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tv   ABC7 News  ABC  April 20, 2019 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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coronell barnard is live with the annual smokeout details. >> dion and eric this event has been happening since the 1970s. the city just told us that 19,000 people came out today to light up, smoke out. >> three, two, one, happy 420! >> as the clock struck 4:20, thousands of joints were lit. a cloud of smoke rose from robin williams meadow in hippie hill. but make no mistake, the party started long before this. >> shout out to everybody, happy 4/20. >> they were rocking and rolling. joints mostly. at this annual 420 pot fest. >> you got to go ahead and get high and role up and do it. >> a time to smoke up and praise the gods of cannabis. >> i. like there are a lot of high people in the same area. >> lou the weed. >> all good tastes good, smokes
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good. >> that's an understatement even though cannabises is legal in california you can't buy pot inside the festival but that hasn't stopped people. >> don't buy your marijuana from random staerngs in the park. >> city rec and park officials trying to prevent what happened at last year's 4/20. >> about a dozen people ate fentle laced marijuana edibles and had to be revived with narcan taken to the hospital. >> five teenagers made an appearance in san francisco. credited with founding the 420. the group of high school students would meet every day at 4:20 to light up. >> we think it's pretty hilarious that such a private joke could become a worldwide phenomenon, you know. it's crazy. but we're having fun with it. >> late in the day, check out how long this line was to get into 420. mendocino pot farmer rocco laboa is here the first time. >> is it everything you hoped it would be. >> and more. the world is changing all for the better.
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everyone is coming together. the flower brings the most beautiful people together. and -- >> folks are now heading home. emts took two to the hop process. the city says the injuries are not related to fentle. there was extra security lots of extra fencing. sf p. d. made seven arrests big cleanup inside under way. live in san francisco, coronell barnrd abc 7 news. >> now at 6:00 today's winds may have been too much for the trees of san francisco. it appears the top of this tree snapped off and crashed down on the sidewalk this around. that took down power lines as well. happening on post street near lyanne street around 1:00 p.m. the public was asked to avoid the area while crews worked to clear the debris. just down the street a huge tree came down on fill more between sutter and post. alert sf sent out a warning about tp .tree blocked both lanes in the street. >> not just surprise. the brozeas been heavy across the bay area today as we take a live look at the mount tam cam
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shaking because of the winds. abc 7 meteorologist drew tuma with a little bit of a change ahead. >> yeah, that's right dion. seeing the winds right now. not only very active but also brought in cooler air to start out the weekend. look at the wind in san francisco gusting to 46 miles an hour. 36, the current gust in oakland. 30 in novato. elsewhere you can he see the winds above 20-mile-per-hour. the good news over the next 12 hours the winds will be subsiding. by 10:00 tonight not as windy but breezy across the region. but look at the numbers getting into sunday morning, those winds really back off. to less than 10 miles an hour across the recently. and that means we're seeing a nicer day tomorrow in terms of the wind and temperature. already at 9:00 in the morning for early services temperatures in the 50s. and tomorrow will be a warmer day than today we will look at the numbers and the full accuweather forecast. >> see you then thank you. a toddler in critical condition amp falling from the fire err fire escape from an apartment building in oakland.
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policy they responded to martin lute luther king junior way and 14th yesterday afternoon. an 18-month-old boy fell 20 feet from a second story fire escape. officers say it appears to be accidental. and the family is cooperating with the investigation. in the east bay a car wash fund raiser was held to raise money for the oakland family involved in a deadly hit-and-run last saturday night. community members including members of the oakland fire department's local 5 a took part in the drive for the gasparilla vasquez family. 6 yellow angel garcia vasquez and his mother were killed when a car hit them at 26th avenue and foothill boulevard. angel was 20-year-old jamie was also hit and in critical condition. money raised will help the family with funeral expenses. >> whatever people want to give, you know we're just here to support. everybody that's coming from the community, from other cities around have been here to support the family. >> police have identified the suspected driver as 27-year-old allen. he has not been located.
