was an executive order. today governor announced, los angeles county will join the effort. he says the county's 10 million people gives the state a
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stronger hand to negotiate deals. >> now we're able to go to the table. one table. with massive capacity to lenk the negotiation at that table. to drive down costs. to put more money in your pocket books. >> los angeles county is the first local partner in the system. is it a good idea for cities to run their own banks? there is a state bill that would allow local governments to some more the option of creating their own banks. the idea is to help the unbanked keep local money local. they are saying taxpayers could be put at risk. >> you may want to book an airline ticket for that vacation. airfares are likely to go up this summer. with the 737 max planes, playing
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a large role. the discount airlines are among largest customers. the grounding of the max planes has removed many low cost seats from circulation. there is the issue of just simply supply and demand with fewer planes available, airlines are finding it difficult to keep the regular schedules. hundreds of nights a day as we reported, have been canceled through august. >> a pretty big impact. thanks. well, the weather is making an impact. >> sandy patel is here with the weekend forecast which includes easter. it will be fantastic for easter. i want to show you another equally stunning view right now from our camera. just sit back, enjoy, relax. 63 in san francisco. oakland, you're at 69. low 70s from mountain view, san those morgan hill. and the sea lions at pier 39 enjoying the sunshine. 74 in santa rosa right now.
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77, vacaville. you're in the mid 70s as you're making plan for saturday, it will be much cooler. more fog, more high clouds. the temperatures will rebound on sunday and it will be a hopping good time for any of your easter plans. low 60s to mid 70s. i'll show you a closer view of easter sunday. the sun come up. you will need a jacket. temperatures in the 40s, 50s. becoming brighter at noontime. when the sun sets, the temperatures will fall, 50s, 60s. we did have some earlier this morning. up 8 degrees. 10 degrees warmer in livermore. and here's the view from our san
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jose camera. get ready to sweat tomorrow. it will run a good 15 degrees higher than this time of year san jose, 12 degrees. make sure you have plenty of sun screen on. the uv index will be very high tomorrow. you can burn in less than 15 minutes. we'll see fog developing, pushing locally inward. it will be thick in spots. it pulls away. it will be a nice warm day. tomorrow morning, watch out for that fog. temperatures, 40s, 50s, tomorrow afternoon. santa clara expecting the warmest weather of the season so
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far. 70 in the sunset district. santa rosa, 79, owing, 80 in newark, castro valley. stay hydrated. 84, livermore and pleasanton. it is going to be sharply cooler on saturday. 50s, 60s, and then mild for easter. low 60s to mid 70s. pleasant weather. we'll go with bright and breezy and warmer pattern as we head toward tuesday and wednesday in particular with mid 80s showing up. you can always download the app. >> we're in spring now.
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we are just learning that san francisco's famed musical review beach blanket babylon will close at the end of the year. known for its hats and pop culture spoofs, it opened in 1974. it is the longest running musical review in the world. it has been seen by 6.5 million people. insiders say pinterest is now targeting $19 a share in its ipo. the company is expected to launch itself into the public market tworm the initial public offering. that price would imply a market valuation close to $10 billion. we'll see. the best mid-size companies as ranked by employees.
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three in the bay area make the top ten. biomarin in san rafael came in fourth. air bnb comes in seventh. and workday comes in at tenth. that's a cloud based hr and finance company in pleasanton. as for the top ten large companies in the bay area, google and stanford were the only two to makes the list. >> and some function has been restored in the brains of dead pigs. the green areas are neurons. pre treatment on the left. the same brain on the right treated with the technology. it pumped the brains full of oxygen, chemicals and nutrients. they made the discovery and point out that none of the pigs's brains regained consciousness or awareness. the new research may one day help doctors restore brain function in stroke patients.
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a baby born on the side of the road. and then having to be revived. one family is very grateful to a chp officer. we'll have that story next. first we want to thank rodrigo for this picture. share your
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. coming up, they act very quickly and violently. smash and grab robbers hit a luxury san francisco store. tonight what's being considered to keep stores in the area safe. also. >> with the 180 here and the 360 here, it is everything to get everything it sees in 3d. >> rebuilding notre dame.
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a look at how laser scanning technology could be the saving grace to getting it done properly. >> and cash used to be king. not anymore. michael finney looks at the current cash versus credit battle. all that plus much more coming up in half an hour. >> but finally this evening, a highway patrol officer helped deliver a baby on the side of the freeway and then spent some time with the infant that he brought into the world. >> white chevrolet tahoe. the wife is in labor. >> reporter: just before 9:00 monday, officer phil got the call from dispatch. paramedics are on the way. the baby is coming, fast. >> i can tell the way this call is going out, i'll be there first. >> hey, i feel head. we have to pull over.
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>> reporter: he pulled over and she was there in the back of the family truck. >> he was out. dad was holding the baby. >> reporter: but then the officer noticed the baby was not breathing. >> at that appointment i handed him to the officer. fix him. >> reporter: eventually, he dislodged whatever was in his mouth and started to make that beautiful cry. they're happy he's here now. >> he came into the world in a very chaotic way. here he is, very peaceful. he'll have a story of his own for a lifetime. >> gosh, amazing. as you can see, both mom and baby who are from stockton are fine and in very good health. >> good to know. that will do it for us tonight. >> for all of us here, we appreciate your time. hope to see you in half an hour.
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tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. the scare. more than 100 schools closed today, including columbine. the student who traveled several states, wanted, described as armed and extremely dangerous. and then, the discovery in the woods. the major storm hitting the middle of the country tonight, then headed east, right through good friday and passover. bracing for possible tornadoes, high winds, blinding rain and hail. rob marciano times it out tonight. we are also following a developing headline tonight. north korean media reporting a test of a new type of tactical guided weapon. just seven weeks after that summit with president trump. the rescue operation under way right now. the diver who did not come up at a tennessee cave. he is one of the heroes who helped save those boys in the thai cave. the new headline tonight


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