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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  April 24, 2019 6:00pm-6:59pm PDT

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they want to charge isaiah peoples with eight counts of attempted murder, one for each victim. police immediately saw signs that led them to believe the crash was on purpose. >> this is appearing to be an intentional act. we'll need the bureau out here as well. >> we have live team coverage. we begin with chris nguyen. chris? >> reporter: law enforcement officials believe this act was intentional and they say so far the suspect has not shown any remor remorse. >> moments of terror leave a community shaken. >> the driver purposely sped up, went into the crosswalk and turply tried to hit the pedestrian. >> reporter: no motive but no accident. the department of public safety releasing new information about this man. 34-year-old isaiah j. peoples. accused of intentionally plowing his toyota corolla into people. eight were injured, including a
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9-year-old boy. >> we're recommending eight counts of attempted murder based upon the evidence that we obtained from the scene. >> reporter: peoples works for a military audit agency. he previously served in the u.s. army. legal analysts say prosecutors will look into the suspect's health and mental history as they lay out their case. >> people will be asking what is the motive. that's not necessarily what the d.a. will base its decision on. that intent factor will be key here. this view from sky 7 shows them serving a search warrant. officers using an ax to break the sliding glass door on the balcony to gain entry. a maintenance worker said he previously had interaction with peoples. >> i never saw this guy having a bad behavior here on the property. it's surprising. everybody is surprised about what has gone on. >> reporter: again,
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investigators are saying that -- are still trying to determine a motive but say this was not an act of terrorism. we're in sunnyvale. chris nguyen, abc 7 news. chris, thank you. it was a close calling for a sunnyvale resident who witnessed the crash. >> let's continue our team coverage with reporter chris reyes, she's live at the scene where it happened. kris? >> reporter: good evening. well, the crash scene has been completely cleared. it's been very quiet at this intersection since this afternoon. last night, one witness we spoke to, don draper was sitting in his car on that street waiting for a green light when this horrific event happened inches away from him. >> i was stopped at waiting for the light to change and this car came through really fast and really close to me. because he went right through the crosswalk. i saw bodies'll n
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forget this image. this woman was thrown into the air, flipped upside down, her feet pointing straight up, fell in front of my car. >> reporter: don draper was in this blue convertible at the intersection when it happened. >> i was enraged. i got out of my car and i ran after the driver. and when i got to the car, which was smashed up, as you see in the picture. steam coming out. and the door was open and i said to the -- i yelled at the driver. what the hell are you doing? what is the matter with you? and he was sitting there and he was saying over and over again, thank you, jesus. thank you, jesus. thank you, jesus. it was clear it was not slurred speech and there was no accent. completely unaccented. at that point i went and called 9-1-1.
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>> draper took this picture of the alleged driver who ended up face down on the ground outside draper said the alleged driver continued to say thank you, jesus. >> i never made eye contact. he seemed to be in a strange state of some kind. >> reporter: was there any indication at all that this driver knew anybody that he had hit? >> no. no indication. i saw no indication of that. >> reporter: not slowing down? >> and not slowing down, not trying to slow down. he didn't try to slow down before he hit that tree. >> reporter: on the sidewalk flowers mark the spot by someone who dropped by and left right away without talking to anyone. you can see the damage to the tree. it's still very visible. this is cross over the sidewalk to hit it. don draper who remained after paramedics arrived said it was a
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bloody scene. in sunnyvale, kris reyes for abc 7 news. thank you, kris. the story has made national news panned we'll keep digging for details about what happened and why. you can find complete coverage on facebook, twitter and our website. breaking news alerts go out through the abc 7 news app. all right. turning to weather. more record-setting warmth in the bay area. >> pretty steamy. spencer christian is on the top of the building up on the roof tonight. spencer. >> reporter: okay, dann and ama. it's cooling off for me. but still pretty warm inland. let's look at the high temperatures. we have numerous low to mid-90s in the inland east balow indications and in the south bay, 9 had is the high in gilroy. 86 degrees was the high today for a -- we have a cooling breeze thanks to fog developing at the coastline. an on-shore flow that's cooling down in san francisco. there will be further cooling
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later in the week. the complete forecast a little later. dan and ama? >> spencer, thanks very much. a through f, air quality received all of those grades at various points in the bay area. according to the newest state of the air, grades from the american lung association, but the federal government says it's just being pessimistic. so exactly what's going on? at abc 7 news, we're committed to building a better bay area and the environment affects all of us, obviously. laura anthony is live with a closer look at the findings and reaction to them. laura? >> reporter: well, hi, dan. part of the problem, a big part of the problem according to this new report are these warm sunny days. they make the air quality here in the bay area worse and it may only get even more worse in the years to come. >> the reports showed that we have regressed a bit. >> reporter: move over los angeles. a new study from the american lung association finds that the bay area air quality is almost