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the city has repointed peddling crosswalk at the intersection where the crash happened and will install a new pedestrian island early next week. well developing out of paris now, yellow vest protesters riot in the streets. the protesters are frustrated with the economic equality and marched for 23 weeks in a row. >> but this is the first protest since the devastating fire at notre dame cathedral. some are frustrated with the fund raising efforts to rebuild the historic site while many struggle to survive. abc's meredith woods reports. >> reporter: anger flair flared at protesters set fires in the streets of central paris. thick plumes of dark smoke hung in the air as the sounds of breaking glass and emergency sirens enguchld the french capital. riot police clashed with protesters ultimately using water canon and tier gas in an attempt to diffuse the situation. street medics were seen carrying
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injured protesters through the crowd. what started as a protest against the gas tax hike morphed into a broader protest against the french government and economic injustice. now in the 23rd stesk weekend of admonitions, the so-called yellow vest protesters are pointeding to notre dame. less than a week after a fire ripped through the historic cathedral, fund raising efforts to rebuild are well under way. three of france's wealthiest families donated hundreds of millions of dollars and some protesters point to the more than 900 million in donations as a glaring sign of economic inequality. paris authorities say thousands more people participated in the admonitions on saturday nan the weekend before. meredith wood, abc 7, eye witness news. in developing news, a tiger mauled a zoo cooper at topeka zoo in kansas. a sumatraen tiger attacked worker in a indoor space.
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she suffered injuries to the back of her head and neck and is in stable condition. a spokesperson says the zoo keeper was awake and alert taken to the hospital. >> this happened while the zoo was opened. some people saw the incident. you know, which is very unfortunate. >> yeah, traumaticizing i'm sure. three other zoo workers are credited with helping save the worker attacked. the zoo director says the tiger named sanjiv recently fathered four cubs and did what a tiger would do when something comes in the area. the zoo didn't even consider euthanizing the tg. >> a serve is on in riverside county for a woman caught on security cameras throwing away seven puppies into a garbage heap. this is video from the napa auto parts storp. she drives up in the dumpster tosses the puppies to the side and drives wau. a good samaritan later spots the puppies and brings them inside the store where they were taken by animal services.
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the puppies three days old and believed to be terrier mixings. the woman could face animal cruelty charges if caught. >> severe weather impacted thousand this is holiday weekend. how many flights and cancellations were seen across the country. big changes coming to tesla over the next few years. what the board is asked to do in regards to ceo elon musk. >> and the first major meteor shower ins months lights up the night sky just in time for earth day. the best time and place
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easter and pass overweekend got off to a bad start for fliers on the east coast. a series of storms snarled air traffic in the mid-dmapt ibic and southeast yesterday. more than 1400 flights cancelled. the the faa report the airports in charlotte, miami and newark, new jersey saw the greater impact with hundreds of flights knicksed. flights are running on time today. big changes coming for tesla's board of directors. tesla revealed yesterday that four directors will leave the company shrinking the size of the board from 11 town do seven. the electric car maker said it wants to extreme line correspondent oversight. due directors agreed not to stand for re-election and two more leave in 2020 or 2021. cautious tesla investors have also pleaded with the board for more oversight of ceo elon musk.
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well it's a gift from the heavens just in time for earth day. the best time it to view the meteor shower. >> and meteorologist drew tuma up next with the accuweather forecast. just ahead how the warriors are preparing for game four of the nba playoff series with the clippers. it's tough for the a's to catch a break when the blue jays do this. who made this amazing catch. come up later in sports. and abc 7 news weather anchor spencer christian combining two favorite things television and wine. can you follow him adjourningy across the bay area in his new show called sips with spencer. tloerg the wonderful world of wine and breath taking views aen the heart warming stories behind the unique distinctions in the bay area and beyond. stick
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abc 7 news is committed to covering the issues affecting us all as we continue to build a better bay area. today a san francisco neighborhood gets encourage many to go green. abc 7 news was in bay view neighborhood where elementary and middle school kids hosted a spring cleanup event to celebrate earth day this monday.
