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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  April 22, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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we deserve a service from the city of oakland to have a clean, safe city. >> it was just a few months prior in march of 2018 that city councilman noel gallo joined a group of east oakland residents it gets worse. it becomes a health hazard and it attracts more dumping. >> that was councilmember rebecca caplan in june of 2017 spend $2 million to hire two crews and equipmet to clean illegal dumping hot spots. >> just a short time ago oakland officials confirm they'd hired four litter enforcement offices in the past year, but they are still in training and not yet out on the streets. >> and the city says calls to the oak 311 call line related to illegal dumping are increasing. cleaning up our streets is part of our commitment to abc7 news and our commitment to building a
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better bay area. >> absolutely. abc7 news reporter laura anthony looks at the latest effort now to stop this illegal dumping. >> what a difference two hours can make, and about a dozen volunteers on this stretch in east oakland, one plagued by chronic illegal dumping. this effort on this earth day is part of a pilot program spearheaded by alameda county supervisor nate miley, in coordination with the city of oakland and the sheriff's department. >> we've got the suspect committed to working with enforcement, the dolphins. and the city's got its environmental enforcement officers as well that can report problems. >> what happened is people thought it was just about oakland. it's bigger than oakland. it's regional. >> the pilot will also include neighborhood surveys to find out more about where all the dumping is coming from. greater enforcement of laws that already exist, and video surveillance of certain trouble spots. of course, what everyone know,
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oa illegal the folks who live in dumping trouble spot like this one, there is hundreds more just like it. every few months it seems city and county leaders promise to get tougher with those who dump, and more proactive about those who clean it up there. is even a mobile app to report illegal dumping called see, click, fix. but it seems the problem just keeps getting worse. >> and i just want the say to the people who dump, take it to the dump so we won't have to come out here and clean up behind y'all. >> in oakland, laura anthony, abc7 news. >> now abc7 news dedicated a week of coverage to trash and recycling because there are a lot of ways that each of us individually can help build a better bay area. on our website, well put together a page called recycling resources. you can easily find it by searching the word recycling on breaking news out of stockton now. take a look at live pictures of
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a fire that's raging in a recycling plant. this is near the port of stockton. look at those flames. now the smoke can be seen for miles, and the fire department says high winds, they are making things difficult for the firefighters there are no reports of any injuries right now, though. it is not clear how this fire got started, but we continue to monitor it. >> also breaking in the east bay, the rock ridge bart station is still closed because of a person on the tracks. it happened about 3:00 p.m. this afternoon, two hours ago. trains are not stopping at rock ridge station. ac transit has set up a bus bridge between macarthur and rock ridge. bart does not van estimated time on when the station will reopen. we will keep you up to date. there are lots of questions after police in vacaville released this surveillance video of a young girl trying to hide from a suspicious man who approaches her while she's walking home. now it happened on april 3rd, and police have yet to find that man. abc7 news reporter lyanne
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melendez is in vacaville, and lyanne, why did it take so long to release the video? >> yeah, well, it took more than two weeks before releasing this video because they wanted to gather all the information. they also wanted to interview the little girl, ask her some questions, and also, talk to her father, her mother, and that took time. they also wanted a way to hide, conceal her face. and that's what you'll see in this video. there are signs everywhere of kids spending time outdoors playing in this vacaville neighborhood. so seeing a child walking home is not uncommon. that's why people here were surprised to watch this video of a young girl being followed in broad daylight by a green or gray pontiac. >> she knows that it's not right. she is aware that this person is following her. >> police say the man described as a black male in his 20s with dreadlocks had been following her for several blocks near
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ulatis drive and leisure.road. she hid behind this truck and waited, but then the man turned around and tried to approach her one more time. >> he engaged something about school, a question to her, but she didn't engage back and she acted very appropriately, and it kept her safe in this incident. we don't have a crime at this point, but we're curious to know what his intentions were, in trying to engage the juvenile. >> daniel gordon, a resident, was surprised to hear what had happened. >> you have to be careful out there. she did the right thing by running home. >> the world we live in really. so my kids know, honestly, they're not allowed to walk alone really anywhere. >> vacaville police is asking the public for any information that they might have to please call them. now we found the family of this little girl, but understandably so, they did not want to talk to us on camera.