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as bad as southern california. measured from 2015 to 2017, the findings here were heavily influenced by climate change and wildfires. and while ozone levels improved in several counties, the overall picture is not good. >> the ozone is due to the fact that we've had more warm, sunny days in the last few years that cook in the atmosphere, the emissions from our motor and then with regard to the fine particulate, that's mostly due to the wildfires. >> reporter: the bay yar is in 6th place of most polluted cities for year-round particle pollutions. one spot behind the los angeles area. the epa takes issue with the study. the lung association paints a pessimistic picture based upon a problematic methodology. epa methods for determining air
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quality based on the clean air act and the latest science show continued improvements. some worry it will be undermined by the trump administration's efforts to roll back emissions standards, especially in california. >> they don't want these rules and regulations. but we do because they save people's lives. they've worked. >> we have gotten better in certain areas. we could fall back so easily because when we ask for every little thing, like don't drive today, then it's dwarfed by one wildfire that makes the mission tougher. >> reporter: air quality officials here in the bay area don't want people to be discouraged by the findings of the study. they want them to keep doing the little things. get out of their cars whenever possible. keep in mind, the big picture. in oakland, laura anthony, abc 7 news. laura, thanks. to reduce air pollution, don't drive, take transit. tomorrow you can ride vta for free. it's national get on bay
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which celebrates bay area transit. nine are participating in get on board day. only pta announced free rides. we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. share them by joining our better bay area group on facebook. take a look. new video obtained exclusively by abc 7 news shows a well-known skateboarder latching on to the back of a truck moments before he was killed in san francisco. the video shows it began at 7th and howard and pablo ramirez traveled like that for a block until the accident at 7th and mission. some witnesses mention seeing the skateboarder holding on to the truck. this video appears to support their claim. police tell us they and the medical examiner are still investigating and that holding on to a moving vehicle is t man charged with killing nia wilson at the macarthur b.a.r.t. station last year, will undergo a third mental evaluation.
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a judge ruled that the prosecution can select an expert to examine him. he's been examined twice before. one expert could not reach a conclusion and the other reached a conclusion that was inconsistent with his own reports. the new evaluation is scheduled for may 30th. >> it's good to see things are stepping up with this process. and the sooner the better for both families. >> cowell was accused of stabbing nia wilson to death last july. his attorney says he's mentally unstable and not able to stand trial. the prosecution disagrees. today, b.a.r.t. announced safety improvement at the coliseum station. take a look. this is one of three emergency call boxes installed on the platform. push a button and you'll be connected to b.a.r.t. police dispatch. you'll activate the camera located above the call box. you see it there. this is part of the safety and security action plan which was proposed last august. abc 7 news spent a week focused
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on b.a.r.t. issues from crowding to safety and more. we spent a whole day riding b.a.r.t. routes from end to end visiting every station. you can see what we saw by going to our website, building a better b.a.r.t. is part of building a better bay area. we've spent a week looking at the teacher crisis in the bay area and how hard it is to remain educators because of the high cost of living here. today, san francisco mayor london breed proposed a solution. she introduced a charter amendment, if passed it would ensure that teacher housing project that complies with existing zoning rules would be exempt from discretionary review and appeals. six votes are required from theo go before voters. you don't like it when other people do t but you might do it yourself. >> we're talking about diss distracted driving. tagged along with san francisco police as they crackdown on drivers with cell phones today. he says finding them was like
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shooting fish in a barrel. >> a bay area man says he was driving down the freeway when driving down the freeway when his engine erupted into flames. yoooh, hello yellow! at ross and you find... yes! that's yes for less. spring forward with the latest brand-name styles at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. at ross. yes for less. georgand a busy day ahead. george has entresto, a heart failure pill that helped keep people alive
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6:14 pm realize you can totally eat out more? that's yes for less. get the latest spring trends for your home at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less. put your phone down and drive. san francisco police crackdown on distracted drivers today. as therend j.nt action happened c?us takk at thee objec19th avenue. this is the -ow me uni tell me that distracted driving
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runs rampant here on 19th avenue. the enforcement action this morning lasted about a couple of hours. five motorcycle officers issued 27 citations. it was like shooting fish in a barrel. officer gionta zin i's admonitions were polite but stern. >> how's it going? you have your phone in your hand, sir. >> you knew it was against the law and you chose to be on the phone? at a morning briefing, the stats from distracted driving. >> 23 times more likely to swerve, sideswipe or i nonds-ee, it's chrepolice on. >> you see i the. people do the stupid he's things out there. almost run over pedestrians. not looking.
