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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 21, 2019 11:00pm-11:59pm PDT

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distress in the skies on this easter sunday. strong winds playing a role when a hang glider pilot crashes into
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i'm chris reyes. oakland police out in full force ready to bust any signs of side shows. the tougher new measures to keep drivers and spectators off the streets. >> the weekend ended on a warm note but even warmer air moves in for this week. some of us will feel 90 degrees temperatures. i'll show you when in the accuweather forecast. >> pacifica, a hang glider died after crashing into the ocean. abc news starts right now. >> live where you live, this is good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm dion lim. a hang glider pilot cra mateo c.
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we're learning what happened tonight. >> news reporter loose pena is live where the accident took place. >> reporter: what we know is that the victim is a 45-year-old san francisco resident. according to authorities his hang glider went off course. what was intended to be a six-mile flight with a friend ened in tragedy. >> they took off and were en route to muscle rock. he and his friend hang gliding together. >> the friend did not want to speak on camera but confirmed several people flew off fort funston. the victim crashed into the water five miles past his intended destination. >> his friend tried to get in touch with him over a walkie-talkie system but he wasn't able to get in touch and didn't know what happened. >> around 4:00 p.m., a group of hikers called 911 after seeing the hang glider crash into the pacific ocean it was very hr happened. and especially on easter sunday,
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too. >> emergency responders arrived ten minutes after the call. >> by the time the emergency crews got to him, he was already deceased and most likely drowned in the water. >> authorities believe the weather played a role in the crash. >> it seemed like the gusty winds from today, maybe took him too far south and maybe he didn't know where else to land. >> reporter: meanwhile hike in other words the area say something needs to changing to avoid accidents like there can one. >> the education that needs to take place to help people understand really how dangerous that is and even when you think you're well versed in something, you may not be. >> reporter: authorities confirm the man was found unclipped from his equipment and it's unknown if he tried to swim before drowning. loose pena abc news. >> thank you very much. weatherwise, it's going to warm up this week. >> we go from windy to warm. how warm? let's get to drew tuma. >> we got a taste of the warmth
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yesterday. early 60s and 70s to finish off the weekend. nothing compared to the heat the next couple days. right now numbers mainly in the 50s. 53 in the city. 54 in san jose and oakland. 60 in vallejo. the morning commute tomorrow all about sunshine. grab the glasses. temperatures are mainly starting out in the 40s near the coast and the bay and 45 degrees for many cities inland. watch those numbers quickly take off. you see future tracker temperatures by midday if you're out and about for lunch, our warmest spots into the low 80s. a lot of seventies on the board from san francisco, oakland to san jose. we'll look how warm tomorrow afternoon and when the heat will peak in the full forecast. >> thanks. remember you can keep track of the weather conditions where you live and get updates from our weather team with the abc7 news app. you can download it free in the app store.
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>> some shipping containers caught fire at the port of oakland sending smoke into the air. this fire started just after 6:15 this evening and that smoke could be seen from as far away as mariner. firefighters caught it and got it out in about 30 minutes. so far, no word on a cause. oakland police were out in force this weekend trying to prevent a repeat of last weekend's illegal sideshows. dozens of extra officers were on streets for a crackdown. >> news reporter chris reyes is live for us in the newsroom with more on this story. chris. >> reporter: good evening. oakland police taking no chances with sideshows tonight with a beefed up police force and zero tolerance approach on streets contributing to a much quieter it streets of e weekend oakland this weekend to make sure this scene from last sunday did not happen again. this sideshow where cars spin
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while surrounded by spectate erserupted into violence and chaos. a driver was carjacked and a truck set on fire. >> if you go back 20, 30 years that was more of a younger high school crowd of kids playing music, interacting with each other. it was more of a social scene. this is complete lawlessness. >> reporter: >> some people say it's only a matter of time. pause for a second. while talking to residents in the neighborhood where last time these took place, this happened. >> it's annoying because it bes no purpose but to act like an idiot and once it gets out of hand like when the truck got set on fire, everyone runs for their life. >> reporter: police arrested two dirtbike speeding on the sidewalk. one was reported stolen. >> we'll be here ready for the show and trying to take the city back from the sideshow and try