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i'm live in vacaville, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. >> all right, lyanne, thank you so much for that report. well, pg&e wants to raise customer bills by an average of more than $20 a month. the utility says the hike is needed so it can improve wildfire safety as it deals with bankruptcy. it also says it needs the increase to attract more investors. if the proposal is approved, bills would rise by an average of $22.67. the california public utilities commission gets the final say. the move could create backlash considering pg&e may have to pay an estimated $30 billion for those recent wildfires. and then in the south bay, more delays in the criminal case involving theranos founder lm a torr president of the former palo alto medical testing company are facing charges of fraud and conspiracy for allegedly deceiving investors and patients. david louie was in san jose as holmes showed up for a court
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hearing. >> elizabeth holmes arrived a the federal courthouse about 20 minutes ahead of the hearing, offering no comments surround by her attorneys. about a dozen attorneys stood before the judge. representing the prosecution, the defense and the securities and exchange commission. while prosecutors wanted a tentative trial date to be set, attorneys for holmes and former theranos president said they needed more time to review millions of pages of documents. defense attorneys also said they were having difficulty lining up billionaire witnesses for depositions, investors who had pumped an estimated $700 million into the blood testing company there are 20 million pages of evidence in this case. the number could grow because the judge did extend the period of time in which new evidence can be now this is a ream of paper. in this digital era, hopefully most of the documents are now electronic. prosecutors also told the court they recently obtained a hard drive containing four terabytes of videos promoting theranos which needed to be reviewed.
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all parties will return on july 1 to see if an agreement can be reached. for a trial date, there is speculation it may not happen until next year. they're seeking additional documents from the securities and exchange commission and the centers for medicare and medicaid services. holmes is facing 11 counts of wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud. holmes and her attorneys were silent as they left the courthouse, ignoring questions. they are due back in court on june 10th for procedural matters. in san jose, david louie, abc7 news. funding for the new muni trains is on hold after a woman was dragged across a platform on to the tracks. abc7 reporter chris reyes is live at the embarcadero station with why muni officials are keeping the trains in service. chris? >> good afternoon. well, muni tells us that the trains have passed all safety regulations and that they are operating as designed. they've also been certified by the california public utilities commission. however, the cpuc is now
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investigating the incident. even when muni's acting director of safety gave us a safety demo last week, it closed in on her hand. muni is now adding a safety edge on the doors that would in theory detect when someone or something gets stuck between them. seven of the new trains have them. no timeline on when the rest of the fleet will get them. >> they don't really like -- >> what don't you like about them? >> they don't seem safe to me. >> this security video was obtained by the san francisco woman running for the door, getting her hand caught and the train keeps running. >> oh my god! that's pretty dangerous i'd say. >> san francisco supervisor matt heaney says the board is now holding off on giving muni the $62 million they asked the city to fast track to get them 151
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new trains. the seaman's made trains were first rolled out in 2017. >> of course we want to see exactly what they're going to do to do further testing, what sort of additional safety measures they can add to the cars, how we can trust they're going to get it right, and then a timeline of how we move forward. >> mayor london breed says she has seen the video, but says she doesn't have enough information to call for the trains to be taken out of service. >> well, of course. my impression was, you know, it was upsetting, and we needed to respond to that right away so that we can make sure that that doesn't happen to anyone else again. >> now we do know that the woman has been released from hospital. we don't know her current condition. on the same day that woman's hands was caught between the doors, a pin that connects the two trains together also failed. live from embarcadero station, i'm chris reyes for abc7 news. >> thank you. a quick update here. bart just told us that her rock ridge station is now open. it was closed because a person was on the track.