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>> those who got caught, reaction ranged from anger to contrition. >> it's not like i was speeding. somebody calls, i look up. that was it. >> they shouldn't have been doing it. i get a ticket for it. >> reporter: the excuses, all over the map. >> there's an accident. i'm trying to get to the airport. >> he was checking to see if his music was working from the phone to the stereo. >> he was doing nothing wrong even though he wasn't checking the time. >> excuses or not. >> issued a citation. bottom line, i have to suffer. >> when the law changed last year, now you cannot have a phone in your hand, period, while driving. of course, texting still a no no. now, the bottom line to this whole thing is, you've got to drive hands-free or you'll be cited. vic lee, abc 7 news.
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thank you so much, vic. >> reminder. the warriors will try to close out the clippers in game 5 of the first round playoff series. abc 7 news mindi bach is live at the arena with a preview for us tonight. >> she was there. she was on the court earlier. practicing getting ready. there she is. hi mindi. >> reporter: hi guys. sorry, it's kind of loud here. the clippers are warming up behind me instead of the warriors. the visiting team gets to pick which end of the kord court to end on. you see patrick beverly wrapped up. warriors might be doing sco scoreboard watching. steve kerr isn't worried. his is a veterans group and they have business to tend to. they won't be looking ahead. >> our guys know exactly what the drill is. they've been through everything the last five years. so we may have mentioned it. but it's not anything that they
6:18 pm
really need to hear. they know the importance of putting this game and the series away. and getting our work done so that we can move on. the warriors will have demarcus cousins back with the team tonight. you remember he pulled his quadricep in game 2. he didn't make the trip to l.a. for the two games against the clippers. steve kerr says there's no team policy where an injured player has to watch the game. he could watch in the locker room or on the bench. he's yet to emerge. i have a feeling we'll see him on the bench tonight. it's going to be a good one. we'll bring you more on draymond green and his wrist situation coming up in sports. thanks, mdi. lal athletes have a chance to hear their names called on draft day, including one from stanford. brice love nearly won the heisman trophy. his biggest battle is overcoming
6:19 pm
a knee injury. journalist dustin dorsey has his story. >> ♪ ♪ >> i feel like i bring a certain type of attitude. all that good stuff. just kind of going to next level. i try to take so many things from so many different sources. i was blessed to be out here with christian and take so much from him and learn from different sources around the league. i grew up watching the greates. barry sanders, walter payton. so many different sources that kind of take a little bit and add to my own game. the with the type of guys out here, we're ready to go out and compete. >> now, for a full list of local college athletes that you can cheer on, on draft day, head to and watchful coverage of the draft here on abc 7 tomorrow, friday and then
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again on saturday. should be a lot of fun. >> definitely. we need to turn to our weather and find out how much longer the heat will hang around. >> spencer has returned to the studio from his trip to the rooftop where it was gorgeous outside. >> the cooling has begun near the coast and in san francisco and around the bay. still pretty warm inland. here's a look at live doppler 7. sunny skies prevail after a hot day in the inland areas and even now, it's pretty mild to warm in spots. as we look on to the bay from mt. tam, it's only 61 degrees here in san francisco. 77 in oakland. mountain view at 74. 80 in san jose. 86 at morgan hill. 57 cool degrees at half moon bay. here's a look at emeryville. 73 at santa rosa. napa 77. 86 at fairfield. 89 at vacaville and concord. the heat is holding on. 85 in livermore. the view at santa cruz beach, there's lots of beach-goers out there. these are the forecast features. mild to warm through saturday.