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they recentlily visited taiwan to learn more about increasing recycling in the community as part of kprenzive neighborhood revitalization np a non-profit group voind in the effort. the neighborhood recently received a $30 million federal grant, one of the first awarded in the country to help fund revitalization plans. now with that we do want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. you can share them by joining our better bay area group on facebook. stars are zooming across the sky this weekend. the meteor show is under way and could feature up to 20 shooting stars per hour. this is video from 2014. the peak is expected tomorrow night and early monday morning with the best view after midnight this meteor shower dates back 2,700 years. >> we are hoping for clear skies. >> it wasn't covered 2,700 years ago. >> they etched it into the stones. >> yes, i did. >> with that injury it's time to go with drew with weather.
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>> a mixture of stars and clouds out there tonight but the better break tomorrow to see shooting stars in the sky. live doppler 7 showing a quiet scan, certainly the wind that has been an issue all day long. live look outside. look at the karm shaking left andright. talking about the winds moment ago at sfo. gusting well over 40 miles an hour. and it will stay that way over the next couple of hours. so you look at the wind gust animation early on this evening, the winds still very kief. but as we go overnight watch the clock down on the bottom. tomorrow morning at 9:00 in the morning on the sunday, the winds really relax. those winds likely less than 10 miles an hour in most spots. so tomorrow, not nearly as windy as today is. numbers, though, under the wind, it's cool out there. 63 in concord. 54 in half moon bay. 58 in mountain view and napa at 61. live doppler 7 along with satellite here is the story we are tracking.
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the reason we had the cooler air and winds today, we had a cold front move through earlier this morning. did not bring me precipitation but it brought those winds with it. the front gets out of here tomorrow. what replaces it, high pressure moves in the second half of our week. and that will calm the winds but also bring us a warmer day tomorrow afternoon. future weather sheing you south of the golden gate we see a lot of cloud cover later on this evening, a little bit of coastal drizzle as well. then as we go later in the night and early tomorrow morning we'll start to see the clouds diminish across the region. overnight tonight, lows over the next 12 hours, mid-40s to low 50s. is what we'll fall to to start the day sunday. 12-hour day planner starts off with a lot of sunshine first thing for the early morning services. you'll notice it's not as windy throughout the day. and the sunshine will be quickly warming us well into the 70s away from the coast. you will feel a lot warmer tomorrow than we were today. 74 for the high in san jose,
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in cupertino. 69 in redwood at the. cool ner half moon bay. a high of 60 degrees. downtown san francisco not as windy. 65 and sunny. 63 for daly city np north bay 77 in santa rosa. 76 in insomnia aif. 74 in vallejo. napa in 77. east bay, 69 in berkeley. 70 in oakland on sunday. 74 in fremont. 73 for union city and inland getting close to 80 degrees. 23478 pittsburg. 75 in san ramon and livermore up to 74. the accuweather seven-day forecast. the next seven days for you the tomorrow the wind relaxes a warmer day. spots well into the 70s. and then the numbers really take off. much warmer on monday it and the numbers claim tuesday and into wednesday. wednesday in fact it is hot inland, pretty much everywhere except the immediate coastline. then we gradually cool off finishing out the week as fog returns next weekend. >> now sports from abc 7 news. and enjoying the night life
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is a must visiting l.a. but steve kerr doesn't want the warriors to lay an egg on easter. he tells them not to the over do it. mindi bach in los angeles with a preview of game four against the clip zbleers the warriors had two days of rest in los angeles. plenty of time with friends and family. but they understand on clippers the do not want to go 07-2 on the home court. golden state needs to match or increase the intensity from game 3. >> there is a lot of family on the trip. and everybody is pretty happy about the result the other night. but you know we just got to do it again. you know, we have to win two more times. and so you can't get too relaxed and enjoy l.a. too much. >> going to play hard as hell. dock is great coach. definitely always expect to come out with good stuff. the most important thing is intensity. they're going could come out flying around. you know, trying not to go down
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3-1. so, you know it's on us to meet -- match that intensity level and tri to exceed it. >> tipoff on sunday is earlier than usual. 12:30. but klay thompson says that's a good thing. the warriors are excited and the east coast will be able to watch them play. at staple center, mindi bach, abc 7 sports. thanks, mindy game four between the nuggets and spurs. high in the air and throwing it down that deserves another look. the one-handed jams. spurs demar derosen says i can do that too. gets the crowd pumped. he had 19. like we see in the warrior clipper series having issues keeping cool with the rev. gets ejected for throwing the ball in the direction of scott foster. nug et cetera even the series two games apiece. 103 the final. 76ers and nets games four. boiling point toll joel embiid shoved by jarred allen process jimmie burlt comes in two end up in the seats. both ejected from the game.
