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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  April 22, 2019 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. inside the horrific terror attack. the newest explosion just today. americans among the dead in a series of coordinated explosions, including this boy. several churches and hotels, and the images from inside toght. s lanka tv. authorities studying this image, a man wearing a backpack, disappearing into the church. also, one of the suicide bombers standing in line for brunch at a hotel. our team on the scene tonight. here at home, the major new development in the case of two young girls discovered dead. two eighth graders. did one of them capture video of their killer before she died? the new video just released and the warning from police today. that the man could be right there in the community even in
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that room. the deadly plane csh tot. six people killed. the new images coming in now. the new headline tonight from president trump. what he's now saying about impeachment. speaker nancy pelosi and what she told members of congress just moments ago. and the newest subpoena. who they want to testify before the american people. the easter service scare in this country. a navy vet entering a church with a baby and a weapon in her arms, threatening to blow up the church. the missing 5-year-old boy. tonight, the mother has stopped cooperating. what dog sniffers have now uncovered. the new and alarming numbers tonight on measles just out. the new states where they're now concerned. and the "jeopardy!" contestant on a roll, winning yet again, and now even ken jennings is weighing in. good evening and it's great to have you with us here for a new week. and we begin tonight with new reporting here, inside that horrific terror attack.
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multiple churches and hotels on easter sunday. the death toll is simply staggering tonight. nearly 300 dead and there are several americans among the dead, including a fifth grader. just today, another explosion, a van bursting into flames fear one of those devastated churches. sri lankan sv owwi this sueiance tonight. a man with a heavy backpack walking among a crowd of church goers. suddenly disappearing into that crowd. among the americans, i mentioned that 11-year-old boy that went to school in washington, d.c. another bomber waiting in line for brunch at a hotel. and tonight, we learn there were at least three warnings that there were possible plans for a terror attack under way. so, why wasn't there more security? abc's james longman is in sri lanka leading us off tonight. >> reporter: police eyeing this white fan when all of a sudden -- soldiers scatter, the neighborhood descends into chaos, yards from where we are.
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a huge explosion just went off just around that corner there. as soon as it did -- as soon as it did, buildings around here, windows shattered. a huge scream went off from the crowd over there. you can see them running towards our position where we are now. police on high alert. we don't know what it was. we don't know if it was a police detonation, but that was absolutely terrifying. terrified and bewildered as tonight, we learn that intelligence service ignored repeated warnings of imminent terrorist attacks they first received weeks ago. then, on easter morning, one after another, the suicide bombs went off. this dash cam video captures the first explosion at st. anthony's catholic church. it was 8:45 a.m. the clock now frozen in time. around that same time, a man with a backpack seen on security cameras approaching st. sebastian's church in nearby negumbo. investigators poring over these images broadcast on sri lankan tv, the man weaving through the crowd.
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another camera inside the church showing him pass behind the worshippers. he is reportedly one of the bombers. and moments later, the weapon detonates. in the aftermath, the roof completely blown off. where the faithful once net, only glass and debris. a celebration of new life now ravaged by death. but the attacks far from over. in the next 15 minutes, suicide terrorists strike three hotels popular with western tourists. one killer even waiting in line at a easter brunch buffet before detonating his explosivexplosiv. later in the day, another hotel. 500 injured, victims rushed to hospitals. outside st. anthony's, bodies draped in white cloth, nearly 300 killed in these attacks, including at least four americans. dieter kowalski of colorado who was here on a business trip. and 11-year-old kieran shafritz de zoysa who was to start seventh grade at sidwell friends in washington, d.c.