6:21 pm
the heat tapers off a little bit. it's not going to cool down until -- the cl pattern begins on sunday. bright, sunny skies into next week. 24-hour temperature change shows a sharp drop of temperatures in san francisco at 18 degrees cooler than at this time yesterday. 10 degrees cooler in oakland. again, that's reinforcing what i told you earlier. the cooling has begun. overnight lows in the mid to upper 50s. little fog pushing up against the coastline and traveling locally across the bay. here's what's going to be the controlling factor in our weather in the coming days. low pressure system well out to sea. it's going to generate a flow. more fog and cooling relief. highs tomorrow range from 66 at half moon bay to 69 in san francisco. we'll see mainly mid to upper s. fremont will get up to 80 degrees. in the south bay, look for 83 n in -- highs in the mid-80s. around 85, 86 in most locations. up in the north bay a wider
6:22 pm
range of highs from 82 at napa up to 91 at ukiah and now a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. we've got beautiful weather coming our way. the next few days will be warmer than average still. not hot. 80s inland thursday through saturday. 80 degrees around the bay shoreline. the cooling kicks into high gear on sunday. monday, tuesday and wednesday with a few clouds around. on shore flow, high temperatures in the average range for late april, low 70s around the bay. only about 60 on the coast. going to be beach weather next week. >> thanks, spencer. rough road for tesla. next, a look at the future of elon
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tto harrison, the wine tcollection.. grace, you get the beach house, just don't leave the lights on, okay? to mateo, my favorite chair. to chris, the family recipes. to craig, this rock. to jamie, well, let's just say, enjoy the ride. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud.the a. the beaches to the bums. and the fog to, who else, karl. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you,
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on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california. the stocks closed slightly lower today as the market gave back some of its gains one day after nasdaq and the s&p 500 hid record highs. the dow dropped to 26,597. and the nasdaq -- elon musk prepped wall street for a first quarter loss that's double what analysts had predicted. tesla's sales slumped 31%.
6:26 pm
musk predicted another loss but said tesla would be back in the black in the third quarter. facebook is expecting to pay a $3 billion to $5 billion federal fine. the fine would be part of the federal trade commission's ongoing investigation into facebook's handling of user's personal information. they plan to set aside $3 billion to handle the expected expense. facebook did add the investigation is not resolved and it's not clear when that will happen. some cars are not just burning rubber. they are catching fire. >> tonight's 7 on your side michael finney gets involved in a federal investigation because bay area drivers are at risk. plus, a teenage tragedy. this 13-year-old girl has died. the caus
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federal regulators launched an investigation into thousands of car fires involving hyundai and kia models which erupt north dakota the flames. for the first time, we're hearing from a bay area man whose car suddenly caught fire. >> michael finney is here with
6:30 pm
his story. scary. >> it is scary. what concerns safety advocates are these fires do not involve car crashes. the fires often happen while the cars are being driven. >> looks at photos on his phone of the fire that erupted in his 2011 hyundai sonata. the sunnyvale man is one of 3,100 owners who filed complaints since 2010 after their cars caught fire in noncrash incidents. this video from the center for auto safety shows a 2011 kia optima which the owner says burst into flames being driven near portland, oregon. hyundai and kia -- john vividly remembers what happened to him in 2017. he recalls driving north on i-5 near bakersfield. his car began to knock and his engine and oil lights went on.