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to give the citizens of oakland a good peaceful sunday. >> reporter: lawmakers are also taking action, drivers and spectators could see fines up to $25,000 and cars impounded up to 30 days for violations according to a proposed state assembly bill. >> chris, thank you very much. new developments, san francisco politicians want to put the brakes on new muni train funding as the state investigates issues with the new train fleet according to the san francisco examiner which also gave us this video of a bottom's hand caught in a train's doors. it's just one of the incidents ha led to the investigation. the examiner reports last week, san francisco leaders said they granted sf mta62 million to fast track buying 151 new trains, but now supervisor aaron peskin tells the examiner they and sfmta have agreed to stop the funding and possibly delay a final vote on it. >> an attempted break-in early this morning at a biotech company ended with officers in
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south san franciscore a inurde . br the genesis company. officers say the men intentionally rammed into a police car injurying an officer. police open fire as two ran away and a third led police on a chase into brisbane. the injured officer was not seriously hurt. state senator scott we knower announced he'll be holding a news conference with community leaders tomorrow about a political flyer they're calling racist propaganda. many san franciscoians received the flyer equating a state housing bill with negro removal a reference to a painful time in san francisco history when the african-american population dropped from 15% to under 5%. the bill seeks to put more multiunit housing near transportation hubs. the man that paid for the ads
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say we knower is making the termineenk suld bepcedr workino on the richmond-san rafael bridge. caltrans and other agencies will spend $300,000 to analyze the decks on the 63-year-old bridge. drivers have faced delays during the past few months because of chunks of concrete falling onto the bridge's lower deck. one incident forced the span to be closed for several hours in february. engineers blame that problem on a failed expansion joint. >> one san francisco church opened its doors to the public about a message of redemption this easter. abc news was
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the hunt is on for concord police to find the guy who robbed two pizzerias. stunning video of a woman confronting a porch pirate in southern california. >> klay thompson, what he told
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concord police are looking
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for a man who tried to rob two pizry jazz. both times employees scared him off and he ran away empty handed. witnesses say he carried a knife. yo're looking at surveillance video recorded inside the mountain mike's pizza. police say a similar attempted robbery took place a short time earlier last night at the roundtable on ig nasio valley road. >> another decades old san francisco restaurant closed its doors for a final time tonight. the elite cafe has been a fixture on fillmore. >> street serving southern style food to locals and visitors for four decades. this was the crowd earlier tonight. the cafe the victim of rising costs and failure to attract a late night crowd which would have boosted liquor sales. there's been interest from buyers but nothing concrete yet. >> technology helped a mother catch a importantly pirate in the act of stealing from her mailbox. a home camera recorded a woman
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walking up to a home in long beach. she grabbed a letter left on top of the box. that triggered a motion detector and anlerred the woman via an app on her cell phone. she approached the front door slowly and seconds later confronted the porch pirate. >> give it back. >> for the most part, i think of myself to be calm, cool and collected. sometimes you have to get rice krispie and snap, crackle and pop. people need to know you're not the one to mess with. >> oh, boy. >> and pop. the porch pirate escaped after booker tried to restrain her. she reported what happened to long beach police. >> best interview of the night. two san jose entrepreneurs made a big pitch for a big investment on the hit tv show "shark tank" tonight. >> we need your money. you deal. >> in the end, the owners of a small ice cream business walked away with $200,000. plus another $200,000 in credit
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for good measure. sisters gwen and kristen wynn own maven's creamery and produce specialty ice cream sandwiches between two french style macaroons. david louie sat down with them friday before the show aired. they said they practiced their pitch for days but were still so nervous. >> it was nerve-racking, it was exciting, challenging. all at once. >> the product else is in 22 states now. but the sisters want to expand to the east coast and even overseas. right now they produce 7,000 pieces a day but it look like they are about to produce a whole lot more. ice cream weather indeed. >> i don't think that's the first time abc has been to that creamery. >> looks you're g ways co. ca trackin days of temperatures bob where they should be for this time of year. live doppler 7 tonight we are
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precipitation free. it's all about the warmth in the future. quiet picture as you look over san francisco. oakland in the background. we do have an update on our pollen forecast. different trees are blooming this time of year. tree pollen is still at high levels. i'm sorry, allergy sufferers. the main offenders oak, juniper, cedar and walnut trees. also, uv index high. that sun angle just as strong as it is in mid august. if you're out and about for prolonged periods of time, make sure you wear the sunscreen. the sun is strong. temperature wise tonight we're in the 50s. a couple spots in the 40s. heyward at 49. 54 in san jose. 52 in novato. brentwood 52. >> tonight clear sky. over the next 12 hours, you can see many cities will drop into the mid and upper 40s. so out the door tomorrow morning, you need the light jacket first thing.