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the situation has been cleared. everything beginning to catch up now. well, still to come, the mystery at the lumberyard. what fell from the sky after a sonoma county man went skydiving that story is next. plus -- >> an ordinary man who spiraled into drugs and homelessness, and then one officer did his job. we'll have that and look at the long lines a the dmv. a strike force in charge of solving them says it has some answers. i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. get ready for when it comes to reducing the evsugar in your family's diet,m. coke, dr pepper and pepsi hear you. we're working together to do just that. bringing you more great tasting beverages with less sugar or no sugar at all.
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smaller portion sizes, clear calorie labels and reminders to think balance. because we know mom wants what's best. more beverage choices, smaller portions, less sugar. a former drug addict says a san francisco police officer saved his life, and he did it by going the extra step. reporter stephanie elam has the story. >> was really at my worst. i was smoking heroin every day. >> when tom wolf first
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encountered san francisco police officer rob gilson, his own concern was getting high. >> it was obvious that tom had a drug addiction. >> wolf was listed as a missing person, but like so many addicts, he refused help. officer gilson called his wife to let him know he was alive. he promised to keep an eye on him. >> i just feel bad. you had this poor lady on the other end of the phone crying, saying how much she misses her husband. >> but wolf was a slave to addiction. >> i'm the case manager. i flipped from being a public servant to a homeless drug addict in the tenderloin in the span of four years. >> soon after this video was shot, wolf had foot surgery. >> gave me 10 milligram oxycodone pills. and immediately after i took them, i felt euphoria. >> when those ran out, he headed to the tenderloin. gilson arrested wolf four times,
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but he never cuffed him without a conversation. >> he came up to me and said look, look at you. you're skinny. you're dirty. your clothes are dirty. i don't know what you're going through. i don't know if it's a mid-life crisis, but whatever it is, go get some help and get back to your family. >> in june 2018, sfpd posted wolf's mug shot on twitter. >> it said this last time he was arrested with a bag of drugs at his feet. >> four days later, he was arrested again. this time he went to jail for nearly three months, forcing him to get clean. >> i knew i needed help, and i knew i couldn't go home. >> he enrolled in the six-month rehab program at the salvation army. later, wolf wrote his own message under his mug shot on twitter. >> saying i'm now in recovery. i've got almost eight months clean and sober. >> thanking the salvation army and officer ho fe. >>, we spoke. how you? nice to meet you. >> if he hadn't been on me so much to get me out of there, i might not be talking to you today. i might be in the grave instead.
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>> how does that make you feel knowing he sees you as his life-saver? >> i was kind of able to give tom a push in the right direction, i think. tom is the one that has done all the hard work. >> stephanie elam, san francisco. >> isn't that a nice story? today got off to an unusual start for workers at a lumberyard in dloefr cloverdale. they discovered this prosthetic leg, shoe still attached. a skydiver lost the leg during mid dive. after posting the find on social media and old-fashioned detective work, deputies found the owner in marin. this afternoon deputies returned the leg to its owner. the man whose name is deion says the leg is worth about $15,000. those things are not cheap, those good prosthetic legs. he says he'll keep sky dyeing but now promises to make a tether so this doesn't happen again. one more thing, this is the second leg he has lost while skydiving. he never got the other one back. so this time twice bitten.