6:31 pm
his rpm dropped to zero. on sheer momentum, he managed to pull to the side of the road, there a total stranger came to his rescue. >> he's running toward me. you know, waving his arms. get out of the car. get out of the car. >> these are photos john took of the charred remains of his engine. we he remembers flames shooting out from the engine to above the roof of his car. th good samaritan put out the fire with jugs of gatorade. >> no fear. just run, he knew exactly what he wanted to do. run back to his car, grab armful of gatorade. >> the fire destroyed his engine but left his car in one piece. hyundai tells 7 on your side it could not determine the cause of the fire but compensated thorn for the expenses and inconvenience out of goodwill. >> it was just crazy. i mean, one minute i had a car and the next i didn't have a car. i thought, i'm screwed. >> the national highway traffic
6:32 pm
safety administration says it received reports of 103 injuries and one death in noncrash car fires involving the 2011 through 2014 kia optima and sorrento. the 2010 to 2015 kia soul and the 2011 through 2014 hyundai sonata and santa fe. it agreed to launch a full investigation following a petition from the center for auto safety in washington, d.c. jason leavitt is the center's executive trdirector. >> no doubt it's coming from the engine. >> hyundai is fully cooperating with the investigation and points to its recall of more than one million 2011 through 2014 sonatas and 2013 and 2014 santa fe sports for engine failure. and in limited cases, an engine fire. kia called safety of our
6:33 pm
customers one of our highest priorities. and we'll continue to work with the agency and a full transparent manner. in 2017, it recalled a 2011 through 2014 optima, 2011 through 2013 sportage. 2012 through 2014 sorrento and is currently installing a knock senn soer detection upgrade on 1.6 million vehicles. >> our problem is the sensor doesn't stop the vehicle from catching on fire. it throws the vehicle into a mode that means you can't go bofr 20 miles an hour and lets you get over to the side of the road. that doesn't resolve the fire problem. >> now, if you had a fire incident with one of the vehicles mentioned in this report and there wasn't a crash, i would like to hear from you. my hotline is open weekdays from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. the telephone number is
6:34 pm
415-954-8151. you can also reach me on my facebook page and through great information there, michael. thank you. the 13-year-old girl in houston has died after slipping into a coma the after a fight with two other teenagers. she was jumped last week as she walked home from school. police say it's unknown if the fight caused her death or if she died as a result of a tumor in the back of her head that doctors discovered after she was injured. people captured that fight on their cell phones. officers are investigating the case as a homicide. it's been exactly one year since the golden state killer suspect, joseph d'angelo was arrested. his trial is expected to be a long one with attorneys on both sides calling 200 witnesses and presenting thousands of pieces of evidence. d'angelo is accused of killing 13 people and raping more than 50 others in the 1970s and '80s. the bay area central valley and southern california as well. we have a look back at
6:35 pm
everything that's happened and what's next in this startling case. just head to and click link on our home page. you'll find our abc 7 news special chasing golden state killer. it details the 40-year manhunt that spanned 500 miles. >> outside alone in the dark, a man was attacked by a bear. he wasn't able to call for help, but someone else was. >> what is thor yum. james. >> who is napolean. >> who is this guy? how does he do it? how does he do it? we have the answers about this yoooh, hello yellow! at ross and you find... yes! that's yes for less. spring forward with the latest brand-name styles at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. ayes for less. are excited aboutle with ty2 the potential of once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults
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at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices, every day. at ross. yes for less. a quiet night in southern california turned out to be anything but when a man attacked by a bear started knocking on doors begging for help. >> john haskell talked to a woman who made the call to 911. >> this man who lives in the hills above sierra mad ray was attacked by a bear tuesday night. the bear followed him into kathleen -- front yard. >> i saw somebody standing on my porch. i didn't recognize that person. then i noticed for a few minutes that person was not leaving.
6:39 pm
>> not leaving because the man was clawed by the bear on his face and hands. she called 9-1-1. by the time authorities arrived, the bear was gone. >> residents say they know the man attacked by the black bear. he's a transient who lives here in the flat camping area in the angeles national forest. >> he's a great guy. he comes -- he's a neighbor. he's a local. he picks up trash. he talks to us all. we know him. if i had known that it was him. >> we've never had any bear issues where we've heard of anybody getting attacked. they'll be in your front yards. like the deer down here in the front yard. >> sherri says beargs e neighborod at the of san gabr momm. tough t tras butre rarely aggressive. >> the victim stated that he reached his hand out to get the bear to sniff him to maybe calm the bear down.