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but the numbers are very quickly going to warm on the 12-hour day planner. a lot of sunshine from start to finish. by lunchtime, spots well into the 70s away from the coast. the numbers continue to excel. by 4:00 in the afternoon, 70s and 80s across the region. a closer look at our highs for tomorrow afternoon. south bay, 1 santa clara. 3 gilroy, sunny valley 80. peninsula a warm day, 80 in palo alto, 74 for san mateo. cooler along the coast, 65 for pacifica. downtown 72. 67 in daly city. into the north bay, widespread 80s. it is very warm for this time of year. 84 in napa, 83 in novato.ovato. vallejo up to 83. 79 the high in san leandro. 77 in oakland. 77 in richmond. inland well into the mid 80s.
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85 in brentwood for the afternoon. 84 in livermore and san ramon up to 83. the heat continues to increase even on tuesday. afternoon highs future tracker temperatures again our warmest spots mid if not upper 80s. look at the bay shoreline. 70s and 80s, as well. wdnesday midweek that looks to be the peak of the heat. likely registering our first 90s of the year. napa close toe that and concord. san francisco feels warm by wednesday. temperatures in the mid and upper 70s. the seven-day forecast will feel like a taste of summer the next couple days. warmer air arrives tomorrow. continues to increase tuesday and wednesday with widespread 80s if not close to 90 by wednesday afternoon. we'll see some coastal cooling first on thursday and then you'll notice sharply cooler on friday and then next week back to where we should be this time of year. the next couple days, temperatures we haven't seen in quite some time around here.
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>> spring in your step. >> a lot of people have been craving warmth. >> drew, thanks. >> we're going to get it. whether we like it or not. still ahead on abc news at 11:00, firings kept busy this weekend by ducklings. one fire crew rescuing several from a storm drain. people wake. and smile, when they see the sun. not that one. this one. it makes knowing when to take your prescriptions clear as day. up to fifty percent of people don't take them properly. so at cvs pharmacy we got up early and built a system that helps calculate each person's ideal schedule. it's great for doctors. and caregivers. at cvs pharmacy,
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it wasn't just the easter bupy here in the bay area this weekend. there were several duckling sightings. >> check this is videom alameda county fire department posted on twitter. yesterday firefighters came
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across ten ducklings trapped in a storm drain in union city. they got them reunited with mom and released them all in a nearby creek. >> san jose fire department posted this video on twitter today. their firefighters were tacked with escorting a mom and her duck lings across the street. >> nice to see their softer side. >> the firefighters? sure. they like animals, too. >> so sweet. with that, let's get to sports with sports director larry beil. >> steph curry struggled today against the clippers. have no fear, klay thompson is here. his best game of the
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abc7 sports sponsored by river
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rock casino. >> happy easter. the warriors not at their sunday best. but they took over in the fourth quarter and take a 3-1 series lead over the clippers. earlier this afternoon, at seen on abc 7, easter sunday in los angeles, got the ears out. come on, looney. he had been playing great. out to klay thompson. three ball down. cla made his first seven shots in the game with cla cheering him on. cla 27 points at the half. clearly his best game of the series. kevin durant, you know who he is. plus the foul. four-point play. had 19 at the half. they led by eight. third quarter, trouble. clippers up by as. as five. cla responds in the fourth. splash. and then andre iguodala, 35 this would be with authority. steph it, he struggle relied. 3 of 14, only 12 points. foul trouble. splits the defense there and
11:29 pm
lays it in. durant with a dunk and this three seals the deal. goes for 33. warriors win and have a 3-1 series lead. >> when i don't have a game of my standards trying to do something different, yesterday i went and jumped in the pacific ocean. it was cold but worth it. >> did it wake you up. >> it healed the body and mind. so i think it paid off for today. >> cla was great. he likes to sleep. takes him awhile to wake up in the morning. we were worried coming into the game. he was sensational for us and looking for his shot and shooting it. he gave us a good lead in the first half. >> they came out and showed us in the first quarter, we was up ten but it was a fight. second quarter they closes the lead and third quarter. this team doesn't give up. they played 48 minutes straight through. at first we didn't match the energy but we did a good job overall. >> game five wednesday at
11:30 pm
oracle. the sharks trying to keep their season alive, must win game six in las vegas. the bunny ears out there, as well. so cute. this game hado g into double overtime. vegas the turnover. logan couture shoots and scores. and the team that he scored first in the series was 5-to coming into the game. in the third, carlson on the doorstep. right over the top of the net. the knights had their opportunities, as well. martin jones so clutch. 58 saves in this game. sharks with a chance at the first overtime through the legs of marc-andre fleury but hit the post. second ot, tomas hertl, a shorthanded goal. good night, game over, 2-1 sharks. series tied game seven in the tank on tuesday. it will be nuts. abc7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. >> all right. >> much more to come on abc 7