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>> hopefully not a third time. >> he says he is going have a tether. >> at least they were able to find it. new tariffs are apparently costing consumers, but could actually benefit the job market. >> and the dmv is making a move toward modernization. dmv modern? >> it's shocking. shocking. the california department of motor vehicles is about to enter the modern era of commerce. right now you must pay by cash, check, or debit card. but that is about to change. there is a step-by-step process now under way. >> by the end of april, just a couple of weeks, we expect to award a contract to a credit card vendor. in may and june, we'll work to combine the debit and credit card services and begin to pilot in a field office by july. with a full implementation expected by the end of the year. >> it is all part of the governor's strike force charge with reinventing the troubled
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agency. in other dmv news, the agency is asking for nearly $250 million of additional funding in the upcoming budget, all in an effort to catch up with demand for the real id cards. there is a new look today at the cost of tariffs put in place by the white house. "new york times" says the university of chicago has a report that will show just one tariff, the one on washing machines, raised prices on american consumers by $1.5 billion. the report says the tariffs did encourage foreign companies to shift manufacturing over to the united states, and it created about 1800 new jobs. however, researchers concluded that those came at a cost of about $817,000 per job. bmw is expanding one of its recalls over concerns an electrical short could lead to fire. our partners at consumer reports say bmw is recalling certain 3s,
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5 series and z4 cars from the 2006 model year. bmw says the problems are extremey rare, but it does warn customers to stop driving their cars if there is smoke coming from the engine compartment or if they smell smoke or plastic burning. really, that should apply for any car, to tell you the truth. >> all right, thanks, michael, very much. >> sure. we want to talk about our weather. you stepped outside today and it felt like summer. >> it's glorious. sparkfuling and warm. keep it coming. >> i will. it's going to get hotter tomorrow in our inland areas. get ready for the 90s. dan and ama, i want to show you doppler 7. we don't have any fog. high thin wispy clouds passing through the bay area, and those temperatures are up. 16 degrees warmer compared to yesterday. in mountain view, concord, up 12. 13 warmer in santa rosa and san jose, you're 12 degrees higher than where you were yesterday at this time. so it's definitely warmer than
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average for this time of year for some parts of the bay area, as we head towards tomorrow. let's take a look at two cities here. san francisco tomorrow morning, 8:00 a.m., 59 degrees. it's still comfortable in san jose, 60 degrees. but watch the temperatures rise as you're getting ready for lunch, 71 in the cities. 79 degrees in san jose. and it only gets warmer. 3:00 in the afternoon, mid-70s to mid-80s. so it's definitely going to be a warm to hot day. san jose right now looking at the shark tank, and you can see it's sparkling out there. here is another live picture from the emeryville camera and filtered sunshine with the high clouds going through. it is 77 in oakland. low 80s mountain view, san jose, morgan hill. half moon bay is one of our coolest spots right now. look at the sea lions at pier 39. i think they're soaking up the sun. it's a good day out there. 86 in santa rosa, fairfield. 79 in napa. near 90 right now in concord and vacaville. this is going to be the place to go. santa cruz, if you want to get away from the hot weather. heating up inland tomorrow, warm
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along the coast. and then cooling begins at the beaches on wednesday. so tonight is a good night to check out the meteor shower. it peaks tonight. best time is 3:00 to 6:00 a.m. about a dozen meteors per hour. the only bad thing is almost full moon will interfere with viewing. so dent look at the moon. try to find a dark spot, and either stay up late tonight or wake up early in the morning to catch some of those. tomorrow morning temperatures in the 50s for all of you tomorrow afternoon. get ready for it to heat up quickly. 90 degrees in the south bay in morgan hill. gilroy, 87. cupertino, on the peninsula, mid-80s from palo alto to menlo park. 73 pacifica. downtown san francisco, 79 degrees. a warm day in the sun 90s. calistoga, 90. 84, san rafael. 74 stinson beach. 82 berkeley. head inland and you know it's going to be a hot one when you see 90 in the middle of
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livermore and april. and antioch, 88 degrees in walnut creek. escape the heat, head to the coast. warm and sunny, but high uv index. ocean beach, 74 degrees. lather on the sunscreen. 82 in santa cruz. here is the seven-day forecast. warm to hot tomorrow. still hot inland. notice the temperatures start to drop near the coast as the fog rolls back in and the cooling trend continues. typical pattern for the weekend with the low clouds giving way to sun and high clouds. temperatures will be closer to average as we hit the weekend. of course you can always download the accuweather app and track the temperatures. but tomorrow, it is going to be hot. >> thanks, sandhya, very much. >> thanks, sandhya, very much. the a's make we see two travelers so at a comfort innal with a glow around them, so people watching will be like, "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct at". who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom. book now at