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his father remembering his son. >> a brilliant mind, who was going to be a neuroscientist. and now he won't make it to his 12th birthday. >> reporter: 24 people are under arrest. soldiers scaled the walls of this apartment building where they believe the attacks were planned. moments later, another explosion. three officers killed. >> another very tense day there. james longman joins us live tonight from sri lanka. and james, this evening, authorities are pointing to a local islamic extremist group for the attacks. bull as you reported, authorities were warned ten days before the attacks, and epeople all over the world are wondering, why wasn't there more security? >> reporter: people here are astounded at that, david, and authorities say this group must have had help from abroad, such was the level of sophistication and coordination of these attacks. it's possible they were inspired by isis, but the big question, was isis involved in carrying
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them out? david? >> james longman on the scene again tonight for us. james, thank you. and back here at home now, and to a major new development in that murder history we have been reporting on here. two eighth grade girls killed while hiking two years ago. did one of them record the killer before she died? police just today releasing new video from one of the girl's phones, and a new sketch tonight and audio of a suspect. and the chilling moment today when the police superintendant said he believed the man is a local and he told everyone standing there that he could even be in that ex perez from i tonight. >> reporter: tonight, indiana investigators releasing this new video that they believe shows the man who killed 13-year-old abby williams and her friend 14-year-old libby german. >> watch the mannerisms as he walks. do you recognize the mannerisms as being someone that you might know? >> reporter: that video captured by libby shortly before the murd murders, while the girls were
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hiking and snapchatting by this bridge in delphi, indiana. police today also unveiling a new, younger-looking sketch of the suspect between 18 and 40. investigators believe he has ties to the area. an emotional state police superintendent today addressing the killer. >> directly to the killer, who may be in this room.elve you hi plain sight. we know that this is about power to you. and you want to know what we know -- and one day, you will. >> reporter: investigators also rele recording from libby's phone believed to be the killer's voice. >> guys, down the hill. guys, down the hill. >> reporter: tonight, this community on edge. >> it's frustrating. it's scary, because this person is still walking free. >> this has been a two of her yeel ordeal for that community. alex joins us live tonight from
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indiana, and alex, i know police are also looking for information about a car tonight? >> reporter: that's right, david. authorities did not give a description, but they say they're looking for a car that was parked near this trail when the girls were killed. investigators firmly believe the suspect lived or still lives in this town. david? >> alex perez on the case again tonight. thank you, alex. there are pictures coming in tonight from texas, a deadly plane crash. a twin engine plane about to land, and then crashing. six people onboard are dead. abc's marcus moore from texas now. >> reporter: tonight, investigators at the scene of this disaster. aerial footage shows a twisted and crumpled twin-engine plane, crashing here kerrville, texas, just outside san antonio. >> there were six people on board, including the pilot. >> reporter: all six, killed in the mysterious crash. their identities unknown. and now, the painstaking search for answers. according to authorities, the
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baron-58 had taken off from a smalcrro t rrvie airport while on approach to landing. >> it's a pretty open area. there are no trees, but it's rocky, very hilly. >> reporter: the pilot's communication never suggesting a problem. >> 4422 and up to 6000, 501 charley, echo. >> reporter: there was no known distress call. officials have now secured the crash site as they begin their investigation to determine what caused the crash. david? >> marcus moore tonight. marcus, thank you. now, to the easter sunday scare here in this country, a navy veteran entering a church with a baby and a weapon in her arms. she threatened to blow up the church. tonight here, the dramatic takedown that followed, and here's abc's will carr now. >> reporter: authorities say that rambling video talking about religion appears to have been posted on social media by a mother. >> i've been experiencing the rapture since january 12th. >> reporter: a short time later, she allegedly walked into a packed easter sunday church service with her baby in one hand and a gun in the other, while threatening to blow up the house of worship.
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>> sthe starts talking crazines about the rapture. >> reporter: the pastor quickly told 70 people inside the church to get out. >> she started pointing the gun at the baby. one of the older gentlemen grabbed it from her and me and a couple of other men tackled her and we got the baby away from her. >> reporter: police took 31-year-old anna conkey into custody. you can see an officer cradling her little boy. he was unharmed. her gun was unloaded. authorities did not find any explosives. tonight, that mother faces a number of charges. authorities say they're looking into her mental health after taking both of her kids into protective custody. david? >> will, thank you. next, to the new severe weather threat brewing tonight. a line of storms heading east. a major hailstorm, it looked more like a layer of snow there in colorado. and the dramatic sky from strong thunderstorms, this is in western kansas tonight. unbelievable weather there. chief meteorologist ginger zee is tracking it all for us again tonight. hi, ginger.
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>> reporter: hi, david. well, we have a wet night here. we've got a super soaker on the wail for parts of the plains. let me take you to that stationary front that could still produce hail and damaging wind from roswell to lubbock. but tomorrow morning, oklahoma city, along i-35, you'll want to watch out for the flooding potential. then, tuesday and wednesday, severe storm forecast from dallas back to midland tomorrow. wednesday at san antonio and austin. finally, we're talking two to even five inches of rain. david? >> ginger zee with us tonight. we'll be watching tomorrow on "gma." now, to president trump tonight. what he's now saying about impeachment. and speaker nancy pelosi, what she told members of congress just a short time ago. and tonight, the newest subpoena now revealed who they now want to testify before the american people. here's abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl. >> reporter: president trump today flatly rejected a central theme of the mueller report, that time and time again, his own top advisers refused to do what he asked. >> are you worried that your staff ignored your orders, as the mueller report portrays?