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news at 11:0 a dramatic rescue unfolds near the richmond-san rafael bridge. what the aves some kayakers lives. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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live where you live, this is abc7 news. good evening. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm dion lim. in tonight's headlines a hang glider died after he crashed among the san mateo county coast this afternoon. his friends told abc7 he went off course after taking off from san francisco. investigators say the man
11:35 pm
detached himself from his glider but was you be able to make it ashore because of heavy surf and cliffs. >> police are trying to close the streets totes people who take part in illegal sideshows. officers say they're enforcing a zero tolerance policy. this weekend's efforts follow a sideshow that turned violent last weekend. >> some elected leaders want to halt funding for new in muni light rail trains. the examiner reports state investigators are looking at several issues with the new fleet of cars. san francisco politicians were poised to approve $62 million to help fast track buying 151 new cars but that is now on hold. two to developing news on the series of bombings at and hotels sri lanka. eight explosions almost simultaneously tore apart churches and luxury hotels.
11:36 pm
the defense minister describes it as a terrorist attack by religious extremists. it's believed suicide bombers carried out the attacks. >> there was a loud explosion. we could see white smoke coming out. >> accessory lapresident trump united states offered heartfelt condolences to the great people of have i lam of. >> sri lanka. >> many here in the area are sending prayers to the victims. news reporter cornell bernard has reaction. >> easter mass at oakland's cathedral of christ began with prayers from bishop michael barber. >> my friends, our hears go out today to those who have been killed and wounded in sri lanka. let us remember them at this mass. >> the bombings of three christian churches left many in the oakland dioceses searching
11:37 pm
for answer sthz this is very tragic so many people have been killed. >> bella does outreach to the east bay's indian catholic community. >> we should be living happily with each other. religion should not be a way to fight with each other but to live peacefully with each other. i don't know why this is happening. >> it's very dreadful, very painful. >> reporter: this man grew up in india and condemns the violence by religious extremists. >> okay to have beliefs but when it is being used to get political mileage, that's bad. >> being from india, i understand terrorism is a big problem in india, too. we are very sympathetic to what happened in sri lanka. he i hope they get caught. >> the diocese says profits from today's mass will go to help efforts in sri lanka. abc7 news. >> we sent out a push alert when
11:38 pm
the attacks first happened last night. you can download the abc7 news app and enable push larrys to have breaking news sent directly to your mobile device. >> oakland's catholic cathedral celebrated easter mass with music sent directly from the notre dame cathedral in paris. ♪ >> the choir and organist performed sheet music sent directly from the or nan of the hick cathedral. while the music cannot be heard at notre dame this year, it can be heard in oakland. the hymn tells the story of mary magdalene finding the empty tomb of jesus and proclaiming he is risen. >> in paris, the theme of resurrection created an especially somber mood on christianity's holiest day. french masses said notre dame would rise up once again and honored firefighters for bravery. investigations believe the nine-hour fire that engulfed the notre dame cathedral less than a
11:39 pm
week before easter started at the center of the roof. officials believe it could take nearly five years to rebuild. >> a zookeeper attacked by a tiger is in intensive care but expected to recover according to the director of the topeka zoo in kansas. the zookeeper was attacked yesterday. the woman worked at the zoo since 2002 and several years of experience with tigers under her belt. the zoo has no plans to euthanize that tiger. but they are investigating the attack to see what if any protocol changes need to be made. >> more arrests could be coming in the college admission scandal. a report by usa today says court filings show even more cases in addition to the 50 people charged last month. we know numerous bay area parents have been implicated and some have already pleaded guilty. several universities have been caught up in the scandal. usc has let it be known it is looking into students who may be involved and stanford so far is the only school to announce it
11:40 pm
has expelled a student because of the scheme. >> one of the first documentaries on the camp fire is going to be shown in mill valley in a few weeks for a fund-raiser. a film titled "the camp fire documentary" will be season at the arts sequoia theater. it's a first person account of the fire that raged through paradise and other communities in beauty county last november. the camp fire was the deadliest and most destructive fire on record in state history. all funds raised will go to survivors as well as a marin county fire prevention program. >> rescuers credit life jacks with saving two kayakers after they became stranded along the marin county shoreline. they called 911 after their small kraft capsized near the richmond san rafael bridge around 8:00 last night.vio highway patrol's rescue helicopter. that chopper the coast guard and four different fire departments raised to find them in the dark.
