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tv   America This Morning  ABC  April 25, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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making news in america this morning, joe biden jumping into 2020. after months of speculation, the former vice president announcing today he's running for president. the 20th democratic candidate to enter the race. where does he fit in in the crowded field? severe storms from texas to the deep south. where they're heading right now. >> plus -- >> oh, my god. >> -- the dramatic rescue. good samaritans flipping a truck that turned over in floodwaters. the dazed driver climbing to safety. record-breaking outbreak. the worst year for measles in 25 years. what the most vulnerable people should know including parents with babies too young for the vaccine. plus, the surprising report from the world health organization. their first ever recommendation on kids and screen time.
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serving up style from the bench. see the bold fashion move from a tv legend, judge judy. and the close call with this great white shark making minced meat out of a bait bag. good thursday morning, everyone. i'm mona kosar abdi in for janai norman. >> and i'm kenneth moton. we begin with former vice president joe biden making it official today launching his third bid for the white house. >> biden is joining a large pool of candidates as the front-runner. there's word that he's been reaching out to donors as he scrambles to fill his empty campaign coffers. abc's elizabeth hur joins us from washington with those details. >> reporter: mona and kenneth, good morning. yes, we've known for awhile. it wasn't a matter of if but when, and joe biden may be ahead in many polls, but as you mentioned, he knows he has a lot of catching up to do. this morning, big announcement from joe biden. >> today i'm announcing my
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candidacy for president of the united states. >> reporter: in a video message the former vice president ending months of speculation and becoming the 20th democrat to join the 2020 race. >> i believe history will look back on four years of this president and all he embraces as an abhor >> reporter: his road to the nomination not without hurdles. this time around he's entering the race many but not all polls showing him as the front-runner already he has had to address past interactions with women who claimed he crossed the line with unwanted kisses and hugs. >> social norms have begun to change. they've shifted, and the boundaries of protecting personal space have been reset, and i get it.
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i get it. >> reporter: while he may be leading in most polls biden is trailing when it comes to fund-raising. abc news learning from sources his team is already planning a big donor event hoping to prove he can raise the type of money senator bernie sanders and mayor pete buttigieg have in the first 24 hours of announcing their bid for the white house. biden's first campaign event is set for monday. he's expected to host a rally in pittsburgh, pennsylvania, a key battleground state democrats need to win. kenneth and mona. >> no coincidence there. of course, scranton, pennsylvania, the birthplace of the former vp. elizabeth hur in washington, thank you. president trump is refusing to cooperate as house democrats issue subpoenas in the wake of the mueller report dismissing them as politically motivated. the president said the mueller investigation was probably the most thorough probe in u.s. history. he then went on to call the subpoena for former white house counsel don mcgahn ridiculous.
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>> we're fighting all the subpoenas. look, these aren't like impartial people. the democrats are trying to win 2020. they're not going to win with the people that i see, and they're not going to win against me. the only way they can look out is by constantly going after me on nonsense. >> reporter: the president claimed to be the most transparent president ever. he also said that if democrats try to impeach him, he would take it all the way to the supreme court. deutsche bank has started turning over president trump's financial document to the new york state attorney general's office. the ag subpoenaed the bank in march for records related to loans made to president trump and his business as one of the trump organization's most reliable lenders, the german banking giant is facing inquiries from several investigations. kim jong-un and russian president vladimir putin say they had good talks after wrapping up a one-on-one meeting in eastern russia. the summit is continuing with broader discussions focused on the standoff over north korea's nuclear program.