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>> nobody disobeys my orders. >> reporter: but the mueller report documents multiple cases, chief among them, white house counsel don mcgahn, who repe repeatedly rebuffed the president's drek tovs to have robert mueller fired. and tonight, mcgahn has been subpoenaed to appear before the house judiciary committee. but he's just one of several aides who told mueller under oath that they didn't follow the president's orders, leading the special counsel to write, "the president's efforts to influence the investigation were mostly unsuccessful, but that is large by because the persons who surrounded the president declined to carry out orders or accede to his requests." democrats tonight are weighing a major decision -- to start the impeachment process or not? in a letter to members of the house, speaker nancy pelosi suggests impeachment may not be necessary, writing, "we should proceed down a path of finding the truth." it is also important to know that the facts regarding holding the president accountable can be gained outside of impeachment
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hearings." regardless, the president says he's not concerned in the least. >> are you worried about impeachment, mr. president? >> not even a little bit. >> not even a little bit, he said there. jon karl live at the white house tonight. and jon, tonight, house democrats have issued that subpoena, as you reported, for don mcgahn. and moments ago, nancy pelosi holding a call with democratic lawmakers to discuss next steps amid, as we know, differing opinions among democrats on impeachment proceedings. what are your sources telling you tonight? >> reporter: david, i'm told it was an hour-long and spirited conference call. several democrats telling speaker of the house pelosi that they think it is time to move forward with impeachment. pelosi and her leadership team, for their part, said that they will aggressively investigate the president and his administration, but they are not ready to move forward with impeachment proceedings, at least not yet. david? >> all right, jon karl starting off the week for us. jon, thank you. president trump tonight is fighting back on another matter, suing to block a congressional subpoena to produce his business
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recordings. elijah cummingsoenaed for financial statements prepared for the trump organization. michael cohen testified that the statements were doctored to help trump apply for loans. the president claims the subpoena is harassment. he is expected to miss a congressional deadline to produce his tax returns. that deadline is tomorrow. the supreme court has accepted three high profile cases to determine if the prohibition of discrimination on the basis of sex. two cases involve gay workers who were fired. the third involves a transgender worker who was also fired. lower courts have been divided on this. the high court will hear these cases during their fall term. and now to the desperate search tonight for a 5-year-old boy. police say search dogs have only picked up his scent inside his own home. and tonight, his mother has stopped cooperating with police. here's abc's paula faris.
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>> reporter: tonight, investigators searching for scenar-old a.j.freund are >> i just want my kids. that's my life, my kids. >> reporter: the boy's parents say they last saw a.j. when they put him to bed wednesday night. his mother maintains her innocence, but has hired an attorney and is refusing to cooperate with police. >> i realized that the police consider her to be a suspect. based on that, i advised ms. cunningham to remain silent at that point. >> reporter: after using sonar to search a nearby lake and k-9 units, police have so far only picked up a.j.'s scent inside the residence. investigators do not believe the boy was abducted or wandered away. a.j.'s father met with police over the weekend. >> a.j., please come home. we love you very much. >> reporter: and david, illinois child services has investigated the family before.