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under 30 seconds left. nets down a point. joe harris lay it in brooklyn up one. embiid 31 points. 17 assists dumps to it to mike scott the dagger the three ball from the corner pocket. 76ers win 112-108 leading the series three games to one. when it comes to scores the a's are second in the american league. but so far struggling to touch the plate against the blue jays windy day at the coliseum. plastics place plates not the only thing flying. roddy tell he is goes deep to center off mike fires. blue jays take a 4-0 lead. two pitches laertd brandon drewry on the top of the scoreboard. the fires allowed six runs nine hits three in the third. how about outstanding defense. a pop-up to mow man's land. are you kidding me the freddy gaf vest. outscored 15-2 so far this seeshz. giants taking on pirates in
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pittsburgh rain playing a factor all series. fifth inning giants trailing 1-0 until steven dugger knock it left. jason martin misplaces the ball kevin pillar score knotted at 1 with thunder and lightning looping. kohl tucker first major league came features the firing major league hit and home run. two-run shot mom and dad absolutely loving it. but then tarps came off then after a three-hour delay they called the game so the pirates go on to win it 3-1, the final in five innings, the saekd day in a row the giants deal with rain in pittsburgh. good news. >> rain early on sunday but not expected to be late. they should be able to get game three of the series in tomorrow. >> kevin mitchell you're not the only guy catching bare handed leapt you know. >> playing the outfeefld back in the day. >> anthony, thank you. >> making childhood dreams come true. how many kids rode off with
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brand-new bicycles today and why. >> announcer: let's take on the issues. let's call out the problems. >> let's face it we have a trash issue in san francisco. >> and find real solutions. let's have hard conversations. >> i feel that the community has failed people of color. >> and hear one another. >> we can use words we don't have to use our fists. >> our concerns might be different. but we're in this together. and building
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. tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00, oakland polce cracking down on side shows this we could with an event tomorrow. what they're saying along with community active its who believe there is a way to keep side shows safe. >> plus volunteers will be lighting the cross at san francisco's mount davidson tonight. one of the two nights a year this happens. we get an upclose look at the preparations ahead for easter sunday. >> 1007 students are the proud owners of brand bicycles today. >> more than 40 san francisco rotary club members held the annual bike build service project today. each year the club pitches in the money for parts needed and spends the day putting bikes together. the san francisco school district pairs the club with students in need. and the police department shows up to teach the kids the rules of the road. the project is a win/win for
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everyone. >> many of them are third, fourth and fifth graders who haven't had the opportunity to have a bike of their own. >> each student got a bike, a helmet and of course a bike lock. it is san francisco. learning to ride a bike is part of the student curriculum. >> oh, you know, learning to lock up yorp bike should be part of the curriculum too. >> in the baifr, it should be part of the curriculum. >> so needed there's it for abc. news at 6 everybody i'm dion lim. >> i'm eric thomas. for the news team thank you for joining us. see you back mere at 11:00.
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>> wine. culture. legacy. there are compelling stories just waiting to be told. hi, everyone. i'm spencer christian. let's begin a journey to discover what makes the bay area one of the best wine regions in the world. join me on an adventure filled with wine, food, and fun. in this episode, we're keeping up with a sommelier. >> i love seeing that spark and the aha when you've given them something. >> then we're going underground. [ sighs ] >> bucket list. >> plus, wine-themed party decor. >> this is black mustard seed. >> wow. unbelievable. but first, we're visiting one winery keeping family legacy alive.


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