6:40 pm
but that that's usually not the best business practice. >> fish and wildlife plans to search the area near ar know drive and santa anita avenue wednesday night to try and capture the bear. this black bear was spotted in the area the night before but authorities aren't sure if it's the same bear. the victim was not badly injured. in sierra mad ray, josh haskell, abc 7 news. all right. we enjoy warmer temperatures today. it's not going to stay that way forever. george has heart failure. and a busy day ahead. george has entresto, a heart failure pill that helped keep people alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pgnt; it can cause harm or death awith an ace or arb. the most serious w esre, dne, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. ♪ the beat goes on that was great!
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there seems to be a strategy for everything. dieting, investing, even winning games. >> the 14-day winning streak for james holzhauer on jeopardy has people wondering about his technique and strategy. >> david louis looks at something called game theory. >> >> reporter: he was a math major in college, some suspect they know the secret behind his million dollar winning streak. to put it in jeopardy terms, the category is game theory. the answer is dr. cristiano owe an associate professor here at cal state east bay. should have said who is.
6:44 pm
dr. rosser teaches a semester long economics course and helps people make smarter decisions. game shows. if they took the time to learn it. holzhauer's case strategy seems to be amass large winnings quickly in the rounds. >> choose categories first of all that he's confident about. second, within the categories to go for the large -- first. because if he doesn't do that, then when he gets to the daily double, he's not going to have as much money to bet potentially. >> where are the daily doubles. dr. rosser says game theory won't help. former two-day jeopardy champion says others have discovered a pattern. >> the middle three rows are the most probable. not each that second row. third and fourth row. >> a member of the abc 7 news team won over $53,000 on jeopardy in 2011. holzhauer's statistics are
6:45 pm
impressive. 497 correct answers, 18 wrong. that's a 96% success rate. he's first on the buzzer over half the time. >> 32 out of 35 times. he's gotten final jeopardy 13 out of 14 times. he's still in the game. david louis, abc 7 news. this guy. and a quick programming note about jeopardy. tomorrow it airs at 10:00 p.m. after coverage of the nfl draft here on abc 7. jeopardy airs at 8:30 p.m. after the draft on friday. nfl draft coverage begins at 5:00 p.m. tomorrow, 4:00 p.m. friday and 9:00 a.m. on saturday. it's live here on abc 7. all right. on to sports and basketball in just a few minutes. right now want to update the forecast. >> spencer is here. >> sport i will forecast for you. live doppler 7. sunny skies across the bay area right now. after a day hot inland. significant cooling. lows in the upper 40s along the coast. low to mid-50s around the bay and upper 50s in other locations as fog pushes up to the
6:46 pm
coastline. tomorrow is another sunny and warm day. not as warm as today. inland highs in the mid-80s tomorrow where they were in low to mid-90s today. on the coast, we'll see the sharpest cooling going on tomorrow. let's take a look at the beach forecast. most locations will have highs in the -- warmer as it often is with a high of 77 degrees. for the next three days through saturday, we won't see much change in the weather pattern. high temperatures in the mid-80s inland. about 80 around the bay. mid-60s on the coast. we'll have sharper cooling developing on sunday. then going into next week monday, tuesday, wednesday, temperatures in a more seasonal, average range for this time of the year. sounds yo s ocl roindefinitely.l bedo lastear pl31-pntfishhe
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6:49 pm
the warriors are going to try to finish off the clippers tonight. suddenly a little concern about draymond green dealing with a wrist injury. he is going to play. mindi bach live at oracle arena. the warriors, they want to end this thing tonight. >> reporter: they absolutely do. especially you see the rockets are leading the jazz in their series right now. steve kerr says this is a
6:50 pm
veteran warriors group. they know not to look ahead and they know that because the clippers keep coming at them even with the 31-point lead in game 2 and l.a. took that game. the goal is to certainly close out the series tonight. to do that, there can't be any layoffs. >> they got nothing to lose. they're going to come out flying around. i thought they were really good defensively last game. put a lot of pressure on us. >> got to come out and stay poised. you know, understanding and supporting them in the game. we can't think we're about to knock them out of the first four or five minutes. >> from a stress perspective, it's nice to win four or five games. six, seven games, the fans love it, but as a player, we love it too, but you'd rather end it quick. >> reporter: and the warriors players are driven, they want the rest. draymond green has been dealing with a wrist injury that flared up in game 4 in l.a.