11:41 pm
>> it's a very challenging situation, extremely dark out on the bay. they had their personal life jackets which was a life siever but didn't have light. some of the helicopters in the area have infrared cape be thes with cameras and were able to spot them. >> the kayakers were found off tiberon about two miles from where they first called for help. they are expected to be okay. this year's nfl draft begins on thursday and huge crowds will flock to nashville, tennessee to see three days of selections and dealing unfold. the draft will take place outdoors along the cumberland river. city leaders expect about 100,000 people per day to witness the draft. they'll pack downtown nashville alongside the 70,000 people who work there every day. some companies are urging employees to work from home on thursday and stride. >> we've been talking about it at the office for the last few weeks.
11:42 pm
everybody's getting prepared for it. everybody knows what's come. we're trying to get ahead of the curve. >> we've been delayed track getting into work. so much stuff going downtown. >> city officials in nashville say this year's draft will be the largest multiday event ever staged in a place that calls itself music city usa. you can watch the nfl draft here on abc 7. it will air starting 5:00 p.m. thursday, 4:00 p.m. friday and 9:00 a.m. on saturday. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00, a police officer stops a young driver for an expired license plate. why the cop then helped him get a job instead of handing out a ticket. and i'm drew tuma tracking very warm temperatures for the week. and we'll look at numbers in the accuweather seven-day forecast after break. >> we're sharing stories of inspiration in a weekly digital series called "more in common." >> a harvard professor believes the world is becoming a better
11:43 pm
and safer place to live. >> this professor is tired of negative news. >> good things aren't built in a day. bad things happen quickly. there's a terrorist attack, a building collapses, a war breaks out. if you only cover events as opposed to trends, you're automatically biased toward the negative. >> thinks when the media focuses on the negative it can dim our perception of reality. >> how does negative news impact the viewers? >> it can have a lot of negative effects, fatalism. why even bother trying to make the world a better place. about our institutions, about democracy, about international organizations. you think all of our institutions are corrupt and failing. you'll be susceptible to radicals who say put a wrecking ball to all of our institutions because anything that rises out of the rubble be bound to be better than what we have. that could be really d
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a young man in the midwest now has a new job thanks in part not police officer who stopped expired license plate. officer roger jamoulis discovered keyshawn baldwin did not have a license when he stopped him in illinois across the mississippi from st. louis river. he explained he felt getting to a job interview at fedex was worth the risk of driving without a license. the officer drove him to the interview instead of giving him a ticket. >> if you're in the community you get to see what goes on out here. you have an understanding. my background i can relate to him. >> when he said he was taking me to the interview, let's go. >> baldwin landed a job as a package handler for fedex. >> congratulations to him. an event in the east bay toy ed easter earth
11:48 pm
day and the effort to make sure no one goes hungry. the sixth annual earth day fes tichbl ahead of the holiday tomorrow. there was an egg hunt for the kids and a workshop from farmers discussing climate change. the farm manager says since the guild trek began it's grown and given away over 80,000 pounds of produce. >> and do i spy a blue sky there, as well? it was a beautiful day everywhere in the bay area. >> i think it's going to continue, too. drew tuma standing by with more on that. >> got to look nice for earth day tomorrow. temperature wise, warmer weather tomorrow and the numbers on the rise through tuesday and wednesday. nice little stretch, it's going to feel like summer. 40s to low 50s understand plenty of stars. your monday, your 12-hour day planner, wall to wall sunshine. we start off with cool numbers but they warm into the 70s midday and well into the 80s in our warmer spots by4:00. a closer look at the highs on
11:49 pm