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you never cease to amaze me, maya. see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch. and because is america's #1 brokerage site our agents get more eyes on your home so you sell for thousands more than the one next door. don't get stuck in the past. sell with a redfin agent. it's our most dangerous addiction. so we took our worst vice, and turned it into the dna for a better system. we created bionic and put the word out with godaddy. what will you change? make the world you want. now going back, he is still going back. he is near the wall. he caught it! he caught it! he fires it back in. now hundley grabs it. the throw to second base and
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maybe the greatest double. >> could bit the greatest? today it earned the a's liriano the play of the week from major league baseball. his incredible leap yesterday. a home run from the toronto blue jays. he threw the ball toward first base where nick hundley threw out an attempted second base advance. the a's, however, they lost the game, 5-4. but that was spectacular. >> that was pretty. it was like watching ballet. it was all green and gold in sacramento today as the team held a rally for a new stadium in oakland. >> that's right while stomper rallied supporters outside the capitol, dave was inside pushing for two bills that would allow the a's to build a stadium at howard terminal, where development is heavily regulated. >> i think oakland can have a thriving port with a rich maritime tradition and future as well as a great privately financed ballpark. they're not mut spoke out against the plan. tomorrow the alameda county board of supervisors will review
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a deal to sell its half of the coliseum site to the a's. >> it provides the a's with more control of the coliseum property and helps them leverage that site in an effort to build a new stadium over at howard terminal. >> the deal also gives the a's a backup site in case the howard terminal plan doesn't happen. all right. san jose state football player sure looks the part of an nfl tight end, but he didn't start out that way. that story is next. first, we want to thank dave for this picture of the east bay hills and the wind turbines near the altamont pass. share your pictures that looks so cool. you may see i
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and coming up on abc7 news at 6:00, elon musk says in a year we're going to have self-driving tesla tax exis. what is actually realistic? another candidate just joined the crowd of democratic
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hopefuls. but the white house may not really be the end goal. > aren a recycling a pe. crisis, with more and more items ending up in landfills. what is the solution? michael finney has ideas when we come back in half an hour for abc7 news at 6:00. finally, the nfl draft is just days away, and there could be local talent hearing their names called. >> yeah, one of them is josh oliver. abc7 reporter josh dorsey has this report from san jose. >> josh oliver comes into the nfl draft as one of the top draft picks in the unto can. he left as one of the best tight ends in school history. but it may have never happened had he not made the transition from libranebacker. >> this is football. i've been playing it since it was 7 years old. it wasn't crazy difficult, but it was a process to get there. it took off four years, but it was a grind. i'm happy i did it. >> in a senior season, he proved the change was wto it. the oliver led the spartans in
5:29 pm
reception, having 20 more grabs than the next closest teammate. in fact, his 56 catches ranked third nationally among tight ends. he credits this to his work ethic. >> towards my software year, i kind of realize that in order to be the best, you got to do more. you got to do more than what the people around you are doing to kind of separate yourself and create just that dominance. >> oliver put on a good showing as he represented san jose state at the 2019 senior bowl and nfl scouting combine. what's next is the big leagues. and he can't wait to make an impact in the nfl. >> it was crazy when i was a young one, i always wanted to go to the nfl. that was always my dream. i'm thankful i've done everything. this has been a huge blessing. >> dustin dorsey, abc7 news. >> and you can watch the nfl draft here on abc7 news. it will air starting at 5:00 p.m. thursday, 4:00 p.m. friday, and 9:00 a.m. on saturday. >> all right. that's all for now. world news with david muir is next. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz.
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for sandhya patel, michael finney, all of us here, thank you for inviting us into your homes tonight. >> we will see you again in half tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. inside the horrific terror attack. the newest explosion just today. americans among the dead in a series of coordinated explosions, including this boy. several churches and hotels, and the images from inside tonight. the video this evening on sri lanka tv. authorities studying this image, a man wearing a backpack, disappearing into the church. also, one of the suicide bombers standing in line for brunch at a hotel. our team on the ene toni here at home, the major new development in the case of two young girls discovered dead. two eighth graders. did one of them capture video of their killer before she died? the new video just released and the warning from police today. that the man could be right there in the community, even in that room.


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