6:51 pm
he had an mri that came back neglect tichlt he's still going to play despite discomfort. he doesn't want to go to l.a. for game 6, larry. they want to get it done tonight. >> thank you, mindi. the rockets leading the jazz late third quarter. the nfl draft is tomorrow in nashville. raiders may be in the market for a running back. espn reporting that marshawn lynch is retiring. the tailback known as beast mode ran for 12,000 yards. >> scored 93,000 in 12 nfl seasons. you don't want to tackle him. he came out of retirement to play two seasons for his hometown. he missed muchor the draft tomo on abc 7, analyst todmcshay from espn thinks the 49ers should take nick bosa. as for the raiders, chucky three picks. jon gruden may be looking to swing a deal. who knows what they're up to? mcshay doesn't think that's the smartest play.
6:52 pm
>> to me, i would stay home and use the picks to find play makers and difference makers. jon gruden loves his quarterbacks, then he chews them up and spits them out. you never know with jon. it's going to be interesting. one of the more fascinating parts of this draft. you never know what he he's going to do. >> raiders have so many needs. you figure they'll keep the picks. but there's rumors about saving kyler murray, haskins. who knows? that's why you have to watch. draft coverage begins at 5:00 followed by the after the draft special focusing on the niners and raiders. the draft continues on abc. let's get to the sharks pulling off the miracle comeback last night against vegas. win in game 7. four power play -- barkley with the series overtime. everybody went crazy. tomas hurdle couldn't contain himself immediately after the game. >> yes! we made it. let's go sharks!
6:53 pm
>> has to be the top. for everybody in the whole building, for everybody witnessing, that was t game i've been part of. >> it was amazing. on to baseball, a's and -- coliseum, science day out there. bottom of the second two on more simeon. a rocket down the left field line. he's gone. tied 5-5. two outs. bottom nine. steve piscotty chugging home from second. first-ever walk-off hit waiting for pie time. the a's sweep the rangers in toronto on friday where the giants were earlier today. giants and sharks fans, watchin. homer for the second straight day. ants h brandon belt, buster posey, rbi doubles. giants hitting on the road.
6:54 pm
that brings in posey. 4-0. they will host the yankees at oracle starting on friday. it's going to take forever to get used to at&t park. no, no. giants are -- by the way, i checked with the sharks a few minutes ago, joe pavelski. got hit hard. it prompted the major penalty. the players today, they'll have no update until tomorrow. that's when the players are getting ready for the next round. >> no news. hopefully he'll be okay. >> hard to watch. >> on kofi tv 20. right here for abc 7 news at 11:00. police still aren't sure why a man deliberately ran down eight people in sunnyvale last night. we'll talk with the suspect's brother as we look for answers in this horrific incident. also on abc 7 news at 11:00, another surcharge could be coming to your dinner bill. this one will not benefit the employees. how backers say it will help the
6:55 pm
environment and build a better bay area. tonight on abc 7 starting at 8:00, catch the goldbergs. modern family, followed by whiskey cavalier, stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. at lefb:35, jimmy kimmel live with don cheadle. a few thoughts about what really matters. i normally offer this segment on friday. we're preempted by the nfl draft which should be great fun to watch. i didn't want to miss an opportunity to say something important that the station has been a part of for a long time. it happened yesterday at the moscone center in san francisco where 7,000 women came together in a meaningful and powerful way. pbwc shall the professional businesswomen california conference celebrated 30 years of celebrating women their achievements, their challenges and obstacles and their opportunities. in the great exhibition hall yesterday, one of only a handful
6:56 pm
of men, i was struck by a number of things. most notably, the sense of purpose in that room. and determination. women lifting one another up. on the march and doing great things. i was also struck by how far they and we as a society have come. even in the 30 years since the first pbwc. this year's theme unstoppable. the women i saw yesterday surely are. they and we are not there yet by any means. what really matters is that there is genuine change and new momentum every day and we saw it very clearly there yesterday at the conference. i always love to hear from you. let me ni what you think. follow me on facebook and twitter. dan ashley, abc 7. that will do it for this edition of abc 7 news. that's it tonight. i'm ama daetz. i'm dan ashley. see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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