monday, 72 in the city tomorrow. 81 in san jose. 85 in santa rosa. same in concord. tuesday, a few degrees warmer than monday. the trend continues on wednesday, as well. wednesday we'll see our first 90 degrees readings for the first time in 2019. the seven-day forecast, warm tomorrow, warmer tuesday into wednesday. cool a little bit on thursday on the coast and everyone feels it on friday before weekend. a mixture of sun and clouds and normal temperature. >> your face looks too hot with that beard. >> who knows. >> all right, drew. >> sports now with larry beil. >> the warriors grind out a win after klay thompson's splash off the course. plus ramon lorian know makes another ridiculous
11:50 pm
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abc7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. >> looking to break out of a minislump in the warriors playoff series with the clippers klay thompson became a splash brother to change his mojo heading into game four in l.a. thompson came out on fire. hit his first seven shots in the contest. steph curry held to only 12 points for the game. cla had 27 at the half, more than he had in any of the previous three games. he finished wutg 32 including six threes. warriors held on for a 113-105 win to take the 3-1 series lead. cla talked with min day balk after the game. > what was it you were able to find your shot so well? >> just had a good rhythm. actually yesterday, you be know, when i don't have a game that i think is of my standards, try and do something different so yesterday i went and jumped in the pack ocean. it was cold but it was worth it. >> did it wake you up.
11:54 pm
>> it waked me up and healed the body and mind. i think it worked and paid off for today. do you want to do that in the bay? i don't know. it's cold up there. i still would. >> i know that obviously whipping another title is key but on the way so many things you and steph accomplished. today you join him as the only two warriors playerses to have over 2,000 points in the playoffs. does that mean anything to you? >> yeah, so special. i would never envision this if you told me this my rookie year. to be the only two, it's incredible especially with all the greats who play for the franchise. some of the best players of all time. it's motivating to keep going. >> you can close it out on wednesday. you're not going to jump into the pacific ocean. will you do anything different? >> if i have this kind of game, i'll do it. >>kyoic beach i'm coming for y >> i'll leave stream it or something. >> nothing else to add, larry.
11:55 pm
>> so the warriors not necessarily at their sunday best. but they grind out a 113-105 victory. what's your take away. >> overcome the fee efficiency of stefan the defensive end. but cla and kd to the rescue. when have you those two, you can overcome some of the mistakes on defensive end. >> it's an embarrass apt of riches for the warrios when an mvp player has an off game. you still have cla who really made his impact on the series in this game and you also have by the way, he's kevin durant. >> cla 27 in the first half. and with steph in foul trouble he played that last four minutes atsondkd rst te consistent. he was not having a lot of plays run for him unlike game. >> 3-1 series lead. you know they want to get this over with especially with the
11:56 pm
way they squandered game two the at oracle. >> they're ready for them. it's come. we all know what's down the pike with the big western conference finals in the next round with houston and golden state. >> the rockets haven't won their series yet either but it looks like they're on collision course. the warriors look to take care of business wednesday night at oracle. hitchcock movie, the birds at the coliseum. a's and jays. oscar fernandez deep drive to center. robbed him of a home run. look at arm here. he air mails this throw trying to double up justin smoak. he's heading for second. hundley degrees a dart. >> he's out. insane play or a flub of levels. the a's get swept by birds. how about therful in pittsburgh. tie dye, i hear it's back.
11:57 pm
two on for buster posey. a three-run blast to dead center. his first homer since june of last year. 237 at-bats ago. bottom nine, two out. brian reynolds lines to right. a weird hop. relay joe panik to posey and he's out. to end the game. giants win it 32 and have an off day on monday. abc7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. >> that's it for tonight, everybody. i'm dion him. >> i'm eric
11:58 pm
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♪ john a.: it's about to get dirty, america. big balls, i'm about to clean your bedpan. john h.: ew. wahoo! are about to face off against the craziest, most extraordinary obstacle course ever assembled.
12:01 am
only the mightiest three will advance to attempt the cleanup on the most challenging obstacle of all --


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