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putin said he welcomed kim's efforts to normalize his country's relations with the u.s. after the failed summit in hanoi with president trump, russia may be trying to boost its influence in the region. turning now to the sri lanka easter terror attacks. the explosives were likely made in a copper factory by the same bombmaker. all of the explosives had the same construction including ball bearings for shrapnel. dozens of suspects are under arrest in connection with the coordinated attacks that killed 359 people. in the meantime, services at catholic churches have been suspended until security improves. a suburban chicago community is in mourning after the tragic developments in the search for a missing 5-year-old. vigils were held last night for aj freund. they came hours after police discovered what they believe to be his body about ten miles from his home. police have charged aj's parents with murder. investigators are vowing justice for the little boy. >> to aj's family, it is my hope that you may have some solace in
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knowing that aj is no longer suffering and his killers have been brought to justice. to aj, we know you're at peace playing in heaven's playground and happy you no longer have to suffer. >> so tragic there. aj's younger brother remains in protective custody. the illinois department of children and family services is reviewing its interactions with aj's family to determine if mistakes were made. now to the severe weather and a possible tornado touching down overnight in east texas near st. augustine. the department of transportation is warning drivers that it littered roadways with trees and other debris. that suspected tornado is part of a storm system that caused widespread wind damage and dangerous flash flooding. this morning, a dramatic rescue in texas following torrential rains. in texas good samaritans discovering a pickup truck upside down in a flooded median with the driver still inside. the group flipping the car back over. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: the driver clearly dazed but alive after finding an air pocket in the truck. >> thank you.
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>> thank you, god. >> reporter: it comes as a slow-moving storm dumps up to a half a foot of rain in parts of the state. this video showing a tornado touching down near college station damaging several buildings. in several texas high water sweeping away a family of four in their vehicle. a mother and her two children dying. the father rescued reportedly clinging to a tree. outside dallas an suv colliding with a semi on wet roads. >> it's practically hanging over the freeway at this point. >> reporter: winds gusting above 60 miles per hour at the dallas-ft. worth airport and to the east at dallas' love field dozens of vehicles submerged in an airport parking garage. abc's marcus moore was there. >> you can hear the pumps going. they have brought those in to try to move the massive amounts of water that have made a real mess here in north texas. >> just an incredible scene there behind marcus, thank you. well, those storms are on the move, so let's get a closer look at your thursday forecast.
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good morning. well, still staying wet in eastern portions of texas, a low pressure system will track a flooding risk will continue though it will dry out in portions of texas. the focus will be drenching storms due to the moist flow coming off the gulf hitting louisiana, mississippi, going to arkansas, portions of alabama and the entire tennessee valley region with heavy showers and we're bracing for severe storms, damaging winds, flooding downpours and isolated tornadoes. i'm accuweather meteorologist paul williams. and coming up, why facebook could be facing a $5 billion fine. also ahead, the world health organization's first guidance on kids and screen time. the recommendation showing which age group should be looking at no screens. and police cruisers chasing a car through a neighborhood. the big shock for officers when they see who is behind the wheel.
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look at this scene. a semi wiped out this house outside of detroit. police say the truck lost control when it blew a tire. no one was home. the driver suffered minor injuries. police say drugs and alcohol don't appear to be a factor. the truck also damaged headstones in a neighboring cemetery. and the fbi is now part of the investigation into the california crash that left eight pedestrians injured. police in sunnyvale say isaiah peoples deliberately rammed his car into a crowd. his family says the 34-year-old is an army veteran who suffers from ptsd. he faces eight counts of attempted murder. a teenager is among the youngest victims. >> one of the victims with a serious injury was a 13-year-old
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girl. rae t a ntionay 's shock, wantedo icevit was ill determining a motive. that 13-year-old in critical condition. facebook says it could face a record fine from the federal trade commission for privacy violations. in its new financial report, ceo mark zuckerberg's company says that fine could be up to $5 billion. facebook has been accused of not doing enough to protect users' data for years. it is negotiating a financial penalty with the ftc and says it's unclear when a deal will be reached. and new guidelines are severely limiting children's screen time. in their first ever guidance on the debate, the world health organization says children under 5 should have no more than one hour of screen time per day and none at all for children under 1 and says too much time on a device could lead to inadequate
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oh, my god. >> omg is right. we're back with this close encounter with a hungry great white shark in the florida keys. that big fish right there grabbed a bait bag and started snacking. after it got what it was after, the shark swam away. the boaters say the shark had no interest in the snapper they caught. they say it was an encounter they will never forget, and those images right there, i can understand why. >> yeah. well, a surprising new statistic about measle cases in the u.s. have reached the highest level in 25 years. nearly 700 people have come down with measles just this year including two pregnant women. >> and even if you had the vaccine, there are some important things you should know. this morning, alarming new numbers about the measles, a disease that was declared eliminated in 2000. so far this year, 695 people across the country have been infected by the disease, the most in decades. the majority of this year's infections are within communities of unvaccinated people.