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a.j. was removed from the home for a year and a half when he was a baby. and tomorrow, his mother will be in court trying to regain custody of a.j.'s younger brother, who was taken shortly after his disappearance. david? >> all right, paula faris tonight. paula, thank you. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this monday. elizabeth holmes, a rare court appearance just a short time ago, and the video just coming in now. also, new developments tonight in that tiger attack at a u.s. zoo. the zookeeper seen on camera now. we have the video, moments before that mauling. and the major new questions about why she was inside that fence. also, the new and alarming numbers on measles just out tonight, and the new states where officials are now concerned, as well. and the "jeopardy!" champ on a roll, you've seen him. and now "jeopardy!" legend ken jennings is weighing in. who would beat whom? wait until you hear what they say about this. a lot more news ahead tonight. of women-owned businesses in the u.s. it's really this constant juxtaposition
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the veteran zookeeper surviving, phew now torts want to know why she was in that same space as that deadly animal in the first place. here's abc's zachary kiesch in kansas. >> reporter: tonight, sanjiv the sumatran tiger is back in his habitat after nearly killing a zookeeper. >> we have staff getting attacked by a tiger. >> reporter: you can see the zookeeper here in this webcam video just before the incident. the attack was spotted by visitors who alerted staff. >> advised staff is still in the enclosure, the tiger is still next to them, still attacking. >> rep lurethpod>>ur staff t le, saveds life. >> reporter: the victim, a veteran employee with 17 years at the zoo, suffered lacerations and puncture wounds to her upper body. is there any reason that a person should be in the same space as one of these animals? >> there's no reason for a staff person in the animal to share
3:50 pm
the same space in our tiger program. >> reporter: david, the zookeeper is now in stable condition. tonight, her family is asking for privacy. david? >> zachary, thank you. when we come back tonight, alarming new measles numbers out. two states now concerned tonight. and the billionaire facing charges after telling investors her company could detect hundreds of diseases from just a drop of blood. in court tonight, and the new pictures coming in now. corey is living with metastatic breast cancer, which is breast cancer that has spread to other parts of her body. she's also taking prescription ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor, which is for postmenopausal women with hormone receptor-positive her2- metastatic breast cancer as the first hormonal based therapy. ibrance plus letrozole was significantly more effective at delaying disease progression versus letrozole. patients taking ibrance can develop low white blood cell counts,
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holmes in court a short time ago. the former ceo arriving at federal court in san jose for a status hearing. she faces conspiracy and fire fraud charges. she boasted her lab technology could detect hundreds of diseases from a drop of blood. an alarming spike in measles cases across this country tonight. the cdc reporting 71 new cases, bringing the total number to 626 this year, with iowa and tennessee now among 22 states dealing with measles outbreaks. and marking earth day. an estimated 1 billion people in 192 countries participating in earth day, from clean water protests in venezuela to picking up trash on florida's beaches. the theme this year, helping to protect endangered animals and plants. earth day was first celebrated in 1970. when we come back, ken jennings versus this new "jeopardy!" whiz. "jeopardy!" whiz. who would win? symptoms caused d relief from by over 200 indoor and outdoor allergens. like those from buddy. because stuffed animals are clearly no substitute for real ones.
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the newest "jeopardy!" whiz getting the attention of another. >> and our returning champion. >> reporter: james holzhauer has done it again, winning for a 12th time. 34 years old. a professional sports better from las vegas. >> james -- >> who is napoleon? >> yes. >> reporter: he now has the five highest totals. >> ken? >> who is aristophanes? >> ken? >> what's the trojan horse? >> ken? >> what is stella! >> good. >> reporter: tonight, ken speaking out, telling "wired" magazine -- "i'm just gobsmacked by james. it's absolutely insane what he's doing. i would never have had the stomach for those kinds of bets."
3:58 pm
>> reporter: and espn asking james about a match-up with ken jennings. >> i'm good on the buzzer, but ken is better. in a straight trivia test, i might take ken. >> reporter: but tonight, it's james against two others, going for game 13 and getting closer to ken jennings' record. we'll see tonight. and i'll see you tomorrow. good night.
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now from abc7, live breaking news. >> breaking news in the east bay. sky 7 is over the rock ridge bart station which is closed because of a person on the tracks. trains are not stopping at rock ridge station. ac transit has set up transit. we'll bring you updates on this story during our newscast and on the abc7 news app. for now, good afternoon. thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. now to our other top story. police in concord are looking for a man who tried to rob two pizza parlors in one night. >> employees at one of the restaurants chased that suspect out. luz pena is live in concord with the story. luz? >> that's right. according to employees, he wasn't that smart. >> see he has a knife. he is kind of swinging it. >> in the surveillance video, he watched his employees face a man who threatened them for money.
4:00 pm
>> it was a pretty big night. it's scary. and my employees, they're like family to me. >> one of his employees confronted the suspected thief, did not want to be on camera, but said several of his coworkers surrounded the man. >> just give me the money. i'm going to call the cops. i'm going to go outside. and then when i said that, he kind of started walking backwards. >> the alleged attempted robbery took place around 10:30 p.m. on saturday. according to concord police several minutes prior, they received a call about another incident at roundtable pizza. >> received a similar call again of the subject trying to steal money from the register. and again, he used a knife. >> the suspect is believed to be in his 20s, approximately 6 feet tall, wearing a green sweatshirt and dark colored pants. >> it's a very serious charge. he could face time in the state penitentiary. >> concord police confirmed that they have several leads but they haven't made an arrest. in concord, luz pena, abc7 news.
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>> thank you.


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