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measles is highly contagious but the cdc says the best way to protect yourself is to be vaccinated. even if you had the vaccine years ago, experts say it's still effective. >> this vaccine is considered to give you lifelong immunity. so no booster shot is needed with this vaccine. >> reporter: and if you can't remember if you had the second follow-up shot -- >> in an outbreak setting one dose is considered to be sufficient because it protects you 93%, but if you're unsure, there is no harm in getting a second dose. >> reporter: some measles patients are babies who are too young to get the vaccine which is recommended by the cdc for anyone older than 12 months. >> it's really frustrating. i mean, they rely on immunity and they're too young to get vaccinated. >> reporter: sara bloom says her infant son who is under the age of 1 was hospitalized for a week after getting the measles. >> i don't know where he got it from. >> reporter: people under 1 are urged to take typical steps and
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limit the baby's exposure to crowds. most of the measles cases are in new york and washington state but los angeles has seven new cases. now to the college admissions scandal. a new report about a possible defense for lori loughlin. sources tell "people" magazine that the "full house" star and her fashion designer husband didn't realize what they were doing was illegal and never intended to break any laws. they pleaded not guilty after they were accused of paying half a million dollars in bribes to get their daughters into usc. one source claims the couple did not entirely know all that would be done. a pint-size car thief led officers on a slow speed chase through an oklahoma city neighborhood. [ sirens ] >> it's a little kid. >> all right. this part you have to hear. police say the person behind the wheel was a 10-year-old. officers say the child took his aunt's car. he blew through -- he blew out three tires first by going up a curb and then by running over police stop sticks. they caught him after he got
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stuck on a small hill. oh, he's grounded. >> he's definitely grounded. well, kansas city receiver tyreek hill won't be charged in a domestic violence case involving his girlfriend and son. the couple's 3-year-old was placed in protective custody after a police visit last month. prosecutors believe a crime took place, but they don't know who was responsible. hill has a domestic violence conviction in his past. it was later expunged. and the nfl welcomes its newest players starting tonight in the first round of this year's draft. it takes place in nashville. coverage hosted by our friend robin roberts begins at 8:00 p.m. eastern time here on abc. and some real drama in hockey, the carolina hurricanes beating the defending stanley piapitals, in double overtime of game seven. carolina was down by two goals before winning, 4-3. this tirl story that all four divi
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first round of the playoffs. respect. and a close call in denver. watch a rockies player almost get taken out by a running tooth. daniel murphy was going out for the sixth inning when the tooth trot always takes place. he should be more careful, though. murphy missed the first month of the season with a broken finger so are we saying that this is all his fault, he is a little bit of a klutz? >> my favorite part is how dramatic he was. like it is a spongy mascot but he was like, whoa. >> things can happen. and when you're a pro athlete, you got to be careful. >> the moneymakers. >> exactly. >> you got to protect the moneymakers. up next in "the pulse," 17 students from one high school with an amazing accomplishment. also ahead, the big change for judge judy that has the fans of the tv legend in a frenzy. plus, the heartwarming moment a group of chimpanzees meet a new family member. meet a new family member.
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♪ ♪ time now to check "the pulse" starting with judge judy facing the court of public opinion sporting a brand-new look for the first time, get this, in more than two decades. >> it's causing a stir. judge judy shocked viewers by trading in that signature hairdo she's been rocking since the '90s for a stylish new ponytail. >> okay. >> the new look nearly broke the internet. the jury reached a split decision. >> some fans can't cope with the change. others say she's beautiful no matter what she does with her hair. i agree. you go, girl. >> i like it. most high schools tend to celebrate sports more than scholastics. but one cincinnati school is an exception. >> that's right. walnut hill high school is ms.
4:24 am
>> what! so, a little perspective here. a.c.t. officials say the average nationwide score for last year was 20.8. so well done to those students. >> okay. next a volunteer fire department has the help wanted sign out, and it's not the average recruitment tool. >> the sign outside a firehouse in scott county, missouri, describes the job as hard labor, odd hours, low pay, cool helmet. >> okay. >> so our job without the helmet. it could be out there for awhile. the department is looking for about 15 firefighters. >> yeah, they're urging prospective employees to check out their facebook page for an application. that does sound like my first job in news. finally what a welcome for a new member of a chimp family. >> yeah, he got plenty of hugs from the other chimps after being introduced at their sanctuary in the west african nation of liberia. the people who run that sanctuary say the new guy was beyond excited and overwhelmed. jut look at them.
4:25 am
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making news right now at 4:27, new details emerge about the man suspected of plug his car into a crowd in sunnyvale. his family revealing his past unusual behavior. and now there are 21. joe biden just announcing he is running for president. and kevin durant goes for 45 points, but it's not enough. the warriors and clippers are headed for a game six. good morning to you. it is thursday, april 25th. thanks for joining us. >> 4:27 a.m. meteorologist mike nicco has your first look of the day. it's a much more comfortable day. the temperatures are milder than yesterday. only one 60 and that's in clear lake. everyone else in the 50s. even some low 50s like santa rosa and novato and half moon
4:28 am
bay. a look at your high temperatures today. no asterisks. we're still above average especially around the bay. low to mid-80s inland. look at the coast into san francisco. fog is returning, mid to upper 60s. alexis? good morning, mike. we're starting off with a strange situation that we're trying to sort out here on the san mateo bridge. so the eastbound side before the toll plaza where this camera is, we have reports of a collision where one vehicle went through the fence and into the water. however, the person somehow got out of the vehicle before it went into the water. so not quite sure how all of that happened. we should have emergency crews on the scene. i'm not seeing anything on this camera, but it sounds like everyone is okay. we don't have any injuries reported. i will keep an eye on that. that is the counter commute side so no delays in the area. highway 4 to walnut creek, six minutes. walnut creek to heyway 13. and tracy into dublin.
4:29 am
we are hearing from shocked family members of the man accused of intentionally plowing his car into pedestrians in sunnyvale. >> police want to charge the driver, 34-year-old isaiah peoples, with eight counts of attempted murder. they say there is no indication of terrorism. abc 7 news reporter anser hassan is live in san jose with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, reggie and jessica. isaiah's brother is offering apologies to the victims of what his brother is accused of. police will release more information, but right now the family is describing isaiah as a devout christian, an iraq war veteran who may have been suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder. they are saying that he was a government auditor for the department of defense in sunnyvale. isaiah went to james logan high school. he was the youngest of three children of a bay area pastor. in iraq isaiah was a gunner. the family says he started to
4:30 am
show signs of ptsd after his return. his brother says that four years ago eisaiah was treated from a mental hospital for a few months after lapsing on medication. >> i didn't see him for almost a whole year and he was gone because he was battling mental issues. and it was because he didn't take the medicine. that he had for the ptsd. he's been thinking the government was listening to him, and he thought that his house was bugged. >> reporter: his family says isaiah never used drugs or alcohol. police say when he was arrested isaiah did not show any signs of any mental health issues. reporting live, anser hassan, abc 7 news. thank you, anser. it was a close call for one neighbor who witnessed the crash. >> i was stopped waiting for the light to chge


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